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Matan Digital Printers - 10/15/2014

Matan Annouces MatanFlex

Matan is proud to announce the MatanFlex, a new 3m UV system specifically developed for fleet graphics, including truck curtains and car wrapping. The 
new printer features an innovative flexible UV ink which was developed specifically for this purpose. Introduction will be made at SGIA 2014, at Digitech’s 
booth #2829.

The new MatanFlex printer, together with Matan’s UVFlex inks, is designed to replace retired industrial solvent printers which have been traditionally 
used for fleet graphics, as well as eco solvent and latex printers which don’t offer robust enough solutions for these purposes, being uncapable of 
handling the heavy-weight rolls used for truck curtains. 

The new UVFlex ink has outstanding stretchable properties, with an elongation to break of up to 250%, which makes it a perfect match for those 
challenging applications. 

“Until recently UV ink was unsuitable for printing fleet graphics”, said Matan’s VP Marketing Erez Zimerman. “Printed truck curtains go through a lot of 
repeated folding, pulling and tearing, which regular UV inks cannot survive without breaking. Car wrapping demands a great deal of stretching and 
heating, which was also not possible with UV inks until now. Since solvent and eco solvent inks are being banned in many countries, for environmental 
and health reasons, it was necessary to develop UV inks that would be flexible enough to do the job, and we at Matan raised to the challenge.” 
Added Zimerman.

The MatanFlex system is based on Matan’s reputable Super-Wide Format platform, with hundreds of installations worldwide. The new inks are also suitable 
for other graphics applications and support a wide range of commonly used media.

The new MatanFlex platform opens countless new business opportunities, allowing wide format print providers to offer exciting unique products to new 

Matan Digital Printers - 10/14/2014

Quantum Leap in Quality and Total Value to Customers

Matan Digital Printers launches Matan Quantum Super-Wide Format Hybrid UV Printer for HD indoor graphics. New printer is presented at the Digitech 
Solutions Group booth # 2829, SGIA 2014, in addition to Matan 8QW.

Quantum Quality
The new Matan Quantum printer is designated for HD quality close-view applications. This printer features Matan’s groundbreaking Quantum Printing 
Engine, comprising leading edge printhead technology, with inherent 7pL drops and 3 grayscale levels, advanced LED UV curing and LED-curable UV 
inks. The new Quantum printer is based on Matan’s reputable Super-Wide Format platform, with hundreds of installations worldwide, including many sites 
with multiple Matan systems. Also exhibited is a selection of new add-ons, including Jumbo Media Handling System, ID Backprint, Vacuum Plate which is 
now being offered at the size of 2mx3m and more.

“Matan Quantum was developed specifically in order to answer the needs of print providers seeking the highest quality printing for a wide variety of 
applications. This unique all-in-one solution can serve customers in the best way to increase their profitablity.” said Mr. Hanan Yosefi, Matan’s CEO & 
President. “Our innovative printing technology gives the Matan Quantum tiny 7pL droplets and variable drop size that produces 3 greyscale levels: 7pL, 
14 pL and 21pL. The result is phenomenal HD resolution of up to 1,200 dpi print quality, with superb transitions, vignettes, skin tones and shadows, as 
well as precise and sharp 4 point size text. All of these are a perfect match for indoor close-view applications” added Yosefi. “Combined with our cutting 
edge LED curing, complemented by new LED UV curable inks as well as our impressive selection of new add-ons, we offer a unique comprehensive 
solution, which we know the market has been long waiting for”. Yosefi concluded that “Matan’s existing line of printers, which is selling exceptionally 
well around the world, where speed and productivity are the main deciding factors, will continue to innovate.”

Selection of new Add-ons
Based on the Matan Super-wide format platform, the Quantum is fully compatible with the entire collection of Matan add-ons, turning it into a highly 
versatile all-in-one printing system.

In keeping with Matan’s tradition of innovation, SGIA will see the introduction of new add-ons, offering Matan owners more versatility, usability and 

One of these is the Jumbo Roll Media Handling System for extremely large media rolls of up to 750kg. The system includes a motorized Loader and 
Collector, each equipped with a dancer, enabling continuous, unattended work, without stopping for changing rolls and saves money on external devices.

Another innovative feature is the ID Backprint, an external discrete printing device that prints file and job information on the rear side of the media, 
facilitating the identification of the finished job and helps prevent errors in finishing, packing, shipping and installing.

