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SGIA - 7/17/2014

SGIA Launches Sign Posts to Demystify Codes, Zoning Rules & Permitting

Sign Posts, a new resource launched last month, is the go-to guide for sign codes, zoning rules and permitting. “Sign codes can be so complex, 
and SGIA’s Sign Posts will provide practical information in plain language to to help sign producers and, ultimately, their customers,” said Rick Hartwig, 
the Association’s environmental health and safety specialist.

Understanding sign codes and the associated requirements for your market area helps you, and ultimately your customers avoid costly delays or the loss 
of revenue. With expert staff dedicated to navigating these regulations, and committed to delivering relevant information to you, SGIA supports the 
sign community.

SGIA - 6/17/2014

SGIA Releases First-Ever Specialty Imaging Industry Benchmarking Report

The results of SGIA’s Specialty Imaging Industry Survey are available now! Designed to create an accurate snapshot of our diverse industry, these 
exclusive reports — one each for the graphic & sign and garment decoration communities — offer the most up-to-date statistical information for businesses. 

“The survey reports provide an unprecedented view of our industry,” said SGIA’s Vice President of Markets and Technologies Dan Marx, “and the data 
speaks strongly to the robust nature of today’s specialty graphics environment.”

A few highlights:

Graphics and Sign Community

For the calendar year 2013, two-thirds of companies reported both sales and production had increased over 2012. 
While confidence in the US economy was mostly flat, industry confidence was strong, with 60 percent reporting a positive outlook. 
Companies strongly rely on referrals as a method for reaching new customers, followed by company websites. 
The two most common management-related steps for improving a company’s competitive advantage are increasing Internet presence and maximizing 
the value of current customers, while the two most common production-related steps are reducing operating costs and adding new product lines. 

Garment Decoration Community

Companies in the garment decoration community are nearly evenly split between business-to-business and business-to-consumer customers, and more than 
two-thirds of companies serve both local and regional customers. 
The median annual revenue for companies in this segment is in the six-figure range, a number strongly affected by a preponderance of very small 
Companies overwhelmingly use referrals as a method for reaching new customers, followed by company websites. 
The two most common management-related steps for improving a company’s competitive advantage are increasing Internet presence and improving 
customer service, while the two most common production-related steps are adding imaging capacity and adding finishing capacity. 

The 2014 Specialty Imaging Industry Survey was conducted between January 1 and February 28, 2014, and asked questions about equipment 
purchases, markets served, product areas served, current economic confidence and financial outlook of the past year and the year ahead. 

Survey participants and SGIA members will receive a complimentary copy of the full benchmarking report.

SGIA - 4/8/2014

SGIA Announces 2014 Sustainability Recognition Program Honorees

Six domestic and two international SGIA member companies were recently honored with SGIA’s Sustainability Recognition Award. The program was 
designed to encourage adoption of sustainable business practices by the SGIA membership.

The following companies were recognized for their sustainable business efforts through the SGIA Sustainability Recognition Program:

BIG INK Display Graphics (St. Paul, Minnesota) 
GFX International (Grayslake, Illinois) 
Global Products Inc. (Saint Peters, Missouri) 
Kent Pad Printer Canada Inc. (Markham, Ontario, Canada) 
Laird Plastics (Boca Raton, Florida) 
Marabu GmbH & Co KG (Tamm, Germany) 
Modernistic (Stillwater, Minnesota) 
Visual Impressions Inc. (Milwaukee, Wisconsin) 

To qualify, companies were required to submit a copy of their sustainability policy and a description of their continuous improvement project during the past 
year. The policy, however, is only the first step in developing a sustainability management system (SMS). Next, companies must think about how to put 
policy commitments into action, as part of a program to be implemented one at a time over a several-year period, evidencing a commitment to 
continued sustainability.

Visual Impressions made developing a recycling program their primary goal for 2013. Partnering with a local provider, they have since recycled over 32 
tons of paper, plastic, cardboard and metal. Visual Impressions also achieved certification from the Sustainable Green Printing Partnership (SGP).

Marabu GmbH & Co. established their main environmental project as achieving ISO 9001 and 14001 certification for subsidiaries in China, the United 
States, Sweden and Brazil. In preparation for the certification audits, the environmental manager for each location wrote a guideline that shows all 
environmental requirements, processes and documents in the particular local language. 

Modernistic Inc. set a goal of reducing the volume of wax in their screen making area by 46 percent. Through their purchase of a new screen making 
machine, there is no longer a need for plotting opaque wax in the process, eliminating shipping costs, as well as wax purchases, and the non-toxic 
water soluble wax is no longer washed into the wastewater stream. 

