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Wasatch Computer Technology - 12/9/2014

Wasatch Releases SoftRIP Version 7.2

Wasatch Computer Technology is pleased to announce the release of SoftRIP Version 7.2.

Wasatch SoftRIP Version 7.2 has new features and enhancements offering users more control and speed with textile printing, a new advanced 
halftoning method that improves image quality in fine art, additional options when printing Fotoba Marks, and improved capability with CHROMix 
Curve3 and the G7® calibration.

Enhancements to Textile Printing

SoftRIP TX has all the features that are needed for textile printing, and now in Version 7.2, these features have been expanded and improved. 
The improvements to our Repeats feature allow for easy customization with advanced drop and slide options and a “stretch” control that helps 
adjust for fabric shrinkage.

Plus, RIP speed enhancements quickly and reliably spool data in real time, with speeds up to 550 megabytes per second. With this update, SoftRIP TX 
can support the fastest textile printers available and also give speed improvements to those running slower computers.

Advancements in Halftoning

Wasatch SoftRIP is already well known for superior halftoning algorithms that produce quality color and gradients with fast RIP speed. This release 
includes a revolutionary enhancement that accommodates for the fine arts, giving smoothness and better quality to highlights in images, which is 
particularly useful when dye sublimating to hard substrates. No matter what printer you are using or substrate you are printing to, producing award 
winning prints with SoftRIP is now simpler than ever.

G7® and Curve3 Updates

Wasatch has made updates and improved capability with CHROMix Curve3 and the G7® calibration method. Becoming G7® certified when using 
Wasatch SoftRIP has now gotten easier!

Fotoba Cutting Marks and More Drivers

Updates to our Fotoba Option* give users more control over registration marks. Marks can now be combined in new ways to support more workflows and 
offer additional combinations when printing Fotoba Marks. This workflow revision is what many Fotoba users have been waiting for.

The Version 7.2 release also consists of new printer drivers including the HP Latex 310/330/360, Mutoh VJ-426UF, HP Designjet Z6600/Z6800, 
DGI FD-1908, plus many more.

Wasatch Computer Technology - 5/27/2014

Wasatch Releases SoftRIP Version 7.1

Wasatch SoftRIP Version 7.1 incorporates our latest improvements for high speed parallel processing, enhanced support for dye sublimation and 
direct-to-garment printing, and new customized production tools. Use Wasatch SoftRIP to run multiple printers in parallel with more speed and 
convenience than ever before!

Color Neighborhood Analyzer

Support for dye sublimation and direct-to-garment printing is enhanced by our new tool- the Color Neighborhood Analyzer. This impressive tool makes it 
easy to match the desired spot color, even on specialty surfaces that make it difficult to create an accurate color profile. The Color Neighborhood 
Analyzer creates a targeted 100-patch test pattern centered on a chosen target color. This is a powerful supplement to the Color Atlas Generator.


Version 7.1 introduces a revolution in print quality for the direct-to-garment market. Wasatch's new masking tool and rendering capabilities make printing to 
dark garments effortless, producing photo-like quality prints and perfectly smooth gradients. Our latest release includes support for the Epson SureColor® 
F2000 printer.

XML Access Option

Big shops and specialized workflows demand powerful networking tools. The new XML Access Option supports sophisticated integration allowing 
completely customized workflows. With this powerful feature you can easily submit XML jobs into a hot folder, create custom interfaces, and have 
web-to-print capabilities. The XML control can greatly enhance any workflow, speeding up production time and efficiency.

More Languages

Wasatch SoftRIP is sold in over 120 countries being the most widely used and globalized digital printing software in the world. Our latest release includes 
Tamil, Bulgarian, and Greek language support.

Wasatch Computer Technology - 3/28/2013

Wasatch SoftRIP Bundled with Epson SureColor F-Series Printers

Wasatch Computer Technology, an industry-leading developer of RIP & Print Management software, will bundle their powerful and innovative RIP 
software, Wasatch SoftRIP, with Epson’s new SureColor® SC-F6000 and SC-F7000 roll-fed dye sublimation printers in North America, South America, 
China, Singapore, and Taiwan.

Both the 44-inch SureColor® SC-F6000 and the 64-inch SC-F7000 provide high quality output up to 720 x 1440 dpi on all leading transfer papers. 
These new printers are the first dye sublimation models from Epson and all the components, including ink, printheads, printer body, and optional 
accessories, are designed and manufactured by Epson. This results in a low-cost, high-revenue printing system that is optimized for performance, 
quality, and reliability.

Wasatch SoftRIP has features tailored for the dye sublimation and digital textile printing markets, making it the perfect solution for these printers. 
SoftRIP’s Press Curves and Calibration Curves make it easy for users to construct color profiles for processes that suffer from extreme dot gain, 
such as dye sublimation and digital textile printing, and helps maximize the benefit of SoftRIP’s 16-bit color rendering pipeline.

