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Screen USA - 9/19/2013

Screen to Begin Sales of Truepress UV Inkjet Label Printing System in October

Screen USA has announced the commercial launch of the Truepress Jet L350UV inkjet label printing system. Sales of the innovative new UV printing 
system are slated to commence in October.

In addition to delivering the highest level of printing performance, the Truepress Jet L350UV is able to handle security printing required by the label 
printing industry. Its launch demonstrates Screen’s firm commitment to supporting the graphic communications industry. It is expected to accelerate 
Screen’s expansion in the label printing market.

The global label printing industry is projected to grow from approximately $31.5 billion in 2012 to nearly $40 billion by 2016. As label printing companies 
seek to differentiate themselves in the marketplace, they have embraced printing systems that can provide greater product diversification and higher 
added value with shorter turnaround, without using specialized technical skills. This has led to a significant increase in the market for on-demand 
printing systems. At the same time, successive annual growth in illegal copying and counterfeiting has fueled demand for a new label printing technology 
that can ensure product authenticity and resolve related issues.

Dainippon Screen Mfg. Co., Ltd., the parent company of Screen USA, developed the Truepress Jet L350UV in 2012. Screen introduced its technologies 
at various international exhibitions and conducted ongoing market research to determine label industry requirements. Based on this investigation and its 
many years of knowhow, Screen incorporated several major improvements into the Truepress Jet L350UV, including proprietary printhead control 
technology, wide-gamut UV inks and color management technology.

The Truepress Jet L350UV delivers industry-leading printing speed of 164 feet per minute. It also provides more stable printing capabilities coupled with 
higher image quality.

The ability to connect inline to postprocessing devices (an option scheduled for release in spring 2014), such as those for die-cutting and surface processing 
like varnish printing, enables uninterrupted production from input of digital data to output of finished labels. Importantly, the Truepress Jet L350UV also 
provides a solution (option scheduled for release next spring) to security printing requirements with its ability to output the special codes required for 
Advanced Track & Trace’s SEAL VECTOR® authentication technology and support for the dot codes used in counterfeiting prevention and 
distribution management systems.

Screen USA - 10/20/2011

Screen (USA) to Showcase Latest Truepress Jet2500UV Enhancements in High-Precision Output at SGIA Expo 2011

Front and center in the Screen (USA) booth at SGIA Expo 2011, to be held October 19-21 in New Orleans, will be the Truepress Jet2500UV. The 
award-winning grand-format UV inkjet printer will anchor Screen’s integrated product offerings for sign makers and display producers, including workflow, 
Web-to-print and finishing solutions.

One of Screen’s most exciting printing technologies, the 98.4-inch Truepress Jet2500UV prints detailed, vibrant and extremely durable output. 
Designed to handle roll-fed and rigid media, it prints on paper, film and textiles, as well as metal, wood and plastic.

The Truepress Jet2500UV delivers 1,500 dpi resolution using a true eight-level grayscale variable pattern with 6 to 42 picoliter drops. The advanced 
physical properties of Screen’s TruepressInk produce industry-leading adhesion on acrylic sheets, ceramics and stone. Once exposed to UV light, 
the brightly colored, ultrafine inks are very stable and will not fade, even on such non-standard substrates as denim and leather.

Standout features of Truepress Jet2500UV

    * Ideal for billboards, vehicle wraps, posters, transit advertising and exhibits
    * Print see-through graphics without having to rely on perforated window film
    * Able to print up to seven image layers in one pass
    * CMYK in the standard configuration, plus optional Lc, Lm and white inks
    * Minimal setup time and maintenance-free operation for maximum throughput

The Truepress Jet2500UV integrates seamlessly with the Wastach SoftRIP TX Gold Edition workflow. Wastach SoftRIP TX Gold Edition enables 
higher color matching precision and more reliable data throughput while also streamlining postpress tasks.

Screen (USA) continuously broadens its relationships with reliable vendor partners. Files printed live at SGIA Expo on the Truepress Jet2500UV 
will be processed with the Zünd G3 Digital Cutter. Zünd cutters eliminate bottlenecks in the finishing department by automating all cutting and 
trimming functions.

Users of the Truepress Jet2500UV can deploy the software needed for customized branded storefronts. At SGIA Expo, Screen will highlight Online 
Print Solution’s OrderDesk, a catalog-style, online corporate storefront. OrderDesk enables printing firms’ clients to select template items, such as 
banners, signs, POP displays, brochures and newsletters, from a predefined list. Nexjob, a job submission and quoting tool aimed at non-template 
items, converts end users’ artwork files into PDFs for proofing, approval and price quoting.

Screen (USA) will demonstrate the Truepress Jet2500UV at SGIA Expo 2011 in booth #2511, October 19-21 at the Ernest N. Morial Convention Center 
in New Orleans.

