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Gerber Innovations - 5/9/2014

Gerber Announces the Winners of the 24/48" Cast Vinyl for a Year Sweepstakes

Gerber Scientific Products, a worldwide leader in sign-making and specialty graphics systems headquartered in Tolland, Conn. is happy to announce the 
winners of the Gerber 24/48? Cast Vinyl for a Year Sweepstakes. Two winners were drawn at random from entries received at the 2014 ISA Sign Expo 
held in Orlando, Fla., April 22-24 and from an on-line submission form. The sweepstakes provided an opportunity to win one 50-yard roll of Gerber 220 or 
225 High Performance Cast Vinyl film per month for twelve months, in either 24? or 48? widths. One winner was chosen for each of the two width options. 
The combined value of both prizes is more than $12,000.

The Winners are:
24? width Cast Vinyl for a Year –

Randy Fletcher, Creative Ventures LLC, Picayune, Miss.

48? width Cast Vinyl for a Year –

Rich Holzer, Holzer Tronics Signs and Graphics, Centerville, Pa.

“Having this sweepstakes was a terrific way to promote the quality and wide variety of our cast vinyl materials that are specially formulated for us by 3M,” 
stated Jay Dorman, Director of Sales at Gerber.  “Our customers are familiar with the high quality cast vinyl we offer in the 15? and 30? widths, and we 
want everyone to know that we have expanded our range to 24? and 48? as well.”

Gerber Innovations - 12/20/2012

Gerber Innovations Launches GT3000 Cutting System for Packaging Applications

Gerber Innovations launched the GERBERcutter® GT3000 – the most affordable cutting system for the packaging industry. It is specifically designed to 
cut and crease all corrugated materials ranging in thickness from micro-flute to double wall as well as folding carton materials. This system is the newest 
addition to the company’s existing family of cutters that drill, rout and cut a wide variety of materials.

Don Skenderian, director of Sales for Gerber Innovations, said, “The GERBERcutter GT3000 is ideal for those making samples and doing short production 
runs. Because it is affordably priced, highly productive, eliminates the need for expensive dies and is engineered for ease of use, it delivers an extremely 
fast return on investment.”

The system is intrinsically reliable because it is engineered to use only those parts and components required to accomplish the job. Since the GT3000 
was designed specifically for corrugated packaging and folding carton applications, it does not house unnecessary drills and routers designed for non-
packaging materials and, therefore, accelerates faster and maneuvers swiftly.

Gerber Innovations - 4/11/2012

Gerber Launches OMEGA 5.0

Gerber Scientific Products (GSP), a worldwide leader in sign-making and specialty graphics systems, is proud to introduce Gerber OMEGA™ 5.0: an 
upgrade which amplifies the work- & time-saving design and output applications of earlier OMEGA software releases.

Gerber OMEGA software is a complete suite of layout, design, output and conversion tools created specifically for use in the sign industry. OMEGA 
tools integrate layout and design with vinyl cutting, printing, and routing on sign industry production devices such as Gerber vinyl cutters, the Gerber 
EDGE® family of thermal printers, and Gerber routers and flatbed cutters. 

According to Dana E. Goodale, Director of Software Solutions, GSP initiated the upgrade to streamline the design-to-production process.  “OMEGA 5.0 is 
based upon customers telling us that they want to save time during their day,” Goodale points out.  “Our new upgrade is chock-full of time-saving 
features.”  Goodale credits GSP’s decades of industry experience and relationships with getting the right customer feedback to engineer the upgrade.  
“Thirty years ago, GSP inaugurated the concept of an automated lettering system with the introduction of Signmaker III.  Since then, we have 
dedicated our resources to providing our customers functional, time-saving applications.  OMEGA 5.0 is just the latest in a long line of 
performance-tested tools for the sign-making industry.”

 Gerber OMEGA 5.0 includes the following strategic enhancements:
•	More accurate and improved raster-to-vector conversions; 
•	Automatic weed sectioning;
•	Object nesting in the Composer design program for waste reduction;
•	Pre-flight registration tools;
•	Faster Composer selection/redraw;
•	Automatic print-to-cut alignment between Gerber EDGE and Envision 375;
•	Dozens of additional features.

Plus, OMEGA 5.0 includes all the popular features of OMEGA 4.0 and other previous releases:
•	ReAction Smart Editing; 
•	Back-cut, kiss-cut, and back-slit; 
•	Outline, shadow, distortion, vector, special effects, and contour; 
•	Image menu for automatic adjustments and special effects;
•	Special effects reaction templates;
•	Variable data, plus Barcodes, QR codes, and code 39. 

Customer reaction to the range of upgraded functions has been immediate and enthusiastic.  Diane Crowther of Metaline Graphics appreciates 
nesting:  “Nesting works great for nesting text, too!”   Chuck Phillips (Phillips Signs) commented, “I’ve never been more impressed with a GSP 
feature than I am with the vectorizing improvement.”  Marlene Young is thrilled with the money she is saving already:  “Love the weed sectioning.  
For years I pulled an exacto through cut vinyl to do what I now can with just a click.”  Sandro Berardi of EBS Graphics sums up his satisfaction 
with the package when he writes, “For vector art file creation to be cut on a plotter, OMEGA 5.0 is second to none.”

Dana Goodale summarizes the success of the launch:  “We are gratified by the response to OMEGA 5.0.   We have a great product and the input 
from our customers to make it even better.”

Gerber Innovations - 8/2/2011

Gerber Introduces New LexEdge II 5-mil

Gerber Scientific Products (GSP), a worldwide leader in sign-making and specialty graphics systems headquartered in Tolland, CT, is happy to 
introduce LexEdge II 5-mil.  This semi-rigid 5-mil Lexan™ material has a custom-formulated print surface specifically designed for use with Gerber 
EDGE™ series printers.  LexEdge II 5-mil is ideally suited for the production of dynamic sub-surface graphics including membrane switches, 
keyboard overlays, architectural signs, instrument panels and exhibit/display work. It is an excellent material option for producing small decals 
with a low profile for thinner, smoother-to-the-touch label applications.  LexEdge II 5-mil is dimensionally stable and resists tearing, abrasion, and 

Gerber’s LexEdge family of products includes LexEdge Clear 10-mil, LexEdge Outdoor 10-mil (matte finish), and LexEdge II (velvet finish), now available 
in both 10-mil and 5-mil thicknesses.  All versions are for use with Gerber EDGE and GerberColor™ foils.  A Gerber 15” plotter can easily contour cut 
around the EDGE printed graphics to create unique shapes that will add value to the finished product, leading to greater profits.  With the Gerber’s 
Print-to-Cut solution there’s no need for die cutting so the expense and wait time to manufacturing a custom die are eliminated.