With Wasatch, users can control their dye sublimation printing process with a number of specialized tools. SoftRIP has easy-to-use controls that allow 
users to adjust saturation and print pure colors; the option for users to adjust ICC input and output profiles directly in the Color Transforms screen; and 
the Color Atlas Generator that allows users to print a range of color swatches on their target media and use SoftRIP’s Spot Color Replacement tool to 
enter RGB values for exact color matching.

SoftRIP users can choose to mirror their prints in the Print Setup window or by printing directly to a hot folder that will automatically mirror, rotate, or 
resize every file it receives. And, with SoftRIP’s Variable Data Printing Option, users can streamline the production of customized print runs, such as 
sportswear, soft signage, customized promotional items, banners, flags, accessories, and corporate merchandise.

Wasatch also offers the specialized tools users need for digital textile printing. With Wasatch SoftRIP TX, users can customize their repeats with 
advanced drop and slide controls and independent stretch and offset controls, making the layout of roll fabrics quick and easy. SoftRIP TX also 
uses special halftoning and re-sampling algorithms to ensure seamless repeats; allows users to RIP a single pattern and efficiently repeat it in the 
software; and provides robust color management tools for maximum quality control.

With features tailored for the dye sublimation and digital textile printing markets, simple setup, intuitive workflow tools, and powerful print controls, 
Wasatch SoftRIP provides a complete solution for the extensive range of applications that can be supported by the Epson SureColor® F-Series printers.

Wasatch Computer Technology - 6/29/2012

Wasatch Announces SoftRIP Version 7

Wasatch SoftRIP Version 7.0 is the fastest build of Wasatch SoftRIP ever released. Driven by the requirements of a new generation of high-speed 
imaging technology, SoftRIP Version 7.0 allows users to create, edit, delete, and manage thousands of unique jobs every day. In SoftRIP Version 
7.0, it is perfectly natural to maintain 10,000 entries in a Print Queue.

Although SoftRIP has been sold for digital narrow-web label printing for several years, Version 7.0 is our first release to specifically address converting. 
Users will find support for rotary cutting equipment and enhanced die cutting features for bleeds and round corners on digital cutters*.

Along with the Version 7.0 release of SoftRIP is the Version 2.0 release of Wasatch Variable Data Printing (VDP)*. VDP 2.0 introduces exciting 
technologies, such as variable QR Codes and special rendering features essential to barcode print quality. VDP 2.0's new Fast Layout tool makes 
generation of 10,000 variable labels easy and automated.

Wasatch SoftRIP Version 7.0 supports industrial printing, not only with speed, but also with the most powerful system integration tools we've ever offered. 
The new XML-based interface makes it possible for system integrators and sophisticated users to control Wasatch SoftRIP via HTML and JavaScript 
running entirely in a web browser, or via customized network software or "XML hot folders". Customized user interfaces can be made to run on any 
computer, iPad®, or smartphone, and anywhere in your facility or on the Internet.

Wasatch Computer Technology - 6/27/2012

Wasatch Computer Technology and Niceware International Join Forces

Wasatch Computer Technology, an industry-leading developer of RIP & Print Management software, has joined forces with Niceware International, a 
software solution provider. Wasatch SoftRIP for Niceware is a color management and printing software solution that ensures consistent color across a 
wide range of materials and applications. This color print management software is designed for high speed color inkjet printers, such as those in 
Colordyne Technologies’ CDT-1600 Series.

This color management and printing package combines Wasatch technology with NiceLabel, a professional label design and printing software. NiceLabel 
Pro provides a variety of features for label design and integration, including barcodes, variable fields, database connectivity, and more. This fullfeatured 
label design program is capable of handling variable data and connects to virtually any database or ERP business management system.

“We’re pleased to be working with Niceware International to bring such advanced machinery to the market,” said Mike Ware, President of Wasatch 
Computer Technology. “The speed of this system is amazing!”

Because Wasatch SoftRIP is sophisticated RIP software made easy, it was the perfect addition to Niceware’s product line. With intuitive workflows, 
powerful print controls, and easy-to-use spot color replacement, Wasatch SoftRIP provides complete control over the print production process. With 
the ability to easily adjust the amount of ink laid down, Wasatch SoftRIP consistently delivers the proper amount of color, ensuring a quality print job 
every time.

“Partnering with Wasatch Computer Technology has allowed us to present a new solution to our partners,” said Shawn Motley, General Manager of 
Niceware International. “We are excited to introduce a color management and printing software package that will save them time and money in color 

Wasatch SoftRIP for Niceware takes the guesswork out of the print production process with a comprehensive color profiling, advanced label design, and 
print management solution. With the ability to support material profiling, each label stock can match the inkjet printer’s capabilities for predictable color. 
Labels or images can be sent directly from NiceLabel Pro or any Windows application to print to Wasatch SoftRIP.

Wasatch Computer Technology - 2/20/2012

Wasatch SoftRIP Certified for HP Designjet L26500 and L28500

Wasatch SoftRIP is fully certified for the HP Designjet L26500 and L28500 printers under the HP RIP Certification Program. Only third-party companies 
that have demonstrated conformance with HP's set of compatibility criteria are awarded HP Designjet L26500 and L28500 certified status.

