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Neschen Americas - 9/16/2013

Neschen Introduces Pure Color Samba Fabric

Dancing to market is Samba Fabric, the newest member of the Pure Color™ media family. Samba's bright white fabric enriches colors making them bolder 
and even more vivid to capture attention and captivate the eye. Intended for use indoors, Samba has a variety of applications, such as retail and point-
of-purchase displays, as well as pole pocket banners and indoor banner displays. It's an economic design solution that works well with display systems 
such as Neschen's Roll Up and Roll Up Deluxe, due to its ability to lay flat and produce very minimal curl. Additionally, its' backlit capabilities and ease 
of installation add to Samba's long list of benefits.

Pure Color™ Samba is 100% polyester and only weighs 5 oz/yd2. This lightweight yet durable fabric can be easily cut, making it highly customizable to 
satisfy an endless array of ideas and needs. Samba's ability to be incorporated into several types of fabric frame systems is not its only versatile feature. 
It has also been designed for use with all printers - solvent, eco-solvent, latex and UV. Essentially, Samba delivers amazing value by offering many of 
the same features as higher-end fabrics, but at half the cost.

"Samba is an entry level textile for customers who are new to printing on fabric or who want to try an easy to use fabric that has a richer feel and look than 
PVC" reveals Tiffany Guard, Senior Product Manager of Inkjet Media, Neschen Americas. "The most attractive feature of Pure Color™ Samba, besides its 
cost, is that its bright white point simply makes colors pop."

Samba is currently available in rolls measuring 54" x 100' and 60" x 100' with sample rolls measuring 20" x 10'.

Neschen Americas - 6/26/2013

Neschen Broadens Self Adhesive Digital Design Line to Include SolvoPrint Easy Dot

Neschen Americas has one of the most versatile self-adhesive digital design media on the market. Its latest addition, SolvoPrint™ Easy Dot, features a 
special dot patterned adhesive, which creates air channels that allow for both bubble- and wrinkle-free installation. Describing SolvoPrint™ Easy Dot as 
being easy to use or easy to install is an understatement considering that no special tools, equipment or training is required and the product can be 
repositioned during installation to get it exactly right. All that's needed is the desire to create clear, high quality graphics applied to areas with high 
visibility, such as windows, exhibits or point-of-purchase retail signage.

SolvoPrint™ Easy Dot is a 4 mil self-adhesive vinyl available in a matte white or clear frosted finish. The matte works especially well for wall graphics, 
creating a non-glare finish so that light reflection is not an issue. The clear version is an excellent choice for windows, and can be reverse printed for 
interior applications.  Recommended for use on flat surfaces, SolvoPrint™ Easy Dot is perfect for indoor use and can even be used outdoors for up to 
two years. Designed for use with solvent, eco-solvent, latex and UV-curable printers, its comprehensive printer compatibility makes it a desirable and 
accessible option.

Besides its revolutionary dot pattern making installation a breeze, it is also equally easy to remove SolvoPrint™ Easy Dot.  It requires no heat or special 
chemicals for removal and leaves no residue behind. Best of all, these features are easy on the wallet by allowing the reuse of substrates and reducing 
the cost of labor and materials.

"SolvoPrint™ Easy Dot is an exciting addition to an already robust line of self-adhesive digitally printable materials," states Tiffany Guard, Sr. Product 
Manager of Inkjet Media, Neschen Americas. "This highly versatile and unique media immediately expands the capabilities of sign shops and exhibit 
houses, making them an invaluable resource for end users to increase their display options and solutions."

Other self-adhesive stand outs offered by Neschen are ClearGrip and Pure Color™ Fresco AdTex™. A 3.2 mil, removable clear self-adhesive vinyl, ClearGrip 
is exclusively used to create and install window graphics allowing for bubble-free application thanks to the well known gudy® window by SEAL 
adhesive technology. Perfect for retail signage and point-of-purchase displays, ClearGrip lets windows do the talking as consumers walk by. Pure Color™ 
Fresco AdTex™ is clearly the media of choice for wall graphics in terms of ease of use and creativity. Fresco AdTex™ can be tiled together to create 
grand murals or custom cut into decals for premium placement. It is also the choice of Wide Format Imaging readers, earning a 2013 Reader's Choice 
Top Product Award in the fabric & textile category. A lightweight 5 oz/yd2 polyester textile with a removable and repositionable adhesive, Fresco 
AdTex's bright white, matte fabric reduces glare from lighting and offers enough opacity to cover practically any surface.

SolvoPrint™ Easy Dot and ClearGrip, along with Pure Color™ Fresco AdTex™, are three of the premier self-adhesive media choices on the market and 
Neschen Americas is proud to deliver such top notch quality to its customers.

Neschen Americas - 3/18/2013

SEAL 65 EL to Debut at ISA Expo 2013

As your world gets bigger, busier, bolder and more competitive at each turn, your customers are asking for more. Large window graphics. Colorful vehicle 
wraps. Trade show banners that need to stand out in a crowd. How do you give them what they need and not break your bank doing it? The 
answer is simple- the SEAL 65 EL. 
With an affordable price tag that combines legendary SEAL performance with ease of use for new users, the 65 EL translates into a money-saving 
laminator that, at the end of the day, will put more money in your pocket- and keep your customers coming back. Ideal for mounting and laminating 
pressure sensitive graphics, the 65 EL comes equipped with our unique auto-grip supply shafts for easy webbing, has a manually adjusted nip to 1" 
for effortless handling of most substrates and a fast 14 feet per minute production speed.  Its simple controls allow new or veteran users to create 
professionally finished graphics with ease.  Backed by the best warranty in the industry, you won't find any other laminator on the market that fits 
the bill like the 65 EL. 

"The addition of the SEAL 65 EL to our laminator portfolio has allowed us to expand on the success of the 54 EL," remarks Angela Mohni, 
VP Marketing, Neschen Americas. "We are excited to be able to increase our product range to provide a finishing solution to customers who 
are investing in 64" print technology."

The fact is, wider and larger is the future of the industry. And the 65 EL addresses this market need perfectly in an affordable, attractive and reliable 
way. It's time to make that move. And the timing, as they say, couldn't be better.

Neschen Americas - 11/20/2012

Neschen Introduces SEAL 65 Pro MD

With great anticipation and fanfare, Neschen Americas introduced the SEAL® 65 Pro MD at this year's SGIA Expo. The 65 Pro MD is the most 
state-of-the-art, multi-functional laminator currently available on the market. This high production machine is specifically designed to meet the needs 
of the most demanding print service providers. In a nutshell, the SEAL® 65 Pro MD is the ultimate laminator for finishing professionals. 

Measuring 65" wide, the 65 Pro MD uses cutting-edge technology to provide SEAL® quality and performance at a competitive price. Its new design 
includes two major technological breakthroughs in laminator performance - speed of thermal encapsulation and the Easy Operator Interface™ (EOI). A 
key benefit to the 65 Pro MD is that it can run thermal encapsulation with 3mil film on top and bottom at more than 15 feet per minute, nearly three 
times faster than most comparable laminators in the market today. This unmatched speed, along with temperature, cooling and nip height are all 
controlled through the EOI, a touch screen control panel which is mounted on a swivel pendant that moves easily from the front to the back of the 
machine. Additional features include swing out auto-grip shafts, a removable front/rear image roll trough and precision pneumatic rollers.

"The SEAL® 65 Pro MD amazed every SGIA expo attendee that stopped by our booth," shares Jim Fino, Product Manager - Finishing, Neschen 
Americas. "The many features and benefits built into every inch of this machine, such as the Easy Operator Interface™ and quartz infrared heated 
rollers, surpass any other machine on the market. The SEAL® 65 Pro MD marries consistent, high quality graphic output with continuous, high 
volume production, matching the needs of today's market."

The introduction of a new laminator also brought the introduction of a new booth design. Two interactive towers highlighted a variety of Neschen 
Americas media for expo attendees to experience. Both towers were outfitted with PrintLux™ CityLight Superior, a backlit film for aqueous and latex 
printers. The booth also featured SolvoPrint™ NoLite 360, which is the perfect choice for hanging display systems. Print Shield® Floor Guard® was 
laminated to Nolite 360 for extra rigidity and anti-glaring, representing the perfect combination of materials for a tradeshow panel. Pure Color Fresco 
AdTex™, a lightweight polyester textile with a removable and re-positionable adhesive, was featured in one tower with plenty of opportunity to handle 
the media and experience its key benefits of easy installation and removal of wall graphics.

The very popular Print Shield® Anti-Graffiti could also be found, which offers protection against a wide variety of chemicals and stains. Time was very 
well spent by all SGIA attendees who tested all of these products and more.

"The launch of the SEAL® 65 Pro MD, which combines 100 years of knowledge and experience in engineering and design, has been a significant 
achievement this year," claims Angela Mohni, Vice President of Marketing, Neschen Americas. "Another great achievement was our overall 
presence at this year's show, which was wonderfully received. Everyone's feedback was extremely positive and it's satisfying to know that our 
results are nothing short of success."

Neschen Americas' family of products underscores what customers have come to expect. As customers strive to do and achieve more, so will 
Neschen Americas by regularly pushing boundaries and taking its' customers feedback to heart. The SEAL® 65 Pro MD is just the latest example 
of Neschen Americas continuous innovation and commitment. As always, there's more to come.

Neschen Americas - 5/16/2012

SEAL Introduces Print Shield Base Textured Matte

Neschen Americas is pleased to announce the latest addition to the SEAL® pressure-sensitive laminating films family - Print Shield® Base Textured 

Print Shield® Base Textured Matte is a cost effec­tive, 3mil vinyl over-laminate specifically desig­ned to offer outstanding protection against dirt, 
moisture and abrasion. Its fine sand textu­re gives it a semi-matte finish that will reduce glare from direct lighting, making it an excel­lent choice for 
brightly lit trade show graphics and roll up banner stand applications. Print Shield Base Textured Matte is flexible and works with a myriad of both 
indoor and outdoor applications.

"SEAL® is excited to launch Print Shield® Base Textured Matte, which is another great example of our brand's innovation," shares Jim Fino, Product 
Manager - Finishing, Neschen Americas. "We are consistently striving to deliver more benefits to our customers and Print Shield® Base Textured 
Matte is another versatile product we are able to offer at a very attractive price point."

Currently available in the following sizes: 38" x 200', 51" x 200' and 54" x 200', Neschen Americas is showcasing this product so that customers can 
experience it for themselves and understand how they can use it best. Print Shield Base Textured Matte pairs perfectly with Neschen SolvoPrint™ and 
PrintLux™ Nolite165 6.5 mil 100% blockout polyester print media.

Sample rolls are available for customers to try the product before committing to a full size roll.

Neschen Americas extends SEAL®'s line of films by offering Print Shield® Base Textured Matte, a quality solution that effectively reduces glare from 
either sunlight or overhead lighting and protects the graphic from every day handling.