Screen USA - 8/22/2011

Screen’s New Trueflow SE Flexo Series Workflow Solutions Improve Efficiency, Quality

Screen (USA), a leader in prepress and print-on-demand innovations, has introduced two new versions of its enormously successful Trueflow SE 
workflow management system targeted toward flexographic and letterpress printers. Trueflow SE Flexo Series is a key component of Screen’s 
Packaging Solutions with complete JDF and PDF capabilities. Available in fully automated and advanced workflow packages, Trueflow SE Flexo 
Series has been adapted to the unique production requirements of label, envelope, flexible packaging, folding carton and converting companies.

Trueflow SE Flexo Series utilizes the native PDF-rendering technology of the Adobe PDF Print Engine 2 core. It combines a host of powerful built-in 
features and new functions to streamline print management and simplify workflow processes. By capitalizing on the strengths of PDF for content 
definition and the JDF standard for job ticketing and process control, Trueflow SE Flexo Series significantly improves production reliability and 
profitability in flexo and letterpress printing environments.

Trueflow SE Flexo-Full Automation

Trueflow SE Flexo-Full Automation gives printers a world-class, start-to-finish workflow system that features workflow management, JDF/PDF 
packaging imposition, PDF automatic and selective trapping, and connectivity to JDF-enabled management information systems (MIS). Trueflow 
SE Flexo-Full Automation also includes Multi-Screening to take full advantage of Screen’s industry-leading 4,800 dpi imaging resolution and Hi-Res 
4800 Flexo Dot hybrid screening technology. In addition, it includes EQUIOS Online, a web-enabled file management module for remote proofing 
and approval.

Key features

Screen’s PDF TrapEditor is a plug-in for Adobe Acrobat Professional enabling users to control detailed trap settings and provide screening instructions for 
each object after auto-trapping in Trueflow SE Flexo-Full Automation.

Hi-Res 4800 Flexo Dot supports the maximum 4,800 dpi resolution of Screen PlateRite FX Series flexo/letterpress imaging devices and produces 
more consistent relief patterns and natural-looking gradations in highlight areas. Hi-Res 4800 Flexo Dot gradations are comparable to those produced 
with offset litho printing equivalent to and above 200 lpi.

Screen’s Multi-Screening module makes it possible to mix different types of screening methods on a single page to bring out the best in each object 
being printed and take full advantage of the highest resolution and screening available in the industry.

EQUIOS Online, the latest generation of Screen’s automated online proofing and approval solution, allows users to upload digital files into the 
prepress production workflow, proof layouts and approve final pages prior to CTP output.

For users looking to unify production management, Trueflow SE Flexo-Full Automation has the ability to communicate and report back to a JDF-enabled 

Trueflow SE Flexo-Advanced

Trueflow SE Flexo-Advanced automates all the essential tasks required for plate output on Screen PlateRite FX Series platesetters, such as preflight, 
OPI, automated trapping, RGB-to-CMYK conversion and imposition. Trueflow SE Flexo-Advanced also allows soft-proofing and output to digital imagers. 
It comes standard with Hi-Res 4800 Flexo Dot.

PageFit Flexo-Advanced

PageFit Flexo-Advanced features connectivity via 1-bit TIFF files created by any workflow system, as well as the ability to support Screen’s 4,800 dpi 
resolution and screening. Additional image adjustments can be made easily by cropping or manual image placement for plate fitting. Once the layout 
is confirmed, PageFit Flexo-Advanced transmits files directly to the PlateRite FX Series device for plate output.

Screen USA - 8/9/2011

New Screen RIP Enhances Prepress Productivity

Screen (USA) has released the newest version of the popular HQ-510 RIP with added features to increase prepress productivity and drive more 
Screen output devices. A high-performance PostScript-language-compatible raster image processor based on Harlequin technology, HQ-510 RIP 
Ver. 8.3 incorporates all the advances of PostScript 3 and PDF. HQ-510 RIP Ver. 8.3 provides the speed, reliability and quality required to match 
Screen’s flexible digital printing, proofing, workflow and computer-to-plate solutions.

HQ-510 RIP Ver. 8.3 supports the recently launched PlateRite HD 8900 series eight-up thermal platesetter. The top-end PlateRite HD 8900Z is 
capable of imaging 65 plates per hour. The PlateRite HD 8900S images 43 plates per hour, while the PlateRite HD 8900E produces 34 plates an 
hour. The PlateRite HD 8900S and PlateRite HD 8900E offer the option of high-precision halftone dots and 4,000 dpi output for photo-quality 

HQ-510 RIP Ver. 8.3 is compatible with Windows 2003 Server, Windows 2008 Server 32-bit, Windows 7 32-bit and Windows XP with Service Pack 2. 
The RIP engine processes native PostScript, PDF and XPS files. HQ RIP Version 8.3 accepts PDF/X-4, PDF 1.7 and HD Photo file types. It processes 
XPS 1.0 documents and uses the RIP display list and rendering systems.

