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Mimaki - 9/16/2014

Mimaki USA Introduces CJV300 Series Production Print and Precision Cut Device

Mimaki USA, a leading manufacturer of wide-format inkjet printers and cutters, today announced the Mimaki CJV300 Series of production-speed, 
printer-cutter devices. Models from the CJV300 series will make their U.S. debut in the Mimaki USA booth #3158 at the Specialty Graphic and 
Imaging Association (SGIA) annual exhibition in Las Vegas, October 22-24, 2014.

CJV300 Series adds cutting capability to proven production platform
The Mimaki CJV300 Series brings automated print-and-cut operations to this class of printer for the first time. Extending the capabilities of the Mimaki 
JV300 Series platform, introduced in July 2014, the CJV300 Series is available in two sizes:  the 54-inch CJV300-130 model and the 64-inch CJV300-160 

CJV300 Series models incorporate new printheads in a staggered configuration (offering up to four channels per color) that can deliver production print 
speeds of up to 1140 square feet per hour to support a high-volume print-and-cut workflow. The integrated cut functionality enables volume production 
of labels, decals, T-shirt transfers, window clings, floor graphics, POP displays, vehicle markings, package prototypes and more in a single unit.

Elevating print-and-cut capability
The Mimaki CJV300 series offers advanced cutting functions including continuous registration mark detection to enable cutting of an entire roll of media 
without interruption. Over-cut and corner-cut functions reduce waste by ensuring clearly cut edges with no uncut fragments. The segment correction 
function facilitates precision cutting over long-length prints, even if the image is distorted. Also included is a cut-and-print function for pre-cutting before 
printing, which prevents common problems such as film separation and other issues related to post-cutting on thin materials.

Silver ink adds brilliance
Among the ten SS21 eco-solvent ink colors available for the CJV300 printer is Silver, which can be used to create high value-added print products. This 
new formulation delivers a greater than 50 percent improvement on refraction over the current Silver ink formula, delivering brilliant mirror-effect results 
that are not diminished even if overlaminated. 

Silver ink can be used to create metallic color effects, which are in high demand for label, decal and package prototyping applications. RasterLink6 
RIP software – standard with CJV300 Series units – includes a swatch palette of 648 metallic colors that are easily selectable from Illustrator® and can 
be utilized in a near endless combination of custom colors. 

Bulk ink system standard
Every Mimaki CJV300 Series printer ships with the Mimaki Bulk Ink System 3 (MBIS3) that features two-liter ink packs for select colors (Silver and White in 
220ml cartridges only). This system reduces ink costs when compared to ink cartridges used in competitive products, and enables unattended printing, 
freeing staff to work on other projects.

Innovative technologies on a proven platform deliver reliable performance
The new CJV300 Series, built on the advanced architecture of the JV300 Series printers, offers many new technologies designed to deliver 
consistent, outstanding print quality on a proven platform. Included on all units are the following features:

•	Variable drop printing and MAPS3 (Mimaki Advanced Pass System 3) anti-banding technology ensures precise and accurate print quality. 
•	Optimum waveform technology achieves precise ink droplet placements onto the media. 
•	Patented media heat system ensures uniform ink drying and produces consistent image quality across the entire width of the media. 
•	Eight ink channels and up to 10 ink colors provide the flexibility to produce nearly any application, and can print on hundreds of readily available media.
•	White ink is ideal for overprinting of backlit applications and under-printing on colored surfaces. 
•	Orange ink increases the color gamut and delivers more vivid output and the ability to reproduce more than 94 percent of the PANTONE® color chart. 
•	Light Black ink produces high quality monochrome color reproduction, resulting in grey tones without a red undercast. 
•	Both Orange and Light Black inks, along with Light Magenta and Light Cyan in an eight-color configuration, can also be used to serve the high-end, 
fine art market where prints command premium prices.
•	Nozzle Check Unit (NCU) reduces ink and media waste, and downtime by checking for potential nozzle outages between file runs.
•	Nozzle Recovery System (NRS) enables continued productivity by assigning operational nozzles as substitutes until an outage can be cleared. 
•	Media handling features provide more accurate printing with less damage to the media.
•	Mimaki Sb53 dye-sublimation inks are available for textile and apparel production.

The Mimaki CJV300 Series printers include the MBIS3 system; RasterLink6 RIP software; FineCut8 plug-in for Illustrator and CorelDRAW®; Simple Studio 
print-cut software; and a one-year warranty. All models will be available for order in North America beginning in October 2014 with first shipments 
commencing November 2014.

Mimaki - 7/8/2014

Mimaki USA Announces Industrial Media Handling System for TS500-1800

Mimaki USA, a leading manufacturer of wide-format inkjet printers and cutters, today announced the MJF500-1800 industrial media handling system as an 
option for new and installed Mimaki TS500-1800 high-speed transfer sublimation printers. The new bulk roll media handling system adds versatility and 
expands the capabilities for high-speed dye sublimation printing.

The industrial design of the new MJF500-1800 system can handle paper rolls up to 600 lbs. with an external diameter of 20 inches giving digital textile 
producers the ability to take full advantage of the high throughput capabilities of the Mimaki TS500-1800 printer. Using the new bulk roll media handling 
system, Mimaki customers can become more productive by minimizing material change interruptions while also increasing profitability by printing long 
production runs on cost-effective transfer paper for sublimation to a wide range of textiles.

The MJF500-1800 media handling unit is custom-built for Mimaki by Selco Inc., based in South Carolina ( It will be sold and 
serviced exclusively through Mimaki USA and its authorized representatives. 

The MJF 500-1800 is available for order now. It can be ordered as an option with all new Mimaki TS500-1800 printers, and as a field upgrade for existing 
Mimaki TS500-1800 printers. It carries a U.S. list price of $29,995 (unit only).

Mimaki - 6/10/2014

Mimaki USA Adds High-Productivity JV300 Series to Eco-Solvent Printer Line-Up

Mimaki USA, a leading manufacturer of wide-format inkjet printers and cutters, today announced the Mimaki JV300 Series of production-speed, 
eco-solvent printers. The Mimaki JV300 Series made its worldwide debut at FESPA in Munich, May 20-23, 2014; it will be available for hands-on 
demonstrations at all Mimaki Technology Centers and select exhibitions in the U.S. beginning in June 2014.

Product overview 
The series comprises two models:  the 53-inch Mimaki JV300-130 printer and the 64-inch Mimaki JV300-160 printer. The Mimaki JV300 Series printers 
include eight ink channels and a variety of colors to provide the flexibility to produce nearly any application. These models use Mimaki SS21 fast-drying, 
eco-solvent inks that can print on hundreds of media choices. Included are new technologies that increase throughput and uptime, and keep operating 
costs low. 

Innovative technologies on a proven platform deliver robust performance
Built on the proven Mimaki JV Series platform – a workhorse in the company’s roll-based printer line-up – JV300 Series printers include newly 
developed printheads in a staggered configuration and inkjet technology with precise dot control that delivers higher productivity without sacrificing 
quality. To achieve precise ink droplet placements onto the media, Mimaki designed an optimum waveform, which enables the printhead to jet each 
ink color at the appropriate jetting angle without losing precise ink droplet circularity. 

The Nozzle Check Unit (NCU) reduces ink and media waste, and downtime by checking for potential nozzle outages between file runs. The Nozzle 
Recovery System (NRS) enables continued productivity by assigning operational nozzles as substitutes until an outage can be cleared. 

New media handling features are included such as independent pinch rollers that result in more accurate printing with less damage to the media. A 
media handling system supports feeding and take-up of heavy rolls up to 88 pounds.
Every Mimaki JV300 Series printer ships with the Mimaki Bulk Ink System-III (MBIS-III) that features two-liter ink packs for all but White ink . This system 
reduces ink costs when compared to ink cartridges used in competitive products, and enables unattended printing, freeing staff to work on other 

Eco-solvent inks print on a wide variety of media for application flexibility
The Mimaki JV300 Series printers employ dependable ink technology used in the sign and graphics industry for many years. Mimaki was the first manufacturer 
of eco-solvent, wide format printers and the JV300 Series printers use Mimaki SS21 fast-drying, eco-solvent inks that can print on hundreds of media choices 
for indoor and outdoor uses. 

