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Magnum Magnetics - 3/10/2014

Magnum Magnetics Makes Big New Product Announcement

Magnum Magnetics Corporation announces the impending rollout of its newest product, DigiMaxx, its first printable, flexible magnetic material 
designed for superwide format printing applications above 40 inches. 

Prior to Magnum Magnetics’ announcement, printers of magnetic signage and graphics looking to fill wide format needs were forced to import material 
from overseas because no domestic manufacturer of printable magnets could accommodate widths of 40 inches or higher. Some customers reported 
that some of the foreign material suffered from quality issues and long delivery times. 

Common wide format magnet applications include retail signage, point of purchase displays, large graphics, and restaurant menuboards. Many retailers 
that use large format signs prefer magnetic signage because it holds up well and is easier to remove and replace than paper or plastic.

Wider width rolls are a new space for the company. Digital Output spoke with the Magnum Magnetics team, who explained that DigiMaxx developed 
over a three to four year time span, with a lot of feedback from customers. While roll stock is currently available, Magnum Magnetics plans to have 
sheeting capabilities in late second quarter of this year. 

DigiMaxx runs on many commercial wide format UV flatbed or inkjet presses, much like paper stock. Its standard thickness is 20-mil (.50mm) and 30-mil 
(.76mm), but can be custom ordered to different thicknesses. Magnum Magnetics can also customize roll lengths and widths, laminates, and adhesive 
backings for specific customer needs.

Magnum Magnetics - 4/11/2013

Magnum Magnetics Reveals New DigiMag PLUS 2

Magnum Magnetics Corporation is proud to introduce DigiMag® PLUS 2, the next generation in printable magnetics technology with a revolutionary 
printable film, for HP Indigo and offset presses.

DigiMag® PLUS 2 features a waterproof printable surface, boasting improved UV stability and weatherability performance over BOPP and 
polypropylene films. The printable surface is bleed-through and scuff resistant, tree-free, durable and tear resistant.

Available in two versions for digital and offset printing, this product is specially designed to cut cleanly using the guillotine and die cutting process, 
leaving no residue on cutting blades. Both versions are currently available in printable magnetic sheets.

DigiMag® PLUS 2 is patent pending.

The product is easily finished with a post-press magnetizer, making the production process trouble free. It offers consistent, strong magnetic pull and a 
superior printing surface for vibrant images that make a statement and stay where you put them. Magnum Magnetics offers the widest array of post-
process magnetization options in the industry.

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