HQ-510 RIP Ver. 8.3 expands the number of devices that can run PDF retained raster. The PDF retained raster feature accelerates the processing of 
variable printing jobs, even if they are delivered as basic PDF files instead of a specialist variable data printing format. Shared image data is identified 
and rendered only once, then returned to the RIP process and merged with variable content when required.

JDF Enabler allows JDF job tickets outlining the processes required for that job and how it should be handled to move through the workflow from 
creation to preflight, prepress and production.

A multi-threaded rendering feature improves RIP performance by enabling the RIP to take advantage of hyperthreading, multi-core CPU architectures 
and multiple processors.

Optional tools enhance the RIP’s functionality, including specialized color management, screening, trapping and TIFF/IT-P1 input and output. 
Post-RIP imposition and in-RIP OPI also are available as options.

Screen USA - 9/11/2009

Screen’s Truepress Jet1600UV-F the Latest Tool for Sign/Display Printing

Screen’s Truepress family of sophisticated digital printing systems continues to add new members with innovative 
capabilities to address different opportunities for printers in a changing marketplace. At Print ’09, Screen (USA) 
will introduce the Truepress Jet1600UV-F, a high-quality inkjet printing system developed for the sign and display business.

“The Truepress Jet1600UV-F delivers high precision and high flexibility,” said Bill Brunone, vice president of 
targeted inkjet systems for Screen (USA). “This easy-to-use flatbed device is built around the latest technology 
for inkjet printing and UV-LED curing.”

The Truepress Jet1600UV-F is a welcome addition to the printing landscape not only because it enables vivid, 
full-color printing of signs and displays. Its advanced functionalities also provide printers with significant 
advantages in the production of backlit graphics, wide-format posters, point-of-purchase displays, commercial 
furniture and construction signage.

The Truepress Jet1600UV-F prints images as wide as 63 inches (1,602 mm) and as long as 122 inches 
(3,100 mm). It is capable of printing 140 square feet (13 square meters) per hour on a diverse array of substrates 
up to 1.96 inches (50 mm) thick.

High performance
Several unique features make the Truepress Jet1600UV-F ideal for printing operations that require high 
performance. The inks are hard-dried using ultraviolet rays produced by dedicated light emitting diodes (LEDs). 
The UV-LED light source used by the Truepress Jet1600UV-F generates very low heat during imaging, 
increasing the range of media that it can handle efficiently. As a result, the Truepress Jet1600UV-F accommodates 
such heat-sensitive materials as foam and channel boards, PVC, acrylic and styrene panels without warping or 
distortions. The UV-LED light source also lasts longer and draws less electricity than conventional UV lamps 
so its impact on the environment is minimized. 

“The UV-LED technology helps achieve low energy consumption and a work environment mostly free of volatile 
organic compounds,” Brunone pointed out.

New imaging system
A newly created imaging system features eight individual printing heads that support rapid printing. The enhanced 
productivity allows the Truepress Jet1600UV-F to take on fast-turnaround jobs in quick succession. 

The new head positioning system incorporates a high-resolution linear scale. The extremely precise dot placement 
translates into legible type on large-size prints, even when outputting sizes down to 3-point text. The reproduction 
is exceptionally sharp and the tints and gradations exceedingly smooth thanks to the maximum resolution of 1,200 
dpi x 1,200 dpi, coupled with the piezo variable-drop printhead that emits up to seven dot sizes. 

Flexible and rigid inks
Two types of UV ink, one for flexible media and the other for rigid media, give operators a great deal of choice in 
printing applications. Available in four process colors, the flexible UV ink can be stretched by up to 200 percent, 
as well as cast or bent. It exhibits excellent performance on white media, including substrates employed for 
packaging, POP displays and life-size panels. 

The rigid ink resists friction and exposure to damaging chemicals. This ink series is particularly well suited to 
printing on aluminum composite panels and decorative illuminated film. It is offered with cyan, magenta, yellow, 
black and white inks. The addition of white ink ensures high-quality color output on transparent, metallic and 
colored media.

Screen USA - 1/23/2009

Screen Truepress Jet2500UV to Set New Performance Standards at GOA 2009

The Screen (USA) booth at the 34th annual Graphics of the Americas promises three lively days of equipment 
demonstrations, comparison shopping and critical investment decision-making. Screen kicks off the trade show 
season at GOA 2009,  February 26-28 at the Miami Beach Convention Center, and booth #1586 will feature 
exceptional technology to help print professionals improve business growth and bottom lines.

Show attendees will see for themselves why the Truepress Jet2500UV was recognized as New Product of the 
Year by the Digital Printing & Imaging  Association at SGIA '08. This powerful grand-format UV inkjet printer sets 
new performance standards for sign and display production.

