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ShopWorks Software - 5/29/2014

OnSite 8 Offers Seamless Business Process Integration On-Premises and in the Cloud

ShopWorks Software, a company that specializes in developing business software specifically for the embellished product industry, today delivered a 
more powerful, more intuitive and more collaborative way to track and manage orders with OnSite 8. 

OnSite is a completely integrated business management tool used by more than 500 businesses nationwide to streamline and simplify workflow. It is a 
cost-effective alternative to inefficient and sometimes inaccurate paper-based processes that can leave companies vulnerable to production errors, 
missed deadlines and unhappy customers.

OnSite helps eliminate risk by showing business owners and their employees the status of all orders and related information with just a few clicks of the 
mouse.  The latest version of OnSite offers a number of improved features to complement its popular ProofStuff, ManageOrders and PromoStores 
application suite, including:

*	Improved accounting functions, including the ability to handle “eCheck” payments and refunds
*	Inventory app that lets you check and update the level of product on hand from any mobile device
*	Ability to create and manage coupons
*	Externally hosted, cloud computing option 

OnSite 8 also includes a new cloud-based platform to accommodate the expanding needs of its customers. 

Key Features:
*	Can access their OnSite system from anywhere, anytime
*	No need to configure and maintain servers
*	Hassle-free collaboration among business partners and employees
*	Access to sophisticated technology without the need of an IT person
*	Automatic updates and backups provide peace of mind

“We converted our company to ShopWorks Onsite in January with version 7. Leading up to the transition from our old software to OnSite we were 
very apprehensive about the switchover and its effect on our business.  

Looking back it was one of the best decisions we’ve ever made. Shortly after converting, it became clear we had made the right decision, so clear in fact 
that we underwent the upgrade to version 8 in our busiest time of the year.  The transition went very smooth from version 7 to 8 and we have gained 
efficiencies already from making the upgrade.”

Chris Braun
Winning Streak

Pricing and Availability
OnSite 8 is available now with pricing starting at $350/Month Please contact a ShopWorks salesperson for a quote.

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