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GMG - 10/28/2014

GMG Releases GMG ColorProof 5.6

GMG, the leading developer and supplier of high-end color management software solutions, announces the availability of GMG ColorProof 5.6, the latest 
release of the company’s popular, award-winning proofing software. 

“With the popular adoption of optically brightened papers, a problem arose. The papers improved image appearance and tended to be cost-effective 
to purchase. However, they were out of conformance with proofing standards. Users will find that GMG has conducted a lot of research and testing 
into helping customers who print with optically brightened media to achieve color consistency,” explains Birgit Plautz, GMG Director Business Unit, 
Graphic Arts. “We have also added features to connect and work even better with prepress-workflows, and operate more efficiently with RIPs and 
printers. For example, print facilities with existing systems in place will find that they can use a new hotfolder interface system (API) to easily plug GMG 
ColorProof 5.6 into their workflows.” 

GMG ColorProof 5.6: Dedicated to supporting new technologies and standards; particularly optically brightening agents 
Most significant for proofing accuracy is the new GMG solution for optically brightened media. Until recently, measuring devices and the light in viewing 
booths had not been subject to any standards regarding how they measured or illuminated print media that contains optical brightening agents (OBAs) 
to increase the "whiteness". With the recent revisions of those ISO norms and eventually the updated ISO 12647-2:2013 several changes have been 
made to address the color matching problems caused by OBA enhanced media. Welcoming and reflecting these changes, GMG ColorProof 5.6 provides 
new proof standards, full support of the new M0/M1/M2 measuring conditions, and the new enhanced proof paper “GMG ProofPaper semimatte 250 
OBA” to achieve highest quality and a good proof-to-print match.

Dedicated to working more efficiently with workflows
GMG ColorProof 5.6 has new features to make it work more efficiently with workflows and in multiple-site operations. For example, GMG has created new 
smart hotfolders and job ticket hotfolders with an XML interface that allows operators to use one hotfolder for multiple printing standards and provide an 
easy connection to external workflow systems.

In addition, GMG has made it easier to operate centralized color management that oversees multiple locations or remote sites. These companies must 
organize and distribute their color profiles to many facilities. Usually, there is one main site, where a production or color manager creates all color critical 
assets and is responsible for their usage on all locations. To reduce the manual effort, GMG designed a file distribution system that can connect to 
multiple installations and download new or altered color management files automatically, or on-demand—from a source location to one or more target 

A more efficient way of running a proofing system
With parallel ripping and reassigning jobs to different printers, ColorProof 5.6 is even more efficient.

To accelerate the ripping process, PDF files can be ripped in parallel. While the GMG ColorProof 5.6 license includes one RIP, users can purchase 
additional RIP instances according to their hardware configuration: depending on the amount of cores, printers, etc. This reduces the delay between 
ripping and printing jobs, resulting in faster speeds and greater production.

ColorProof 5.6 can also re-assign jobs to different printers for continuous productivity. The new option has been integrated to automatically move pending 
jobs from one printer to another compatible printer in case the current printer cannot print (for example, because it has run out of ink or paper). This 
eliminates a backlog of files that are waiting for the printer to be attended to.

Individual working space for higher user-friendliness
With an individual working space, the customer decides which resources are displayed in the software. Instead of working through extensive lists of 
color management items, a clearly arranged view now helps to immediately spot what one is looking for.

“ColorProof has always been noted for its exceptional color accuracy,” concludes Plautz. “ColorProof 5.6 makes the process even easier.”

ColorProof 5.6 is available immediately through the company’s extensive global network of resellers.

GMG - 9/23/2014

GMG Updates Range of Color Management Workflow Solutions

GMG (, the leading developer and supplier of high-end color management software solutions, unveils a brand new version of the 
renowned proofing solution GMG ColorProof along with the full range of GMG color management solutions at the Graph Expo 14 in Chicago, IL, from 
September 28 to October 1st. Together with the co-located show CPP EXPO, the Graph Expo exhibits latest trends and innovations of digital, inkjet, 
offset, flexo, gravure and hybrid technologies, products and services.

“GMG keeps unwavering commitment to its customer-centric philosophy of creating what the people need. At such a diverse show as Graph Expo, we can 
offer just about any print provider a helpful solution, whether it’s our trademark GMG ColorProof, packaging solutions that are enhanced with GMG OpenColor, 
or solutions that benefit the entire supply chain, such as GMG ColorMaster, which keeps an image in a master color space until it is needed, and GMG 
CoZone, a production system based in the cloud,” comments Joseph Varone, GMG Americas vice president of sales. “From commercial to packaging 
printing, GMG has a complete color management solution for everyone and keeps the promise of quality and functionality.”

GMG ColorProof 5.6: Dedicated to supporting new technologies and standards 
Graph Expo marks the global launch of GMG ColorProof 5.6, the latest release of the company’s popular, award-winning proofing software. A lot of research 
and testing went into this version to help customers who print with optically brightened media to achieve color consistency. Print facilities with existing 
systems in place can use a new interface to easily plug GMG ColorProof 5.6 into their workflow. Many new, significant features have been added, including:

• GMG solution for optical brightened media: Up until recently measuring devices and the light in viewing booths have had no standards concerning how 
they measured or illumined print media, which contain optical brightening agents (OBAs) to increase the "whiteness". With the new ISO norm 
12647-2:2013 several changes have been made to address the color matching problems caused by OBA enhanced media. Welcoming and reflecting 
these changes, this version provides new proof standards, full support of the new measuring conditions M0/M1/M2, and a new OBA enhanced proof 
paper to achieve highest quality and a good proof-to-print match.

• Smart Hotfolder and Job Ticket Hotfolder: GMG has created new hotfolder types with an XML interface that allow to use one hotfolder for multiple 
printing standards and provide an easy connection to external workflow systems.

• Centralized Color Management: Customers with multiple locations or remote sites have to organize and distribute their color profiles. Usually, there is one 
main site, where a production or color manager creates all color critical assets and is responsible for their usage on all locations. To reduce the manual 
effort, GMG designed a file distribution system which can connect to multiple instances and download new and changed color management files 
automatically, or on-demand, from a source location to one or more target locations.

• Individual working space: The customer decides which resources are displayed in the software. Instead of working through extensive lists of 
color management items, a clearly arranged view now helps to immediately spot what one is looking for.

• Parallel RIPping: To accelerate the RIPping process, PDF files can be RIPped in parallel. While the GMG ColorProof 5.6 license includes one RIP, users 
can purchase additional RIPs according to the hardware configuration: depending on the amount of cores, printers, etc. This reduces the delay 
between RIPping and printing jobs, resulting in faster speeds and greater production.

• Automatic re-assigning of jobs for continuous productivity: A new option has been integrated to automatically move pending jobs to another compatible 
printer in case the current printer cannot print (for example, because it has run out of ink or paper).

GMG - 6/3/2014

GMG Launches GMG ColorServer 4.9

GMG, a leading developer of high-end color management and proofing solutions, announces that it has released GMG ColorServer 4.9, an updated version 
of its award-winning automated color conversion software with new levels of functionality. 

GMG ColorServer automates the color normalization of PDF files, providing highly accurate CMYK to CMYK, RGB to RGB, RGB to CMYK, CMYK to RGB 
and spot color to CMYK conversions while preserving the integrity of the black channel. The result is a standardised and simplified color management 
model that delivers consistent print results across any print process and substrate.

PDF/VT-1 File Format Support
New for ColorServer 4.9 announced today is support for the PDF/VT-1 variable-data printing (VDP) file format. PDF/VT-1 is a highly-optimized file 
specifically designed for the efficient digital printing of a wide range of variable data and personalized content such as transactional/transpromo (credit 
card bills, bank statements, etc.) personalized direct mailshots, catalogues, photobooks, coupons, tickets, etc. 

Part of the challenge of variable-data printing is the often extremely fast file processing requirements to ensure just-in-time delivery to the latest generation of 
high-speed digital printing presses. GMG has addressed this issue with ColorServer 4.9 from two directions. Firstly, the current 32-bit version of the 
application has been greatly optimized to deliver extremely fast file processing times – up to 3,500 variable-data PDF pages per minute can be 
individually color-managed using ColorServer 4.9 (depending on hardware configuration, job specification, etc.) Secondly, for even higher performance 
GMG is releasing a 64-bit native version of ColorServer 4.9, which in effect offers almost unlimited file processing capabilities to feed even the most 
demanding variable data applications. 

Improved paper adaption tool
The Paper Adaption Tool in ColorServer allows print service providers to recalculate a file’s color data against a particular support material, even if the 
particular proof simulates a different final stock. For example, the Paper Adaption tool could adjust your print data to match an “ISOcoatedV2” proof, 
even if your production material is different.

With ColorServer 4.9, the Paper Adaption Tool has been improved by offering a better quality of profile simulation, as well as the ability to offer custom 
gamuts for particular substrates.