With its true hybrid ability, the Truepress Jet2500UV is designed to add value to printing companies' operations. 
State-of-the-art digital imaging technology coupled with both roll-to-roll and flatbed capabilities expand the quality, 
productivity and flexibility of inkjet printing. Users can alternate between flexible and rigid substrates in minutes 
without incurring the cost of a second machine.

The Truepress Jet2500UV can run roll-to-roll media, including paper, vinyl film, banner and many other materials, 
depending on the job requirements. Products that can be created using the roll-to-roll format include posters,
banners, backlit signs, fine art, billboards, decals and  wraps.

Rigid substrates open up new markets for signs, transit advertising, exhibits and displays. The Truepress 
Jet2500UV easily handles high-quality printing on acrylic, glass, tiles, doors, blinds, plastics, plywood, ceramic 
tile and corrugated plastic materials up to 1.96 inches thick.

The Truepress Jet2500UV supports a maximum output resolution of 1,500 dpi. The drop-on-demand eight-level 
grayscale printhead coupled with Screen's exclusive screening technology enable smooth gradations for photo-
quality color printing.

Screen has long been at the forefront of driving the shift from film-based prepress production to thermal-plate 
imaging. At GOA, Screen will showcase the big advantages for small firms that adopt the PlateRite Niagara 
thermal computer-to-plate (CTP) recorder. The PlateRite Niagara eight-up platesetter enables even the smallest 
print shops to offer higher quality and service more sophisticated clients.

The PlateRite Niagara meets the budgets and plate needs of small and medium-size operations utilizing two-page 
to eight-page presses. It precisely images thermal plates from 12 x 14.6 inches to 41.7 x 32.2 images. Its compact 
design and output speed of 11 plates per hour add more facets to the benefits of going direct-to-plate.

Screen's workflow demonstrations will focus on the newest version of Trueflow SE. Trueflow SE v6.0 builds on 
the trusted workflow management system's productivity-driven features to increase functionality in a hybrid offset/
digital printing environment. It incorporates Adobe(R) PDF Print Engine(R) for consistent and predictable output. 
Data and process management in a hybrid workflow are unified under a single system,  immediately before printing 

In addition to standard file checking, OPI support, trapping, imposition and other prepress functions, Trueflow 
SE v6.0 automates CTP and digital print production using JDF-based job tickets. Existing users can transition 
from a PDF and PostScript environment to a JDF workflow and achieve seamless communication with 
management information systems.

Screen is partnering with IBF Corp. (booth #686) to highlight the PlateRite 4300. IBF is the market leader in Brazil 
for offset plates and graphic arts films. IBF also is a major distributor of chemistry, paper and prepress equipment. 
The PlateRite 4300 accommodates two-up, four-up and six-up plate production. It has a peak output speed of 
21 plates per hour.

Visit the Screen exhibition area in booth #1586 at GOA 2009, February 26-28 at the Miami Beach Convention Center.

Screen USA - 12/29/2008

Screen (USA) Creates New Product Support Group to Improve Customer Service Performance

Screen (USA) has created an umbrella product support group for print-on-demand, computer-to-plate and 
workflow systems, the latest in a series of strategic moves aimed at positioning the company as a total digital 
imaging solutions provider.

The restructuring will maximize customer service performance by centralizing the functions of the Applications 
Support Department, Support Products Division and Inca Support within a single department at Screen's North 
American headquarters in Rolling Meadows, Ill.

"Customer satisfaction is often dependant on how quickly you respond to customer issues," said Mike Fox, 
president. "Customers expect you to understand their situation and be able to resolve issues efficiently and 
effectively. The main benefit of creating this type of one-stop information source is that it ensures cross-
departmental knowledge sharing."

Screen veteran Rick Siwicki, formerly manager of the Applications Support Department, has been named to 
oversee the new product support group, effective December 1.

The growing emphasis on POD solutions played a decisive role in merging the three existing departments. 
Screen has announced recent major additions to the Truepress series digital printing systems, coupled with 
continued strong demand for Trueflownet-based workflow solutions and PlateRite thermal CTP devices.

"This new organizational structure is designed to facilitate better coordination across the areas of digital POD, 
CTP and workflow, while delivering more efficient support to all our customers," Fox said. "It will improve 
installation, training and overall customer relations. It also gives us the advantage of utilizing our considerable 
collective talent and experience across the three areas."

As head of the support group, Siwicki will be responsible for overseeing the day-to-day operations and a staff 
of field service and support professionals. Siwicki brings more than 25 years of management experience with 
Screen to his new post. Before being promoted to manager of the Applications Support Department, in 2003, 
he served as a regional sales manager, covering Illinois and Canada.

The Applications Support Department and Support Products Division perform a wide range of activities related, 
respectively, to workflow software and output hardware/equipment, including demonstrations, system 
configurations, installation, training and ongoing technical support. Siwicki will retain his management 
responsibilities for applications support. In addition, he will manage customer relations and service initiatives for 
output hardware/equipment.

