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Serif - 4/30/2014

Serif Launches PhotoPlus X7

Photography enthusiasts looking for a powerful and intuitive digital photo editing program – without the professional price tag – can now benefit from 
PhotoPlus X7. This latest version from Serif, the award-winning creative software developer, is packed with high-end tools and features that help 
photographers at any level create stunning images. 

PhotoPlus X7 comes without the need for monthly subscriptions and has a range of new and exciting features. Use simple tools to remove 
imperfections, improve color control, restore classic photos, add stunning artistic effects, and more in a powerful editing studio that’s perfect 
for professional photographers, enthusiasts and beginners alike. It doesn’t matter if photographers own a digital SLR, compact camera or smartphone, 
PhotoPlus X7 is a flexible package designed to cater to growing needs. 

Photographers don’t need to be at professional level to use the high-end features in PhotoPlus X7. At the heart of program is the new Lab Color Mode – 
a comprehensive color engine that offers users a more intuitive editing mode and a greater spectrum of colors for accuracy. Designed to match how 
the human eye sees, Lab separates color and lightness, allowing users to quickly and easily fix contrast or alter tones, making edits look more natural 
and professional. 

A new Lens Correction feature also helps users to remove distortions, vignetting and fix chromatic aberration, all in just a couple of clicks. Photographers 
can also quickly straighten images and correct vertical and horizontal lens perspective problems with an on-screen alignment grid. For adjustments, 
corrections and effects, the PhotoFix Studio features a new smart brush to protect certain areas while editing and a new gradient mask to add depth 
and style for a more interesting look. 

The program includes a wide variety of creative effects, perfect for impressing family and friends. Users can add stunning color effects and filters, give 
photos a classic look in black and white, add pattern effects with the new Halftone Screen, or use one-click presets to give photos a retro feel. A 
new dedicated Warp Studio also lets users enhance photo portraits and add interesting effects, plus three new blend modes have been added to 
help increase contrast, add vintage styles, and apply stylized effects to light and dark areas. An improved photo display also ensures that images are 
displayed at far better quality, no matter how far users zoom in or out.

“PhotoPlus X7 offers an unrivalled combination of professional yet easy-to-use tools making it an ideal choice for photographers looking for an editing 
studio at an affordable price-point,” says Ashley Hewson, Managing Director at Serif. “The program makes powerful image editing even more accessible 
to both budding and professional photographers thanks to the innovative usability improvements in this latest version. PhotoPlus X7 also keeps working 
without having to make any ongoing payments, so users can continually enjoy a wealth of image fixing, editing and sharing capabilities.” 

Users can quickly and easily edit photos in an intuitive workspace that supports 64-bit operating systems. 

A brand new Startup Assistant also offers instant access to the latest editing tutorials and a quick search. Users can even access all the latest PhotoPlus 
news and expert articles as soon as they are published. 

Existing PhotoPlus users will be familiar with the tools that encompass advanced pixel-perfect editing and the easy PhotoFix Studio, which includes tools 
for straightening and cropping images, removing red-eye and blemishes, and applying creative filters to enhance images. The Clone Tool has also 
undergone some improvements and allows users to copy a section of an image and brush over marks, creases, tears and unwanted objects with more 
precision than ever before. In addition, users can create stunning HDR images, make precise image cut-outs, and manage their entire image collection 
in the PhotoPlus Organizer. Users can also immediately share photos on Facebook® and Flickr®, plus view photos where they were taken on a Google™ 
map of the world.

PhotoPlus X7 is compatible with Windows 8/7/Vista/XP. It retails at $99.99 and is available from Serif at

Serif - 12/5/2012

Serif Launches PhotoPlus X6

A fast and powerful photo editor has launched today for photography enthusiasts looking to edit, fix, enhance and organize their digital image 
collection. PhotoPlus X6, by creative software developer, Serif, allows photographers at any level to quickly and easily create outstanding images – 
all at an affordable price. 

The latest version of the award-winning PhotoPlus, which has been certified by Microsoft to be compatible with Windows 8, has a range of new and 
exciting features. These include the Smart Edge Refinement Tool, which quickly selects and adjusts intricate parts of photos, such as hairs and 
leaves, when used in conjunction with the program’s improved Selection Brush. 

