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Marabu North America LP - 10/2/2012

Marabu North America ClearShield Coating Sample Kits Now Available

Marabu North America is excited to offer their customers two new sample kits of their best-selling ClearShield laminates: The ClearShield Original and 
the ClearShield Type C for canvas. The kits include everything you will need to get started with ClearShield liquid laminates and retail for $22.99 each. 

The ClearShield Original Sample Kit includes eight ounce bottles of ClearShield Original in both Gloss and Matte finishes, a roller and tray for application, 
as well as coated and uncoated vinyl samples for comparison and practice.  In addition, application fluids Graffix Gone, Window Juice and Action Tac 
are also included in the ClearShield Original kit.  The second sample kit features ClearShield Type C specifically formulated for use with canvas and 
includes eight ounce bottles of ClearShield Type C in both Gloss and Satin finishes, a roller with a tray and canvas samples.  

“Our sample kits are an excellent opportunity for customers to experience these premium grade, high-performance products firsthand,” says Marabu 
North America Product Manager Patrick Forney. 

Marabu’s ClearShield coatings, also called liquid laminates, are an inexpensive way to protect a myriad of products from billboards, banners and 
awnings to prints, fine art and signs. They feature the most current innovations in ultraviolet light absorbers and light stabilizers. In addition, 
ClearShield coatings are extremely easy to apply and do not require extensive equipment.

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