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InfoTrends - 10/14/2014

InfoTrends Breaks into New Market Area with Digital Textile Forecast

InfoTrends is pleased to announce its 2013-2018 Digital Textile Forecast. This forecast analyzes the textile market to establish application, ink usage, 
material splits, and trends as seen by technologist, manufacturing, and distribution, and digital printing system user stakeholders.
Digital printed textiles worldwide in 2013 accounted for about 600 Million square meters of printed fabrics that are estimated to grow at 39% GAGR by 
2018 to about 30 billion square meters. While the global market will see growth, EMEA will remain strongest in overall print volume and production textile 
printing during this time frame. InfoTrends has also found that garment is the largest market, but décor is also growing rapidly. Industrial applications 
are fragmented and require specific technical developments but are also growing.

Key areas that are developing rapidly are industry capacity in printing on fibers such as cotton using reactive inks, however growth in use of manmade 
materials such as polyester based fabrics is deriving growing in the use of sublimation and direct disperse inks. Pigments inks are emerging but primarily 
used in Décor application where these inks support simplification of production processes and the durability of pigments.

InfoTrends has also identified several key growth drivers in this market. These include significant improvement to the environmental impact of textile printing 
due to migration to digital print technology, democratization of design by allowing short run printing, new business opportunities for slam as well as 
large producers as digital printers are available and a range of capabilities as well as prices, and lastly improvements in operational efficiencies for fabric 
finishers by reducing tooling, make ready, and enabling just in time manufacturing. Thus reducing waste, inventory and overhead and improving 

Moreover, brand owners and retailers are becoming sensitive to their product impact on the environment, as well as addressing consumer needs for 
creativity and customization are looking to digital producers as though leaders that are fundamentally changing the supply chain and helping them 
become sustainable and profitable.

InfoTrends - 1/16/2013

InfoTrends Study Estimates a Compound Annual Growth Rate of 30.7% for Digital Textile Market

InfoTrends has recently completed a new study examining the digital textile printing segment called Transforming Textile Printing. This study explores the 
textile market supply chain, sizes and forecasts the digital textile printing market, and focuses on the demand drivers for digital textile production.

The potential for digital printing to influence the printed textile market has long been promised, yet only now, with the new dynamics on the demand 
generation side and the introduction of super high-speed digital printing systems with open ink configurations are fabrics printing companies able to 
meet new customer demands.

The global textile industry is worth approximately $1 trillion. Of that, InfoTrends estimates that the value of digitally printed textile garments, décor items, 
and industrial products is valued at $10.3 billion in 2012, or less than 1.5% of the total market. Although the digital textile printing market is small in 
comparison to the entire textile industry, it is growing rapidly. InfoTrends estimates that revenues from digital textile equipment and ink sales will grow 
at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 30.7%. According to InfoTrends, some key trends that are driving this growth include risk mitigation 
from the retailer and brand community, and on the technology side the emergence of high quality, high spend inkjet print heads, the availability of 
moderately priced solutions that enable new market entrants, and open system inkjet print heads that allow for multiple ink suppliers resulting in lower 
ink prices.

InfoTrends - 11/5/2012

InfoTrends Announces Study on Wide Format Printing's Role in the Communications Mix

Signage is an integral part of the marketing mix, and it represents an opportunity for print service providers to make an impression. However, entering the 
market or growing an existing business starts with understanding key trends driving buyer markets. InfoTrends’ new multi-client study entitled Wide 
Format Printing: A Critical Element in the Communications Mix will uncover who buys wide format graphics, what they buy, and why.

Print buyers span a broad range of vertical markets, each with different needs. Wide format graphics play a unique role in each market’s evolving media 
mix. InfoTrends will examine wide format buyers across five vertical markets including retail, advertising, amusement/entertainment, events, and food 
services. “This study will identify market forces driving wide format graphics demand, purchasing behaviors of wide format buyers, and top purchasing 
criteria,” says Lisa Cross, Associate Director of InfoTrends’ Business Development Strategies Service. “It will also measure the impact of mobile 
technology on wide format applications and how this affects wide format graphics’ role in a cross-media world.” In this study, InfoTrends will 
describe best practices and rationale for moving from transactional to value-added selling as well as the tools and information print service 
providers require from equipment and supplies manufacturers to grow their wide format business.

