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Ilford Imaging - 9/18/2013

Ilford Announces New Technology Partner

ILFORD Imaging Switzerland GmbH, a world leader in the development and manufacturer of advanced coating layers for the imaging market, today 
announced it had secured a technology partnership with Lintec Sign Systems Inc.

Lintec Sign Systems Inc., experts in the wide format printing and commercial sign and display market, instantly recognised the potential synergies between 
the two companies. An agreement has now been reached that will result in the latest coating technologies offered by ILFORD being applied to a range of 
bases manufactured by Lintec Sign Systems Inc. The products will be available on a global basis under the Lintec brand.

ILFORD Imaging Switzerland GmbH have been developing high performance coatings for the commercial sign and display market for a number of years 
and recently announced that it developed a step change in coating technology for both ecosolvent and aqueous printer technologies. The new 
NanoSolvent™ coating was developed specifically to capitalise on the latest improvements, including speed, introduced by the ecosolvent printer 
manufacturers. Available under the ILFORD OMNIJET brand, the NanoSolvent™ products give print service providers the benefit of excellent image 
quality in combination with increased productivity. In addition, ILFORD also recently announced AquaBlock™, a highly advanced water fast coating 
layer which enables print service providers to capitalise on the lucrative outdoor market using their existing aqueous pigment wide format printers.

The technology partnership will see Lintec Sign Systems Inc., taking advantage of these latest innovative coatings and offering its customer base 
products that will open up new applications and business opportunities. The first results of the technology partnership will be demonstrated at the Sign & 
Display Show in Tokyo on 19 – 21st September.

Commenting on the new partnership, Paul Willems, Chief Executive Officer, ILFORD Imaging Switzerland said “I am delighted that we have established a 
solid partnership with one of Japan’s most innovative and forward thinking suppliers to the commercial wide format market. The collaboration will benefit 
both companies and more importantly our customers.” Willems continued, “I am looking forward to working with the Lintec team as I believe that with 
the combination of their manufacturing technology and our coating capability, we will continue to push the boundaries within the commercial sign and 
display market.

Finally, Mr Kojima, Chief Executive Officer, Lintec Sign Systems Inc. concluded “Lintec prides itself on being at the forefront of innovative technology within 
our market. The team at ILFORD has demonstrated that their leading edge coating capabilities will enhance our existing product range as well as allow 
us to develop new products to meet the demands and needs of our customers. I am delighted that we will be able to demonstrate the results of this 
collaboration at one of the most important shows for the business, the Sign & Display Show in Tokyo and again show our customers that Lintec is 
constantly striving to bring them the latest in product innovation.”

Ilford Imaging - 6/27/2013

Ilford Introduces Latest Omnijet Innovations

ILFORD (, a leading developer and manufacturer of professional quality media for both inkjet printing and color photographic processes, 
today announced their latest product innovations for the commercial sign and display market at FESPA 2013 held in London. 

Exhibiting at Stand G67S, ILFORD has unveiled two new groundbreaking technologies that aim to revolutionize the sign and display industry by 
offering commercial printers an opportunity to increase productivity and drive incremental business by more efficient utilization of their existing hardware.

Building on the recently introduced NanoSolvent™ layer technology, ILFORD has announced new applications for this range as well as further products 
to expand their solvent platform stable of media. ILFORD is also showcasing AquaBlock™, an exciting breakthrough in aqueous inkjet technology, which 
offers the sign and display market the ability to drive incremental business through a range of completely water-fast products for outdoor use without the 
need for lamination. 

“Throughout our history in the sign and display market, we have continued to be a driving force in the industry’s advancement,” said Paul Willems, 
Chief Executive Officer for ILFORD. “With these latest innovations in media layer design we are able to introduce ground-breaking new products 
which ensure that media is able to keep pace with advancements in hardware. In these challenging economic times we are continuing to look for ways 
to offer commercial printers cost effective opportunities to increase productivity, drive incremental business, and all without compromising on image 

ILFORD OMNIJET NanoSolvent™ Glossy Banner Vinyl

NanoSolvent™ Glossy Banner Vinyl provides a high quality, fire-retardant* banner that enables media to be used indoors or outdoors for up to two years 
without lamination. The NanoSolvent™ layer meets the highest demands for image quality and offers fast printing and drying speeds, enabling print 
service providers to laminate within 30 minutes and avoid ink transfer, therefore increasing productivity and output potential. NanoSolvent™ Glossy 
Banner Vinyl is compatible with eco-solvent and solvent printers.