Neschen Americas - 3/19/2012

Neschen Americas Launches New Products

Neschen Americas is thrilled for the 2012 ISA Sign Expo, which will be in Orlando, FL from March 22 – 24. A plethora of new products will be on 
display to include the Neschen Americas Signage Application Kits, which were just released earlier this month. By combining Neschen brand media 
with SEAL®’s finishing products, Neschen Americas has leveled the playing field making the creation of short run, customized signage profitable for 
all. These kits are specifically designed for window, floor and anti-graffiti signage utilizing some of the company’s most popular products such as 
gudy® window by SEAL®, Print Shield® Anti-Graffiti, Print Shield® Floor Guard and SolvoPrint™ MightyGrip Gray. The shorter roll lengths of these 
products reduce overall cash outlay and inventory carrying cost of the materials. Expo attendees will be able to investigate these signage 
application kits up close and personally while having a multitude of Neschen Americas experts available for questioning.

Also new for Neschen Americas are PrintLux™ Nolite 165, Nolite 370 and CityLight Superior for aqueous printers, all coming to booth #1626. At 8.5 mils 
thick, CityLight Superior is a aqueous and latex printable backlit film with superior rigidity compared to thinner products currently available in the market. 
This is a critical feature to avoid “sagging” when the material is displayed in a light box. The thickness of CityLight Superior also allows it to absorb the 
heat used to dry latex inks producing vibrant colors. Other new products on display will be Pure Color™ Fresco AdTex™, a polyester self-adhesive textile 
and SolvoPrint™ WallGrip, which is the go-to product for indoor wall graphics. Perfect for signage, retail displays, murals and trade show graphics, 
SolvoPrint™ WallGrip’s specialty removable adhesive leaves no residue or wall damage.

On the finishing side, Neschen Americas is bringing the coveted SEAL® 54 EL laminator, which will be on display at booth #1522. Launched just one and 
a half years ago, the industry is still marveling at the capabilities and features of the SEAL® 54 EL. For ISA expo attendees who have yet to see this high 
quality, economy-priced laminator, the wait will soon be over. As a special offer, anyone who purchases a SEAL® 54 EL during the 2012 ISA Sign Expo 
will receive two Neschen Americas Signage Application Kits for free.

With Neschen Americas’ key staff and training experts in attendance, on-the-booth training will be held during the expo to deliver the latest tips and tricks 
that sign industry professionals can use to produce high quality graphics in less time and at a reduced cost. Neschen Americas is also participating in 
ISA’s “Innovation Station,” which is new at this year’s expo, and sponsoring two education sessions featuring Mark Rugen, Training and Education 
Center Manager for Neschen Americas. On Thursday, March 22, Rugen will present “Whippin’ the $#!% Out of Graffiti” showcasing the benefits and 
features of Print Shield® Anti-Graffiti and on Friday, March 23 he will deliver “Removable Window Graphics: Stuck on Profit,” which is one of the most 
popular advertising mediums being used by retailers today.

“Neschen Americas is particularly excited about this year’s ISA Sign Expo due to all of our new products,” shares Angela Mohni, Vice President of 
Marketing, Neschen Americas. “Not only is innovation a theme at this year’s event, but it’s also one of our key drivers that consistently delivers value 
to our customers each and every day.”

Neschen Americas - 5/10/2011

Neschen Americas Takes Its Laminating Boot Camp on the Road

–Neschen Americas is pleased to announce that its laminating expertise is being brought directly to customers. Previously, laminating boot camps were 
limited to the Neschen Americas Training & Education Center in Elkridge, Maryland, but beginning this month that will change. Seven training seminars 
have already been scheduled throughout the United States and Canada, with the first one being held on May 18 – 19 in Los Angeles, California.

Neschen Americas’ laminating boot camp is a two-day hands-on training seminar on its SEAL® and Neschen brand products. Students will be given 
the opportunity to execute applications using SEAL laminators and consumables. Class sizes are limited to 12 students and the student to teacher ratio 
of 4:1 allows for individual attention and ample time for questions and answers with Neschen Americas’ expert trainers and technicians. Speaking of 
expert trainers, industry-renown Mark Rugen, Manager of the Neschen Americas Training & Education Center, will teach each and every laminating 
boot camp ensuring quality and consistency.

“The best hands-on training for laminators and materials I have attended,” claims Rob Galloway of Charlotte, North Carolina, who made the trip to 
Elkridge, Maryland last year.

A variety of SEAL laminators are used in the class, such as the 54 Base or 62 Base, the 62 Pro and the increasingly popular 54 EL, which was 
launched in October 2010. Applications include, but are not limited to, single-sided cold lamination, roll-to-roll laminating, edge wrapping and 
mounting. Products featured in the class include Print Shield® Base, Print Shield® Floor Guard, Print Shield® Anti-Graffiti and gudy® window 
by SEAL.

“We have done multiple laminating boot camps in Maryland and they have been extremely successful,” states Mark Rugen, Manager of the Neschen 
Americas Training & Education Center. “Customers have continually asked if we were coming to their area and we are excited to meet their increasing 
demands. This decision is just another example of our commitment to training and education and how we bring that philosophy to the 

Neschen Americas - 3/11/2011

Neschen Continues to Expand Its Digital Print Media Options for INDISPLAY and More

Neschen® is excited to announce the addition of SolvoPrint™ Nolite 165, Nolite 360 and PP Banner 210 to its already extensive line of digital print media. 
The perfect complement to Neschen’s INDISPLAY program, these new inkjet printable media feature a scratch resistant inkjet coating, which makes 
images and colors pop brilliantly. Thanks to their lay flat capability, which eliminates edge curl, both SolvoPrint™ Nolite 165 and PP Banner 210 work well 
with roll up and 4 screen display systems. SolvoPrint™ Nolite 360’s stiff construction with non-curling edges makes it an excellent choice for pop up 
display systems.

SolvoPrint™ Nolite 165 and Nolite 360 are suitable for indoor, as well as short-term outdoor use. They are designed for solvent, eco-solvent and UV-curable 
inks. Both products have a matte finish and SolvoPrint™ Nolite 165 is 6.5 mil while SolvoPrint™ Nolite 360 provides more rigidity with a thickness of 13.8 
mil. SolvoPrint™ PP Banner 210, which can be used with solvent and eco-solvent inks, is intended for indoor use only with a matte finish and a thickness 
of 8.3 mil.

Due to their inkjet coating, these new media options enhance color rendition better than uncoated film and are ideally suited for P-O-P displays, retail 
signage and trade show graphics. In addition to SolvoPrint™ Nolite 165, Nolite 360 and PP Banner 210’s compelling features, they also offer various 
benefits to end users and Print Service Providers (PSPs). The back of the SolvoPrint™ Nolite 165 and SolvoPrint™ Nolite 360 is a sleek looking silver 
which provides 100% opacity, preventing shadows and image wash-out in backlit conditions allowing end users a variety of placement options with 
various lighting scenarios. While not completely light blocking, SolvoPrint™ PP Banner 210’s silver back provides a high level of opacity. An 
overlaminate is recommended to provide additional protection and increased rigidity extending the use of the media even more.

“Neschen is committed to bringing high quality inkjet products to market and SolvoPrint™ Nolite 165, Nolite 360 and PP Banner 210 are welcome additions to 
our digital print media portfolio,” states Tiffany Guard, Product Manager of Inkjet Media, Neschen Americas. “These media products are extremely 
versatile offering PSPs numerous benefits while expanding their range of creative display solutions.”

SolvoPrint™ Nolite 165 is available in rolls measuring 36” x 98’. SolvoPrint™ Nolite 360 is available in rolls measuring 36” x 66’ and 60” x 66’. SolvoPrint™ PP 
Banner 210 is available in rolls measuring 36” x 98’ and 60” x 98’. All products are available in sample rolls measuring 30” x 10’.

Neschen Americas - 10/25/2010

SEAL OptiMount Sealed the Deal at 2010 SGIA Expo

Neschen Americas showcased its latest and greatest product offerings at this year’s SGIA Expo, including SEAL® OptiMount®. OptiMount is the perfect face-
mounting adhesive when working with inkjet, photographic or plain paper media and bonding them to clear acrylics, plastics and glass. OptiMount is a double-
sided, pressure-sensitive, water-based adhesive with a carrier fi lm thickness of 1 mil. Its clear carrier creates a permanent bond to both graphics and substrates.

“SEAL OptiMount is specifi cally designed to cope with the demands of backlit applications,” states David Conrad, Senior Product Manager – Finishing, 
Neschen Americas. “It is an economically-priced alternative to its sister product, OptiMount Ultra, delivering similar performance at a fraction of the cost.”

Currently available in the following sizes: 41” x 200’ and 51” x 200’, expo attendees had the opportunity to personally see SEAL OptiMount in action at 
Booth #2647. Participants got an up close view on exactly howSEAL OptiMount works judging the performance and cost savings for themselves.

Neschen Americas - 10/22/2010

Print Shield Anti-Graffiti Wins Product of the Year at SGIA Expo

Neschen Americas is proud to announce that Seal® Print Shield® Anti-Graffiti - a specialty pressure-sensitive laminating film, has won the 2010 SGIA Product 
of the Year in the Finishing-Laminates, Adhesives, Films, Coatings category.

“The Product of the Year competition recognizes the top equipment and supplies currently on the market that are advancing the specialty imaging industry,” 
said Michael Robertson, SGIA’s President and CEO. “Winners represent the best consumables and output devices that offer faster, higher quality output for 
the wide-format digital market.”

Each entry was evaluated and judged by industry leaders based on its perceived value to the digital imaging community, and was showcased in the Golden 
Image Gallery at the 2010 SGIA Expo in Las Vegas, October 13-15.

Print Shield Anti-Graffi ti protects images printed on UV or solvent ink-jet printers from a wide variety of chemicals, such as paints, permanent marker and 
acrylics, and has won this prestigious award for its key benefi ts, which include maintaining a long-lasting professional look while being easy to clean with 
common, economical cleaners. This unique high-performance fi lm offers the highest moisture barrier of any clear, fl exible fi lm on the market, which means 
true protection against graffi ti, unlike anything else that is available in today’s digital print and fi nishing market place.

“We are honored to receive this award, which highlights our commitment to produce innovative products that advance the digital graphics industry”, said 
Dave Conrad, Neschen Americas Senior Product Manager. “We continue to work with our partners and the market to develop new products that help our 
customers enhance, display and protect their graphics in changing environments.

