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Heytex - 9/22/2014

Five digitex Textile Products by Heytex Certified by Oeko-Tex

Five Heytex sign textiles have been tested by the independent “Umweltlabor ACB GmbH” and passed the comprehensive tests of the Oeko-Tex® Standard 
100 class IV. 

Thus, all products of the decoflex fabric range and the heylux backlit material have been certified.  With this, Heytex sets standards as to the ecological 
safety of textiles, as the harmful substance tests altogether go far beyond already existing national laws. 

As a modern and international company, Heytex does not only think locally or nationally, but most of all globally. To reduce harmful impacts on the 
environment to a minimum, to use natural resources as economically as possible and to treat the resources sensitively are integrated parts of the 
management principles of the Heytex Group. This is underlined by the consequence commitment for environmental protection and safety, amongst 
others by the implementation of regular ecological and environmental audits, the introduction of an environmental management system and memberships 
in associations expressly devoted to the protection of the environment (e. g. EPCoat Project). 

Amelie  Hetzel, Junior Product Manager for the sign range at Heytex played a leading role in the certification process and stated that “nature conservation is 
a decisive part of our way of thinking. This is why the Oeko-Tex® certification was a logical and further step. Oeko-Tex® Standard 100 provides certified 
safety to us and our clients – environmentally friendly and recyclable.”

The following products are Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certified:
?	digitex® heylux (H7806-0401) | sign textiles - backlit
?	digitex® decoflex delight (H7306-0501) | sign textiles - backlit
?	digitex® decoflex (H7303-0502) | sign textiles - frontlit
?	digitex® decoflex premium (H7333-0502) | sign textiles - frontlit
?	digitex® decoflex opaque (H7380-0975) | sign textiles - blockout

Heytex - 12/4/2013

HP and Mimaki Certify HEYTex Print Media for Latex Ink Print

After frontlit light B1, an additional five HEYTex® print media have been certified for latex ink printing by HP and Mimaki. This shows that the 
company constantly improves its performance level in the future market in a user-oriented and consequent way.

The high requirements of this renowned and globally recognised test for the certification of latex ink printing as to printing quality, print media interaction 
(material properties during printing), handling properties after printing and more, has been passed with flying colours by a total of six HEYTex® print media. 
For the first time, four products belonging to the ecologically sustainable, PVC-free HEYblue® digitex® portfolio are amongst these media.

This certificate guarantees the users that such materials do not only provide excellent results for solvent and eco solvent ink printing, but also for the use in 
HP and Mimaki latex printing systems.

Heytex - 9/3/2013

Heytex at SGIA 2013: Benchmarks on the Sign Market

Since 2010, Heytex has set standards on the sign market with their PVC-free, environmentally-friendly and recyclable HEYTex® digitex® range. With 16 
different products, this product range is one of the most comprehensive portfolios on the market of PVC-free products. In Orlando, Heytex presents 
three novelties.

HEYTex® digitex® decoflex is an elastic, tear-resistant and stable new decoration material on polyester basis for print with dyesub and latex inks. 
Digitex® decoflex offers brilliant and first-class reproduc-tion of print motifs, weights only 200 g/m², is flame-retardant in accordance with B1 and M1 
standards and can be processed with silicon welt. It is the ideal medium for short-term use at events such as trade fairs, but also for points of sale 
(POS) and is available in widths up to ca. 3.10 meters.

HEYTex® digitex® eclipse is the first fabric worldwide with high-quality foam coating in 5 m width. Due to its very matt and opaque surface structure and 
opacity of nearly 100%, prints convince by their very special elegance and brilliance.

HEYTex® digitex® eclipse is non-reflecting, reliably covers any background and offers optimal flatness – unrivalled as ideal wallcovering, suspension, 
glued wall decoration, advertising medium in display systems, wallpaper or as projection screen. Eclipse for one-sided print with UV and latex inks and 
flame-retardant in accordance with B1 and M1 standards.

HEYTex® digitex® heylux in the impressive 5x5 meter light box is probably the most impressive backlit exhibit in Orlando. The seam-less, PVC-free and 
highly translucent backlit is the first of its class on the world market in 5 meter width. It thereby redefines fabric for-mats and dimensions for modern 
LED lightboxes and sets a new benchmark in terms of illuminated advertising.

As the two fair events IFAI and SGIA for the sign market take place at the same location, the Heytex stand is located in the so-called “shared area”, 
because, in addition to sign media, Heytex also pre-sent their comprehensive product range of technical textiles for most varied fields of application, 
e.g. in industry, agriculture, energy, logistics and architecture.