CMYK to RGB conversion
While color retouching is usually applied to a file while still in its RGB values, often print service providers are only supplied with CMYK files (maybe 
even a multitude of CMYK color spaces – ISO, SWOP, GraCOL, etc.) making the task of color retouching that much more challenging. 

ColorServer 4.9 offers an extremely accurate CMYK to RGB lossless conversion process that enlarges the color space back to the file’s original Adobe 
RGB values. This allows for color space normalisation within an RGB-based image database, only performing the device/process specific CMYK 
conversion at the final output stage.

Support for Konica Minolta measurement devices
GMG ColorServer 4.9 supports the new FD 5 and FD 7 spectrophotometers from Konica Minolta. These devices have been growing in popularity recently 
mainly due to various new European standards (such as Fogra 51 and Fogra 52) which are more often evaluated with Konica Minolta devices. 

Support for the latest IDEAlliance output profiles
The latest GRAcol 2013 (CGATS 21 RPC-6) and SWOP 2013 (C3 and C5) profiles from IDEAlliance ( have been integrated into ColorServer 

Special upgrade promotion for existing GMG ColorServer users
As part of a special GMG promotion, existing ColorServer users who upgrade to v4.9 will receive 5 free rolls of 24 inch GMG ProofPaper semimatte 250. 
The upgrade promotion runs from now until 30th September 2014.

“GMG ColorServer 4.9 takes our expertise in color transformation, management and simulation to higher levels and new markets,” says Birgit Plautz, 
Manager Business Unit Graphic Arts at GMG. “The inclusion of a powerful, quasi-real-time color managed workflow based around the PDF/VT-1 format 
offers a compelling value proposition to variable data applications such as transpromo and document management, which we are very excited about. 
At the same time ColorServer 4.9 includes a raft of new or enhanced features designed to deliver real-world benefits to any print services provider 
looking for a fast, accurate and easy-to-use solution to rationalise output to a definable color space independent of any particular print process or 

GMG - 12/10/2013

GMG Announces Release of GMG OpenColor 1.1

GMG, leading developer and supplier of high-end color management software solutions, announces the release of GMG OpenColor 1.1. Designed to 
enable brands and packaging press specialist to accurately predict spot colors, GMG OpenColor has won high-level recognition, including the 2013 
InterTech™ Technology Award, the 2013 Flexographic Technical Association Technical Innovation Award and an Innovation Award from the ERA - 
European Rotogravure Association. 

New features in GMG OpenColor 1.1 extend its functionality still further and include extended import of measurement data and further adjustment 
capabilities to the GMG OpenColor profiles.

OpenColor: Predicting print results for spot colors – and with less data

The use of multi-color printing and the increasing complexity of jobs that use different combinations of inks, substrates and screening, amongst other 
variables, is a continuing trend in package printing, Consequently, one of the critical challenges facing Brand Solutions and Packaging Prepress providers 
is the ability to accurately and reliably communicate color throughout the entire supply chain - from the brand manager to the printer. 

Until now, to accurately communicate a mix of colors, every combination would require a specific test chart showing the different combinations - a costly 
process that involves color fingerprint charts, the making of plates, and lengthy testing. GMG OpenColor resolves this complex packaging problem and 
provides highly accurate color profiles, with less information. By using OpenColor, users avoid printing combinations of overprints. They just print single 
color patches – e.g. color control strips – and combine the color and substrate properties within the software. 

“This has been an exciting year for GMG and GMG OpenColor,” says Victor Asseiceiro, Director, Business Unit Packaging at GMG. “It has received 
significant recognition by respected associations and, more importantly, has been adopted by a number of leading companies throughout the world. 
However, we are not complacent and will continue to build features that will make GMG OpenColor even more powerful and easy to use.”

Significant new features
The new GMG OpenColor 1.1 offers powerful data import functionality that automatically averages data, which is especially helpful when importing 
data collected at different press run times. As a result, any possible deviation is included in the final profile calculation. 

This new version of GMG OpenColor provides tools to adjust color intensity and dot gain. Users can define a target dot gain from a specific printing 
process or adjust dot gain measurements to compensate for possible faulty printing conditions, which can occur during reference print runs or color 
standard productions. By avoiding re-runs, users save time and money. 

Flexo pre-press companies, particularly, will profit from this color and dot gain adjustment. They can define target dot gain for a spot color or for a complete 
data set. Plus, they will be able to adjust dot gain and ink density to suit optimal press condition. Operators can adjust parameters and modify highlight, 
mid tone or shadows are per channel and color as needed for production. 

GMG OpenColor 1.1 also gives users the ability to correct the substrate white point and add dot correction to the profile - without the need to recalculate 
the profile - to simulate the correct substrate colors and produce Contract-level proofs.

The OpenColor 1.1 is available now through certified GMG OpenColor dealers.

GMG - 11/25/2013

GMG Announces the Integration of OpenColor and ColorProof with PantoneLIVE

GMG GmbH & Co KG ( announces a cooperative agreement with X-Rite Incorporated that allows GMG customers to access 
the PantoneLIVE ecosystem and color libraries, through its award-winning GMG OpenColor and GMG ColorProof platforms.

The integration of PantoneLIVE with GMG OpenColor and ColorProof allows GMG customers to work globally using the same database and to generate 
spot colors that meet PantoneLIVE color standards and brand owners' specifications quickly. "We are excited to offer our ever-growing packaging 
community the ability to connect our award winning spectral proofing solution to the platform of choice for brand owners and suppliers," says Victor 
Asseiceiro, Director of the Packaging Business Unit at GMG.. "One of the most difficult challenges facing a converter today is accurate and 
reliable communication of color data between all parties in the supply chain. Pantone is the de facto method of specifying brand colors in many 
industries and its integration within GMG products gives customers the most complete and accurate platform for color proofing and management 
on the market today".

"PantoneLIVE gives highly accurate definitions of the spot colors that customers want, and GMG OpenColor and ColorProof represent best-in-class 
solutions that ensure proof colors are faithful to on-press spot colors," says Iain Trevor Pike, Market Director Pantone Digital. "We are thrilled to add 
GMG to an ever growing list of market leaders like Esko, W&H, Sun Chemical, ColorMetrix and Colorware- all joining X-Rite vision for seamless 
color communication".

PantoneLIVE is a cloud-based, color management service that now maintains 22 generic packaging-relevant color libraries for carton, flexible packaging 
and label applications. The PantoneLIVE cloud has become the preferred site for the world's leading brand owners, such as Procter & Gamble Co. and 
H.J. Heinz Co, for storing packaging color standards.

GMG OpenColor precisely predicts spot-to-process overprint and saves costs by reducing the number of press fingerprints or press trials required and 
reducing lengthy make-readies.  The system eliminates the need for printing combinations of overprints, spot and process through the use of color 
control strips and software that takes into account substrate properties. 

GMG ColorProof has established itself as the most professional software solution for producing digital, absolute color-accurate contract proofs. GMG 
ColorProof contains all the components needed for high-end proofing applications, including calibrations and color profiles. The printing result is 
accurately simulated on the basis of GMG's DeviceLink technology. By connecting several GMG ColorProof systems, the same spectral color data 
can be reliably used for profiling and production at different company locations with consistent results.

Customers of GMG OpenColor and ColorProof platforms have immediate and seamless access to the PantoneLIVE cloud.

GMG - 10/15/2013

Worldwide GMG/X-Rite New for Old Campaign for Old i1 Instruments

GMG, developer and supplier of high-end color management and proofing solutions, has announced that customers who own X-Rite i1 measuring 
instruments can purchase the new i1Pro 2 spectrophotometer for a special price, starting at $1221, as part of a campaign that will end on November 30, 
2013. To get the i1Pro 2 at the reduced price, the old i1 device has to be returned to GMG via an authorized dealer. GMG is offering attractive 
bundles comprising a ProofControl update and the new i1Pro 2.

The i1Pro 2 features new measuring technology that supports the M1 measuring standard. The future ISO/Fogra industry standards - which will probably 
be available from the end of this year - are based on the new M1 measuring standard. To be able to use the new measuring standards, users will have 
to replace their current measuring devices and software by new technology.

The i1Pro 2 devices purchased in the context of this campaign come with a two-year warranty, whereas the warranty period is normally only 12 months.

The combination of GMG ProofControl and i1 measuring instruments has been an indispensable part of daily proof production and verification for years.

GMG ProofControl permits contract-quality verification of proofs in a matter of seconds, making color accuracy objectively measurable - even the slightest 
color deviation on a proof is instantly detected. The latest version supports the verification of spot color and GMG OpenColor profiles.

The aim of the campaign is to ensure that as many customers as possible work with devices and software whose technology reflects the state of the art. 
In addition to which, the new i1Pro 2 devices boost productivity compared to the first-generation devices, since they now operate at a higher measuring 
speed, thanks to the progress made in sensor development.

The latest version of GMG ProofControl supports not only the X-Rite i1Pro 2, but also the i1iO automated scanning table.

GMG - 7/30/2013

GMG Launches CoZone Collaborate

GMG, a leading developer and supplier of high-end color management software solutions, announces the commercial launch of GMG CoZone 
Collaborate, a comprehensive online project collaboration, soft-proofing and approval solution.