Neschen Americas - 9/23/2010

Neschen Americas Unveils New 54 EL

Neschen Americas is excited about exhibiting at the 2010 SGIA Expo in Las Vegas, Nevada from October 13 - 15. Debuting at booth #2647 is the new 
SEAL® 54 EL Laminator, which is designed for users who are new to lamination. This high-quality laminator is 54” wide and has a very durable uniframe 
construction. It is an economy-priced, cold roll laminator for budget-conscious consumers that offers many features found in SEAL®’s higher production level 

Mark Rugen, Manager of the Neschen Americas Training and Education Programs, will be on hand to demonstrate the SEAL® 54 EL’s numerous features 
and benefits, such as its light weight, high tensile strength supply shafts, which makes it easier to load rolls of film. Additional features include a flip-up 
in-feed table; variable pressure capability; 1” nip and several other new enhancements making Booth #2647 a must-see at this year’s expo.

Staying budget friendly, expo attendees will also be exposed to SEAL’s OptiMount® adhesive, an economically-priced alternative to SEAL’s existing 
high-quality, premium adhesive known as OptiMount® Ultra. OptiMount is the perfect face-mounting adhesive when working with inkjet, 
photographic, electrostatic or plain paper media and bonding them to clear acrylics, plastics and glass. OptiMount is a double-sided, pressure-sensitive 
water-based adhesive with a clear carrier that creates a permanent bond to both graphics and substrates. With OptiMount and OptiMount Ultra, SEAL 
now offers quality solutions at various price points continually addressing customers’ needs.

As if premiering the SEAL® 54 EL isn’t enough, Neschen Americas will have its expert trainers on hand for on-the-booth training to demonstrate how to 
eliminate waste and increase efficiencies in fi nishing. Neschen Americas’ laminating expert Brian Gibson, who has approximately 20 years of industry 
experience, will show attendees the most effi cient way to web a laminator and how to utilize it to get smooth, flat, wrinkle-free results. Gibson is an authority 
teaching print shop professionals how to ultimately create the best fi nish possible. In just 20 minutes, attendees will be ready to apply his tips and tricks on the 
laminator in their own print shop saving time and money, while simultaneously increasing profits.

“The 2010 SGIA Expo is one of the premium shows in our industry and it is the perfect venue to debut our new 54 EL Laminator along with our latest product 
offerings,” says Angela Mohni, Vice President of Marketing, Neschen Americas. “It is also an opportunity to showcase our industry experts and the 
exceptional education and training that they provide, because today’s consumers demand more than quality products and services. Neschen Americas isn’t 
just about meeting expectations and we are happy to demonstrate how we go above and beyond to exceed them.”

Also featured will be an application gallery that will showcase approximately seven commonly created applications to include reference guides on all the 
materials used. Show specials and discounts will be highlighted throughout the expo as Neschen Americas staff will urge attendees to stop by often. Booth 
#2647 will be a “hot spot” at the 2010 SGIA Expo and is surely not to be missed!

Neschen Americas - 9/8/2010

Neschen Announces Launch of SolvoPrint Nolite 175

Neschen® is excited to introduce SolvoPrint™ Nolite 175, whose key feature is providing 100% opacity to remove shadows and image wash-out due to backlit 
conditions. Its rigid, polyester film ensures the media stays flat and eliminates edge curl when used in display systems. Its scratch-resistant coating makes 
graphics durable, while maintaining message clarity and attractiveness, and allows for use in short-term situations with no lamination saving time and money.

SolvoPrint Nolite 175’s matte finish and weight of 7.10 oz/yd2 makes it the perfect option for P-O-P displays, retail signage, trade show graphics and display 
systems, especially roll-ups. Since SolvoPrint Nolite 175 is designed for use with solvent, eco-solvent, latex and UV-curable printers, its full-range of printer 
options makes it very accessible and compatible.

Suitable for indoor and short-term outdoor use, SolvoPrint Nolite 175 lends itself to be the perfect media for INDISPLAY, an intelligent and inspired display 
solution taking customers to the next level. INDISPLAY integrates Neschen inkjet media, Expolinc® hardware and SEAL® laminating films (the SEAL Print 
Shield Deep Crystal works particularly well with this media increasing durability and protection).

“This 100% opaque film is your go-to media for rich graphics in large-scale, high-traffic areas where an impactful message is paramount,” states Tiffany Guard, 
Product Manager of Inkjet Media, Neschen Americas. “The block-out layer, which creates full opacity 100% of the time, maintains the effectiveness of the 
image when elements of the environment cannot be controlled.”

The size available is 36” x 98” with sample rolls measuring 30” x 10’.

Neschen Americas - 8/11/2010

Neschen Americas Earns FSC Chain of Custody Certification

Neschen Americas has received Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) Chain of Custody certification under the 
Scientific Certification Systems (SCS) Forest Conservation Program. Earning this certification demonstrates 
Neschen Americas’ dedication to reducing its environmental impact by operating in socially responsible ways. 
FSC is an international certification system that recognizes the highest levels of environmentally and socially 
responsible forest management. SCS is one of the world’s leading FSC certifiers.

In order to receive FSC certifi cation, Neschen Americas successfully established policies and procedures to 
account for purchasing certified material, as well as that material’s inventory, manufacturing and sales. Neschen 
Americas also put in place additional administrative tasks related to FSC certification. Neschen Americas initially 
plans to use the certification on its conVerd presented by Neschen products, a comprehensively green media 
portfolio representing Neschen’s commitment to bringing truly environmentally-friendly products to market. 
Products that carry the FSC logo are manufactured from papers made with cellulose from responsibly-managed 

“Neschen Americas is proud to receive the Forestry Stewardship Council Chain of Custody certifi cation,” states 
Angela Mohni, Vice President of Marketing, Neschen Americas. “We take our responsibility for the environment 
very seriously and one of our key business objectives is to continually look for ways to reduce our ecological footprint.”

Neschen Americas’ environmentally-friendly stance has been a constant for years, but FSC Chain of Custody 
certification now allows Neschen to market this fact to its customers. For customers who have environmental 
responsibility top of mind, Neschen’s FSC certifi cation not only reinforces that they made the right choice, but 
that they did so without sacrifi cing quality or durability.

Neschen Americas - 6/21/2010

“Hands on School of Wrap” Classes held at Neschen Americas Training & Education Center a Success

Neschen Americas recently hosted Mutoh’s “Hands on School of Wrap” class in Elkridge, MD and is happy to 
report that the classes were a success. The classes were held June 7th – 8th (basic class) and June 9th 
(advanced class) at the Neschen Americas Training & Education Center.

“The class far exceeded my expectations from the get go,” states Elmer Martinez, of GMedia Wraps, who 
attended the course and was very impressed. “Justin Pate took the time to explain materials, tools, vendors, 
techniques and more. I couldn’t believe that this system hadn’t been ‘required teaching’ by the major material 

All of the students in attendance felt that they had made a very worthwhile investment. The opportunity to train 
under Pate, an acclaimed graphic installer who teaches his exclusive Universal Graphic Installation System 
(UGIS), proved to be an extremely valuable experience. The UGIS system is a more efficient, effective and 
profitable way to wrap vehicles and enables students to gain a competitive edge in the vehicle wrap industry.

“Neschen Americas was pleased to make its facilities available and contribute to the success of each class,” adds 
Mark Rugen, Training and Education Center Manager, Neschen Americas, who was on site for both sessions. 
“Partnering with highly-respected printers, such as Mutoh, is sound business philosophy and we were excited to 
take advantage of the opportunity.”

The recently launched Neschen Americas Training & Education Center is a multi-use facility, which houses 
state-of-the-art presentation equipment and includes a workroom, conference room and expandable classroom 
area to accommodate lectures, hands-on demonstrations and brainstorming sessions. Training and education is 
a vital component to Neschen Americas’ business strategy and the organization is looking forward to many more 
classes to come.

Neschen Americas - 5/10/2010

SEAL Brand Launches New Print Shield Anti-Graffiti

SEAL® brand, the leading producer of pressure-sensitive laminating films, is proud to introduce Print Shield® 
Anti-Graffiti. This product safeguards prints, which may become vulnerable to graffiti by making them washable 
and resistant to a very large number of detergents and solvents. Print Shield Anti-Graffiti consists of a high-
performance, PCTFE film, which protects images printed on UV or solvent ink-jet printers from a wide variety of 
chemicals, such as paints, permanent marker and acrylics. It also allows easy removal of most other stains and 
chemicals that may find their way onto the graphic. 

Key benefits of Print Shield Anti-Graffiti include maintaining a long-lasting professional look while being easy to 
clean with common, economical cleaners. The PCTFE high-performance film only measures 1 mil and is 
completely stain, flame and chemical resistant, as well as plasticizer and stabilizer free. This unique film offers the 
highest moisture barrier of any clear, flexible film on the market, which means true protection against graffiti, unlike 
anything else that is available in today’s digital print and finishing market place.

“The Print Shield Anti-Graffiti is the perfect weapon to combat vandalism concerns. Our unique high-performance 
film offers true graffiti protection and reduces harm to the environment,” says Neschen Americas Senior Product 
Manager Dave Conrad. “We want to offer solutions that not only enhance the visual impact of an image, but 
extend the life and performance of graphics as well, and Print Shield Anti-Graffiti does exactly that.

”Given its application variety, Print Shield Anti-Graffiti is expected to become a finishing standard for digitally-
printed output. Applications include, but are not limited to, rigid indoor and outdoor displays, outdoor signage, 
wall murals and point-of-purchase/tradeshow displays. Designed to be used in conjunction with inks that have 
long light fastness, it is an extremely durable film with an estimated outdoor life of more than seven years (with 
non-immersed, vertical application.) Current size available is 54’ x 150’.

Neschen Americas manufactures and markets SEAL® and Neschen® brand products including film and liquid 
laminating equipment and materials, wide and grand format textile and PVC printing media, pressure-sensitive 
vinyl, mounting adhesives and tapes, display systems and archiving supplies. The company serves the needs of 
the sign and display, digital printing, photographic, picture framing and library/archive markets throughout North 
and South America.

Neschen Americas - 10/7/2009

Neschen Launches New Digital Media Solutions

Neschen brand is pleased to present the newest members of the Digital Print Media line – New SolvoPrint™ 
Gotham PVC Blockout, SolvoPrint™ Daytona PVC Banner, SolvoPrint™ Easy Panel 220, Printex™ Easy Banner 
Light and Printex™ Easy Banner Heavy. 

New SolvoPrint Easy Panel 220 (8.66 mil) joins the existing Easy Panel 310 (12 mil) & Easy Panel 430 (17 mil) 
product range for use with solvent, eco-solvent and UV inks. These rigid PVC products employ a special inkjet 
coating to produce excellent print quality and strong color vibrancy when used with solvent, eco-solvent and 
UV inks. They are nearly opaque, as well as scratch and water resistant – ideal for printing trade show graphics 
for use with the Expolinc® Roll-up Classic, Roll-up Professional and Pop-up display systems. Neschen 
recommends over-laminating these products for added durability and protection.