Gerber Innovations - 1/5/2011

Gerber Announces Free OMEGA™ Software Training Seminars Throughout the US in 2011

Gerber Scientific Products, a worldwide leader in sign making and specialty graphics systems headquartered in South Windsor, CT, announces OMEGA™ 
Software Training Seminars in 23 cities throughout the US in 2011.  “This free seminar, a $250 value, will teach users practical, money making skills and 
important tricks and tips like how to utilize smart edit/reaction features, how to improve image quality, how to create money making barcode output, and how 
to enhance decal finishing.  We will even explore some of the new features in OMEGA,” reveals seminar contributor Dana Goodale, Gerber’s Director of Software Solutions.

Customers can register for an OMEGA Training Seminar in their area by visiting the Gerber Scientific Products website, or by 
calling Gerber at 800-222-7446.   The website also provides further details about the seminars, new dates and locations and information about other Gerber 

Gerber Innovations - 11/8/2010

Gerber Introduces New Blue Liner for 220 White and Matte White Premium Film

Gerber Scientific Products, a worldwide leader in sign making and specialty graphics systems headquartered in South Windsor, CT, introduces a new blue 
liner for their popular Gerber 220 White and Matte White Premium Film.  This new blue liner provides better contrast, making weeding easier. 

Gerber High Performance Series 220 is an EDGE READY™ cast material that is durable,  dimensionally stable and available in 100 colors, including opaque 
gloss, matte, metallic and Clear Enamel Receptive, both in punched and unpunched formats.  It is ideally suited for a wide range of commercial and 
industrial applications for vehicles, exterior and interior signage, window markings and display graphics.  It can be used on flat surfaces with and without rivets 
or simple curved surfaces.

Gerber Innovations - 10/20/2010

Gerber Scientific Products Releases New Water Drop Holographix Film

Gerber Scientific Products, a worldwide leader in sign making and specialty graphics systems headquartered in South Windsor, CT, is proud to announce the 
immediate release of their newest EDGE READY® product, Water Drop Holographix film.  It has a lifelike water drop pattern and is a 3.7 mil, light-diffracting 
metalized vinyl film coated with a permanent pressure-sensitive acrylic adhesive.  “This is a great extension of our existing Holographix line,” notes Dana 
Goodale, Gerber’s director of software solutions, “It’s amazing how realistic the drops of water look.  This will be a great product for customers who want to 
produce novelty graphics for seasonal applications, schools and water-oriented special occasions.”

Like all Holographix films, Gerber Water Drop Holographix film can be combined with GerberColor Transparent foils to allow the holographic patterns to sparkle 
through the transparent colors for truly spectacular results.  Water Drop Holographix film can be used as a cut film and the clear adhesive system allows for 
reverse-cut applications.  It is available in 15” punched x 10-yard rolls and 15” punched x 50-yard rolls. 

There are three other Holographix film patterns available, Mosaic, Silver Sheen and Kaleidoscope. Gerber Scientific Products is committed to expanding their 
product line with new options that are tested by the material qualification process and are part of Gerber’s Matched Technology System™ so they function 
seamlessly with the Gerber EDGE FX™ thermal transfer printing system and other Gerber output devices.

Gerber Innovations - 9/8/2010

Gerber Scientific Products Launches New UV Inkjet Applications, Material & Substrate Website

Gerber Scientific Products, a worldwide leader in sign making and specialty graphics systems headquartered in South Windsor, CT, announces the launch of 
a new Applications, Materials & Substrates web portal at  This new portal will display the results of Gerber’s time proven 
scientific material qualifications process on substrates for the digital printer market to help owners of the Solara ion™ and Gerber CAT UV™ determine which 
materials will result in optimal results for the various applications that Gerber UV inkjet customers utilize.  

Gerber’s materials qualification process has tested more than 170 materials for EDGE®  printer users during the last 15 years.   It employs a series of tests in an 
environmental chamber and laboratory to simulate weather conditions and UV light, as well as testing materials with 45 chemicals such as gasoline, poisons and 
other substances.  Gerber’s material qualification process for the EDGE needs to be top-notch because EDGE owners work on everything from airplanes to 
clothing to danger signs.  They are bringing that experience and technology to their inkjet customers to make it as painless as possible for them to expand their 
vertical market and help them get optimal results without wasting time going into testing mode to check new materials themselves.

The Gerber website does not rate materials, but provides raw results in the form of data sheets that report results on material profiling, abrasion resistance, 
chemical resistance, outdoor durability and adhesion resistance.  Gerber’s portal contains the results of testing on the most popular industry brands, and will 
continue to be updated with new results on a regular basis.  Of course customers can use media not tested by Gerber, but the portal gives them a head start 
and saves them time and money along with the chore of doing their own testing.

In addition, the website provides application notes to educate customers in how to use materials for the best results.  The material qualification sheets and the 
application notes  provide Gerber customers and prospective customers with a robust new tool, available at the click of a mouse on  to help them expand the variety of jobs they can offer and give them the peace of mind that they will achieve optimal results 
backed up by Gerber’s experience and technology.  

Jack Codron from FASTSIGNS Orlando says “The new applications, materials & substrate site that Gerber has developed shows the commitment they have to 
their customers and to their UV inkjet printers.  I have spent numerous amounts of time and money testing material and this website eliminates that for me, so I 
can spend more time producing quality jobs that I know are going to stand up to the elements, time and make me money!  I don’t know of any other printer 
manufacturer that goes to these lengths to test material for their customers.”

