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Tex Visions - 2/13/2013

Tex Visions Introduces New Wooden Chairs Product Line

Tex Visions recently introduced wooden chairs, a brand new product line.

Our wooden chairs are functional displays ideal for advertising at bars, events, or the beach. They are constructed of natural beech wood giving them 
an attractive eco-friendly frame. Wooden chairs are Forest Stewardship Council® certified, ensuring that they come from well managed forests that 
provide environmental, social, and economical benefits. They are collapsible and come with a custom print already attached, allowing for a quick and 
easy setup. Three different models are available, including the Deck Chair, Director Chair, and Beach Chair. The Deck Chair is available with Arms or 
without Arms. 

Itfeatures a custom printed backrest, fastened with hook-and-loop adhesive, that can be adjusted for comfort. The Director Chair has a custom printed 
backrest and seat while the Beach Chair has a custom printed backrest. All models collapse with the print attached so they can be stored and 
transported effortlessly.Pair a wooden chair with our advertising umbrellas to create a practical display with even greater impact and brand awareness.

Tex Visions - 7/24/2012

Tex Visions Introduces New Flagpole Basic

Tex Visions introduced a new flagpole solution, the Flagpole Basic, on Thursday.

The Flagpole Basic is a simple but versatile indoor and outdoor flag display solution. This one-of-a-kind flagpole boasts some features that are similar to 
traditional flagpoles, such as a pulley system and finial, as well as other features that are unique. For example, because the Flagpole Basic can be 
disassembled and has an optional Carrying Case, it is highly portable. It is also lightweight and easy to assemble.

The Flagpole Basic stands at a maximum height of 20.3 feet, but a shorter height can be achieved simply by removing some of the Aluminum pole 
segments. Numerous base options are available, allowing customers to use a shorter height with an indoor base or the maximum height with a more 
durable outdoor base. And because the Flagpole Basic can be reused over and over again with traditional and advertisement flags, it is perfect for 
any flag display need and budget.

Tex Visions - 7/13/2012

Tex Visions Introduces New T-Pole Plus

Tex Visions introduced the T-Pole® Plus, a new addition to their T-Pole® product line, on Thursday.

The T-Pole® Plus is a simple advertising display for use in both indoor and outdoor spaces. It is lightweight, weighing approximately 15lbs, making it 
portable. Simply pack it into the included Carrying Case and is ready to be taken anywhere. The display does not require any tools for assembly and 
comes apart effortlessly when finished.

Like the T-Pole® Basic, the T-Pole® Plus has a four-part telescopic aluminum pole. The T-Pole® Basic can be adjusted to three different heights up to 
17.7 feet and the Plus model can be adjusted to any height up to 19.6 feet. It can accommodate prints measuring 3.9’ wide by 11.5’ high. The print slides 
over the single banner arm to ensure better readability of the advertisement.

Additionally, the T-Pole® Plus has a rotating pole cap. When it is windy, the pole cap will spin in the breeze; this will spin the banner arm and print along 
with it, thus ensuring that the advertisement will always be visible, even in the wind.

Several base options are available for the T-Pole® Plus. They range from water bases to car bases for above ground installation. A ground sleeve can be 
used for a more permanent solution. When purchasing, a T-Pole® Plus set will include the aluminum pole, banner arm, pole clips, rotating pole cap, flag 
weight, and carrying case for easy transportation. The T-Pole® Plus is great for indoor and outdoor events, tradeshows, lobbies, and shopping malls.

Tex Visions - 7/12/2012

Tex Visions Introduces New Bamboo Displays Product Line

In an effort to expand upon its practice of manufacturing products in an eco-friendly manner, Tex Visions introduced Bamboo Displays, a completely 
eco-friendly product line.

For the Bamboo Displays product line, Tex Visions took its best-selling products and gave them an eco-friendly makeover. Constructed of bamboo, 
the displays are lightweight, sturdy, and dependable for heavy reuse. Additionally, no tools are required for assembly of the Bamboo Displays.

Bamboo is a rapidly renewable resource, meaning that it can be replenished by nature in a short time. And, according to the Environmental Bamboo 
Foundation, bamboo has a tensile strength superior to mild steel (withstanding up to 52,000lbs of pressure psi) and a weight-to-strength ration 
surpassing that of graphite making it the strongest growing plant on earth. 

Three of Tex Visions’ display products are available in the new Bamboo Displays product line: X-Display, Literature Stand, and Roll Up. These models 
have the same features as the original products, but are made of bamboo to be more environmentally friendly. The bamboo gives the products a 
wood-like appearance, providing customers with a display that looks both attractive and professional.

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