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Nazdar - 7/31/2014

Nazdar Announces TX650 Dye Sublimation Transfer Inks Validated for Roland SOLJET

Nazdar Ink Technologies is pleased to announce that the TX650 wide-format high-density dye-sublimation inks have added Roland’s SOLJET PRO4 
XF-640 to the list of validated printers. These water-based, high density dye sublimation inks have been formulated specifically for use on a range of 
wide-format printers including a number of Mimaki, Mutoh and Roland machines. Designed for printing onto paper prior to being heat-transferred onto 
polyester-based fabrics and coated rigid substrates, TX650 ink is ideal for an array of transfer applications from producing sportswear garments 
through to the production of outdoor signage.

Known throughout the industry as a manufacturer of a comprehensive selection of UV, water-based and solvent-based wide-format digital inkjet, 
screen-printing and flexographic inks, Nazdar has formulated TX650 to offer outstanding performance for an array of applications:
•	Sportswear
•	Fashion & Apparel
•	Décor / Interior Design
•	Display & Flags
•	Technical / Specialty

Nazdar - 11/5/2013

Announcing a New UV Glass Primer for Use with Nazdar UV Inkjet Inks

Nazdar Ink Technologies is pleased to announce the release of LWU7025 UV Glass Primer to the UV inkjet market. This new product is 
designed to significantly increase the adhesion of UV inkjet inks to a variety of glass-based substrates.

Formulated as a wipe-on primer, LWU7025 has a quick-dry formula that allows for printing as soon as the primed surface is completely dry. Specific 
details on the application and use of this product are included on the LWU7025 Technical Data Sheet.

LWU7025 is packaged in a convenient one liter flip top container and is available from your Nazdar Distributor.

Nazdar - 8/23/2013

Nazdar Announces New Digital Ink Lines

NAZDAR Ink Technologies ( is pleased to announce the release two new Grand Format Solvent Digital Inks; Nazdar 517 and 518 
Series inkjet inks. These new products are formulated to meet the demands of today’s faster and higher resolution inkjet printers.  

The 517 Series is designed for exceptional performance on the Xaar 128/126/Proton 36pl, Spectra Galaxy/Nova 128, Seiko 510 35pl and Konica Minolta 
42pl print heads. The 518 Series provides excellent results with the Spectra Skywalker, Spectra Polaris (solvent compatible) and Konica Minolta 14pl 
print heads. 

“Advances in print head technology have resulted in new entrants to the digital Piezo market, and many printer manufacturers are upgrading their products.” 
said Richard Bowles, President of Nazdar Ink Technologies. “We are seeing superb results with the 517 and 518 Series which are optimized specifically 
for the new technology.”

Nazdar - 6/3/2013

NAZDAR Introduces NFX56 Magnetic Receptive Ink

NAZDAR Ink Technologies ( announces the development of NFX56 Magnetic Receptive UV Screen Ink which produces a surface 
coating that will attract to a magnet. The unique ink is suitable for a range of substrates that includes rigid styrene, polycarbonate and some coated 
papers. The ink itself is metallized and non-magnetic. Ideal for printing menu boards and other changeable signage, Magnetic Receptive Ink gives 
your customer the versatility to add features and daily specials instantly.

Print samples demonstrating the use of NFX56 are available now. The base is 8 ˝” x 11” with a magnetic sheet attached. The NFX56 is screen printed 
second surface to smaller offset graphics that are positioned on the magnetic sheeting. 

To receive a print sample, contact your local distributor or Nazdar Ink Technologies Customer Service at 800.767.9942 and request item LIT0401.

Nazdar - 5/23/2013

Try Nazdar Digital Ink for Free

Nazdar Ink Technologies announces a new program designed to show users of wide format inkjet printers how easy it is to save 30% on their ink costs. 
By going to the web page, printers in the U.S. and Canada may complete a short registration and receive a free ink 
cartridge specific to their equipment.

“Nazdar Ink Technologies is so confident in the performance and price of our digital ink, we are willing to pay for your first cartridge to prove it,” said 
Phil McGugan, Vice President of Global Sales and Marketing. 

Nazdar Ink Technologies stands behind every drop of ink we make. We guarantee exceptional product performance when used correctly, or we will 
repair or pay for the repair of your equipment. See limited warranty online for details.