Gerber Innovations - 6/16/2010

Gerber to Introduce New Gerber Cat UV Flatbed Printer at Fespa 2010

Gerber Scientific Products said today that it will unveil the newest member of its Solara ion™ UV printer family – 
the Gerber CAT UV – from June 22-26 at FESPA 2010 in Munich, Germany. 

Gerber CAT UV, the only economically-priced “true flat bed” printer in the market today:

·         Prints at a higher resolution for sharper and more vibrant output;

·         Uses Gerber CAT™ inks that provide superior adhesion and scratch resistance with a vibrant color gamut;

·         Uses patent-pending Cold Fire Cure ™ technology that supports printing on the widest array of substrates in the industry;

·         Prints on heat sensitive and recycled materials, supporting its environmentally friendly platform;

·         Uses less energy and produces no ozone or VOCs;

·         Offers unparalleled print accuracy and registration to support double strike and two-sided printing.

Its ease of use and low impact on the work place make it a smart choice for sign makers worldwide – especially 
where quality matters!  The Gerber CAT UV compact footprint fits through a door as small as 36” or 94 cm – thus 
eliminating costly demolition or construction during installation.

Barclay Garnet, owner of Pubset of Fort Lauderdale, Florida USA, one of the select group of users running the 
Gerber CAT UV since late 2009 commented, “Gerber has brought this printer to the next level!”

To learn more about this cutting edge technology and see a live demo, please visit us at the FESPA show, 
Hall B-1, Stand 499.

Gerber Innovations - 6/3/2010

Wanted: European Distributors for the Gerber M Turbo

Gerber Scientific Products, a worldwide leader in sign-making and specialty graphics systems headquartered in 
the Unites States of America, is looking for European partners for the sale of their new high-powered M Turbo™ 
Finishing System.  The M Turbo is a flatbed cutter and router that integrates with the world’s leading printers and 
has a 1 kw router that allows for high speed print-to-cut finishing. 

The market potential for the M Turbo Finishing System is substantial with over 300 machines already installed 
worldwide; and Gerber is looking for partners that can bring their strength, flexibility and customer benefits to the 
table and increase Gerber’s market share in the European finishing market. 

Gerber’s strategic partner, Christian Salhofer President of TMT Digital, a Paris based distributor of numerous 
innovative industrial digital technologies to the graphics, packaging, POS materials and visual communications 
industries has seen firsthand the success the Gerber M Turbo Finishing System can provide.  Salhofer notes, 
“The Gerber M is an extremely well built, mature, reliable and versatile cutting machine that allowed us instantly 
to compete with the best players on the market.  It provided us access to a new customer base asking for a 
higher productivity in their printing and cutting process.”

Gerber Innovations - 4/26/2010

Gerber OMEGA Launches High Resolution Software Upgrade

Gerber Scientific Products, a worldwide leader in sign-making and specialty graphics systems headquartered in 
South Windsor, CT, is proud to announce the upcoming release of their new Gerber OMEGA™ 4.0 software upgrade.  
Gerber OMEGA 4.0 includes all the capabilities of the original OMEGA 3.0 suite of layout, design, output and 
conversion tools, and offers a wide array of enhancements focused on providing improved output and production.

New GERBER OMEGA™ 4.0 output features include a Gerber Edge FX HiRez printing mode (an EDGE FX 
firmware update is also included), faster rendering of autotext, autonumber or other repeats generated in Composer, 
automatic halftone settings for EDGE® printing, easier and faster backcut and liner-cut decal production, better 
integration of the Foil Adjust program (formerly called RegFixer), new grid cut or butt-cut weedborder modes, ART 
Path™ automatic nesting, plotter output “smart start” technology and support for more friction-fed plotters.

In addition, Gerber OMEGA™ 4.0 offers an array of new production-oriented improvements such as Chinese text 
entry, improved barcode layout, increased undo’s and ability to undo after saving, auto “strokes for chokes” button, 
choke/spread top-color designation, the ability to add a PDF wrapper to JPG exports, automatic mapping of 
imported EPS/PDF and AI colors to EDGE spot colors and much more.

Gerber Innovations - 3/15/2010

Gerber Scientific Products Will Highlight the New Solara ionZ and M Turbo Cutting System at ISA

Gerber Scientific Products, a worldwide leader in sign making and specialty graphics systems headquartered in 
South Windsor, Connecticut, will highlight their  new Solara ionZTM wide format UV flatbed printer and M Turbo 
Cutting System at the International Sign Association’s International Sign Expo 2010 in Orlando, Florida in April at 
Booth 2214.

The Solara ionZ is the newest high-resolution model of Gerber’s popular wide format UV flatbed printer.  With 
over 300 units installed worldwide, the Solara ionZ utilizes Gerber’s breakthrough GerberCAT™ cationic UV ink 
technology for unmatched ink flexibility and adhesion.  Used in conjunction with the system’s Cold Fire Cure™ 
technology, these inks allow printing on heat-sensitive and paper-based products like biodegradable and recycled 
sign board, a unique green feature.

In addition to the tremendous value the Solara ion range brings for its owners in terms of growing sales at better 
margins, the environmental benefits of these products fit perfectly with ISA’s 2010 “green” theme.  The Solara 
ion’s Cold Fire Cure system cures using UV lamps that create no ozone, with less energy during printing than 
other high temperature UV curable systems.  This lower cure temperature allows the Solara ion to print on a 
wide array of paper-based materials, adding to the opportunities to eliminate waste through direct-to-rigid printing.  
In addition, the Gerber Solara ion releases no volatile organic compounds (VOC’s) into the air.  

Gerber will also highlight an addition to its M Series family of digital die cutters, the M Turbo Cutting System.  
The M Turbo Cutting System employs a powerful 1kw router that cuts, creases and routs aluminum up to 
0.080” and acrylic and wood up to 0.75”.  Working together with the Solara ion and other leading flat bed printers 
to offer a seamless print-to-cut solution for POP or other dimensional signage, the M Series can be purchased 
as a complete turnkey system for one reasonable price that includes everything needed to begin production.  

