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Ricoh Corporation - 2/20/2014

Ricoh Introduces New Latex Wide Format Printers

Commercial printing businesses can now easily expand into a growing signage and display market with new wide-format color graphics printers from 
Ricoh Americas Corporation that employ aqueous latex ink – a more environmentally-friendly ink as compared to traditional petroleum-based inks due to 
its lower levels of volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

The new RICOH Pro L4160 and RICOH Pro L4130 deliver high print productivity and quality as a result of technological innovations, which include the 
use of Ricoh piezoelectric print heads. These roll-to-roll large format printers handle media sizes up to 63.8 inches (L4160) or 54 inches (L4130) wide, 
and support up to seven colors in various configurations, including orange, green and white inks in addition to CMYK. 

The L4100 series – Ricoh’s first entry into wide-format graphics – is intended to help customers expand their service offerings and increase value to 
their customers. An additional benefit is that the L4100 series may reduce the environmental impacts of printing through its use of aqueous latex ink and 
ability to operate with low power consumption. Both printers use standard 100-120v power, eliminating the need for rewiring to 220-240v. Additionally, 
the RICOH Pro L4160 and RICOH Pro L4130 are designed to help lower energy consumption and costs, and have the ability to use a much broader 
range of heat sensitive media, which make the L4100 series a smart choice for customers.

The L4100 series’ use of latex ink eliminates the need for special ventilation that traditional wide-format graphics printers require. But more importantly, the 
prints are quickly ready for finishing after exiting the system, because of a low curing temperature. Employing Ricoh’s latest generation of high quality, 
stainless steel multiple jetting piezo inkjet heads, up to three different drop sizes are produced at once, with drops as small as four picoliters (pL). 
Varying drop sizes result in smoother gradations and sharper details, especially with fine lines and small fonts.

Ricoh latex inks offer outdoor durability of one to two years, or two to three years with lamination. With white ink, printers’ clients benefit from brilliant color 
on all substrates – including transparent and dark materials – for signage, branded materials and window displays. The addition of orange and green 
extends the color gamut to encompass a wider range of vibrant colors, ideal for both indoor and outdoor materials, and to reproduce corporate colors 
or spot colors accurately.

The L4100 series quickly and easily create durable outdoor and indoor signage, including banners, POS/POP posters, vehicle wraps and wall coverings. 
Both systems print on a wide range of substrates, including PVC, tarpaulin, synthetic paper, coated paper, non-coated paper and textiles. 

“Our customers are constantly looking at ways to differentiate and increase their market opportunities,” said Tim Vellek, Vice President, Production 
Printing Business Group, Ricoh Americas Corporation. “The L4100 series can be that stepping stone for customers that want to offer multi-tiered 
marketing campaigns.”

Ricoh Corporation - 9/23/2008

Ricoh Introduces Wide Format Color Scanner for Rapid and Accurate Scanning

West Caldwell, NJ, September 23, 2008 – Ricoh Americas Corporation, the leading provider of digital office 
equipment, today announced the availability of the Ricoh Wide Format Color Scanner. Designed to work with 
Ricoh’s line of Wide Format products, the new Ricoh Wide Format Color Scanner handles both high-speed full 
color and monochrome scanning for businesses in large format printing environments.

The Ricoh Wide Format Color Scanner provides users with great image quality at rapid scanning speeds of 
12 inches per second (ips) for monochrome scans and 0.6 ips for color scans. In addition to its fast scanning 
rates, the Wide Format Color Scanner cuts down on work processing time enabling operators to edit and crop
images before sending the image to its final destination, either printed or electronically stored.  The device also 
comes equipped with an All-Wheel Drive Paper Transport System that eliminates image distortion frequently 
caused by erroneous paper alignment and ensures that images are accurately reproduced.

The Ricoh Wide Format Color Scanner enhances workflow efficiency by combining multifunctional software 
flexibility with user-friendly controls. The scanner allows users to program and select job parameters through an 
intuitive LCD touch screen display and is paired with JETimage multifunction software allowing operators to 
create programmable icons to scan, copy, print, and track projects. The Ricoh Wide Format Color Scanner 
also allows for Scan-to-Net operability making it possible to scan documents directly to network storage.

When paired with the Ricoh Wide Format Printer and imaging software, the Ricoh Wide Format Color 
Scanner provides users with high-speed monochrome and full color scanning and printing for an array of 
original documents ranging from architectural drawings to oversized posters.     

“The Ricoh Wide Format Color Scanner is a welcomed addition to our growing line of wide format devices that 
help businesses do their jobs more effectively and efficiently,” said Jason Dizzine, director of Product Marketing 
Ricoh Americas Corporation. “Products such as this demonstrate Ricoh’s continual commitment to streamlining 
the workflow process for businesses around the globe.”

The Ricoh Wide Format Color Scanner is available at the suggested retail price of $6,500.

Ricoh Corporation - 10/11/2007

Ricoh Introduces the Aficio SP W2470 Wide Format Digital Printer

West Caldwell, N.J., October 11, 2007 -  Ricoh Americas Corporation, a leading provider of digital office 
equipment, today introduced the Aficio® SP W2470 wide format digital printer.  Designed for compact spaces, 
the Aficio SP W2470 delivers two roll paper feeding and a large range of capabilities that help improve productivity 
while keeping the total cost of ownership low.  

The Aficio SP W2470 printer brings improved productivity to small office environments.  It produces sharp, high 
quality black & white documents at 600 dots-per-inch (dpi) resolution and has the ability to stamp documents 
with dates, page numbers, headers and footers prior to printing, storing, or retrieving them for reprinting.  
Additionally, handling large print runs is easy with the 50-sheet output and 40-sheet bottom stackers, while 
changing the paper is effortless due to the flange-based roll-paper changing and optional paper cassette tray.  