Nazdar - 5/9/2013

Nazdar Releases New 2300 Series UV/UV-LED Container Screen Ink

Nazdar Ink Technologies announces 2300 Series Screen Ink, a newly developed container ink with multiple cure-reacting methods and a wide 
range of container materials. Formulated for use on glass and PET containers, 2300 Series also adheres to a wide range of plastics, including HDPE 
and some LDPE. 2300 Series cures with traditional UV and UV-LED, and exhibits high chemical resistance, water resistance and color saturation.

“Container printing is a demanding market, and 2300 Series is cutting edge technology to meet those demands,” said Phil McGugan, Nazdar Ink 
Technologies’ Vice President of Global Sales and Marketing. “We believe this ink will have an important place in the market for printers who need 
versatility and performance.”

Nazdar - 8/1/2011

Nazdar Launches Lyson 213 Series Inks

Nazdar, a leading manufacturer of screen and digital printing inks, ( announces the release of Lyson 213 Series ink for use in Roland 
AJ-1000i and Roland AJ-740i large format digital printers. Lyson 213 Series is a true alternative to the OEM EcoXtreme Ai3 ink set. The cartridges are 
100% compatible and install just like OEM cartridges. 213 Series ink is color matched, meaning there is no need to profile in most situations and the 
display longevity performance matches that of the OEM ink. As with all Lyson branded solutions, printers will realize substantial cost savings over the 
OEM product.

According to Martin Burns, Nazdar Digital Solvent-based Inks Product Manager, “The printer can utilize their existing OEM color profiles. Users can expect 
to have the same low odor characteristics that have made this model so popular. Savings of both time and money can be attained by avoiding 
potentially expensive color management in most situations.”

Nazdar supplies Lyson 213 in 1000ml cartridges.

Nazdar - 7/7/2011

Now Available: NSC52 UV Air Texture Clear

Nazdar, the largest manufacturer of screen and digital printing inks in North America, announces the release of NSC52 UV Air Texture 
Clear, another addition to the most comprehensive selection of UV air texture clears in the industry. With a print texture similar to that of etched glass, 
NSC52 UV Air Texture Clear provides selective texturing that is both decorative and functional when printed first surface.

NSC52 is available in gallons and kilograms. For a copy of the Technical Data Sheet, click here. For printed samples or further information, contact 
Nazdar Customer Service at 800.767.9942.

Nazdar - 6/24/2011

Nazdar Releases New 4200 Series UV Graphic Screen Ink

NAZDAR ( the release of 4200 Series UV Graphic Screen Printing Ink.A breakthrough product that withstands some 
of the toughest finishing and shipping requirements of the graphics market, 4200 Series resists edge chipping, ink flaking and substrate 

The substrate range for 4200 Series includestreated corrugated plastic, styrene and coated paper/board making it extremely versatile. “The 4200 
Series’ versatility and performance characteristics will allow printers to reduce their ink inventory,” according to Richard Bowles, Nazdar Vice 
President and General Manager. “We believe this ink is a ‘game changer,’ because of the competitive edge it gives to our customers.”

Nazdar - 4/4/2011

Nazdar Announces New Lyson TX650 Sublimation Inkjet Inks

Nazdar announces immediate availability of Lyson TX650 series, a new digital water-based dye-sublimation ink for transfer applications 
onto suitable substrates. Designed to deliver excellent color vibrancy and unparalleled durability,TX650 series ink is ideal for a variety of transfer 
applications including sportswear garments, soft signage and home textiles.

Lyson TX650 series ink is formulated for use on an array of wide-format digital printers incorporating the Epson DX4 and DX5 print-head technologies- 
including, but not limited to, wide-format printers manufactured by Roland™, Mimaki™ and Mutoh™.

“The wide-format dye-sublimation market has been evolving into longer print runs with expanded color gamuts,” said Richard Bowles, Vice President and 
General Manager, Nazdar.  “Our new Lyson TX650 ink set has exceeded user demands in these categories at each early-adopter site and we expect 
general market expectations will be exceeded as well,” Bowles added.

Lyson TX650 series ink is available in cyan, magenta, yellow, black, light cyan and light magenta in a selection of 1-literbottles compatible with the 
majority of bulk-feed systems currently available. This gives users a smooth, straightforward transition to TX650 dye-sublimation ink.