The way that jobs are produced today is radically different from even a few years ago. Time pressures and the requirement to work in more mobile and 
dynamic environments mean that people are starting to expect the same from their applications and services. Consumers have embraced cloud-based 
solutions for the storage, management and retrieval of their data whether it be music, photographs, documents or films and they now want the same 
flexibility in the workplace. 

In order to keep pace with an evolving and technologically-savvy customer base, the graphic arts industry needs to adopt these new content management 
and workflow methodologies. Integrating the best of these technologies with the best that the industry has to offer is crucial for print and media content 
providers to best serve their clients in the future.

Recognizing these changes in customer behavior and expectations, GMG has developed a comprehensive web-based platform – GMG CoZone – that 
integrates the cloud and project collaboration with the high-quality color management toolsets for which the company is world-renowned. The first GMG 
CoZone module to be released is CoZone Collaborate.

CoZone Collaborate allows project participants to manage, review, proof and approve graphic arts content and by the end of 2013 - multimedia content - 
within an online Amazon Cloud Service hosted soft-proofing environment. While CoZone Collaborate features a powerful soft-proofing engine, future 
CoZone modules will allow seamless connection to GMG-calibrated hard-copy output devices, delivering an end-to-end color-accurate workflow. 
CoZone Collaborate allows even inexperienced users to collaborate, review, proof and approve content.

The system is completely cloud-based – there’s no software or hardware to install and manage, and users do not require anything more than a web 
browser. GMG have invested heavily in cloud based services so that we can offer a robust, enterprise-level cloud platform accessible worldwide, day 
or night, with a guaranteed service level uptime of 99.95 per cent. Unlike most other solutions, CoZone offers no restriction of the number of users, 
file sizes, or even storage.

Central to the CoZone Collaborate service is an easy-to-use user interface, allowing end-users to be up and running with minimal training. Powerful approval 
and soft-proofing features provide users with a comprehensive yet easy-to-use toolset to mark up, measure, review and collaborate. CoZone Collaborate 
will also offer multimedia file support by the end of the year, further extending collaboration options over static content.

“The way that jobs are produced, and the growing expectations of customers, mean that the industry has to sit up and take note. Adopting a more 
distributed and collaborative methodology that exploits the clear benefits of the cloud when producing content means easier, faster and more 
streamlined output, which is good for the industry as a whole,” says Marcus Wright, CoZone Product Manager at GMG. “CoZone Collaborate has 
been developed from the ground up to address the needs of those looking for a cost-effective, scalable and easy-to-use system for collaborating, 
reviewing, proofing and approving media files prior to production.”

GMG - 7/18/2013

GMG Launches GMG ColorProof 5.5

GMG, a leading developer of high-end color management and proofing solutions, announces it has released GMG ColorProof 5.5, a major update of its 
popular proofing software. 

"Our GMG ColorProof customers continuously expect the highest output quality along with reliable and consistent processes. Errors can be expensive, and 
color predictability is extremely critical," explains Michael Farkas, Director Business Unit Graphic Arts at GMG. "They rely on GMG ColorProof as the 
quality reference in contract proofing which, for them, makes their lives easier. With the world's largest team of color experts and over 25 years of 
corporate experience, GMG understands every aspect of color management."

"Many of the new GMG ColorProof 5.5 features are in response to customer requests for greater performance and usability. Users will not only find much 
quicker startup and job creating times, but some really helpful user interface improvements - particularly within the new Manual Job Manager," adds 
Farkas. "Meanwhile, customers working with packaging will benefit from the enhanced handling of white ink and transparent areas when proofing on 
foil, along with enhanced integration with GMG OpenColor. And, GMG DotProof users will find a much sharper dot along with GMG ColorProof's 
accurate color."

One of the more significant features is an automatic alert. GMG ColorProof often works unattended, printing jobs from hot folders without manual 
interaction. However, there are times when attention is needed - for example, to load paper, calibrate a printer, or fix a job error. GMG ColorProof now 
alerts the administrator when attention is needed. Multiple email recipients can be notified, so the ColorProof alert will not be ignored. This can save 
hours. If an error is not recognized for a few hours, jobs will be queued and a company might miss some deadlines.

A faster version of GMG ColorProof
GMG ColorProof has undergone an extensive rebuild to improve user interface speed. The required time to create a new job from selecting the file until 
ready to print has been cut in half. GMG ColorProof startup time was reduced from 45 seconds to 10 seconds on GMG's test system. GMG ColorProof is 
also available as a real 64-bit setup, more compatible with Microsoft installation and security guidelines. It can allocate more RAM, allowing for faster 

Improvements to the user interface 
GMG ColorProof 5.5 comes with a new Manual Job Manager that offers a toolbar for the most common commands. Job status is clearly indicated with a 
green, orange or red color, giving the operator instant feedback. 

With more new GMG ColorProof features, a Database View offers color-related information such as proof standards and spot colors, while a separate 
view provides configuration settings.

Especially with complex packaging jobs requiring various spot colors, screening settings, gradation curves etc., customers would like to archive settings 
for future reference or to configure the same job again. GMG ColorProof now provides a 'save job report' feature, containing all relevant job information 
and image settings. 

Different proof standards require different strips. For example, GraCol needs an IDEAlliance strip, and ISO coated needs a MediaWedge v3. Configuring 
the color standard with the correct strip is important for correct proof verification, but time-consuming and error prone particularly for dot proofing, where 
strips may look the same although they use different screening. With ColorProof 5.5, strips can be linked to the ProofStandard. Whenever this 
ProofStandard is selected, the correct strip is used, by default. 

Unique new features for more flexibility, quality, and performance
Other ColorProof features have been added to assist with packaging jobs and prototypes:

White Profiling: In packaging, white usually does not cover the entire image; transparent areas let consumers see the packaged contents. With GMG 
ColorProof 5.5, transparent areas of the white channel stay transparent. They are not covered with a simulation of the paper tint. 

Roland Cutting: The cutting option for Roland printers has been improved. GMG ColorProof now offers up to ten preconfigured presets for special blade 
and media settings, along with the most common blade settings. GMG ColorProof now also offers perforated cutting. 

New: GMG ColorProof Remote Proofing Edition
Many larger companies use GMG ColorProof for remote proofing. Proofs can be sent with, literally, three clicks to different remote locations. The 
ProofStandard and calibration technology ensure that the remote proof is identical to the local one. The remote proof file is locked and protected 
against modification, so both sender and recipient see the same thing. Data exchange is based on ubiquitous technologies like FTP, which ensures 
that remote proofing is easily accepted at most company environments and with different security guidelines.

Now, ColorProof 5.5 is available as a Remote Proofing Edition, intended for sites that only receive 'ready to print' jobs from other, full version 
ColorProof installations. This edition costs 20% less than the regular ColorProof. 

"There are many use cases for remote proofing - for example, when a repro house installs a system and also provides ink and paper consumables at the 
print buyer's office. This version is intended for companies that don't want to create jobs at their sites but will receive 'ready to print' jobs from other 
GMG ColorProof installations," comments Farkas. "The administrator can determine whether a system can be used only by one, or more, senders. 
Thus, the Remote Proofing Edition can protect this investment and assure that it won't be used for other proofs."

GMG - 6/26/2013

GMG Announces the Launch of GMG ProductionSuite 2.0

GMG announces the version 2 release of ProductionSuite, an update of the most complete production solution for wide-format printing. Highlights 
include a very easy to use version of SmartProfiler to profile all combinations of printers, media, inks, etc; more powerful Layout tools; and a new 
interior decoration option — along with a new, GMG ProductionSuite Focus edition. 

GMG ProductionSuite offers the entire range of functions required in a wide-format production environment. GMG ProductionSuite is modular, comprising 
of a prepress file Editor, RIP, SmartProfiler and PrintStation. It currently supports over 1,000 output devices. A flexible licensing model permits custom 
installation: from a simple configuration on one computer with only one RIP, one Editor and functions for driving one or two output devices, all the way 
to an extensive decentralized configuration with several editors that can send jobs to over ten printers and cutters. With additional functions, such as 
industrial cutting, true shape nesting, and screen- and variable data printing, GMG ProductionSuite also fulfills some of the more unique requirements 
of wide format printing. 

Updated SmartProfiler 2.0: Same reliable high-quality color management—even easier to achieve.

GMG SmartProfiler is a wizard for the calibration and profiling of all supported print devices without requiring expert knowledge of color management. 
With highly automated SmartProfiler color management, printers get guaranteed repeatability without any need for expert color knowledge – even with 
spot colors. 

ProductionSuite 2.0 features a new, automatic rendering intent. “While most profiling and color management tools may require an operator to go through 
a number of ‘trial and error’ steps to obtain a satisfactory separation, in SmartProfiler 2.0 GMG takes responsibility for building the profile,” explains 
Markus Finkbeiner, Director Business Unit Wide Format Printing at GMG. “It is truly a “smart” profiler, creating the profile depending upon media, ink 
set, substrate, and other variables. GMG’s time and knowledge is definitely built into the product.”

