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IJ Technologies - 12/20/2013

IJ Technologies Adds New DG Hybrid Satin Canvas

IJ Technologies, Inc. St. Louis MO: Hybrid, the best of new and old technologies coming together for a rapid drying, water resistant satin canvas that 
provides excellent highlight and shadow detail when printed with OEM pigment inks, IJ Technologies delivers a solution with its DG Hybrid Satin 

The proprietary inkjet receptive coating has been engineered by IJ Technologies to provide Digital Photographers, Photo Printers and Artists a rich range 
of color and crisp detailed reproduction of their prints without the use of optical brighteners. Liz Gould, President of IJ Technologies comments “we used 
the name Hybrid Satin as this canvas is the perfect combination between old and new technologies, resulting in better color rendition and better 
flexibility”. Recommended for use with photo black inks the DG Hybrid Satin canvas maintains a textured satin finish throughout the tonal ranges of the 

DG Hybrid Satin canvas exhibits excellent handling characteristics and remains flexible during stretching and gallery wrapping processes. While IJ 
Technologies suggests coating all canvas products with Black Diamond Eclipse top coat, Hybrid Satin works well alone or with other aqueous top 
coat solutions. “For long term protection from UV and other elements we recommend coating with Eclipse top coat but for short term applications we 
see a real opportunity with Hybrid Satin without a top coat” says Gordon Kane, IJ Technologies Business Development Manager.

Joining other unique products from IJ Technologies such as Black Diamond AgX Metallic Canvas (2011 Introduction) and SolGraphix PearlEssence 
Canvas (2013 Introduction) the DG Hybrid Satin Canvas is another expression of the “Where Science Becomes Art” philosophy that has carried the 
company forward in leading the industry for over 25 years.

DG Hybrid Satin Canvas is available in most popular roll sizes.

IJ Technologies - 10/18/2011

IJ Technologies Announces Black Diamond AgX

IJ Technologies announces the latest addition to the Black Diamond product line of ink jet media, AgX Canvas. AgX is a high gloss silver based 
water resistant canvas.

Pr ints made on AgX Canvas have a significantly increased level of vibrancy. "The quality of this material is stunning. We have several people with 
over 20 years of fine art imaging experience, and every single one of them stopped in their tracks when they saw this. I had to fight them off to keep 
my sample. They couldn't have it because I'd already picked out where I was putting it on my wall!" - Randy Baer, Vice President and Director of 
International Operations, Firehouse Image Center.

IJ Technologies market research indicates that the Photo Lab industry is projecting silver metallic imaging to be an area of growth. “We are listening to 
the industry and working hard to create new products which are practical and will allow those who use them to differentiate themselves from their 
competitors” said Gordon Kane, Business Development, IJ Technologies.

“One strength of IJ Technologies has been its ability to respond quickly to market needs in terms of products.” says Liz Gould, President, IJ Technologies. 
“When the Fine Art market indicated a need for a high gloss, rapid drying, crack and water resistant ink jet canvas, IJ Technologies developed its 
popular Black Diamond Gloss Canvas. Now the metallic look is popular and IJ has responded with AgX Canvas” .

The new AgX Canvas combines the advantages of Black Diamond Canvas w ith a glossy metallic look. The goal w as to develop a special ink jet 
canvas which would give the fine art or photo printer a distinctive metallic alternative to offer their customers.

IJ Technologies - 3/15/2010

IJ Technologies Black Diamond ® WR Satin Canvas, Superior Shadow Detail with Photo Black Inks

For a rapid dry, water resistant satin canvas that provides excellent highlight and shadow detail when printed 
with pigment inks, IJ Technologies delivers a solution with its Black Diamond Satin Canvas.

Specially formulated Black Diamond Satin canvas maintains a textured satin finish throughout the tonal ranges 
of the print when photo black inks are used. The coating has no optical brighteners yet offers a rich range of 
color and detail.

Black Diamond, proprietary ink receptive coating was developed by IJ Technologies and is applied to various 
substrates for use in aqueous ink jet printers with pigment inks.