Nazdar Lyson inks are an economical alternative to OEM solvent,UV-curable and dye-sublimation inks.  Nazdar provides an equipment and application 
warranty that covers both hardware and output.  Users of Nazdar Lyson inks can save up to 30% on ink costs when compared to OEM ink usage.

Nazdar - 3/25/2011

Rastek UV Hybrid Printer Given Away by Nazdar SourceOne in Passport to Performance Sweepstakes

Nazdar SourceOne announces the launch of the 2011 “Passport to Performance” sweepstakes,providing companies in the specialty graphics industry 
an opportunity to win an EFI Rastek H652 high performance UV Inkjet printer. With a list price of $115,000, this sweepstake marks an unprecedented 
level of value and earnings potential to the winner.

Complete rules and sweepstakes registration, are online at: Additional bonus entrees can be madein 
person at booth #3912 during the 2011 ISA Sign Expo and also at a series of upcoming Nazdar SourceOne “Passport to Performance” open house and 
webinar events.

“Nazdar SourceOne has a strong partnership with EFI Rastek, and together we strive to bring our customers new and profitable opportunities to expand 
their business,” stated Michael Johnson, Director of Marketing at Nazdar SourceOne.  “The 2011 Passport to Performance Sweepstakes is an 
exciting opportunity for Nazdar SourceOne to make a real difference at one lucky business by providing it with thelatest digital technology in the Rastek 
H652. The open house and webinar events will provide additional learning opportunities to promote awareness of the products, services, and support 
available from Nazdar SourceOne to the sign and specialty graphics industry.”

Nazdar - 2/16/2011

Nazdar Launches Lyson 7470 Series Ink for Fluted Polypropylene

Nazdar, the largest manufacturer of screen and digital printing inks in North America, ( announces the release of Lyson 7470Series ink for 
use in UV digital flatbed printers. This new ink series is designed for superior performance on fluted polypropylene materials. Primary uses of this product are 
for POP displays, durable graphics and billboard banners where flexibility and adhesion is of primary importance.

According to Rich Nickols, Digital Product Manager, UV Curable Coatings for Nazdar, “Nazdar 7470 Series is the best ink available with respect to 
adhesion and durability on fluted polypropylene, and it will change people’s expectations about digital printing on thissubstrate.”

Other popular POP substrates, such as styrene, Sintra, Dibond and foam board, exhibit good performance with Lyson 7470 Series. In addition, it is formulated 
for use in flexible applications and exhibits excellent resistance to edge chipping when used with a knife or router cutter.

Available in 1-liter and 5-liter bulk bottles.

Nazdar - 7/21/2010

Nazdar SourceOne Open House

Join Nazdar SourceOne on August 18th for the Textile Goes Digital Open House Event 

Nazdar SourceOne
4260 Peachetree Ind Blvd.
Norcross, GA 30071

Save the Date: Wednesday, August 18th, 2010
Open House Time: 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.
Contact: Jim Blair at 800-677-4657 ext. 3724 or E-mail
Cost: FREE

Customers expect more. Direct-To-Garment printing provides a solution!

See equipment in action and learn first-hand what digital can do:
Meet with the experts and run an ROI using your real-world numbers.

Nazdar - 5/26/2010

Nazdar Launches Lyson 1302 Series Ink For Mimaki JV3

Nazdar, the largest manufacturer of screen and digital printing inks in North America, announces the release 
of Lyson 1302 series digital solvent ink for Mimaki JV3 printers. This new ink series has low-odor properties and 
complements the existing Lyson 1300 series for JV3 printers. 

Lyson 1302 series ink was formulated to mimic the properties and color gamut of Mimaki’s current SS2 ink set. 
The new ink is available in 440 ml cartridges and 1-liter bulk containers. 

The Lyson 1302 series is fully compatible with Lyson 1300 series ink. The two product lines can be intermixed to 
facilitate transition from one ink set to the other. Lyson inks are available worldwide through Nazdar’s authorized 
distributor channels. 

Richard Bowles, Nazdar Vice President and General Manager, commented, "Our Lyson 1300 series ink is one 
of our most popular products. However, we identified a need for a lower-odor version because more and more 
printers are located in corporate and retail environments." Bowles added, "The new Lyson 1302 series is an 
excellent choice for such locations." 

Nazdar Lyson inks are an economical alternative to OEM solvent and UV-curable inks. Nazdar provides an 
equipment and application warranty that covers both hardware and output. Users of Nazdar Lyson inks can 
save up to 30% on ink costs when compared to OEM ink usage.

