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Kornit Digital - 10/24/2013

Kornit Avalanche Hexa Direct to Garment Printer in the United States

Confirming its position as the leading manufacturer and innovator of digital Direct to Garment (DTG) and textile printing solutions, Kornit Digital has 
recently introduced the Kornit Avalanche Hexa, a printing system that operates with six colors plus white, for a wider gamut and improved spot color 
handling. Kornit has expanded this color gamut by 30 percent, allowing users to match a wider array of colors including licensed logos and branding.

Top Promotions, a recognized leading promotional products company, is the first Kornit customer to purchase and install the Kornit Avalanche Hexa. 
With 30 years’ experience in the promotional products industry, Top Promotions is one of the United States’ foremost suppliers of screen-printing, 
custom embroidery and other promotional products to companies and organizations of all sizes. Serving multiple business segments including licensed 
sports apparel as well as large volume and contract sales, Top Promotions is now equipped to offer customers high quality and low cost digital printing 
for all of their color requirements.

In addition to an expanded color gamut, the machine, which is an enhancement to the Kornit Avalanche product line, is designed for high speed and low 
cost high-volume production of light and dark garments. “The combination of speed, low cost and incredible array of colors is what we’ve been looking 
for in order to really dive into the digital printing market,” says Top Promotions President, Craig Reisdorf. “Kornit has partnered with us as we prepare and 
train for our new system, and we are excited about the potential new customers we’ll gain, as well as the superior quality we’ll achieve for our existing 

“We have long strived to provide our customers with the highest quality inks and color options in the digital printing world,” explains Paul Borucki, 
Managing Director Kornit Digital North America. “We are committed to the garment decoration industry and our customers, as well as our leading 
position as developer of the first industrial digital direct-to-garment print solution and our innovative NeoPigmentTM process, which continues to 
revolutionize fabric.

The NeoPigmentTM printing process, key to Kornit Digital’s success, has changed digital textile printing as Kornit users benefit from the advantages of 
pigment ink while avoiding its drawbacks. NeoPigmentTM meets stringent environmental regulations, including Oeko-Tex Standard 100 GOTSV3, and 
offers increased efficiency over dye-based formulations. Suitable for printing on multiple fabric types, its versatility is unmatched. Additionally, 
NeoPigmentTM prints have an excellent hand feel, a wide gamut of bright and intense colors to color match for sports apparel, promotional and 
licensing markets, as well as long-term durability and washfastness. Lastly, NeoPigmentTM significantly reduces printing time and production cost as 
compared to solutions that require offline pre-treatment.

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