Visitors to Gerber’s booth will also see demonstrations of exciting new ways the EDGE FX™ printer can be used 
to increase sales and improve margins in today’s challenging economy.  The EDGE FX is the easy-to-use 
solution for sign makers who want to quickly produce highly customized short-run graphics.  Come see how 
current EDGE owners are producing lucrative jobs many sign shops had never thought of before, and get a 
preview of new capabilities in the upcoming Omega 4.0 release.  Stop by Gerber Scientific Products’ booth 
to take advantage of our specials and promotions, and let us show you print-to-cut solutions that will 
revolutionize your business.

Gerber Innovations - 1/19/2010

Gerber Scientific Products Releases New White Security Label Stock

Gerber Scientific Products, a worldwide leader in sign making and specialty graphics systems headquartered in 
South Windsor, CT, is proud to announce the immediate release of their new White Security Label Stock, an 
EDGE READY ™ product.  Gerber Scientific Products is committed to expanding our label stock product line 
with new options that are tested by our material qualification process and function seamlessly with our Gerber 
EDGE FX™ thermal transfer printing system.

After many customer requests, we have developed the new White Security Label Stock in both 15” x 10 yd and 
15” x 50 yd sizes.  This 2-mil white polyester film is used in the production of identification markings with tamper-
evident protection.  Once the Gerber White Security Label Stock is applied, it cannot be removed without 
leaving a “VOID” pattern.  If removal is attempted, the “VOID” pattern will be left behind and the label cannot be 

Gerber Innovations - 10/13/2009

The New Gerber M Turbo Router Unveiled at Trade Shows

Gerber Scientific Products, a worldwide leader in sign-making and specialty graphics systems headquartered in 
South Windsor, CT, unveiled their new M Turbo high-powered cutter/router at the sign industry’s recent trade 
shows in Chicago and New Orleans.  

The M Turbo is a new and more powerful version of the reliable M 3000 cutting system, part of Gerber’s M 
Series of flatbed finishing tables.   The M Turbo has the same proven features as the rest of the M Series 
machines, but offers a stronger, faster one kilowatt router.  Visitors to the Gerber booth at the recent PRINT 
09 Chicago show and the 2009 SGIA Expo in New Orleans were surprised by the new capabilities offered with 
the new M Turbo.  Gerber senior strategic accounts manager, Steve Albert notes, "We are very pleased with the 
response the new Gerber M Turbo received at the shows.  Graphic industry veterans know what a great asset 
the higher-powered one kilowatt router can be for their business, since it allows them to perform a wider variety 
of jobs and perform them faster, especially the ability to rout metal."

Another attractive feature of the M Turbo is its reasonably priced turnkey system.  Albert says, "Show attendees 
were pleased to learn the M Turbo is priced lower than comparable systems.  The attractive price of the M 
Turbo includes everything needed to get started.  Instead of pricing the way competitors do, advertising a 
base price that includes only the table and then up-selling the customer for all the other elements they need, 
Gerber gives one price point for the entire, ready-to-use system."

The Gerber M Turbo’s turnkey system includes the cutting table, modular cutting head, M Vision optical 
registration system for print-to cut applications, OMEGA software, a PC, reciprocating and tangential knife 
tools, the 1 kw electric router tool, a starter kit of knife blades and router bits and even a one year comprehensive 
warranty.  It’s the perfect system for any business in the industry who wants a powerful router at a great price.

Gerber Innovations - 10/9/2009

The New Gerber Solara ionZ Unveiled at Three Trade Shows

Gerber Scientific Products, a worldwide leader in sign-making and specialty graphics systems headquartered in 
South Windsor, CT, unveiled their latest Solara ion flatbed UV printer, the new Solara  ionZ™ at three recent 
trade shows. 

The Solara ionZ’s eight print head, 14 picoliter drop size print engine produced jobs that excited crowds at 
PRINT® 09 in Chicago, Viscom Düsseldorf Germany 2009, and the 2009 SGIA Expo in New Orleans.  
Gerber’s executive director of digital solutions, Curt Brey commented, "The Solara ionZ is a powerful new 
edition to the popular line of Gerber UV flatbed printers.  Capitalizing on proven UV print technology and the 
universal flatbed platform of the Solara ion™, the Solara ionZ produces output with simply outstanding print 
quality, unmatched ink adhesion and impressive color representation accuracy."

The Solara ionZ utilizes the innovative print technology found in the Gerber Solara ion family of printers.  
GerberCAT™ cationic UV inks offer the highest degree of UV ink performance because of their unique chemical 
bonding process.  Gerber’s Cold Fire Cure™ low energy cure technology operates at nearly room temperature, 
allowing the user to print on heat-sensitive materials such as paper-based products, thin styrene and corrugated 

While several pre-release units have already been installed worldwide, production shipments will begin in early 
December 2009.  Learn more about the Solara ionZ and the entire family of Gerber sign-making and specialty 
graphics products at

Gerber Innovations - 5/26/2009

Gerber Scientific Products Launches Its Gerber Global Website

Gerber Scientific Products, Inc., a worldwide leader in sign making and specialty graphics systems headquartered 
in South Windsor, Connecticut, USA, is proud to announce the launch of their new Gerber Global international 
website, .

Gerber’s executive director of digital solutions, Curt Brey explains that the motivating force behind the creation 
of the Gerber Global website is their desire to reach a worldwide audience in the language with which they are 
most comfortable. "Gerber’s current website is only in English and receives over 25,000 unique visitors per 
month," notes Brey. "We are very pleased to be launching our international version of the site and look 
forward to expanding our communication within the markets we serve globally." Gerber accomplishes this goal 
by offering the Gerber Global website in five languages: English, French, German, Italian and Spanish.

This new top level website not only offers five languages, it includes Gerber’s top five product lines: the Solara 
ion™ UV inkjet series, M Series flatbed cutters, EDGE FX™ thermal printer, enVision™ plotters and OMEGA™ design 
software. In addition to the key facts the Gerber Global website provides, it also includes links to more detailed 
information on the company’s main website ( in English.