Nazdar - 4/29/2010

Nazdar Open House

Nazdar SourceOne, North America’s leading distributor of inks, equipment and supplies for screen, sign, and 
digital printing applications, announces we will be hosting a Industrial Open House “Comps Too Complicated? 
Digital Prototyping Simplified.” at our Fairfield, OH facility on May 19th from 9:00am – 5:00pm.  For more 
information e-mail John Vonasek at  or call 800-729-9942 ext: 2347.

Nazdar SourceOne is the largest distributor of screen and digital printing inks, equipment and supplies in North 
America. For more information about any of SourceOne’s complete line of quality screen printing and digital 
products, visit the website: or call one of our regional locations: Midwest 800-736-
7636, Northeast 800-257-8226, West 800-252-7767, Southeast 800-537-4606, Mexico 011-52-55-47-77-19-00, 
and Honduras 504-574-94-90.

Nazdar - 4/23/2010

Nazdar Lyson's 760 Multiflex Series Inks

Lyson® 760 Multiflex Series Digital Imaging Inks are designed for use in Industrial grade Digital Printers including 
Inca Eagle, Teckwin Teckstorm, Gandinnovations 3150 & 1224. Primary uses of this product are Durable Industrial 
Graphics where adhesion, bending, flexibility and chemical resistance is of primary importance.  Typical substrates 
are PVC, styrene, PETG, Acrylic, glass, ABS, coated Polyesters and polycarbonate.  The primary features of 
these inks are as follows:

- Formulated for superior adhesion, die and routing chip resistance
- Formulated for vacuum and bend forming on suitable substrates up to 350%
- Long term exterior performance with proven resistance to the effects of UV degradation and color fade
- High impact, high intensity colors with expanded color gamut
- Consistent color density values
- Adhesion and chemical resistance on a variety of substrates

Nazdar - 4/24/2009

Nazdar Introduces PowerPrint Renew 1400 Multipurpose Graphic Ink

Nazdar, the largest North American manufacturer of screen and digital printing inks, announces PowerPrint 
Renew 1400, the newest addition to Nazdar’s ink lines designed to lower environmental impact. A multipurpose 
graphic ink, PowerPrint Renew 1400 uses raw materials made from renewable resources rather than fossil fuels.

Based on independent lab testing using ASTM D6866, Renew 1400 measures to have 20% bio-based content. 
The definition of a bio-based material given by the Sustainable Green Printers Partnership at www. is : "A bio-based material is any material made from renewable plant matter (as opposed 
to non-renewable prehistoric plant material, fossil fuels), including agricultural crops and residues, trees."

According to Phil McGugan, Nazdar’s Vice President of Global Sales and Marketing, "Nazdar is committed to 
reducing our impact on the environment both within our manufacturing and distribution centers and providing 
suitable products to the market. The release of this ink on Earth Day underscores our efforts in this important 

Nazdar - 2/11/2009

Nazdar Rolls Out New Product Labels

Nazdar, the largest manufacturer of screen and digital printing inks in North America, announces a new 
standardized labeling system that will improve efficiency, meet regulatory and language requirements in multipe 
countries and provide lower environmental impact. 

Beginning late in 2008, re-designed product labels were introduced for all digital inks manufactured in the 
Shawnee, Kansas facility. The UV and flexo inks are being changed over currently and should be completed 
by late February, 2009. The final product labels to be changed will be the solvent inks, by mid-2009.

"The new design streamlines our labeling process," according to Erik Reed, Manager of Regulatory Compliance. 
"By eliminating hundreds of unique labels, we are using less paper and making it easier for customers to get the 
information they need. Our new system allows us to produce labels meeting regulatory requirements in the US, 
Canada, Mexico, and Europe and has the choice of 12 different languages. Additionally, for our solvent inks 
we will be able to reduce our label size by 65%.

Nazdar - 9/17/2008

Nazdar Graphic Inks Application Guide Available

Nazdar, the largest manufacturer of screen and digital printing inks in North America, announces the availability 
of their Graphic Inks Application Guide (catalog), version 3.4. The catalog is a complete reference tool with 
easy-to-use digital and screen inks cross-reference charts that enable printers to find the best product for their 
application. There are complete descriptions of Nazdar ink lines includnew Lyson digital inks and screen printing 
inks such as Versacon V5000. 