SolvoPrint™ Daytona PVC Banner is a 13 oz PVC product perfect for cost-effective messaging. Ideal for 
frontlit banners and displays, it can be used both indoors and outdoors for up to one year.

SolvoPrint™ Gotham PVC Blockout is a 13 oz PVC that is 100% opaque and provides total protection from light 
washout. Its blockout properties also allow it to be double-side printed. Its smooth surface, bright white point 
and no edge curl enhance your messaging. PVC Gotham is also durable outdoors for up to 18 months.

Printex™ Easy Banner Light, a 7.5 mil polyester fabric, and Printex Easy Banner Heavy, an 11.2 mil polyester fabric, 
are both base coated with an inkjet surface coating that supports aqueous dye and pigment based inks. They 
offer excellent color reproduction and performance in hanging banner and roll up banner stands. Easy Banner 
Light (5 oz) works best for light to medium duty, as well as in backlit applications. Easy Banner Heavy is a 
sturdy 7.1 oz media that offers both opacity and durability. Finishing is a snap with both products, as they can 
be cut without fraying or edge curl.

Neschen Americas - 8/11/2009

Mutoh America Awards Stamp of Approval to Neschen Pure Color Media for use with the Mutoh Line-Up of Printers!

Mutoh America gives select products from the Neschen Pure Color Media line the stamp of approval to be used 
with the MUTOH Printer Line-Up! This is an exciting combination that empowers MUTOH owners everywhere to 
broaden their printing horizons with new textile product offerings. 

"Mutoh is known for providing printers with excellent quality and reliability, while Neschen Pure Color Media is 
recognized for being easy-to-use and producing exceptional print quality," says Andreas DeGroot, Sr. Product 
Manager, Neschen Americas. "We are very excited that Mutoh has given our textiles their stamp of approval 
as this will be a powerful combination for all of our customers."

The Neschen Pure Color Media line features five textile products – Golden Gate Fabric, VersaFabric, Monet 
Canvas, Mambo Fabric and Calypso Breeze Satin – each delivers optimum color vibrancy and sharp detail when 
printed with a Mutoh printer. In addition, Pure Color Media are backed by an easy-access, detailed production 
and application support system that makes them extremely easy to use. The five distinct fabrics address 
applications ranging from indoor and outdoor banners, to trade show graphics, to backlit signs and P-O-P’s, 
and more. Roll sizes range from 20 in. x 10 ft. up to 98 in. x 164 ft. 

The first image above demonstrates the Neschen Pure Color Media Monet Canvas. This is a printed image 
finished as a gallery wrapped painting. 

The middle image shows the Neschen Pure Color Media Mambo fabric in a tension frame - in this case, it is 
front lit although it can be back lit it as well. 

Until now, graphics for Expolic’s Soft Image System, as seen in the right hand image, could only be produced 
with dye sublimation print technology. Now, it is possible to produce these systems with a Mutoh solvent printer 
and Neschen Pure Color VersaFabric. Simply collapse it down and ship it without removing the graphic. Once 
it arrives at its next destination just pop it up and watch the wrinkles disappear!

Neschen Americas - 4/16/2009

New Line of Neschen Brand and SEAL Brand Self-adhesive Vinyl

Neschen Americas’ SEAL and Neschen Brand Products are excited to announce the launch of the new 
Neschen and SEAL brand self adhesive vinyl product lines. There are three performance tiers in each line 
to fit virtually any application: Neschen SolvoPrint ProGrip, SuperGrip and MightyGrip and SEAL Digital Vinyl 
Elite, Capital and Performance. The tiers are primarily distinguished by outdoor durability and vinyl grade, while 
thickness, opacity and price point are also important to consider based on project requirements.

For long-term premium performance, they have Neschen SolvoPrint ProGrip and SEAL Digital Vinyl Elite. 
Available in a matte finish, these 3.4 mil thick calendered polymeric vinyls features their best outdoor durability 
rating of 5-7 years. The 98% opacity level eliminates the need to use gray adhesive to block out most applied-
surface show through, while the tight dot gain and high white point provide brilliant image quality. They are 
available with either permanent or removable adhesive. SolvoPrint ProGrip and Digital Vinyl Elite are ideal for 
wraps or other long term signage applications on vertical, flat and slightly curved surfaces.

Neschen SolvoPrint SuperGrip and SEAL Digital Vinyl Capital are the go-to SAVs that can be counted on for a 
wide variety of projects. These 3.0 mil, calendered, semi-polymeric vinyls feature a permanent adhesive and 
outdoor durability of 4-5 years. They provide an excellent solution for general signage applications on vertical, 
flat and slightly curved surfaces. These products are available in a gloss finish.

Neschen SolvoPrint MightyGrip and SEAL Digital Vinyl Performance are the economy SAV solution for shorter 
term applications. These removable-permanent calendered monomeric vinyls are 3.5 mils thick and have an 
outdoor durability of 3-4 years. They utilize a new adhesive technology that allows them to be removed within 
one year from application with minimal adhesive residue if applied on a sound surface. These cost-effective 
options have a high opacity that can be applied over previously imaged surfaces without the use of a gray 
adhesive. Availible in a matte or gloss finish from both the Neschen or SEAL line, use these SAVs create vibrant 
wall graphics and general signage applications for vertical, flat, and slightly curved surfaces.

Neschen Americas - 4/16/2009

SEAL Brand Lanches NEW Print Shield Base

SEAL® brand, the industry standard for quality laminates and adhesives, announces an important addition to 
their popular Print Shield pressure sensitive laminate line. Introducing Print Shield Base - this cost-effective 
addition to the range is constructed of a 3 mil PVC film, water-based acrylic adhesive and a release liner. Print 
Shield Base films have an outdoor durability of one year and an indoor durability of three years. These features 
make it the ideal choice for protecting promotional projects, such as point of purchase displays, from dirt, 
abrasion and general wear and tear, while enhancing the graphic’s color brilliance. Print Shield Base is 
available in a gloss, luster and matte finish and sizes including: 38" x 200’, 51" x 200’, 54" x 150’ and 60" x 150’. 
38" x 25’ sample rolls are also available. 

In light of current economic conditions, new Print Shield Base allows a graphic to do more for less. Made in the 
USA, pair these laminates with the new SEAL Digital Performance SAV product line for stunning, yet affordable, 
graphics.The Print Shield Base range also meets the stringent requirements needed to be a part of the SEAL 
Eco Logic Manufacturing program. The water-based acrylic adhesive reduces its environmental impact 
compared to similar products utilizing a solvent adhesive.

Neschen Americas - 2/17/2009

Neschen Americas Launches Super A Inventory Classification

SEAL and Neschen Brand Products announces a new, customer focused inventory classification system 
called “Super A”. Along with the recent additions of the 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee and extended 
service hours, this new program strengthens their ongoing commitment to providing superior customer service.

The Super A group consists of many of the most popular SEAL and Neschen brand laminates and mounting 
adhesives. These are staple products that customers count on for daily business operation. This new program 
guarantees these items will be in stock, 100% of the time, or they are FREE. This allows a shop to quote jobs 
with confidence, knowing that they will be able to deliver a quality job on time.

During these tough economic times printing and finishing jobs are at a premium. Customers must rely on their 
suppliers to provide reliable products and on-time delivery. The Neschen Americas Super A program delivers 
that and arms customers with the Neschen and SEAL brand products needed to get the job done.

Ken Ferrigno, Senior VP Sales and Marketing, says, "This inventory classification system is designed to 
streamline the ordering process by clarifying consumer expectation and instilling confidence that a product 
will be on the shelf when it is needed. Our goal is to give our customers a competitive edge over the competition."

Neschen Americas - 1/29/2009

Neschen Americas Prepares to Attend the ISA Show in Las Vegas

Neschen Americas – SEAL and Neschen Brand Products, the leading provider of complete display solutions, is 
pleased to be exhibiting in booth 4021 at the upcoming ISA show in Las Vegas. The booth will focus on new 
product launches and application training for all of our product lines – from Neschen® SolvoTex™ print media to 
SEAL™ roller laminators.

Neschen and SEAL brands will be launching their self adhesive vinyl (SAV) lines. Each brand’s offering includes 
three levels of performance, with choices in gloss or matte finishes and permanent or removable adhesives.

- Neschen SolvoPrint ProGrip and SEAL Digital Vinyl Elite – five to seven year durability
- Neschen SolvoPrint SuperGrip and SEAL Digital Vinyl Capital – four to five year durability
- Neschen SolvoPrint MightyGrip and SEAL Digital Vinyl Performance – three to four year durability

On-the-booth training classes will be scheduled throughout the day for laminating and coating machines, as 
well as for the Expolinc® display systems. Attendees will learn application must-haves for the SEAL 62 Base 
roller laminator and the Neschen AccuCure™ UV liquid coaters. These will include cost saving tips and other 
tricks for getting the most out of finishing. Expolinc demonstrations will focus on choosing the perfect media to 
complement display solutions for various applications.

The newly launched Neschen DirectTex™ and TransferTex™ dye sub lines will be making their official show premier. 
Attendees will get a first hand look at the color intensity and durability of these products, while speaking with 
our experts about printing and applications. The booth will also feature our highly sought after Neschen 
SolvoTex™ and Pure Color™ Media lines.

"This show is a great opportunity for us to share ways for our customers to reduce their costs by utilizing our 
products more efficiently," says Angie Mohni, VP of Marketing, "It is also a great format to showcase our 
commitment to providing and supporting the best variety and highest quality solutions in wide-format inkjet media 
on the market today."

Neschen Americas - 1/14/2009

Neschen Launches New Earth-Friendly ProNature Program

Neschen brand proudly announces the launch of ProNature. This environmentally conscious program spotlights 
the company’s long history of developing and offering display graphic options produced utilizing the most 
environmentally friendly methods possible.

ProNature is based on Neschen’s long standing history of environmentally friendly practices. Long before the 
advent of the "green" movement they employed common-sense business practices that were closely aligned 
with the founders’ conservationist ideals - including energy efficiency, product recycling and utilization of 
renewable resources whenever possible. These methods are the Neschen way, and are the basis of our 
environmental awareness.

As a result, the bulk of Neschen innovation is dedicated to developing and marketing products that are made 
and can be disposed of in eco friendly ways. These products must also meet the company’s rigorous standards 
for quality and performance. A few examples are the SolvoTex Cotton Premium Light S and SolvoTex Cotton
Premium Heavy S print media, whose primary component is a 100% natural and renewable resource that is also 
biodegradable. Neschen water based adhesives performance equals that of their solvent based counterparts - 
including carrier-free gudy® eco, the 100% environmentally degradable and recyclable mounting adhesive.

"Neschen has always seen the benefits of being a conservationist organization and have always utilized those 
ideals in our business and manufacturing processes," says Angela Mohni, VP of Marketing. "It is the responsible 
thing to do and it simply makes good business sense. As we move into the future, the initiatives encompassed 
by the ProNature program will continue to play a fundamental role in the decisions we make and in the products 
that we manufacture and market."

