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3M - 7/15/2013

3M to Launch New Version of 3M Visual Attention Service

Diversified technology company 3M will launch 3MTM Visual Attention Service (VAS) version 5.0 along with a new website ( at the 
Market Research in the Mobile World North America Conference July 16-18. 

Bill Smyth, 3M Global Business Manager, describes the challenge facing brand owners in today’s cluttered marketplace, “What are people going to pay 
attention to when they first view a scene? If they look down the aisle, are they going to see your product, or are they going to see your competitor’s 

VAS is a cloud-based tool that helps marketers optimize their marketing content so it gets noticed. Run any layout, store planogram or package design 
through VAS and it will show you what is most visually impactful. Then you can tweak and test to get the impact you’re looking for. 

New with this version of VAS is Visual Elements, a powerful analysis tool that provides detailed guidance for maximizing visual impact using key elements 
such as intensity, contrast, edges and faces. Also launching is VAS for Video, which brings the power of VAS analysis to video content.

VAS has grown out of 3M’s long history in vision science research, which began with a desire to improve the visibility of reflective materials. Now, VAS 
has emerged to enable marketers to more effectively capture a consumer's attention in a variety of settings and applications.

This VAS launch is in conjunction with 3M’s Silver Sponsorship of the MRMW North America edition taking place July 16-18 in Minneapolis, MN, USA. 
Dawn Cunningham, Global Chief Insights Officer at 3M, will be speaking at the conference. “We’re delighted to be supporting this prestigious mobile 
research event which is the longest running in the industry.  Together with other expert panelists, I am tasked to identify the next ‘killer’ app for market 
research. I’m eagerly looking forward to share my ideas with peers at this exciting event,” said Cunningham.

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