"We hope our customers take this opportunity to visit and register to receive updates and a 
Graphic Inks catalog, so they have the latest information about our products," said Jay Tharp, Nazdar’s 
Marketing Communications Director. By registering on the Nazdar website, visitors can receive a PDF version 
electronically and a printed catalog in the mail. The Guide can also be ordered by calling Nazdar Customer 
Service at (800) 767-9942.

Nazdar - 9/5/2008

Nazdar Introduces Versacon Classic V5000 Container Ink

Nazdar, the largest North American manufacturer of screen and digital printing inks, announces Versacon 
Classic V5000, the newest addition to Nazdar’s ink lines for the container printing market. Versacon Classic 
V5000 is a two-part solvent-based ink with excellent chemical resistance for treated polyethylene and polypropylene 

"Solvent-based inks continue to be prevalent in small to medium size print shops where the capital investment 
of UV equipment is prohibitive," according to Phil McGugan, Vice President of Global Sales and Marketing for 
Nazdar. "As Nazdar continues to expand into the global market for screen printing inks, the need for a very 
stable, solvent-based ink for container printing is apparent."

The two-part formulation (ink plus catalyst) provides excellent stability during shipment and storage. Once the 
catalyst is added, Versacon Classic V5000 is fast drying, high gloss, and exhibits excellent resistance to a wide 
range of solvents and chemicals. Available in 12 standard printing colors, 12 PMS® base tints, and three 
metallic colors, the ink line is available exclusively through Nazdar distributors.

Nazdar - 9/2/2008

Nazdar SourceOne Offers Digital Media Swatch Book

Nazdar SourceOne announces the introduction of their 2008 Digital Media selector swatch book featuring an 
enhanced selection of flexible and rigid wide format digital media for aqueous, solvent and UV curable inkjet
printers. The expanded product range includes products for a wide variety of applications to include point of 
purchase advertising, front and backlit exhibit display graphics, exterior banners, and vehicle wraps. 
"The swatch book contains samples of the range of environmentally sustainable digital media available from 
SourceOne. Samples in the book are from SourceOne’s ImageStar line, as well as products from 3M, MACtac 
and Ultraflex," according to David Robinson, Nazdar SourceOne Director of Business Development, Digital 
and Screen Print Media.

Nazdar - 3/30/2008

Nazdar Lyson TX6500 Series Digital Water-Base Dye Sublimation Inksets Now Available for Several Printers

Shawnee, KS, - Nazdar, the largest manufacturer of screen and digital printing inks in North America, announces 
the new Lyson TX6500 Series digital water-based dye sublimation Inks formulated for use in Mimaki, Mutoh, 
Roland, and Epson digital printers. The Nazdar TX6500 Series of Lyson brand digital Wide Format Sublimation 
inks are designed to offer the user an excellent color/colour set which is vivid with good durability for both 
lightfastness and washfastness. When printed in conjunction with Nazdar Presstex heat-transfer paper, 
maximum ink transfer is achieved allowing the highest level of ink to permeate the end textile substrate. 

The TX6500 inkset is specially formulated to run on an array Wide Format printers. Currently this inkset allows 
the user to print on the following platforms: Mimaki JV4 Series (130, 160, 180), Mimaki TX2 1600, Mimaki JV22, 
Epson 9000, Epson 9600, Epson 9800, Roland Hi-Fi, Mutoh Viper, Mutoh RJ6100 Falcon, Mutoh RJ8000 
Falcon II.

The Lyson TX6500 Series Inks are available in Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black, Light Cyan, Light Magenta, 
and Light Black, in 1 liter bottles, and 440ml and 220ml cartridges.

Nazdar - 12/10/2007

Nazdar® Lyson® 2000 Series Ink Compatible with Roland Pro III and VP Printers

Shawnee, KS - Nazdar, the largest manufacturer of screen and digital printing inks in North America, is pleased 
to announce that the Lyson 2000 Series cartridges are now compatible with the very latest Roland Pro III and 
VP printers. Thanks to the addition of smart chip technology, Lyson 2000 Series cartridges can now be used in 
all Roland SJ, SC, SP, XC and VP printers currently using Roland Eco Max inks, ensuring optimal printer 
performance without compromise. All printer and RIP features will be available, allowing the user to take 
advantage of great value and outstanding performance. Lyson 2000 Series is also a color matched equivalent 
to the Roland Eco Max inks. This alleviates the need for expensive re-profiling and simplifies the conversion

Nazdar - 9/18/2007

Nazdar Consulting Services Offers Regional Training Courses

Shawnee, KS - Nazdar Consulting Services announces regional training classes now available to printing 
industry professionals for the topics of color management workflow and hazardous material handling. Taught by 
industry experts, these classes entitled Increase Your IQ (Image Quality) and 49CFR Hazardous Material 
Training will cover basic and intermediate information over the span of two days. 