Neschen Americas - 12/19/2008

Neschen Introduces New Dye Sublimation Textiles!

Neschen Americas, the industry leader in inkjet printable textiles, announces the launch of their new and
improved dye sublimation textile media. All aspects of the Neschen® DirectTex™ and TransferTex™ lines have 
been reviewed in order to achieve the best product versatility, bold color reproduction and sharp image detail 
for applications ranging from exhibit panels and flags, to retail displays and more – all at updated competitive 
price points. New products have also been added to round out the offering, including DirectTex Knit Banner 
Light, DirectTex Poplin Superior, TransferTex Sutton Twill and TransferTex Kelly Linen.

Neschen DirectTex™ and TransferTex™ media address both direct print and transfer dye sublimation technologies. 
DirectTex products feature special coatings that allow printing direct to the fabric before sublimation, eliminating 
the need for transfer paper. DirectTex products can also be used with the traditional transfer method for maximum 
versatility. Neschen TransferTex textiles are designed for use with traditional, transfer dye sublimation. This 
process involves printing to transfer paper and then sublimating onto the textile with the use of a heat transfer press.

"We have undergone a detailed review of our DirectTex and TransferTex product lines," says Andreas 
DeGroot, Senior Product Manager for Neschen inkjet media, "We added four new products, enhanced 
product performance, and restructured price points to offer our customers new, competitively priced solutions 
for a broad spectrum of dye sub applications."

Neschen DirectTex and TransferTex dye sublimation media are available in roll sizes ranging from 61 in. to 122 
in. wide, with roll lengths of 164 ft. to 328 ft., depending on the material. 35 in. x 23 ft. sample rolls are also 
available. For more information, visit, or call 800-257-7325 (In Canada: 866-212-7325).

Neschen Americas - 10/15/2008

SEAL Donates Films for Outdoor Photo Exhibition in Montreal, Canada

Neschen Americas and SEAL brand products is proud to announce their participation as a vendor/sponsor 
for the Lachine Canal Outdoor Photo Exhibition in Montreal, Canada. The exhibition, which was created and 
directed by Boreal Communications, is part of Montreal Green, a project that celebrates nature within the urban 
landscape with the objective of raising awareness to protect natural spaces amidst the pressures of urban 

The project started with two photographers traversing the island of Montreal to collect powerful images testifying 
to the enormous natural beauty and bio-diversity of southern Quebec. Eighteen, 44 x 66 inch, large-format 
images were produced from the photos (courtesy of Epson Canada, using an Epson Stylus Pro 9880 printer 
and Premium Luster paper). The images were mounted to 3/4-inch MDF using SEAL® Print Mount® Ultra 
and were over-laminated with SEAL® Print Shield® Standard UV Luster. Print Mount Ultra is a premium 
pressure-sensitive adhesive that offers excellent lay-down performance, a smooth finish, and an aggressive 
bond. It is an ideal choice for mounting prints to substrates such as MDF in an outdoor application. Print Shield 
Standard UV pressure-sensitive laminating films improve the look and durability of images displayed in high-traffic 
public venues. In addition to physical surface protection and a high-tack bond, the film offers protection against 
UV light for graphics on display in direct sunlight. The Luster finish was chosen for its blend of wear-resistance, 
color enhancement and glare control for easy viewing.

The mounting and laminating was done by Lamination Visuel Inc. using a wrap-around technique in which the 
laminate is wrapped around the edges of the substrate to protect against water/moisture invasion. The finished 
images were then mounted in kiosks along the north side of Lachine Canal at the Atwater Market Place.

Neschen Americas - 10/7/2008

Neschen Introduces New Pure Color™ Apollo Flag

Neschen welcomes NEW Neschen Apollo Flag™ to the Pure Color Media Family. The new flag media is 
engineered to be sturdy and lightweight, allowing for the creation of dramatic messaging. It features a 
specialty coating that delivers photo realistic imaging with a wide color gamut, fast dry time, and excellent 
scratch resistance.

This 100% transparent polyester textile is sturdy with paper backing and is lightweight (3.2 oz/yd2). The 
satin finish provides a unique look that is ideal for flag creation, window draperies, wall hangings, indoor 
and outdoor banner display, retail signage, and POP display- anywhere eye-catching visuals are required. 
The Apollo Flag is the product of choice for bright color printing with great bleed through. 

The Apollo Flag is designed for use with most solvent, eco solvent, and uv printers in the market. The 
paper backing features allows it to be printed without the use of a mesh printing kit. Available sizes include 
42” x 100’, 54” x 100’, 64” x 100’. Sample rolls (20” x 10’) are available.

Neschen Americas - 9/22/2008

SEAL Introduces New ProSEAL 44 Pouch Laminator

SEAL® proudly introduces the new ProSEAL® 44 pouch laminator. According to SEAL, the new 
ProSEAL 44 makes one-step mounting and laminating even easier than before. With a preset single heated 
roller and a new dual pressure floating nip design, users can feed pouch-laminating materials up to 1/4” thick 
and are assured of correct roller temperature and pressure for optimum results. No special adjustments or 
settings are required. Plus, the new ProSEAL’s open architecture makes it easy to clean and operate, 
while maintaining maximum safety. 

Additional features include a low profile space-saving footprint, reverse mode, silicone rollers for minimal 
maintenance and a 1-year/90-day warranty on parts/rollers. When combined with SEAL Laminating 
Pouches, Pouch Boards and Mounting Boards, the ProSEAL system offers on-demand, one-step mounting 
and laminating for a wide range of indoor graphics applications up to 44” wide. These include mounted and 
laminated posters and prints, mounted presentations, short-term displays, signs and more.

According to David Conrad, Senior Product Manager for SEAL and Neschen brand equipment, “Mounting 
and laminating adds value to posters, prints and photos making them display-ready. The ProSEAL 44 is 
positioned to economically bring these value-added benefits to a wide range of businesses and institutions. 
It works especially well as a quick, professional way to display posters and prints, or as a nice complement to 
medium-format desktop printing and proofing systems.” Conrad goes on to explain that photo studios, picture 
framers, quick printers and service bureaus can use the ProSEAL system to supplement their current retail 
offerings, and that schools and offices can benefit from ProSEAL’s “inhouse creative and presentation 

The new ProSEAL 44 pouch laminator is ETL approved and made in America by SEAL, a world leader in 
professional laminating technology. MSRP for the new unit is $2,495.

Neschen Americas - 8/29/2008

Corey Milligan Joins Neschen Americas as Print Media Specialist

Neschen Americas, manufacturer and marketer of SEAL and Neschen brand products, is pleased to welcome 
Corey Milligan to the company’s sales team as the new Print Media Specialist. In this role, Corey will provide 
technical and applications support to the company’s sales team, direct customers and authorized resellers for 
all print media products. This will include providing applications expertise to the marketplace through the 
development of educational programs and training seminars, as well as functioning as liaison with printer and 
ink manufacturers to support media product development and performance.

Prior to joining Neschen Americas, Corey held key sales and marketing positions within the digital printing and 
graphics industry at Drytac Corporation, Graphicadd Supplies, and N. Glantz & Son.

"We are pleased to have Corey on board," says Ken Ferrigno, Neschen Americas’ Senior VP of Sales and 
Marketing. "His blend of application experience, customer relations skills and diverse industry background will 
help our customers get maximum benefit from our print media products."

Neschen Americas - 8/8/2008

SEAL Print Shield Floor Guard Gets UL Classification as Slip-Resistant

According to Neschen Americas Product Manager, Karen Buckleman, SEAL Print Shield Floor Guard has 
been classified by Underwriter’s Laboratories (UL) as slip-resistant. The laminating film was submitted to the 
Laboratories for testing under UL 410 standards, Slip Resistance of Floor Surface Materials. Print Shield Floor 
Guard passed the test (which is conducted under dry conditions) and was found to meet the minimum required 
static coefficient of friction to be officially UL Classified as Slip-Resistant.

Part of SEAL brand’s Print Shield line of pressure-sensitive laminating films, Print Shield Floor Guard offers 
excellent durability for both horizontal and vertical display graphics. It features a slip and scuff resistant vinyl 
surface that easily masks fingerprints and surface dirt while providing excellent image viewing properties. Print 
Shield Floor Guard is recommended for floor graphics, trade show exhibits, retail P-O-P’s and other high-traffic 
applications. In addition, the film’s aggressive acrylic adhesive makes it ideal for laminating media such as 
polyesterbased white films that are sometimes difficult to bond with.

SEAL Print Shield Floor Guard is available in roll sizes of: 38" x 200’, 51" x 200’, 55" x 200’ and 61" x 200’. 
38" x 25’ sample rolls are also available by calling 800-257-7325 (In Canada: 866-212-7325).

Neschen Americas - 7/28/2008

Introducing New Neschen® SolvoTex PVC Standard Blockout Print Media

July 28, 2008, Elkridge, Maryland - Neschen brand is introducing a new and improved PVC coated media for 
billboards, back-drops, awnings, banners, trade show exhibits, and double-sided graphics applications. New 
SolvoTex PVC Standard Blockout is a 100% polyester media with a PVC coating on both sides and a true 100% 
opaque block-out liner to allow double-sided printing with no shadows, wash-out or bleed-through. SolovTex 
PVC Standard Blockout is certified fire resistant per NFPA 701 2004 Test #2 for use in indoor public display 
applications. And it is fungus and UV resistant for use outdoors in bright sunlight and humid environments. It 
can be printed with solvent, eco-solvent and UV curable inks.

According to Neschen, this new Standard designated, PVC coated, opaque media replaces the brand’s 
SolvoTex PVC Premium Blockout, offering users many performance enhancements. First, the new PVC coating 
offers greater consistency for improved print performance. Second, SolvoTex Standard PVC Blockout drapes 
smoothly, without waves, in both free-hanging and tensioned applications. Finally, at 15.2 oz./sq. yd. it is lighter 
than the previous material (22 oz./ sq. yd.) for improved ease of handling and reduced shipping costs.

New SolvoTex PVC Standard Blockout is available in roll sizes from 20 in. x 10 ft. to 189 in. x 164 ft. Customers 
can obtain a printed sample swatch, or a sample roll to try the new media by contacting Neschen Americas at 
800-257-7325 (In Canada: 866-212-7325).

Neschen Americas - 7/23/2008

Neschen Launches New Pure Color Wide Format Textile Printing Media

July 23, 2008, Elkridge, Maryland - Neschen Americas has announced the introduction of Neschen Pure Color 
Media, a complete new range of wide-format textiles that, according to Neschen, offer exceptionally vibrant color 
and sharp detail with most solvent, eco-solvent and UV printers. In addition, Pure Color Media are backed by an 
easy-access, detailed production and application support system that makes them extremely easy to use.

