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KAPCO - 10/3/2012

KAPCO Introduces New Racy Color Media for Memjet Printheads

Kent Adhesive Products Co. (KAPCO) introduces a new line of digital media--Racy Color Media.  KAPCO has developed Racy Color Media with a 
proprietary topcoating chemistry for inkjet dye based inks, specifically the Memjet® waterfall printheads.

The Racy Color Media fast & furious products to be utilized with Memjet® desktop label printers provide a cost-effective solution for low-to-mid volume 
prints for high speeds of 6 to 12 ips.

The fast & furious products not only print fast but also dry fast and deliver waterfast durability offering a moisture resistance of 60 days on various 
substrates—film (BOPP, vinyl), non-woven (Tyvek®) and textured paper.  KAPCO’s fast & furious products include waterfast IJ Matte BOPP Film, IJ 
Matte Vinyl Film and IJ Gloss Paper.  IJ Matte Paper without waterfast coating also available.  

Combined with the speed of Memjet technology and print attributes of Racy Color Media application possibilities are endless—water, wine or chemical 
bottle labels, meat, cosmetic or novelty packaging, drum labels to decals, bumper stickers and more.

President Ed Small commented, “This a very exciting time for us.  We’ve developed a proprietary topcoating for media designed for a new technology 
that will help the digital industry evolve into its next phase.  We’ve entered into an innovative yet competitive market so we’re pleased to have 
manufactured a broad line of digital media for Memjet users.  KAPCO will also be adding to this product line with Gloss Films, Textured Paper Stocks 
and more.”

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