Matan’s revolutionary Vacuum Plate is also exhibited at the show. This groundbreaking capability turns the printer to a flatbed including for the thinner 
materials. The Vacuum Plate is presented at 5’x10’ (1.50 m x 3.05 m) and is also now being offered at a new size of 6.5’ x 9.8’ (2m x 3m), to meet 
European standards.

Matan Digital Printers - 10/17/2013

Matan Launches at SGIA 2013 Newest Superwide Format Barak 8QW

Matan Digital Printers will launch its newest super-wide hybrid UV printer, the Barak 8QW, at SGIA 2013. This newest member of the Barak family features 
white ink printing, on top of Matan’s patented 8-color PDS technology and boasts a unique collection of value-added features and options, to support 
customers in increasing productivity, minimizing waste, reducing labor and ensuring unrivaled ease of use. With the Matan family’s famous high 
SPEED-QUALITY RATIO, the versatile Barak 8QW offers owners the best value in the super-wide printing industry.

“We are excited to introduce the Barak 8QW to the market” said Mr. Hanan Yosefi, Matan’s CEO. “This new product raises printing versatility and quality 
to a new level. It enables owners to add all lucrative White printing applications, to the services they offer”, added Yosefi. “We believe that this and 
many additional unique new features will make the Barak 8QW to be widely adopted, as it improves our customers’ businesses.”

White printing - Branded with the original slogan “White Tops your Qwality”, the new Barak 8QW enables owners to expand their business options, 
take on profitable high-end jobs and increase their revenue and margins. Adding White printing to their repertoire, on top of Matan’s patent-pending 
8-color PDS technology, will enable print shops to create exceptional quality images for indoor and outdoor applications;

Blockout printing - The Barak 8QW features double-sided printing on opaque blockout media with perfect registration. This fully automatic workflow is 
enabled by a set of optical sensors and dedicated software, ensuring faultless registration between sides. The automatic blockout system eliminates 
the need for guesswork and manual manipulation and reduces the level of expertise required from the operator.

A unique collection of value added optional features turn the Barak 8QW into an all-in-one end-to-end printing and finishing device. Options include:

Inline Finishing system – this best selling add-on enables printing, trimming and sheeting in a single workflow.
Other innovations  include an innovative Vacuum Table that allows printing on flexible sheets; newly developed print modes provide new standards of 
HD print quality; Value-Pro analytics software enables owners to increase savings on media, ink & manpower.

At SGIA Matan will co-exhibit with Digitech Company at Booth #1222, where two Barak 8QW printers will be displayed, 3m and 5m wide. 

Matan Digital Printers has been introducing innovative solutions to the world of digital printing for over 20 years. Headed by a group of leading print 
technology experts, Matan continues to deliver forefront digital printers and presses for a wide range of challenging industrial applications. Matan's 
broad range of products is aimed at three major printing segments:
Super wide format 
Traffic signage 
Labels, tag, decals, membranes, license plates & sign printing 

The company’s printing solutions allow users to enjoy excellent productivity, top quality output and high durability, while ensuring low cost of 
ownership. Matan markets its innovative Super Wide Format UV Printers under its own brand and as OEM under the brand of FujiFilm.

Matan Digital Printers - 3/25/2008

Matan Digital Printers presents at FESPA Digital 2008 the Barak3

The 3.5m wide version of the Barak UV, Hybrid SWF digital printers line, featuring new production speeds and 
a Multi-Function Vacuum Table.
Rosh Ha'Ayin, Israel, March 25, 2008 - Matan, the original innovator of the Super-wide Format (SWF) digital 
printing industry, presents the Barak3 – a 3.5 m wide version of the UV, Hybrid, SWF digital printer. Following the 
successful launch of the Barak line less than a year ago at FESPA 2007, and extended installations throughout 
Europe, Matan brings to the SWF European market, its 3.5m all-in-one solution for any type of application. It will 
be featured at FESPA Digital 2008, in Geneva, Switzerland, on April 1-3, 2008, at Matan's stand #F100,

"The European market's reaction to the Barak line was extraordinary." Says Hanan Yosefi, President & CEO. 
"In less than a year since we launched the Barak line, we are proud to say Barak users can be found throughout 
Europe – East to West." 

The presentation of the Barak3 will take place at Matan's stand #F100, on April 1st, with continuous live 
demonstrations, starting at 14:30. Matan will present the Barak's enhanced production speeds of up to 
150 sqm/hr, achieved thanks to the new BarakUV300 ink set. In addition Matan will demonstrate the new Multi-
Function Vacuum-Table that is suitable for the most demanding media handling needs and can be switched in a 
click to mesh, thanks to a new pneumatic mechanism. These two enhanced features enable Barak users to 
achieve higher productivity and enhanced printing quality on a wide variety media types and provide the easiest 
way to handle Mesh applications.

