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Global Graphics - 8/20/2013

Major Advances in New Harlequin RIP

In the year that the Harlequin RIP celebrates its 25th birthday its developers, Global Graphics Software, have announced the latest in a long-line of 
technology innovations with the launch of Harlequin MultiRIP 10 today.

This new version of the Harlequin RIP has been developed specifically to enable print shops to grow out into digital print or to expand into digital marketing.  
It introduces major new features that speed up the processing of PDF/VT and increase the rate that pages are fed to the press for significant productivity 
gains.  It’s the ideal print engine to drive short run digital presses profitably alongside CtP.

Martin Bailey, CTO at Global Graphics Software points out “Harlequin MultiRIP 10  brings the speed benefits that we introduced at drupa for 
high-volume production presses to allow smaller print shops to use digital presses to maintain profitability even as run lengths decrease. It also helps 
them handle personalized work efficiently to drive into higher margin markets.”

New features 

More speed = print more jobs in a shift: Extensive multi-threading allows maximum use to be made of multi-core CPUs so that pages pass through the RIP 
faster than ever before. With Harlequin Parallel Pages™ the RIP will interpret one page while it’s still rendering the previous one. A 64-bit RIP build now 
allows use of virtually unlimited amounts of RAM to ensure that even the most complex jobs run at high speed.

Variable data support: Harlequin VariData™ greatly accelerates the processing time of PDF/VT and PDF files containing variable data, by using a unique 
method of intelligently recognizing repeated content. Even jobs with single-use images, QR Codes for purls, or personalized graphics can now be output 
at full engine speed.

Great color “out of the box”: it’s easier to achieve consistent, predictable and repeatable color reproduction across any number of devices by tight 
integration of Harlequin MultiRIP with third party closed loop color controls for automatic updates. 

Like its predecessors Harlequin MultiRIP 10 it contains a range of performance and productivity features for print shops and can be used to drive CtP, 
proofing, digital presses and wide format devices. It is compliant with industry standards and offers print shops workflow options that run inside the RIP 
rather than on separate applications, saving time and money.  These workflow options include simple imposition, font emulation, trapping and screening.

Harlequin MultiRIP processes PDF and PostScript® in one RIP engine as well as TIFF™ and JPEG, so handling mixed workflows with consistent output is 
easy because print shops can use the same screening and color management across all files. The Harlequin RIP has processed PDF files natively since 
1997, including rendering of live PDF transparency since 2002. It accelerates the speed of processing transparent pages significantly.

Harlequin MultiRIP is sold via Global Graphics Software’s OEM and system integrator partners, such as Xitron, ECRM, Presstek, Compose and 

Global Graphics - 7/28/2003

Global Graphics releases enhanced version of Jaws PDF Courier

Cambridge, UK and Centreville, VA; July 28, 2003  Global Graphics Software, a subsidiary of Global Graphics 
S A (Nasdaq Europe: GLGR; Euronext: GLOG), today released Jaws PDF Courier 1.2, an enhanced version of 
its software for customized creation and Internet-based delivery of documents in Portable Document Format 
(PDF) that now places preflighting upstream at customer sites to assure print service providers that the PDF 
files they receive can be printed. Easy to deploy, the addition of comprehensive and affordable preflighting 
makes highly automated, efficient workflows a reality for virtually any print service provider and any production 
workflow -- from corporate in-plant and quick printing to digital printing and CTP for high-end applications.

 This new development results from an OEM technology agreement announced in May 2003 between Global 
Graphics Software, a leading developer and supplier of high-performance solutions for document creation, 
management and printing, and Enfocus, a subsidiary of Artwork Systems Group (Nasdaq Europe:AWSG) and 
internationally recognized as a pioneer of PDF related software, to integrate Enfocus PitStop preflighting and 
award-winning Certified PDF technology into Jaws PDF Courier.