"With Pure Color, we’ve gone beyond engineering fabric media for optimum color performance and applications 
versatility. Our goal was to make this a range of media that is virtually plug and play," says Neschen Americas 
Senior Product Manager, Andreas DeGroot. "We’ve done extensive research and testing to be able to provide 
users with color profiles, printer set-up tips and comprehensive applications support for the Pure Color line that 
will enable everyone to get great printing results with these textiles, from novice to expert."

The Pure Color Media line currently offers five distinct fabrics to address applications ranging from indoor and 
outdoor banners, to trade show graphics, to backlit signs and P-O-P’s, to giclée art reproduction, theatre sets 
and more. Roll sizes range from 20 in. x 10 ft. up to 98 in. x 164 ft.

Neschen Pure Color Media products include:

Golden Gate Fabric
Golden Gate is a polyester fabric with a PVC coating designed for solvent and eco-solvent inks. It offers users 
the printing ease and familiarity of PVC with the look, feel and flexibility of textile. Golden Gate Fabric weighs 8 
oz/sq. yd. and is 12 mils thick. It can be used indoors and outdoors, it is NFPA 701 and B1 fire rated, and it 
features a special anti-fungal treatment that improves durability and longevity in damp or humid environments. 
Golden Gate is ideal for hitraffic public applications such as trade show exhibits, theatre sets, event graphics 
and point-ofpurchase displays.

VersaFabric is a 100% polyester, all-purpose, textile media that offers bold color reproduction, wrinkle-resistance 
and smooth drape. Designed for most solvent, eco-solvent and UV ink printers, it weighs 7.7 oz/sq. yd. and is 16 
mils thick. It is NFPA 701 and B1 fire rated for use in public spaces and can be used indoors and outdoors for 
just about any display, advertising or informational graphics application.

Monet Canvas
At 10 oz/sq. yd. and 18 mils thick, Monet Canvas is a heavyweight, poly/cotton, coated canvas with a 
prominent tooth. Strong, yet flexible, it features a uniform matte coating that offers photorealistic printing with 
a wide color gamut. Designed for indoor use, Monet Canvas is perfect for giclée art reproduction and interior 
decorating applications. It can be printed with solvent, ecosolvent and UV inks, plus its tight weave allows use 
with vacuum-carried flat bed UV printers.

Mambo Fabric
Mambo is a 100% polyester fabric with a unique coating offering the highest color brilliance and deep, rich 
blacks. These characteristics makes it ideal for indoor and outdoor graphics that will be viewed from a distance, 
such as festival or concert banners, murals, and more. It weighs 9 oz/sq. yd. and is 15 mils thick. Mambo Fabric 
can be run on most solvent and eco-solvent printers.

Calypso Breeze Satin
Calypso Breeze is a lightweight, translucent, polyester fabric with a satin finish. It is coated to deliver photo-
realistic imaging with a wide color gamut, fast dry time, and excellent scratch resistance. It weighs 3.5 oz/sq. 
yd. and is 7.5 mils thick. Calypso Breeze Satin is the perfect choice for backlit graphics, window graphics and 
lightweight roll-up displays. It can be used for indoor and short-term outdoor applications, and will run on most 
solvent, eco-solvent and UV printers.

Neschen Americas - 6/23/2008

Neschen Americas Introduces 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee Program for SEAL and Neschen Brand Consumable Products

June 23, 2008, Elkridge, MD - Neschen Americas (SEAL and Neschen brands) is pleased to announce the 
implementation of the company’s new 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee. Designed to improve service 
levels and streamline customer relations, the new program provides clear guidelines and simple instructions to 
both resellers and end customers for the remediation of any problems pertaining to product quality, freight 
damage, return authorizations, account credits, and order placement. Neschen Americas states that all matters 
will be resolved to the customer’s satisfaction (per program guidelines) within just 48 hours of receipt of the 
appropriate proof or required documentation.

The 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee covers SEAL and Neschen brand laminates, adhesives, textiles, 
printing media and liquid coatings. Neschen Americas points out that its equipment products, such as SEAL 
roller laminators and Neschen liquid coating systems, are covered separately under comprehensive warranty 
programs. The company’s display and exhibit products - Expolinc display systems - also carry separate 

"As Neschen Americas continues to reinforce its leadership position in the wide-format graphics industry with 
on-going quality improvements on the manufacturing side, the new Satisfaction Guarantee improves the 
customer interface and simplifies processing on the service side," says Neschen Americas’ President, Ernie 
Brodbeck. "We want our customers to know that we stand behind our products, and their businesses, and 
that they can count on us to make their experience with SEAL and Neschen brands smooth and easy."

Complete details for the 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee are available on the web at 
(see Using SEAL) or at, or by contacting Neschen Americas Customer Service at 
800-257-7325. Canadian customers can call toll-free to 866-212-7325.

Neschen Americas - 3/27/2008

New and Improved Neschen Brand Laminates and Adhesives

March 27, 2008, Elkridge, MD - Neschen brand is re-launching its complete range of filmolux laminating films 
and gudy adhesives, offering users new advanced adhesive technology, a streamlined inventory of popular 
sizes, and new products for improved economy and performance.

"We’ve revitalized both the filmolux and gudy product lines," says Product Manager, Karen Buckleman. "We 
have removed some of the less popular films, we have added new products, and we’ve added new roll sizes 
to some of our most versatile laminates. Other changes involve the engineering of specific product components, 
such as new environmentallyfriendly adhesives that offer improved bonding performance on a wider range of 
surfaces, and new release liners that allow tighter roll winding for improved long-term storage in production 

Highlights of the Neschen films revitalization include:
- Improved gudy 808 mounting adhesive with enhanced bonding performance, greater opacity, and better 
lay-flat properties
- New gudy eco, an earth-friendly, environmentally degradable, water-based, carrierfree mounting adhesive
- New filmolux PP gloss and satin matte, featuring excellent clarity, flexibility and economy
- New 51" wide rolls of gudy window adhesive

Neschen Americas - 2/15/2008

New Roll Sizes for SEAL Print Shield Floor Guard Laminates

February 15, 2008, Elkridge, MD - SEAL brand is adding new roll sizes to its range of Print Shield Floor Guard 
films. The new rolls are 55" x 200’ and 61" x 200’ to accommodate today’s wider applications. According to 
SEAL product manager, Karen Buckleman, the 55" wide rolls are available immediately and the 61" wide film 
will be available in April.

Print Shield Floor Guard is recommended for floor graphics, pop-up trade show exhibits and other high-traffic 
applications requiring an extra durable pressure-sensitive overlaminate. The film offers excellent durability, slip 
and scuff resistance, and its textured vinyl surface easily masks fingerprints and surface dirt. It features an 
aggressive acrylic adhesive that makes it ideal for media such as polyester-based white films that are sometimes 
difficult to bond with. Print Shield Floor Guard is 6 mils thick.

Neschen Americas - 1/8/2008

Neschen Gets Certification as Textile Media Supplier/Partner for CeeLite LEC Panels

January 8, 2008, Elkridge, MD - Neschen Americas is pleased to announce that it has entered an agreement 
with CeeLite, LLC, to be a certified supplier of textile printing media for use with CeeLite Light Emitting Capacitor 
(LEC) technology. Neschen Americas, manufacturer of renowned Neschen® brand textile media for digital 
printing applications, and CeeLite, LLC, the world’s first commercial manufacturer of LEC technology, have 
joined forces to present the sign and display marketplace with a range of state-of-the-art lighted graphics solutions.

CeeLite LEC panels are ultra-thin. They are constructed with phosphors, PET/ITO, dielectrics and pigments as 
a capacitor, and encapsulated in flexible, semi-rigid or rigid materials. They can be used to turn virtually any 
surface into a light source, providing flawless white illumination with very low power consumption and no heat. 
Special encapsulating technology allows the panels to be used in both indoor and outdoor applications.

Neschen Americas has acquired CeeLite certification for select materials from its Neschen® SolvoTex™ line of 
textile media. These include: SolvoTex Artist Premium Heavy S, SolvoTex Samba Light Box, and SolvoTex PES 
Banner 240.

"When graphics printed on these textiles are placed on a CeeLite LEC panel, they exhibit bold, rich tones, 
even color saturation, and optimum brightness. These textiles are also highly durable to match the broad range 
of indoor and outdoor applications that CeeLite LEC panels can address," explains Angela Mohni, VP of 
Marketing at Neschen Americas.

SolvoTex Artist Premium Heavy S is a 100% polyester, heavy canvas media for indoor and outdoor applications 
with a useful outdoor life expectancy of up to 6 months. Its special print-receptive coating (one side) yields 
brilliant colors and deep blacks, and accepts solvent, eco-solvent, and UV inks. Artist Premium Heavy S meets 
NFPA701 and B1 for fire resistance and is available in rolls 80", 98", 122" and 198" wide.

SolvoTex Samba Light Box is a 100% polyester textile media with a light-poplin weave. Coated on one side to 
accept solvent, eco-solvent, and UV inks, this material yields brilliant color in backlit applications. It can be used 
indoors and outdoors, and meets NFPA701/B1 standards. Outdoor useful life expectancy is up to 6 months. It 
is available in a 122" wide roll.

SolvoTex PES Banner 240 is a 100% polyester fabric media designed for solvent and eco-solvent printing. Its 
tight-weave gives the material slightly elastic properties with a soft touch. It is wrinkle and crease resistant, and 
affords sharp, brilliant color reproduction. PES Banner 240 meets NFPA701 and B1 standards and has a useful 
outdoor life expectancy of up to 6 months. Roll widths are 54", 61", 80", 98", 122" and 198".

"This partnership offers both companies new opportunities in a range of markets," says Mohni. "We are 
integrating our top product technologies to offer customers easy access to exciting new solutions for high-visibility 
signs and color images. These can be used for information purposes, graphic, industrial and architectural 
design, as well as display and advertising applications."

Neschen Americas - 1/7/2008

Neschen Americas Provides Expert Faculty for SGIA Workshop on Post-Print Finishing

Fairfax, VA - Neschen Americas (manufacturer of SEAL® and Neschen® brand products) and Hasco Sales Inc. 
(independent authorized sales representatives for SEAL® and Neschen® brand products) will be providing 
the expertise for a hands-on workshop on laminating and post-print finishing presented by the Specialty Graphic 
Imaging Association (SGIA). The workshop, titled Laminating & Finishing: Profits in Post-Print Finishing, will be 
held at the Screen Printing Technical Foundation (SPTF) training facility in Fairfax, Virginia, on January 28 - 30, 

The 3-day program will provide attendees with in-depth instruction and hands-on practice, covering topics such 
as types of finishing applications, film and substrate compatibility, thermal and pressure-sensitive laminates, 
liquid laminating, mounting techniques, laminator/coater operation, troubleshooting and work-flow maximization. 
Cost is $949 for SGIA members, $1,100 for non-members. Seating is limited to 9 students to maximize personal 

Expert instruction for the workshop will be provided by: David Conrad, Product Manager, Neschen Americas; 
Marc Tischer, Liquid Coating Systems Sales Specialist, Neschen Americas; and Mark Snelling, Partner/
Co-owner, Hasco Sales Inc. 