The full-front clamshell design of the Aficio SP W2470 provides quick and easy access to consumables, and 
the unique open architecture controller allows users to utilize the simple, intuitive Web Printing GUI to access 
network directories/files, build print jobs and send them to the printer IP address for fast, versatile printing.  Print 
drivers supporting Windows, Postscript and AutoCAD files are also standard.  For added convenience, users 
can print immediately, print a sample document, hold the print job on the hard drive for print on demand, and 
password protect a document for authorized printing.

"The development of the Aficio SP W2470 printer provides all the print functions found in large production 
houses combined into a single compact unit," said Ron Potesky, vice president, Corporate Product Marketing, 
Ricoh Americas Corporation.  "The Aficio SP W2470 offers small business environments big printing capabilities 
that improve their competitive edge while keeping costs down."

Upholding the highest standard of security, the Aficio SP W2470 printer allows users to password protect 
documents with Windows Authentication as well as prevent unauthorized recall of sensitive data by completely 
erasing it from the hard drive with optional Data Overwrite Security.

The suggested retail price for the Aficio SP W2470 is $15,203.  To learn more about Ricoh’s full line of products, 
please visit

Ricoh Corporation - 5/16/2006

Ricoh Corporation And EFI Reinforce Alliance To Succeed In Print On Demand Market

PHILADELPHIA, May 16, 2006 - Ricoh Corporation, the leading provider of digital office equipment, today 
announced new progress in its alliance with EFI (Nasdaq: EFII), the world leader in digital controllers, superwide 
format printers and inks, and print management solutions for commercial and enterprise printing, as part of an 
overall strategy for success in the high-end Print-On-Demand (POD) market. Ricoh’s AIIM ON DEMAND Booth 
#2325 will feature EFI’s innovative technology driving high-end Ricoh systems (including the newly launched 
Ricoh Aficio® MP1350): industry-leading Fiery® controllers integrated with the award-winning EFI Digital 
StoreFront web-toprint platform and EFI MicroPress ProSeries EFI technology designed for Ricoh customers in 
commercial print, print-for-pay, creative graphic arts and corporate markets.

The EFI solutions designed for Ricoh customers in the POD market that will be featured prominently at Ricoh’s 
booth include Fiery controllers for the newly launched Ricoh Aficio MP1350, the Aficio 5560, EMP 156 and DDP 
92 with MicroPress connectivity and integration with Digital StoreFront.

The Fiery controller designed for high-end Ricoh systems features professional tools for extreme users, including: 
the fastest, most open VDP workflow; WYSIWYG imposition; the Production Printing Package, a set of 
advanced production management tools that optimize the Fiery’s power to deliver the fastest output in extreme 
print production; and the Graphic Arts Package, Premium Edition, which immediately integrates into high-end 
workflow systems and enables Graphic Arts professionals to produce premium quality color from Ricoh systems.

Digital StoreFront - EFI’s web-to-print platform provides a customer onramp into both the printer’s digital 
production workflow (MicroPress and Fiery controllers). In addition to streamlining workflows, Digital StoreFront 
enables printers to add value to their product and services via online cataloging, VDP, and full e-commerce 
shopping tools.

EFI MicroPress® software leverages the latest in platform and operating system technology to deliver powerful 
color and black and white digital prepress and workflow management solutions for Ricoh MFPs. The scalable 
MicroPress solutions accommodate present and future business needs, maximize work productivity, and 
achieve the highest print quality for Ricoh customers in critical production print environments.

Because EFI solutions comply with JDF, PDF, PPML and other open standards, EFI Fiery, Digital StoreFront 
and MicroPress seamlessly integrate into Ricoh customers’ overall print shop operations.

New joint efforts build upon the existing relationship between Ricoh and EFI that dates back to EFI’s founding in 
1989. EFI and Ricoh will continue to work together in the following areas:
- Development and marketing of POD workflow solutions to expand both EFI and Ricoh’s business in the 
Production Printing market;
- Establishing a seamless process ranging from R&D through production, marketing and customer support.

Ricoh Corporation - 11/12/2004


West Caldwell, NJ, and Foster City, CA, November 12, 2004 - Ricoh Corporation, the leading provider of digital 
office equipment, is teaming with EFI (Nasdaq: EFII), the world leader in digital imaging and print management 
solutions for commercial and enterprise printing, to offer new web-to-print and workflow management solutions 
to users of Ricoh's Aficio multifunction printers.  EFI Digital StoreFront(tm) and EFI MicroPress® products are 
now available to deliver complete, integrated web submission, digital pre-press, and print procurement solutions
to Ricoh customers.

"In today's competitive marketplace, total document solutions offer an attractive path to future growth and 
profitability.  Digital StoreFront and MicroPress products enable our customers to meet total print requirements 
by covering all segments of the document life cycle, beyond printing and finishing.  These solutions focus on 
workflow and process improvements, offering a tremendous value to Aficio users to improve customer service 
and streamline operations," said Hede Nonaka, vice president of marketing for Ricoh Corporation. 

Digital StoreFront seamlessly integrates the flow of data from initial submission to printed output for optimum 
efficiency and profitability.  It gives print centers the ability to project their own image and brand and serve 
customers via a robust, interactive Intranet and/or Internet presence 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  A simple 
interface allows digital file submission from any PC or Macintosh computer.  Through a PDF driver and web 
browser, customers can easily enter job specifications for production and finishing, and view PDF proofs of 
their documents online for approval.  Job tickets and files are automatically submitted into the print center's 
workflow, billing systems, print servers and output devices. 

