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Mimaki - 9/5/2013

Mimaki Releases Enhanced Latex Printer

Mimaki USA, a leading manufacturer of wide format inkjet printers, is excited to announce the release of the Enhanced JV400LX latex inkjet printers. 
These state-of-the-art printers utilize the innovative new LX101 latex ink that features orange and green ink, for an expanded color gamut, as well as 
CMYK and the world’s first white latex ink.

The Enhanced JV400-130/160LX improves on the previous models not only with a new ink set but also with upgraded heaters for more efficient curing. 
The lower curing temperatures allow greater flexibility and more media choices. These improvements are in response to our customers’ desire for a wider 
variety of media options, especially in the textile and home décor arenas.

The LX101 ink has been formulated to produce extremely vivid, glossy, high quality images with excellent ink color density. Six-color process printing is 
possible and the color gamut has been expanded to achieve coverage of 93% of the Pantone color chart. Additionally, 3-layer printing (color, white, 
color) is now an option.

The Enhanced JV400LX latex printer showcases the following: innovative, more ecologically friendly latex inks, the world’s first water-based White latex 
ink, 6 color printing (CMYK, Orange and Green) plus white ink, fast drying inks for improved productivity, production quality output at up to 193 sqft per 
hour, lower ink curing temperatures allowing for greater flexibility and choice of media, high print durability for outdoor/indoor applications and a choice 
of two print widths (54” or 64”).

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