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LexJet - 1/10/2013

LexJet Introduces New Blockout Inkjet Printable Fabric

LexJet recently added Poly Select Blockout Fabric to its line of inkjet-printable Poly Select Fabrics, which also includes Poly Select Light, Poly Select 
Medium and Poly Select Heavy for aqueous inkjet printers, and Poly Select Light SUV and Poly Select Heavy SUV for use with solvent, low-solvent, 
UV-curable and latex printers.

LexJet Poly Select Blockout Fabric is a 14-mil bright-white polyester fabric with a blockout layer that provides greater opacity. Compatible with 
aqueous and latex inks, the fabric lays flat, minimizing edge curl and making it easy to work with in production.

"The image quality with the Poly Select Blockout Fabric is really good," says Joe Batten, owner of JojoMonster Graphics in Venice, Calif. "We 
recently used it to print hanging banners at a charity event. We needed something lightweight that we could add rigidity to with pole pockets and 
dowels, and we didn't want the light to show through and prevent the image from looking good on the printed side."

Compatible with the latest aqueous ink technology from Canon, Epson and HP, the water-resistant coating provides exceptional imaging quality 
with a wide color gamut and higher ink saturation for rich, brilliant, eye-catching color. Poly Select Blockout Fabric is an excellent alternative to 
scrim banner for durable banner applications.

"Like all of our Poly Select Fabrics, Poly Select Blockout Fabric can be used in a variety of applications, from point-of-purchase displays to event 
signage and trade show graphics," says Dione Metnick, LexJet product manager. "The blockout layer ensures that the light won't shine through it 
when it's backlit with bright lights, such as you're likely to find at a trade show."

Poly Select Blockout Fabric is available in 24" x 15', 24" x 60', 36" x 100', 42" x 60', 50" x 60' and 60" x 60' roll sizes with $9.99 flat-rate shipping from 
LexJet's Nationwide Delivery Network. For more information, contact a LexJet customer specialist at 800-453-9538.

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