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R Tape - 8/4/2014

New RTape Website Features Mobile Responsive Design

RTape Corp. (SOUTH PLAINFIELD, NJ) launched their new website optimized for compatibility with mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets. The 
new mobile friendly website represents RTape's commitment to providing the graphic communications professional with the most relevant and useful 

"We felt the need to make the RTape site responsive with a broader range of devices for our customers," says John Danio, Vice President of Marketing 
for Nekoosa Holdings, Inc. "By redesigning our website we greatly improved the viewing and search capabilities on a phone or tablet. Visitors no longer 
need to fool around with zooming and shrinking the copy and images on the screen. This online resource center allows us to share information, which 
can help customers do their jobs quicker, easier and more efficiently."

The new RTape website features an easy to use product finder, distributor look-up and search functionality for accessing technical product information, 
tips-and-tricks, blog posts and case studies.

R Tape - 4/23/2013

RTape and CET Films Acquired by Nekoosa Coated Products

With the support of Wingate Partners, LLP, Nekoosa Coated Products acquired IGI Corp., parent of RTape Corp. and CET Films Corp. on Monday, 
April 22, 2013. The combination of Nekoosa Coated Products and IGI Corp. enhances the ability of both organizations to deliver innovative products 
and programs to their valued global channel partners. Paul Charapata, CEO of Nekoosa Coated Products, will lead the new organization, whereby 
RTape and CET Films will operate as divisions of Nekoosa Coated Products.

“We are privileged to partner with an outstanding team at IGI Corp. RTape Corp. has a long-standing reputation as the leader in application tape 
and a very unique, highly valuable network of distribution partners. We look forward to expanding our relationships with these vital partners,” says 
Brad Brenneman, Wingate principal. “In addition, CET Films’ value-added extruded films provide further growth opportunities.”

Paul Charapata, CEO of Nekoosa Coated Products added, “We are excited about this unique opportunity to combine two market leading businesses 
that are centered on a common goal of providing exceptional value to their respective channel partners. The unified strength from this combination 
will provide our employees and customers with outstanding long term growth opportunities.”

Bud Philbrook, CEO of IGI Corp. will serve as a member of the Board of Directors for the combined organization. "I am very proud of the employees of 
both RTape and CET Films. Their efforts, combined with the support of our marketplace partners, have resulted in an outstanding market position. 
The opportunity to join forces with Nekoosa Coated Products provides the perfect platform for long term success,” said Philbrook. “Nekoosa Coated 
Products is an outstanding company that is well aligned to our core principles and growth goals. I look forward to serving as a director in support of 
Paul’s leadership.”

R Tape - 8/2/2012

New RTape Brite Overall Iridescent Silver Film

RTape recently introduced an improved version of its Brite Overall Iridescent Silver film to the VinylEfx® metalized vinyl product line. Advances in 
tooling technology have rendered what normally is an unappealing shim line invisible. A second benefit of the new tooling is a clearer reproduction 
of the iridescent pattern, which improves the overall appearance of this holographic rainbow film. The  exceptional clarity and radiant display of colors 
of the new film transforms the plain photographic image into something not so plain. The eye-catching film attracts the viewer’s attention, making it a 
perfect choice for Point-Of-Purchase displays, store window graphics, tradeshow posters, labels, and product identification.

The new Brite Overall film is available in both Decorative and Durable series.  Decorative series VinylEfx® films are ideal for indoor applications. 
Durable series films are suitable for outdoor graphics, providing up to three years exterior durability.

Printability. If you can print on vinyl, you can print on RTape’s new Brite Overall Iridescent Silver film. Unlike silver polyesters, VinylEfx® films require no 
special top coating. The films are printable using thermal transfer, solvent, ecosolvent and UV inkjet digital print technologies.  VinylEfx® films are also 
printable using solvent-based and UV curable screen print inks.

R Tape - 4/25/2011

R Tape Introduces Chalk Talk

Have you ever wished there was a film so easy to apply that a child could do it? Now there's Chalk Talk. With its EZ on/EZ off adhesive, you don't need
to be a pro to install this remarkable new R Tape film. With Chalk Talk you just peel and stick. It applies easily to sign substrates, conference walls and 
kitchen cabinets.

And Chalk Talk is just as easy to remove. Just peel it off the surface. It removes with no damage to the substrate and no messy adhesive residue. That 
means you don't have to mess with toxic chemical removers. 

Chalk Talk is also safe enough for children to apply. It contains no harmful levels of phthalate plasticizers, no lead and no carcinogens. And it's even safe
for indirect food contact. Tested by an independent lab, Chalk Talk complies with California's Prop 65 and federal CPSIA regulations.

Available in 24" x 10 yd. rolls; 24" x 50 yd. rolls; 48" x 10 yrd. and 48" x 50 yd. rolls. Chalk Talk is great for: Restaurant Menu Boards, Classrooms, 
Children's Rooms and Conference Room Walls.