Photographers can also take advantage of PhotoPlus X6’s powerful new 64-bit engine. Using all the available memory of computers with a 64-bit 
operating system, the program now enables users to edit and enhance very large images without the risk of slowing down. Multi-threading 
technology also utilizes all the cores on a modern computer’s processor, making PhotoPlus X6 the fastest version yet. 

The program’s Raw Studio has been given a complete overhaul and photographers can now benefit from the inclusion of more convenient in-place 
adjustments like curves, lighting, color and lens corrections, and noise reduction. With speed improvements to the core engine of PhotoPlus, Raw 
images can be loaded even faster. Users can also create masks to control adjustments in specific areas, fix red eye, repair and crop images – all 
directly in the re-engineered Raw Studio.

Other new features include Non-destructive Crop, which saves all image data so photos can be restored and re-cropped again without losing other 
edits that have been applied. Photographers can also control blur and saturation to create stunning miniature Tilt Shift effects in the new Depth-of-
Field filter. In addition, the program also includes new Vector Masks and Fill Layers tools, plus improvements to noise reduction, zoom range and 

“We’re confident that photography enthusiasts – whether amateur or professional – will find PhotoPlus X6 a powerful program that offers a great balance 
between quick fixes and advanced editing,” says Gary Bates, Managing Director at Serif. “We took on board customer’s feedback and produced a 
program that operates much faster, and includes a wealth of new and improved tools such as the Non-destructive Crop and Smart Edge Refinement 
Tool. Coupled with PhotoPlus’ outstanding legacy features, photographers will find this version has all the tools they need to create stunning images.”

Existing PhotoPlus users will be familiar with the PhotoFix Studio, which includes tools for straightening and cropping images, removing red-eye and 
blemishes, and applying creative filters to enhance images. In addition, users can create stunning HDR images, remove unwanted objects from 
photographs, make precise image cut-outs, and manage their entire image collection in the PhotoPlus Organizer. Users can also immediately share 
photos on Facebook® and Flickr®, plus view photos where they were taken on a Google™ map of the world.

Serif - 4/1/2009

Serif Announces New Software for HP Large Format Printers

Serif, a leading developer of professional and consumer-oriented desktop publishing, design and graphics 
software, today released PosterDesigner Pro for HP, a powerful, all-in-one solution for professional poster 
design and printing which has been developed exclusively with HP and will be sold and supported alongside 
HP Designjet large format printers.

Serif PosterDesigner Pro for HP is tailored to make it easy for customers in retail, education, real estate and 
business to produce fantastic posters, fast. In-house marketing, special event advertising, signs and banners 
can be inspired, designed and printed perfectly in three simple steps. PosterDesigner Pro for HP with its high 
quality output that is automatically scaled and rotated to get the best from HP’s large format printing portfolio 
further enhances Serif’s reputation as developers of powerful, easy-to-use software.

"We wanted to create a unique software product that would make it easier than ever using HP large format 
printers to produce high impact, professional results fast, regardless of size. PosterDesigner Pro for HP does 
exactly that." explained Gary Bates, Managing Director at Serif.  

High-end tools like the Logo Studio and instant artwork gallery help users achieve high-impact, professional 
results with friendly, wizard-driven interfaces and quick drag-and-drop design tools. More than 200 inspirational 
professional templates are available in addition to hundreds of preset styles for instant access to materials, 
bevels, shadows, reflections and glows for creation of the perfect layout, with expert text handling capabilities 
like text wrapping and shaped frames.

A built-in photo editor gives users creative freedom to make quick adjustments or add stunning effects to photos 
without the need for an additional photo editing suite. The Image Cutout Studio makes it easy to extract part of 
an image to use in poster designs, and with unrivalled compatibility including PDF and Photoshop® import, it’s 
simple to import any image, whatever its format.

