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Tex Visions - 2/13/2013

Tex Visions Introduces New Wooden Chairs Product Line

Tex Visions recently introduced wooden chairs, a brand new product line.

Our wooden chairs are functional displays ideal for advertising at bars, events, or the beach. They are constructed of natural beech wood giving them 
an attractive eco-friendly frame. Wooden chairs are Forest Stewardship Council® certified, ensuring that they come from well managed forests that 
provide environmental, social, and economical benefits. They are collapsible and come with a custom print already attached, allowing for a quick and 
easy setup. Three different models are available, including the Deck Chair, Director Chair, and Beach Chair. The Deck Chair is available with Arms or 
without Arms. 

Itfeatures a custom printed backrest, fastened with hook-and-loop adhesive, that can be adjusted for comfort. The Director Chair has a custom printed 
backrest and seat while the Beach Chair has a custom printed backrest. All models collapse with the print attached so they can be stored and 
transported effortlessly.Pair a wooden chair with our advertising umbrellas to create a practical display with even greater impact and brand awareness.

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