Inca Support is the direct technical support program established to service users of Inca Digital Printers in North 
America. Dainippon Screen Mfg. Co., Ltd., the parent company of Screen (USA), acquired Inca Digital Printers 
in 2005 as part of the expansion of Screen's digital printing business. Inca now operates as an independent 
company within the Dainippon Screen Group.

Screen USA - 7/31/2008

Bill Brunone to Lead Inkjet Business Strategy for Screen USA

Rolling Meadows, IL - Screen (USA) today announced the promotion of Bill Brunone to Vice President of 
Targeted Inkjet Systems, a newly created position within the company reporting directly to Mike Fox, president 
of Screen (USA).

With his increased responsibilities, Brunone will develop and implement a sales strategy for specific inkjet 
product lines across all of Screen  USA's sales regions. Brunone will perform a significant role for the corporation 
by aligning and driving a robust corporate inkjet sales strategy, starting with the roll-fed Truepress Jet520 color 
inkjet press and Screen's new Truepress Jet650UV, an ultraviolet-cured inkjet flatbed press designed for the 
printing of industrial parts.

Brunone is able to draw on his vast experience in the graphic arts industry and competitive knowledge of front 
end systems and digital printing technologies in wide-format, transactional, one-to-one marketing and short-run 
devices, Fox said in making the announcement.

"Bill has been a critical part of our success in the past two years serving first in a consulting role and representing 
Screen as a conference speaker on digital printing, then as our sales and market development pioneer of the 
Truepress Jet520 and Truepress Jet650UV," Fox added. "He devised the marketing plan for the launch of the
Truepress Jet520 variable data inkjet printer in the United States. Furthermore, he was instrumental in placing the 
Truepress Jet520 in some of the largest printing companies in this country."

Before coming to Screen in 2006, Brunone joined Imaje Ink Jet Printing Corp. as Vice President of Systems and 
Applications, where he managed sales, service and application engineering of the company's high-speed 
addressing printers.

Prior to that, he spent six years at Xerox Corp. He went on to hold several management positions, including 
National Account Business Manager  and Global Account Manager. Earlier in his career, Brunone created 
strategic plans and led product development for startups of new business entities in the industrial printing and 
information technology fields.

Brunone earned a bachelor of science degree in engineering in 1975 from Stevens Institute of Technology and 
a master of business administration in finance in 1979 from Benedictine College.

Screen USA - 1/25/2008

Screen (USA) Appoints Jeff Skolnik New Regional Sales Manager

Rolling Meadows, IL - Screen (USA) has announced the appointment of Jeff Skolnik to the position of Southern 
regional sales manager, overseeing sales of Screen digital printing equipment, computer-to-plate (CTP) devices 
and prepress workflow solutions. 

Skolnik, a veteran of more than 20 years in field sales activities, is responsible for managing sales efforts in an 
area covering four U.S. states. His territory consists of Texas, Arkansas, Oklahoma and Louisiana. Based out of 
Sanger, Texas, he reports directly to Robert Prah, Screen's vice president of sales. 

"Jeff Skolnik has held a variety of positions in the years that he has been in the field," Prah said. "We have, 
over the past several years, worked very closely with Jeff and become familiar with his sales skill and knowledge 
of the graphic arts industry. His background in digital sales and workflow will be a tremendous asset to Screen 
and our sales efforts." 

Before joining Screen, Skolnik served as a regional account executive with Presteligence. He also has held 
positions with Kodak, Pitman Co. and Digital Art Exchange.

Screen USA - 10/24/2007

U.S. Premiere for Screen Truepress Jet2500UV Wide-Format Inkjet Printer at SGIA '07

Rolling Meadows, IL -  Printing companies of all sizes and capabilities have long relied on Screen's graphic 
arts technologies to drive their prepress operations. The leading manufacturer of digital imaging systems is 
significantly expanding its portfolio of printing solutions to give customers more choices and profit potential. 

Screen (USA) has announced that it is demonstrating a new wide-format ultraviolet (UV) inkjet printer at SGIA '07. 
The annual exposition for specialty printing and imaging technology will represent the first U.S. showing of the 
Truepress Jet2500UV. 

"The introduction of the Truepress Jet2500UV extends Screen's presence beyond on-demand and 
transactional printing into the wide-format display graphics and sign-printing markets," said Mike Fox, president 
of Screen (USA). "It provides a high-performance tool for a wide range of indoor and outdoor applications." 