Certification tests for the HP Designjet L26500 and L28500 printers include printing performance, calibration using embedded spectrophotometer, 
media flexibility, printer management, job management, dual-sided printing support, and more. Wasatch Computer Technology has produced a 
number of imaging configurations for the HP Designjet L26500 and offers imaging configurations produced by HP for the HP Designjet L26500 
and L28500. Click here to find a profile that suits your printing needs.

Support for the HP Designjet L26500 is available free of charge* with Wasatch SoftRIP and the Wasatch SoftRIP HP Exclusive Edition. The HP 
Designjet L28500 driver is a $500 add-on.

Wasatch Computer Technology - 10/27/2011

Wasatch SoftRIP Version 6.9

Wasatch SoftRIP Version 6.9 offers dramatic speed improvements for users who keep multiple entries in their RIP and Print Queues; a new Output column 
in the Print Queue for keeping track of how many copies of a job have been printed; enhancements to our barcode-driven print-and-cut workflow; the 
option for users to mirror and rotate their images directly in the Print Setup screen; and the ability to add center register marks that are useful in the 
production of inkjet separations.

Wasatch Computer Technology - 9/14/2011

Wasatch Computer Technology, LLC Automates Production with a New Print-and-Cut Workflow

The latest update to Wasatch SoftRIP supports a powerful new print-and-cut workflow*. This new workflow allows users to utilize the barcode system of 
their roll cutter to automate their print-and-cut production process. This workflow saves user time, and, just as importantly, can eliminate costly user errors.

With this workflow, each job, whether it is a single image, a complex layout, or a whole roll of jobs, is printed by SoftRIP with a unique barcode. This 
barcode corresponds to the cut path that is defined in the print job.

Once the cutter reads the printed barcode, the barcode is sent to SoftRIP and the corresponding cut job is sent to the cutter. After the cutter cuts the 
contour path, it scans for the next barcode and repeats the process. This innovative feature allows for a whole roll of media to be cut with minimal 
user intervention.

Increase Productivity
This dynamic print-and-cut workflow allows users to boost productivity because they can quickly load a printed roll and let their cutter's barcode function 
take over.

By removing steps from their existing print-and-cut production process, SoftRIP helps users save time and resources, making this workflow a less expensive 
and more functional solution than a traditional print-and-cut method. And, since SoftRIP provides unparalleled support for the industry's most popular 
printers, users can seamlessly integrate their existing printers into this simplified workflow.

Automate Your Print-and-Cut Workflow
Because the cutter reads the barcodes and processes the contour cut paths automatically, there is no need for users to manually scan barcodes or 
search the RIP for the correct contour cut path.

The roll can even be mounted on the cutter backwards, directly from the printer, and the barcode recognition system will ensure the cut paths are 
properly flipped. This allows users to automate their print-and-cut workflow, increase production, and minimize mistakes!

Wasatch Computer Technology - 4/20/2011

Wasatch SoftRIP Version 6.8

Wasatch SoftRIP 6.8 features a new Separations mode in SoftRIP SP that automatically detects the correct spot color and process separations to produce 
for incoming jobs; enhanced support for dye sublimation and textile printing; enhanced support of custom inksets for most popular printers; improved 
handling of PDF files that involve transparency; a new Hindi user interface; and support for multiple new Chinese printers that have completed our 
quality assurance process.

New Separations Mode

Version 6.8 of Wasatch SoftRIP SP offers new power for the production of separation films and for direct-to-screen and direct-to-plate systems.

When operating in the new Separations mode, SoftRIP SP will automatically detect the correct separations to produce for incoming jobs, 
whether files are opened by a user in the RIP or printed directly from application software, with no user interaction.

If the job contains only two or three spot colors, only two or three separations will be produced. If the job contains a combination of process and 
spot colors, the appropriate number of separations will automatically be produced. Users can select from stochastic, rosette, and hybrid screening 
methods to customize a workflow for nearly any separations production process.

Press & Calibration Curves

Press Curves and Calibration Curves are now available in all editions of Wasatch SoftRIP 6.8, not just in the SP Edition, as was previously the case.

This makes it much easier for users to construct color profiles for processes that suffer from extreme dot gain, such as dye sublimation and digital 
textile printing. It also helps maximize the benefit of our 16-bit rendering pipeline.

Enhanced Custom Inkset Support

This release improves support of custom inksets for most popular printers. One of SoftRIP's key tools for adapting inkjet printers for dye sublimation use is 
our custom inkset creator that allows users to configure SoftRIP with custom Hi-Fi inksets.

In past versions, users needed an instrument to help produce CIE XYZ data in the inkset creator window. For many configurations, this was an 
unnecessary obstacle because those numbers are only used for the screen display.

In Wasatch SoftRIP Version 6.8, the inkset creator allows users to enter colors quickly and easily with our color selector tool. This process is much 
more convenient for users who need to configure custom inksets.