The integration of Digital StoreFront with MicroPress DX and MX Servers optimizes productivity of Aficio color 
and black & white printers with robust digital pre-press and production workflow management.  MicroPress is a 
powerful print and workflow server developed for Print-On-Demand environments.  It delivers support for up to 
12 Aficio printers, powerful editing tools, pinpoint color control and customizable automation in one comprehensive 

MicroPress Servers easily integrate into existing environments and allow customers to make an immediate impact 
with advanced, post-RIP make-ready tools.  The latest MicroPress technology features automated archiving, 
advanced document editing and imposition features and intuitive color management tools for easy, accurate color. 

"The ability for print providers to own and host their own branded web site that is easy for customers to 
navigate, understand and use provides unmatched control and flexibility, while improving workflow processes, 
customer service and loyalty.  Combined with the powerful post-RIP production workflow tools of EFI MicroPress, 
Ricoh Aficio users have a valuable opportunity to reduce costs and boost profits," said Frank Mallozzi, VP of 
Worldwide Sales at EFI.

Ricoh Corporation - 9/21/2004


Digital Imaging System is Newest Addition to Ricoh's Black and White to Color Line 

West Caldwell, NJ, September 21, 2004 - Ricoh Corporation, the leading provider of digital office equipment, 
today introduced the Ricoh® Aficio 2228C, a digital imaging system that offers comprehensive multifunctionality 
including print, copy, scan and fax-all with full color on demand.   

Busy professionals demand multiple functions in office equipment in order to be most efficient and effectively meet 
deadlines.  The Aficio 2228C is designed for workgroups and individuals, and allows users to create newsletters, 
brochures, manuals and more-all in-house, at an affordable price and with the added benefit of convenience color.

"With the introduction of the Aficio 2228C, Ricoh has once again developed a product that will provide 
businesses with an impressive competitive edge, empowering users with multiple production options-in full 
color-while reducing the total cost of product ownership," said Hede Nonaka, vice president of marketing 
for Ricoh Corporation. 

The Aficio 2228C also serves as an intelligent communications hub that enables users to scan documents 
(black and white and full color) to folders or FTP servers, send documents as e-mail attachments, and send 
and receive faxes from the computer or via the Internet.  Additionally, the Aficio 2228C comes standard with 
Document Server functionality that allows users to store documents including prints, scans, copies and 
incoming faxes, the Aficio 2228C and then access them from the desktop. 

A variety of connectivity choices, including Ethernet, Wireless LAN and USB, enables user groups to access the 
Aficio 2228C from the network and eliminates the need for multiple printers, copiers, scanners and fax systems.  
With the click of a mouse, users can produce professionally finished documents-collated and stapled-or generate
booklets and duplex copies at the same speed as one-sided documents.  With Web Image Monitor, users are 
also able to "see" the Aficio 2228C's system status and availability, and will be alerted to any service issues or 
paper and consumable replacement requirements-without ever leaving their desks. 

Built on the same platform as the Aficio 2232C and 2238C, the Aficio 2228C comes equipped with all the same 
robust standard feature sets and offers all of the functionality and service simplicity of those products, as well 
as sharing all the same accessories, supplies and parts.

The Aficio 2228C also includes the following features:
*Produces 28 pages per minute in black/white and 20 pages per minute in full color.
*Copy or print on to 12"x18" size paper.
*Touch screen LCD operation panel.
*Document server standard (80GB HDD capacity).
*G3 fax option, optional second G3 line available.
*Stack-less auto duplexing.
*Sample Copy/ Job Preset/ Color Stamp.
*On-line Booklet Finishing (optional)

The Aficio 2228C is available now for a suggested retail price of $13,520.

About Ricoh Corporation
Ricoh Corporation, headquartered in West Caldwell, N.J., is a subsidiary of Ricoh Company Ltd., the 68-year-old 
leading supplier of office automation equipment and electronics, with fiscal year 2003 sales in excess of $15.7 billion.   

Ricoh Corporation is a leading provider of multifunctional document systems, including color and black & white 
digital imaging systems, facsimile products, printers, scanners, digital duplicators and wide format engineering 
systems.  Additionally, Ricoh offers a wide variety of document and printing solutions directly and through 
partners that enhance office productivity and document workflow.  

Ricoh Corporation directly or through its subsidiaries markets and distributes products in North, Central and South 
America.  For fiscal year 2003, Ricoh Corporation sales exceeded $2.8 billion.

Ricoh Corporation - 3/31/2004

Ricoh and Hitachi Reach Basic Agreement on Ricoh’s Acquisition of Hitachi Printing Solutions, Ltd.

Simi Valley, CA, April 2, 2004 - Ricoh Company, Ltd. and Hitachi, Ltd. have signed a basic
agreement to the effect that Hitachi will transfer all its shares of Hitachi Printing Solutions, Ltd.,
a 100% owned subsidiary of Hitachi, Ltd., to Ricoh. In accordance with the basic agreement,
Ricoh will acquire Hitachi Printing Solutions, Ltd. and all its subsidiaries in North America,
Europe and Asia, by October 2004, subject to the completion of Ricoh’s due diligence. The
Hitachi Printing Solutions subsidiaries are comprised of Printer, Consumable Supplies, and
Inkjet Technology divisions, with a presence in the Americas, Asia and the European Economic

In this acquisition Ricoh plans to strengthen its overall printer operations by adding Hitachi’s
commercial-use printer products to their printer business. For Hitachi, the deal will enable the
company to concentrate its resources in select operations in accordance with its mid-term
business plan.