The Truepress Jet2500UV offers the perfect balance of speed, quality and productivity on diverse substrates. 
This hybrid flatbed/roll-to-roll printer combines the benefits of a flatbed device for efficient handling of rigid 
substrates and the flexibility of reel printing for long, unattended production runs on rolled media. It affords 
minimal setup time, low print waste and the ability to print directly onto thick panels or flexible materials cost-

At SGIA, live print jobs will emphasize the unique advantages of Screen's excellent engineering. Acknowledged 
expertise in the manufacture of precision mechanical movements for sophisticated digital output devices has 
been brought to bear in developing the Truepress Jet2500UV. The new Screen printer achieves output speeds 
up to 726 square feet per hour, making it one of the fastest high-level digital printers. It accommodates rigid and 
flexible media up to 1.9 inches thick and 98.4 inches wide. 

Key technologies
Screen has adapted multi-value piezo drop-on-demand print heads for the Truepress Jet2500UV. Unlike 
conventional inkjet print heads, this technology achieves a grayscale effect by ejecting tiny droplets of ink in 
groups at an extremely fast rate. The micro-droplets join together to form a single larger drop that lands on the 
substrate. By varying the size of drops, these heads minimize dot gain and deliver quality that is nearly equivalent 
to the quality of a print made on a desktop photo printer. As a result, the Truepress Jet2500UV produces 
exceptional graphics with photographic images at 1,200 dpi, along with precise dot registration and sharp text. 

A choice of color configurations enhances the Truepress Jet2500UV's available tonal range. Print providers 
can upgrade the base configuration - four process colors (cyan, magenta, yellow and black) - to include high-
precision light cyan and light magenta inks. These colors produce a smoother appearance in midtones and 
highlights. The Truepress Jet2500UV can be configured with optional white ink. 

The use of UV-curable inks allows for greater durability, without lamination, of printed images. Furthermore, 
UV inks enable rapid, high-quality printing on poster board, vinyl sheets, banners, wallpaper, textiles and many 
other types of coated and uncoated media. The vivid color reproduction with UV inks ensures eye-catching 

The printer supports an automatic head-cleaning function to maintain reliable performance from the print head 

The Truepress Jet2500UV is driven by Wasatch Screen Edition, the inkjet RIP software for wide-format and 
grand-format digital output developed exclusively for Screen by Wasatch Computer Technology. It also features 
Screen's screening technology. 

In addition to the multi-color option, the Truepress Jet2500UV is available with an additional table option. 

Expanding capabilities
The Truepress Jet2500UV builds on Screen's long history and solid reputation in providing imaging solutions to 
the graphic arts industry. It combines Screen's knowledge of color management and inkjet technology gained 
in the development of the existing Truepress lineup. For example, the four-color Truepress 344 direct imaging 
press employs a traditional dampening system and wet offset inks. The Truepress Jet520 variable data printer is 
a roll-fed printing system based on piezo drop-on-demand print heads (developed with Seiko Epson Corp.) using 
aqueous inks.

Screen USA - 9/9/2007

Screen Trueflow SE Provides One Powerful Workflow for Digital and Offset Technologies

Rolling Meadows, Ill. - In keeping with its strategy of broadening its range of digital imaging and printing solutions, 
Screen has expanded the capabilities of the Trueflow PDF- and JDF-based prepress production workflow. With 
Trueflow SE, one workflow application drives the print provider's separate output systems in a hybrid offset-digital 
printing environment. Screen (USA) will introduce the new workflow system in Booth #3801 at Graph Expo 2007. 

Trueflow SE creates a powerful "universal" workflow capable of managing production to multiple computer-to-
plate (CTP) and digital printing systems on a single network. This universal workflow generates the necessary 
data for printers to quickly use output devices on demand, including Screen PlateRite platesetters, Screen 
Truepress digital printing systems and third-party print-on-demand color printers. 

Incorporating Adobe® PDF Print Engine (APPE), the latest native PDF-rendering technology, Trueflow SE 
delivers the total workflow solution to optimize input to output. It improves production reliability, consistency and 
profitability by capitalizing on the strengths of PDF for content definition and the JDF standard for job ticketing 
and process control. 

Trueflow SE's APPE-enabled capabilities represent the next evolution in print publishing. Because unnecessary 
data and file conversions interrupt the workflow, causing efficiency loss, APPE provides a reliable PDF platform 
and removes these unnecessary file conversions. The integrity of file input and output is ensured, and output 
consistency is maintained throughout the production process. 

By allowing PDF files to retain their device-independence across the workflow, Trueflow SE also closes the gap 
between designers and service providers. Content creators can be confident that complex design data intended 
to produce a particular desired effect will be printed faithful to the creative vision. For instance, Trueflow SE 
traps and processes transparencies without flattening the files. 

Another major function in Trueflow SE is the ability to make late-stage content corrections if necessary, without 
the time-consuming requirements of going back to native applications. Furthermore, if a decision is made late in 
the production cycle for output on a different printing system, Trueflow SE can instantaneously change the file's 
color management, trapping and imposition to match the specific output device. 