ILFORD OMNIJET NanoSolvent™ Glossy Backlit Vinyl

NanoSolvent™ Glossy Backlit Vinyl is a premium quality, stretchable and fire-retardant* backlit display material suitable for both indoor and medium to long 
term outdoor applications. Ideal for day and night backlit displays and perfect for use with the latest metallic inksets, the gloss-finished media is compatible 
with solvent and eco-solvent inkjet printers. 


With OMNIJET AquaBlock™, ILFORD has leveraged its expertise in coating technologies to create a layer for aqueous inks, which is completely 
water-fast without any lamination. This ground-breaking product will deliver incremental business opportunities to the print service provider by offering a 
range of aqueous media dedicated to outdoor applications. The AquaBlock™ layer is completely water-fast and does not swell or dissolve in extreme 
weather conditions. The layer ensures fixation of the inkjet pigments at the surface of the print media, while retaining the premium photo quality 
associated with ILFORD products. This innovative new layer will feature on a range of ILFORD substrates to be launched in the coming months.

In addition to the recently announced solvent canvases, ILFORD has now also introduced two additional products to their solvent range.


OMNIJET Satin Blueback is a high-opacity, water resistant media for billboards and other poster advertising applications. The bright white satin media 
ensures minimal show through and has the strength to withstand the process of being pasted and left outdoors for short to medium use. Satin 
Blueback is compatible with eco-solvent and solvent printers.

ILFORD OMNIJET Semi-Gloss Poster Paper 

OMNIJET Semi-Gloss Poster Paper is ideal for indoor and short to medium term outdoor advertising. Water-resistant with a wipe-fast layer, this robust and 
easy to handle media is a cost-effective solution when fit for purpose image quality is required. The media is compatible with all good eco-solvent and 
solvent printers.

Ilford Imaging - 4/10/2013

Ilford Introduces Three New Canvas Media

ILFORD (, a leading developer and manufacturer of professional quality media for inkjet printing, graphic arts and color photographic 
processes today announces that it is expanding its OMNIJET range of commercial wide format offerings with the introduction of three new professional 
canvas products. The latest additions to the ILFORD OMNIJET line up offer robust, stretchable canvases that feature solid dimensional stability and 
great print performance to satisfy output needs from gallery wraps for decor, to POS display and signage for tradeshows.   

Compatible with the latest generation of wide format printers, the new line up of fast drying and water resistant canvases includes a Bright White 335gsm 
and a Natural White 380gsm offering for solvent and eco-solvent printers as well as a 345gsm aqueous canvas. All three are compatible with Latex.

“The demand for commercial canvases only continues to grow. With clients seeking more control over the aesthetic appeal of the media surface, 
these new OMNIJET canvases for the commercial market will help printers meet and exceed the expectations of their clients,” said Jane Dixon, 
Director of Global Marketing for ILFORD Imaging. “The superb handling and finish of the products combined with the versatility of the range and 
economical price point, will allow printers to present a tailored, value-for-money solution for their most demanding client.”

The three new ILFORD OMNIJET canvases include:

OMNIJET Bright White Solvent Canvas 335gsm
OMNIJET Bright White Solvent Canvas is a PVC-free, 100% cotton canvas with a satin finish for use with solvent and eco-solvent printers. With 
excellent color reproduction and low bleed for sharp edges, this canvas is ideal for décor, point-of-sale and commercial displays utilizing high impact 
imagery. Its superb handling and finishing characteristics combined with an economical price point ensure this canvas provides excellent value-for-
money. The bright white tint ensures dense color reproduction for high impact graphic displays. The Bright White Solvent Canvas is available in 66-
foot long rolls that accommodate 36”, 42”and 60” printer set-ups. 

OMNIJET Natural White Solvent Canvas 380gsm
OMNIJET Natural White Solvent Canvas is a cotton/polyester blend canvas that is free of Optical Brightening Agents (OBAs) for a stable natural white 
tint and matt finish for use with solvent and eco-solvent printers. Ideal for décor, fine art prints, portraits and commercial displays, this canvas offers 
excellent color reproduction and image quality to give a true fine-art look to solvent prints, belying its competitive price point. The Natural White 
Solvent Canvas is available in 59-foot rolls and varying widths from 36”, 42” and 60”.

