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Kiian Specialty Inks - 10/3/2014

Kiian Digital Launches Fluorescent Inks

Kiian Digital is set to dazzle visitors at this year’s SGIA Expo (22-24 October, Las Vegas, Nevada) when it unveils vivid pink, yellow and green* 
fluorescent transfer sublimation inks. These new additions to the company’s Digistar range are designed for attention-grabbing graphics on sportswear and 
other textile printing applications.

Showcased on Kiian Digital’s booth (#4479), the addition of these highly sought-after fluorescent colors to its diverse range takes digital textile printing 
further into the mainstream by enabling businesses to offer new benefits to customers. As well as providing a wider choice to its established popular 
products, users can respond to specific customer demands and add value with individual and limited edition applications as well as higher quality 
production runs.

In common with Kiian Digital’s existing ranges, the new inks offer excellent drying properties, high chromatic performance and a wide color gamut. 
These innovative features, along with all other formulations, are available through the company’s worldwide network of distributors and via direct 

The Kiian ink portfolio is matched to specific print heads for optimum performance and the highest quality results. Digistar PES HD-One inks are designed 
and formulated for the first generations of Epson piezo-print heads. Digistar Hi-Pro inks, tailored for the latest DX7 generation heads, can be used with 
earlier versions and are designed for printing onto light and/or low coated papers. Digistar K-One transfer sublimation inks are formulated for use with 
the high capacity Kyocera print heads. 

“Bright colors on textiles have never been more important and, by providing popular fluorescent colors for digital printers, we’re enabling vibrant sportswear 
to be readily available virtually on-demand, for time-sensitive events as well as normal use,” says Alessandra Borghi, Sales Director at Kiian Digital. “It’s not 
just sportswear; digital textile printing is becoming an increasingly important factor in fashion and interior décor where color, performance and 
immediate availability are also crucial.”

Kiian Specialty Inks - 8/11/2014

Kiian Digital and J-Teck3 Join Forces to Meet the Future Challenges of Digital Printing

Kiian Digital and J-Teck3 are joining forces to create a new Group with extended capability and greater resources to meet the challenges resulting from 
the growth of the digital printing sector.

Both companies have a track record of innovation, quality, reliability and sound financial performance.

The new Group reflects the strategic consolidation in the digital printing market, with the two companies retaining their independence.

J-Teck3, which has just celebrated its 10th anniversary, has a technologically driven business approach that permits rapid development of new products. 
J-Teck3 has brought to market a wide variety of disperse, sublimation and pigment inks for printing. The diversity of the various products marks the 
leading position of J-Teck3 in the global market.

Kiian Digital has a long history of providing chemicals and digital inks and is regarded as the trusted commercial and technical partner in over 90 
countries worldwide.

Combining the two companies’ strengths leads to a significantly increased global coverage to all key segments with a joint portfolio of inks that is compatible 
with a wide variety of digital print heads. Maintaining its focus on high quality industry standards and on driving market expansion internationally, the new 
Group will give the customer base the benefits of a combined R&D and customer service.

Kiian Digital President Dennis Wilby states: “Thanks to the support provided by our shareholders Alcedo SGR and Wise SGR, we have been making 
important investments in our production capability in recent months including a new facility in USA last year and a state of the art production and 
development centre near Como which comes on stream later this year. Following our focus in the US market earlier this year in acquiring our distribution 
partner, we are now embarking on a further new project a growing international business with a strong product capability. The coming together of our 
two companies will strengthen our ability to service our customers worldwide and ensure that the many years of experience and know-how of both 
companies will be of increased benefit to the print industry.”

The management of J-Teck3, Italo Mariani and Enrico Grasselli, former owners of J-Teck3, both added: “We are delighted to join forces with Kiian, since 
our companies share common values and our product offerings are complementary. Putting together our resources - technical, production and marketing - 
we are much better able to maximize the potential synergies and give the digital ink market a service and support of the highest level.”

Both management teams, including the former J-Teck3 owners, will continue to be fully involved in the ongoing development of the business.

Kiian Specialty Inks - 7/7/2014

Kiian Specialty Inks Launches PVC-free Plastisol Inks for Textile Printing

Kiian Specialty Inks has announced the launch of FREE, a range of PVC-free plastisol inks that meet all international textile standards and can be used 
with most textiles, from cotton to synthetics. FREE will be marketed under the Manoukian-Argon flagship brand.

FREE is a plastisol with no PVC or phthalates and offers the ease of use, excellent performance and high productivity characteristics of traditional plastisol 
inks. The ink has a smooth, soft touch with low tack and a matt finish that on textiles resembles water-based inks. The ink has received OEKO-TEX® 
Standard 1001 and GOTS2 certification and has also been recognised for compliance with Nike’s restricted substances list (RSL) following independent 
testing. These tests and certifications provide textile and garment manufacturers and retailers the assurances necessary for their own environmental 

Fast-drying for high-speed, high volume production, FREE inks can be printed wet-on-wet with no restrictions, while FREE Flash White demonstrates 
excellent drying speed under flash lamps combined with a very good opacity. At the same time, FREE does not dry on the screen at room temperature, 
enabling easy working while eliminating the need for clean-ups after production stops. The inks are ready-to-use and require no mixing, additives, 
special storage or handling procedures.

Good adhesion properties make FREE inks ideal for use on sports- and swimwear, and a broad range of special effects can add value to clothing and 
textiles. These include 3D inks and the application of glitter and metallic powders to FREE transparent inks.

“FREE inks combine the productivity of conventional plastisols with the eco-friendliness of water-based inks, offering both printers and brand owners the 
ultimate solution they have been looking for,” said Frank Jellinek, Sales and Marketing Director, Kiian Specialty Inks. 

“This is a truly universal ink that can be used with natural and synthetic textiles, enabling printers to reduce stockholding while meeting their 
environmental requirements, as well as those of their customers. We have undertaken extensive field testing in different regions and climates, and the 
feedback received has been beyond our expectations,” he added.

Base and semi-opaque FREE ink colours are available now, with the complete range, comprising a full product line, scheduled to be released over the next 
few months. The full range of FREE inks will include transparent inks; standard colours; OP Colours (high opacity); FLUO Colour (fluorescent colours); 
process colours; anti-bleeding grey (for base layers on materials prone to bleeding); 3D transparent and transfer base.

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