Serif - 5/21/2008

Award Winning Serif Desktop Publishing and Design Software Now Available in US Retail Outlets

Nottingham, UK and Nashua, NH - May 21, 2008 - Serif, a leading developer of professional and consumer-
oriented desktop publishing, design and graphics software, today announced the availability of its four leading 
software products to the U.S. retail market. PagePlus X3, WebPlus X2, PhotoPlus X2 and DrawPlus X2 offer 
powerful design tools that are easy to use and unparalleled in price. Serif’s user-friendly graphics and publishing 
programs, which have received numerous industry awards, enable small businesses to create professional-
quality marketing and product materials without the expense of hiring a design agency or purchasing complicated 
and expensive software. Starting today, Serif software products can be purchased at Fry’s and Micro Center 
stores, as well as on, and In July, PhotoPlus X2 will be available in Office 
Depot locations nationwide. 

"For many business owners and marketers, professional-level design tools are far too complicated to learn in a 
reasonable amount of time and often come with a hefty upfront investment. Serif products have achieved 
such great success simply because we bring customers tools which they can quickly and affordably incorporate 
into their workflow," said Gary Bates, Managing Director of Serif. "All four of these programs offer powerful 
capabilities that produce truly impressive results. We are thrilled to introduce our products into U.S. retail outlets."

Product Highlights

Serif offerings provide users with the necessary high-powered design tools required to create quality publishing 
and design work without the prohibitive price tag associated with professional-level tools. To make its products 
more accessible to small businesses, Serif has created simple desktop interfaces while providing content-rich 
tutorials for users of all skill levels.

PagePlus X3

The latest version of Serif’s desktop publishing software, PagePlus X3 offers an unrivaled combination of editing 
features, ease-of-use and price value. Ideal for small businesses and individuals looking to create in-house 
publications, such as brochures, newsletters and catalogs, PagePlus X3 provides a range of features, including:

·         PDF import, editing and export
·         Image Cutout Studio, providing a simple tool for extracting images
·         Built-in Logo Studio to enable professional logo design and editing

WebPlus X2 

The most recent version of Serif’s website design powerhouse, WebPlus X2 enables Web designers of all abilities 
to build high-end, full-featured websites without having to learn to use HTML code. Highlights of the program include:

·         Desktop publishing-style approach to Web design, making it as easy to create a website as it is to create 
a printed document
·         Built-in multimedia and Web 2.0 support for adding Flash animations, videos, blogs, podcasts, polls and 
much more
·         Integrated e-commerce, enabling any business to create a fully transactional website
·         Optimization and analytics, to aid search engine optimization and tracking visitor trends

PhotoPlus X2

PhotoPlus X2 offers an array of dynamic digital image editing features for digital photography enthusiasts or 
organizations wanting to make the very best of their digital images. Features of the program include:

·         Automated makeover studio, making it easier than ever to quickly remove imperfections from portraits
·         Powerful artistic effects, such as lighting, distortion, sharpening and texture
·         Smart filter layers allowing effects to be applied to photos without affecting the underlying image
·         Adobe Photoshop PSD import and export as well as full integration with all Photoshop plug-ins

DrawPlus X2

This vector drawing software offers powerful and intuitive graphic tools, enabling users to create everything 
from natural-looking painted artwork and vector-drawn logos to screensavers, scaled diagrams and animations. 
Like all Serif programs, DrawPlus X2 boasts professional-level tools that are easy to master, including:

·         A wide range of pressure sensitive natural media brushes offering effects from charcoal to airbrush to 
watery paint
·         Flash animation creation functionality with full support for both stopframe and keyframe animation as well 
as Flash export
·         Photoshop and AutoCAD import and editing abilities, enabling users to work with files created in these 
complex programs and easily edit and share files with business partners

Serif has been a leading provider of graphics software in the European market for more than 20 years. As more 
small businesses rely on internal resources for all their business needs, demand is growing for desktop 
publishing and graphics software that is affordable and does not require a time-intensive learning process. 

The Serif programs, which range in price from $79.99 to $99.99 (MSRP), are distributed in association with Sage 
Software by Ingram Micro, Tech Data, Navarre and Douglas Stewart, and are available through online retailers 
and software dealers nationwide.

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