Hitachi Ltd. created Hitachi Printing Solutions, Ltd. in 2002 through the merger of its printer
division with that of Hitachi Koki, Ltd. The company, which principally manufacturers large
printers for commercial use and laser printers, expects to post sales of approximately $588
million for the year ended March 31, 2004. Hitachi Printing Solutions and its subsidiaries had
2,200 employees at the end of last year. After the acquisition, Ricoh intends to standardize its
printer parts and consolidate operations, with a view to boosting its market share through
improved cost competitiveness.

Ricoh is committed to strengthening its printer business, an important pillar of its growth
strategy. To this end, Ricoh will strengthen product lines for the office color printer
market, printers for mission-critical systems and Print On Demand (POD) markets, in which
Ricoh is yet to participate. In addition, Ricoh will enhance IT sales channels on top of its
conventional copier marketing channels. Through these initiatives, Ricoh will optimize "Total
Document Volume" as the strategic objective of its imaging solutions business.
Hitachi Printing Solutions successfully markets high-speed production printers for missioncritical
systems, printers for the Print On Demand market and also low-end color laser printers.
Hitachi Printing Solutions’ joining the Ricoh group will not only create synergistic effects in
the areas of technology, products and human resources for the Ricoh printer business but will
also contribute to increasing Ricoh's corporate value.

Hitachi Printing Solutions America & Europe market and sell monochrome cut sheet and
continuous form laser printers, for which they already hold a large market share, as well as ink
jet technology related devices, and low-speed to medium speed laser printers. Hitachi Printing
Solutions America also has a highly successful compatible printer supplies business, marketed
worldwide under the well-known Dataproducts® brand name.

Hitachi Printing Solutions America’s production printer products include Digital Document
Publishers that range in speeds from 70 pages per minute and up. The DDP 70e, DDP 92 and
DDP 184 are sold through the company's IT and office equipment reseller network, OEM sales,
and direct end-user sales. Compatible printer supplies marketed under the Dataproducts brand
name include high-quality replacement laser toner cartridges, ink jet cartridges, impact ribbon,
and fax thermal ribbon supplies for most major printer brands. These supply products, designed
and manufactured under ISO 9001 standards, are sold worldwide through a variety of
distribution channels including major office products superstores, mass merchant retailers,
contract stationers, OEM’s, and IT supplies dealers. HPRSA’s Supplies Division also sells its
compatible supplies in many private label configurations , including to several of the leading
OEM printer companies.

Hitachi Printing Solutions America is also an undisputed leader in drop-on-demand, piezo ink jet
technology. Hitachi is one of the foremost technology providers in the areas of wide-format
graphics, textile printing, 3-D modeling, PCB printing, digital workflow and micropumping
applications. Hitachi print heads are built using advanced materials and sophisticated
manufacturing processes that maximize reliability and durability, while minimizing maintenance
requirements for industrial applications. They support a wide range of jetting fluids, including
water- and solvent-based inks, solid inks, ultraviolet/UV inks, and other formulations.

About Ricoh
A pioneer in digital office equipment, Ricoh offers a broad range of office solutions with world class support and
services, including MFPs, printers, fax machines, CD-R and DVD+ReWritable drives and media. With 394
consolidated subsidiaries worldwide, employing approximately 74,000 people, the Ricoh Group posted consolidated
total sales of 1,738.4 billion yen ($14.7 billion) for the fiscal year ended March 31, 2003. A global leader, the Ricoh
Group currently enjoys No.1 market share for plain paper copiers in Europe, Japan and No.2 share in the USA. For
more information on Ricoh, please visit the company's Web site at

About Hitachi
Hitachi, Ltd. (NYSE:HIT)(TSE:6501), headquartered in Tokyo, Japan, is a leading global electronics company, with
approximately 340,000 employees worldwide. Fiscal 2002 (ended March 31, 2003) consolidated sales totaled
8,191.7 billion yen ($68.3 billion). The company offers a wide range of systems, products and services in market
sectors, including information systems, electronic devices, power and industrial systems, consumer products,
materials and financial services. For more information on Hitachi, please visit the company's Web site at

About Hitachi Printing Solutions America (HPRSA)
HPRSA is an established world-class provider of advanced, high-end printing solutions engineered for industrial and
specialty printing applications. HPRSA is a subsidiary of Hitachi Printing Solutions, Ltd. in Japan and maintains a
40-year legacy of innovations in digital printing. HPRSA markets reliable high performance printers, software,
supplies and professional services, designed to provide production printing and vertical market customers with
superior printing solutions for a wide variety of applications. For more information on Hitachi Printing Solutions
America, please visit the company's Web site at

Hitachi Printing Solutions America Contacts
Hitachi Printing Solutions America - Americas Printer Business
Gary Coon
Marketing Director

Kryssa Guntrum
Weber Shandwick, San Francisco

Ricoh Corporation - 3/2/2004


West Caldwell, NJ, March 2, 2004 - Ricoh Corporation, the leading provider of digital office equipment, today 
introduced the RICOH® Aficio® 2015, Aficio 2018 and Aficio 2018D, the latest models in Ricoh's Aficio solution 
series.  Designed to enhance productivity in a small office or workgroup, these new models provide state-of-the-art 
features, impressive digital technology, and high performance at an affordable price.

Digital technology involves much more than copying capabilities; it is the key to streamlining the document creation, 
production and distribution processes.  Always at the forefront of digital technology, Ricoh has unveiled the latest 
in its Aficio solution series as it continues to provide end users with simple, easy to use products that meet all of 
their document management needs.  Additionally, for the first time with Ricoh Segment 1 products, Ricoh is 
offering new features such as embedded scan to e-mail, Internet faxing, LAN faxing, and fax forwarding to e-mail.