Denser-opacity White ink is ideal for overprinting of backlit applications and under-printing on colored surfaces. 
Orange ink increases the color gamut and delivers more vivid output and the ability to reproduce 92 percent of the PANTONE® color chart. 
Light Black ink produces high quality monochrome color reproduction, resulting in grey tones without a red undercast. 
Both Orange and Light Black inks, along with Light Magenta and Light Cyan in a eight-color configuration, can also be used to serve the high-end, fine 
art market where prints command premium prices.
With one Mimaki JV300 Series printer, service providers can produce a variety of printed media for campaigns that include indoor and outdoor components 
such as retail promotions, and be assured of color and quality fidelity.
For textile and apparel production, Mimaki Sb53 dye-sublimation inks will be available in Magenta, Blue, Yellow, Black, Light Blue and Light Magenta.
Delivers consistent, outstanding print quality
The Mimaki JV300 Series printers use variable drop sizes along with MAPS3 (Mimaki Advanced Pass System 3) anti-banding technology to ensure precise 
and accurate print quality throughout the printing process. A patented media heat system ensures uniform ink drying and produces consistent image 
quality across the entire width of the media. 
Pricing and availability
The Mimaki JV300 Series printers offer value with a U.S. starting list price of $22,995 for the JV300-150 (54-inch) model and $25,995 for the JV300-160 
(64-inch) model. Pricing includes the MBIS-III bulk ink system, RasterLink6 RIP software and a one-year warranty. Shipments are expected to begin in 
July 2014. 

With the entire JV printer range, Mimaki is the only company that offers a complete selection of ink solutions – including eco-solvent, solvent, UV solvent, 
latex, pigmented aqueous and dye sublimation – with models for any budget.

Mimaki - 3/12/2014

MIMAKI USA Announces SMART Vinyl Wrap Course Schedule for 2014

Mimaki USA, a leading manufacturer of wide format inkjet printers and cutters, today announced its SMART (School of Mimaki Application and 
Resource Training) Vinyl Wrap for Beginners course schedule for 2014.

The course is offered in conjunction with 3M Commercial Graphics. 3M Preferred Graphics Installers will teach the three-day class that covers classroom 
review of the different types of digital media, tools and best practices for installation. The majority of the course is spent in the Mimaki regional technology 
center where participants will experience hands-on training including vehicle wrapping and removal techniques; smooth and textured wall wrapping; 
floor graphics; and glass wrapping applications using 3M vinyl media. 

In addition to valuable experience from 3M installers, every participant will receive a Pro Install Kit that includes all necessary tools and materials for a quick 
start once they return to their shops.

First SMART Vinyl Wrap Class a Success
The pilot SMART Vinyl Wrap for Beginners class was held February 11-13, 2014, in Suwanee, GA. The small class size contributed to a positive 
learning experience for everyone. “This class was awesome. I’m leaving with more confidence in my skills,” said Zack Morgan, Signs First Nashville. 
“Very thorough and the small class size was excellent. I learned a lot, and the [Mimaki] staff and [3M] instructors were very kind,” said Mark Walton, 
Galaxy Graphics Printing. To see a video testimonial featuring student Jairo Noriega, go to and scroll to the bottom of the page.

2014 SMART Vinyl Wrap for Beginners Course Schedule and Registration
Class times are 9:00 am to 5:00 pm (local time) and are scheduled for the following dates and locations:
	Days	Dates	Location
	Tues-Thurs	June 3 - 5	Suwanee, GA
	Tues-Thurs	June 24 - 26	Irving, TX

Courses are open to the public; tuition is for the three-day Vinyl Wrap for Beginners is $495 per person. To register, visit 

Throughout the year, Mimaki USA will be adding courses to its SMART program including more vinyl wrap classes, software training, and business 
and marketing seminars. SMART program schedules can be found at

Mimaki - 2/26/2014

Mimaki USA Announces SMART RasterLink6 Training Schedule

Mimaki USA, a leading manufacturer of wide format inkjet printers and cutters, today announced its SMART (School of Mimaki Application and 
Resource Training) course schedule for RasterLink6 RIP software. This program is designed to help users obtain maximum benefit of the features in 
RasterLink6 RIP software to drive a variety of Mimaki printers.

RasterLink6 RIP software is the company’s standard RIP that is bundled with all Mimaki equipment including the Mimaki JV400 Series latex printers, 
which are ideally suited for the sign and vehicle graphics, exhibition and events, retail POS, interior decor and soft signage markets. The new Mimaki 
500 Series textile and industrial UV-cure LED flatbed printers are all supported by RasterLink6 software.

RasterLink6 software offers intuitive icons for easy option selection, a single-window approach to selection of all options, and the ability to monitor 
printing progress from the main screen. This version includes the Mimaki Profile Master II feature, which provides the ability to simulate color printing in 
Adobe® Illustrator® and Adobe Photoshop® software without the need to create an actual print, saving time and money in the design and production 

2014 Course Schedule and Registration
Monday, March 31 - Tuesday, April Dallas/Ft. Worth Technology Center
Thursday, April 10 - Friday, April 11 New Jersey Technology Center
Thursday, May 8 - Friday, May 9 Boston Technology Center
Monday, May 12 - Tuesday, May 13 Chicago Technology Center
Monday, June 16 - Tuesday, June 17 Atlanta Technology Center
Wednesday, June 25 - Thursday, June 26 Los Angeles Technology Center

Courses are open to end-users of RasterLink6 software and authorized dealers. To register and obtain pricing information, visit

Mimaki - 1/8/2014

Mimaki to Launch New SMART Educational Training Program

Mimaki USA, a leading manufacturer of wide format inkjet printers and cutters, is excited to announce a new educational training program entitled 
SMART (School of Mimaki Application and Resource Training) to be implemented the first quarter of 2014.  

Mimaki will instruct and educate dealers and their end-user customers on the utilization, operation and servicing of the many Mimaki products offered in 
the industries they serve. These industries include the sign & graphics, textile & apparel and industrial marketplaces. Mimaki will utilize their six 
regional technology centers in Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Dallas/Ft. Worth, Los Angeles and New Jersey to host the instructional and training programs.

The SMART Program will encompass the entire marketplace segments these technology centers currently serve to instruct and support Mimaki’s existing 
client base and future customers in the following areas:

•  Field Service Training for Mimaki dealers nationwide.
•  Customer instruction and education on Vehicle/Fleet Wraps and Graphics. 
•  Training classes to educate on the methods and workflow of digital printing on Textile &  Apparel media.
•  Classes to educate the use of Mimaki UV LED tabletop printers to serve the Awards, Trophy and Promotional Products marketplaces

Mimaki also has plans to offer Advanced Certification Courses under the SMART Program. Advanced courses will include “Train the Trainer” and higher 
levels of curriculum.

Mimaki - 12/15/2013

Mimaki Launches Social Media Sites

North Atlanta-based Mimaki USA, a manufacturer of wide-format inkjet printers, cutters and inks, announced its launch of a number of social media 
platforms where customers and industry partners can be kept up-to-date with the latest news and products from the company. 

Mimaki has recently launched information pages on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram and LinkedIn. On these various social media sites, Mimaki 
will be adding notices, photos and videos of its latest products, special offers, trade shows, open houses, awards, customer applications, educational 
offerings and more. 

“We are constantly working with a multitude of avenues to have the Mimaki brand and its product line at the forefront of our client base,” says Paul 
McGovern director of marketing/promotions for Mimaki USA. “Social media offers the unique opportunity to instantly share in real-time the latest 
Mimaki innovations, updates and news with our customers and the wide-format industry. We hope through these various sites to engage Mimaki USA 
followers and keep them informed about the latest and greatest at Mimaki.”

You can connect with Mimaki USA through the following social medias:

Mimaki - 11/20/2013

Congratulations to the My Mimaki Contest Winners

With the recent renovation of Mimaki USA headquarters showroom, the decision was made to create a contest with the goal of uncovering fresh designs 
from Mimaki end-users to display in their new expansive showroom. So Mimaki challenged print professionals and shops from around the US to submit 
their most innovative and outstanding print projects produced on their Mimaki printers. Even after decades of innovation in printing, Mimaki print experts 
were delightfully surprised by the creativity of their customers. 