Improved PDF Transparency Handling

Wasatch SoftRIP Version 6.8 includes dramatic improvements to the handling of PDF files that involve transparency. This update fixes the great majority 
of such problem files we have seen and supports the latest color and transparency rendering.

New Hindi User Interface

Our new Hindi user interface expands the total number of user interface languages to 27, making Wasatch SoftRIP one of the most widely globalized 
software products available.

New Support for Chinese Printers

Wasatch SoftRIP Version 6.8 is our biggest release ever of new support for Chinese printers that have completed our required quality assurance 
process. Version 6.8 includes support for products from Gongzheng, Micolor, A-Starjet, and Galaxy.

Wasatch Computer Technology - 5/5/2010

Wasatch SoftRIP is Fully Certified for the HP DesignJet L25500

Wasatch SoftRIP is fully certified for the HP DesignJet L25500 under the HP RIP Certification Program. Only 
products that have undergone testing by HP and have met the necessary performance requirements are 
awarded the Certified for HP DesignJet L25500 Printer status.

The Wasatch SoftRIP HP Exclusive Edition now includes support for the L25500 latex printer free of charge. In 
addition, it now includes support for all the older HP solvent printers at no extra charge.

With a suggested list price of just $1,495 US (about 1,150 Euro), our HP Exclusive Edition is a powerful and 
cost effective way to manage your HP DesignJet printers with a single RIP.

This is our full-featured product, supporting four print queues, RIP-while-print, Cost Estimator, the new Wasatch 
Tracer, unmatched image quality with 16-bit rendering, and much more.

Wasatch Computer Technology - 4/6/2010

Wasatch Computer Technology, LLC Releases Wasatch SoftRIP Version 6.7

Wasatch SoftRIP Version 6.7 enhances finishing workflows with expanded support for Zund and Esko 
Kongsberg cutters, improved Fotoba support, and specialized registration tools for supporting label printing 
and converting lines.

Enhanced support includes the ability to print identifying barcodes in the margins of i-cut and Zund jobs and 
to name output files to match those barcodes. This simplifies the cutting workflow by allowing table cutting 
software to scan the barcode on the print and to pick the correct corresponding cutting file. All this is part of 
SoftRIP’s Table Cutting Option, an add-on that supports various table cutting software packages, such as 
Zund Cut Center, Esko i-cut, and OptiSCOUT.

The new Paper Height settings in SoftRIP Version 6.7 are valuable for machines that are not roll-fed, such as 
flatbed printers. The new Height Center feature is an enhancement that is important for direct-to-plate solutions.
Additionally, the new Y-axis setting for nesting gaps allows users to add space above and below images in 
their layouts.

Upgrade Details for Current Users 
Wasatch users with a valid service contract are eligible for a free upgrade to Version 6.7 as long as they 
request the upgrade before the end of their service contract.

Wasatch Computer Technology - 9/23/2009

Wasatch Computer Technology, LLC Releases Wasatch SoftRIP Version 6.6

Wasatch SoftRIP Version 6.6 features the all new Wasatch Tracer that allows users to create contour cut paths 
directly within SoftRIP. Available with the Contour Cutting Option, this innovative tool improves the cutting 
workflow, simplifies the cutting production process, and gives users complete control over cut path creation.

Improved Workflow
The Contour Cutting Option in Version 6.6 provides a streamlined cutting workflow so users can spend less time 
preparing their job and more time printing and cutting it. This improved workflow allows users to select their cutting 
unit directly from the Print Setup screen. When a cut job is generated, the job is sent directly to the Queues 
screen where users can quickly and efficiently manage it. With one click, users can print, cancel, delete, or view 
all the properties for their cut job.

Simplified Production Process
No matter what production process a user employs, the new Contour Cutting Option available in Version 6.6 
will simplify it! Whether users are working with a print-cut device, printing on one device and cutting on another, 
creating a cut path in SoftRIP, or using a cut path created in a third party graphics application, the new cutting 
workflow streamlines the process to save users time and hassle.

Complete Control
The Wasatch Tracer gives SoftRIP users complete control of the cut path creation process. With the ability to 
change the background color, set a tolerance level, specify a minimum object size, apply a choke or spread to 
the cut path, exclude interior paths from being traced, and create a wrapper around the image, users can 
customize a cut path to work for nearly any situation.

Wasatch Computer Technology - 6/11/2009

Wasatch SoftRIP Announces Certification for the HP Designjet L65500 Printer

Wasatch Computer Technology is pleased to announce a new Wasatch SoftRIP printer driver for the HP 
Designjet L65500 that is fully certified under the HP RIP Certification Program. Only products that have 
undergone stringent testing by HP and have met the necessary performance requirements are awarded the 
Certified for HP Designjet L65500 Printer status. 

