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Marabu North America LP - 4/21/2014

Marabu Announces Synnex as Official Distributor of Inks and Coatings

Marabu North America of Charleston announces it has finalized an agreement with SYNNEX Corporation to become an official distributor of Marabu inks 
and coatings.

SYNNEX will distribute Marajet Solvent Digital Inks and Clearshield Liquid Laminates. Marajet solvent based digital inks are developed for a variety of 
large format digital printers and provide excellent scratch and chemical resistance, low odor and high quality pigmentation. The Clearshield line of liquid 
coatings are designed to provide protection for billboards, banners, signs, prints, fine art and awnings, and feature excellent UV, water and chemical 

"We’re thrilled about the announcement as we see great synergy in the relationship,” states Bob Keller, General Manager of Marabu North America. 
"SYNNEX brings significant market presence and credibility while providing even more reach for our leading Marajet inks and Clearshield liquid coatings.”

SYNNEX is a global corporation that provides business, distribution and contract assembly services. Their distribution services segment distributes a 
broad line of IT products, IT systems, peripherals, system components, software and networking equipment for leading IT OEM suppliers.

Based in Charleston, SC, Marabu North America is a subsidiary of Marabu GmbH & Co, a leading global manufacturer of screen, digital and pad 
printing inks. Marabu is recognized by customers and the industry for technical service, customer training and environmental awareness. The 
company employs more than 440 people worldwide. Its distribution partners exclusively represent Marabu in over 70 countries around the world.

Recently, Marabu North America was named one of South Carolina’s Top 20 Fastest Growing Companies for 2013, earning the 13th spot in the large 
business category.

Marabu North America LP - 10/2/2013

Marabu North America’s New ClearShield Wall Armor Offers Type II Certification

Marabu North America is pleased to announce the release of its newest product, ClearShield Wall Armor. When applied to digitally printed wall coverings, 
this innovative coating offers a Type II certified solution for the high demands of commercial applications.  In addition to being compatible with latex, eco-
solvent and UV inks, ClearShield Wall Armor provides all of the protection necessary for Type II certification including stain resistance, scratch 
resistance, adhesion and fire retardancy. 

“We strive to consistently introduce inventive products that create a better solution for our customers and open up new markets. ClearShield Wall Armor 
allows for a whole array of digitally printed wall coverings to be used in commercial spaces that previously have not been possible,” said Marabu North 
America General Manager Bob Keller.

Marabu North America LP - 6/11/2013

Marabu North America Becomes Authorized Mimaki Reseller

Marabu North America is proud to announce that it is now an authorized reseller for Mimaki’s UJF-3042FX and UJF-3042HG printers. Considered the 
most affordable flatbed tabletop printers, these products employ innovative technologies that combine eco-friendly features with a user-friendly 

“We look forward to applying our knowledge and extensive experience within the advertising specialty and promotional products market to offer these 
Mimaki printers to our traditional analog printing customers,” said the Marabu North America General Manager Bob Keller.

Mimaki’s UJF-3042 tabletop printers are just the right size to be placed into any office. Now with Inkjet Primer capability and new UV curable ink offerings, 
these printers will present a host of possibilities and applications. UV LED offers critical energy savings, a longer diode lifetime and an almost zero 
Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) emitting printing environment. As UV LED does not generate excessive heat, printing on heat-sensitive material 
becomes possible. The printers also employ two staggered heads arrangements, which will enable simultaneous printing. In addition, a white over 
and underprinting capability will achieve the same speed as color printing.

Marabu North America LP - 10/2/2012

Marabu North America ClearShield Coating Sample Kits Now Available

Marabu North America is excited to offer their customers two new sample kits of their best-selling ClearShield laminates: The ClearShield Original and 
the ClearShield Type C for canvas. The kits include everything you will need to get started with ClearShield liquid laminates and retail for $22.99 each. 

The ClearShield Original Sample Kit includes eight ounce bottles of ClearShield Original in both Gloss and Matte finishes, a roller and tray for application, 
as well as coated and uncoated vinyl samples for comparison and practice.  In addition, application fluids Graffix Gone, Window Juice and Action Tac 
are also included in the ClearShield Original kit.  The second sample kit features ClearShield Type C specifically formulated for use with canvas and 
includes eight ounce bottles of ClearShield Type C in both Gloss and Satin finishes, a roller with a tray and canvas samples.  

“Our sample kits are an excellent opportunity for customers to experience these premium grade, high-performance products firsthand,” says Marabu 
North America Product Manager Patrick Forney. 

Marabu’s ClearShield coatings, also called liquid laminates, are an inexpensive way to protect a myriad of products from billboards, banners and 
awnings to prints, fine art and signs. They feature the most current innovations in ultraviolet light absorbers and light stabilizers. In addition, 
ClearShield coatings are extremely easy to apply and do not require extensive equipment.

Marabu North America LP - 4/24/2012

Marabu TexaJet DX-SHE Sublimation Ink Now Available from Axiom America

Marabu North America is proud to announce that Axiom America has become an authorized reseller for TexaJet DX-SHE sublimation ink. Axiom’s 
knowledge of the sublimation and garment decorating industry combined with TexaJet’s extraordinary ink quality offer a one-stop solution for 
customers.  Partnering with a highly regarded company like Axiom brings a new level of service, support and knowledge for industry professionals 
who rely on Marabu North America’s products. 