The response was overwhelming, “The number of entrants and the quality of their work exceeded our expectations,” according to Paul McGovern, 
Marketing & Promotions Manager at Mimaki USA.  Paul also noted, “Our winners were chosen for their original design and execution, which exhibited 
a level of creativity consistent with an industry that is constantly looking for new ways to push the envelope.” 

A Mimaki panel reviewed all of the entries and are excited to announce the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners – all recipients of great Apple products for 
their efforts!  Mimaki would also like to thank everyone who entered for sharing their inspiring work which remains on display in the showroom.

And now for the contest winners. . .

Nathan Sellers
A Better Sign – Snellville, GA
Project: One of a kind Arcade Controller
Type of Media Used: Acrylic
Mimaki Printers Used: JV33-160;  JFX500-2131

John Sellers
A Better Sign – Snellville, GA
Project: Zelda Dog Tags with Treasure Chest
Type of Media Used: Aluminum, Foam, Vinyl
Mimaki Printers Used: JV33-160;  JFX500-2131

Ivan Calderon
Kaleidoscope New York – New York, NY
Project: Starbucks Packaging
Type of Media Used: Clear Film (JetComp)
Mimaki Printer Used: CJV30-160

Mimaki - 10/23/2013

Mimaki Announces 3M MCS Warranty with the UJV-500 LED UV Inkjet Printer

Mimaki USA, Inc (President: Masaaki Fujita; Headquarters: Atlanta, Georgia USA), the American division of Mimaki Engineering Ltd., Nagano, Japan and 
a leading manufacturer of wide format inkjet printers, today introduced the new UV curable inkjet printer UJV500-160 which attains a maximum print speed 
of 645 sq.ft/h, and supports long lasting, energy saving LED UV lamps. The UJV500-160 is available with LUS-200 3M inks in late Fall with the MCS 
Warranty. The UJV500-160 employs a new LUS-200 UV ink which has been jointly-developed with finished graphics warranty. This warranty covers 
fading, cracking, peeling and other surfaces such as vehicle wraps and fleet graphics where stretching could crack other 3M. When applied onto 3M 
media, and installed using 3M guidelines, this ink carries the 3M™ MCS™ Warranty, widely recognized as the industry’s most comprehensive aspects of 
graphic performance. The LUS-200 ink is ideal for applications with curved inks.

The unprecedented productivity, the comprehensive 3MTM MCSTM Warranty, and the wide media compatibility open up new possibilities in the inkjet 
signage industry.

Mimaki - 9/5/2013

Mimaki Releases Enhanced Latex Printer

Mimaki USA, a leading manufacturer of wide format inkjet printers, is excited to announce the release of the Enhanced JV400LX latex inkjet printers. 
These state-of-the-art printers utilize the innovative new LX101 latex ink that features orange and green ink, for an expanded color gamut, as well as 
CMYK and the world’s first white latex ink.

The Enhanced JV400-130/160LX improves on the previous models not only with a new ink set but also with upgraded heaters for more efficient curing. 
The lower curing temperatures allow greater flexibility and more media choices. These improvements are in response to our customers’ desire for a wider 
variety of media options, especially in the textile and home décor arenas.

The LX101 ink has been formulated to produce extremely vivid, glossy, high quality images with excellent ink color density. Six-color process printing is 
possible and the color gamut has been expanded to achieve coverage of 93% of the Pantone color chart. Additionally, 3-layer printing (color, white, 
color) is now an option.

The Enhanced JV400LX latex printer showcases the following: innovative, more ecologically friendly latex inks, the world’s first water-based White latex 
ink, 6 color printing (CMYK, Orange and Green) plus white ink, fast drying inks for improved productivity, production quality output at up to 193 sqft per 
hour, lower ink curing temperatures allowing for greater flexibility and choice of media, high print durability for outdoor/indoor applications and a choice 
of two print widths (54” or 64”).

Mimaki - 9/4/2013

Mimaki Unveils Revolutionary New Solvent UV Inkjet Printer

Mimaki USA is excited to announce the official release of the JV400SUV solvent UV inkjet printer. This revolutionary new printer utilizes a unique new ink 
that combines the flexibility of solvent with the durability of UV cure ink. The JV400-130/160SUV prints in four colors (CMYK) at speeds of up to 193 
square feet per hour (18 square meters) in draft mode.

During the printing process, the solvent compound is absorbed into the ink receiving layer of the media and the pigment is settled on to the media. The 
printed ink is then cured with a special UV light process that results in a smooth, beautiful, high gloss finish that simulates coating while maintaining the 
bright colors of solvent print. UV curing also results in strong resistance to scratching and is weatherproof. Once finished, the prints are completely dry 
and ready for post processing. No outgas time is needed before lamination.

The JV400SUV will come bundled with RasterLink6 RIP software. RasterLink6 offers an intuitive and user-friendly single window interface. This exclusive 
RIP software easily converts special colors to Pantone colors and CMYK color matching to ensure color integrity. Users can measure a target color with 
an optional colorometer and utilize the integrated Color Picker System to reproduce the desired target colors.

Mimaki - 4/17/2013

Mimaki High Speed LED UV Curable Inkjet Printer

Mimaki USA, Inc has introduced the new UV curable inkjet printer UJV500 160 which attains a maximum print speed of 645 sqft/hr, and supports long 
lasting, energy saving LED UV lamps.

The UJV500 160 is available with LUS 150 inks / LUS 200 3M inks in early summer with MCS. The UJV500 160 employs a new LUS 200 UV ink 
which has been jointly developed with 3M. When applied onto 3M media, and installed using 3M guidelines, this ink carries the 3M MCS Warranty, 
widely recognized as the industry’s most comprehensive finished graphics warranty. This warranty covers fading, cracking, peeling and other 
aspects of graphic performance.

The LUS-­200 ink is ideal for applications with curved surfaces such as vehicle wraps and fleet graphics where stretching could crack other inks. 
The unprecedented productivity, the comprehensive 3M MCS Warranty, and the wide media compatibility open up new possibilities in the inkjet 
signage industry.

Mimaki’s LED UV cure technology delivers a print speed of up to 645 sqft/hr with high image quality. This speed and quality represent the 
next generation of performance. A maximum print speed of 645 sqft/hr can be achieved. Since UV inks dry immediately when exposed to UV light, 
no drying time is required. This dramatically improves work efficiency for the user. The new UV ink type LUS-­200 with the 3M MCS Warranty ensures 
outdoor durability for a wide range of flexible applications. This flexible ink enables installation on curved surfaces. Environmentally-­friendly UV 
printing generates little VOCs. Curing is performed with a power-­saving and long-­lasting LED UV lamp.

Mimaki - 2/22/2012

Mimaki Completes New Dealer Agreement with Florida Graphic Supply

Florida Graphic Supply, Inc. located in Clearwater, Florida is now an authorized Mimaki dealer serving all of Florida and the greater Southeast wide-format 
printer market, including the Caribbean islands.  FGS will debut the new Mimaki JV-400 Latex Printer at the 2012 ISA International Sign Expo in Orlando, 
Florida March 22-24. 

In addition, Florida Graphic Supply will be exhibiting at the 2012 Graphics of the Americas in Miami Beach March 1-3, Booth #784.  “Attendees who visit 
our booth will have the unique opportunity to participate and see for themselves a live demonstration with one of the most affordable, high performance, 
and high quality printers in its class...the Mimaki JV33-130, says John Eukovich, VP Sales”.

Mimaki USA has maintained a reputation of product quality for decades, and is a true leader in achieving low cost printer performance.  Mimaki’s stunning 
value and selection of highly competitive printers provides the ultimate solution for sign professionals seeking to profit from some of today’s finest 
print technology.  This is especially important for sign shop owners who are continually challenged by today’s very competitive landscape, and 
sustaining profitability is at the forefront of every print job.