The Aficio 2015 is the ideal system for offices or workgroups that are limited in space but require high-end 
performance at an affordable price.  The Aficio 2018 offers the same capabilities as the Aficio 2015 but features 
a faster print speed and larger paper capacity, making it well suited for environments with slightly higher throughput 
requirements.  And, the Aficio 2018D provides all the functionality of the Aficio 2018 with the addition of Automatic 
Duplexing, which helps to further reduce overall operating costs.  

"Ricoh continues to enhance the Aficio line to ensure businesses are always provided with the most versatile, 
affordable, and effective document management solutions to meet their changing needs," said Hede Nonaka, 
Vice President, Product Marketing and Marketing Support.  "These state-of-the-art devices can be used 
independently or combined into an all-in-one system for even more advanced productivity and efficiency-freeing 
up time for the end user to spend on other important business tasks."

Connecting the Aficio 2015, 2018 and 2018D is a simple and affordable process, making a powerful all-in-one 
system easily within reach.  This combined system allows the end user to handle business communications from 
one central location while making document management solutions accessible to everyone on the network.  
This eliminates the need to purchase and maintain separate systems and supplies, thus reducing overall 
operating costs. 

Furthermore, while the Aficio 2015, 2018, and 2018D come out of the box as a copier, the optional all-in-one 
Scanner, Printer and Fax Kits enable the end user to gain powerful network printing performance and productivity 
- enhancing network scanning capabilities all at the same time.  These Aficio models offer everything that one 
would expect in a powerful network printer, including support for all popular network platforms and compatibility 
with today's most common business and graphics software.  The network scanning function provides an efficient
way to manage existing hardcopy documents and electronic files.  Additionally, the Aficio 2015, 2018, and 
2018D's Super G3 Fax incorporates capabilities that enable users to accommodate virtually any fax application.

Additional features/benefits of the Aficio 2015, 2018 and 2018D include:

§         The ability to output multiple sets ­of any originals scanned into memory only once.

§         Elimination of costly output errors by automatically rotating originals to match the orientation of the paper 

§         Reduction of paper replenishment tasks due to a maximum paper capacity of 1,350 Sheets (Aficio 2015) 
           and 1,600 Sheets (Aficio 2018/2018D).  The front-loading paper trays also ensure easy access.

§         Production of jobs on different paper stocks, including transparencies, colored paper and envelopes 
           and a range of sizes from statement to ledger, without disturbing the primary paper supply.

§         The ability to copy and print a two-sided document of up to 11" x 17", which significantly reduces paper, 
           hardcopy storage and postage costs (Aficio 2018D only).

§         The optional Automatic Document Feeder scans up to 30 single-sided originals at a time (Aficio 2015/2018).  

§         An optional Automatic Reversing Document Feeder enables users to scan up to 50 two-sided originals in 
          one easy step (Aficio 2018D only).

Besides providing state-of-the art solutions, Ricoh is committed to providing products that respect and protect 
the environment, and the Aficio 2015, 2018, and 2018D exemplify this philosophy.  Incorporating Quick Start Up 
(QSU) Technology, the Aficio 2015, 2018, and 2018D feature an extremely fast recovery time of just 10 seconds, 
which promotes consistent use of the Energy Saver Mode.  Additionally, the Aficio 2015, 2018, 2018D have an 
exceptionally low operating noise, and paper consumption is reduced with the Aficio 2018D due to its fast two-
sided copying capability.

Ricoh Corporation - 11/3/2003


West Caldwell, NJ, November 3, 2003 - Ricoh Corporation, the leading provider of digital office equipment, 
today introduced the Aficio 2022/2027 digital imaging systems, designed to simplify document creation and 
production while enhancing distribution and management of hardcopy and electronic files.  The Aficio 2022/2027 
series provides fast, 22 page-per-minute and 27 page-per-minute professional digital copying output speeds 
respectively with crisp 600-dpi resolution.  The Aficio 2022SP/2027SP versions offer the same productive features 
as the Aficio 2022/2027 but includes standard network scanning and printing functionality right out of the box.  
Both systems provide numerous advanced document management capabilities that can greatly impact productivity 
for companies and workgroups.

"Ricoh designed the Aficio 2022/2027 series to help businesses meet their ever growing need for document 
management and production demands," said Hede Nonaka, Vice President of Marketing for Ricoh Corporation.  
"This series is an affordable, versatile solution for businesses looking to improve worker efficiency, reduce costs, 
and monitor system performance."

The new series is based on the very successful design of the Aficio 1022/1027 series, and it has added new 
features such as embedded scan to email, LDAP support with SMTP and POP before SMTP authentication, 
scan to folder (SMB), and scan to FTP server.  The Aficio 2022SP/2027SP models also come equipped with 
server-less network scanning functionality, requiring no additional software, and provides a host of efficiency-
enhancing benefits.

Embedded Scan-to-Email allows for seamless scan, capture, and delivery of documents to an email address 
either stored in an address book, manually entered, or through LDAP.  The embedded Scan-to-Folder feature 
ensures fast distribution of documents up to 2 GB in size via SMB/FTP protocols using existing network infrastructures.

For businesses looking to reduce costs and paper overflow at facsimile machines, the Aficio 2022/2027 series 
includes a paperless fax feature, allowing users to set up the system so that it does not print faxes. Faxes are 
stored on the Hard Disk Drive where users can view the fax, download it, or print it to the device.   Faxes can 
also be routed directly to the recipient's email address.

The Document Server, standard on the Aficio 2022SP/2027SP configuration, allows for easy management of 
documents stored on Ricoh's Web Image Monitor, allowing users to access and manage documents from the 
system's control panel or from client workstations; find and/or prioritize documents by File Name, Scan Date or 
User ID; combine documents without having to rescan; keep confidential print jobs secure by preventing access 
without the proper user code; and re-print, re-fax or digitally re-distribute data to any network-connected user.