Trueflow SE maintains all the current features and benefits of Trueflow. It automates production from page input 
to final output by a single drag-and-drop action. In addition to handling PDF files, Trueflow SE continues to 
support PostScript files. As a full JDF production workflow, Trueflow SE strengthens links for transmission of job 
ticket information to management information systems, pressroom and postpress. 

"Trueflow SE exemplifies the strong connection between Screen's Trueflownet suite of products and Adobe's 
PDF and JDF technologies," said Mike Fox, president of Screen (USA). "That is Trueflow SE's preeminent 
contribution to print buyers and print providers in terms of greater efficiency and profitability." 

"With the introduction of Trueflow SE, Screen is continuing to deliver more powerful solutions for printers," 
said Don Walker, senior director of product marketing and business development at Adobe. "With Trueflow SE, 
Screen is bringing the power of the Adobe PDF Print Engine and the consistency of PDF to hybrid workflows." 

Trueflow SE will replace the current Trueflow 3 range of products. Existing Trueflow users will be able to upgrade 
seamlessly to Trueflow SE. Other products from the Trueflownet portfolio will retain connectivity or will be updated 
to a connectable version if applicable.

Screen USA - 4/26/2006

Trueflow Rite TP: The Ideal Workflow for TruePress 344

Automated Management System Organizes Production Tasks to Drive Screen's Digital Offset Press 

ROLLING MEADOWS, Ill. Serving a broad range of customers and applications requires a broad range of 
solutions. That's why Screen developed a version of the popular PDF/JDF-based Trueflow workflow 
management system specifically for the TruePress 344 digital offset press. 

Trueflow Rite TP provides automated workflow management necessary to guarantee the best performance 
from the TruePress 344. It contains features that have been developed to prepare files and related information 
to create output files for the press. 

The TruePress 344 is independent of the front-end workflow. It works with any RIP system that outputs 1-bit 
TIFF files, including Trueflow Rite TP. These files are ideal for four-color printing separations. The 1-bit TIFF
data ensures that output will match the intent of the designer, right down to the fonts and image resolution. 

Trueflow Rite TP features PDF-based RIP operation, trapping and other basic workflow functions. It easily 
handles standard PDF data files. Imposed PDF and PostScript data can be used in job files. 

The graphical user interface (GUI) makes operation fast and simple. The GUI offers on-screen previewing and 
thumbnail images of page data during and after processing. It also allows users to monitor job progress from any 
networked computer. 

For output-ready jobs, operators can use Trueflow Rite TP's hot folders to create fully automated workflow paths. 
After the folders are created, operators simply drag and drop the job files into the appropriate hot folder. The 
remaining steps related to printing a job are carried out automatically. 

Screen (USA) will demonstrate the efficiency of the Trueflow Rite TP workflow in booth #3200 at On Demand 
Expo, May 16-18 at the Pennsylvania Convention Center in Philadelphia.

Screen USA - 4/26/2006

Screen USA Demonstrates New Printing Solution Offering Speed and Quality for Personalized Production

Truepress Jet 520 Inkjet Printing Press Responds to Dramatic Rise in Targeted Materials 

ROLLING MEADOWS, Ill. Demand for digital and variable data printing is at an all-time high, encompassing 
all types of formats. At On Demand Expo, Screen (USA) will demonstrate a versatile new printing system that 
can help printing companies capture a bigger slice of this market. 

The graphic communications industry has seen substantial growth in added-value printing targeted to individual 
customers. The Truepress Jet 520 inkjet printing press meets the needs of full-color variable data printing with 
an appropriate combination of speed, quality and price. 

The Truepress Jet 520 is a continuous-feed, single-pass inkjet printer using Piezo drop-on-demand technology. 
This printing system offers exceptional performance, superlative image detail and low operating costs. Thanks 
to superb color management and fast processing speeds, the Truepress Jet 520 excels at producing catalogs, 
direct mail pieces, full-color account statements and other materials based on customer databases. 

Image quality
The Truepress Jet 520's precise printing derives from the Piezo DOD inkjet print heads. Screen worked with 
Seiko Epson Corp. to develop these highly reliable print heads. They are positioned in such a way that the 
pitch between individual colors is very small. By using multi-tone printing, with a color depth of four tones per 
drop (2-bit imaging) for each color, the Truepress Jet 520 produces a level of print tone quality that is equivalent 
to that printed at twice the physical resolution. 

In addition, the water-based pigment inks resist water and light and offer good drying properties. As a result, they 
produce unmatched quality on both standard and uncoated stock. 

High productivity
At 420 full-color pages, or 209.9 feet, per minute, the Truepress Jet 520 can accommodate most projects. The 
roll-fed paper feeding system gives users the flexibility to handle high-speed and high-volume print runs. The 
Truepress Jet 520 can easily handle work that requires tens of thousands of pages in a limited span of time, 
such as detailed invoices. 