Global Products Inc. focused their sustainability goals in several areas:

Reducing their carbon footprint by 10 percent through consolidation of two distribution centers into one and freight reduction 
Increasing the efficiency of heating, cooling and ventilation systems by 10 percent through new energy efficient appliances 
Reducing material waste within the direct embroidery department by 10 percent by purchasing four new machines with expanded capabilities to replace 
older, less efficient models 

SGIA members can also learn how to develop sustainable business practices through SGIA’s Peer-to-Peer Network. Each group meets every other week 
and is led by Marci Kinter, vice president of government and business information. By working together, each company can develop a roadmap that 
leads to successful integration and certification under the Sustainable Green Printing Partnership.

SGIA - 4/1/2014

Accept the Mission: Operation Sublimation Needs You

SGIA’s newest Workshop, Operation Sublimation, Mission: Wide-Format (May 13–14), will debut this spring, offering a thorough agenda on wide-format 
dye sublimation technology. Presented by industry experts Jonathan Read, of ErgoSoft US, and Ralph Terramagra, of Mutoh America Inc., this 
complete Workshop will help attendees who need to improve their product line, and provide support for those starting a new business.

“The wide-format dye sublimation printing market is growing rapidly,” said Jeff Burton, SGIA’s digital printing analyst. “Multiple markets are looking to soft 
signage as a viable alternative to rigid substrates or films, allowing shops to offer a wider array of options for their wide-format customers.”

Instruction will focus on all aspects of integrating dye sublimation into an existing business or starting a new business altogether. Attendees will learn 
about available sublimation ink technologies; RIP software for dye sublimation; color management for dye sublimation; costs and returns on investment; 
transfer and direct print; and flatbed and rotary heat presses. 

Taking place in SGIA’s Digital Imaging Lab and classroom facility, in Fairfax, Virginia (a suburb of Washington, DC), the small-class setting is designed to 
help attendees master dye sublimation in a focused environment; learn from the industry’s top instructors, and walk away with confidence and skill.

SGIA - 1/21/2014

Expand Into Wide Format with SGIA’s New Four-Part Online Workshop

SGIA announces a new, four-part Webinar series, “Wide Format 101: Four Steps to Profitability,” to help printers and sign companies understand 
today’s expanding wide format inkjet possibilities. Through this unique, four-part series — held weekly, starting February 11 — participants will gain 
valuable knowledge and strategies to help make the best decisions for their businesses. 

Introduction to Wide Format Digital, presented by Dan Marx, SGIA 
An overview of the advantages of wide format digital technology, an introduction to the printing and finishing technologies used, and insight into today’s 
most popular wide format product and market areas, this presentation sets the stage for the next three sessions.

Wide Format Design & Color Considerations, presented by Jeff Burton, SGIA
This session tells you what you need to know to achieve expected quality in wide format; how both color and design for wide format digital require 
specific considerations; and why a basic knowledge helps companies successfully integrate this technology. 

Mastering Materials and Finishing Technologies, presented by David Goetter, Industry Consultant
The finishing technologies utilized and materials used in wide format production are essential to a successful end product and critical to achieving 
expected profitability. This session presents easy-to-understand strategies for ensuring quality and maximizing profit.

Wide Format Pricing & Sales, presented by David King, MarketKing
Learn proven strategies for pricing the print and selling wide format services to current and existing customers. This practical, business-focused session 
presents the critical steps to entering and achieving profitability in wide-format, presented by a proven industry veteran. 

Register now and all Webinar participants will receive SGIA’s New to Wide Format white papers, which offer new or existing imaging businesses a helpful 
guide for making the jump into wide format. You’ll receive:

Understanding Inkjet Systems 
Pricing & Profitability 
Exploring Top Products for Wide Format Imaging 
Allocating Your Workforce 
Register Now! The Wide Format 101: Four Steps to Profitability online Workshop is available to SGIA members, subscribers and non-members as well. 

For more details about this series, please visit

SGIA – Supporting the Leaders of the Digital & Screen Printing Community
“Specialty imaging” comprises digital imaging, screen printing and the many other imaging technologies SGIA members use, including those they’ll tap in 
the future. These are the imaging processes and technologies employed to create new products and to enhance existing products including point-of-
purchase displays, printed electronics, membrane switches, signs, advertisements, garments, containers and vehicles. Make the most of your specialty 
imaging business.

SGIA - 10/24/2012

SGIA Closes Strongest Expo to Date

The 2012 SGIA Expo (Las Vegas, October 18-20) showcased the most innovative technologies in the specialty imaging marketplace. The following 
results came from the Expo last week at the Las Vegas Convention Center.

