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Masterpiece Graphix - 8/21/2014

Masterpiece Graphix Releases Touché for Digital Presses

Masterpiece Graphix has exclusively partnered with FiberMark to carry Touché soft touch material that is digital press-ready.  Previously unavailable for 
digital print, MGX is now stocking Touché in a 13pt cream sheet, and will not be available for digital print anywhere else.  This versatile material has a 
sensuous soft surface, durability, and exceptional convertibility. Touché is easy to emboss, die-cut, and foil stamp; with the popular feature of a soft rose 
petal touch.  

Touché is unique compared to other materials because of its flexibility in markets and applications. This material is commonly used in packaging, 
publishing, retail, and more.   Touché is a perfect choice to create menus, business cards, cartons, directories, invitation, and tags.  The innovative feel 
of this material creates interactivity by enticing consumers with its luxurious touch.

Masterpiece Graphix - 5/12/2014

Masterpiece Graphix & French Paper Form Digitally Ready Partnership

Customers have asked for digital ready French Paper, and we are happy to deliver! French Paper has joined forces with Masterpiece Graphix to provide 
French Papers powered by MGX.

French Papers powered by MGX are offered digitally-ready with low minimums. We know your applications need personality, and the bright hues and 
reliable printability of French Papers is a perfect match.

French Papers and MGX have an ongoing commitment to custom sizing, colors, and finishes. In addition to over 100 colors available, we offer color 
matching services for your special needs. These digitally-ready papers can also be finished with many unique textures based on your application needs.

Masterpiece Graphix - 2/10/2014

Masterpiece Graphix Releases New RIT Certified Materials

Masterpiece Graphix has four new digital materials certified by the Rochester Institute of Technology for the HP Indigo.   The four materials are Revolution 
.010 White Rigid Matte/Matte Vinyl PVC, Revolution .010 Silver Matte/Matte Rigid PVC, Xquisite Platinum .010 White Synthetic Film, and Revolution 
.010 White Polyester.  

	The .010 White Rigid Matte/Matte Vinyl is durable and great for any application from financial cards to product information, and the .010 Silver 
Matte/Matte Rigid PVC has the same great durability with a striking silver sheen that brightens cards, signage, and other applications.  Xquisite Platinum 
.010 White Synthetic Film is a great solution for tear resistant items and credit cards, as well as boasting high heat stability.  The .010 White Polyester 
has extremely high heat resistance and delivers top performance to print maps, books, menus, and cards.

All of these substrates are recommended for superior runability, ink adhesion, and blanket compatibility.

Masterpiece Graphix - 1/13/2014

Masterpiece Graphix Unveils New Product Line: Masterpiece Metallix

Masterpiece Graphix is proud to unveil its newest product line, Masterpiece Metallix.  As the premier digital substrate provider for top materials, 
Masterpiece Graphix has released this line as the solution for applications that need a “wow” factor.  A culmination for the top metallic and holographic 
substrates on the market today, the materials of the Metallix collection are eye catching and build great brand personality.  

This line features a variety of silver, gold, rainbow, and other metallic substrates.  Rolls and sheets are available in many materials for every digital press.  
The line features card and board stock, papers, pressure sensitives, polyesters, BOPP, foils, and rigid vinyl PVC.   Many of these materials are compatible 
for multiple presses, allowing for a cost cutting and easy solution.  

Masterpiece Metallix is the perfect solution for virtually any application. Promotional pieces, packaging, direct mail, gift and business cards, and labels are 
all perfect for Metallix materials to showcase.

Masterpiece Graphix - 9/26/2013

Masterpiece Graphix Debuts New Website & Material Offerings

In September 2013, Masterpiece Graphix of Fenton, MO, presented a new website and rebranding effort to combat rising industry image challenges.  The 
new site is located at and is offered in mobile and desktop versions for a user-friendly experience.  A complete history of the company 
and its product offerings are available for users.  The site covers all aspects of digital printing, from pre to post-press and ways to use digital substrates to 
make amazing applications.  The release of the website and these new materials coincided with the beginning of Print 13, bringing Masterpiece Graphix 
to the show with an upgraded image. 

On the heels of the website redesign are the releases of several new products, including a wood veneer in both cherry and birch finishes.  The wood comes 
in rolls and sheets and is usable on offset or digital printers, including the HP Indigo.  Flexo, letterpress, screen presses, and UV ink presses also can print 
on the veneer.  This specialty substrate is usable for anything, including business cards, postcards, invitations, folders, labels, packaging, signage, and 
cards.  Wood veneer is currently being used by Jim Beam as a pressure sensitive label for a limited edition bottle.

Masterpiece Graphix has been heading innovations in the print industry for over 15 years, transforming from a graphics company into a team of printing, 
coating, and material experts.  In 2005 Masterpiece Graphix was named the first North American HP Treatment Center by Hewlett Packard and is still the 
only verified treatment center.  Over the years Masterpiece Graphix has delivered innovative substrate options for all printers and presses, as well as 
cross platform material lines that can operate on the HP Indigo, Xerox iGen, Kodak Nexpress, Canon ImagePRESS, Konica Minolta Bizhub, and many 

Masterpiece Graphix also has a team of digital material experts that fit materials to specific applications, giving easy customization and concentrating in 
R&D to keep bringing new materials to the table.

In publishing the new website, Masterpiece Graphix shows an updated image that keeps the company at the front lines of the industry.  The site offers 
the complete product lines of the company along with suggestions for material applications geared toward an optimal user experience.

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