A built-in quality control scanner ensures consistent image reproduction. This makes it easy to adjust or clean 
print heads. Furthermore, ink cartridges are easy to replace, helping to minimize the loss of printing time. 

Ease of use
The high-performance controller uses Adobe's latest PostScript/PDF RIP core. Printing is controlled from a 
touch screen. The intuitive design of the interface helps operators avoid making errors that result in printing 

Modular design
The design of the Truepress Jet 520 consists of a printing unit and a rewinder/unwinder unit. In addition to the 
standard configuration, a variety of post-processing equipment can be connected inline to the press. 

Screen (USA) will demonstrate the Truepress Jet 520 in booth #3200 at On Demand Expo, May 16-18 at the 
Pennsylvania Convention Center in Philadelphia. Commercial sales of the Truepress Jet 520 will begin in October. 
The machine will be offered as simplex or duplex.

Screen USA - 4/26/2006

At ON DEMAND Expo: Screen's New Generation of Direct Imaging Press

TruePress 344 Features Latest Innovations in Printing Plates and Laser Imaging 

ROLLING MEADOWS, Ill. Advanced automation and processless plate technology are two unique features 
that Screen (USA) will emphasize when it demonstrates the four-color TruePress 344 digital offset press at 
On Demand Expo. The TruePress 344 is a new generation of direct imaging (DI) press, incorporating innovative 
technologies in chemistry-free plates and high-speed laser imaging. It expands the range of tools that printers with 
vastly different capabilities have at their disposal to print premium-quality, short-run jobs in full color. 

Offset color printing
The TruePress 344 has a maximum sheet size of 13.4 x 18.5 inches and a maximum imaging area of 13 x 18.1 
inches. The press utilizes high-speed 830 nm multi-array laser diode (MALD) imaging technology to expose 
processless plates. With a top printing speed of 7,000 sheets per hour, it makes short work of everything from 
simple business cards and envelopes to four-color postcards, flyers, brochures and posters. The black plate is 
easily replaced to accommodate variable text needs, while ensuring accurate registration and fit. 

The TruePress 344 employs the conventional offset process, complete with traditional dampening system, wet 
offset inks and paper stock. Plates can be imaged at 2,400 dpi resolution using screen rulings up to 175 lpi. In 
addition, the Spekta 2 screening method enables printers to enjoy the benefits of AM/FM hybrid screening in 
their digital printing solution. 

Wide appeal
The TruePress 344 is designed so one operator can manage the entire operation from workflow to printing. The 
low cost of printing on a wide range of substrates increases the profit margin per job. 

The TruePress 344 brings offset quality to instant print shops and allows instant printers to expand beyond toner-
based digital technologies. For smaller print companies currently offering one-color and two-color printing, it 
provides an affordable entry into four-color work. On-demand printers needn't sacrifice print quality or substrate 
flexibility. In-plants benefit from low maintenance, ease of use and limited training requirements. Adding the 
TruePress 344 can enable large-format commercial printers to fulfill the gamut of work available from their 
customers, even 100- to 5,000-sheet runs, cost-effectively. 

Full automation
In just over five minutes, the press is ready to start the next job. To activate a job changeover, the operator 
simply selects the new job at the central control console. The rest of the procedure is automated. New plate 
material is positioned on the cylinders while the blanket cylinders are being cleaned. All four plates are imaged 
simultaneously. Within a few revolutions of the press, the dampening solution removes the unexposed emulsion 
from the plate and the press is ready to print. The operator can recall and select preset data for the next job 
while the press has started imaging the plates for the current job. 

Enhanced quality control
An automated print quality control system - TrueFit Advance - provides real-time analysis and feedback of the 
ink-water balance during printing. TrueFit Advance measures ink densities and dampening solution levels on 
every sixth sheet as it comes out of the TruePress. Current density readings are compared to target levels. 
Adjustments for deviations from the original calibration occur immediately. The press maintains a consistent ink-
water balance throughout the print run. Optimum print quality is reached within 30 to 50 sheets, reducing materials 

Inline dryer option
Ever-shorter deadlines increase the demands on the production process. The need to print on the reverse side of 
the sheet or pass the print job immediately into the finishing department means that sheets must be dry soon after 
printing. Screen offers an optional inline infrared dryer capable of accelerating the drying time. 

Front-End workflow independence
Trueflow Rite TP, the entry-level workflow management system developed for the TruePress 344, connects 
directly to the press. Trueflow Rite TP contains features that have been developed to prepare files and related 
information to create output files to guarantee the best performance from the press. The press accepts 1-bit TIFFs 
as input data, and also works with any RIP system that outputs 1-bit TIFFs. 

Screen (USA) will demonstrate the TruePress 344 in booth #3200 at On Demand Expo, May 16-18 at the 
Pennsylvania Convention Center in Philadelphia.

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