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Hewlett Packard Company - 11/5/2013

HP Licenses Large Format Printed Media Portfolio to Brand Management Group

HP today announced its licensing agreement for large format printed media with Brand Management Group (BMG), a subsidiary of S-One Holdings Corp. 
The agreement will help improve product availability, distribution coverage and service quality for HP-branded graphics and technical media used with 
HP Designjet Z-series and T-series aqueous ink printers.

BMG is a Florida-based media distribution company with extensive worldwide capabilities that are specialized to market and distribute media for 
large-format printing.  The company currently sources, markets and distributes HP media products for sign and display applications for HP Latex inks 
and printers.

Under this extended agreement, the HP products available from BMG will also include all large-format media optimized for HP aqueous inks. The media 
is used in graphics, photo, computer-aided design (CAD) and geographic information systems (GIS) applications. BMG will deliver high-quality, HP-
branded large-format media portfolio to customers, while HP continues to invest in coating technologies that enable new applications and improve 
image quality, durability and reliability.  

“Media is an integral component of the overall printing system; however, distribution of large-format media requires specialization, infrastructure and scale 
in order to be successful,” said John Meiling, director, Large-Format Media, HP. “With a focused licensing partner like BMG, customers will continue 
to experience the high performance and quality expected from HP media along with improved distribution coverage, product availability and service 

The HP media products included in the extended licensing agreement are designed for use with HP aqueous inks and include bond, coated and photo 
papers, as well as canvas, film, vinyl and polypropylene substrates. In collaboration with HP, BMG plans to expand the HP portfolio with additional 
sizes and new substrates over time.   

BMG is expected to begin distributing all HP-branded large-format media products through its global network of dealers on Feb. 1, 2014.  HP 
Designjet customers and users can continue to order HP-branded media through their current reseller or by contacting BMG to find the nearest 

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