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MCT - 4/29/2014

MCT’s Focus is on Fully Versatile Textile + Traditional Finishing

MCT’s Versa-Tech™ Digital Finishing Solutions, brought to the American market together with partner Blackman & White, took another step forward at ISA 
2014.  The team successfully debuted its new Versa-Tech Laser™ solution that allows virtually any material to be finished in grand format print operations 
from fabric only to the fully variable materials capable of being printed with today’s wide ranging grand format printers. 

This system combines all of the elements of routing or tangential knife cutting and creasing of traditional materials. For traditional work it supports a 
fully automated conveying capability using non-woven conveyor materials. When used with the 140 watt liquid cooled laser, a patent pending second 
conveyor with an aluminum skin automates the laser cutting of fabrics. Available in both 1.6 m (5 ft) and 3.2 m (10 ft) widths and 3.2 m to 6.4 m lengths, 
this is the only such system available.  In addition, through the MCT staff’s long history in the “cut to print” marketplace, starting in 1999, with the 
invention of the i-cut® vision software at MGE, MCT can provide significantly more application support for its print and cut customers than others 
who have been solely in the laser fabric cutting business. 

Nikolai Mikkelsen, President of MCT says that “the investment in finishing equipment pays for itself many times over in labor savings alone. It is not 
unusual to see cutting systems installed 10-15 years ago still running and making money today, while you will find few, if any digital printer being used 
after 5, let alone 15 years.” Mikkelsen also comments that “the average digital print provider changes out digital printers on average every 3-5 years, 
while digital finishing equipment owner can expect that investment to last more than 10 years.” Interestingly, MCT’s early adopter customers are finding 
paybacks of significantly less than one year with these systems, a real bargain in today’s technology world.

Also featured at ISA was the MCT/Crest RSC CI (Roll to Sheet Converter) that is available in 3 widths of 1.6 m, 2.5 m and 3.2 m (63, 90 and 126 in) and 
is a “square or rectangular” cutting system for fast processing of rolls with the ability to maintain precise image registration or exact cut lengths. The MCT/
Crest RSC is unique in its ability to also do roll-to-roll processing for specialized applications utilizing standard cold knives, and it also can provide hot 
knife cutting in both directions with full automation. Hot knives seal the edges much like a laser does, giving the CREST RSC a broader range of uses 
than other rectangular cutters.

The MCT/Crest RSC CI uses registration marks on just one side of the image to sense when to cut and also be used to alert an operator of an image 
change over. The Crest RSC CI can also be uniquely equipped with an integrated light box for quality control and inspection of backlit images. MCT is 
the exclusive distributor for these CREST solutions in the NAFTA.
While not exhibited at ISA, MCT/BW also sells flatbed Multi-Tech™ Systems – receiving the 2012 SGIA Finishing Product of the Year Award. This 
system is “uniquely is able to handle laser cutting and larger sizes while still retaining the traditional ability to blade knife or rotary blade cut difficult to 
cut fabrics such as cotton and canvas. Its uniqueness is also in its ability to be custom configured in a range of sizes up to 6 m (19.5 ft) wide and 
100 m (325 ft) long.

MCT - 10/11/2013

The MCT Versa-Tech 3.2L

Featured at the SGIA Expo, MCT of Milwaukee, WI, will be demonstrating for the first time the 3.2Mx3.2 Meter (10x10') Versa-Tech 3.2L, a convertible 
laser, router, and blade cutting digital finishing system co-developed jointly by Blackman White and MCT, Inc. It offers the Digital Finishing industry's most 
flexible toolset; the Versa-Tech can be outfitted with a 100 watt liquid sealed CO2 cooled laser, the standard 2.5kW liquid cooled milling spindle/router 
and a full assortment of tangential cutting and creasing tools. Furthermore, shown for the first time, will be MCT's new patent pending dual substrate 
conveyor belt system, allowing for automatic feed conveying and transport of roll material and sheets regardless if either routing or laser cutting capability 
is used. With all these features the Versa-Tech 3.2L convertible digital finishing system is a match for virtually any material a PSP is called upon to print 
and finish.. Polyester fabrics can now be cut and edged sealed in one pass using Laser, with much higher precision that a heat knife, while conventional 
fabrics, such as cotton and canvas can be cut using traditional blade knives that would normally burn when using a laser.

MCT - 7/26/2013

Venture Capital Investment Program at MCT, Inc. in Milwaukee

The unique partnership between Milwaukee based MCT, Inc. and UK based manufacturer Blackman White has taken a new turn with MCT 
beginning to manufacture and perform complete assembly and test in Wisconsin. With this in mind, Governor Scott Walker chose MCT as the 
location to sign into law (surrounded by state representatives and senators) the State’s first venture capital investment program. MCT is receiving 
funding for this activity through a Milwaukee Venture Capital Fund that will be getting additional funding from this new state endeavor and from the 
Milwaukee Economic Development Corporation.