There are other great features that connect Gerber to the global community. Lead marketing specialist Jason 
Smith reveals, "The Gerber Global website provides a gateway to our worldwide distributor network and an 
electronic form that allows customers to get in touch with Gerber representatives in their area."

Smith notes, "This new website is just the start of what we hope to be a growing international presence on the 
World Wide Web." Discover the innovative new Gerber Global website for yourself by logging onto

Gerber Innovations - 1/8/2009

Gerber Introduces the New Solara ionV Inkjet Printer

Gerber Scientific Products, Inc. has announced their latest offering in the wide-format UV inkjet printer 
marketplace - the Gerber Solara ionV. The Gerber Solara ionV offers most of the benefits of the Gerber 
Solara ionX in a significantly more affordable package. Capitalizing on the tremendous success of Gerber’s 
innovative UV inkjet printing technology that utilizes GerberCAT cationic UV inks and Gerber’s patent-pending 
Cold Fire Cure process, the Gerber Solara ionV also offers a price point that allows almost any size print shop 
to take advantage of its versatility and superior performance.

"Like the Gerber Solara ionX, the Gerber Solara ionV is built on a robust flatbed platform that provides the best 
possible foundation for printing rigid materials," explained Curt Brey, executive director of digital solutions for 
GSP. Material up to 1"/25.4mm thick, 100"/2.5m in length and 64"/1.6m wide is mounted on a vacuum table 
which provides the ultimate in stability, while a gantry moves the print heads over the substrate during printing. 
The result is precision printing on a wide variety of rigid and flexible materials.

Similar to the Gerber Solara ionX, the Gerber Solara ionV can print virtually any rigid and flexible media on its 
precision flatbed, up to 100"/2.5m in length and with perfect double-sided printing capability. What differentiates 
the Gerber Solara ionV is instead of eight print heads it includes a single CMYK four-head set and does not 
include a roll-to-roll printing system.

"We are excited about the Gerber Solara ionV‘s price point, as well as the value contribution it will offer the 
sign making and specialty graphics printing industry," Curt Brey notes. "At as much as 30% less than the ionX 
you simply won’t find a better built, feature-rich wide-format printer in this price range than the Gerber Solara ionV. 
It is an excellent choice for most wide-format printing applications."

Not only is the Gerber Solara Series exceptionally well designed, the printer features Gerber's patent-pending, 
Cold Fire Cure technology. This unique UV curing process uses low energy and low temperature to cure the 
proprietary GerberCAT inks. "Cold Fire Cure offers a vast array of benefits over any competitive curing process 
in the areas of material compatibility, cost of operation, and even environmental, health, and safety benefits," 
commented Brey. "And GerberCAT ink greatly expands the range of materials that can be printed by the Gerber 
Solara Series. Heat sensitive plastic, vinyl, fabric, and paper-based materials can be printed using Gerber's Cold 
Fire Cure and GerberCAT inks without concern over ink adhesion or material damage," Brey explained.

"The combination of Cold Fire Cure and GerberCAT makes the Gerber Solara Series some of the most versatile 
printers in the world," explained Brey. "The versatility of Solara ion printers opens the door to a huge set of 
applications such as real estate signage, vehicle applications, backlit, traffic signage, exhibit display, directional, 
storefront, banners, and textiles all through one printing system."

"The Gerber Solara ionV makes the ion printing technology more affordable and therefore more widely available 
within the markets it serves." Gerber’s proprietary printing technologies will allow the Gerber Solara ionV to 
make its way into many markets, such as sign making, digital graphics, screen printing, packaging, exhibit 
display and more. Brey adds, "The Gerber Solara ionV is a terrific starter flatbed (direct-to-rigid) printer solution 
for almost any size print shop, and with Gerber’s future upgrade programs, the Gerber Solara ionV offers the 
ability to grow in capacity and versatility with the sign makers business."

Current owners of the Gerber Solara ionX have experienced tremendous cost savings through the transition to 
direct-to-rigid printing. Both of the Gerber Solara ion models eliminate the material and labor cost associated with 
printing, application and finishing processes. In some shops, the material costs can be so significant that the 
savings achieved with the Gerber Solara ion can equal a month of the printer’s lease. In addition, labor costs 
are drastically reduced as a result of the direct-to-rigid printing process. A frequent comment from existing owners 
of the Gerber Solara ionX is that jobs that used to take four or more hours can now be completed in thirty minutes 
or less using their Solara ionX.

Even installation is easy. The Solara ion Series printers are assembled on site and often do not require expensive 
or disruptive site preparations. "Before assembly, the printer components will fit through a standard 36"/91.44cm 
door opening," explained Brey. "There is no added expense to tear down walls just to install our inkjet printers, 
and unlike heavier printers, the Gerber Solara Series does not require a reinforced concrete floor. The quick 
assembly and lack of hidden installation costs are two real benefits for our customers even before they begin to 
use the printer," noted Brey. The Gerber Solara Series of printers is also backed by world-class service and 
support through a highly supportive distribution network and Gerber’s service organization, including locally-
based service engineers.

New Print-to-Cut Finishing Solution
When combined with the M3000 Series Digital Cutting and Finishing Systems, GSP now offers a complete 
print-to-cut solution for its wide-format printers. The M3000 is the fourth generation of rugged finishing systems 
from Gerber Innovations which feature cutting, routing, and engraving and a variety of table sizes to meet 
specific customer requirements. The M3000 Series Digital Cutting and Finishing Systems are capable of cutting 
a wide array of flexible and rigid substrates, and are equipped with the MVision-Cut® automatic laser registration 
system for accurate print-to-cut registration and precise results. "With over 3,500 Gerber Innovations installations 
worldwide," said Brey "the MSeries Digital Cutting and Finishing Systems continue a legacy of durability and 
reliability which we are proud to offer to our customers." The combination of the M3000 and Solara ionV 
provide the most affordable wide format, rigid print-to-cut solution in the world.