R Tape - 9/29/2009

New Claritex Polycarbonate Films For UV-Curable Inkjet Printers

R Tape Corporation (South Plainfield, NJ) recently introduced 10 mil and 15 mil, clear and white Claritex 
polycarbonate films for UV curable inkjet printers.  These rigid films exhibit exceptional lay flat characteristics, 
which can prevent damaging and costly head strikes during printing.  This lay flat feature also prevents edge 
curl, which is a major complaint about media used in banner stands.

Claritex Clear Velvet/Polish Films. The 10 mil and 15 mil clear Velvet/Polish films are excellent choices for 
backlit signage and displays, graphic overlay panels, illuminated menu boards and vending machine graphics. 
By printing in reverse on the gloss subsurface, the Claritex polycarbonate film protects the printed graphic. 
The textured velvet finish on the outside surface of the  film prevents distracting reflections from overhead lights, 
improving readability and enhancing the beauty of the printed graphic. This mar-resistant finish also hides any 
unsightly surface scratches. Both the 10 mil and the 15 mil films are rigid enough to easily slide into backlit display 
Claritex White Velvet/Matte Films. The 10 mil and 15 mil brilliant white  Velvet/Matte films are 95% opaque, 
which provides the needed hiding power to eliminate background shadows.  This makes these opaque  films 
ideal for Point-Of-Purchase posters, retractable banner stands, tradeshow booth panels, transit advertising and 
bus shelter advertising.   

For added rigidity, you can laminate the printed side of the white polycarbonate with an Eclypse® polycarbonate 
overlaminate or R Tape’s new Patterned Overlaminates.  Printed clear Claritex films can be laminated to a 
white backer, which will protect the printed image.

R Tape’s new Claritex polycarbonate films for UV curable inkjet printers are available in 30", 54", and 60" 
widths, in 30’ and 60’ rolls.

R Tape - 9/18/2008

R Tape Joins the Sign Association of Canada

R Tape brings industry-leading products and services for sign makers and vehicle wrappers to SAC members

R Tape, a leading provider of tapes and films for the sign, screen print and digital printing industry, has 
announced that it has joined the Sign Association of Canada (SAC). The Sign Association of Canada has 
represented the sign industry in Canada and its members for more than 50 years. 

R Tape brings nearly 30 years’ worth of industry expertise to SAC’s membership. SAC members will be able 
to more easily learn first-hand about R Tape’s popular products for vehicle wrapping and sign-making, 
including the DigiMask™ Series, which is a useful installation aid for vehicle wraps and Vinylefx, R Tape’s 
printable metallized vinyl. 

“We are excited about being a member of the Sign Association of Canada,” said Guy Leigh, vice president of 
Sales & Marketing, R Tape. “We look forward to working with the group on the issues that we all as an 
industry face on a daily basis.”

“We are pleased that R Tape has decided to join the SAC and reap the many benefits we as an organization 
can provide,” said Fred Elkins, president of SAC, “Additionally, our membership stands to benefit greatly from 
R Tape being a part of the association. Sometimes, the critical nature of R Tape’s products to a sign-maker’s 
or vehicle wrapper’s end product can be taken for granted. We look forward to R Tape’s contributions to 
our membership.”

R Tape - 5/5/2008

R Tape Launches Free DVD Giveaway for Current and Aspiring Vehicle Wrappers

South Plainfield, NJ - May 5, 2008 - R Tape, a leading provider of film for the sign, screen print and digital 
printing industry, has announced a new DVD promotional giveaway that anyone in the vehicle wrap business, 
or those interested in getting into vehicle wrapping, should want to get their hands on. The "R Tape DVD 
Giveaway" provides a free copy of "Secrets of Successful Vehicle Wrappers" to those looking to boost their 
wrap offerings or learn more about the business. 

"The vehicle wrap business is growing day by day. All you have to do is look around you to see all the cars, 
trucks and buses that have been wrapped with some sort of promotion or advertising," said Dave Harris, 
director of sales for R Tape who heads up the company’s vehicle wrap market. "It’s a highly specialized field, 
but when done properly, it can be extremely rewarding and a little education can go a long way. This DVD was 
designed to give the latest information, so even old school wrappers can benefit from this new advice."

Vehicle wrapping is one of the hottest applications in the $6 billion outdoor advertising industry and now it’s 
rapidly moving into the consumer segment.

R Tape’s "Secrets of Successful Vehicle Wrappers" DVD features the newest techniques and demonstrations 
from industry professionals. It offers instruction on the vehicle wrap industry, giving advice on the latest advances, 
tips and tricks to doing high-quality wrap projects -- insight only a professional wrapper can give. 

The DVD features experts from Gatorwraps ( of Las Vegas, Nevada, who advise viewers 
on how to easily stretch a graphic or the preferred tools to work with. 

Viewers also learn how to create a wrap design that sets their customers’ businesses apart with, for example, 
exciting and eye-catching printable metalized finishes using R Tape’s Vinylefx, printable metalized vinyl that 
dramatically enhances design options and increases profits.