Black Diamond Satin Canvas is available in roll sizes from 17” to 60” and is formulated for use with OEM pigment 

IJ Technologies - 2/15/2010

IJ Technologies Adds New Imago Premium Water Resistant 17 mil Matte Canvas

IJ Technologies introduces Imago Canvas, a new water resistant matte canvas for OEM pigment and 
UltraChrome® inks provides artists, publishers and photographers a solid white point, broad color gamut and 
excellent stretching characteristics.

IJ Technologies president, Liz Gould says “This new canvas broadens the IJ Technologies water resistant, matte 
finish, canvas media line and provides print makers more choices of texture and thickness. Publishers now have 
a variety of IJ Technologies canvas options to offer their customers for their final print”. Available canvases are: 
Premium Edition™ Water Resistant (21.5 mil), Premium Edition Artist Texture (21 mil), DuraGraphix™ Canvas 
(19 mil) and now Imago Premium (17 mil).

IJ Technologies - 5/11/2009

IJ Technologies Announces Water Resistant Gloss Tyvek For Aqueous Printers

IJ Technologies has developed a Black Diamond High Gloss coating for Tyvek. Gloss Tyvek is aimed at Digital 
Sign Printers looking for higher gloss, sharper resolution and greater range of color than has previously been 
available with Tyvek media.

For those who use aqueous pigment inks in their ink jet printer for making signs and graphics on Tyvek material, 
the high gloss finish of Black Diamond® Tyvek has been coupled with excellent handling characteristics 
including rapid dry time and water resistance. Black Diamond Gloss Tyvek is recyclable*.

Since all IJ Technologies’ ink jet receptive formulations are developed and coated in-house; every facet of the 
product is quality controlled in our manufacturing facility.  As a result Black Diamond Tyvek maintains a high 
level of roll to roll consistency.

The Gloss Tyvek joins Black Diamond Gloss Canvas and Black Diamond Gloss Adhesive Back Vinyl as the 
third product to be coated with the Black Diamond formulation.

"Our goal was to supply the graphics arts market with a water resistant high gloss Tyvek media which could be 
printed on wide format printers" said Liz Gould, President of IJ Technologies.  "We see the glossy Black 
Diamond products filling a void in the aqueous printer market." She adds. 

This new product is available in a variety of popular sizes, both rolls and sheets, and is in stock for immediate 

IJ Technologies - 1/17/2008

64" Ink Jet Canvas Available from IJ Technologies

In response to market trends and new printer offerings IJ Technologies is pleased to announce the availability 
of 64" wide format canvas for pigment and Ultrachrome K3 inks used in the Fine Art/Giclée and Photographic/
Portrait markets.

The increased capability enables Fine Art/Giclée and Photographic/Portrait publishers to achieve maximum 
efficiency by utilizing the entire width of their printer. IJ Technologies’ initial offering includes Premium Edition™ 
Water Resistant and Premium Edition Artist Texture canvas.

Premium Edition Artist Texture canvas provides end users a water resistant coating without optical brighteners 
and a more textured appearance.

IJ Technologies plans to offer 60" and 64" widths in its other popular canvas lines as well with the Black 
Diamond® family of Gloss and Satin water resistant canvas to be introduced during the first quarter of 2008.

IJ Technologies - 3/29/2007

IJ Technologies Manufactures New Canvas Product

St. Louis, MO. IJ Technologies® announces the introduction of its newest and most exciting new fine art Giclee 
canvas: Black Diamond Gloss. Black Diamond coating is rapid dry, water resistant and is specifically designed to 
provide a high gloss finish right out of the printer. With IJ Technologies® proprietary gesso process and Black 
Diamond ink receptive coating extreme D-max tones can be achieved without de-saturating specular highlights. 
An extremely wide color gamut is possible with OEM pigment ink sets with IJ Technologies® new polymer 
technology. Black Diamond coating dries quickly for high volume Giclee printing. Black Diamond coating 
contains no optical brighteners. Perfectly suited for the Fine Art / Giclee and Photographic industries this product 
will give printers the high gloss look that they have been asking for in a water resistant coating.

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