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Miller Weldmaster - 1/30/2013

Miller Weldmaster Debuts New Impulse Extreme 3.0

Miller Weldmaster has done it again. They have taken their Impulse Extreme 3.0 to the next level and are excited to debut it at the International Sign 
Expo in Las Vegas, Nevada.

“We couldn’t be more excited”, said Truy Pham, North America Sales Manager, “ It is our most versatile machine for the sign maker.”

The new fully automatic folding function increases productivity by eliminating operator set up time prior to welding. The folding bar creates the 
precise fold for a perfect weld every time. The simplistic design applies pressure to the seam area, pulses heat through the heat elements and 
holds the seam under pressure while allowing it to cool through a liquid cooling process.

Miller Weldmaster has made the Impulse Extreme 3.0 the ideal welder. It produces the best looking and strongest seams. The Impulse Extreme 3.0 
has the ability to weld nearly all banner and fabric graphic materials.

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