"I can sell more wraps just because of the way our wraps look on the street," said Mike Faulkner, director of 
operations at Gatorwraps. "People see the average wrap and they’re going to see the ones with Vinylefx on it 
and obviously they’re going to come to the ones that have the more eye-catching designs."

"Great graphics today are being inspired by NASCAR, OEM car manufacturers, the blending of music and 
artistic cultures and worldwide influences. Techno, metallic and industrial design elements are now mainstream. 
Products like Carbon fibre, brushed aluminum and metallic finishes are giving designers a whole new color palette," 
said Harris. "But all this creative work is still only as good as the application, and that’s how this DVD can help."

To get a free copy of the "Secrets of Successful Vehicle Wrappers" DVD, wrappers and aspiring wrappers 
interested in learning the latest secrets of successful wrapping should send a fax on their company’s letterhead 
with address information to: John Porpora - "R Tape DVD Giveaway"  Fax #908-753-5014

R Tape - 7/17/2007

Cornelius Joins R Tape

R Tape Corporation (South Plainfield, NJ),  the world's leading manufacturer of application tape and embossed 
metallized vinyl films, announced that Tom Cornelius has joined the  company as Director of Sales Region I. In 
his new position, Cornelius will direct sales activities for the Eastern US and Canada. Cornelius  was previously 
Vice President of Sales for FDC Graphic Films in South Bend Indiana.  He also held technical sales positions with 
Avery Dennison, Rexam, Ritrama and Dunmore

In 1987, Cornelius earned a B.S. degree in Printing Management from Rochester Institute of Technology. In the 
Graphic Arts industry, he has significant hands-on experience with the heat-set web and sheet fed offset, screen 
print, gravure and flexography processes. His strong technical background  also includes experience in metallizing 
and topcoating PVC, PET, BOPP and OPP films. Cornerlius currently resides in the Indianapolis area , with his 
wife, Jennifer, and three children.

R Tape - 7/17/2007

R Tape's New 4782, Sticks to Slick UV Screen Print Inks & Clear Coats

R Tape Corporation (South Plainfield, NJ),  the world's leading manufacturer of application tape and embossed 
metallized vinyl films, announces the introduction of  4782.  The 4782 premium grade, screen print premask  is 
designed to adhere to extraordinarily slick  UV ink and clear coat systems. 

4782 is also an exceptional choice as a premask for 4-color process graphics.  A heavy coat weight of adhesive 
is designed to flow into the peaks and valleys of four-color process prints. The unique medium-tack, rubber 
adhesive system, along with the soft hand of the saturated premium-grade paper facestock, aid the adhesion of 
the premask to the printed graphic, without  the adhesion building to stored graphics.

Although the adhesive is aggressive enough to adhere to slick UV clear coats, it releases easily from printed 
graphics following vinyl application. Aggressive, high tack tapes, by comparison, frequently pull applied graphics 
from the substrate, especially if the vinyl has a low initial tack adhesive system. 

R Tape's 4782 screen print premask  also features a clean-tearing, no-legging adhesive system. During vinyl 
graphics application, the new R Tape premask  also handles much easier. If adhesive touches adhesive, the 
forgiving adhesive system permits the user to  pull  the tape apart easily with no adhesive delamination. 4782 
also performs remarkably well, when using wet application techniques.  The new technology anchors the 
adhesive to the paper facestock, preventing adhesive transfer to vinyl graphics, eliminating time-consuming 
clean up.  

For more information, please contact your local R Tape distributor or call R Tape direct at 800-440-1250 or

R Tape - 7/17/2007

New R Tape Vinylefx Product Selection Guide

R Tape Corporation (South Plainfield, NJ),  the world's leading manufacturer of application tape and embossed 
metallized vinyl films, announces the publication of their  new Vinylefx films product selection guide.  The R 
Tape catalog will feature the company's wide array of eye-catching metallized film swatches. Vinylefx films are 
sold  to the sign, screen print and digital print markets through the company's network of more than 300 distributor 
locations in more than 65 countries. 

R Tape's product selection guide includes more than 21 offerings in the company's wide web printer series. These 
Vinylefx wide web films are available in 30" (.77 meter) and 48" (1.22 meter) wide roll widths and   in either 50 yd. 
(46 meter) or 250 yd.  (229 meter) rolls. New wide web patterns featured in the catalog include Rainbow, 1-3/8" 
Multi-lens®, Metal Flake, Coarse Brush, Mosaic, Hammered Leaf and Galvanized.

All of R Tape's  metallized vinyl films in both their decorative and outdoor durable series vinyls are printable using 
a variety of  screen print inks, thermal transfer systems, and  solvent and ecosolvent ink jet printers.  The VinylEFX 
films can be computer-cut, steel rule die cut, thermal die cut, embossed and domed.

To order R Tape's new Vinylefx product selection guide and the company's application and printing instruction 
guide, please contact your local R Tape distributor or call R Tape direct at 800-440-1250 or 908-753-5014.

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