OMNIJET Production Canvas 345gsm
OMNIJET Production Canvas is a matt finish cotton/polyester blend canvas with a 1:1 weave. Designed for use with aqueous pigment wide format 
inkjet printers, this product is also Latex compatible. With a high opacity, excellent image reproduction and low bleed characteristics, this canvas 
offers an outstanding price/performance ratio making it ideal for decorative and commercial applications such as signage, exhibition graphics or 
point-of-sale displays. With no edge-cracking when tested at a 90° angle, it is perfect for mounting or framing, as well as digital photo prints. 
Available in 24”, 36”, 42” and 60”, all Production Canvas rolls are 59 feet in length.

Ilford Imaging - 2/13/2013

Ilford Acquires CMA Graphix Group and Colorportal

ILFORD (, a leading developer and manufacturer of professional quality media for inkjet printing, graphic arts and color photographic 
processes today announces its acquisition of CMA Graphix Group (, a provider of cost-effective, cutting edge inkjet papers 
across Europe and America. 

As a result, ILFORD will now directly supply CMA customers with a portfolio of products offered under the brand. To further strengthen the proofing 
knowledge base within the organization, Gerardo Cerros, Managing Director of CMA Graphix, will join ILFORD as its new Chief Technology Officer, 
Color Management. In this position, Cerros will drive the proofing business unit to offer the market an end-to-end print production solution.  

The acquisition follows a recent announcement naming ILFORD as product licensee for the KODAK MATCHPRINT Inkjet Proofing Media range and 
reinforces the company’s strength and commitment in the proofing market. To further enhance the offering to KODAK MATCHPRINT customers, 
ILFORD has also acquired color management solution provider Colorportal ( Rebranded as ILFORD Professional Solutions, the 
new ILFORD business unit will offer customers a comprehensive consultancy service to ensure they optimize their end-to-end print production 
process for offset and digital printing. The process standardization services will include media, software, and hardware sales. 

“The acquisition of CMA is a direct result of the company’s medium-term strategic plan to offer a full service solution to the proofing and print production 
market. I am delighted to have acquired CMA Graphix, who has long been an invaluable customer for us,” said Paul Willems, CEO at ILFORD.  “We 
are thrilled at the opportunity to provide CMA customers the reliable range of products that they’ve become accustomed too, and very much look 
forward to working closely with Gerardo Cerros in his new role at ILFORD, to build our portfolio and position us as a proofing knowledge base in the 

“I am honored to come on board with ILFORD during this exciting time of growth and acquisition,” said Gerardo Cerros, new Chief Technology Officer, 
Color Management at ILFORD. “I am confident that CMA Graphix customers will only find their service enhanced and I am thrilled to join forces with 
an industry-leader such as ILFORD to provide customers with the tools they need for optimal end-to-end print production.”

Ilford Imaging - 1/31/2013

Ilford Introduces OMNIJET NanoSolvent Technology

ILFORD, a leading developer and manufacturer of professional quality media for inkjet printing, graphic arts and color photographic processes 
today announces full availability of OMNIJET NanoSolvent™ Premium Photo Papers, the first products to utilize the new ILFORD NanoSolvent™ 
layer technology. The unique technology has been developed at the company’s world-class coating facility in Switzerland and promises to 
create a new performance benchmark previously unobtainable with (eco)solvent media. 

ILFORD OMNIJET NanoSolvent™ Premium Photo Papers
Developed in response to increased printing speeds achieved with every new generation of (eco)solvent printing hardware, the ILFORD 
OMNIJET NanoSolvent™ products employ a unique hybrid layer design that pumps the solvent through the layer and quickly holds pigments 
resulting in fast-dry printing with no tackiness. Faster print-to-lamination times, from as little as 30 minutes, are therefore possible, improving 
workflow and subsequently increasing margins.

Featuring a bright white base tint and water-resistant layer, ILFORD OMNIJET NanoSolvent™ photo papers offer superior image quality with high color 
density and large color gamut including with metallic inks.  With a Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification (PEFC) certified photo RC 
paper base and lower temperature settings, the products offer a cost effective solution with limited environmental impact. 

