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PrinterEvolution - 4/16/2013

PrinterEvolution Rolls Out Four New Products at ISA

PrinterEvolution, the Colorado-based wide and grand format printer manufacturer, introduced four new products at the recent ISA show. 

The new lineup of innovative products included an addition to the pioneering Evo33 Series and three products in the newly launched commercial Neo
 Series. Evo Series printers are industrial, 10-foot printers that utilize a Dimatix Q-class VersaDrop GreyScale head with 10, 20, 30pL capabilities. Two
 options are available: the current Evo33 DS and the new Evo33 S/UV.  

The Evo33 DS is the leading industrial dye-sub printer and has been best-in-class since its launch in September 2011. It is the only water-based
 industrial class printer that can be used for direct or transfer dye-sublimation textile printing. The new Evo33 S/UV is the first industrial class S/UV
 printer in the world. S/UV is a new ink technology combining the best attributes of solvent and UV technologies. Users achieve the characteristics
 of solvent with conformable, high gloss, vibrant color and high adhesion prints. They also receive the benefits of UV with immediate cure, providing
 completely dry, ready to finish, with a UV coat for extra protection and absolutely no cure banding. 	

The Neo Series represents PrinterEvolution’s entry into commercial textile printers with a turn-key 
printer/ sublimation solution. It comprises the Neo64 DS, Neo74 DS, and Neo104 DS. Available in three sizes (64”, 74” and 104”), the dye-sub printer
 uses an on-board fixation unit that is a true calendar, utilizing even heat and pressure. The image quality is excellent with rich blacks, heavy pigment
 load, and superior GreyScale tones. It also utilizes a smart cork roller that allows users to print on stretchable fabrics like Lycra, spandex and other
 sports textiles. Finally, it uses a smart trough and sponge system that allows users to print on open-weave products like mesh and flag without marking 
the back with “blow-by” ink.

“These products are keeping with our mission to provide groundbreaking products at an excellent price-to-performance ratio ,” said Greg Lamb, 
founder of PrinterEvolution. “The Neo series opens the door for people that want to get into true dye-sublimation printing with a much smaller footprint
and less cost. The expanded Evo33 DS offers color vibrant, environmentally friendly direct or transfer textile and our conformable, high-gloss, instant
dry Evo33 S/UV will set a new standard for outdoor and vehicle graphic printing. All these products are designed with solid technologies that provide
faster, high quality output. We pair that with a modern service and support model that utilizes current technology to minimize downtime for customers.“ 	

Since its debut, two years ago, PrinterEvolution has identified and addressed market needs with printers and upgrade kits that demonstrate improved
speed, flexibility and resolution. The company has also introduced orange and violet gamut expansion inks, increasing overall color saturation and 
accuracy. Additionally, the Evo33 has gained recognition in the sustainability and eco-printing arena, by using recycled frames, environmentally friendly 
inks and refurbishing old parts from pre-owned printers to be sold back into the marketplace. The expanded Evo33 Series and the new Neo Series 
make further inroads in cutting-edge advancements in the industry.

“We are continually working to drive innovation in all areas of wide and grand format printing, from customer service and technical support, to low-cost 
solutions and product development.  The digital textile printing industry is a fast-growing market opportunity and there’s still time for businesses to 
take advantage of it. We can provide the resources for success with innovative products that meet environmental and production initiatives with 
more efficiencies, less waste, and profitable results, “ Lamb said.

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