Increase Your IQ (Image Quality) is a class where attendees will learn to use "one" color target to effectively 
match all printing processes through the use of Color Management Workflow, and acquire the knowledge of 
Color Management systems, regardless of their printing process. This class is recommended to anyone facing 
color challenges, including people interested in ICC profiling, Color Managers, Print Production Managers, and 
Prepress, Digital, Offset, Flexo, and Screen Technicians. 

Along with comprehensive training, attendees will receive a software copy of CATZper Color Approval and 
Tolerancing by Perception, a breakthrough system of software and training that will deliver the first major 
innovation in color matching since the introduction of L*a*b* color tolerancing. Valued at $1500, this color 
management system will result in reduced press down time and job rejections due to color matching issues.

This class will be taught by Bruce Ridge, co-developer of the Chromatix® system, and Business Director for 
Nazdar Consulting Service. Bruce began and facilitated the Masterprint Color Training Program which has been 
presented to more than 2,500 printers in North America. He also serves as Lead Trainer for many of the 
Training Sessions NCS offers its clients. 

49CFR Hazardous Material Training is an introductory-level course covering basic skills needed to prepare, offer 
and accept domestic shipments of hazardous materials. Instruction will focus on non-bulk packages transported 
by motor vehicle and meets applicable Department of Transportation requirements for initial and recurrent training. 

This class is recommended for personnel responsible for the safe shipment of hazardous materials, including 
anyone who fills packages, marks or labels containers, completes or signs shipping papers, loads or unloads 
vehicles, or operates vehicles used to transport hazardous materials. This class will be taught by Erik Reed, 
Manager of Regulatory Compliance for Nazdar. With 15 years experience related to the ink and coating industries, 
Erik’s responsibilities include directing the classification of hazardous materials and training for all eleven Nazdar 
distribution sites. Erik has also conducted hazardous materials transportation training at SGIA’s annual trade show. 

Classes are being offered beginning October 2007 through April 2008 in various U.S. cities, including Cincinnati, 
Atlanta, and the Los Angeles area. Additional information and online registration are available via the Nazdar 
Consulting Services website at

Nazdar - 2/26/2007

Nazdar Lyson 1000 And 1300 Series Digital Ink Now Available For Mimaki Digital Printers

Shawnee, KS -  Nazdar, the largest manufacturer of screen and digital printing inks in North America, announces 
the new Lyson® 1000 and 1300 Series Digital Inks formulated for use in Mimaki JV-3 large format digital printers. 
The Lyson® 1000 Series offers the widest color gamut available, along with superior outdoor color durability for 
up to two years. "Lyson® 1000 Series colors produce a superior color gamut stated Martin Burns, Nazdar® 
Solvent-Based Digital Inks Product Manager. "There is consistent color density across the whole gamut, but the 
reds in particular are extremely vibrant. The 1000 Series' offers high intensity colors plus resistance to UV fading 
and adds in the ability to dry faster with a tougher finish at a lower price making an unbeatable combination of 
performance. This is a truly superior alternative." Lyson® 1000 Series are ideal for back-lit applications and 
demonstrate excellent adhesion and flexibility on most selfsupporting flexible and pressure-sensitive vinyls. In 
addition, the inks' fast-drying characteristics minimize the risk of blocking.

The Lyson® 1300 Series precisely matches the color profiles of the Mimaki® inks for the JV-3, eliminating the 
need for re-profiling the ink (no color correction required), and is substantially more cost-effective then the OEM 

The Lyson® 1000 Series and 1300 Series are available in black, yellow, magenta, light magenta, cyan, and 
light cyan. Both ink series are currently packaged in bulk quantities that require the use of a bulk ink system 
and 440ml compatible cartridges (also 220ml in EMEA). Like all Nazdar® digital inks, the company's Lyson 
brand inks are backed by the best warranty in the business. Nazdar's warranty states that If Lyson® inks are 
ever proven responsible for the breakdown of a digital printer, Nazdar will provide reimbursement for the cost 
required to repair any damage to the ink train.