 "Putting unprintable PDF files into production disrupts workflow and takes a heavy toll on service providers’ 
already thin profit margins," said Ralph Lloyd, Vice President of Product Marketing, Global Graphics Software.  
"Jaws PDF Courier 1.2 tackles the problem of printability by maintaining a high degree of control over how PDF 
files are produced and by placing comprehensive PDF preflighting upstream at the customer site with highly 
regarded Enfocus PitStop technology. Now, print providers can make controlled PDF creation, including files 
that comply with standards like PDF/X, and preflighting readily available to the customer to maximize production 

Jaws PDF Courier is a highly configurable software development kit (SDK) that enables corporate or 
commercial print service providers to build and deploy a custom-branded, cost-effective PDF file submission 
system to their clients -- as a download from their website.  It also includes functionality that allows it to seamlessly 
integrate with browser-based applications that provide web-based job ticketing, confirmation, tracking, auditing 
and billing. 

The comprehensive set of software tools provided with the Jaws PDF Courier SDK enables the print provider to 
implement a sophisticated and easy-to-use Web-based workflow to provide a fast return on investment. 

The new preflight option in Jaws PDF Courier 1.2 can prevent users from uploading a file to the server until it 
passes the certification process. The software performs a thorough check of the PDF file according to settings 
pre-defined by the print provider, repairs most errors, and provides the details needed to correct any remaining 
errors. Because preflighting is carried out at the customer site where the original file is located, any errors can be 
repaired more quickly, easily and cheaply. As a result printers receive files which they can process accurately 
and efficiently.

The PDF files created by Jaws PDF Courier can be reviewed in soft-proof by the content creator, but they can 
be delivered only to the printer that provided the PDF delivery application. At the print site, these incoming PDF
files can be double-checked to make sure they are still certified. Files that pass muster can be delivered 
confidently into the workflow.

 In addition to preflighting, Jaws PDF Courier 1.2 incorporates all enhancements to the latest version of Global 
Graphics’ popular Jaws PDF Creator software  including PDF 1.4 support, additional page sizes and improved 
color handling and accuracy.

 Adoption sees international growth

Jaws PDF Courier PDF creation and electronic delivery technology is being adopted around the world, with 
installations by Authorized System Integrators and printer service providers in Australia/New Zealand, Europe 
and the United States.

 According to Dick Mallard, president of North Carolina-based PrismaTek Inc., an experienced provider of 
systems integration services for the graphic arts market and a Global Graphics Software - Authorized System 
Integrator,  "Jaws PDF Courier technology is exactly what’s needed to get production right for all-digital 
workflows, and adding Enfocus Certified Preflighting makes the program that much better."

PrismaTek is integrating Global Graphics’ Jaws PDF Courier technology into PrintThat as the cornerstone of 
a newly enhanced set of services for file transfer, order management and prepress workflows which are part 
of PrismaTek’s PrismaFlow methodology and workflow system. 

 John Weichard, general manager of Jaws PDF Courier Authorized System Integrator D2P Pty Ltd in Victoria 
Australia, calls Jaws PDF Courier a ‘huge step forward’ and adds, "The Jaws PDF Courier technology in our 
D2P Express addresses all the past concerns of delivering artwork over the Internet. Now, with the addition of 
preflighting, this software will make disk-borne artwork a thing of the past because it’s not only a breeze for 
clients to use but also corrects most errors automatically before files are sent. Jaws PDF Courier 1.2 absolutely 
will slash production times."  Among the providers signing up for the D2P Express solution is Image Digital 
Publications, which plans to use the service as an efficient way for a 30-masthead suburban delivery newspaper 
chain to receive advertisements and drastically reduce the number of errors by ensuring the controlled creation 
of the PDF files.

In The Netherlands, managed solutions provider ready4print launched its online PDF creation and print 
procurement service for print shops, reproduction houses and prepress companies in February with three 
customers on board and boasts a roster that now numbers nine customers. Toon de Munnik, ready4print 
managing director, says his company’s new ready4print | PDF delivery service provides a significant reduction 
in order intake and preflight costs, and higher quality PDF files delivered because end users only have to 
answer five or six questions about the job before they submit it.

"Overall, the return on investment is very high, even for customers with low volume, because the ready4print 
PDF delivery service is offered on a per transaction (delivered job) basis," says Munnik. "Adding preflighting 
and automatic correction capabilities will hasten that return by making the order intake and print production 
process extremely efficient."

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