Objectives of this study will:

Define the market and communications trends driving purchasing of wide format digital graphics

Benchmark key trends in applications, order volume, frequency, and more, compared to previous versions of this study completed in 
2009 and 2011

Generate a definition of application eco-systems for key applications and markets

InfoTrends - 12/12/2005

Research Shows Opportunities in the Digital Fine Art Market

(Weymouth, MA) December 12, 2005 According to new research by InfoTrends/CAP Ventures, the digital fine 
art printing equipment and supplies market is expected to double over the next four years, reaching $180 million 
by 2009. The increasing demand for premium inkjet inks and media is fueling this market’s exceptional growth.

InfoTrends/CAP Ventures’ new research report, 2005 Digital Fine Art Market Study, provides insight on the 
producers of digital fine art, defining who they are, how they defined art, and what types of equipment they 
used. Nearly 200 companies were surveyed to learn more about their technology and brand preferences, 
media mix, and preferred distribution channels. The study also examines the state of the fine art printing 
market and uncovers plans for future investments and growth expectations.

One of the leading indicators for growth in the digital fine art market is the aggressive buying expectations 
users reported for new hardware and supplies over the next year. In fact, survey participants indicated 
spending an average of $34,000 each year on print media and ink, and nearly three-quarters of the respondents 
expect to spend more on fine art printing supplies in the next year than they did in the previous year.

"Over the past two years, we have seen an increasing focus on digital fine art printing from many of the leading 
wide format hardware and media suppliers" commented Tim Greene, a Director at InfoTrends/CAP Ventures. 
"This increased focus has led to the development of new ink and media products and major system 
improvements, which have enabled a wide variety of end-users to more easily produce fine art and photographic 
quality applications."

33.5% of survey participants indicated that they plan to invest in additional hardware for producing digital fine 
art over the next 12 months. Nearly three-quarters of these respondents expected to purchase a wide format 
inkjet device. The variety of media that inkjet printers can handle and its low entry price make inkjet technology 
the favorite among those respondents who expect to invest in a new printer over the next year.

InfoTrends - 11/15/2005

InfoTrends/CAP Ventures Releases New Research on North American Wide Format Professional Digital Graphics Market

Weymouth, MA November 15, 2005 According to new research by InfoTrends/CAP Ventures, the retail value 
of wide format digital graphics in North America in 2005 is $9 billion for UV-curable, solvent, and aqueous 
technologies. This number is expected to reach nearly $13 billion by 2009, representing a compound annual 
growth rate of 10.2%. 

"This revenue projection considers several important trends in the wide format digital graphics market that are 
discussed throughout our new research report," commented Tim Greene, Director at InfoTrends/CAP Ventures. 
"One of the most important trends influencing this market is the demand for new wide format digital printing 
capacity, which will introduce further price pressures brought on by increasing competition."

New production technologies such as solvent, eco-solvent, and UV-curable inkjet are also enabling market 
growth by the more cost-effective digital production of signs, banners, and products that were formerly 
produced using screen or other production printing methods. InfoTrends/CAP Ventures believes that these 
production technologies will continue to evolve in their ability to meet the demands of the marketplace by 
reducing the cost of production and improving the durability and quality of these wide format graphic images.  

In fact, 40% of survey respondents who expected to purchase or lease a new printer indicated they were 
most likely to purchase a solvent or eco-solvent inkjet printer. Survey participants also indicated a significant 
amount of interest in UV-curable inkjet printers-- 16.7% of respondents reported that they would most likely 
purchase a UV-curable inkjet printer, which is remarkable considering that there are presently so few wide 
format UV-curable inkjet printers installed for digital graphics printing.

InfoTrends/CAP Ventures’ new research report, North American Wide Format Professional Digital Graphics 
Study, describes the state of the wide format digital graphics market based on end-user research from nearly 
00 companies. The report examines the hardware that wide format service providers have, what they plan on 
purchasing in the future, and what is influencing their decision to purchase. User feedback on applications, 
channels, supplies requirements, and finishing is also provided.

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