“It’s a fact in the commercial wide format industry; everyone is under time pressures, both for last minute jobs and to increase productivity,” says 
Paul Willems, CEO at ILFORD. “Printer manufacturers have responded, with many achieving a 30-35% speed increase from generation to generation. 
However, until now media manufacturers have not kept pace. ILFORD has seized this opportunity and we are extremely proud to possess the technology 
and coating expertise to develop these high performance NanoSolvent™ products. Since first announcing the range at SGIA in October 2012, we have 
received a great deal of interest from print service providers who want to achieve brilliant colors, faster.”

Ilford Imaging - 1/11/2013

ILFORD To Distribute Kodak Matchprint Inkjet Proofing Media Worldwide

ILFORD (, a leading developer and manufacturer of professional quality substrates, today publicly announces its status as the 
product licensee for the distribution of the full range of KODAK MATCHPRINT Inkjet Proofing Media worldwide. Customer transition in Europe and 
the U.S.A. began in November 2012 and continues to proceed successfully, with transition in South America and Asia to follow during early 2013. 
Customers can access details of the full product range through a brand new website at

In 1996, ILFORD developed and manufactured proofing media for the world-renowned Iris proofing system. Since then ILFORD has continued to 
work with strategic partners to develop new and innovative products for the proofing market. With such a solid understanding of the proofing market, 
coupled with a global sales and distribution network, Kodak has selected ILFORD as the preferred partner for the distribution of its MATCHPRINT 
Inkjet Proofing Media range.

Having acquired the product distribution license for the KODAK MATCHPRINT Inkjet Proofing Media portfolio, ILFORD now offers one of the widest 
selections of optimized media in the graphic arts industry. KODAK MATCHPRINT Inkjet Proofing Media delivers reliable, color-accurate proofs for a 
broad range of applications, including products which meet international color standards such as FOGRA, SWOP, and GRACoL.

ILFORD distributes the KODAK MATCHPRINT Inkjet Proofing Media range from its existing warehouses located in Switzerland, Germany, and North 
America. All technical inquiries concerning KODAK MATCHPRINT Media will be serviced by a dedicated ILFORD technical support team 
via  ( All other technical questions regarding an existing KODAK MATCHPRINT 
System or KODAK MATCHPRINT Software will continue to be supported by Kodak.

Paul Willems, CEO at ILFORD remarks “Throughout the history of our company, ILFORD has been proud to provide customers with media that 
meets the highest demands for quality, consistency and performance. Obtaining the distribution license for the KODAK MATCHPRINT Inkjet 
Proofing Media is an exciting move for us, as we are now able to meet these demands at the prepress stage of printing. With a worldwide distribution 
network and in-house technical support available, we are looking forward to supporting customers through a seamless transition to the ILFORD 
distribution system.”

Ilford Imaging - 10/18/2012

ILFORD to Demonstrate Latest Wide Format Product Innovations

ILFORD (, a leading developer and manufacturer of professional quality media for inkjet printing, graphic arts and color photographic 
processes will be in attendance at the 2012 SGIA Expo at the Las Vegas Convention Center, October 18-20, in booth 4619.  While at the show, 
ILFORD will reveal two new product offerings for the sign and display market within its OMNIJET range.


ILFORD continues to expand its line of professional quality display solutions with the introduction of ILFORD OMNIJET Trans, an inkjet alternative to 
traditional backlit silver halide products. The new product has been developed for use with all wide-format aqueous printers including the popular 
wide-format Epson Stylus Pro 11880.  

Competitively priced against traditional silver halide products, ILFORD OMNIJET Trans also leaves a smaller environmental footprint by eliminating 
wet chemical processing.  Without the need of a darkroom, the inkjet product allows for a more efficient and cost-effective workflow.

ILFORD OMNIJET Trans produces impeccable image quality even in dense black areas and skin tones and is perfectly adapted for use in the latest 
generation of backlit display devices.  Booth visitors can pre-order ILFORD OMNIJET Trans during SGIA, and the new offering will be available in 
early 2013.


With ILFORD OMNIJET NanoSolvent, ILFORD has leveraged its expertise in coating technologies to create a unique new layer offering increased 
productivity with solvent and eco-solvent printing. The OMNIJET NanoSolvent layer meets the highest demands for image quality and offers a very 
fast printing and drying speed, enabling print service providers to laminate quickly and avoid ink transfer when the material is rolled up.