Certification tests for the new HP L65500 include print quality, productivity, and the range of HP and custom 
media profiles that can be supported. In addition to the printer driver, Wasatch Computer Technology has made 
an extensive set of profiles available at: 

The HP Designjet L65500 printer driver and profiles are available with Wasatch SoftRIP Version 6.5. This latest 
version release includes the new Wasatch Cost Estimator that accurately calculates job costs before beginning 
production; Updates to PSS Halftoning that improve throughput speed and image quality; An expanded suite 
of ICC Input Profiles that make color-matching more convenient; an improved Profile View that helps users 
visualize color mapping; and a new Performance Mode that allows for faster textile printing.

Wasatch Computer Technology - 6/4/2009

Variable Data Printing a Key Factor in Customizing Success

Wasatch SoftRIP has been a key factor in helping Academy Awards, a custom car flag, banner, and sublimation 
print shop, make their workflow more efficient and productive. Since 2001, Academy Awards has been 
using Wasatch SoftRIP's Variable Data Printing (VDP) to print customized high school lockers, car flags, 
banners, novelty items, and more.

Excellent Performance
Complete Confidence
Additional Features
About Academy Awards

Academy Awards receives nearly 10,000 orders to customize lockers for high school athletes before the 
beginning of each school year. They also receive 20-100 orders per week throughout the year. Before they 
started using the VDP option in SoftRIP, Academy Awards spent hours manually entering data for each individual 
order. But, with the ability to import their saved information directly into variable data fields, those days are in the 

"Wasatch VDP makes it so simple," says Jonathan Boatwright, Production Manager. "I just have to load my 
client's file with the names and numbers of athletes into my saved fields in SoftRIP's VDP window, then RIP and 
Print. I can print with complete confidence." 

In addition to using the VDP option, Academy Awards finds SoftRIP's Spot Color Replacement feature an 
easy-to-use tool for matching colors perfectly. And, with Wasatch's 16-bit color rendering pipeline, Academy 
Awards can print anything with certainty, knowing that the end result will be just what they're looking for.

Wasatch Computer Technology - 5/6/2009

Wasatch SoftRIP Helps Wrap France's Tallest Skyscraper

Wasatch SoftRIP was instrumental in helping BS2i, an extra large-format printer in Honfleur (Normandie - France), 
wrap France's tallest skyscraper, Tour Maine-Montparnasse. No stranger to the large-format printing industry, 
BS2i prints 30,000 to 40,000 square meters of graphics every month. They were awarded the job to provide 
large-format printing for The Vendée Globe, the grueling, round-the-world yacht race held every four years, by 
Athem, a Paris-based company that is well-known for staging brands universally through spectacular creations 
and ultra large formats.

Excellent Reliability
"For this job, we had to produce 3,900 different pieces of adhesive material to form the 4,000 square meter image," 
says Janette Cacioppo, General Director of BS2i. "Using Wasatch SoftRIP, we were able to accomplish this 
without any error. We could not have accomplished this with any other RIP."

Quality and Features
Using a Nur Fresco and SoftRIP's RIP-to-Tiff feature, BS2i was able to flawlessly produce the large quantity of 
prints required for this huge wrap job. Now BS2i uses Wasatch SoftRIP exclusively for their extensive large-format 
printing needs. "We are happy with Wasatch SoftRIP and the print quality we achieve," says Janette. "We 
have tried other RIPs, but Wasatch is the only one that has the features we need."

A Huge Success
This is the first time Tour Maine-Montparnasse has ever been wrapped and the project was a huge achievement. 
Thanks to these large-scale, high-quality graphics, this job was very successful for Wasatch Computer 
Technology, BS2i, Athem, and The Vendée Globe.

Wasatch Computer Technology - 4/29/2009

Update to Wasatch SoftRIP Version 6.5

Version 6.5 of Wasatch SoftRIP includes a powerful improvement for print quality, with a major update to PSS 
(Precision Stochastic Screens).

Particularly large improvements to print quality have been reported by users of Agfa, DGI, Dilli, Gandinnovations, 
and NUR (HP Scitex) printers.

To find out your price for an upgrade to Version 6.5, simply provide your email address and Wasatch Serial 
number in the form on this web page:

We'll look up your serial number and email a quotation back to you promptly.

Thanks again for signing up to receive periodic mailings from Wasatch.  Remember that if you wish to be 
removed from this list, simply reply to this email and indicate your wishes.

Wasatch Computer Technology - 3/12/2009

Wasatch SoftRIP in 24 Languages

If you're using Wasatch SoftRIP in a language other than English, you'll be happy to learn that the user interface 
for Version 6.5 has now been updated in all twenty-four supported languages.

This March 10th revision is now available free of charge for all users of Version 6.5.  Simply download the new 
version and install it in your current Wasatch SoftRIP folder.  Contact your Wasatch reseller for the download.

To view the list of twenty-four languages, visit this page:

This update also includes the many small refinements to user interface developed during the process of translation, 
and we recommend it to all users.