For more information or registration, contact SGIA at 888-385-3588, or visit and click on “Events” 
in the menu bar.

For information on image finishing equipment and materials visit

Neschen Americas - 10/27/2007

SEAL® and Neschen® Brands Launch New Products at SGIA 2007

October 24 - 27, 2007, SGIA (post-show), Orlando, FL - Neschen Americas introduced over 15 new products 
under its SEAL® and Neschen® brands at the SGIA 2007 trade show. According to Neschen Americas VP of 
Marketing, Angela Mohni, "We introduced products from our SEAL and Neschen brands that integrate media, 
finishing and display systems to provide customers with simple, one-stop choices for complete sign and display 

New product launches included laminators and laminating films, textile and non-woven printing media, liquid 
coatings, and exhibit/display systems. Here’s a summary*:

SEAL® 62 Base - 62" inch laminator with heat-assisted top roller. Highlights include a host of productivity features 
including a roll-to-roll laminating option (available November 30, 2007), and an automatic release liner take-up 
option (available, January 2008).

SEAL® Ultra Plus Series - New and improved 44" and 62" laminators aimed at novice finishers and small sign 
shops. The new Ultra Plus laminators offer professional features in a compact design and are very easy to use.

Neschen® SolvoPrint and PrintLux Media SolvoPrint is a range of new digital printing media for solvent ink 
printing, while the new PrintLux products address aqueous ink applications. Both new series feature media to 
address digital applications ranging from fleet graphics to exhibits.

Neschen® filmolux® scratch and PP sand - Laminating films designed for exhibits and high-traffic displays. 
Durable, textured, semi-matte finishes resist scratching and excessive handling, and offer easy viewing of 
finished images under a variety of lighting conditions.

Neschen® SolvoTex Theatre 310 Plus - A new and improved version of Neschen’s textile media for theatre sets, 
museums and more. The key features are a new print-receptive coating for bold single-strike color, wrinkle-
free performance, and fire retardant certification.

Neschen® AccuCure Elite UV Gloss - Liquid laminate for AccuCure UV coating systems. Offers rapid drying 
and high-durability for virtually instantaneous display-ready prints. The company also featured their new 
AccuCure UV coating systems that were first introduced back in March of 2007.

Expolinc® Display Systems - A premium range of durable, lightweight exhibits and displays, ranging from 
backwalls to pop-ups, to banner stands. The systems are positioned to integrate with SEAL and Neschen 
media and laminates for complete display solutions. SGIA featured the introduction of the new Expolinc "Roll 
Up Promotion," a cost-effective, portable, rollup banner stand (available, November 2007).

SEAL brand also introduced its Eco-Logic Manufacturing program. SEAL describes the program as, "A 
philosophy and methodology based on sound business logic and environmental responsibility, encompassing 
research and development, engineering, and manufacturing operations. It is part of a commitment to build 
products that exceed the highest performance standards, while reducing the impact that these products and 
their manufacturing have on the environment."

Neschen Americas - 10/24/2007

SEAL® Launches New, Improved, Ultra Plus Laminators

Elkridge, MD, October 24, 2007 and SGIA 2007, Orlando, Florida, October 24-27, 2007 - SEAL® brand has 
added new productivity features to its popular lineup of SEAL Ultra roller laminators. The new and improved 
Ultras, dubbed the SEAL® Ultra Plus series, will be introduced at the 2007 SGIA trade show in Orlando Florida, 
this October, and will include the following models: 

- SEAL 44 Ultra Plus - 43" working width, dual heat
- SEAL 44 Ultra S Plus - 43" working width, single heat
- SEAL 62 Ultra Plus - 61" working width, dual heat
- SEAL 62 Ultra S Plus - 61" working width, single heat
- SEAL 62 Ultra C Plus - 61" working width, cold

According to SEAL, the new Ultra Plus laminators are aimed at entry-level to intermediate-level image finishers 
working in low to mid-volume environments. With productivity enhancements, they will replace the current SEAL 
Ultra laminator line. MSRP’s range from $6,495 to $8,995 depending on the model selected.

The key improvements that give these new models their "Plus" designation include the dual heat option and the 
addition of an automatic take-up shaft for removing release liners. In addition, the 44 Ultra Plus dual heat and 44 
Ultra S Plus single heat laminators operate on 110V power. This allows small shops to expand their range of 
services, offering heat-assisted or heat-activated finishing solutions, such as encapsulating, without the expense 
of installing 220V electrical service.

Standard features that carry over from the previous Ultra line include: touch-pad controls, adjustable speed - 
up to 5 fpm for heated units and 10 fpm for cold machines, 3 pre-set temperature selections, 8 pre-set nip 
openings - from 0 to ½-inch, easy-clean silicone rollers, auto-grip supply shafts, foot controls, an on-board quick 
reference guide, comprehensive safety systems, and a space-saving portable design.

"Our goal in developing the new Ultra Plus units was to expand capabilities and enhance some of the volume 
production related features, while maintaining a very cost-effective, compact line of laminators for local and 
regional sign/display producers," says Dave Conrad, SEAL brand Product Manger for equipment. "We’re 
confident we have succeeded."

The SEAL Ultra Plus laminators are CE/ETL/CSA certified, are backed by authorized SEAL technical and 
applications support, and come with a one year limited warranty (180 days on rollers). They will be available for 
shipment immediately following SGIA. Customers can contact SEAL brand for more information and a free 
Return-On-Investment (ROI) analysis by calling 800-257-7325 (In Canada: 866-212-7325).

Neschen Americas - 8/29/2007

Neschen® Introduces New & Improved SolvoTex Artist 260 Textile Media

August 29, 2007, Elkridge, MD - Neschen® brand products has announced the launch of a new and improved 
version of its economy-priced SolvoTex Artist 260 textile media. SolvoTex Artist 260 is a 100% polyester media 
with a medium-soft canvas structure. It is lightweight (7.9 oz./yd.) and coated on both sides for printing on either 
side. The key improvement is a new denser coating that increases print quality and opacity. New Artist 260 has 
a slightly smoother finish and whiter appearance than the original, yielding improved image sharpness and better 
color reproduction.

SolvoTex Artist 260 is compatible with solvent and eco-solvent inks. It can be used indoors and outdoors for a 
variety of sign and display applications, ranging from flags and banners to trade show exhibits. According to 
Tiffany Guard, Product Manager for Neschen brand textiles, "The improvements in the Artist 260 product line 
will not result in a price increase. Customers can purchase the new and improved version at the original price 
structure, but should take note that the item numbers for the new Artist 260 product will be different." SolvoTex 
Artist 260 is available in roll sizes ranging from 54 inches x 164 feet to 126 inches x 164 feet. 20-inch x 10-foot 
sample rolls are also available. For more information visit, or call 800-257-7325, ext.2, 
(In Canada: 866-212-7325).

Neschen Americas - 5/10/2007

Neschen Americas Sells Colored Vinyl Business to Universal Products

May 10, 2007, Elkridge, Maryland - Neschen Americas has announced the sale of its Neschen® Colored Vinyl 
product line to Universal Products of Goddard, Kansas. According to Neschen Americas, the colored vinyl line 
is being sold to a company that is well positioned to offer excellent service, supply and support to colored vinyl 

"Universal Products is a trusted business partner," says , Neschen Americas’ Director of Marketing. "We are 
confident they will facilitate a smooth transition of the business, and provide outstanding service to customers 
using colored vinyl products." Mohni goes on to explain that the sale of the colored vinyl business is part of an 
ongoing improvement plan for Neschen Americas’ core businesses, but that the sale of the colored vinyl business 
unit was not finalized until an appropriate buyer company was found who could maintain or improve service 
levels to the previous Neschen colored vinyl customer base. "We want everyone who’s had an experience 
with Neschen® or SEAL® brands to be completely satisfied," Mohni adds.

Universal Products will market the transferred colored vinyl line under their brand names. They will officially take 
control of the products and begin taking orders on May 14th. Customers should contact Universal Products via 
phone at 800-835-2054, via fax at 800-354-9869, or on the web at Universal Products relates 
that they are looking forward to servicing Neschen’s colored vinyl customers.

Neschen Americas would like to reiterate that only the colored vinyl business is being transferred. All other 
Neschen® and SEAL® brand products will continue to be available from Neschen Americas through regular 
distribution channels and authorized resellers.

For more information visit or call 800-257-7325, ext.2, (In Canada: 866-212-7325).

Neschen Americas - 4/12/2007

Neschen® Introduces Versatile New Textile Media SolvoTex PES Banner 240

ISA Expo, Las Vegas, NV, April 12, 2007 -Neschen® continues to expand its line of textile printing media with 
the addition of new Neschen® SolvoTex PES Banner 240. PES Banner 240 is a 100% polyester fabric media 
designed for solvent and eco-solvent digital printing. Its unique tight-weave structure gives the material slightly 
elastic properties, making it ideal for stretch-frames, banner stands, and tension fabric structure applications. 
PES Banner 240 also features a special coating to ensure sharp image reproduction and brilliant color, yet it 
remains soft to the touch.

SolvoTex PES Banner 240 can be used indoors and out outdoor durability is rated at 6 months, depending on 
ink type. It is available in roll widths from 54" to 198" for use on wide and grand-format printers. Neschen Americas 
will introduce Neschen SolvoTex PES Banner 240 at the 2007 ISA Expo in Las Vegas, Nevada, April 12-14, 
booth number 1418. Customers can obtain sample rolls by contacting Neschen Americas at 800-257-7325, ext. 
2 (In Canada: 866-212-7325). Visit

Neschen Americas - 4/12/2007

Neschen® Introduces New AccuCure UV Liquid Coaters

Elkridge, MD and ISA Expo, Las Vegas, NV, April 12, 2007: Neschen Americas will introduce two new Neschen® 
brand liquid coating systems at the ISA Expo 2007. The new AccuCure 60 UV and AccuCure 80 UV offer fully 
automated liquid coating and instant curing for digital prints up to 60 and 80 inches wide (152 cm and 203 cm). 
Designed for high-volume production, the new UV coaters can run at speeds up to 110 feet per minute 
(33.5 mpm) and can handle flexible and rigid substrates up to 3 inches thick (7.6 cm). Coating thickness is 
variable from 0.3 to 0.8 mils (7.62 to 20.32 microns) and independent roller controls allow adjustment of the 
coating texture.