The new SmartProfiler 2.0, which now operates on both OS X and Windows platforms, has a new user interface to make it even easier to get outstanding 
color results. It is one, complete software application to create all profile components, including print mode, ink splitting, calibration and profile. The 
integrated media manager inside SmartProfiler offers a complete, streamlined overview of every profile including, for example, spot color edits. GMG 
Device Link (MX4) profiles are now created on the fly, based upon where the file is intended to be output. There is no longer any need to create 
several printer-media-mode (PMM) combinations for different RGB and CMYK workflows.

Operators can manage the profiles, creating names for parameters such as mode and media that best identify each profile. A new test chart 
generator recognizes the defined media width and measurement device. SmartProfiler 2.0 also creates optimized test chart layouts for large and 
wide format printers. It offers full support internal measurement devices, such as those found in HP Designjet and Epson StylusPro.

“While an expert can deliver acceptable color results with most any color management solution, with GMG ProductionSuite 2.0, anybody can produce 
the same exceptional color results, right out of the box,” says Finkbeiner.

Layout: More flexibility for a wide variety of jobs

With the new Layout feature, GMG ProductionSuite 2.0 will be integrated into even more workflows, producing a wider variety of print products. True 
shape nesting is very easy to program. For example, users can create 100 stickers, rescale them in three different sizes, and nest them by true shape, 
all with just a few mouse clicks. Integrated cut and white support are built in. 

If desired, users can even open a true-shape nested job within the RIP, change the job layout by readjusting parameters such as the amount of images, 
job rotation and cutting information—and then print and cut the job. So, nesting can be created by either the prepress operator or the print operator.

New interior decoration option

Available as a new, additional option, interior decoration can support two significant functions for the digitized creation and printing of textiles and 
wallpapers: colorways and step & repeat. The ProductionSuite Editor step & repeat tool supports all common algorithms for the textile industry. 
Patterns can be moved in any direction. Then, colorways allows several colorations within one job. Similar, multiple layouts can be created in different 
colors on multiple layouts, but with the same, precise step & repeat layout. Most important, with GMG’s color-accurate technology, GMG 
ProductionSuite can assure one delta-E accuracy in textiles from a digital press, no matter when the file is printed. Thus, textiles and wallpapers 
are always color and design consistent, a ‘must’ demanded by interior decorators.

GMG ProductionSuite Focus Edition: Fully functional wide format workflow at an entry-level price 

GMG is also releasing GMG ProductionSuite-Focus Edition, an entry-level price version of GMG ProductionSuite intended for print shops that wish to 
bundle a complete workflow – instead of solely a RIP – at the time of purchase of a new digital printer. The ProductionSuite Focus Edition is a fully 
functioning workflow system, including all four ProductionSuite modules. It also offers the same cutting functionality as the standard licensed version. 
However, it is offered with a one-user license and one printer driver. Upgrades are available to add more printer drivers. Optional modules are not available.

“We wanted to offer small and medium-sized print shops the benefits of GMG ProductionSuite, at a very affordable price,” comments Finkbeiner. 
“Almost immediately, with GMG ProductionSuite Focus Edition, these shops will be able to offer the quality, speed and consistency that a complete 
automated production workflow provides.”

GMG - 6/12/2013

GMG to Reveal Powerful New Features in ProductionSuite at FESPA 2013

GMG, the leading developer and supplier of high-end color management software solutions, will launch GMG ProductionSuite 2.0, the latest version of its 
'all-in-one' production solution for wide-format printing at FESPA 2013 (Booth G50S, 25-29th June, ExCeL, London). 

GMG ProductionSuite is the most complete production solution for banners, POS, displays and vehicle wraps. JDF-compliant, GMG ProductionSuite is a 
single system designed to handle the entire production workflow across multiple devices from fast and efficient file preflighting, PDF editing and job 
preparation through to printer-specific color management and into finishing. The benefits are significant. In addition to optimizing quality, ensuring 
predictable color consistency and cutting waste, GMG ProductionSuite removes inefficient bottlenecks to maximize production efficiency and keep 
digital printers operating at maximum capacity. 

Full details of the important new features in GMG ProductionSuite 2.0, which bring significant new levels of flexibility and functionality, will be announced 
at FESPA. It will be demonstrated by GMG at FESPA outputting a range of wide format display applications on a Roland VersaCAMM VS-640 printer. 
At the HP stand (H80S) the software will be shown for the HP output devices. 

"Launched at FESPA, Barcelona last year GMG ProductionSuite was quickly recognized as a best-in-class production solution for the digital wide-format 
print production market across a broad range of applications. With the launch of ProductionSuite 2.0 this month we add new features that push its 
functionality even further to give users the ultimate in production flexibility," says Ian Scott, Managing Director of GMG GmbH & Co. KG.

GMG - 5/17/2013

GMG Releases GMG ColorServer 4.8

GMG, a leading developer of high-end color management and proofing solutions, announces that it has released GMG ColorServer 4.8, an updated version 
of its popular color management software. 

GMG ColorServer provides superior, easy-to-use, color management. It delivers consistent and repeatable color results to all output processes—offset, 
gravure, and digital print as well as online digital displays. It automates the transformation of RGB, CMYK, spot colors and mixed data to a standard, 
definable output color space. With GMG ColorServer, data from different sources will behave identically on the press. The result is a marked reduction 
in makeready times and paper waste. 

GMG gamut mapping ensures that colors are ideally converted between different color spaces. GMG’s DeviceLink approach avoids drawbacks of 
ICC technology, such as reseparation of the black channel. A completely new set of profiles makes GMG ColorServer 4.8 a plug-and-play solution 
that covers all-important international printing standards. 

“Given the nature of content distribution, while GMG ColorServer is used predominantly for print, we are finding that many companies are also using 
GMG ColorServer for online color, converting files to RGB. Just as brand and product colors must match in a printed brochure, packaging or display, 
they should also reproduce as accurately as possible on a monitor’s web page or mobile device,” explains Michael Farkas, GMG Marketing Director. 

“While we have added many new features to GMG ColorServer 4.8, GMG has two new, particularly helpful tools,” adds Farkas. “The first is the Paper 
Adaptation tool, our solution to help print houses overcome the problems of a mismatch between the paper tint of the proof according to 
ISOcoatedV2, GRACoL, JapanColor or any other standard, and the white point of the actual paper they will print. With this tool you just pick the 
color of your substrate and ColorServer will adapt the data to match the proof. This solves a common problem experienced at almost every 
printing facility throughout the world. Also, GMG ColorServer can now output files from a PDF hot folder directly to any Windows printer”.

Delivering exceptional PDF file conversions
A number of other features for the conversion of PDF files have been updated within GMG ColorServer 4.8. The most significant improvements 
• The separation of spot colors to a late binding CMYK: It is now possible to accurately convert spot colors into a large printer gamut. 
• Improved Image compression: All flattened images can be treated with either ZIP or JPEG compression, considerably reducing file size.
• Revised sharpening is done in the target color space of the last color management step, typically in CMYK, and can be set more precisely. 

Tools to assure color accuracy
In addition to the Paper Adaptation Tool, GMG ColorServer 4.8 contains all new RGB-to-CMYK separation profiles that are now part of GMG 

Features to enhance digital printing
Along with printing PDF files directly to a Windows printer, GMG ColorServer can use the wide gamut of an output device to print spot colors more 
accurately when referring to a calibrated setting.

More control to optimize performance
PDF file processing time depends upon the size and complexity of objects inside a PDF file— along with, of course, the computer itself. The 
input/output performance of the hard drive with temporary data and the number of concurrent PDF processes that must share the resources of 
a computer (CPU, memory, hard drive) can considerably affect performance. GMG ColorServer system settings can define the temporary folder for 
PDF processing, allowing the user to select the drive with the best I/O performance to accelerate PDF processing. The user can also set the 
number of concurrent PDF processes, defining the breaking point where a higher number of concurrent processes won’t provide any additional 

GMG ColorServer 4.8 is available immediately through the company’s extensive global network of resellers.

“GMG ColorProof 4.8 takes an important step into the future of color management. We have been listening carefully to our customers,” concludes Farkas. 
“Not only have we added requested features. We acknowledge that our customers are getting involved in more facets of print—digital printing is 
certainly a significant trend that requires careful attention to color. However, our customers are also offering more online services, requiring their own 
careful color management. Our customers understand that GMG ColorServer is an all-encompassing solution.”

GMG - 5/8/2013

GMG Commits to Digital Print Industries with Proactive Support of Fogra Process Standard Digital (PSD)

GMG, a leading developer and supplier of high-end colour management software solutions, announces that 13 members of the global GMG 
Professional Services Team have already completed the internationally recognised certification DPE, Digital Print Expert of Fogra e.V. (Graphic 
Technology Research Association).