Wasatch Computer Technology - 1/29/2008

Wasatch Computer Technology LLC Releases Wasatch SoftRIP Version 6.3

Wasatch Computer Technology has jumped ahead of the competition again with Version 6.3 of Wasatch 
SoftRIP, its industry-leading RIP and Print Management software. New features include a powerful Template 
Creator that defines layout image place holders for repeatable placement and sizing; Database Tools to import 
industry-standard or user-defined spot color matching tables; Two new Halftoning Innovations; and a RIP-to-TIF 
generic printer driver. Also included are new printer drivers for devices from Mutoh and US Sublimation. Wasatch 
will be demonstrating Version 6.3 at the upcoming ISA, FESPA, and DRUPA trade shows.

SoftRIP Templates
SoftRIP Templates save hours of prep time for users with standardized output sizes and placement needs. The 
template interface includes tools for specifying image location, alignment, and scaling attributes. Simply apply the 
template to a new layout to drag and drop images straight to their desired location.

The template building toolset streamlines printing for workflows that demand consistent image placement and 
sizing. Key uses of SoftRIP Templates include T-shirt printing, flatbed printing, and a wide variety of industrial 
printing applications.

Spot Color Database Import
This release provides spot color database import tools for matching hues in industry-standard swatch books or 
key customer data files. SoftRIP Version 6.3 imports databases based on Microsoft Excel files or any other 
comma delimited data format. To suit various types of color databases, values can be entered using the more 
accurate 0-255 interval or a standard 0-100 percentage.

Halftoning Introductions
SoftRIP version 6.3 includes new halftoning refinements to serve growing market niches. Version 6.3 optimizes 
quality specifically for the newest generation grayscale print heads. In the flexography market niche, Wasatch’s 
halftone refinements will revolutionize the adoption of inkjet separations. New flexo halftone options are available 
exclusively in SoftRIP SP for Separations Printing.

Wasatch Computer Technology - 8/15/2007

Wasatch Supports the Industry’s Most Popular UV-Curable Inkjet Printers

August 15, 2007, Salt Lake City, UT - Wasatch Computer Technology has released support for the latest UV-
curable printers from MacDermid ColorSpan and Mimaki.  This release also includes new Canon imagePROGRAF driver
Devices using UV inks are capable of printing on a wide range of inexpensive rigid or flexible roll materials.  
Challenging print scenarios with lower quality media achieve the maximum benefit from SoftRIP’s 16-bit color 
pipeline.  Color subtleties and gradients in raster images are maintained with enormous detail and vector gradients 
are perfectly smooth at any output size.  
ColorSpan Support
SoftRIP now includes white-ink supporting drivers for ColorSpan 5440UV, ColorSpan 5445UV, ColorSpan 
5460UV, ColorSpan 5465UV, and ColorSpan 9840UV printers.  The ColorSpan 5400UV Series devices are 
among the UV category leaders, combining the quality of an aqueous thermal inkjet printer, the durability of a 
solvent printer, and the media flexibility of a UV-curable inkjet printer with a compact physical footprint.  The 
larger 9840UV offers industrial-grade size and speed for print shops demanding high volume production.
Mimaki Support
Mimaki buyers can now use SoftRIP to drive their UJV-110 UV curable inkjet printer.  SoftRIP’s simple white 
ink workflow makes it easy to produce first and second surface output for window films and decals.  The optional 
Variable Data Printing Module adds capabilities for easily customizing print jobs like nameplates and labels with 
the UJV device.
Canon Support 
New support for the iPF 5100 and iPF 6100 devices will includes full hi-fi support for 12-color LUCIA inks.  
These drivers will now come standard with SoftRIP’s Canon Exclusive, Small Format, and Large Format Editions.  
The driver for the 17 iPF 5100 will be included in the SoftRIP Desktop Edition.

Wasatch Computer Technology - 6/15/2007

Wasatch Supports Roland VersaCAMM VP Series of Printer/Cutters

Salt Lake City, UT, June 15, 2007 ­ Wasatch Computer Technology has announced new support for the Roland 
VersaCAMM VP series of wide-format inkjet printer/cutters. Drivers for the 30" VP-300 and 54" VP-540 are 
included with both Wasatch SoftRIP and the SoftRIP Roland Exclusive Edition beginning June 8.

The Wasatch exclusive for Roland users includes all of the SoftRIP tools for efficient, high quality printing with 
a special entry-level price. This package bundles a free Wasatch Contour Cutting Option for use with the 
respected line of Roland printer/cutters­a $250 value.

Roland VersaCAMM VP Series
Ideal for signs, banners, billboards, POP displays, labels, decals, vehicle and floor graphics, heat transfers for 
apparel and more, Roland's new VersaCAMM VP series features Roland's unique integrated print9cut technology 
that allows professionals to print and contour cut 4-color graphics through one seamless workflow. The 
VersaCAMM VP series is available in 30" and 54" media widths, achieves print speeds of up to 166 sqft./hr. for 
the 54" model, and offers both superior media handling and an optional media take-up system for flawless 
unattended printing. Featuring scratch-resistant ECO-SOL MAX ink, VersaCAMM VP models are backed by 
Roland’s Two-Year Trouble-Free Warranty.