The new ILFORD OMNIJET NanoSolvent layer will be coated onto a variety of PVC-free substrates including clear and translucent film and pop-up 
display, self-adhesive and banner printing materials. ILFORD OMNIJET NanoSolvent versions of the FSC (C107238)-certified and PEFC-certified 
OMNIJET photo papers will also be available.  ILFORD OMNIJET NanoSolvent products will be rolled out during the first half of 2013.

“Throughout our history of activity in the commercial wide-format printing market, we have continually been a driving force in the industry’s 
advancement,” says Tim Maher, President of ILFORD America. “With these latest introductions, ILFORD is continuing to push the technological 
boundaries of our industry by developing solutions for sign and display printing that offer increased productivity and, in many cases, a reduced 
environmental footprint.”

Alongside product demonstrations at SGIA, ILFORD will be on hand to discuss the brand’s on-going efforts to answer market demand for sustainable 
printing.  With all photo paper products within its OMNIJET range now carrying FSC (C107238) or PEFC certification, ILFORD continues to make 
strides in becoming a leading international provider of high quality, environmentally responsible substrates for the graphic arts.

Ilford Imaging - 1/17/2012

Ilford Redefines Its Galerie Range

ILFORD (, a leading developer and manufacturer of professional quality media for both inkjet printing and color photographic 
processes, today announced that it is rebranding its popular ILFORD GALERIE range as ILFORD GALERIE Prestige (5*). While the packaging has 
changed, the media inside remains the same leading inkjet paper that professional photographers rely on to produce breathtaking prints with 
superior permanence qualities.

The evolution to GALERIE Prestige (5*) paves the way for a series of new product additions to be introduced in 2012 that combines state-of-the-art 
inkjet technology with in-demand artistic styles. The additions will compliment the already robust line of best-in-class media developed for 
professional photographers and creative professionals. In addition, the GALERIE range is now categorized in a star rating system, enabling 
professionals and consumers to quickly recognize the media that best suits their printing needs.

GALERIE Prestige (5*) is developed for professional photographers and imaging professionals who demand high precision and accuracy. The specialty 
coating provides superior images and consistent results when used with a wide array of printers. This range includes the Gold Fibre Silk, Smooth Pearl 
and Smooth Gloss that recently received high print permanence ratings from Wilhelm Imaging Research, Inc., the world's leading independent 
permanence testing laboratory. Smooth Fine Art and Smooth Lustre Duo are also included in the range.

“ILFORD has a long tradition of providing the marketplace with media that delivers perfect images for every style, from traditional portraits to contemporary, 
highly-saturated commercial images,” said Jane Dixon, Director of Global Marketing for ILFORD.  “With the introduction of ILFORD GALERIE Prestige, 
both professional photographers and photo enthusiasts can be sure the choices they make will best deliver the print results they desire. In addition, 
the advanced coatings on all ILFORD media, and on-going development from our in-house research and development team, ensure that all ILFORD 
media will continue to be compatible with a wide range of printers currently on the market and new printers that will hit the market in the future.”

To further guarantee photographers exact the finest prints from each sheet of ILFORD GALERIE Prestige, and all ranges, detailed instructions for using 
ICC profiles are available at the ILFORD website.  A ReadMe file is available in the profile download section offering intuitive, step-by-step instructions. 
The carefully defined printer settings, created by technicians on the ILFORD Research and Development team, ensure optimal print results for the entire 

Ilford Imaging - 10/20/2011

ILFORD Launches Environmentally-Friendly Commercial Media Range

ILFORD (, a leading developer and manufacturer of professional quality media for both inkjet printing and colour photographic 
processes, has unveiled its new BioMedia range. Aimed at commercial print-for-pay businesses, BioMedia is a biodegradable alternative for today’s 
commercial vinyl products. Designed to meet the most demanding expectations for quality and performance, ILFORD BioMedia breaks down under 
anaerobic (no oxygen) landfill conditions thanks to a unique enzyme that accelerates the biodegradation process. As a replacement for widely-used, 
and ever-lasting, traditional vinyl-based products, the ILFORD BioMedia line includes rigid mounting boards, laminates and films that employ the 
company’s renowned coating technologies to create print surfaces that maximise the environmental benefit without compromising image quality.

ILFORD has always been a driving force in the imaging industry and has consistently demonstrated the ability to design products in line with the rapidly 
changing market. With growing pressure on today’s businesses to adopt policies and processes that offer environmental sustainability, ILFORD has not 
only embraced an internal approach of sustainable product innovation, but with the BioMedia line has embodied that corporate responsibility in its 
product offerings.