Gerber Innovations - 3/10/2008

New Systems, New Technology from Gerber Scientific Products at ISA ‘08, Booth 2024

South Windsor, CT – Gerber Scientific Products, Inc. is showcasing new products and advanced new 
technology to the International Sign Association's International Sign Expo (ISA) March 27-29, 2008 in Orlando, FL. 

“This year has been a building year in terms of new products and new technology at GSP®,” explained Peter 
Marchi executive director of marketing for Gerber Scientific Products. “Our new product development has 
resulted in an extensive array of exciting new offerings for the sign making and specialty graphics market.” 

On display in booth 2024 will be the new wide-format inkjet printer—the Gerber Solara ion™, the new M Series digital 
graphic finishing system, the Gerber EDGE FX™ thermal printing system, the enVision™ plotter, and the newest 
version of OMEGA™ design, layout, and production software. In the area of materials, GSP will display its full line 
of 3M films and several new and updated EDGE READY® products. 

“GSP is thrilled about showcasing so many innovative new products at ISA this year,” shared Marchi, “Our flagship 
product, the Gerber Solara ion is the culmination of Gerber's growing expertise in the field of inkjet printers. This 
wide-format flatbed platform also incorporates a true roll-to-roll station for printing on both flexible and rigid 
substrates up to 64"/1.6m wide. 

The Gerber Solara ion's dual printing system eliminates the capital expense of purchasing two separate printers 
as well as minimizing the amount of valuable floor space that is required by the equipment.” The Gerber Solara 
ion features Gerber's patent-pending, Cold Fire Cure™ technology. This unique UV curing process uses low energy 
and low temperatures to cure the proprietary GerberCAT™ inks. Cold Fire Cure offers an array of benefits over any 
competitive curing process in the areas of material compatibility, cost, and environmental health and safety. 

GerberCAT inks provide unmatched adhesion and a strong, yet flexible mechanical bond that is immediately usable. 
Graphics created with the ultra-flexible GerberCAT inks are suitable for indoor and outdoor-durable applications 
including three-dimensional uses such as vehicle wraps with tight curves and smooth application over rivets. 

The Gerber Solara ion has a versatile range of user-selectable print modes offering choices of print speed and 
resolution. Performance mode is used for the fastest printing of samples or short-term graphics with good results. 
Production mode provides the best combination of speed and resolution, and the two High Quality modes print crisp, 
clear graphics at an apparent resolution up to 1440 dpi. 

“Speed, quality, versatility, and value,” stated Marchi “that is the Gerber Solara ion UV inkjet printer's competitive 

The GSP booth will also feature our new M Series Digital Graphic Cutting and Finishing Systems. The M Series 
systems are the fourth generation of rugged finishing systems which feature cutting, routing, and creasing tools 
with several table sizes to meet specific customer requirements. The M Series finishing systems are the perfect 
print-to-cut companion for the flexible and rigid output of the Gerber Solara ion. 

“These economically priced, versatile machines are powerful solutions for finishing printed output regardless of 
substrate or printing methods used to create them,” explained Marco Azzaretti, director of digital solutions for GSP. 
“Whether it is decals on flexible vinyl, UV inkjet printing on corrugated plastic, or digital or offset printing on flexible 
or rigid media, the M Series can handle most finishing requirements.” 

“The M Series Digital Cutting and Finishing Systems allow customers to increase productivity, eliminate scrap, and 
save money over traditional manual (hand-cut) methods,” commented Azzaretti. “As compared to die cutting, the 
M Series eliminates the cost of manufacturing and storing expensive cutting dies. In relation to a traditional CNC 
router, the M Series is capable of a much broader range of applications. M Series offers a unique combination of 
flexibility and performance, suitable for volume production as well as short-run and prototyping work.” 

Also on display will be the GERBER EDGE FX™ digital printing system which consists of the GERBER EDGE FX 
thermal transfer printer, the enVision™ vinyl-cutting plotter, and OMEGA™ design and production software. The 
EDGE FX fuses spot and process-color pigment-based GerberColor™ foils onto more than 25 EDGE READY 
materials which are digitally contour cut by the plotter. The finished products include a variety of brilliant short-run, 
custom printed and cut indoor or outdoor-durable graphics. The latest version of Gerber's design and production 
software, OMEGA 2.6.1 will be demonstrated at ISA. Compatible with Windows® Vista™ 32 systems, OMEGA 2.6.1 
also offers faster Sabre routing speeds, the ability to create cutter paths for most RIP software, powerful import filters,
improved menus, and automated design time tracking. 

Gerber will display an array of materials at ISA which will include the full line of films from Gerber and 3M. Gerber’s 
25-year relationship with 3M has resulted in a wide variety of high quality, dependable films in an extensive color 
range. Full line films are available in several widths, in both punched and unpunched formats and are compatible 
with Gerber's friction or sprocketed plotters and thermal or inkjet printers. 

Gerber will introduce two new GerberColor foils at ISA. SpectraTint™ and SpectraShade™ are designed to lighten or 
darken GerberColor spot foils. SpectraShade and SpectraTint foils expand the range of EDGE®-printed spot colors 
by printing a solid, transparent fill (without halftone dots) on top of a base foil. They can be used to simulate highlights 
or shadows, giving a three dimensional appearance to shapes and large text, or can be used to better match specific 
colors such as corporate logos. Both foils can be printed on colored vinyl to create special effects. These two tinting 
and shading foils triple the number of colors that can be produced using a shop's inventory. 

Updated GerberMag II and AutoMag II materials incorporate a super premium face film which has a smoother finish 
for improved print quality. The bright white cast vinyl face film replaces the current calendered film, and results in 
superior magnetic products that will stay cleaner and have a longer lifespan. 

New and improved GerberMask Ultra has an updated film formulation on a moisture resistant liner. GerberMask 
Ultra is a 4-mil, white film with a low-tack adhesive designed to be used as a stencil mask on smooth, flat surfaces. 
The new moisture resistant liner resists curling or expansion, resulting in a dimensionally stable and exceptionally 
flat masking product. 