Heytex - 6/7/2013

HEYTex Frontlit Light B1 Now Certified for HP Latex Ink

HEYTex® sign frontlit light B1 is now certi-fied for HP Latex Inks printing. The robust outdoor polyester fabric has been certified through a series 
of comprehensive tests for high quality print results with HP latex inks.

HEYTex® frontlit light B1 is a unilateral printable and PVC-coated sign medium for long-term outdoor use: extremely weather-resistant it even defies 
strong winds with 450 g/m². It comes in pro-duction width of max. 5 metres and can be easily welded to create larger external surfaces.

The certification process for printing with HP Latex Ink Technology included tests on print quality, printer-medium-interaction (material properties 
during the printing process), handling properties after printing and much more, HEYTex® frontlit light B1 has met all the requirement needed for HP 
latex ink printing.

With this certificate users can now be certain that HEYTex® frontlit light B1 does not only provide excellent printing result with solvent and eco-solvent 
inks, but also with HP latex inks.

Other Heytex media are currently undergoing the certification test phase as well.

Heytex - 2/13/2013

Portfolio Expanded, Customer Service Optimised

Heytex has expanded its PVC-free HEYTex® digitex® range by adding the high-quality indoor textile decoflex to offer the proven Heytex quality for all 
fields of applica-tion to their customers. The new high-performance fabric convinces by an optimal price-performance-ratio and excellent properties. 
The polyester fabric is appropriate for Dyesub inks, provides bril-liant print results and can be tailored with silicone welt without problems. By offering 
this supplement to the portfolio, Heytex consequently strengthens its market position as full-service sup-plier of sustainable fabrics and textiles.

As the new product of the successful HEYTex® digitex® range, decoflex distinguishes itself by numerous excellent material proper-ties. The 
acrylate-coated fabric on polyester basis is elastic, tear-resistant and robust, 200 g/m² light and of course flame retardant in accordance with B1 
standards. It can be easily processed with sili-cone welt, was developed for print with Dyesub inks and convinces at the fair stands and POS by 
brilliant and first-class print results.

Those features make decoflex the ideal medium for short-term use at events, but also in the sales room. With its high performance at low cost, 
decoflex also sets standards as an entry product in its category. It is available in widths of max. 3.10 metres.

“Consequent expansion of our digitex® portfolio especially at entry price level optimises our competitiveness as full-service supplier of PVC-free sign 
textiles on the world market. As before, our customers can rely on the proven Heytex quality in all price segments and fields of application of digital 
print. Decoflex offers extraordinary quality at an affordable entry price level – crucial arguments in existing and new customer business” Heytex Sign 
Product Manager Katrin von Dreele concisely summarises the potentials of this new fabric.

For larger formats of flexible textiles within the PVC-free digitex®-range, Heytex still offers the high-quality HEYTex® digitex® flexible for UV 
print in 5 m width.

Heytex - 9/12/2012

New HEYTex Soft Blueback Indoor Banner Fabric

As the first indoor banner with blue back, the new HEYTex Soft Blueback presents a quality of reproduced white and colour, which has often been 
requested by the market. Brilliant white, combined with an elegant, slightly textile structure, with high stress resistance and seamless usability up to 
five metres of width, make the new HEYTex Soft Blueback a special product in many ways for particularly demanding applications, especially for 
wall covering.

In the textile sector, Heytex is now launching what has been standard in the paper market for quite some time already: the blue back of the new 
HEYTex® Soft Blueback banner material allows for the reproduction of brilliant white colour, which previously was not possible in this market. 
Colour reproduction, too, experiences a new quality due to this material. In addition, no more preparation for busy backgrounds will be required for 
this product. In short: HEYTex® Soft Blueback is the first choice for stunningly brilliant, elegant and high-quality wall decoration for all trade fair, 
office and point of sale applications.

As wall decoration or glued–on wall covering, advertising media in display systems or sophisticated art reproduction - the new HEYTex® banner material 
leaves an excellent impression wherever it is presented.

The elegant matt embossed surface with its light textile structure imbues the print with an exquisite note. With its seamless width up to 5 metres, it can 
even be used for extra large interior design projects without requiring additional work steps.

With a tear resistance of 1500/1200 N/5 cm, high scratch resistance and form stability, excellent reproduction properties are combined in this product 
with an enormous stress-resistance and robustness. HEYTex® Soft Blueback weighs 340 g/m², can be printed with all standard digital print systems 
and inks, is flame retardant in accorrdance with DIN ISO 4102 B1, of course free from heavy metals and complying with EU-REACH requirements.

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