Wasatch Computer Technology - 2/15/2007

Wasatch SoftRIP 6.1 Full Windows Vista Support

Salt Lake City, February 15, 2007 - After extensive testing, Wasatch Computer Technology has announced full 
Windows Vista support in Wasatch SoftRIP 6.1, the newest version of its popular RIP software.

Discussions of Vista improvements have invigorated interest in 16-bit color rendering, a hot-button topic 
previously limited to digital photography circles.  SoftRIP 6.1 also introduces 16-bit color rendering.  SoftRIP's 
16-bit color pipeline maintains intricate color data to produce images that are high quality and color rich.

"To the best of our knowledge, SoftRIP is the first PostScript RIP in our industry to be compatible with the Vista 
operating system," says Wasatch Vice President Jay Griffin.  "SoftRIP 6.1 leads the industry in innovation, first 
with its introduction of 16-bit rendering and now with full Windows Vista support."

Wasatch Computer Technology - 1/24/2007

Wasatch Releases High Definition Printing With 16-Bit Color Rendering Pipeline

Salt Lake City, January 24, 2007 - Wasatch Computer Technology has released Wasatch SoftRIP® version 
6.1 featuring the industry’s first full 16-bit color rendering pipeline. This innovation builds upon Wasatch’s 
Precision Stochastic Screens halftoning method to bring high definition color quality to the printing process. 
16-bit rendering improves image quality in much the same way as switching from a lossy file format like a jpeg 
to the data rich RAW format used by professional digital photographers. RIPs with 8-bit rendering lose color 
data in the printing process. SoftRIP v6.1 maintains the color data to produce output that is truly faithful to the 
original source image.

SoftRIP will process files that are inherently 16-bits deep through color management and PSS halftoning with 
high fidelity color depth. Files that arrive to the RIP only 8-bits deep will also show substantial benefit. They are 
promoted to 16-bits of color depth prior to entering color management and are maintained at this high definition 
through halftoning. The effects of this innovation will be particularly dynamic when working with vector gradients 
and printing with lower quality consumables.

Imaging Configurations (color profiles) made with earlier versions of Wasatch SoftRIP can be used with SoftRIP
6.1. In many cases, older profiles will provide improved image quality just by being used with this new release. 
New 16-bit Imaging Configurations are not backwards compatible.

"With SoftRIP’s 16-bit color pipeline, color accuracy is improved and tonal banding becomes a thing of the past," 
says Wasatch Vice President Jay Griffin. "Wasatch 6.1 will create a new definition of color quality in the digital 
inkjet market."

Upgrade Details for Current Users
Wasatch users with valid service contracts as of January 24, 2007 are eligible for a free upgrade to version 6.1 
as long as they request the upgrade before the end of their service contract. Learn more about upgrading at

Wasatch Computer Technology - 1/4/2007

Wasatch Releases Expanded Hi-Fi Capabilities and Speed Improvements for Epson Printers

Salt Lake City, January 4, 2007 - Wasatch Computer Technology has announced new Epson x800 drivers for 
use with exotic and alternative inksets. Today’s release introduces tools for customized inksets and greatly 
enhanced hi-fi printing. As a result, users can now achieve expanded gamuts, increased print speeds, and 
specialized niche application output. The enhanced Epson x800 driver set supports True Dual CMYK Printing, 
similar to what is available on the x400 Epson series abroad. Using two CMYK print head banks simultaneously 
produces premium output with production-level speed.

The new hi-fi inkset creator streamlines the use of the 8 print heads for expanded gamut printing. SoftRIP’s inkset 
wizard walks users through the selection and designation of inks such as orange, green, blue, red etc. The inkset 
customizer is available for use with all future hi-fi drivers in Wasatch SoftRIP.

The new driver set also provides flexibility for using these devices for multiple output applications without 
changeover costs and delays. Users may combine various ink configurations to achieve photographic, dye 
sublimation, and monochrome film output with one device.

Wasatch Computer Technology - 10/4/2006

Wasatch Introduces an Interface-lift with SoftRIP Version 6.0

Salt Lake City, UT - Wasatch Computer Technology has announced version 6.0 of its Wasatch SoftRIP(tm) 
family of products. SoftRIP 6.0 gives existing users powerful tools to work more efficiently, while providing new 
users an easy interface that they can learn and use immediately.

"We began our work on this release by talking to users around the world about their optimal RIP workflows. 
Understanding what users wanted to achieve with the next generation of RIPs made it easy to create the 
software to get there," says Alison Johnson, Wasatch Marketing Director. "The resulting SoftRIP interface 
makes it easy for different types of users to work with the software in the way that feels most intuitive to them. 
SoftRIP 6.0 makes users comfortable right from the start whether they are graphic designers or print technicians; 
new users or SoftRIP loyalists."

In SoftRIP 6.0, users can do all of their typical daily tasks without ever leaving the software's main screen. That 
makes it easy for most users to complete their work in the RIP quickly, while still maintaining deeper level 
advanced tools for printing and color experts.