“We are excited to be teaming up with Marabu North America to offer TexaJet to our customers. TexaJet inks consistently provide outstanding results that 
reflect our commitment to the best products for our customers,” said Robert Eversole, Director of Dye Sublimation for Axiom America.
Suitable for both transfer and direct digital printing, TexaJet DX-SHE is a premium water-based sublimation ink developed specifically for the 
commercial sublimation printer.  Possible applications range from soft signage, flags and banners, to sports apparel, fashion and fine art prints.

Marabu North America LP - 2/8/2012

Marabu North America Launches New Water-Based Sublimation Ink

Marabu North America is pleased to introduce its first water-based ink, TexaJet DX-SHE (Sublimation-Hybrid-Epson), to join the MaraJet Ink line. 
Suitable for both transfer and direct digital printing, TexaJet DX-SHE is a premium water-based sublimation ink developed specifically for the 
commercial sublimation printer.  Possible applications are varied, ranging from soft signage, flags and banners, to sports apparel, fashion and 
fine art prints. 

“We are excited to broaden the scope of the Marabu ink line by developing a water-based solution for the sublimation industry,” North American 
Sales Manager Chuck McGettrick said.  “TexaJet combines Marabu's high quality inks with brilliant color options and excellent fastness to make 
this ink an undeniable first choice in textile decoration.”

Marabu developed TexaJet for wide format printers using Epson DX4 and DX5 print head technologies.  Ink features include:

•	Intense colors and deep rich blacks 
•	Outstanding light, wash and perspiration fastness
•	Excellent print quality
•	Superb price performance ratio
•	Convenient Bulk System available

TexaJet ink is now exclusively distributed by Marabu North America through a limited number of key resellers.  To learn more about TexaJet, please 
contact Marabu’s North American Sales Manager Chuck McGettrick by email at or by phone at 888-253-2778.

Marabu North America LP - 9/27/2011

Marabu North America Develops New Solvent Inks for Mimaki Printers

Marabu North America is excited to announce the addition of MaraJet DI-MS and MaraJet DI-JVP solvent inks for Mimaki® printers to its successful 
MaraJet Digital Ink line.  These inks will be launched at the upcoming SGIA Expo 2011 on October 19-21, 2011, and available for sale by Marabu 
North America’s authorized resellers.  Akin to existing MaraJet DI-LS products, the new solvent inks are true plug and print cartridges allowing users 
to simply install the MaraJet products without making any changes to their existing color profiles.  

“We are thrilled to offer our customers another Marabu print solution by augmenting our popular line of MaraJet DI-LS products with these new solvent 
inks, Product Manager Patrick Forney said.  “We invite customers to experience the inks firsthand at our SGIA booth next month in New Orleans.” 

Marabu designed the new solvent inks specifically for Mimaki’s® affordable line of high performance, multifunction solvent inkjet printers, JV33 and JV3.  
Ink features include:
•	Exceptional color gamut (especially in reds and yellows).
•	High-grade pigmentation with a two-year light fastness on corresponding high-grade foils which can be extended another three years with the 
addition of a varnish overprint.
•	Cost efficiency for cartridges and bulk systems.
•	Full flexibility through 440 ml ink cartridges or 1-liter units with bulk systems.

Marabu North America LP - 4/7/2011

Clearstar LP is now Marabu North America

Marabu North America LP has acquired Autoroll Print Technologies, a distribution company and Master Distributor for Marabu pad printing inks, the 
company announced today. Autoroll and Marabu’s U.S. subsidiary, Clearstar LP, will now operate as Marabu North America LP. 

For the first time, Marabu screen and pad and inks will have full technical and sales support based in the US.  Former Autoroll CEO Clif Treco will lead the 
pad and screen ink sales.

Marabu North America LP - 8/20/2010

ClearStar LP Releases Redesigned StarLam 1600R Liquid Laminator

Clearstar LP, a leader in the liquid laminate industry, released an all new designed StarLam 1600R liquid laminator. Building on the initial success of the 
StarLam, the new model features rotating metering rods, a self-contained cleaning system and an advanced drying technique.  See live demonstrations of 
the StarLam 1600R at booth 2769 during the SGIA expo in Las Vegas. 

“By relying on our experience and expertise in the liquid laminate market, we were able to design a liquid laminator that meets the demands of 
production environments while maintaining simplicity for the operator.  The new features of the StarLam 1600R make it the most user friendly liquid coater in 
the market.” explains Stephen Berman, Chief Executive of Clearstar LP.

Marabu North America LP - 9/13/2007

Marabu GmbH & Co. KG Acquires Clearstar Coatings, a Leading Manufacturer of Liquid Laminates and Digital Printing Inks

Marabu GmbH & Co. KG announced today, it has acquired the assets of USA based Clearstar Coatings 
Corporation, a leading manufacturer in the production of liquid laminates and inks for digital printing. Stephen 
Berman, founder and President, joins Clearstar L.P., the US operating company, as Chief Executive.

The acquisition of Clearstar is an important step in Marabu’s growth strategy, further enhancing the firm’s digital 
product range. Clearstar’s high-quality liquid laminates and digital printing inks add an important product portfolio 
for Marabu. In addition, this establishes Marabu’s physical presence and adds a manufacturing facility in the 
important American market.  But the acquisition goes beyond the manufacturing capability.  "Having Stephen 
Berman on board means having one of the most knowledgeable persons in the sign industry on our team," said 
Dr. Roland Staehlin, Marabu’s Printing Ink Managing Director.  "Stephen brings more than 25 years of 
experience to our group."

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