The Barak Product line
Barak is a SWF digital printer, using UV-curable inks, designed to bring an all-in-one solution to the market. 
Available in 5 m or 3.5 m widths, the Barak is easy to operate, user-friendly and guarantees a low total cost of 

This printer offers the following benefits to the end-user:
High Performance: Barak incorporates leading print-head technology, featuring a 30 picoliter drop size to achieve 
high-quality output. Its wide color gamut and flexible inks enable the Barak to target a wide variety of demanding 
applications. The low ink consumption with coverage of up to 180 sqm/liter (1940 sqft/liter) on average, and the 
excellent throughput of up to 150 sqm/hr (1615 sqft/hr) meet the performance requirements of the most 
advanced print shop.

Versatility: The Barak line features the only 5m wide UV-printer on the market that handles both flexible and rigid 
materials, either coated or uncoated. Its optional Multi-roll feature enables the Barak to print simultaneously on up 
to 3 rolls, making it the perfect solution for printing in demanding production environments.

Ease of use: The Barak product line implements Matan's user-friendly approach in both the mechanical and software 
design, assuring an easy, fast and intuitive workflow.

Environment Friendly: In line with Matan’s environment friendly philosophy, the Barak line uses UV inks that 
minimize site preparation requirements, ventilation and disposal.

Low Cost of Ownership: The Barak offers a competitive total cost of ownership, thanks to low running costs and 
fast return on investment (ROI).

In addition, Matan's stand will feature the flagship of its Thermal Transfer product line – the Matan SprinG³, 
which will be demonstrated throughout the show. The SprinG³ is an industrial 30 cm (12 inch), Roll-to-Roll digital 
printer, designed for fast, durable, short runs with vivid colors for Labels, Decals, Membranes, Traffic and other 

In addition, printed samples of tags, labels and different signs will be available on-site to illustrate the printer's 
unique output on a wide variety of media.

Matan Digital Printers - 7/16/2007

Matan Digital Printers Introduces New Printing Capabilities for Short-Runs of Membrane-Switch-Overlay Applications

Rosh Ha'ayin, Israel; July 16, 2007 - Matan Digital Printers, a leading manufacturer of specialty digital printers, 
announces a new and exciting application durable, digital printing of Membrane-Switch-Overlays with the Matan 
SprinG³. The SprinG³ is a 12'' wide (300mm) thermal transfer digital printer excelling in applications such as 
industrial markings, labels & decals, doming platforms, product identification labels, nameplates, window 
decorations and much more. Matan has identified that the Membrane-Switch application benefits from the 
unique advantages of the SprinG³ with its durable, full color, opaque white-backed printing on a range of 
polyesters & polycarbonates.

The SprinG³ will be exhibited at Labelexpo-Europe in Brussels, Belgium on September 26-29, 2007. (11R120, 
Hall 11)

"Thanks to the SprinG³’s robust and versatile platform, new media is constantly being tested in order to expand 
user's choice of applications." says Keren Leshem, Matan's Vice President of Sales for the Thermal-Transfer 
product line. "We've analyzed the short-run Membrane-Switch-Overlay market and realized these customers 
could benefit from the unique features of the SprinG³. Matan joined forces with world-leading polyester & 
polycarbonate manufacturers to create a digital solution for this market and both the test results as well as initial
customer reaction are very promising."

Four main parameters were examined in the SprinG³ tests: (a) Ink layer's thickness, (b) ink adhesion to media, (c) 
switch life testing and (d) durability (through a die-cutting process). The SprinG³ provides excellent ink adhesion 
and resistance to switch life testing as compared to traditional screen printing. The testing assured that the ink 
layer's thickness was less than 2µm and the switch life testing showed no ink loss after 2.5 million actuations, 
whereas in traditional screen-printing ink loss is common at 1 million.

Matan Digital Printers - 8/31/2006

Matan Launches New SprinG3

Rosh Haayin, Israel at SGIA 06 in Las Vegas, Matan Digital Printers will launch Matan SprinG3, the third 
generation of the Matan Spring12 product line of industrial 6-color thermal transfer digital presses. The new Matan 
SprinG3 delivers superb print quality, faster printing speed and wider substrate range, enabling unique solutions 
for an even wider range of demanding applications. Matan will hold a press conference at its booth #3201 on 
Wednesday, September 27th at 11:00 to present the new product. 