Achieving this certification is part of GMG’s continued commitment in addressing the issues of process stability and output consistency within all 
applications of digital print production. This expertise complements GMG’s ongoing mission of offering the best possible applications and services to 
the digital, large-format and grand-format print markets and allows GMG to offer an extended range of services and customer training programmes 
worldwide. All certified members of GMG’s Professional Service team are authorised to prepare and conduct Process Standard Digital (PSD) audits 
with their customers.

“GMG has long held the belief that an industrially-orientated, standardised process for digital print production is a crucial component for the continued 
growth of all areas of digital print production,” says Volker Wechselberger, Operations Director at GMG. “GMG ProductionSuite, for example, 
produces results complying with the Fogra PSD standard within a single solution: File preparation including file preflight as well as colour 
management and job submission, according to the PSD handbook, is easily performed with just a few mouse clicks. The tight interface between the 
prepress application Editor and the RIP reduces errors and speeds up the entire process in a standardized way. For a digital print services provider, 
attaining Fogra PSD certification delivers the benefits of a faster, more cost-effective production workflow, a higher and more consistent quality of 
output, coupled with reduced costs and wastage.”

GMG - 3/21/2013

GMG Releases ColorMaster 2.0

GMG, a leading developer and supplier of high-end workflow and color management software solutions, announces the release of GMG ColorMaster 
2.0, offering a process-neutral workflow and extremely flexible format for image data storage. GMG ColorMaster 2.0 supplies predefined settings and 
optimized profiles for most popular target color spaces. It also offers a color space that covers all common printing gamuts. 

“ColorMaster helps to provide a color-accurate late-binding RGB-workflow, meaning that images are not converted from their RGB space until as 
late as possible. It is ideal for those who create data from a wide variety of media and printing processes, or who process printing data for production 
in different countries and have to consider different print and online standards,” comments Michael Farkas, GMG director of marketing “It is a solution 
to a problem people have been talking about for twenty years. It offers the right way to work with RGB files in an effective and productive manner.”

ColorMaster is a virtual color space used as a preview profile for Photoshop or softproofing applications. By viewing an image in the ColorMaster color 
space the content originator, typically a photographer, can detect problems in the light or tonal range early and make adjustments—for example, 
changing the light setting or applying color corrections—before storing the image file into the database. Once the image has been retouched within 
the ColorMaster color space, the ‘master’ RGB file can be output many times to any industry standard with confidence of its color accuracy.
ColorMaster is process-neutral and therefore an extremely flexible form of data storage. The workflow concept relies on the interlinking of GMG 
ColorServer for color conversions, GMG ColorProof for the output of hard proofs, and GMG ProofControl for proof verification according to print 
standards. GMG ColorMaster supplies predefined settings and optimized profiles, making it very easy for the user to set up an automated workflow 
to convert images and pages from the ColorMaster standard to any international output standard. It offers a high degree of automation, where 
prepress departments can experience up to 50% time savings. 

Many repro houses and brand owners are still bound to CMYK workflows. There are a number of disadvantages. CMYK databases do not allow for 
sufficient repurposing of images, nor is multi-channel use of images (for web and print) possible. Committing early to CMYK does not provide a quick 
way of rebuilding an image if the printing standard or substrate changes. On press, images built from CMYK databases can produce unbalanced ink 
trapping throughout the press sheet, while early-applied GCR negatively influences grey balance and ink control on press. 

ColorMaster offers the traditional benefits of an RGB file format workflow – consistency of separations for press, more consistent grey balance, and 
total ink coverage and GCR that does not create color-correction issues. However, unlike other RGB workflows, GMG ColorMaster offers viewing 
done on a virtual CMYK color space, which guarantees WYSIWYG for print. The file is either previewed on a monitor with help of the ColorMaster.icc 
profile, or a GMG ColorMaster hard proof is output by simply dropping the file into a GMG hotfolder.

“At IKEA, I was responsible for the process quality of over 200 million catalogues annually. It was imperative to match color exactly, no matter where 
the images were printed or what substrate was used. Unfortunately, ICC technology offered limited capabilities and a static rendering engine,” explains 
Farkas. “The ColorMaster concept was conceived and created between GMG and IKEA to individually adjust separation profiles to a common 
appearance. It offers the opportunity to avoid multiple correction rounds for mixed media production. At IKEA, we not only reduced our repro effort 
significantly but also offered our print service providers ready-to-print images that allowed faster makereadies and more consistent output, worldwide.”

Purchase of a GMG ColorMaster 2.0 annual license, available from GMG resellers, provides a customer access to a pre-configured set of updated 
international color profiles, pre-defined GMG ColorMaster workflows, PDF/X-3 export settings for Adobe InDesign, GMG ColorMaster ICC for screen v
iewing, and a GMG SwatchBook.

GMG - 1/15/2013

GMG ColorProof Now with Windows 8 Support

GMG, a leading developer and supplier of high-end color management software solutions, supports the new Windows 8 operating system with the latest 
Version 5.4.2 of its GMG ColorProof. As a result, the operating systems Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows Server 2008 with 
Service Pack 1 or higher are now supported.

Version 5.4.2, and thus Windows 8 support, is also available for GMG DotProof and GMG FlexoProof. Likewise compatible with Windows 8 is 
ProofControl 2.0, which is used to check the color accuracy of proofs and also verifies spot colors in the new version. Consequently, the complete 
proofing solution from GMG can now be used with the latest operating system from Microsoft.

Users of GMG ColorProof 5.4 and customers having a maintenance agreement can download the new version for free from the Support area of the 
GMG Web site. A chargeable update is available for users of older versions. More detailed information can be obtained from your graphic arts dealer 
or via

GMG - 1/8/2013

GMG and matchmycolor LLC Enter Partnership

GMG, a leading developer and supplier of high-end color management software solutions, announces that matchmycolor LLC and GMG have 
entered a cooperation agreement designed to enhance precision and efficiency in global color management. With its novel approach, this new 
partnership connects all participants in the color supply chain, including brand owners, designers, printers and converters. Applying its own model, 
GMG uses unique spectral color data from matchmycolor to improve the accuracy and quality of color proofs.

Suitable for all print processes, substrates and applications, the combined systems cover every stage from design, through specification, production, 
approval and certification, right to supply of the finished product. Fast, seamless data communication channels are now in place, allowing users 
everywhere in the world to manage color products and transmit information instantly. 

Judy van de Langkruis, Managing Partner, matchmycolor LLC, explains: “Our innovative cloud-based color communication software ideally complements 
GMG color management software. The respective industry players have complete ownership of color data as well as full control over both spot and 
process colors, and this helps them to achieve high and consistent product quality.”

“This partnership allows a more integrated and consistent color workflow with GMG color management solutions for packaging service providers, 
including prepress and designers. Mutual and new customers in the packaging industry will greatly benefit from this close cooperation”, says Victor 
Asseiceiro, Director Business Unit Packaging at GMG.

GMG - 12/5/2012

GMG ProofControl 2.0 Launched

GMG, a leading developer and supplier of high-end color management software solutions, announces it has released version 2.0 of ProofControl. 
GMG ProofControl delivers contract-quality verification of proofs in seconds, and makes color accuracy objectively measurable, immediately 
detecting the slightest color variation in a proof. The latest update supports verification of spot colors and GMG OpenColor profiles, as well as 
improving the user interface.

Using a spectrophotometer (external or automatically integrated within a printer), GMG ProofControl measures color bars in seconds. The resulting 
values are compared with target values stored in the system. All information, such as actual and target values, and the control reports are saved in 
a database, making it easily accessible. For all proofs within tolerance, a small adhesive label is printed. Users typically place the label on the back 
of each calibrated proof, assuring all who read the proof that it is within tolerance. In addition to supporting international standards, GMG 
ProofControl also lets users define their own quality criteria. So, users can define their own control strips, target values, measuring conditions 
and tolerances, which can be used as the basis for verification.

ProofControl 2.0 supports recent technology updates
"While GMG ProofControl still serves customers very well, an update was required to support some of the latest technologies. ProofControl 2.0 
keeps the system's reliability and well-known functionality, but adds new features such as verification of spot colors and GMG's OpenColor profiles," 
comments Victor Asseiceiro, Director Business Unit Packaging. "ProofControl 2.0 also has a user interface that users will find remarkably similar to 
that of GMG ColorProof."

New GMG ProofControl 2.0 features include:
· In GMG ProofControl 2.0, users can also measure and verify spot color strips and OpenColor profiles printed by GMG ColorProof.
· With GMG ProofControl 2.0, there is faster data exchange with GMG ColorProof. As soon as GMG ColorProof prints a control strip, a measurement 
job will automatically appear in GMG ProofControl. Spot color definitions from the proof job and the correct reference are automatically selected for 
each strip. Process control has never been so easy and reliable.
· Easy generation of custom GMG ProofControl standards by importing GMG MX color profiles. 
· ProofControl 2.0 supports the new X-Rite i1Pro 2 measuring device
· A new user interface, similar to the look and feel of GMG ColorProof has been designed for greater ease-of-use.