The Aficio 2022SP/2027SP feature a powerful 400MHz processor and Network Interface Card accepting print 
jobs from multiple networked users without delay.  To ensure further flexibility for users, the Aficio 2022SP/2027SP 
feature a standard Ethernet interface, and optional 802.11b wireless, USB, Bluetooth, and IEEE 1394 interfaces, 
which can support specialized connectivity needs.

Advanced finishing options ensure professional-quality output with the optional 500-sheet Finisher with one-position 
stapling or the 1,000-sheet version with multiple staple positions.  The series also includes a Shift/Sort Tray that 
will sort document sets on paper up to 11" x 17" or customers can utilize the standard electronic rotate/sorting 
feature to cut the expense of a mechanical sorter.

Ricoh Corporation - 9/15/2003


West Caldwell, NJ, September 15, 2003 - Ricoh Corporation, the leading provider of digital office equipment, 
today introduced the Ricoh* Aficio AP400/AP400N Series desktop printers.  The Ricoh Aficio AP400/AP400N 
Series black & white printers deliver faster print speed, larger paper capacity and more memory.

Adaptable to any environment, the standalone Aficio AP400 is ideal for the professional user, while the network-
ready Aficio AP400N is designed as a shared resource for small workgroups.  Users can experience true printing 
mobility with IEEE 802.11b Wireless LAN and Bluetooth interfaces that allow laptop users with wireless interface 
cards to make immediate ad-hoc connections to the Aficio AP400/AP400N.

"Ricoh's Aficio AP400/AP400N Series offers an abundance of standard and optional features that make it an 
indispensable part of any office," said Hede Nonaka, vice president of marketing for Ricoh Corporation. "Fast and 
efficient, users of the Aficio AP400/AP400N can see the results of high-quality printed output almost instantaneously 
with a click of the mouse."

With fast 26-pages-per-minute print speed, quick 7.5-second first-page out and high-quality 1200-x-1200-dpi 
resolution, the Aficio AP400/AP400N gives documents professional impact, without impacting productivity.

Additional features of the Aficio AP400/AP400N include the following:
* 500-sheet standard paper tray (for paper sizes up to ( 8.5" x 14"), and a standard multipurpose Bypass Tray that 
provides an additional 100 sheets of paper and accommodates special media, such as envelopes and transparencies.
* Web Image Monitor's embedded Web Admin tools provide "e-mail alerts" that enable the administrator to promptly 
resolve maintenance and other issues.
* Ricoh printer utilities provide up to the minute status of networked peripherals.
* Ricoh's DeskTopBinder utility can combine pages or documents created in different applications and print them 
as a single job.
* Parallel Printing dramatically increases productivity by leveraging capacity of multiple networked Ricoh printers
to create multiple sets of a single document; thus three networked Aficio AP400N printers have the virtual speed 
of 78 pages per minute.

The Aficio AP400/AP400N Series is available at a suggested retail price of $699 and 899 respectively.

Ricoh Corporation - 8/5/2003


West Caldwell, NJ, August 5, 2003 - Ricoh Corporation, the leading provider of digital office equipment, today 
introduced the RicohÒ Aficio 1060/1075 Removable Hard Drive (RHD) option, which secures access to a 
system's internal hard drive and prevents confidential information from being potentially retrieved or stolen.

In environments where confidential documents are copied, scanned or printed on a digital system, an image of 
that information typically remains on the system's internal hard drive, where it is vulnerable to compromise.  The 
Ricoh Aficio 1060/1075 RHD system's internal hard drive is externally mounted in a secure, key-locked bay, 
allowing the hard drive to be unlocked, removed and stored in a secure location.  

To provide even more security and flexibility when dealing with both classified and non-classified documents, an 
optional second Removable Hard Drive is available.  This allows Ricoh Aficio 1060/1075 systems to handle two 
separate interchangeable Removable Hard Drives; one RHD for classified documents and the other RHD for 
unclassified documents.  After classified documents have been copied or printed, the classified drive can be 
removed and placed in a secure location and the unclassified drive can be reinserted for unclassified copying or 
printing.  A numbered labeling system ensures easy identification of the RHD while in storage and when being 
replaced in the system.

"Ricoh's Aficio 1060/1075 RHD system provides an ideal solution for government, military and other office 
environments with mid- to high-volume document protection and information security needs," said Hede Nonaka, 
Vice President of Marketing for Ricoh Corporation. "The Ricoh Removable Hard Drive solution ensures sensitive 
information is controlled at all times."

The Aficio 1060/1075 RHD is available at a suggested retail price of $1,500.  The Aficio1060/1070 additional RHD 
accessory is also available at a suggested retail price of $765.

Ricoh Corporation - 8/4/2003

Buyers Laboratory Presents Ricoh With Five "Pick of the Year Awards"

West Caldwell, NJ, August 4, 2003 - Ricoh Corporation, the leading provider of digital office equipment, 
announced today that it has received five "Pick of the Year" awards from Buyers Laboratory Inc. (BLI), the 
nation's leading independent office products test laboratory and business consumers advocate.  BLI 
acknowledges the top performers in various categories, providing more choices from which business consumers 
can select the best machines for their specific needs.

 All products considered by Buyers Laboratory are subjected to a comprehensive three-month in-house test, 
which covers a multitude of critical performance areas, including reliability, misfeed frequency, copy and print 
image quality, copy and print productivity and efficiency, ease of use and economy.  Its extensive multitasking 
testing evaluates each unit's ability to initiate each function while others are already in progress.  Additionally, 
Buyers Laboratory also assesses each unit's ability to handle multiple jobs in a networked environment by running 
various job matrixes on each device with various software programs, paper sizes, copy/print job sizes, and 
copy/print modes.