The BioMedia products have been tested and certified by an independent laboratory in accordance with ASTM (American Society for Testing and 
Materials) standard D5511. This standard determines the anaerobic biodegradation of plastic materials and confirms the media is biodegradable under 
anaerobic (no oxygen) conditions. As the products biodegrade they help to save valuable landfill capacity. Where landfill is not an option, BioMedia 
can also be incinerated without the release of any harmful gases or chemicals.

The new ILFORD BioMedia line includes:
BioMedia Display Film: A flexible printing substrate available in standard roll sizes and in 250, 350 or 500 micron. Using a microporous imaging front 
layer, BioMedia Display Film is compatible with aqueous, eco-solvent, solvent and latex technology and is certified by HP for use with their latex printers. 
It is suitable for indoor applications as a direct replacement for coated vinyl or polyester media and can be used in a variety of applications from pop-ups 
and point of sale displays to posters and exhibition panels.
BioMedia Display Film UV: Compatible with UV printers, the range is suitable for outdoor display applications including poster displays or banners. The 
product range is available in a range of weights and roll sizes to meet the different application requirements.
BioMedia Rigid Display Board: These direct-to-print boards are suitable for all UV print platforms and, at 750 microns, 1.5mm and 3mm thicknesses, offer 
durable replacements for traditional mounting boards. They are perfect for heavy-duty signage, internal cladding or displays.
BioMedia Laminate: For a biodegradable satin finish, the BioMedia line includes 75, 125 and 250 micron laminates. These have similar properties to 
traditional polyester laminates yet are biodegradable as well as recyclable and can be used with a variety of substrates for indoor or outdoor 

Going Green
ILFORD is recognised as a model for responsible treatment of nano particles, and since 2007, has reduced its carbon dioxide emissions by 30%.
“Our dedication to a healthy planet has long been a contributing factor to the business model at ILFORD. Until now, our efforts have been focused on 
how we as a business can do our part to reduce our environmental impact, but now we can be more proactive in this endeavour,” said Paul Willems, 
CEO and Director of Global Sales. “With the introduction of the ILFORD BioMedia range, we are able to offer our customers a way to reduce their 
impact on the planet, without sacrificing the high quality standards they have come to expect from our printed materials.”

While ILFORD print experts have devoted considerable research and development resources to crafting the BioMedia range, the high-quality prints and 
durable media could not have been brought to market without some valuable development partners. Mimaki USA conducted key testing of the BioMedia 
on its printers to ensure image quality and ink solvency while Caldera’s RIP solution profiled the media and established extremely accurate ICC profiles 
for popular large format printers. Helping to ensure that the ILFORD technology produces the high-quality results demanded by its creators, and these 
testing partners, ILFORD also worked with Alpha Imaging Technologies Inc. on product trials in true commercial printing settings.

“We found the new ILFORD BioMedia stood up to our most rigorous testing. We put the BioMedia films and rigid display boards to work, printing actual 
client deliverables and comparing them to our standard vinyl-based results, and the ILFORD BioMedia demonstrated some of the most high-quality prints 
you’ll find,” said Tom Sweeney, Vice President of Sales for Alpha Imaging Technologies Inc. “Compared, side-by-side, to its non-biodegradable 
competitors, the ILFORD BioMedia demonstrates that eco-friendly media can provide a suitable alternative without compromising print quality.”

The ILFORD BioMedia range can be pre-ordered immediately with shipment commencing at the beginning of January 2012. Commercial printers can 
contact their distributors for pricing.

Ilford Imaging - 8/22/2011

ILFORD GALERIE Inkjet Media Awarded a Print Permanence Rating of 200+ Years

ILFORD Imaging Switzerland GmbH (, a leading developer and manufacturer of professional quality media for both inkjet printing and 
color photographic processes, is pleased to announce its line of GALERIE inkjet photo media has received high print permanence ratings from Wilhelm 
Imaging Research, Inc., the world's leading independent permanence testing laboratory. 

Results show that ILFORD GALERIE Gold Fibre Silk, Smooth Pearl and Smooth Gloss media achieved a very high level of overall Print Permanence and 
Dark Storage Stability Ratings. When printed with HP Vivera pigment inks, the papers were found to withstand fading and yellowing for more than 250 
years in archival album or dark storage conditions, and are stable for more than 200 years when displayed under glass. The Smooth papers also 
demonstrated a “very high” resistance to high humidity.

