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RhinoTech - 2/17/2014

RhinoTech Launches RT SunAngel DARK

The search for vivid, outstanding durable prints for DARK garments ends with the launch of the new RT SunAngel DARK.  We're wildly excited to introduce 
this latest heat transfer paper and the accompanying specialty printers and toners that will dazzle!  

Due to the absolute genius of the RT SunAngel DARK set, you can now transfer color and dazzling WHITE prints to all types of BLACK and other 
DARK apparel. And, it also transfers to all types of light fabrics. An additional benefit is that the paper is weedless; only the toner transfers, not the 
background film!

The FLUORESCENT toners are extreme; colors leap off the shirt! The WHITE, WHITE toners are especially brilliant! In comparison to other white toners 
on the market, the RT SunAngel WHITE effervescent with no hint of gray.

An added feature is that the new printers and toners can also be used with SingleStep™ and SinglePrint™ heat transfer papers.

RhinoTech - 12/10/2013

RhinoTech Announces a Digital Printing Opportunity

SingleJet™ heat transfer paper for inkjet printers is the ticket to increased profit margins and fulfillment of short-run printing projects. 
This single sheet system can be used to print eye-popping photos on light color and white textiles that are big gift items throughout all seasons. The paper 
easily reproduces animal, human and scenery photos on shirts, hats, golf towels, dish clothes, scarves and other fabric items due to the latest paper/
printer/heat press technology. You can also print customized band and sports logos with big block graphics or flat color design text. When designs 
burst with fine detail, high resolution and rich color, product value increases. Add dimension with beads, rhinestones and/or embroidery and watch the 
item’s worth explode. A $30 hat or T-shirt - no problem!

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