Total Registrants: More than 22,000 
Total Number of Exhibitors: 529
Percentage of First-Time Attendees: 38 percent
Total Size of the 2012 SGIA Expo Floor: Approximately 230,500 square feet.
Registrants from Top Five US States:
    1. California
    2. Nevada
    3. Texas 
    4. Illinois
    5. Arizona
Top Country for Registrants (excluding the US): Canada
Overall International Registrants: 18.5 percent of total registrants
2011-2012 SGIA Chairman of the Board: Gordon Brown, New Vista Image
2012-2013 SGIA Chairman of the Board: Lynn Krinsky, Stella Color 
2012 SGIA Expo Platinum Sponsors: Agfa Graphics, Durst Image Technology US LLC (Durst US), EFI, Epson, FUJIFILM North America Corporation 
Graphic Systems Division and Hewlett Packard.
2012 SGIA Gold Sponsors: INX Digital International Co, Novus Imaging, Roland DGA Corporation and STAHLS'.
The 2013 SGIA Expo will be held in Orlando, Florida, October 23-25 at the Orange County Convention Center.

SGIA - 10/24/2011

2011 SGIA Expo Wrap Up: Big Imaging Evident in the Bayou

The 2011 SGIA Expo (New Orleans, October 19­21) showcased the most innovative technologies in the specialty imaging marketplace. The 
following results came from the Expo last week at the Ernest N. Morial Convention Center. For more details, look for the complete Expo recap 
online later this week.

Total Registrants: 16,006 (up 12.4 percent from 2009)
Total Number of Exhibitors: 456 (up 12.6 percent from 2009)
Percentage of First-Time Attendees: 36 percent
Total Size of the 2011 SGIA Expo Floor: Approximately 167,350 square feet

Registrants from Top Five US States:
1. Louisiana 
2. California
3. Texas
4. Florida
5. Illinois

Top Country for Registrants (excluding the US): Canada
Overall International Registrants: 2,420

2010-2011 SGIA Chairman of the Board: Michael Mockridge, Mockridge Doming Systems   
2011-2012 SGIA Chairman of the Board: Gordon Brown, New Vista Image

2011 SGIA Expo Platinum Sponsors: Agfa Graphics, Durst Image Technology US LLC (Durst US), EFI, FUJIFILM North America Corporation Graphic 
Systems Division and Hewlett Packard.

2011 SGIA Gold Sponsors: 3M Commercial Graphics, EPSON, INX Digital International Co and Roland DGA Corporation.

The 2012 SGIA Expo will be held in Las Vegas, Thursday, October 18, through Saturday, October 20, at the Las Vegas Convention Center.

SGIA - 9/25/2008

Visit Us at SGIA; Free Expo Registration for Digital Output Readers

Digital Output Magazine is exhibiting at SGIA'08 (Atlanta, Georgia, October 15-18). We would like to invite 
you to visit us at our Booth 2457. 

We can offer you special free expo registration (general admission fee is $30) which you can use to register 
online at 

Please make sure to enter Promotion Code 82545 into the registration form. 

To learn more about the exposition, please visit:

See you there!

SGIA - 3/21/2008

SGIA '08 Sponsors are Ready for Innovative Marketplace

Introducing platinum and gold sponsors

Fairfax, Virginia - Sponsors are already anticipating SGIA '08 (Atlanta; October 15-18) at the Georgia World 
Congress Center - the trade show that best represents the full range of specialty imaging technology.  

This year, EFI VUTEk, Gandinnovations, 3M Graphics Market Center, Hewlett Packard Company, and US Screen 
Print & Inkjet Technology are platinum sponsors; and InteliCoat Technologies, Roland DGA Corporation and Sun 
Chemical-Specialty Inks Group are gold sponsors. 

"All of our platinum and gold sponsors are leaders in the specialty imaging industry," said SGIA President/CEO 
Michael Robertson. "EFI VUTEk, HP and Gandinnovations are taking digital imaging to new production levels, 
which gives SGIA members access to new and exciting markets. 3M is an innovation leader with a wide range 
of effective media solutions for a diverse marketplace. And US Screen Print & Inkjet Technology is on the leading 
edge with digital solutions for garment decoration. Together, SGIA sponsors are defining tomorrow's marketplace." 

The sponsors agree, citing SGIA Expo attendees as the perfect audience for the full scope of technology - from 
advanced high-production digital equipment to the latest direct-to-garment applications. 

"We always look forward to the SGIA show to showcase and introduce new products and see customers from 
around the world," said Scott Fresener, CEO of U.S. Screen Print & Inkjet Technology. "SGIA continues to bring 
in the `who's who' of the industry."

