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Hexacomb - 12/2/2014

Hexacomb Launches Falconwood

Hexacomb is launching Falconwood™, an alternative to wood for displays, exhibits and signage applications.

This latest addition to the Falconboard® family of industry-leading sustainable graphic board products, has been engineered to provide significant 
advantages over wood including printability, weight and total cost.  Now brand owners and retailers can still achieve the visual and tactile experience 
of wood, but have it delivered at up to 75 percent less weight and at a lower overall cost.

“This product is an excellent alternative to traditional wood components, because it is strong like wood, and looks and feels like real wood, but 
without the weight and associated high freight costs,” said Tim Bolton, director of business development, Falconboard. “We expect that this product 
will have a significant impact on the way visual marketers design point-of-purchase, exhibit and signage applications.”

Falconwood features a similar paper-based construction (Hexacomb® honeycomb core and kraft facings) as the other products in the Falconboard 
graphic board line, plus a thin layer of real wood adhered to a single facing.  Cherry and birch are stock finishes, with maple and black walnut offered 
as options. 

Additionally, Falconwood offers excellent deflection strength and significantly-improved printability vs. wood and other materials.  It is also a suitable 
alternative to metal and foam for semi-permanent display and signage applications.

“You can print directly onto Falconwood, using a variety of processes. You can’t do that with wood structures.  Also, you no longer have to lay down 
a wood pattern onto a foam or white paper-based board to achieve the affect. This further reduces printing time and ink cost,” explained Bolton.  

Its light weight makes it much easier-to-handle and significantly less expensive to ship than traditional wood structures. Falconwood’s rigid construction 
enables it to “lay flat” in demanding applications.  It also offers superior fabrication capabilities including table and die-cutting processes. Similarly to the 
other products in the Falconboard line, its paper-based construction means that it can typically be recycled in local corrugated waste streams.

Falconwood is available in thicknesses 4-inches and above.  Stock width is 48-inches, with custom sizes available.

Hexacomb - 9/4/2013

Hexacomb Opens Second Manufacturing Facility in Mexico

Hexacomb Corporation, a leading manufacturer of paper-based protective packaging and graphic display boards, has opened a new manufacturing facility 
in central Mexico.  

The facility, located in the state of Querétaro, will be manufacturing Hexacomb’s full line of paper-based honeycomb protective packaging products, 
including sheets, runners, edge and corner protectors.

“Due to the sizeable demand in Mexico for HEXACOMB® products, we have added a second manufacturing facility there. We have helped many 
Mexican customers, who range from large multinational corporations to smaller regional companies, to lower their total system costs by switching to 
Hexacomb honeycomb,” said Scott Daniel, president.  

Hexacomb had been supplying its many customers in central Mexico from its Monterrey facility, which is located in the northeastern part of the country. 
With Hexacomb’s business growing in central Mexico, the new manufacturing facility is ideally located to support the needs of that region. 

The additional Hexacomb honeycomb production output will address growing demand from multiple market segments including automotive, glass, 
spinning mills, appliances and food/beverage. 

“It’s important to locate a manufacturing facility in close proximity to our customers. This has a positive impact on both speed-of-delivery and freight costs 
and is in keeping with the environmentally-responsible nature of our product line,” Daniel said. 

For companies looking to improve sustainability, Hexacomb honeycomb is an environmentally-responsible alternative to foam, expanded polystyrene and 
other petroleum-based products, because it is made primarily from renewable wood fibers and is typically recyclable.  

Hexacomb honeycomb offers superior construction and performance compared to wood and corrugated materials. The product also offers excellent 
strength, superior cushioning and blocking/bracing for a wide range of protective packaging and other applications.

Hexacomb - 10/18/2012

Falconboard Print All White Display Board Debuts

Hexacomb®, a BOISE® company, is announcing its new Falconboard® Print All White display board, ideal for demanding digital or screen printing 

The rigid structure is an “all white” version of the company’s original Falconboard® Print and features a bleached white core and liner. The original 
version has a kraft clay-coated liner and kraft paper core. 

The introduction of Falconboard Print All White responds to demand for higher-end interior signage, three-dimensional displays, point-of-purchase 
applications and more, for customers who prefer a clean white edge. This white core helps support visual appeal and graphic presentation.  