Other key features of the new AccuCure coaters include three supply tanks, a unique air knife pneumatic 
separator system, and a fast, compact UV dryer. The multiple supply tanks allow operators to store two coatings 
and one cleaning solution on-board. Combined with the coaters’ automated cleaning cycle, this feature makes 
for fast coating changeover and easy routine maintenance. The air knife system allows lightweight materials to 
be coated without sticking to the rollers for smooth, jam-free production. Finally, the machines’ compact UV 
drying system offers fast, even curing of all coated materials, including large prints, yet it employs a space saving 

"The new Neschen AccuCure 60 UV and 80 UV coaters can be used to finish all types of digital prints, both 
electrostatic and inkjet, including solvent, eco-solvent, UV and dye sublimation inks."  According to Neschen
Americas Product Manager, Dave Conrad, "The new AccuCure 60 and 80-inch UV coaters are an excellent 
compliment to today’s flatbed printing systems, and offer shops fast, durable image finishing for production 

Neschen offers a wide range of compatible liquid coatings for the new AccuCure UV coaters making them 
versatile, high-volume finishing systems. MSRP for the new AccuCure 60 UV is $69,995 (USD). MSRP for the
AccuCure 80 UV is $89,995 (USD). For more information on Neschen liquid laminators and coatings, visit, or call 800-257-7325, ext. 2 (In Canada: 866-212-7325).

Neschen Americas - 3/13/2007

SEAL® brand pouch laminator line gets NEW ProSEAL® 25

March 13, 2007, Elkridge, Maryland - SEAL® brand products has announced the addition of the new ProSEAL
® 25 to its line of pouch laminators. When combined with ProSEAL Pouches, Pouch Boards and Mounting 
Boards, the new 25" wide ProSEAL laminator offers on-demand, one-step mounting and laminating for a broad 
range of indoor graphics applications. These include mounted and laminated posters and prints, mounted 
presentations, short-term signs and displays, and more. For picture framing applications, the unit can be used as 
a roller press to mount art or photos in one easy step.

Like the ProSEAL 44, the new 25 is a single-heat pouch laminator with a low profile, space-saving design. 
Features include a thickness selector knob with pre-set roller pressure for substrates up to ¼" thick, pre-set 
digitally controlled temperature, a heat on/off switch, reverse mode, and silicone rollers for minimal maintenance; 
plus new variable speed control on both 44" and 25" models.

According to Dave Conrad, Product Manager at Neschen Americas, "ProSEAL laminators work especially well 
as a simple, professional way to make posters and prints display-ready, or as a nice complement to medium 
format desktop printing and proofing systems. Corporations, quick printers, photo studios, picture framers, ad 
agencies and schools can benefit from the ProSEAL’s economical and creative presentation capabilities."

MSRP for the new ProSEAL 25 is $1,895. All ProSEAL laminators come with a 1 year warranty on parts / 90-
day warranty on rollers. To support the launch of the new ProSEAL 25, Neschen Americas is offering a free 
materials starter kit with every ProSEAL laminator purchased before July 31, 2007. For more information on the 
complete range of ProSEAL laminators and materials, visit or call 800-257-7325, 
ext.2, (In Canada: 866-212-7325).

Neschen Americas - 3/8/2007

Neschen Americas Launches New 2007 Reseller Program for Neschen® Brand Products

Elkridge, Maryland, March 8, 2007 - Neschen Americas has announced the introduction of its new Reseller 
Program for Neschen® brand products. According to Neschen Americas, the 2007 Neschen® Reseller Program 
provides authorized resellers with a simple, clearly defined, competitive wholesale purchasing plan for a 
comprehensive range of Neschen products, including laminating film and adhesives, vinyl and textile media, 
liquid laminators and coatings, and display systems. The program also allows Neschen resellers to purchase 
select SEAL® products, a major brand also owned and managed by Neschen Americas.

"The new program is part of our ongoing work to streamline business with our partners and further integrate the 
former Neschen USA and Neschen Accutech product lines under the Neschen brand," says Neschen Americas’ 
VP of Sales, Ken Ferrigno. In 2006 the company reorganized and consolidated Neschen USA, Neschen Accutech 
and Seal Graphics Americas under the Neschen Americas corporate banner with two leading brands, Neschen® 
and SEAL®.

Neschen Americas states that its sales reps will be in contact with all eligible resellers to discuss the details of the 
new program, and that resellers should direct any questions to their respective Neschen Americas representatives.

Neschen Americas - 9/21/2006

Neschen Introduces DirectTex

Elkridge, MD and SGIA 2006 trade show, Las Vegas, NV, September 26-29, 2006 ––Neschen DirectTex™ is the 
first full range of direct-printable dye sublimation textile media. With DirectTex, users can print direct to the 
fabric––no transfer paper required. DirectTex textiles are treated with a special coating that prevents ink from 
being absorbed into the media prior to heat setting. After printing, simply run the material through a heat press 
at 380° F and you’re done. DirectTex saves time and money by eliminating material and production steps––the 
results are true, rich color graphics.

	Following its launch at the SGIA trade show, DirectTex will be available in a wide range of polyester and 
poly-cotton blend materials, featuring various textures and weights, for applications ranging from banners 
and flags, to signs, displays and exhibits. Rolls will be available in 60”, 71” and 122” (1.5m, 1.8m, 3.1m) 
widths. Neschen Americas is offering FREE sample rolls of DirectTex by calling Neschen Americas’ 
customer service at 800-257-7325.

Neschen Americas - 8/28/2006

SEAL® and Neschen® image finishing solutions featured at SGIA Digital Workflow Pavilion.

Neschen Americas is pleased to announce that it will participate in the SGIA Digital Workflow Pavilion at the 
2006 SGIA trade show at the Las Vegas Convention Center, Las Vegas, Nevada. The pavilion will be located 
at booth 4824 on the show floor and will serve as an educational resource where attendees can get a first-hand 
look at the digital graphics production process from pre-press, to printing, through finishing. Neschen Americas 
will be one of several exhibitor volunteers showcasing equipment and supplies, as well as providing staff and expertise.

Neschen Americas will offer demonstrations of digital print finishing with its SEAL® 62 Pro D laminator (with 
Productivity Pack for high-volume production) and a range of SEAL and Neschen brand laminating films and 
adhesives. Attendees can visit the Pavilion to learn how the digital workflow process turns digital prints into 
profitable signs and displays. According to SGIA, the Pavilion will be open Tuesday, September 26, through 
Thursday, September 28, from 10:00AM - 12:30PM and 1:30PM - 4:00PM. On Friday, September 29, hours will 
be 10:00AM - 12:30PM and 1:30PM - 3:00PM.

To learn more about the entire range of SEAL and Neschen brand products, visit the Neschen Americas exhibit 
at SGIA booth 4230, or go online to

Neschen Americas manufactures and markets SEAL® and Neschen® brand products including film and liquid 
laminating systems and materials, wide and grand format printing media, pressure-sensitive sign vinyl, foam boards, 
mounting adhesives and tapes, display systems and accessories, and archiving supplies. The company serves 
the needs of the sign and display, digital printing, picture framing and library/archive markets throughout North 
and South America. Contact Neschen Americas at 800-257-7325, or visit

Neschen Americas - 8/10/2006

Neschen Introduces PrimeX Banner Stands and Portable Displays

Elkridge, Maryland, USA: Neschen® is proud to introduce the PrimeX line of banner stands and portable 
displays. Available through authorized Neschen resellers, the PrimeX line offers portable banner and display 
solutions ranging from Roll-Up displays in single and double-sided configurations, to L-Banner, X-Banner and 
Flag type banner stands, to Pop-Up fabric exhibit walls. There is even a small brochure stand, and a big Mobile 
Flag Pole that can accommodate a 43 x 130 inch banner.

PrimeX display solutions range in size from 8.5 x 11 inch countertop displays to wall systems spanning over 14 
feet. PrimeX stands and displays feature heavy gauge, yet lightweight aluminum components. They are easy to 
set-up and dismantle and are engineered for the rigors of repeated display applications.

"The PrimeX banner and display stands are an excellent complement to the Neschen range of textile printing 
media," says Dave Conrad, Product Manager at Neschen Americas. MSRP for PrimeX products ranges from 
$19.99 for a countertop display to $899 for the largest exhibit unit. Most units include a carry bag or case. For 
more information call 800-257-7325 or visit

Neschen Americas - 4/26/2006

Neschen Pro Gloss Sign Vinyl Features 6 New Colors

Elkridge, Maryland, USA: Neschen Americas has added six new colors to the Neschen Pro Gloss line of 
adhesive backed sign vinyl. The new colors are Ice Blue, Light Blue, Violet, Forest Green, Soft Pink and 
Turquoise Blue. According to Neschen, Pro Gloss vinyl offers a smooth, high-gloss surface, yet is easy to handle, 
cut and weed. An advanced pressure-sensitive adhesive formulation contributes to excellent durability in a 
wide range of commercial sign applications. Pro Gloss vinyl is 3.2 mils thick (including the adhesive) and is 
rated for outdoor life up to 5 years. It is resistant to mild acids, alkaline, salts, and most petroleum based oil, 
grease and aliphatic solvents. For more information, or a FREE sample, contact Neschen Americas at 
800-257-7325, or visit

Neschen Americas manufactures and markets SEAL and NESCHEN brand products including film and 
liquid laminating systems and materials, wide and grand format printing media, pressure-sensitive sign vinyl, 
mounting adhesives and tapes, display systems and accessories, and archiving supplies. The company 
serves the needs of the sign and display, digital printing, picture framing and library/archive markets 
throughout North and South America.

Neschen Americas - 4/19/2006

Neschen® Launches New Samba Light Box Textile Media

Elkridge, Maryland, USA: Neschen® brand Solvotex Samba Light Box was one of many new products featured 
at the Neschen Americas exhibit at this year’s International Sign Expo in Orlando, Florida. Samba Light Box 
expands the company’s popular line of Samba digital printing textiles with a material engineered for optimum 
performance in backlit applications. According to Neschen brands product manager Dwight Bessette, Samba 
Light Box is softer and more flexible than other media in the Samba range. It is comprised of 100% woven 
polyester and features a special acrylic top-coating that diffuses light, yet allows excellent image detail and color 
density. Samba Light Box is noted to deliver excellent image viewing quality in front-lit applications as well.

Samba Light Box affords excellent print quality with true-solvent, eco-solvent and UV inks and can be used in 
both indoor and outdoor applications. It is scratch resistant, water resistant and meets North American and 
European Flame Retardant (FR NFPA-701, M2, B1) certifications. The new material weighs 3.8 oz per square 
yard and is available in widths up to 122 in. (3.1 m). According to Neschen, Solvotex Samba Light Box is a 
well-rounded textile media that can be used for light boxes and a wide range of other digital printing applications 
from banners to billboards. For more information contact Neschen Americas at 800-257-7325, or visit

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