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Inca Digital Printers - 1/29/2013

Inca Digital Adds ‘Accelerator’ Option to Onset Series

Following the launches of the Inca Onset S20i and S40i models, Inca Digital Printers announces the immediate availability of a new ‘Accelerator’ 
option, delivering significantly increased productivity for this new range of Onset wide format UV flatbed inkjet printers.

Developed and tested with Fujifilm, Inca’s exclusive global distribution partner, Inca Accelerator is an optional enhancement, which for the first 
time in the market, once deployed, increases overall production speed while maintaining the same outstanding level of print quality. 

The increase in print throughput is dependent on the particular Onset model, and the number of print passes. The maximum throughput of the 
Onset S40i with automation has been increased from 470sqm/hr (94 beds/hr) to 560 sqm/hr (112 beds/hr) – a 20% increase. This equates to an 
additional 720 sqm (144 beds per shift) that can be printed within the same 8-hour shift, the equivalent to adding an extra mid-range printer!

Accelerator has been thoroughly beta tested by Superior Creative Services in the UK on the Inca Onset S40i. “We have regularly achieved 110 sheets 
an hour on the floor since we started testing this, although it does depend on the substrate we are running. Having this on our machine had been 
pretty invaluable to us in peak times – it’s like us having a turbo charger,” says Stewart Powell, production director, Superior.

“As part of our continuing product development initiatives, our teams identified a way to significantly increase print throughput across all of our 
Onset print engines,” says Heather Kendle, Director of Marketing at Inca Digital. “Thanks to Inca Accelerator, new Onset users can enjoy an 
increased total capacity per shift, faster job turnarounds, an increased ability to handle tight deadlines, reduced overtime costs and all of this whilst 
maintaining the outstanding image quality that the Inca Onset is renowned for. Inca Accelerator is yet another result of our continued commitment 
to provide the best possible combination of quality, productivity and flexibility for our customers.”

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