Also introduced is the new Gerber Abrasion Guard SPF over-laminate foil which provides extra abrasion resistance 
and 30% longer UV protection for any EDGE output. Come and see all the new Gerber technology and new products 
at ISA in booth 2024, March 27-29, 2008 in Orlando, FL.

Gerber Innovations - 2/15/2008

Stephen Lovass Named the New President of Gerber Scientific Products

South Windsor, CT - Gerber Scientific Inc., a worldwide leader in integrated automation solutions, announced 
that Stephen Lovass has been appointed to lead their sign making and specialty graphics business unit, Gerber 
Scientific Products (GSP).  GSP is the worldwide leader in the development and manufacture of computerized 
sign making and specialty graphics systems.  Lovass will serve as President of GSP, in addition to his position 
as Senior Vice President of Gerber Scientific, Inc.   

Lovass, having successfully led Gerber’s sign making distribution business Spandex, is well positioned to 
assume the leadership of GSP.  Marc T. Giles, President and Chief Executive Officer of Gerber Scientific Inc. 
commented, "Stephen’s experience guiding and growing one of the world’s largest sign and graphics supply 
distribution companies makes him ideally suited to continue the momentum of GSP’s success."

Lovass is replacing Greg Wolf, who is leaving to become the President and CEO of BHS North America, Inc., 
a world’s leading provider of production equipment for the corrugated industry.  Giles stated, "Greg has done 
an outstanding job of establishing Gerber as a significant player in the ink jet industry and through his leadership 
we are poised to commercialize our breakthrough Solara ion technology within the next few months."

With an outstanding market response contributing over 145 orders to date, Gerber remains excited about the 
Solara ion wide format ink jet printer. Giles commented, "Test results to date of GerberCat Cationic UV ink and 
the Cold Fire Cure system are yielding better than expected results, furthering our confidence in the expected 
market impact of the Solara ion."

Gerber Innovations - 8/23/2007

M Series Flatbed Cutting Systems Enhance GSP Wide-Format Graphics Position

South Windsor, Conn. - Gerber Scientific Products, a leading supplier of sign-making and specialty graphics 
systems headquartered in South Windsor, CT, introduces the Gerber M Series, a family of flatbed cutting systems 
for digital finishing of wide-format graphics.  The M Series reflects Gerber’s position as a global leader in automatic 
cutting technology for specialized applications.  It provides manufacturers of graphics, signs and other rigid and 
flexible printed media with a versatile tool to increase productivity, realize greater profits, and expand their 
Versatility of Technology
M Series flatbed cutting systems deliver digitally-precise cutting, routing and creasing of a wide variety of rigid 
and flexible substrates.

"These versatile machines are powerful solutions for finishing all types of printed output, regardless of material 
or printing methods used to create them," explained Marco Azzaretti, Director of Graphic Solutions for GSP. 
"Whether it is contour-routing an inkjet-printed PVC sign board, kiss-cutting pressure sensitive vinyl decals, or 
cutting and creasing a POP display, the M Series can handle an impressive variety of graphic finishing requirements."

"M Series flatbed cutting systems allow customers to increase their productivity and eliminate scrap, saving 
money over alternative finishing solutions," commented Azzaretti. "As compared to die cutting, the M Series 
eliminates the cost of manufacturing and storing expensive cutting dies.  It represents a unique combination 
of flexibility and performance, suitable for volume production as well as short-run and prototyping work."
Accurate Print-to-Cut Solution
Gerber M Series flatbed systems are an ideal companion to Gerber Solara UV inkjet printers or any other wide-
format printer on the market to create the ultimate print-to-cut digital solution.

M Series cutters feature MVision-Cut®, an automatic solution for precise print-to-cut registration. The MVision-
Cut laser system automatically compensates for image or material distortion, guaranteeing an accurate cut 
every time. It helps eliminate the waste of material and time that occurs whenever incorrectly finished jobs 
need to be re-printed and re-cut.

A powerful feature of M Series cutters is the patented T3 Tool Head System with automatic tool recognition. 
"The T3 Tool Head System holds up to three tools at a time.  Its modular concept makes for very quick and
easy tool changeovers," explained Azzaretti. "Available tools include pneumatic routing, oscillating knives, drag
knives, creasing wheels and marking pens for graphic finishing applications continued Azzaretti.  "Because of its 
robust construction an M Series cutter can handle very high tool forces, resulting in superior performance and 
cutting accuracy particularly when working with demanding rigid substrates."

"A variety of M Series table sizes are available, outfitted with a zoned-vacuum system for secure material hold-
down," described Azzaretti. "The tables feature an optical barrier safety system and are designed for 
unobstructed operator access to facilitate the process of loading and unloading materials."

"The purchase of an M Series is truly an investment in the future," continued Azzaretti. "These products are 
engineered and built in the United States, backed by Gerber’s outstanding customer support," commented 
Azzaretti. "The M Series superior reliability and its upgradeability ensure our customers will address their graphic
finishing requirements for years to come, as their business evolves."

World-class Sales and Customer Support
Gerber M Series customers benefit from Gerber's world-class sales and customer support structure. "The sale 
of Gerber M Series systems takes place through our powerful network of value-added distributors, who share a 
deep knowledge of our customers’ business and their solution requirements," explained Azzaretti. "After 
purchasing our equipment Gerber customers can count on the widest, most capable service network in the 

A Gerber M3000 flatbed cutting system will be on display in the new Wide Format Pavilion at the Graph Expo®, 
September 9-12, 2007 in Chicago, IL, and at SGIA October 24-27, 2007 in Orlando, FL. For additional information 
please contact a Gerber Distributor or visit the GSP website:

Gerber Innovations - 6/18/2007

Signs By Tomorrow Approves the GERBER SOLARA UV2 Hybrid Inkjet Printer For Their Franchisees

South Windsor, CT - Gerber Scientific Products, Inc. is proud to announce that Signs By Tomorrow, a growing 
sign-making company with 175 locations in the United States, has approved the use of Gerber’s SOLARA UV2 
for their franchisees. Signs By Tomorrow (SBT) provides more than just overnight signs. SBT’s motto "Imagine it, 
and you can do it" describes their important role in the market as graphic signage consultants for their customers. 
Their approval of Gerber’s SOLARA UV2 is another step in helping their franchises achieve the quality service 
for which they strive.

