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Paradigm - 9/13/2013

Paradigm Imaging Group Announces Release of TWAIN Driver for Colortrac SC Series

Paradigm Imaging Group, the North American distributor for Colortrac, Inc., announces the release of Colortrac’s TWAIN Driver for the SmartLF SC 
series large format scanners.

The Colortrac SmartWorks SC TWAIN driver provides a simple way to directly control a SmartLF SC wide format scanner from inside applications that 
are compatible with the TWAIN 1.5 standard and other software that supports TWAIN connected scanners.  Customers can now scan their originals, 
select paper size or scanned image resolutions without interrupting their workflow.  SmartWorks SC TWAIN is one of the most powerful plug-in tools 
available for today's popular graphic applications. This tool is useful in industry segments such as Reprographics, Graphic Arts, and Desktop Publishing, 
to name a few.  

Says Randy Geesman, president of Paradigm Imaging Group, “The TWAIN driver is a significant development for the SmartLF SC series scanners, and 
proof that Colortrac is cognizant of the demands of the wide format imaging community.”  

SmartWorks SC TWAIN installs itself as a TWAIN plug-in module, which is automatically recognized when an application supporting TWAIN starts.

Existing users of Colortrac SmartLF SC scanners can receive the SmartWorks SC TWAIN software drivers FREE when downloading an upgrade of 
the SC Utilities v1.0.26 software.  For new owners of Colortrac SmartLF SC wide format scanners, the TWAIN driver is included as standard in the box.

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