Mimaki USA recognizes that in order for sign shops to meet their full potential, they need to maximize their production and print performance needs at all times. 
It is for this reason a quality product must be backed by a quality service and support team.  Since marking over 20 years of sales and service 
excellence, Florida Graphic Supply has become a staple for many sign shop owners who prefer to engage with only competent and reliable personnel 
for their installation, training and service needs.

“Florida Graphic Supply was the simple and prudent choice for expanding our dealer network in the Southeast, says Steve Urmano, SE Regional Manager 
at Mimaki.  Our new relationship with FGS is the perfect match, and will provide our customers a comprehensive and reliable choice for their wide-format 
printer needs”.

Mimaki - 2/14/2012

Mimaki Introduces the JV400 Family of Inkjet Printers

Mimaki Engineering Co.,Ltd., a leading manufacturer of wide format inkjet printers, today introduced two new printers to support its commitment in bringing 
truly innovative and productive products to the market. The JV400 product line achieves faster print speed and higher print quality without compromise. 
The JV400-130/160LX is a latex printer featuring newly developed environmentally friendly latex ink. The JV400-130/160SUV is a revolutionary inkjet 
printer, blending the flexibility of solvent printing with the durability of UV-cured inks. These new printers are expected to be available Spring 2012. Both 
printers deliver maximized performance with Mimaki’s user-friendly RIP, RasterLink6, enabling three ink layers in one pass with white and color inks.

JV400-130/160LX Details 
The JV400-130/160LX supports six colors plus white, and the world’s first latex printer using white ink, increasingly required in the signage market. 
Mimaki’s white latex ink meets the needs of a wide range of printing requirements and substrates. It can be utilized with transparent PET, window 
decoration, shatterproof window film and more. The JV400-130/160LX is equipped with Mimaki’s MCT (Mimaki Circulation Technology) ink 
circulation system that prevents pigment sedimentation for stable ink dispersion and a reduced need for manual ink cartridge circulation processes. 
Mimaki latex inks are fast-drying, and the drying process is additionally supported by three heaters integrated into the printing system (pre, print and 
post heaters) as well as drying fans that ensure products are ready for processing and finishing as they exit the printer. An amazing low curing 
temperature of 60 degrees C or below also enables printing on a wide range of heat-sensitive materials.

Exceptional quality is ensured by a minimum dot size of 4 picoliters and the ability to use variable sized ink dots for smooth gradation without a 
grainy appearance. And at a print speed of up to 18 square meters per hour, the JV400-130/160LX is sure to improve the productivity of any shop. 
The JV400-130/160LX also comes with 600ml ink packs, which are set in eco-cases. These eco-cases don't have to be recycled and thus ensure 
an ecological and economical production, as they eliminate the need to change small ink cartridges during ink replacement.

JV400-130/160SUV Details 
The JV400-130/160SUV prints in four colors (CMYK) at speeds of up to 18 square meters per hour. This truly unique printer combines the flexibility of 
solvent with the durability of UV-cured inks using newly developed Mimaki inks. In the printing process, the solvent component is absorbed by the 
ink-receiving layer of the media and the pigment is settled into the media. Printed ink is then cured with a UV process, resulting in a smooth, glossy 
appearance, which simulates coating, yet maintains the bright colors expected of a solvent printer. These brilliant solvent UV prints will surely attract 
attention, satisfying even the most demanding customers. UV curing also results in strong resistance to scratching and weather. Prints exit the printer 
completely dry, ready for immediate post-processing.

Mimaki - 2/13/2012

Mimaki TS34-1800A Now Available in the U.S.

Mimaki USA is pleased to announce the arrival of our newest printer, the TS34-1800A. This transfer sublimation printer is able to print at high speeds, and 
with either four or six color configurations. This versatility allows the TS34-1800A to be used in a wide variety of applications. 

[Product Overview]
Printer model: TS34-1800A 
MSRP: $29,995 
Available: Immediately

[Main Features]
1) Increased productivity
a) High print speed – Maximum print speed of 344sqft/hr in 4 color mode.
b) Staggered print head array – Productivity can be vastly improved due to the staggered array of the print heads. This allows for much 
faster printing.
2) Continuous unattended operation
a) Uninterrupted Ink Supply System (UISS) – Having two cartridge slots for each color (in 4 color mode) enables ink cartridge replacement without 
having to stop the print job. The TS34-1800A will automatically switch to the new cartridge when the first cartridge is almost empty. This allows for 
continuous unattended operation.

b) Optional Mimaki Bulk Ink System (MBIS) – The MBIS uses 2 liter ink containers in conjunction with the UISS to allow even longer unattended 
operation, as well as reduced ink costs and environmental footprint.

Mimaki is always on the leading edge of the printing industry. The TS34-1800A is another example our continued drive to provide the most reliable, 
high quality printers in the industry. We look forward to providing you with more great products.

Mimaki - 11/30/2011

Mimaki to Launch the New TS34-1800A Sublimation Transfer Inkjet Printer

Mimaki is launching the Mimaki TS34-1800A inkjet dye sublimation printer. This new printer was designed specifically for the sublimation transfer 
market with high speed and quality in mind.  Sublimation transfer printing is widely utilised for sportswear applications due to the elasticity and 
quick-drying capability of polyester material and in the growing market of soft signage applications, such as flags, retail in-store banners, and tapestries.

High speed printing up to 32m2/h
With a staggered array of two newly developed print heads, the new TS34-1800A is capable of printing up to 32m2/h at 540 x 720 dpi. Furthermore, 
the machine can achieve a printing speed of 17.7m2/h in 6-colour mode at the same resolution, responding to the needs for superior quality prints, 
with minimal amount of grainy appearance and smooth gradations. These features make the TS34-1800A suitable for both large-sized soft signs and 
apparel applications, which require quick response and fine image quality respectively.

# Improved productivity through unattended continuous printing
In addition to increased print speed and quality, various useful functions also contribute to the improved productivity of the machine by enabling 
automated continuous operation.

    * UISS(1) function enables setting two ink cartridges per colour in 4-colour mode. When an ink cartridge is used up, the system switches 
automatically to the second cartridge of the same colour, preventing the printing process from stopping due to running out of ink.
    * MBIS(2) provides large volume continuous ink supply with 2-litre ink aluminium bags. As a result, ink costs and environmental footprints 
are substantially reduced.
    * Automatic drying fan(3) increases the ink drying speed remarkably, enabling continuous media take-up even during high speed printing. 
Consequently, printing efficiency improves dramatically.

Mimaki - 2/28/2011

Mimaki Presents the New Super Wide Inkjet Printer

Mimaki Engineering Co. Ltd. (President: Mikio Noguchi; Headquarters: Nagano, Japan) is pleased to announce its newest addition to its award-winning 
portfolio of super wide large format printers, JV34-260. Based on the award winning JV33 series, the new model features a print width of 2.6 m and 
achieves significantly faster speeds resulting in higher productivity while at the same time appealing to cost-conscious print service providers. 
Shipment is expected to commence in March 2011.

Mimaki’s new JV34-260 not only is one of the most productive super wide format printers, it also comes at a very competitive price. Print Service Providers 
can thus cost-effectively produce excellent graphics and images as Mimaki’s proven RIP software is included in the standard package. JV34-260’s 
high throughput of up to 30 sqm/h as well as a host of further features as standard makes it one of the best investments in its class.

Suitable for all signage needs including banners, flags
The sign market is characterized by different requirements for indoor-outdoor applications. Mimaki’s new JV34 series covers all of these and more. Be it 
banners, flags or other substrates, the new super wide inkjet printer enables print service providers to produce outstanding results with water-based, 
solvent or sublimation inks(*1) on a wide variety of materials including polyester while at the same time streamlining workflows.

*1 Ink type must be selected when installing the printer.


1. High productivity with up 30 sqm/h
JV34-260 incorporates two newly developed print heads in staggered arrangement resulting in a print speed of about 30 sqm/h (at 540 x 720 dpi). Fast, 
efficient and superb super wide format prints can thus be achieved for on demand production of all signage requirements.