Ricoh has received five "Pick of the Year" awards in the following categories: 

Ricoh Aficio 1027 with Print/Scan Controller- Awarded for Outstanding Segment 2, Multifunctional Imaging 
Ricoh Aficio 1060 with Print/Scan Controller- Awarded for Outstanding Segment 4, Multifunctional Imaging 
Systems (56-69 PPM). 
Ricoh Aficio 1075 with Print/Scan Controller- Awarded for Outstanding Segment 5, Multifunctional Imaging 
Ricoh Priport JP8500 with Type 80 Controller- Awarded for Outstanding Digital Duplicators. 
Ricoh FAX1160L- Awarded for Outstanding Low-Volume Fax-Centric Multifunction Imaging Systems.
"We are proud to have our products recognized as some of the most outstanding office document imaging 
products on the market by Buyers Laboratory since it is one of the most extensive and comprehensive testing 
labs in the industry," said Hede Nonaka, vice president of Marketing, Ricoh Corporation.  "The 'Pick of the Year' 
awards exemplify Ricoh's commitment to providing office solutions that offer our customers unparalleled quality 
and reliability."

"Buyers Laboratory bestows the 'Pick of the Year' awards to products that perform exceptionally well throughout 
the extensive tests and clearly stand out above the competition, " said Anthony Polifrone, president of Buyers 
Laboratory.  "Our testing process is the most extensive in the industry and confirms that the winning products 
can be counted on for high quality and superior performance."

Ricoh Corporation - 7/30/2003


West Caldwell, NJ, July 30, 2003 - Ricoh Corporation, the leading provider of digital office equipment, 
announced today that it is the recipient of nine Business Equipment Research & Test Laboratories (BERTL(tm)) 
Digital Office Awards "Best of the Best" 2003.  

 Once a year, BERTL compiles an analysis of the digital imaging industry and the products and services currently 
being offered.  They conduct a comprehensive testing of product capabilities and feedback from resellers and 
end-users.  Additionally, they investigate changes in buying dynamics and research the innovative approaches 
taken by manufacturers.  Ricoh has received awards in the following categories:

 -         "Best 71-80 ppm Digital Copier-Printer" - Ricoh's Aficio 1075 was recognized for its exceptional productivity 
levels in both copy and print modes, flexible document protection capabilities and aggressive pricing.

-         "Best Entry-Level CRD Device"- The Aficio 2090 was honored in this category for its feature-rich scanning 
network, extensive document handling capabilities and high productivity in both copy and print modes.

-         "Best Multifunction Fax"- Ricoh's FAX4410 was acknowledged for its impressive color scanning and faxing 
options and its duplex printing capabilities.

-         "Outstanding Innovation & Design"- The Priport Twin Color TC-II was awarded for its ability to revolutionize 
the way a digital duplicator can be used.  It is not only capable of doubling print productivity, but can add two 
separate colors in a single pass.

-         "Digital Duplicator Range of the Year 2003"- The Priport JP1235/JP3000/JP5500/JP8500 series was 
recognized for its versatile, well-designed range of digital duplicators.

-         "Best 'Printer Centric' Letter/A4 Color Device"- The Aficio CL3000 received this "Pick of the Year" award 
for its combination of exceptional color quality, ease of use, and aggressive pricing.

-         "Best 20-30ppm 'Printer-Centric Color' MFP"- The CL70000 CMF was recognized for its high print quality 
and productivity, as well as its ability to deliver versatile functionality and productivity enhancements.

-         "Best Office Convenience Color (Over 30ppm)"- The Aficio 1232C earned the top position in this category 
due to its extensive memory capabilities, excellent image quality, embedded network scanning in addition to its 
abundant selection of email personalization options.

-         "Best Office Convenience (Under 30ppm)"- The Aficio 1224C was awarded for its outstanding features 
including color printing at a low cost, excellent image quality and easy to print on demand capabilities.

 "We are extremely proud to receive the  'Best of the Best' awards from BERTL since they are considered to be 
a leading source of competitive intelligence in the office equipment industry," said Hede Nonaka, vice president 
of Marketing, Ricoh Corporation. "Winning these prestigious awards each year helps to validate our commitment 
to continually improving our digital product line, while still providing top-quality service and performance to our 

"Ricoh continues to impress us with the advanced digital solutions that its product line provides and we are 
pleased to present them with nine 'Best of the Best' awards this year," said Carmel Rowley, BERTL's CEO. 
"Ricoh received awards in a wide range of categories which exemplifies its versatility and its ability to provide 
award-winning products to its customers."

Ricoh Corporation - 7/22/2003


West Caldwell, NJ, July 22, 2003- Ricoh Corporation, the leading provider of digital office equipment, has named 
Tech Data Corporation, a leading worldwide provider of IT products, logistics management and other value-added 
services, Ricoh's 2002 National Distributor of the Year.  

The award, presented by Ricoh's Printing Solutions Division, recognized Tech Data's Digital Imaging Specialized 
Business Unit (SBU) for its year-over-year sales growth and ability to reach new markets. In the Fastest Growing 
Printer and Scanner National Distributor category, Tech Data's Digital Imaging SBU received top honors for 
exceptional growth and support of Ricoh's sales and support programs. As a result, Tech Data's year-over-year 
printer and scanner sales revenues for Ricoh have more than doubled. 