Started in 2011 and profitable for its initial two years, MCT has already sold and installed a number of machines of the type that will be manufactured in the 
USA from this point on.  The first such USA manufactured systems will be delivered from SGIA 2013 on. MCT has moved in this direction because of its 
rapid growth and the growth of market needs for both textile and traditional graphics. It needed to manufacture nearer to its market in order to keep 
pace with the growth in these cutting and finishing needs allowing for shorter delivery times and closer cooperation with key component manufacturers 
who are U.S. based. This will also allow MCT to become fully immersed in the Blackman & White designs so that it can better support its growing 
customer base.

MCT - 3/11/2013

MCT Shows Versa-­-Tech™ New Generation of Affordable Digital Finishing Solutions

In a unique partnership between Milwaukee based MCT and UK based manufacturer Blackman & White – the latest and most innovative solutions in 
automated graphic finishing -­- has been designed & developed with a first showing at ISA 2013, April 4-­-5 in Las Vegas.

This 3rd generation finishing system, through a concerted development effort to enable performance equal to the market leaders at a more attractive 
price, provides all 3 positive attributes – Quality, Speed AND Price. This allows a growing numbers of smaller and mid-­-sized digital printing companies to 
cost-­-effectively benefit from automated finishing -­- as well as offering current finishing system users improved efficiencies, expanded machine & media 
sizes, and the ability to add new materials to their portfolio of customer offerings.

MCT - 8/22/2012

MCT Sells Unique Dual Laser/Knife Digital Finishing Solution to Comfortex Window Fashions

MCT has been selected by Comfortex Window Solutions to provide a grand format digital finishing system for its Maplewood, NY window fashion 
manufacturing facility.  Comfortex has become a pioneer in using digitally printed fabrics to produce custom products for its customers.  Rather 
than needing over 10,000 rolls of different types of fabrics in all of the available colors, Comfortex now uses grand format digital printing to “print 
on demand,” only stocking those fabrics that are not yet able to be successfully printed.  According to Jim Barss, VP Manufacturing, “the final 
step in our new manufacturing process was to select a cutting technology that would match the versatility of our digital printers, allowing 
Comfortex to maximize throughput and minimize the waste of expensive materials.  After looking for two years, Comfortex selected a MasterCut™ 
dual solution manufactured by Blackman & White LTD. of the UK, and sourced from MCT.” 

The 3.2 M wide by 10 M long system carries both a 100 watt CO2 laser and a set of tangential knife cutting tools, including a unique self sharpening 
rotary fabric cutter, so that all materials sold by Comfortex can be cut by a single manufacturing process.  Through the use of the industry standard 
i-cut® vision system (from Esko, Inc.), nested prints for any number of window coverings can be printed at one time and accurately cut to size.  In 
addition, by moving to such a versatile digital flatbed cutter, Comfortex is now able to cut single pieces of fabric that include a scalloped botton of 
a shade, rather than having to cut rectangles only and add the scalloped portion as a part of a separate manufacturing process.

MCT - 11/11/2011

MCT Releases New Affordable Digital Finishing Solutions with U.K. Partner Blackman & White

For the last 3 years, the founders of MCT had been actively looking for a quality digital finishing product that would appeal to the mid-range of the digital 
print marketplace - one costing approximately $100K to match the pricing of the mid range flatbed wide format printers. Recently, MCT has finalized 
an agreement to represent a new line of products specifically for the wide format digital printing industry, developed with Blackman & White of the U.K.. 
Two lines of products defined together will be imported and supported by MCT in the Americas.  

MCT can now offer an extremely cost effective new (to the Americas) line of digital finishing system solutions for flexible, semi flexible and rigid materials, 
with emphasis on textile converting, including vision registration for accurate “cut to print” production. The new systems range from 5 ft. by 10 ft. 
cutter/routers to 3.2m wide or wider flatbed finishing solutions for fabric and semi flexible goods cutting, to match the widths of the newest roll printers.  
Industry standard i-cut™ is available on all systems.

According to Alex White, Managing Director of Blackman & White; “The digital printing industry will continue to experience significant growth, however, 
small to mid-size printers are in dire need of a medium priced family of advanced finishing tools, not before available in a standard product range. We are 
proud to partner with the knowledgable team of professionals at MCTwho have deep relationships within the industry to bring our new family of products 
to market."

At SGIA, MCT, together with Blackman & White, allowed printers the opportunity to view the range of affordable solutions that MCT can now provide. 
“Both the Value Line” with complete cutting and routing solutions including vision registration for “cut to print” accuracy starting at $89,500 and the 
MasterCut line with its ability to easily provide custom sized solution for unique cutting requirements were both well received.  These custom sized 
systems are able to add laser cutting to the mix of capabiolities without limiting the traditional knife and routing capabilities and still be attractively 
priced. MCT and Blackman & White are the only supplier able to reach both segments of the market not currently well served by the other vendors’ 
solutions. The comments made by SGIA attendees clearly indicated that MCT’s philosophy hit a strong note with the visitors to its booth.

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