2. Various functionalities for unattended printing
Further productivity improvements are achieved due to the implementation of different Mimaki functionalities that enable largely unattended production, 
freeing personnel and workload for other tasks:

• AMF (*2), Mimaki’s Automatic Media Feeder, ensures continuous web tension over the whole width of the substrate enabling brilliant image quality even 
on long jobs. As standard, it supports a maximum roll weight of 100 kg.

*2 AMF (Automatic Media Feeder) features an automatic delivery/take-up device.

• Mimaki’s UISS (Uninterrupted Ink Supply System) ensures continuous ink supply. As soon as one ink cartridge is empty the system automatically detects 
this and will start supplying ink from another cartridge of the same color. In combination with the optional MBIS (Mimaki Bulk Ink System), containing 2 l ink 
each, significant cost savings and environmental benefits can be achieved.

3. Easy production of outstandingly colorful images and graphics featuring highest accuracy
• Three variable dot sizes enable accurate and high quality images with smooth gradations even when printing in four-color-mode.
• A 3 stage intelligent heater before, during and after printing ensures fast drying times. The pre-heater warms the substrate before printing while the 
automatic drying fan dries the ink even at high speeds after printing so that the media can be taken up directly after printing.
• Print head height of 2 to 3 mm can be adjusted easily according to substrate thickness thus reproduction of highly colorful and exact prints is widely 
supported. (For prints with sublimation inks, print head height can be adjusted according to the thickness of transfer paper between 3 and 4 mm).
• Smaller media widths of less than 1,620 mm are supported by the small take-up device for narrow widths that comes with the printer thus enabling full 
control of all substrate sizes.
• Mimaki’s proven RIP software RasterLink Pro5 enables output of a printed color chart so that print service providers and their customers can just choose 
the color from the chart that then serves as reference color for RasterLink Pro5.

Mimaki - 7/20/2010

Mimaki Introduces New Silver Ink for JV33 and CJV30 Series

he company offers a new silver ink for its ES3 ink portfolio of eco-solvent inks for JV33 and CJV30 series of large 
format printers. Shipment of the new silver ink is expected to commence in October 2010.


1. Higher valued print products with a new silver ink

Metallic effects, such as gold or bronze as well as other color shades, can be achieved by combining Mimaki$B!G
(Bs new silver ink with full color ES3 ink, thus realizing astounding and eye-catching effects on print products. Silver 
inks enable print service providers to offer higher value to their customer$B!G(Bs creative projects.

2. Compatibility with standard JV33 and CJV30 large format printers

Existing Mimaki$B!G(Bs standard printers such as JV33 and CJV30*1 are compatible with the new silver ink. It is 
not necessary to acquire additional devices or equipment. Just by switching to ES3 ink and updating the firmware 
and the RIP software, Mimaki$B!G(Bs silver ink can be used.

*1 Corresponding products: JV33-130/160/260, CJV30-60/100/130/160, TPC-1000 

3. MImaki$B!G(Bs proven RIP software Raster Link Pro5 for simplified output

Printing with silver ink requires no special knowledge or technical skills. Users can just choose the appropriate 
color from the metallic color library in Raster Link Pro5 and print their jobs with silver ink. In addition, Raster Link 
Pro5 enables output of all shades of metallic colors by calling up the feature chart for silver ink. Users can also 
devise their own or the appropriate customers$B!G(B colors and metallic shades.

White ink availability

At the same time as silver ink is released, Mimaki will introduce and begin shipment of its new ES3 white ink. 
The new white ink is especially good for prints on transparent and colored substrates, which benefit greatly from 
white under print as colors will become more vivid and spectacular effects can be achieved.

Mimaki - 1/12/2010

Mimaki Announces the Compact Desktop Inkjet Printer UJF-3042

Mimaki Engineering Co., Ltd., a leading manufacturer of wide-format inkjet printers and cutting machines for the 
sign/graphics, industrial and textile/apparel markets introduces UJF-3042, a desktop UV LED printer for short 
run production and imprints of industrial products, novelties, cards and nameplates, electronics covers as well 
as label and packaging applications. Apart from its versatibility the UJF-3042 excels in low investment costs, 
very good value for money and print quality. The machine will ship from February 1, 2010.

In 2004 Mimaki introduced their first UV curing inkjet printer, UJF-605C, that already featured white ink (under 
and overprint) to enable printing of bright colorful images on all materials including non-coated media and 
transparent substrates.

Now Mimaki introduces the UJF-3042, a desktop size UV LED inkjet printer that combines Mimaki’s highly 
developed UV LED technology with the engineering knowledge from earlier UV inkjet printers thus enabling 
highly detailed, precise and brillant images on non-coated substrates. The machine incorporates a new 
developed inkjet print head that fits the requirements of this compact printer and enables an exceptionally good 
value for money proposition. Its cost-efficient features include lower energy costs due to the implementation 
of UV LED as well as broad media choices. Thus cards, packaging, labels and stickers, seal labels, display 
production but also imprinting of novelties, nameplates, electronics covers and other industrial products is 
made possible.

“UJF-3042 further strengthens Mimaki’s position among the leading providers of inkjet printers. As the entry 
model the machine provides an extraordinary value proposition for screen printers, label, industrial application 
and sign printers requiring short run on-demand production and imprint capabilities”, declares Kazuyuki 
Takeuchi, head of Mimaki's IP Business Unit. “Our ground-breaking, future-oriented UV LED technology 
allows our customers to be once again at the forefront of the digital transition.”

Mimaki - 1/4/2010

Mimaki Introduces the New Highly Productive Direct and Dye-Sublimation Printer JV5-320DS

Mimaki Engineering Co. Ltd. (Headquarters: Nagano/Japan, President: Akira Ikeda) announces its new large 
format direct and dye-sublimation printer JV5-320DS. The machine enables direct printing on polyester substrates 
up to a width of 3,2 m. The highly acclaimed productivity and quality features of JV5 have been merged in this 
model to produce outstanding results on textiles on the superwide format printer. JV5-320DS will be shipped from 
January 8, 2010 onwards.

JV5-320DS is based on the award-winning solvent superwide format printer JV5-320S from Mimaki that was 
introduced in 2007 and is designed for high productivity and accurate print quality requirements in the outdoor 
signage market. As the exterior signage market is experiencing growing demand for outside signage on polyester 
textiles, for instance, for flags, banners, so called soft signage, that are better catered to with water based 
dye-sublimation inks, Mimaki has designed the JV5-320DS.

Almost all the benefits from current JV5-320S are incorporated into JV5-320DS in such a way that the highest 
productivity and excellent image quality are achieved on this direct and dye-sublimation printer. During printing 
on polyester substrates, inks can easily pass through the fabric underneath. Thus, JV5-320DS is newly 
equipped with an ink catcher to prevent that inks penetrating the fabric will stain the back side. Furthermore the 
new drying fan will dry inks directly after printing in order to prevent sticking of media during the winding process. 
In addition, JV5-320DS features Mimaki's new Spray Suppressor System that improve consistency even further.

JV5-320DS achieves a maximum resolution of 1440 dpi. Print speeds vary according to resolution between 60.3 
sqm/h (540 x 720 dpi) for far away viewing to short range viewing of 44 sqm/h (at 540 x 1080 dpi). Mimaki's 
proven Sb52 dye-sublimation ink with its superior coloration characteristics is used. Furthermore, the machine 
features MBIS (Mimaki Bulk Ink Supply System (optional)) that enables an ink load of 2 liter containers and thus 
caters to long uninterrupted print runs while at the same time saving money on ink. By enabling not only direct 
on textile printing but also dye-sublimation printing in one machine, print service provider's experience far broader 
application possibilities that will raise a business's values and improve its business proposals. Further savings 
can be achieved by directly printing on pre-treated polyester thus eliminating transfer paper costs and 
environmental impact thereof.

Mimaki - 4/23/2009

Mimaki Receives Two EDP Awards for its Innovative Digital Printers and Cutters

Mimaki Engineering, a leading manufacturer of wide format inkjet printers and cutting machines for the Sign / 
Graphics, Industrial markets, and Textile / Apparel, is proud to have been honoured with two EDP Awards for 
its innovative and future-oriented digital large format printers.