"SGIA is a premier platform for demonstrating EFI's industry-leading innovations in the superwide format market," 
said Chuck Dourlet, Vice President of Marketing at EFI VUTEk. "We have never been disappointed with our 
ability at SGIA to have meaningful interaction with existing customers, generate qualified leads and keep tabs on 
what is happening with our competition."

"As the market leader in film graphic products, 3M is proud to align itself with SGIA, one of the premier graphic 
imaging industry organizations," said Tom Black, Marketing Operations Manager, 3M Graphics Market Center. 
"3M believes the benefits of platinum sponsorship are many - including increased opportunities for interaction with 
our customers and for providing a key platform for the introduction of our new solutions to the graphics industry."

"SGIA is seen as the biggest show in North America for the sign and graphics industry," said Tom Reilly, 
Gandinnovation's Vice President of Marketing and Advertising. "It's very important that we support this show 
and are proud to be a member of the Association."

For more information on becoming a platinum or gold sponsor, or to create a custom sponsorship package, 
contact Jean Lambert at 703.359.1328 or

SGIA - 1/3/2008

Start Preparing for 2008 SGIA Student Competitions

Fairfax, Virginia -- Now is the perfect time for specialty imaging teachers and students to start picking their best 
work for the Academy of Screen Printing Technology's 2008 student competitions.

The Student Screen Printing & Digital Imaging Awards test the imaging capabilities of students in high schools, 
vocational schools, technical schools, colleges and universities. 

"Any student who plans to enter the graphic communications work force should enter this competition," said 
Johnny Shell, SGIA's Vice President of Technical Services. "Not only can students earn international industry 
recognition -- a potential boost to their resumes -- they also have a chance to win monetary prizes." 

This year, the competition has added a new digital subgroup for each of the categories. Entry categories for 
textile substrates include:

* Single-color

* Multi-color: spot color

* Multi-color: index and simulated process

* Four-color process  

Students also can submit paper, plastic, glass, metal and wood entries in single-color, multi-color and four-color 
process categories. Additionally, the competition also offers a category for original serigraphs on any substrate. 

The competition is open to students, as individuals or teams, at secondary and post-secondary schools that hold 
memberships with SGIA, FESPA or Asia-Pacific Screen Printing & Graphic Imaging Association. 

All of the entries will be showcased and judged at SGIA '08 (Atlanta; October 15-18, 2008). For more information 
and to download an entry form, visit, Keyword: ASPT. Plus, 
see the list of winners for the 2007 student competition.

SGIA - 12/18/2006

Plastics & Vinyls Top List of Popular Substrates

Fairfax, Virginia  -- Nearly 45 percent of specialty imagers print on plastics and/or vinyls, according to results of 
the "Substrates & Specialties" survey conducted by's Surveys & Statistics site.

"The full report, only available to SGIA members, specifies substrates in much narrower categories," said Alaina 
Harris, Business Information Associate. "For example, of the respondents who print on plastics and vinyl, 15 
percent said they print on pressure-sensitive vinyl."

The survey asked participants to identify the substrates they use with screen printing, digital imaging and 
"other processes." Paper and board substrates accounted for 38 percent of responses and garments/textiles 
were chosen 22 percent of the time.

These types of results, said Kerry Gillespie, Gillespie Graphics (Wilsonville, Oregon), provide insight into current 
and emerging industry trends.

"I participated so I could get feedback and see what else is going on in the marketplace. The results can tell 
me how much is being consumed for projects similar to what my company does. It's information that will feed 
later decisions," Gillespie said.

For Selecto-Flash (West Orange, New Jersey) President Joe Shondel, survey results are planning tools: "We 
are a mid-sized company, but very focused on our day-to-day sales. Our visibility into the direction of the 
economy is limited. Information such as plans to purchase new equipment, salary ranges by company size or 
regional demographics help helps us in our decision-making process. The substrate survey results will give us 
a feel for where our industry and competition may be heading."

Results for specific substrate-process pairings are included in the full survey report, "Substrates & Specialties," 
available to SGIA members at the Surveys & Statistics site. A summary report posted alongside the
full report is accessible to any visitor. Next up on Surveys & Statistics: "Financial Outlook Survey."

SGIA - 9/29/2006

DPI Vision & Product of the Year Awards Presented

Las Vegas - Océ Display Graphics Systems received the DPI Vision Award for its Arizona 250 GT yesterday. 
The award, presented during SGIA ’06, calls attention to the new digital imaging product development most 
likely to have a profound and positive effect on the industry.