Nazdar - 1/31/2007

Nazdar SourceOne To Distribute Teckwin Tecksmart Series Digital Inkjet Printers

Shawnee, KS - Nazdar SourceOne North America’s leading distributor of equipment, inks and supplies for 
screen and digital printing applications announces an agreement with Shanghai Teckwin Development Company 
to distribute the Teckwin TeckSmart UV1600 series of hybrid roll-to-roll and flat bed digital printers through its 
locations in Canada, United States, Mexico, and Central America.

Features of the TeckSmart UV 1600 series printer include 7-color (C,M,Y,K,Lc,Lm + White) or 5-color (C,M,Y,K 
+ White) printing at up to 720 DPI resolution, selectable Uni or Bi Directional print modes for edge to edge 
printing on roll fed, or rigid sheet medias at sizes up to 63.75" /1.62 meter width x 120" / 3.05 meter length 
sheet or roll length medias.

Peter Walsh, Nazdar SourceOne’s Vice President and General Manager, stated, "We’re extremely pleased to 
be associated with TeckWin. The TeckSmart UV1600 series printer offers the perfect combination of quality, 
performance, versatility, and value that our customers have been looking for. We look forward to a long and 
mutually beneficial relationship with TeckWin."

James Pike, TeckWin Vice President of Sales/Marketing, said "Nazdar SourceOne is exactly the type of partner 
that TeckWin was seeking to distribute the TeckSmart UV 1600 series printer in the North and Central American 
market. The SourceOne approach of providing total solutions ofequipment, inks, media, software and technical 
support is in total alignment with our equipment distribution and customer support strategy."

Nazdar - 1/25/2007

New Low Odor Inkjet Inks: LYSON 2000 Series from Nazdar

Nazdar® announces the introduction of the new 2000 Series Ink set into their Lyson® Digital Ink range. Designed 
as a low odor alternative to full solvent inks, the Lyson 2000 Seriesoffers the benefits of eco type ink sets while 
retaining high level performance. Full compatibility with ECO-Max® and Eco Ultra inks allows for easy integration 
into the numerous printer platforms currently using these ink types. This enables the user to install Lyson® 
2000 inks immediately after OEM inks, alleviating the need to flush or clean the system.

The Lyson® 2000 ink set is manufactured using innovative production techniques to provide excellent exterior 
performance with proven resistance to the effects of UV degradation and fading. The use of high impact, high 
intensity colorants also produce strong, vibrant colors. The Lyson® 2000 ink range is available in cyan, magenta, 
yellow, black, light cyan & light magenta, and can be purchased in 220ml cartridges or 1 and 5 liter bulk containers. 
Presently, Lyson® 2000 cartridges are for use only in printers not utilizing chip recognition systems.

Nazdar - 9/30/2006

Nazdar Consulting Adds Three Practice Areas

Shawnee, KS - Nazdar Consulting Services, a division of North America’s largest manufacturer of screen and 
digital printing inks and chemicals, has expanded its capabilities to include offerings in environmental health 
and safety, information technology and strategic planning.

"Many of our customers have told us that they want and need these types of services on an ongoing or 
intermittent basis, but realize that it doesn’t make financial sense to hire and manage an in-house staff," 
explained Chris Davis, Nazdar Vice President/Chief Information Officer and head of Nazdar Consulting 
Services. "We provide skilled professionals who are experts in their respective fields on a project basis, on 
site and with results that we guarantee."

"By sharing our knowledge with our customers, Nazdar Consulting Services fills an important niche in the digital 
and screen printing industry," adds Nazdar President Mike Fox. "By making our customers more successful, we 
become more successful ourselves."

The latest offerings from Nazdar Consulting Services include:
- Environmental health and safety -- including on-site assessment, hazard communication, hazardous materials 
training, and material safety data sheet management.
- Information technology - ranging from server setup and security to web hosting and design services, storage 
and backup solutions, monitoring and maintenance.
- Strategic planning - including assessment, development, implementation, alignment and monitoring.

The new services complement Nazdar Consulting Services’ other practice areas: Chromatix Screen Printing 
Services and Chromatix Digital Services. Chromatix is a multi-step analytical and consultative process that ensures 
color consistency and control for screen and digital printing applications. It is rapidly gaining acceptance by 
printers and their customers as a standard of printing quality and consistency.