"The proof is the most important tool for color communication in print production. It plays a decisive role for color corrections during data preparation and is 
also the color reference when approving the printing and for ink control on the press. So, those in the print supply chain need to be assured that the 
proof they are seeing corresponds to accurate tolerances," explains Asseiceiro. "With GMG ColorProof you are already assured of exceptional quality. 
But how do you communicate it? GMG ProofControl confirms that quality to others. It is a key element in a networked and standardized work 
environment. It delivers contract-quality verification of proofs in a matter of seconds, and makes color accuracy objectively measurable."

GMG ProofControl is available worldwide through GMG's network of authorized dealers.

GMG - 2/21/2012

GMG ProductionSuite

GMG is positioning the new application as the most comprehensive production solution on the market for businesses in indoor and outdoor advertising. 
The GMG ProductionSuite is available now from specialty distributors and will premiere at Fespa Digital, February 21 to 24, 2012, in Barcelona, at GMG’s
stand H22 in Hall 3 and at the stands of its partners, JetSet (C38), Roland DG (H30) and Zünd Systemtechnik (P10).

This innovative product targets both GMG’s typical, quality-oriented users, as well as those who put strong emphasis on maximum productivity. United in this
one application, GMG offers the entire range of functions required today in a modern wide-format production environment. GMG ProductionSuite is a 
modular system, comprising Editor, RIP, SmartProfiler and PrintStation. It currently supports over 800 output devices. A flexible licensing model permits 
custom installation: from a simple configuration on one computer with only one RIP, one Editor and functions for driving one or two output devices, all 
the way to an extensive decentralized configuration with several editors that can send jobs to over ten printers and cutters. GMG ProductionSuite runs 
under Mac OS® 10.5-10.7, Windows® XP, Vista and Windows 7.

The GMG ProductionSuite Editor is the application’s central processing unit
Simple, intuitive tools support highly efficient workflows. Users have access at all times to precision visuals that profile output quality. This way, a user 
can monitor every single detail of the end result prior to actual printing and, if necessary, edit work right in the application. The integrated Tiling Tool 
makes it easy in just a few steps to prepare tiled images very precisely for later assembly. One practical side effect: The tedious process of calculating 
scaling factors to determine material input is eliminated, because images are edited right in the final format. The GMG ProductionSuite Editor displays all 
settings required for processing in one main window. It takes just a few mouse clicks to define and position pockets, hems, grommets and pole pockets. 
The Editor even calculates the required number of grommets and, using a simple checkbox, the user can choose to omit corners. By accessing native 
data formats, such as PDF, PSD and AI, the GMG ProductionSuite Editor enables the variable editing of closed file formats. It is just as easy to implement 
a long production run with a number of different motifs, as it is to change individual images, texts, graphics or other elements. Integrated data preflight 
and process automation options round out the extensive range of functions.

The GMG ProductionSuite RIP
The GMG ProductionSuite RIP runs in the background, entirely independently of the work steps in the Editor. Print jobs requiring full computing power 
can thus be prepared while others have already been sent to the RIP. 

To be able to check the final RIPped data prior to printing, the image in the Output Inspector corresponds exactly to the color separations and color 
quantities in the actual print data. 

The GMG ProductionSuite SmartProfiler
Based on definitive color profiles and printer calibrations, the integrated SmartProfiler can identically align several printers of similar type.

One fundamental feature in this connection is the precision processing of spot colors. With this GMG technology, previously reserved for high-end 
proofing, spot colors can be converted precisely to the printer’s color gamut. 

The GMG ProductionSuite PrintStation
Thanks to a user interface that visualizes device- and media-dependent imposition, data can easily be grouped and prepared for production. Individual 
print jobs can be variably combined and optimized so as to ensure optimum material use and cutting sequences. The goal is to greatly accelerate 
order processing and significantly reduce material use.

Additional options 
With its additional functions, such as Industrial Cutting, True Shape Nesting, Screen- and Variable Data Printing, the GMG ProductionSuite also fulfills 
some of the more unique requirements. Licensing an additional option not only expands the functionality of one work station, the option also is made 
available to all other associated main applications.

Rising demands on quality in the wide format segment prompted GMG to enter the market
For Ian Scott, managing director of GMG GmbH & Co. KG, entering the wide format market is a logical step in view of the company’s strategy, which has 
never compromised on the pursuit of quality. “With recalibratable spot colors, powerful editing options and support of some 800 output devices, we are 
now making all our know-how also available to the best wide format producers."

GMG - 2/7/2012

Innovation in Wide Format: GMG ProductionSuite

The color management experts at GMG will be at Fespa Digital 2012 in Barcelona presenting their new GMG ProductionSuite, the company's first wide 
format solution for demanding users. Interested visitors can take a closer look at the new GMG ProductionSuite at GMG's stand (H22) in Hall 3, and 
at the stands of its partners JetSet (stand C38), Roland DG (stand H30) and Zünd Systemtechnik (stand P10). Further opportunities to learn more 
about GMG ProductionSuite's capabilities will be available at the FESPA PRINT SHOP LIVE. In addition, the software company will be showing its 
pioneering GMG ColorServer and GMG SmartProfiler at the HP stand G5.

GMG ProductionSuite comes as a modular system, comprising Editor, RIP, SmartProfiler and PrintStation. With recalibratable spot colors, powerful 
editing options and support of some 800 output devices, GMG is set to establish new standards in quality and productivity.

GMG - 12/16/2011

GMG ColorProof Now with Client-Server Architecture

Version 5.3 of the GMG ColorProof/DotProof/FlexoProof proofing solution is available as of now. The chargeable upgrade comes up with a 
client-server architecture that makes proofing simpler and more convenient than ever. In addition to the GMG WebClient, the new version features 
numerous innovations for a wide range of applications, including remote proofing and production printing.

The GMG WebClient - for greater efficiency and productivity
Via a WebClient, GMG ColorProof users for the first time have the possibility of creating, editing and monitoring proofing jobs from any PC or Mac 
within the corporate network. Consequently, several users can work with ColorProof at the same time. The configuration of spot-color channels, in 
particular, is facilitated and accelerated by the WebClient. The impact of spot-color changes can be seen in a visual job preview. Hotfolders can 
likewise be used from the WebClient.

The status of the individual printers can similarly be checked in the WebClient, including the option of interrupting or canceling a print job. It is also 
possible to keep an eye on several GMG ColorProof systems via a single WebClient.

Higher speed and greater reliability in production printing
Flexible calibration sets for production printers, such as the Roland LEC and VS series, reduce the calibration effort considerably. Calibration sets can 
now be grouped according to printer series, similar combinations of printing media, and printing modes. Consequently, a single calibration can be 
used for different printing and color modes, resolutions and media without any loss of quality.

For layered printing, all printing layers for the Roland VersaCAMM VS and VersaUV LEC printer series can for the first time be configured in a 
single job. This greatly facilitates and accelerates the processing of CMYK, varnish, White and Silver.

Remote proofing is now even simpler and more reliable
GMG ColorProof 5.3 groups printers of the same model series, meaning that proof standards and spot colors can be used on all compatible 
printers. This particularly benefits remote proofing applications, since printers of a single model series with different media widths can be used 
at different locations.

Moreover, GMG ColorProof 5.3 improves communication between the remote systems by FTP connection, as well as by automatic e-mail notification 
following completion of a remote printing job.

GMG ColorProof 5.3 additionally optimizes the use of proof printers with integrated measuring instrument. For instance, media wedges for GMG 
ProofControl Inline are printed and measured fully automatically at the remote location, the remote system being recalibrated if necessary.

Protected remote jobs make for greater security when handling customer data. Only the medium format can be changed at the remote end, all other 
settings being protected against modification. Imported jobs and their settings are only saved for the duration of the remote proofing procedure, 
meaning that custom profiles are used exclusively for the respective proof.

More efficient operation
GMG ColorProof 5.3 also offers other innovations that save time in day-to-day work. For the first time, media wedges for internal measuring instruments 
can also be output with halftone proof simulation. The associated GMG ProofControl standards can be generated directly from the proof standard 
used. Moreover, paper tint simulation can be deactivated when creating a proof. The new "Replace Image" option now makes it possible to replace 
individual images, retaining all the existing settings in the process. In this way, manual jobs can be saved as copy for re-use at a later time. In addition, 
the assignment of individual spot-color channels and the job preview have been significantly accelerated, resulting in generally faster configuration of 
spot colors.

GMG - 10/18/2011

GMG Color Management and Workflows for Digital Print

GMG Americas, the US office of Germany-based GMG GmbH & Co. KG, a leading developer and supplier of high-end color management software solutions, 
will be highlighting color management for digital and wide format printing during SGIA Expo 2011 in a number of partner booths. Highlighted will be the 
GMG Wide Format Solution, encompassing centralized color management and a complete workflow solution for large format digital printing. 

GMG solutions will be demonstrated on four booths. At the Color Management Group booth (#353), the complete portfolio GMG color management solutions 
can be seen. GMG color management solutions will also be on display at Hewlett Packard (#919), Nazdar SourceOne (#609), and Zund (#1235).