Product of the Year Winners:
Software & Related Systems - Caldera Graphics: Grand Rip +  
Media & Consumables - Caldera Graphics: Ripstop Storm
Presentation Size: Ergosoft/Canon: IPF 5000
Poster Size: Ergosoft/Canon: IPF 9000
Rigid Substrate: MacDermid ColorSpan: ColorSpan 9840UV
Grand Format: Mimaki: JV3-250 SPF
Fabric: Ergosoft/Canon: IPF 9000
Direct Inkjet: Mimaki: GP-604D

SGIA - 7/26/2006

Digital Workflow Pavilion Debuts at SGIA ’06

SGIA ’06 will bring the capabilities of the latest digital imaging technologies to life with two production lines in 
action at SGIA’s Digital Workflow Pavilion on the Expo floor.

Visitors will see images go through the entire process from computer image to finished product. The exhibit’s 
production lines, which will be properly ventilated as part of SGIA’s Air Quality Initiative, will run continuously 
during Expo hours. Attendees will be able to talk with experts running the lines about the equipment technologies, 
processes and techniques in an educational environment.

The Digital Workflow Pavilion will feature equipment provided by SGIA ’06 exhibitors:
o UV-curable printer (Raster Printers Inc.: Booth 5016)
o Solvent inkjet device (Roland DGA Corp.: Gold Sponsor: Booth 2800)
o Wedge welding equipment (Sinclair Equipment Co.: Booth 518)
o I-cut device (Mikkelsen Graphic Engineering Inc.: Booth 522)
o Rigid media products (Alcan Composites USA Inc.: Booth 1970)
o Pressure-sensitive media products (Avery Dennison Corp.: Booth 1122)
o Laminator and lamination films (Neschen Americas/Seal: Booth 4230)
o RIP software and computers (Wasatch Computer Technology: Booth 1570) (Onyx Graphics Inc.: Booth 3724)
o Vinyl media (Value Vinyls Inc.: Booth 4020)

"SGIA ’06 attendees will see digital imaging as a complete process, rather than a group of seemingly separate 
technologies," said Dan Marx, SGIA Vice President for Markets & Technologies. "They’ll be able to see how 
the elements fit together, and how a digital production process can be a beneficial reality for their operation," 
he said.

SGIA - 6/12/2006

You're Digitally the Best

Fairfax, Virginia -- SGIA urges members to get their nominations in for the DPI Innovator Award. This award 
salutes an outstanding industry veteran, one who has had a strong, significant and lasting impact on 
equipment, technologies and/or market segments in the digital imaging industry.

"The DPI Innovator Award is incredibly competitive because of the vast number of industry professionals who 
advance this market every day," said Dan Marx, SGIA Vice President, Markets and Technologies.

While only SGIA members may submit nominations, the award recipient does not have to belong to the Association. 
But the winner must work, or have worked, at a digital printing/imaging company or one that supplies materials, 
equipment or technical consulting services to the digital imaging community.

A committee of SGIA members will judge the competition, and the award will be presented at SGIA '06."We 
will look back on this time in history as the Age of Innovation. It's so important that we recognize the innovative 
leaders who contribute so much to our development with their vision and enthusiasm," said SGIA President/
CEO Michael 

SGIA - 3/8/2005

Suppliers & Printers Make Assn’s Books Part of the Team

Fairfax, Virginia SGIA members VUTEk and New Vista Imaging have made this year’s DPI Guide to Digital 
Imaging and The Digital Print Sales System required reading, purchasing the books for their staffs.

"We have a few employees new to digital printing, and the glossary of terms [in the ‘2005 Guide to Digital 
Imaging’] alone has been a big help in giving them a better understanding," said Gordon Brown, co-owner of
 New Vista Image, a digital graphics producer approaching its first anniversary.

Both books target a wide range of readers, says DPI’s Dan Marx, Director of Communications & Service
 Development. "For example, the ‘Guide’ is also useful to those already using the technology, but seeking a 
deeper understanding of methods, markets, equipment choices and other information."

In the "The Digital Print Sales System," author Terry A. Nagi presents the differences between selling digital 
print services and traditional print services. More importantly, he outlines a plan for successfully selling digital 
Imaging an easy-to-implement system for closing sales.

"In reviewing ‘The Digital Print Sales System’ and the ‘2005 Guide to Digital Imaging,’ I realized how valuable 
both books would be to our sales team and our VP of Sales agreed," said Jane Cedrone, Marketing 
Communications & Public Relations Manager, VUTEk. VUTEk produces wide-format digital presses and is an 
SGIA ’05 Platinum Sponsor.

"Certainly new members of the sales team have related background in the industry and some many years in the
 industry. These books are a great reference guide for both. I’d say they would also be good for our customers’ 
sales forces."

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