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Mimaki - 4/17/2013

Mimaki High Speed LED UV Curable Inkjet Printer

Mimaki USA, Inc has introduced the new UV curable inkjet printer UJV500 160 which attains a maximum print speed of 645 sqft/hr, and supports long 
lasting, energy saving LED UV lamps.

The UJV500 160 is available with LUS 150 inks / LUS 200 3M inks in early summer with MCS. The UJV500 160 employs a new LUS 200 UV ink 
which has been jointly developed with 3M. When applied onto 3M media, and installed using 3M guidelines, this ink carries the 3M MCS Warranty, 
widely recognized as the industry’s most comprehensive finished graphics warranty. This warranty covers fading, cracking, peeling and other 
aspects of graphic performance.

The LUS-­200 ink is ideal for applications with curved surfaces such as vehicle wraps and fleet graphics where stretching could crack other inks. 
The unprecedented productivity, the comprehensive 3M MCS Warranty, and the wide media compatibility open up new possibilities in the inkjet 
signage industry.

Mimaki’s LED UV cure technology delivers a print speed of up to 645 sqft/hr with high image quality. This speed and quality represent the 
next generation of performance. A maximum print speed of 645 sqft/hr can be achieved. Since UV inks dry immediately when exposed to UV light, 
no drying time is required. This dramatically improves work efficiency for the user. The new UV ink type LUS-­200 with the 3M MCS Warranty ensures 
outdoor durability for a wide range of flexible applications. This flexible ink enables installation on curved surfaces. Environmentally-­friendly UV 
printing generates little VOCs. Curing is performed with a power-­saving and long-­lasting LED UV lamp.

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