“Photographers trust ILFORD to protect their images and legacy, therefore it is absolutely imperative that we are able to demonstrate the durability of 
our GALERIE media line,” said Tim Maher, President of ILFORD America, Inc. “Our papers are able to withstand the test of time and will not fade or 
show signs of yellowing for more than 250 years, which allows photographers to rest easy, knowing their images will live on for generations.” 

The rigorous testing procedures undertaken by Wilhelm Imaging Research examined ink fade and paper yellowing under controlled light and humidity 
conditions in a carefully controlled lab setting. The data is based on test samples printed with a Hewlett-Packard Designjet Z3200 printer and HP 
Vivera pigment inks. The full Wilhelm Imaging Research report can be found online at

“Products as permanent as these ILFORD offerings require very long test times, so while these media have not yet reached the first of our endpoint criteria, 
the tests have been in progress long enough for us to confidently give all three papers a greater than 200 year WIR Display Permanence Rating with HP 
Vivera Pigment Inks,” said Henry Wilhelm, co-founder, president, and director of research at Wilhelm Imaging Research, Inc. “The tests are continuing 
and these ratings will increase. At 250+ years, the Dark Storage (Arrhenius) stability rating as well as the 100+ year ozone resistance are also extremely 
good. Freedom from optical brightening agents (OBAs) affords the papers an additional permanence advantage in terms of resistance to yellowing over 
time; this is especially important for prints on long-term display. Overall, these ILFORD papers are highly stable products.”

“At ILFORD we strive to create the highest quality products in order to meet the demands of today’s discerning professionals who rely on inkjet media,” 
said Dr. Rita Hofmann, Director of Research and Development at ILFORD. “Our in-house research and development staff continues to develop market 
leading products using the latest print technology. We are pleased that the Wilhelm Research laboratory has independently verified the impressive 
permanence levels we have created.”

ILFORD GALERIE Professional Inkjet media are designed specifically to meet the demanding needs of today’s professional inkjet marketplace. The 
papers deliver superior images that mirror those of a photographic print, and are universally compatible with all high-end inkjet printers. To provide the 
right tools for a variety of applications, ILFORD GALERIE is available in three distinct versions – GOLD, SMOOTH and GRAPHIC.

Ilford Imaging - 5/25/2011

New ILFORD OMNIJET Profiles for the Latest Canon Printers

ILFORD Imaging Switzerland GmbH, long recognized for creating innovative, quality photographic materials, just released new ICC profiles created to 
achieve optimal results when using the OMNIJET range on the latest Canon wide format printers. Available for free at, the ICC 
profiles developed by ILFORD technicians allow commercial print professionals to achieve optimal results which accurately reflect true photographic 

The two new high-speed color large format printers launched by Canon offer fresh possibilities for the commercial print market. The Canon iPF6300S 
and iPF8300S are designed to provide broad workflow compatibility and wide color gamut quality in 24 and 44 inch sizes.
Created especially for the commercial marketplace, OMNIJET offers a diverse line of media perfect for posters, pop-up and roll-up displays as well as 
backlit displays. The range includes a variety of weights and widths of photo quality satin, glossy or matte media as well as clear, white or 
translucent film.

The ILFORD Research and Development team is committed to ensuring commercial professionals are able to maximize their results when printing on 
OMNIJET media. Technicians specialized in creating color profiles have developed optimal settings which override standard printer settings to enable 
consistent premium prints that reflect the true capabilities of both the Canon printers and the OMNIJET media. 

Impressive tones, from warm ruby reds to crisp cool blues, will attract clients and customers alike. The rich colors and sharp contrast commercial 
print professionals can achieve is due, in part, to the carefully defined ILFORD ICC profiles.

Ensuring the ICC profiles are easy to select and use, a detailed ReadMe file is available in the profile download section of the ILFORD website, 
walking professionals through the setting process.

“The commercial print market is a key segment for us,” shares Marion Meissner, Leader of Print and Test Service at ILFORD. “We mark our commitment 
to this market with ICC profiles that are constantly updated based on new printers on the market. Not only do our well researched ICC profiles guarantee 
top quality results with each print, the consistency these profiles provide offer increased efficiency and reduced waste for our customers in the highly 
competitive commercial printing market.”

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