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InfoTrends - 11/5/2012

InfoTrends Announces Study on Wide Format Printing's Role in the Communications Mix

Signage is an integral part of the marketing mix, and it represents an opportunity for print service providers to make an impression. However, entering the 
market or growing an existing business starts with understanding key trends driving buyer markets. InfoTrends’ new multi-client study entitled Wide 
Format Printing: A Critical Element in the Communications Mix will uncover who buys wide format graphics, what they buy, and why.

Print buyers span a broad range of vertical markets, each with different needs. Wide format graphics play a unique role in each market’s evolving media 
mix. InfoTrends will examine wide format buyers across five vertical markets including retail, advertising, amusement/entertainment, events, and food 
services. “This study will identify market forces driving wide format graphics demand, purchasing behaviors of wide format buyers, and top purchasing 
criteria,” says Lisa Cross, Associate Director of InfoTrends’ Business Development Strategies Service. “It will also measure the impact of mobile 
technology on wide format applications and how this affects wide format graphics’ role in a cross-media world.” In this study, InfoTrends will 
describe best practices and rationale for moving from transactional to value-added selling as well as the tools and information print service 
providers require from equipment and supplies manufacturers to grow their wide format business.

Objectives of this study will:

Define the market and communications trends driving purchasing of wide format digital graphics

Benchmark key trends in applications, order volume, frequency, and more, compared to previous versions of this study completed in 
2009 and 2011

Generate a definition of application eco-systems for key applications and markets

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