The UJV-160 UV LED curing large format printer won in the category up to 1.6 m. The hybrid machine features 
now a new rigid media feeding mechanism that can accomodate media up to 12 kg. The flexible ink for UV LED 
curing jointly developed by Mimaki and 3M adds further benefits as the ink is expandable and does not crack 
when bent so allowing innovative applications to be designed and created. 3M offers its highest warranty, the 
MCS™ warranty for this combination. In addition hard ink including white is available for jobs that do not require 
bending or folding. In addition Mimaki offers now 600 ml reusable bulk ink containersthat provide for ink savings
up to 30 to 40 percent and enhances environmental friendliness by causing far less waste.

This large format printer enables significant energy savings as UV LEDs can be switched on and off without 
any warm up time resulting in energy consumption only when it is needed. In comparison with conventional UV 
lamps UV LED requires less than 50 per cent of its energy requirements. In this respect UV-LED technology is 
a breakthrough new technology in step with the latest environmental demands. Since the ink is cured or fixed 
immediately after LED radiation, the job turnaround time from printing to further processing, such as lamination, 
is shortened greatly, so dramatically improving working efficiency and productivity.

Due to the fact that UJV-160 uses UV LED curing, it does not generate heat and heat-sensitive substrates 
such as PVC can be printed upon without any problems which broadens its application range considerably. 
High image quality is ensured with variable droplets and a resolution of up to 1200 x 1200 dpi. The UJV-160 
comes complete with two tables for feed and delivery enabling print service providers to print on light rigid 
materials as well as roll to roll.

Mimaki offers an effective and very competitively priced print and cut solution with the CF2 Series flatbed 
cutting plotter for creating POP displays and other types of sign boards.

Mimaki’s second award winning product of the year is the TPC-1000, a printer cutter for textile printing. The 
TPC-1000 can use two types of inks for apparel printing: Solvent ink and dye sublimation ink: Sb52 and Sb51. 
The use of solvent inks for printing on heat transfer substrates enables printing of numbers, team names and 
sportswear brand names, caps and casual wear. Dye sublimation printing with high density dye sublimation 
inks exhibiting a wide color gamut, facilitates printing on transfer paper for image transfer to polyester sportswear 
and swimsuits. The print and cut solution allows for fast and accurate order processing of variable data and 
short run jobs. The machine incoorporates Mimaki’s patented Half Cut functionality as well its UISS (Uninterrupted 
Ink Supply System) and continuous crop mark detection technology. When printing on heat transfer media the 
design can be accurately cut and then placed on the media for transfer. All that needs to be done afterwards is 
heat pressing the design to the media for achieving a beautiful adhesive finish that is washable.

For dye sublimation prints transfer paper is printed upon. Then the fabric and transfer paper are placed in a heat 
press. Under the influence of heat, the ink transferred to the paper is dyed to polyester materials whereby the 
water-content of the ink vaporizes instantly. Thus vivid dye colored images are produced on fabric textures. 
Due to the fabrics retaining their washability, this technology is particularly suitable for sportswear.

"We feel very honoured that our forward-looking products have been selected not only once but twice by the 
EDP Association. This asserts us that Mimaki’s innovative products are at the forefront of technology
development and help our customers to fulfill their daily chores to their best abilities and utmost productivity 
while achieving superb quality to satisfy their customer’s demands," says Sakae Sagane, Managing Director 
Mimaki Europe.

Mimaki - 4/22/2009

Enhancements to the new UJV-160 UV LED Hybrid Wide Format Inkjet Printer

Mimaki Engineering Co Ltd. (head office: Nagano, Japan;President: Akira Ikeda) is proud to announce the 
enhanced version of its UV LED curing hybrid printer UJV-160 for roll and rigid substrates featuring substantially 
more robust tables that can accommodate heavier media weights. The new model will be shipped as from April 
15, 2009.

The groundbreaking UJV-160 is the first hybrid large format printer using UV LED (Light Emitting Diodes) curing 
technology and is shipping since last August. The flexible inks that have been developed jointly with 3M 
Corporation stretch standalone up to 200 percent. The inks are suited for printing and postprocessing including 
bending without ink cracks for applications such as fleet markings and vehicle wraps. In addition Mimaki has 
developed hard UV LED curing ink.

The upgraded UJV-160 now announced can accommodate rigid media of up to 12 kg (until recently 2 kg) thus 
providing for print on substrates such as acrylic and aluminum compound boards used by the signage and 
display industry. With this upgrade Mimaki broadens the application possibilities of its award-winning UJV-160 
even further.

Rigid substrates are quite often subject to abrasion and scoring. For this reason Mimaki has developed, in 
addition to its flexible ink (LF-200), a new hard UV LED curing ink LH-100. The UJV-160‘s individual white 
overlay function enables vivid and precise prints on colored substrates as well as transparent media.

Mimaki now offers ink containers with 600 ml content that enable print service providers to spend up to 30 to 40 
percent less on ink costs. Users can reduce their environmental footprint even further by adopting these reusable 
Eco-packaging resulting in far less waste.

Furthermore 3M Corporation offers its highest stage of warranty, the MCS (Matched Component System)-
warranty for the improved UJV-160 version when printing with flexible UV LED inks (LF-200) and 3M media.

Mimaki - 4/16/2009

Mimaki Introduces 2 Liter Bulk ink Supply System (MBIS)

Mimaki Engineering Co Ltd. (head office: Nagano, Japan; President: Akira Ikeda) announces the introduction 
of MBIS (Mimaki Bulk Ink System) for its series of JV5 and JV33 large and superwide format inkjet printers. 
The new 2 liter ink supply system is available for Sb52 as well as SS21, HS and Eco-HS1 solvent inks.
Mimaki’s inks are renowned for their high print quality exhibiting excellent color consistency and image results. 
Up to now, these inks have been available in up to 440 cc cartridges. Due to increased demand for both lower 
ink prices and longer continuous print runs Mimaki has developed a bulk ink supply system accommodating 2 
liter ink packs for its solvent printer models. The 2 liter ink containers enable a saving in ink costs of up to 40 % 
in comparison to traditional 440 cc ink cartridges. The inks have the same high quality features such as ink 
emission, stability, color gamut and reliability as Mimaki’s ink cartridge system. 

The MBIS consists of either an 8-slot chassis to hold 8 flexible aluminum-packed ink containers for both JV33 
and JV5 series or a 16-slot chassis for JV5 series to be used for larger print runs. The system is connected via 
tubes to the conventional cartridge where the ink flows from the 2 liter container through the cartridge into the 
print head. An ink-end detection function is incorporated. This way simultaneously or separately the 440 cc 
cartridge for colors whose consumption is not so large as well as the bulk ink supply can be used for continuous 
and uninterrupted ink supply enabling long unattended print runs. The flexible ink containers alone are replaced 
so saving on consumable costs and providing for more environmentally friendly print operations.

Mimaki has simultaneously developed different 2 liter ink containers to be used with the bulk ink supply system. 
The newly developed Sb52 inks for sublimation printing feature higher density as well as improved color 
characteristics like the new Sb51 inks. The 2 liter ink containers are ideally suited for print service providers 
as they enhance productivity, performance and quality while retaining the highly acclaimed features associated 
with their cartridge system. In addition Mimaki has developed 2 liter bulk ink containers for its solvent inks SS21, 
HS and Eco-HS1 to be used in the JV5 and JV33 series for all kinds of applications and jobs. 

"We are happy to offer the new bulk ink system and low-cost 2-liter ink containers to our customers in order to 
enable them to stay competitive in these challenging market conditions. We believe that with these new 
products we are presenting attractive and affordable alternatives for existing and new customers", says Isao 
Tabayashi, General Manager of IM (Ink and Media) business unit.

Mimaki - 4/15/2009

Mimaki Launches JV33-260 with Bulk Ink Supply and Auto Media Feeder

Mimaki Engineering Co Ltd. (head office: Nagano, Japan; President: Akira Ikeda) is proud to announce the 
superwide inkjet printer JV33-260. The 2.60 m (103”) wide machine is equipped with Mimaki’s Auto Media 
Feeder (AMF) for rolls up to 100 kg (220lbs.) as standard feature and Mimaki’s bulk ink supply system (MBIS). 