New: GMG Wide Format Solution, a complete automated production workflow for large format printing featuring GMG color management 
Identifying a specific need among large format printers for an all-inclusive workflow system with high quality color management, GMG offers the 
GMG Wide Format Solution. The complete workflow includes production automation, color management, preflighting, PDF file editing, real-time 
previewing, output RIPing, as well as cutting and finishing instructions for more than 600 printers and cutting systems. The range of features is 
specifically developed for, and dedicated to, large format print providers, offering all tools needed to complete a job. 

GMG centralized color management for wide format printing: Accurate color for shops with several output devices
Wherever a color goes, it stays that color. Digital and large format printers increasingly expect high color accuracy, repeatability, and colors that match 
those of print media produced by classic printing processes, such as offset or gravure printing. The same applies to companies that operate several 
output devices of an identical or similar type calibrated to industry or in-house standards. Centralized color management with GMG ColorServer in 
conjunction with GMG SmartProfiler is a user-friendly solution for creating color profiles and printer calibrations. GMG SmartProfiler enables any user 
to easily calibrate, recalibrate and profile a wide variety of output devices. Thus, consistent color results are easily achieved across all printing 

GMG has applied this approach for users of HP Scitex printers. HP Scitex large-format printers cover a highly diverse range of applications and media. 
On display at the HP booth, the GMG ColorServer Suite for HP Scitex Printers helps operations that use multiple, similar or identical HP Scitex printers, 
and work under mixed-environment conditions. This customized software bundle includes GMG ColorServer/SmartProfiler and a set of preconfigured 
hot folders and ready-to-use color profiles The GMG ColorServer Suite for HP Scitex Printers optimizes the color results and the productivity of the 
output devices.

“GMG has offered solutions for digital and wide format printers for quite a while. By implementing centralized color management, color is consistent 
whether printed on wide format and other digital printers, screen printers, or traditional presses. This has become increasingly important as print buyers 
have become much more aware and adamant about matching corporate and product colors,“ comments Jim Summers, GMG Americas President. 
“Print providers are getting more sophisticated, raising their demands for color quality and consistency. The GMG Wide Format Solution, along with 
GMG color management technology, offers a complete, high quality workflow package to this market. Our recent product development reinforces 
GMG’s claim that ‘Wherever a color goes it stays that color’.

GMG - 8/9/2011

GMG ColorProof Supports the HP Designjet Z6200

GMG, a leading developer and supplier of high-end color management software solutions, now supports the new HP Designjet Z6200 heavy-duty photo 
printer with the company's GMG ColorProof proofing solution.

The new line of printers from HP offers convincingly higher productivity and was specifically developed for photo labs, digital printshops, advertising 
agencies, design offices and commercial printers. It copes with record printing speeds of up to 140 square meters per hour without sacrificing quality. 
Photo-quality prints with a resolution of 2400 dpi can be produced in this way. The wide range of possible indoor applications extends from line art 
and photo printing, all the way to signage. In addition, many workflows can be automated thanks to the integrated measuring instrument. The new 
HP Vivid Photo Inks moreover offer top-class photo quality, are extremely light-fast, and have a wider color spectrum that makes them suitable for 
difficult photo printing tasks.

GMG ColorProof in combination with the HP Z6200 printer series provides a particularly fast, flexible and efficient solution, e.g. for printing posters and 
POS material, and is also suitable for absolutely top-quality proofing applications, of course. GMG printer control guarantees maximum consistency 
and reproducibility in production in compliance with the familiar, demanding quality standards of GMG.

GMG - 6/22/2011

Roland VersaUV LEC-540 and VersaCAMM VS Now Supported by GMG

GMG, a leading developer and supplier of high-end color management software solutions, has announced that the company's GMG ColorProof 
proofing software now fully supports the new Roland VersaUV LEC-540 printers for digital mockup creation and the VersaCAMM printers VS-300, 
VS-420, VS-540 and VS-640 with integrated contour cutting capability. Besides mockup creation, these printers allow for digital label production 
on various substrates suitable for solvent ink systems.

The Roland VersaCAMM VS series and GMG color management offer players in the packaging and labeling market - including printers, design 
agencies, advertising agencies, repro houses, and brand owners - ground-breaking solutions for prototyping, mockup and small batch production 
of labeling. Equipped with white and metallic silver ink, the VersaCAMM VS series allows for exceptional image effects and quality. With the 
capability to print CMYK, Light Cyan, Light Magenta, White and Metallic ink at resolutions up to 1440 dpi, the VersaCAMM VS series allows for 
unmatched versatility and remarkably rich special effects, offering a whole new metallic color palette. By combining the metallic eco-solvent ink 
with CMYK, over 500 metallic shades can be created.

The UV printer/cutter Roland VersaUV LEC-540 prints CMYK, white and clear coat on a wide variety of substrates including vinyl, PE, PET, BOPP, 
self-adhesive PVS, paper, leather and textile. The LEC-540 also features a table for printing on rigid substrates up to 1mm. The new LED curing 
system enables immediate drying of the ECO-UV inks. The lamps reposition themselves automatically depending on the print modus. This speeds 
up production compared to the other VersaUV models.

With integrated cutting technology, these printers offer a one-step operation (Print & Cut) which is supported by the GMG Print & Cut Option in GMG 
ColorProof. This way, mockups already cut into shape can be created, eliminating laborious manual work such as reloading and accurately 
repositioning the output in a separate cutter.

GMG color management, providing unrivaled quality and repeatability, enables the VersaUV LEC-540 and the VersaCAMM VS series to achieve a 
visual match, locally and at remote locations, with print processes such as flexography, offset and gravure printing - even for spot colors. Compared 
with traditional systems for mockup creation in the packaging and label market, these Roland/GMG solutions deliver highly color-accurate mockups 
at a fraction of current costs.

GMG - 5/12/2011

GMG and Four Pees Announce Integrated Solution for Large Format Production

GMG, a leading developer and supplier of high-end color management software solutions, and Four Pees, exclusive worldwide distributor of the 
PrintFactory software suite, have announced the launch of the PrintFactory GMG Edition, an integrated solution combining PrintFactory and the 
GMG color management solutions GMG ColorServer and GMG SmartProfiler, at Fespa Digital from 24-27 May in Hamburg, Germany.

PrintFactory GMG Edition bundles the PrintFactory suite for banner, sign and super wide format printing with GMG ColorServer and GMG SmartProfiler to 
speed up file handling and preparation and to achieve superb color results. PrintFactory GMG Edition offers a unified production platform to drive all 
large format production in the most efficient and consistent way.

PrintFactory GMG Edition is the most complete production solution for large format printing. It can print jobs as they are being processed, driving more than 
600 different printing, cutting and CTS devices. It has a unique, built-in preflight engine, which makes it possible to check each file that is opened 
against a set of job specific parameters. If a mistake is detected, PrintFactory GMG Edition allows editing or correcting virtually any object element 
in the job. PrintFactory GMG Edition also provides a dedicated LFP job preparation environment, making it possible to easily add folds, seams and 
tunnels, define die cut lines and create tiles and grommets. For recurring jobs, smart templates make the preparation even faster.

Through the integration of the GMG ColorServer color management software and the GMG SmartProfiler profiling and calibration tool, PrintFactory 
GMG Edition not only increases productivity and operator flexibility, it also provides for consistent colors and highest production reliability. GMG 
ColorServer processes any kind of color conversions, fully automatically, in order to obtain uniform color standards. GMG SmartProfiler is the 
user-friendly solution for creating GMG ColorServer color profiles and printer calibrations for Large Format Printing systems. Thus, GMG 
ColorServer and GMG SmartProfiler ensure cross-media consistency while maintaining the same color and print quality.

GMG FlowConnect is the link between the color management solution GMG ColorServer/SmartProfiler and the PrintFactory workflow, enabling 
complete seamless integration. The GMG FlowConnect technology enables job ticket-controlled, automatic and flexible handling of jobs. The 
status of all jobs can be tracked completely in PrintFactory. Once installed, the GMG color management runs fully automatically in the background. 
This results in less training as the operators can still work with their familiar PrintFactory environment, and less manual, error-prone work as all color 
management tasks are automated.

PrintFactory GMG Edition not only helps users to achieve consistency in colors, but also highest repeatability, either in production environments where 
several output devices of an identical or similar type are installed, or in so-called hybrid environments, typically operating with large format and offset 
presses. Users and their customers in the large format printing sectors increasingly expect high color accuracy and colors that match those of print 
media produced by conventional printing processes, such as offset. Consequently, GMG ColorServer automatically converts print data to the 
corresponding output color space, using ISO Coated V2 as reference standard and thus enabling a visual match with offset in large format 
industrial print production.

The PrintFactory GMG Edition is available in two customized versions. The first, for Print Shops, is certainly a valuable solution for all kinds of 
businesses engaged in inkjet-based large format production of indoor communication such as banners, point-of-sales material, displays and 
small vehicle wrapping. The PrintFactory GMG Edition for Industrial LFP suits in very large format production environments with different 
printing processes in use producing indoor and outdoor communication such as billboards, point-of-sales material and large vehicle wraps.

