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Onyx Graphics - 1/8/2013

ONYX Graphics Adds Support for the Roland SOLJET PRO4 XR-640 Large Format Printer/Cutter

ONYX Graphics, Inc. today announced it has added support for the Roland® SOLJET® PRO4 XR-640 large format printer/cutter. The printer 
driver is available for ONYX® ThriveTM version 1.2 print workflow software and all ONYX RIP version X10.2 software packages.

This driver supports the SOLJET PRO4 XR-640 printer’s new Eco-Sol MAX® 2 ink set including light black ink, optional white and metallic silver inks, 
and resolutions up to 1440 dpi. In addition, several universal media profiles are included that support a wide range of banner and vinyl media.

For best results, ONYX Graphics recommends ONYX Thrive print workflow software with the Roland SOLJET PRO4 XR-640 printer/cutter. ONYX 
Thrive software is a scalable solution based on Adobe® PDF Print Engine technology enabling users to achieve brighter, more vibrant images, reduce 
manual intervention and eliminate repetitive tasks. It includes ONYX Graphics’ unique PowerChroma™ Black Generation tool with a new GCR (Gray 
Color Replacement) Plus feature, white and specialty ink tools, an easy recalibration tool and highly automated color profiling with Black Diamond 
tools.  ONYX Thrive software also includes network licensing and a production manager that enable users to customize their print workflow and 
easily grow with business demands.

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