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ColorGATE - 2/8/2013

Variable Data Printing (VDP) for the LFP Market

The new VDP Creator in the portfolio, ColorGATE closes the gap in the area of Variable Data Printing (VDP). The easy to handle design software 
is the ideal tool to create professional, customized artwork master templates for the output of print jobs on digital printing systems. VDP Creator suites 
perfect for print service providers in large format printing (LFP) with medium and small print runs. It can be connected directly to ColorGATE RIP 
software solutions. Promising areas of application are e.g. in the markets of digital label printing, signs and displays as well as promotional items. 
Due to the versatile options, this software will definitely open up more areas of application in the future. 

VDP Creator Starter Kit is available from € 99, ??- * per license (at 5000 prints/credits). When 5000 credits are spent, users can order online via 
internet at any time further credits, choosing between VDP Creator 10,000 credits vouchers or VDP Creator 25,000 credits voucher. 

Fast and intuitive production of professional, individualized artwork masters
Equipped with a variety of functions, the stand-alone design software VDP Creator features an intuitive graphical user interface (GUI), enabling 
users to create professional customized print templates consisting of different static and variable elements (e.g. from a database) within minutes. 
Neither an expensive, separate graphic design software, nor in-depth graphic design knowledge is required. 

Through a variety of professional functions even complex data structures and layouts can be simply merged by drag and drop, e.g. text, images, 
graphics (also transparencies and overlays are possible), barcodes, QR codes, etc. In addition a multiple user support allows different users to 
work with one software license, while one user has the right to print. 

So far current In-RIP and stand-alone VDP solutions available in the LFP market usually possess only limited basic functions or are very expensive. 
External solutions are mostly just available as plug-in for graphic design software. Users need to acquire an extensive knowledge in handling these 
tools and especially variable content. Thus VDP Creator from ColorGATE is unique in this form and covers the entire prepress process. 

VDP Creator supports spot colors, all major databases (e.g. dBase DBF, Microsoft Access / Excel, TXT or CSV, Oracle, SQL etc.), all the relevant 
graphic input formats (e.g. TIFF, PDF, PS, EPS, EPSF, BMP, PDF, JPEG , WMF, PNG, GIF), and standard output formats, such as PostScript, 
optimized PostScript, PDF and Adobe PDF/VT-1. 

VDP Creator and ColorGATE RIP software
VDP Creator harmonizes perfectly with the different ColorGATE RIP software solutions as there are Productionserver 7, Filmgate 7, Photogate 7 
and Proofgate 7. Combining VDP Creator and ColorGATE RIP software ensures highest color accuracy and maximum color consistency and 
repeatability at any time for any individualized print product. Also, spot color handling (white print, silver print, paint, primer) and forms and finishing 
operate perfectly in this combination. Applying the virtual printer driver of ColorGATE, even printer-specific formats of a printer can be imported as 
templates into VDP Creator. 

Conclusion: With VDP Creator, based on the well-proven technology of a leading manufacturer in variable data printing, even print service providers 
in large format printing with smaller print run lengths will know the true promise of variable data printing and benefit from easy handling, fast production 
times and low production costs. In addition, an attractive pay-per-print-model also ensures low investment costs —with just 99,- €* per license for 5000 
prints VDP Creator is currently unique in this area.

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