Signs By Tomorrow continued the 20 year working relationship they’ve had with Gerber by bringing the new 
SOLARA UV2 to SBT’s corporate offices in Maryland to see for themselves how it performs in the workplace. 
SBT’s multi-faceted testing not only showed that the SOLARA "does everything it says it does", but Signs By 
Tomorrow’s Ted Redmer says it’s "engineered to work well all day, every day." After seeing the SOLARA UV2 
in action, Signs By Tomorrow is recommending it to their franchises as an approved machine.

The GERBER SOLARA UV2 is versatile and intelligent capable of printing either roll-to-roll or as a flatbed and 
on a variety of materials up to 60" wide, including rigid materials up to ½" thick (13mm). It is a large format, hybrid, 
ultraviolet (UV) inkjet printer that provides the best color reproduction available from the broadest color gamut. 
With only a small conversion process of the flatbed tables, the SOLARA UV2 can be easily switched to accept 
different material types, enabling shops to run a full material portfolio.

The SOLARA UV2 is part of Gerber’s Matched Technology System which provides users with a complete, 
integrated start-to-finish solution. With Gerber products and Gerber’s renowned Matched Technology System, 
there are no surprises, just cost-effective, top-quality results. For more information or a demonstration of the 
SOLARA UV2, call Gerber at 800.222.7446, visit our website at, or contact your local distributor.

Gerber Innovations - 1/30/2007

Upgrade for Gerber Scientific's Solara UV2 Hybrid Inkjet Printer

South Windsor, CT. - Gerber Scientific Products introduces an exciting new upgrade for its SOLARA UV2" 
hybrid inkjet printer. This upgrade builds on the solid platform of the GSP®'s successful inkjet technology. The 
SOLARA UV2’s hybrid design allows it to quickly switch from a roll-to-roll to a flatbed printer. It can print on a 
variety of materials up to 60" (152cm) wide including rigid materials up to ½" (13mm) thick.

"GSP has an on-going commitment to inkjet innovation," commented Curt Brey, Director of Digital Solutions, 
Gerber Scientific Products. "This commitment has resulted in the enhanced SOLARA UV2 which offers 
expanded capabilities and increased production capacity."

"While the SOLARA UV2 upgrade has many innovative features, its new full-bleed printing on rigid substrates 
may be the most significant." Brey continued, "Our customers asked for full-bleed printing and we listened. Now 
the Solara UV2 is even more versatile as it produces a wider-range of graphics that end-users want while 
contributing to the company's bottom line."

Full bleed printing is just part of this valuable upgrade. Included with the enhanced SOLARA UV2 are these 
exciting new features and enhancements:

Full Bleed Print Mode
Now print from edge to edge on many rigid materials up to 1/2" (13mm) thick within the SOLARA's 60" x 120" 
(152cm x 305cm) maximum print size.

Performance Print Mode
Increase production capacity using the new Two-Pass print function. Produce up to eighteen 4’ x 8’ (122cm x 
244cm) signs or two hundred 18" x 24" (46cm x 61cm) signs in a single day with high-quality print results.

Rest Mode
New machine operation mode rests the print heads after 60 minutes of idle time. Resting the print heads further 
extends the unmatched head life of the SOLARA UV2, and ensures the best possible print performance over 
the life of the printer.

Improved Troubleshooting
New intelligent error messages provide simple and easy solutions when troubleshooting printer operation, making 
an already user-friendly printer even easier to use.

Material Size Specification
For those few materials which the SOLARA UV2 can not measure with its laser-guided material scan system 
(i.e. clear acrylic with no backing), you can now easily specify exact material dimensions for a print job increasing 
accuracy and performance.

Vacuum Table Control
Not all materials need the support of the SOLARA’s robust vacuum system. Now you can control the vacuum 
manually when printing with light weight or other challenging materials such as cloth or scrimless banner. Vacuum 
control further increases the range and versatility of materials that can be printed on the SOLARA UV2.

Gerber Innovations - 6/29/2006

Gerber Scientific's Apparel and Flexible Materials Business Segment Introduces New Automated Cutting Solution

South Windsor, CT -- Gerber Scientific, Inc.'s (NYSE: GRB) Apparel and Flexible Materials business segment, 
Gerber Technology, has announced the commercial launch of the GERBERcutter® XLc7000, a new cutting 
room product specifically designed for apparel manufacturers in developing markets. 

The GERBERcutter XLc7000 is the company's first cutter to be manufactured in China . The company 
designed and engineered the XLc7000 at its world headquarters in Tolland , Connecticut , and built it locally 
in China through its wholly-owned subsidiary, Gerber Scientific ( Shanghai ) Co., Ltd. from both locally-sourced 
and U.S.-made components. 

The XLc7000 offers low cost of ownership, superb accuracy and exceptional ease of use. The XLc7000 cuts 
up to 7.0 cm of compressed material, accommodating a wide variety of fabric types and material widths up to 
2.0 meters. 

According to John Hancock, President, Gerber Technology, "We have continued to increase our market share 
in developing countries, due in part to our strong understanding of the needs of our customers. The 
GERBERcutter XLc7000 is the ideal automated system for apparel manufacturers in these growth areas who 
want to automate their production and are looking for value-priced solutions that offer exceptional reliability and 

As noted by Mr. OM Ma, Director of Ramatex Group, the largest integrated textile and garment organization in 
Malaysia , "Ramatex Group has been a Gerber user for many years. We tested the Gerber XLc7000 for more 
than two months and were satisfied with its cut quality and output." Following completion of the test, Ramatex 
ordered two XLc7000 cutters for their facility. 

Marc T. Giles, President and CEO of Gerber Scientific, Inc. added, "As the first automated cutter to be 
manufactured in China , the XLc7000 represents an important milestone for our China supply chain initiative. 
We are now producing several products and plan to increase our China manufacturing capabilities in the future."

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