Nazdar - 6/15/2006

Nazdar Introduces Lyson Series 1000 Ink for the Mimaki JV-3

Elk Grove Village, IL - Nazdar, the largest manufacturer of screen and digital printing inks and chemicals in North 
America, has introduced Lyson Series 1000 ink for the Mimaki JV-3

"This new ink set represents a breakthrough for anyone using the Mimaki JV3," says Jerry Fitch, of Nazdar’s 
Digital Business Unit. "It has a wider color gamut than OEM and other third party inks, with notably brighter, 
more intense reds."

Leveraging Lyson’s long experience in conceptualizing, formulating, and producing market-leading digital inks, 
Nazdar has developed a dedicated JV3 inkset with significant advantages including:

-  Wider color gamut than any JV-3 ink set in the industry
-  Improved fade and scratch resistance
-  Fast drying, excellent adhesion
-  100% compatibility with printer components
-  Up to 2 years outdoor display life

Ideal for billboards, posters, exhibition graphics, vehicle graphics, POP displays, and other indoor and outdoor 
applications, Nazdar’s Lyson Series 1000 ink for Mimaki’s JV3 does not require specially coated media. It is fully 
compatible with a wide selection of PVC banner, mesh, vinyl, self-adhesive vinyl, paper, and other selected textiles. 

For further information on how Nazdar’s Lyson Series 1000 ink for Mimaki’s JV3 can help improve your operations, 

Nazdar - 2/16/2006

Nazdar Acquires Lyson, Ltd.

Shawnee, KS - Nazdar, North America’s largest manufacturer of screen inks, digital inks, and chemicals, 
announces the acquisition of Lyson, Ltd., and its subsidiary, Lyson, Inc., a leading manufacturer of inkjet inks 
for digital printers. The Lyson brand and product line are now part of Nazdar’s Inks and Coatings Division,
based in Shawnee, Kansas.

Based in Stockport, UK, with a US subsidiary in Chicago, Illinois, Lyson supplies major OEM digital printer
manufacturers and end-users through an international network of distributors. The Lyson product line includes
digital inks for all major inkjet print technologies, including piezo, thermal, and CIJ. Lyson manufactures both
solvent and water based inks in pigment and dye formulations for markets such as industrial coding and
marking, office printing, wide format graphics, fine art, photography, proofing and grand format billboard printing.

"Nazdar is committed to the digital ink market," stated Mike Fox, President of Nazdar. "It’s an increasingly
important part of our core business. We’ve been manufacturing and marketing the NDI brand of digital inks
since 2000, and we know what it takes to deliver a top quality product. Lyson and Jeff Ball have done an
excellent job of establishing Lyson as one of the world’s premier providers of digital ink products. They have
an innovative history and have developed an excellent product line that enables Nazdar to achieve its
strategic initiative to expand outside of our traditional channels and presents us with new customer
opportunities. Bringing the two companies together will help both Lyson and Nazdar reach our goals for the
future. We’re extremely pleased to welcome Lyson to the Nazdar organization."

Fox went on to add, "We intend to maintain and build the Lyson brand, which has an outstanding reputation
for innovation, service and support. Our emphasis will be on continuing to develop and improve third-party
digital ink products while expanding our relationships in the OEM markets. Joining the resources of the two
companies increases our already considerable R&D expertise and will allow us to broaden our development
efforts in aqueous, solvent, and UV ink technologies."

Jeff Ball, Lyson’s founder, stated, "The acquisition is a great fit for both companies. It gives the Lyson brand
the resources necessary to further our penetration into the marketplace and to continue to research and
develop Lyson products at the very highest level. It gives Nazdar a larger product portfolio and an established
base in Europe which accelerates their international expansion objectives. We’re excited about the possibilities
and look forward to being part of the Nazdar organization."

Nazdar is the largest manufacturer of screen and digital printing inks and chemicals in North America with a
growing presence in international graphics markets including South America, Europe and Asia. For more
information about any of Nazdar’s complete line of quality screen printing and digital products, visit the Nazdar
website or contact the company at: 8501 Hedge Lane Terrace, Shawnee, KS 66227-3290 USA.
Phone: 913-422-1888. Toll-free: 800-767-9942. Fax: 913-422-2295. Website:

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