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Arlon Graphics, LLC - 9/17/2013

Arlon Launches a New Wide Width Digital Print Flex

Arlon is excited to announce the launch of DPF 390, a wide width digitally printable flexible substrate designed for high impact digital graphics. The pristine 
face stock can take heavy amounts of ink, single or double-sided, which ensures color consistency day and night, without incurring additional material 
stretch. DPF 390 is a heavy weight, seamless, white translucent media for back illuminated signage and awnings. The material lights up brightly and 
uniformly whether it is used in a fluorescent or LED lighting system. This soft, flexible substrate is easy to work with and can be installed in a variety of 
tensioning systems. DPF 390 is multi-purpose and can be printed on with the most popular print systems as well as used in standard vinyl applications. 

“Arlon is excited for the launch of DPF 390. It offers unmatched print quality and is offered in all the most popular seamless sizes, states," Lily Hunter, 
Product Manager, Arlon Graphics, LLC. "Printed images, either single or double-sided, will have rich and vibrant colors consistently, whether you are 
viewing it during daylight or at night.”

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