Since its introduction in 2003 the solvent superwide format printer JV3-250SP has evolved to one of the best-
selling machines in its market. The award-winning highly acclaimed JV33 series has already made big inroads
into its class, one year after its successful introduction to the market. To succeed the JV3-250SP Mimaki now 
introduces the even more advanced JV33-series superwide model with a width of 2.6 m.

Superwide printer models require a secure media handling especially for heavy rolls and substrates. The new 
AMF (automatic media feeder) comes as standard on the JV33-260, thus ensuring outstandingly exact media 
tension control over the whole printing width of 2.6 m even when using roll-based substrates of up to 100 kg for 
superb print quality. In addition JV33-260 incorporates Mimaki’s print assist function for two-sided print enabling 
edgeless printing while printing on both sides of transparent substrates that can be seen without backlight in 
daylight conditions or with backlight in the dark for superb vivid prints. Operating costs can be decisively 
reduced by employing Mimaki's new bulk ink system (MBIS) another feature of the machine. JV33-260 is 
available in both solvent and water-based versions.. Especially for dye sublimation printing substantial cost 
reduction can be achieved by using the new Sb52 2 liter ink containers and MBIS. Mimaki has priced its 
newest offering competitively in order to correspond to customers¹ desire for a highly productive and cost-
efficient superwide format printer exhibiting exceptional print quality.

"In launching the 2,6 m wide JV33 model for the superwide printing market Mimaki builds upon the successful 
market entrance of its best-selling JV33 series for the large format market. We are sure that our customers will 
be able to enhance their productivity as well as experience significant cost savings with the advanced features 
on the JV33-260", says Shinichi Uehara, General Manager of SG (Sign and Graphics) business unit. "Once 
again, Mimaki has underlined its commitment by bringing innovative and top of its class technology to market."

Mimaki - 4/14/2009

New Sublimation Transfer Printer for Sport Apparel TS3-1600/TS5-1600AMF

Mimaki Engineering Co., Ltd., a leading manufacturer of wide-format inkjet printers and cutting machines for the 
sign/graphics, industrial and textile/apparel markets is proud to present new sublimation transfer printers for sport 
apparel, TS3-1600 and TS5-1600AMF. The dye sublimation printers enable short run creation and production of 
various polyester sportswear. Both printers are equipped with Mimaki’s Bulk Ink System (MBIS) accommodating 
2 liter ink containers for long continuous unattended high quality printing.
TS3-1600 features one print head with 8 lines of 180 nozzles (total 1,440 nozzles) and achieves a speed of 
12.7 sqm/h at high speed mode (540 x 1080 dpi) and 7.7.sqm/h at standard  mode (720 x 720 dpi). The highly 
automated printer exhibits excellent cost-performance ratio and incorporates as standard an automatic media 
take-up system with torque adjustment. Thus smooth and seamless media path and web tension are enabled. 
TS3-1600 accommodates media rolls up to a maximum roll diameter of 180 mm and a maximum roll weight of 
25 kg.

TS5-1600AMF is a high-end, high-speed model featuring an array of 4 staggered print heads with 8 lines x 
180 nozzles. This results in a maximum speed of 44.4 sqm/h at high speed mode (540 x 720 dpi) and 25.3 
sqm/h at standard mode (720 x 720 dpi). The machine includes AMF (Auto Media Feeder) as standard. The 
substrate is fed via a dancer shaft absorbing web tension discrepancies caused by roll diameter change 
during printing. The AMF accommodates rolls up to a diameter of 250 mm and a maximum roll weight of 38 kg.

Both models feature Mimaki’s Bulk Ink Supply System (MBIS) accommodating 2 litter ink containers as well as 
the traditional 440 cc ink cartridges. Both ink supplies can be used separately or together according to the 
individual requirements of the job. As the new 2 litter ink containers need to be exchanged after longer time 
spans environmental impact and waste as well as costs are reduced significantly. Furthermore compared to 
Mimaki’s conventional dye sublimation ink (Sb51) the newly developed SB52 inks exhibit enhanced density 
values resulting in bright vivid color prints that are required for sport apparel. By adopting the new 2 litter ink 
containers ink costs can be reduced up to 40 % compared to conventional 440 cc ink (Sb51) cartridges.

Mimaki - 2/2/2009

Mimaki Receives ISO 14001 Certification

Mimaki Engineering Co., Ltd. announces that on 28th January 2009, it has achieved ISO14001 certification for
 its headquarters, Bokuya plant, Kazawa plant, Tokyo branch, Osaka Branch, and Mimaki Precision Co., Ltd, a 
subsidiary of Mimaki Engineering, supplying precise milling parts and processed jigs and parts.

ISO 14001 is a globally recognized standard for an environmental management system. It specifies requirements 
for establishing an environmental policy, determining environmental aspects and impacts of products/activities/
services, planning environmental objectives and measurable targets, implementation and operation of programs 
to meet objectives and targets, checking and corrective action, and management review.

"With the ISO 4001 Certificate Mimaki aims at a company devoted to the environment and sustainability. We 
are continuously improving our environmental assurance and performance in all business activities to have the 
least impact on our environment and burden for future generation," said Akira Ikeda, president of Mimaki

Mimaki - 6/1/2008

Mimaki Introduces New High Solvent Ink: Eco-HS1 ink

Mimaki Engineering co., Ltd., a leading manufacturer of wide-format inkjet printers and cutting machines for the 
sign/graphics, industrial markets and textile/apparel, is pleased to announce its new generation of HS ink. This 
new ink has a lower odor and prevents media shrinkage due to solvent migration, and has enhanced color 
reproduction by using a new light black ink.
There are two types of solvent ink on the market: one is high or aggressive solvent ink which features fast-drying 
and strong ink bonding on the media. The other is a medium durability, environmentally friendly light or eco-
solvent ink which does not include toxic substances like Cyclohexanone. Mimaki’s JV5 series can use both 
the high (aggressive) solvent ink: HS1 and the eco-solvent ink: ES3. The reason is to meet the various 
requirements in outdoor signage, as well as indoor uses such as aqueous-based dye sublimation and pigment 
ink for photographic applications. To make the most of ultra-high speed printing of the JV5 series, HS ink is 
the most suitable due to its faster drying time, which is much faster than eco-solvents.
The newly developed Eco-HS1 ink has no toxic ingredients such as Cyclohexanone and NMP, which vastly 
improves the work environment and health conditions. Also the inks will dramatically reduce odor to the same 
level of SS21 ink which is used for JV33 series. Innovations like expanded color gamut, improved Magenta, a 
newly added light black ink, provides a smoother gradation and a more glossy finish. In addition to these 
attributes, shrinkage of media (especially thin self-adhesive PVC) is prevented. Eco-HS1 ink is suitable for fleet 
graphics using thin self-adhesive PVC where prints are exposed to intensive mechanical stress or abrasion. 
Improvement in the permeability of the ink on the media due to residual solvents helps shorten job turnaround 
time from printing to the next job. UV and water resistance is further enhanced by an improved Yellow ink.

"Our new high solvent has both the feathers of a high solvent and eco-solvent ink which dramatically reduces 
odor, toxins, and media shrinkage. Now customers are not forced to choose unacceptable alternatives. Users 
now don’t have to sacrifice print speed and durability due to environmental restrictions. Eco-HS1 ink represents 
new generation environmentally-friendly high solvent ink," says Mr. Isao Tabayashi, Manager of IM (Ink and 
Media) Division.

Mimaki - 9/15/2006

Mimaki USA and Mikkelsen Graphic Engineering Partner to Create a Vision Enabled Cutter Combination

Mr. Hisayuki Kobayashi, President of Mimaki USA and Steen Mikkelsen, President of MGE, Inc. (Mikkelsen 
Graphic Engineering, Inc.) are pleased to announce a partnering to combine the Mimaki CF2 precision cutting 
table and the market leading i-cut® Vision workflow.  Together, these products create a best of breed flatbed 
cutter combination for printed graphical elements.  