 "The channel is an extremely effective method of delivering business technology solutions that enable users to 
capture and store digital information," said Wendy M. Rausch, Tech Data's vice president of peripherals product 
marketing. "Along with our dedicated team of imaging professionals, Tech Data remains poised to provide 
comprehensive support for resellers looking to achieve higher margins through imaging solutions." 

 Ann Moser, Ricoh's vice president, Printing Solutions Division, added, "We are extremely pleased to name 
Tech Data our 2002 National Distributor of the Year. Tech Data has been an important distributor to Ricoh's 
Printing Solutions Division since our relationship began in July, 2001. Its Digital Imaging SBU enables our 
customers to actively participate in joint programs and efficiently deliver products to assure the best customer 
service possible." 

Tech Data's Digital Imaging SBU concentrates on complete document, photo and digital camera imaging
solutions for all vertical markets. Products include scanners, cameras, printers, software and storage, and services 
include business development support, education and training, and logistics management. Additionally, the SBU has 
a dedicated team of specialists from systems engineering, vendor product support and sales.

Ricoh Corporation - 7/15/2003

Ricoh Ranked as the 152nd Largest Manufacturer in the World

West Caldwell, NJ, July 15, 2003 - Ricoh Corporation, the leading provider of digital office equipment, 
announced today that IndustryWeek magazine has recognized its parent company, Ricoh Company Ltd., as 
one of the world's largest manufacturers in the publications eighth annual IndustryWeek 1000 list featured in 
the June 2003 issue.  

The eighth annual ranking of the world's largest publicly-held manufacturers is based on revenues and posted 
online at as a resource for visitors to search via several categories such as industry, country, 
rank and financials.  When compiling this year's rankings, IndustryWeek partnered with Mergent Inc., a leading 
provider of global business and financial information.  

 Ricoh's ranking as the 152nd largest manufacturer comes as Ricoh celebrates ten years of consistent revenue 
growth, with 8.7% growth in fiscal year 2002.  A 14.5 billion dollar worldwide company, this ranking solidifies 
Ricoh's reputation as a leader in technological research and development.

 About Ricoh Corporation

Ricoh Corporation, headquartered in West Caldwell, N.J., is a subsidiary of Ricoh Company Ltd., the 67-year-old 
leading supplier of office automation equipment and electronics, with fiscal year 2002 sales in excess of $14.5 billion.   

Ricoh Corporation is a leading provider of digital office equipment, including color and black & white digital imaging 
systems, facsimile products, printers, scanners, digital duplicators and wide format engineering systems. 

Ricoh Corporation directly or through its subsidiaries market and distribute products under the Ricoh, Savin, 
Gestetner and Lanier brands in North, Central and South America.  For fiscal year 2002, Ricoh Corporation 
sales exceeded $2.8 billion.

Ricoh Corporation - 7/10/2003

Ricoh Introduces New Version of DeskTopBinder V2 Professional Version 3

West Caldwell, NJ, July 10, 2003 - Ricoh Corporation, the leading provider of digital office equipment, today 
introduced a new version of the DeskTopBinder Professional, a document handling program that helps companies 
collaborate more effectively via electronic and paper files.         

DeskTopBinder is a personal document management tool for any user in a general office or workgroup 
environment to organize documents, develop project files and bind related electronic documents together 
for easy reference, retrieval and delivery.  DeskTopBinder displays documents of various applications that 
users have saved, allowing them to create notes, view and combine different documents and formats, then 
print, fax, and e-mail files directly from the toolbar.  Also, the new version of DeskTopBinder Professional allows 
for any file to be integrated into a customized In-Tray created by the user.  For every document added to the 
In-Tray, a thumbnail display is created that helps users locate files and documents more efficiently.

"Ricoh understands the challenges companies face when working with several files of different applications for 
a single project," said Hede Nonaka, vice president of Marketing for Ricoh Corporation.  "With the new version 
of DeskTopBinder Professional, companies have a more reliable and efficient application to combine, preview 
and print, fax or e-mail both electronic and paper files."  

 New to this version of DeskTopBinder is the Function Palette.  By dragging files to the Function Palette, users 
have input, output, and file conversion capabilities without actually opening the DeskTopBinder application.  
Features of the Function Palette include Scan, Print, Preview and Print, Send by Fax, Send by e-mail, Save in 
Job Binding, Easy Print, Convert to Image, and Convert to Text.  

 Another key feature of DeskTopBinder is the ability to convert scanned documents to digital text using the 
included Optical Character Recognition (OCR) program.  Users can also export files to specific applications 
without converting the file format and they can post documents on the Internet/Intranet without a working 
knowledge of Hyper Text Markup Language (HTML).

 In a general office or workgroup environment, DeskTopBinder Professional's features are optimized when 
combined with Ricoh's ScanRouter Professional enabling users to import and distribute files to individuals and 
groups from multiple digital multifunctional devices.  ScanRouter serves as a digital document delivery system 
that reduces the volume of paper on a user's desktop, distributes electronic copies to personnel, and saves time 
and money routing faxes directly to clients' desktops.

 The suggested retail price of the DeskTopBinder Professional is $150.

About Ricoh Corporation
Ricoh Corporation, headquartered in West Caldwell, N.J., is a subsidiary of Ricoh Company Ltd., the 67-year-old 
leading supplier of office automation equipment and electronics, with fiscal year 2002 sales in excess of $14 billion.   

 Ricoh Corporation is a leading provider of digital office equipment, including color and black & white digital 
imaging systems, facsimile products, printers, scanners, digital duplicators and wide format engineering systems. 

 Ricoh Corporation directly or through its subsidiaries market and distribute products under the Ricoh, Savin, 
Gestetner and Lanier brands in North, Central and South America.  For fiscal year 2002, Ricoh Corporation 
sales exceeded $2.8 billion.

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