Overall Improved Performance
The third generation of the Matan Spring is the fruit of an extensive development process, resulting in the 
creation of innovative proprietary print head technology designed specifically for the Matan Spring product line. 
The new print heads and the related software significantly improve the overall performance of the Spring printing 
system. Within the same system specifications, there is a dramatic leap forward in print quality and actual printing 
speeds. Improved quality parameters include enhanced trapping results, more vivid colors with higher gloss level 
and smoother tints. Productivity may increase up to 300% since desired quality can be achieved in faster print 
modes. In addition, identifying the appropriate print parameters is much faster and easier.

Higher Media Versatility 
The new SprinG3 can now print with much broader media versatility, allowing quality printing on substrates 
including many types of paper, coarse-surfaced media and exotic substrates such as diamond grade reflective 

SpotBoard Technology
Earlier this year Matan released the SpotBoard electronic card, which is now standard in all SprinG3 machines.
In addition to enabling individual control over the energy level of each printing station it offers Plug & Play USB 
connectivity to any computer including laptops. 

High Accuracy "Digital Hot-stamping" Option
One of the options for the new Matan SprinG3 is the enhanced Flex-Print system, enabling highly accurate 
"Digital Hot-Stamping" on pre-printed media rolls from any print platform, analog or digital. This automatic optical 
registration system allows overprinting at an unbelievable accuracy rate of 0.1 mm (0.004 inch). Together with 
Matan's VariPrint variable data software option, this offers an ideal personalization solution for a host of short-run, 
high durability applications, requiring special colors such as metallic gold and silver, opaque whites and other 
special spot colors.

Unique Solutions for Demanding Applications
Mr. Hanan Yosefi, President & CEO of Matan said: "These impressive innovations, together with the proprietary 
Matan SpotBoard technology, represent a major evolution to new industrial standards for the Matan Spring 
product line. Printers will be able to produce an even wider variety of specialized, demanding applications, 
unanswered by any analog or other digital printing system. We invite printers to take a look at the Matan 
SprinG3 in one of the upcoming trade events, or invite a personalized demonstration at their own site in the 
USA with our Mobile Spring Demo Center. I believe they are in for a pleasant surprise". 

Launch at LabelExpo Americas and SGIA '06
The SprinG3 will be exhibited at LabelExpo Americas at booth 5325. Later in the same month Matan will exhibit 
the SprinG3 at its booth #3201 at SGIA '06 in Las Vegas, Matan will shortly announce its worldwide upgrade 
plan, so that our existing Spring installed base will soon be able to enjoy the new SprinG3 advantages.

Matan Digital Printers - 2/16/2006

The Matan Spot36 - A New Digital Printer for Wayfinding & Traffic Signage and Windows Graphics

February 16, 2006, Rosh Haayin, Israel - Matan Digital Printers is expanding its Thermal Transfer product line 
with a fourth printer: Matan Spot36. This new digital printer was designed to meet the specialized requirements 
of wayfinding and traffic signage printers, window graphics and other industrial applications that require short-run, 
high-durability two-color printing. 

The new Matan Spot36 is in fact a wider format implementation of the best features and qualities of the Matan 
Spring12 printer. It is equipped with innovative durable Kyocera print heads, which enable miles of non-stop 
quality printing at a speed of up to 885 feet/hr (270 m/hr).

The Matan Spot36 shares the same industrial design of the Matan Spring and is equally robust, while maintaining 
an attractive contemporary high-tech look. It can print up to two colors in one pass in up to 400x1200 resolution. 
Media width is up 36.6 inch (930 mm) and printing width is up to 36.38 inch (924 mm). Ribbons have been 
uniquely developed for this printer and include a wide spectrum of spots, special traffic red, blue and green, 
shiny metallic gold and silver, etched and opaque white. The Matan Spot36 supports a wide range of media, 
including reflective traffic media.

"The Matan Spot36 fills the niche of a moderately priced digital printer for specialized high durability two-color 
applications" says Hanan Yosefi, Matan's President and CEO. "It is particularly suitable for outdoor applications 
such as wayfinding and traffic signage and for window decoration graphics. It is already installed and in 
production at customer site in the USA and it will be presented at Matan's booth during Fespa Digital Printing 
Europe 2006." 

In Fespa 2006, booth C725 Matan will also exhibit the Matan SpringPro 6-color digital label & tag printer.

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