A New Way to Work
This release creates different workflow paths that let the user choose what process works best for them.

    * Direct-to-Layout is ideal for users who like to view all of the images in a production run at the same time so 
they can plan their print run efficiently.
    * Job-Based processing streamlines file preparation for individuals that choose to open one image at a time, 
preparing each file to RIP and print individually.
    * The Server-Based workflow is favored by users who manage the RIP from the Master Queues Manager, 
receiving files to RIP from separate networked workstations.

With 6.0 it's easy for users to get started with one of these options, or to combine different workflow options 
into a hybrid process optimized for their conditions.

SoftRIP's Job-Based workflow has always been regarded as an ease-of-use leader, and 6.0 increases that lead. 
When you drag and drop a file from the file browser into your Job Window, all of the tools you need to process 
that image are right at your fingertips in the new Digital Tool Kit. Once your image is ready to print, one mouse 
click processes it through to your printer or saves it to layout with other images.

The new Direct-to-Layout workflow uses the full width of your media as a digital canvas. The interactive layout 
window becomes the single work place where you can position and manipulate all the images in your print run. 
Files not yet RIP'd in this layout zone can be rotated and resized to work best within your media space. Once 
your layout is RIP'd, SoftRIP 6.0 has the unique ability to retrieve individual images for re-use in other layouts 
without re-ripping.

To complete the workflow improvements through the RIP and print processes, 6.0 moves the Master Queues 
Manager to the main screen. Master Queues shows users the real-time status of every job in their production. 
With the new File Browser tab, users can drag and drop files directly into the Queues workflow view for 
immediate processing. This will be of particular interest to Server-Based workflow users who manage larger 
production environments and consider the Queues Manager to be their primary screen within the RIP.

Digital Tool Kit
In 6.0, SoftRIP's new Digital Tool Kit brings together the key settings users need to quickly ready images for 
efficient printing. With the Tool Kit, users have all the features they need to run their typical daily production 
without ever leaving the home screen. It's the easiest navigation ever. Use the Tool Tabs to;

    * Resize, crop, mirror, and rotate
    * Tile oversized jobs that will not fit on your media
    * Check your image for colors that cannot be reached with your current printer setup
    * Identify which parts of your image are Raster or Vector, CMYK or RGB
    * See a quick snapshot of your RIP and Print Queue status
    * Tell the RIP to send Print Queue files directly to the printer or hold them for layout
    * Print corner crop marks, full length crop marks, and registration marks
    * Annotate your prints with date, filename, and printer details

Layout Flexibility
Whether you prepare your images directly in the layout window, or hold single jobs to arrange later, you can take 
advantage of SoftRIP's Smart Nesting tools to create efficient layouts automatically. Smart Nesting uses 
advanced mathematics to create layout designs that save media costs and guillotine trimming time. In version 
6.0, Smart Nesting saves even more media by rotating un-RIP'd files any time that rotation will make the overall 
layout more efficient.

To save you RIP time again and again, SoftRIP creates Queue entries for every image in your layout as well as 
the layout itself. Once your image is RIP'd you can drop it into any layout to reprint without re-RIPing. Any layout 
scenario you can imagine is easier with SoftRIP 6.0.

Introduction Timeline
SoftRIP 6.0 is now available to beta testers, with full production release in late October 2006. Users purchasing 
SoftRIP before the final 6.0 release will be eligible to upgrade free of charge, as will any user with an active service 
contract as of the release date. Upgrade invitations will be sent to qualified users by email.

Wasatch Computer Technology - 4/25/2006

Wasatch Announces Support for The New MacDermid ColorSpan DisplayMaker Printers

Salt Lake City, UT, April 25, 2006 Wasatch Computer Technology has announced new support for nine 
printers from MacDermid ColorSpan. Included in this release are drivers for both UV and solvent inkjet devices 
in the DisplayMaker product line.

For consumers considering an investment in affordable flatbed UV technology, Wasatch has released support 
for the DisplayMaker 72UVR as well as the DisplayMaker UVX devices which offer users additional media 
flexibility and increased production speed. New support for the DisplayMaker 72SI and 98SI devices will make 
SoftRIP a leading RIP option for solvent DisplayMaker users as well. 

These new drivers from Wasatch have been rigorously tested to ensure reliable, quality results for every 
installation. "We’re excited to support these MacDermid ColorSpan printers," says Wasatch Vice President Jay 
Griffin. "With the superior reliability of our driver and outstanding color quality achievable only with Wasatch’s 
Precision Stochastic Screens, this SoftRIP release will give DisplayMaker users the ability to product 
unbelievable results."

Wasatch will offer standard driver support for popular 72 inch MacDermid ColorSpan printers, including the 
72UVR, 72 UVX, 72S/72SR, 72SRU, and 72SI models. Support is available for the 98 inch DisplayMaker 
98UVX, 98SI, and 98SX models with a grand format driver fee. Additional charges may apply for upgrade sales.

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