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Industrial Fabrics Association International - 11/9/2012

IFAI Announces 2012 ShowStoppers Award Winners

The Industrial Fabrics Association International (IFAI) 2012 announces the 2012 ShowStoppers awards for the best of the best new products at the 
IFAI Expo Americas 2012, at the Boston Convention & Exhibition Center in Boston, Mass. 

IFAI received a total of 84 entries from 4 countries that were submitted by 56 companies in this year's competition. Winners exhibited the newest; 
coolest; the most pragmatic and the most innovative; the most effective and the most efficient; the most economical and the most environmentally 

Winners were chosen by their industry peers in attendance and exhibiting at IFAI Expo 2012 in Boston. ShowStoppers entries were displayed on the 
show floor in exhibitors' booths and highlighted in a prominent voting display. 

The awards were presented Thursday, Nov. 8 on the show floor by IFAI staff. 

Following is a complete list of award winners by category. Some categories received more than one winner. The name of the product is followed by 
the company name and a brief description of the product.

Hardware Findings & Accessories
Xtreme Seal® Pro Seal 
Xtreme Seal
New dual-durometer extrusion designed to use as a weather seal for marine canvases, windows and edge seals of all types.

Equipment & Tools
WT-168" Plotter/Cutter
Carlson Design
The machine is designed for marking and cutting material for ultra-wide textile applications.  

Servo Motor
The motor is a replacement for all standard clutch motors. The Servo Motor uses less power, makes no sound, is lightweight and simple to install.

Services & End Products
Cabrio™Frameless Wall Systems
This sophisticated moving wall system provides clear, unobstructed views.

SigNature® DNA Textile Authentication Marker
Applied DNA Sciences
SigNature DNA protects the quality and integrity of textiles by safeguarding against counterfeiting with secure, affordable and forensic methods to 

Fabrics, Fibers & Films
KTTEX™ Silicone Impregnated Reflective Fabric
King Tech Industry Corp.
High-strength KTTEX silicone reflective fabric features low-friction to protect aircraft from scratches.

Sommers Plastic Products
Thermoformable polyurethane (TPU) lace is extruded into wire then looped over itself to create an open lace-like mesh 42" wide.

Chemicals, Coatings & Compounds
Ultra-Fresh DW30
Thompson Research Associates
EPA-registered Ultra-Fresh DW30 is designed to be applied to textiles and other materials to protect against the growth of mold, mildew and bacteria.

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