Falconboard Print All White is an ideal replacement for interior signage where foam or other petroleum-based boards are currently being used. 
Falconboard Print All White is also an excellent alternative to MDF board because it is less expensive to fabricate and weighs less. Additionally, 
the Hexacomb honeycomb core is made from renewable fibers. 

Falconboard is engineered to handle a variety of wide-format and digital-print processes. Its unique structure can handle the most demanding of graphic 
display applications due to its high rigidity and dimensional stability. 

The display board accommodates most inks and adhesives, as well as commercial connective systems such as edge tape and plastic or 
metal edging/channels. It is lightweight and heat-resistant up to 300 degrees Fahrenheit. Falconboard cuts easily and cleanly making it perfect 
for die-cutting. The tough core resists denting and its durable construction is scratch and warp resistant. 

Falconboard Print All White is available in thicknesses ranging from 1/4- to 4-inches, up to 60 inches wide and 120 inches long.

Hexacomb - 3/28/2011

Pregis Hexacomb Intros Slimmer, Source-Reduced Alternatives for Falconboard Print

Pregis Hexacomb is introducing slimmer versions of its Falconboard™ Print and Falconboard™ Mount graphic display boards under the Falconboard SR 
(source reduced) brand name.  The line, already known for its industry-leading 100% paper environmental positioning, has now gone one step further.

At 3/16th-inch thickness, the Falconboard™ SR versions of the previously launched Print and Mount products provide the same high-quality 
performance attributes as its thicker predecessors but use up to 25% less material than ½-inch boards and 10% less material than ¼-inch options.

In addition to a broad variety of print and mounted applications, the line extension is ideal for bracket-based aisle and shelf retail display signage which 
typically require thinner profiles.

“We have been overwhelmed with the response to the Falconboard line since we launched the first product in mid-2009.  The message has been 
clear.  Signage and display users are thirsty for non-petroleum based alternatives which can deliver attractive graphics in addition to desired 
structural performance attributes.  The Falconboard SR line takes that one step further, by keeping all of the pluses while reducing material usage 
up to 25%,” said Jeff Kellar, president, Hexacomb.

In addition to material source reduction, the sourced-reduced Print and Mount options further assist in reducing the carbon footprint because more board 
can be shipped per truckload.  

Falconboard Print is ideally suited for digital and screen printing applications such as signage, point-of-purchase and trade show displays.  Falconboard 
Mount is a superior paper-based rigid support structure for flexographic and rotogravure printed flexible wide-web materials.  Mount offers the 
structural characteristics of Print, but utilizes kraft paper facings to provide a flat and smooth mountable surface. Additionally, it works well with 
most commercial connective systems such as edge tape, plastic or metal edging and channels.   

The structural characteristics (strong, flat and rigid) of the Falconboard line, enable improved performance compared to both foam board and corrugated. 
Unlike the latter, the cell structure is not visible, creating a more aesthetically-pleasing look. Additionally, its 100% paper construction, made from both 
post- and pre-consumer recycled fibers, helps support an improved environmentally position.    

Falconboard Mount is ideal for higher volume, wide-format applications requiring a rigid substrate with an extremely flat surface.  Unlike corrugated 
backing boards, underlying cell structure (flute) is not visible after lamination.  This enables improved visual impact and aesthetics. It also offers 
superior compression strength, is lightweight, resists bending or warping and is heat-resistant to 300 degrees Fahrenheit. It can also be easily cut 
or routed to accommodate specialty shapes.

Falconboard’s proprietary structure features an engineered paper core and water-based adhesives. Produced chlorofluorocarbon-free, it emits zero 
volatile organic compounds (VOCs) during manufacturing. The 100% paper-based product is made from renewable resources (up to 40% recycled 
fiber content) and is recyclable to provide the perfect blend of structural performance and environmental stewardship.  

Depending on the lamination, signage and displays made from Falconboard Mount can be included in the retail facilities’ paper waste stream at the 
end of the lifecycle.  Most have on site compactors which bale paper-based products for sale to a recycler.  

Standard sheet sizes are 48- x 96-inches, 48- x 120-inches, 60- x 96-inches and 60- x 120-inches.  Custom sizes also are available.

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