This vision enabled cutter combination offers a wide selection of contour cutting through various cutter blades 
options (knife, kiss cut knife, oscillating knife and creasing wheels). This combination product is ideal for 
creating graphic displays and product prototypes. It is the perfect companion to the Mimaki UJF series UV 
curable digital imaging products. By offering a wide range of cutting and scoring blades complex cut lines are 
no longer of concern. As two tools can be used at the same time, you can perform both half-cuts and die-cuts, 
or die-cuts and scoring without changing tools .A vacuum bed offers a stable platform to perform the most 
intricate cuts while holding the media in place.

The Mimaki CF2 / i-cut® enabled flatbed cutter performs high accuracy cuts on a wide range of media including:

Sign Board
Coated Board
Double Face Corrugated
Gasket Materials
Printed Circuit Boards
Laminated POP

The i-cut® Vision camera, software, and workflow enhancements offer significant benefits to users of the 
Mimaki CF2 table.  Like other i-cut® / i-script® enabled systems, the i-cut® enabled CF2 can import completed 
cutting files from all of the major wide format RIPs, fully integrated with the industry’s leading wide format printers
into a fully digital workflow. By integrating with i-cut®, Mimaki can assure its customers that they are getting the
advantage of a mature industry standard system with more than 1,350 satisfied i-cut® users worldwide.

Unlike standalone cutting tables without vision capability, or with simple vision systems that are unable to 
completely compensate for location, rotation, print, material or lamination distortions, both linear and non linear 
in nature, this system can cut and finish any print job it encounters with complete accuracy, through one workflow,
 independent of the RIP, Printers or Cutting devices that may be selected today, or added in the future.  This way, 
a customer who may opt to use the Mimaki UJF series UV curable digital imaging products, and the i-cut® 
equipped CF2 will know that their employees will be able to continue using the same workflow now being 
implemented as additional printers and/or cutters are added in the future.

Mimaki - 1/23/2006

Mimaki Introduces a 54" Solvent Inkjet Printer, JV3-130SPII

Mimaki USA has released a new, economical 54" addition to its family of large format solvent inkjet printers. 
The new JV3-130SPII is an affordable, low maintenance, 54" solvent inkjet printer that prints on inexpensive 
untreated vinyl media, at speeds up to 478 square feet per hour at 360 x 360 dpi (4 color print: 360 nozzles / 
color; 7 color print: 180 nozzles / color) and photo quality print modes at up to 1440 x 1440 dpi.  This 4 head 
printer can print at twice the speed of the competitor’s 2 head printers. The JV3-130SPII is offered in a value 
priced package with the CG-130 FX electric eye cutter, bringing you maximum versatility, as well as superior 
accuracy and productivity.  All this for under $20K!

This new printer is designed for both sign, banner & silkscreen markets with inks that will last up to 3 years 
outside without lamination, and can also be used for the more demanding interior displays.  The new 4 printhead 
Mimaki JV3-130SPII / CG-130 FX Combo is an excellent alternative to the less productive 2 head or older 
printhead eco-solvent inkjet print/cut solutions.

JV3-130SPII equipment includes: 
-Selection for 4 colors (CMYK) or 7 color (CMYKLcLm, + White) print modes
-Select the use of SS-2, standard, ES-3 eco, or HS-1 rugged solvent inks.
-An automatic roll take-up device: inside, outside selectable.
-Enhanced intelligent heater
-Includes drying fan
-Improved platen component for smoother media handling
-Automatic cleaning features
-Selectable head heights of 2 mm or 3 mm
-High speed IEEE1394 fire wire ports; IEEE1284 parallel 

It also includes the latest generation of permanent piezo print heads capable of print resolutions from 360 x 360, 
360 x 540, 360 x 720, 720 x 720, 720 x 1440 and 1440 x 1440 with photo quality variable droplets. 

Printer package, JV3-130 SPII $19,995 includes 220CC starter set of ink, Raster Link Pro II RIP, and Mimaki 
Profile Master profiling software.

The combo package with the Mimaki CG-130FX Cutting Plotter is offered through participating Mimaki USA 
dealers at $25,960.00

Management's Comments
"The JV3-130SPII continues the tradition of offering hi-quality & value at a very popular price" said Steve 
Urmano, marketing manager of Mimaki USA, Inc.  "This combination package will provide our users with an 
accessible solution to printing and cutting with the ultimate in versatility".

Mimaki - 12/14/2005

Mimaki USA Awarded 5 DPI Awards at the SGIA Digital Expo in Phoenix, AZ.

Mimaki USA was awarded 5 prestigious DPI Awards for the following product categories at the recent SGIA 
Digital Expo held in Phoenix, Arizona December 8-10, 2005. 

Category                    Printer                       Ink                                            Media

Presentation Size       JV3-75SP                 Mimaki ES3- Eco Solvent         Avery 1005EZ 

Photo                          JV22160                   Mimaki Pigment                        Mimaki PET Gloss

Grand Format             JV3-250SPF             Mimaki HS1                              UltraFlex Gloss 

Banner Fabric             JV22-160                  Mimaki Dye                              Magic (Intellicoat) Fab 6

Direct Inkjet 
Garment Printer          GP-604D                  Mimaki Textile Pigment            Gildan Heavy Cotton T-shirt

We would like to thank our Boston based technical marketing team, led by the exceptionally skilled Ralph 
Terramagra, Sales & Marketing Manager. "The Mimaki team has again scored another series of wins", says 
Terramagra, whom has won DPI awards for three consecutive years. Mimaki’s products continue in their fine 
tradition of offering excellent print quality at very competitive prices. From our aqueous and solvent wide format, 
to the freshly popular garment printers, Mimaki continues to offer our customers unparalleled value and a wide 
choice of digital screen-less printing applications.

Mimaki - 3/2/2005

Mimaki USA Wins 4 DIMA Awards at PMA 2005!

The winners of the 2005 DIMA Digital Printer Shoot-Out were announced February 22, 2005 at the PMA 2005 
Convention and Trade Show in Orlando, FL. Winners, displayed during PMA 2005, were chosen from 122 
prints entered by 37 companies. The DIMA contest entries were organized, supervised, and produced by Ralph 
Terramagra (Sales and Marketing) with the assistance of Dave Mee and Jim Maffeo (Technical Support) all 
of Mimaki USA’s Boston Branch. Mimaki USA applauds the fine work and dedication of this team which 
consistently excels in demonstrating their unparalleled knowledge and imaging skills.

Entries in the DIMA Digital Printer Shoot-Out were produced from files created by color workflow experts 
Chromaticity, Grand Rapids, Mich. Participants were asked to provide specification information pertaining 
to the equipment used (printer, RIP); the consumables used (output media, ink/toner/dye); and the production 
timing. A panel of expert judges voted on the entries, based on the overall quality of the digital print and the 
accuracy of color as compared to the "target" print. 

The panel of judges included some of the well-respected names in the industry, including Roy Bohnen, Richard 
Lerner, Eric Harsh, Brian Mundy, and Steve Olock.
Below are the categories of the DIMA 2005 Digital Printer Shoot-Out awarded to Mimaki USA:

Ink - Solvent 20" or Larger Printer
JV3-160 SP: Printed on Intellicoat Magic GF Photorealistic, using Mimaki SS-2 standard solvent ink.  
RIP- Wasatch Softrip

Inkjet: Over 72 inches wide (Solvent)
Mimaki JV3-250SP: Printed on Ultraflex Glossy Banner, Normandy Pro/Jet Flex using Mimaki SS-2 standard 
solvent ink. RIP- Mimaki RasterLink Pro RIP

Inkjet: 18 inches to 35 inches wide 
Mimaki JV3-75SPII: Printed on Intellicoat Magic GF Photorealistic, using Mimaki SS-2 standard solvent ink. 
RIP -  Wasatch Softrip

Creative Application: Textile
Mimaki GP-604: Garment Printer, printing on a Cotton towel, using Mimaki (TP) Textile Pigment ink. 
RIP -  Mimaki RasterLink GP 

Mimaki USA would like to extend its gratitude to the DIMA judges and the PMA organization for choosing our 
entries and recognizing Mimaki USA for these prestigious awards.

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