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Global Imaging - 2/22/2013

Global Imaging’s Unique Workflow Studio Expands Product Showcase

In the first six months that Global Imaging opened its Workflow Studio, the 6500-square foot facility hosted 16 demos and brought in over $3 million in 
sales, according to Tara Lamb, president of Global Imaging.  The Workflow Studio is the only showroom in the U.S. that features a full grand format 
printing workflow, from pre-press to printing to finishing. 

	“We are thrilled at the success of our Studio and the positive feedback we’re getting from customers who benefit from seeing how the equipment all 
works together. It helps them make better business decisions and gives them the opportunity to see the most current and cutting edge products 
available in one area, rather than having to travel to several different manufacturing sites,” Lamb said.  

The Workflow Studio demonstrates top-of-the-line products including 10’ wide printers, transfer presses for fabric sublimation, a digital flatbed cutter, 
a banner welding machine, RIP software and color management technologies. The current product portfolio includes the Zünd G3 flatbed cutter, 
Novus Synergia 3.2 meter UV hybrid printer, PrinterEvolution Evo33 3.2 meter water-based dye sublimation printer, Kleiverik transfer press, HP 
Scitex FB500 UV flatbed printer, Caldera Grand+ RIP, Barbieri Spectro color, Hewlett-Packard L28500 Latex printer, and the Miller Weldmaster T300E. 

Now, Lamb announced, they are expanding the product line to include two additional PrinterEvolution printers: an industrial class S/UV printer 
and a commercial class water-based dye-sublimation printer with an on-board sublimation unit. The Studio will also add a faster warp-speed Novus 
printer. “As technology changes, we have to maintain the most current products available and so updating the Studio will be a regular occurrence,” 
Lamb said. She added that the environmental positioning of the products Global sells is also very important and most of the products in the Workflow 
Studio have an eco-friendly aspect to them.

“Our guests have included small sign shops, large commercial printers and major franchises. The Workflow Studio underscores our commitment to 
helping our customers find the right business solutions to make them successful. We’re very excited about the continued level of interest of businesses 
who are hearing about us and want to take advantage of this unique opportunity.”

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