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The Gilman Brothers - 9/2/2014

The Gilman Brothers Company and Larson-Juhl form Industry Alliance

The Gilman Brothers Company and Larson-Juhl, A Berkshire Hathaway Company, met this week to discuss product development and industry distribution. 
With their recent launch of the low temperature, permanent adhesive, heat activated MountCor® family of foamboards, Gilman has listened to the market 
and delivered a patent pending technology based product line resulting in a universal board compatible for all mount presses and roll laminators. This 
eliminates historical variables such as temperature and speed, allowing those elements to be removed from the mounting equation. Larson-Juhl has 
seen the value in the new product and signed with The Gilman Brothers Company to market the new foamboard line to the framing industry. "I am 
very impressed by the manufacturing capability and product innovation from Gilman. We are very excited for what this alliance will mean for our 
customers," says Dave Calhoun, President, North America, of Atlanta-based Larson-Juhl. "Looking at the Larson-Juhl business model, we share a 
joint vision to increase product launch and speed of delivery to our customers with new and innovative products. This alliance is a perfect fit," says 
Cyrus Gilman, Vice President, The Gilman Brothers Company.

"There is an incredible story unfolding here, two USA based companies working together, both having primary raw materials sourced and manufactured in 
the USA, who create and market products sold both domestically and internationally is a real source of growth to the industry. Just think of the families 
affected positively by this alliance, it's very exciting," says Bill VanHorn, Director of Sales, The Gilman Brothers Company.

The Gilman Brothers - 1/21/2014

The Gilman Brothers Company Introduces New and Improved Graphics Boards for Signs and Displays

The Gilman Brothers Company is pleased to announce recent improvements to three of its premier product lines: Ryno Board® heavy-duty paper-faced 
foam boards, Duraplast® all plastic foam boards, and Eaglecell™ recyclable, all-paper boards. These new and improved product lines offer users 
enhancements in durability, structural characteristics, and direct-printing performance. 

New & Improved Ryno Board® HD
Ryno Board HD features a newly formulated, high-compressive foam center that improves the board’s resistance to crushing, warping and denting. 
Thick, coated paper surface liners add to Ryno Board HD’s rigidity and structural application performance.

Ryno Board HD is ideal for indoor digital and screen-printing applications, mounting and framing applications, vinyl graphics, sets and props, and sign and 
display solutions. For direct-printing applications, Ryno Board HD is now part of Gilman Brothers’ Bright-White Color-Management program. This 
program provides for optimum printing performance and consistent color balance across the company’s full range of white, printable graphics boards. 
Ryno Board HD is compatible with UV inks.

Ryno Board HD is available in white, black, and custom colors, in thicknesses from 3/16” to 1/2”. Standard sheets range from 48” x 96” to 60” x 120”.

New & Improved Duraplast® HD
Duraplast HD features a new, high-density foam center and smooth, flat, polystyrene surface liners. Duraplast HD provides high durability and 
excellent dimensional stability, as well as clean cutting performance with routers, die cutters, saws, blades, and guillotine cutters.

Ideally suited for a full range of printing, mounting, and sign/display applications, Duraplast HD’s direct-printing performance is supported by its inclusion 
in Gilman Brothers’ Bright-White Color-Management program. This ensures optimum color balance and consistency across the company’s full range of 
white, printable graphics boards. Duraplast HD is compatible with UV inks.

Duraplast HD is available in white, black, and custom colors. Thicknesses range from 3/16” to 1”, in sheet sizes ranging from 48” x 96” to 60” x 120”.

New & Improved Eaglecell™
Eaglecell is an all-paper, fully recyclable board that is ideal for constructing lightweight, rigid, indoor displays. It features new Bright-White, Color-
Managed printing surfaces for consistent direct-printing results with UV inks, and a new, geometrically structured, kraft paper core for strength. Eaglecell 
comes ¼” and ½” thick, with white surface liners. Sheet sizes range from 48” x 96” to 60” x 120”.

The Gilman Brothers - 12/17/2013

Gilman Brothers Named North American Distributor of Foamalux

The Gilman Brothers Company, Gilman, Connecticut, USA, and Brett Martin, County Antrim, Northern Ireland, have recently entered into a distribution 
agreement in which Gilman Brothers will be the exclusive North American distributor for Brett Martin’s Foamalux® line of PVC board products. Gilman will 
initially be stocking Foamalux White and Foamalux Xtra matte in 3mm, 5mm and 6mm thicknesses. Foamalux Ultra gloss, as well as a selection of 
Foamalux Colour boards (including red, blue and yellow), will be available by special order. Foamalux boards will be shipped 10 sheets per carton, in a 
choice of 4’ x 8’ or 5’ x 10’ sizes. Bulk orders are also available.

According to the companies, balanced double-sided printing capabilities are a unique feature of Foamalux that affords versatile and creative display 
solutions for producers and their clients. Foamalux PVC boards are available with protective film on both sides to protect the printing surfaces during 
storage and handling.

Foamalux White is a printable PVC board that offers smooth, flat printing surfaces with an optimal, bright white color balance and resistance to yellowing 
from UV exposure. According to Brett Martin, Foamalux White has been extremely popular with digital and screen printers across Europe due to its 
durability and consistent color reproduction qualities.

Made from 80% recycled content, Foamalux Xtra is a high-quality, environmentally conscious, PVC board for printing, mounting, routing and 
engraving applications. It features a black core and is available in all black, or with one-sided or double-sided, bright white, PVC, printing 

“Foamalux is a leading brand in Europe and we are looking forward to bringing these boards to customers in North America through this partnership. The 
Gilman Brothers Company is dedicated to developing our product range to offer the best quality, service and value. The addition of Foamalux PVC boards 
to our catalogue supports this goal,” comments Cyrus Gilman, Vice President, The Gilman Brothers Company.

 “I am delighted with the Gilman Brothers Company partnership,” adds Duncan Smith, Sales Director, Brett Martin Plastic Sheets. “Foamalux offers a wide 
variety of foam PVC to choose from, allowing users to design and deliver more innovative sign and display solutions than ever before. We are pleased 
that Gilman Brothers will be providing their expertise and support in the North American marketplace.”

The Gilman Brothers - 9/30/2013

Gilman Brothers Introduces MountCor

The Gilman Brothers Company is proud to announce the introduction of MountCor®, a new, low-temperature, heat-activated adhesive foamboard for 
picture framing and sign/display mounting applications. According to the company, MountCor features a specially formulated, pH neutral adhesive that 
activates at a very low temperature, in a short period of time––as low as 130°F, for 30 seconds, in a mechanical or vacuum press, and at speeds up to 10 
feet per minute in a roll laminator, with no adhesive transfer to the heated rollers (time and temperatures may vary based on equipment and materials). 
This fast, low-temp activation makes MountCor well suited to mounting sensitive materials such as inkjet prints and photographic papers, as well as all 
coated papers, posters, color laser prints, and more.

MountCor also incorporates a unique Air Release technology that ensures bubble-free mounting by allowing any air trapped between the art and the 
foamboard to easily escape before the adhesive fully bonds. Gilman explains that MountCor’s Air Release system is engineered so that there is no 
adhesive texture transfer under heat and pressure, delivering smooth results.

Finally, MountCor features a built-in release liner with a printed squaring grid. This is designed to make mounting easier by allowing quick print positioning. 
The release liner also protects the work throughout the production cycle and can be easily removed prior to final application.

MountCor offers users a low-temperature, fast, one-step mounting solution with strong, permanent bonding to a wide range of materials. It is now 
available through Gilman Brothers’ North American and international distributors.

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