GMG - 3/28/2011

New versions of GMG ColorServer, GMG InkOptimizer and GMG SmartProfiler

GMG, a leading developer and supplier of high-end color management software solutions, is presenting the newly released Version 4.7 of its GMG 
ColorServer and GMG InkOptimizer color management solutions, together with an update of the GMG SmartProfiler profiling and calibration tool to 
Version 1.5. The new versions are characterized by even greater user-friendliness and maximized production reliability.

The GMG ColorServer color management software performs fully automatic color space conversion on RGB, CMYK, and mixed data, in order to obtain 
uniform color standards. GMG InkOptimizer has already been in successful use for several years for automatically reducing the amount of chromatic ink 
used, thereby improving printing properties and enabling cost savings.

New wizard prevents errors
GMG ColorServer and GMG InkOptimizer now feature not only a host of newly revised DeviceLink color profiles, but also preconfigured hotfolders for 
all standard printing conditions. The GMG Hotfolder Creation Wizard helps users to create new hotfolders, using predefined settings provided for all 
international printing standards. As a result, possible sources of error are already avoided when creating workflows.

Web interface for cross-location color management
A standard Web browser suffices to enable multiple users to access GMG ColorServer and InkOptimizer simultaneously to convert PDF files and monitor 
their processing. This makes both software solutions particularly user-friendly and easy to apply.

Ink Saving Report for improved cost control
An Ink Saving Report integrated in the software shows at a glance how much printing ink was actually saved when processing a file with GMG 
InkOptimizer. Statistics are generated for each job, indicating the quantity of printing ink required for each color separation, with and without GMG 
InkOptimizer profiles.

Extended integration of GMG PrintControl for full process control
GMG PrintControl is the easy-to-use solution from GMG for standardizing printing presses and effective process control in the pressroom. Compensation 
curves for the tone value increase from GMG PrintControl can now be used directly in GMG ColorServer/InkOptimizer, in order to perform even more 
accurate color conversion by taking the individual printing properties into account.

Consistent, identical color results through central color management
The combination of GMG ColorServer and GMG SmartProfiler gives users of digital printing or LFP systems, for example, completely new capabilities for 
raising the color quality and color stability of their presses to a hitherto unknown level. GMG SmartProfiler can even be used to create custom color profiles 
for GMG ColorServer, as well as printer calibrations for various output systems. Different front ends, RIPs, and printing presses no longer have to be 
individually configured and synchronized, because color management is handled centrally and entirely by GMG ColorServer/SmartProfiler. The result: 
consistent, identical color results on one or more digital or large-format printing systems and in mixed production environments, whereby color matching 
with ISO Coated V2 can be achieved.

GMG SmartProfiler Version 1.5 offers greater ease of use and dependability than ever before.

Multiple wizards facilitate profile creation
Different wizards assist the user when creating the color profiles for GMG ColorServer and the printer calibrations, making it possible to obtain high-quality 
results quickly and dependably. The software offers extensive predefined settings for specific printing presses and a wide variety of applications, e.g. 
for optimally mapping ISO Coated V2 in the available gamut of a digital or large-format printer. This achieves maximum color accuracy and production 
reliability on any and every output system.

Flexible handling of spot colors
GMG SmartProfiler automatically prepares spot colors for optimum rendering on the press. Channels for varnish, die-cutting formes or white-ink printing 
can be specifically excluded from processing. That guarantees flexible handling of spot-color channels.

Easy adaptation to changed output conditions
Changes in the output conditions, such as new substrates, printing modes or inks, can be taken into account without any difficulty. GMG SmartProfiler 
can be used to create new hotfolders for GMG ColorServer as and when necessary, e.g. if a new printer/material combination is added. Matching 
hotfolder settings are predefined.

Client/Server architecture
GMG SmartProfiler can now be installed on a different computer than GMG ColorServer, meaning that remote applications are also possible.
To be able to cater even more specifically to customer requirements, different versions of GMG ColorServer, GMG InkOptimizer and GMG SmartProfiler 
will be available from now on. GMG ColorServer comes as a full version for all conventional printing processes, or in conjunction with GMG SmartProfiler 
as a Digital/LFP version. GMG InkOptimizer is shipped either with a set of profiles for sheet-fed offset printing, or with profiles for web offset and gravure 

GMG - 3/14/2011

Canon imagePROGRAF iPF8300s/6300s Printers Now Supported by GMG Color Management

GMG, a leading developer and supplier of high-end color management software solutions, today announced that the brand-new Canon 
imagePROGRAF iPF8300s and iPF6300s inkjet printers based on the LUCIA EX 8-color ink system are now fully supported by GMG ColorProof, 
GMG FlexoProof and GMG DotProof contone and halftone proofing software.

The solution is the result of a strong technological collaboration between GMG and Canon and is especially suitable for the photographic, print for pay 
and production markets, covering, for example, the short-run production of posters or point-of-sale material. The new Canon printers have been optimized 
for the range of GMG inkjet proof media to ensure perfect color accuracy and highest production reliability. Therefore, it also delivers excellent contract 
proofing results.

The groundbreaking color management technology implemented in the GMG printer driver provides the best possible repeatability and color match 
achievable using a digital proofing system. For high-end halftone proofing applications, GMG DotProof and GMG FlexoProof produce genuine, absolutely 
color-accurate, halftone proofs by directly processing the original imagesetter data.

The new generation of Canon iPF8300S/iPF6300S printers adopts the LUCIA EX ink system, providing a 20% wider color gamut compared with the 
previous models iPF8000s/6000s and offering exceptional color stability. Furthermore, the printers feature a significantly enhanced production speed, 
whilst maintaining a very high print quality, allowing the creation of high-end contract proofs in combination with the GMG proofing software. Companies 
who require a very high proofing speed, for catalogue production for example, will extremely benefit from the GMG/Canon proofing system now available.

The GMG printer driver for the Canon imagePROGRAF iPF 6300s/8300s printers is available immediately.

GMG - 2/17/2011

GMG Brings Unprecedented Quality Standards to Wide Format Printing Market with HP

GMG, a leading developer and supplier of high-end color management software solutions, today announced that it has signed an agreement with HP to 
jointly promote and market the GMG color management solutions in combination with HP Scitex wide-format printers. In addition, GMG has been awarded 
the HP Graphics Solutions Partner Gold level for 2011.

GMG wide-format printing applications offer outstanding color management. Solutions include GMG ColorServer for fully automated color space 
transformations and GMG SmartProfiler for calibrating and profiling digital and wide-format printers.

Tailored to the specific needs of HP Scitex customers, GMG will offer a dedicated GMG ColorServer Suite for HP Scitex printers as a customized 
software bundle including GMG ColorServer/SmartProfiler and a set of preconfigured hot folders and ready-to-use color profiles. The GMG hot folder 
technology guarantees every user the best possible production reliability and color accuracy, helping avoid errors right from the start. Thus, no expert 
knowledge is needed for the setup of color-managed workflows, regardless of the number of wide-format printers in use. The GMG color management 
solution equally benefits companies that have several similar or identical printers installed, achieving identical quality of the printed output on every 

The GMG solution for HP Scitex printers will be shown in HP Scitex demo centers worldwide, giving more users access to GMG color management 
technology and enabling them to achieve the highest repeatability of consistent color results on every printing system and nearly any substrate.

"We are very pleased that HP, as the major industry player in the digital and wide-format printing business, considers our color management technology as 
the solution of choice," says Paul Willems, CEO of GMG GmbH & Co. KG. "This clearly accentuates the outstanding print quality and degree of innovation 
GMG is offering the wide-format printing segments with its easy-to-use software tools. We are convinced that our common customers will greatly benefit 
from color-managed workflows, helping them to meet their customers' expectations for high color accuracy and colors that obtain a visual match with 
offset printing which very often is taken as the reference standard to measure the print quality."

According to Yariv Avisar, vice president and general manager, Scitex Large-format Printing Division, HP, "Color management is becoming an 
increasingly important part of the wide-format printing workflow as customers look to create a competitive advantage and meet end users' needs for 
consistent, high-quality output. After in-depth testing, HP concluded that the GMG ColorServer software is an ideal solution to meet these needs for 
our customers."

The GMG solution for HP Scitex printers is expected to be available in mid-March.

GMG - 11/29/2010

GMG's Remote Proofing Network is Now Online

GMG, a leading developer and supplier of high-end color management software solutions, officially launched the Internet platform this week. 
The worldwide network of remote proofing locations makes it possible to provide online proofing services in compliance with the GMG quality standards, and 
can be used from now on. Paul Willems, CEO of GMG GmbH & Co. KG, says: "We are delighted to have already been able to recruit numerous professional 
partners for our proofing network. already covers key locations in Europe, Asia, and the USA, meaning that we can literally offer many customers the 
possibility of sending color-accurate proofs around the globe in a very short space of time. We're permanently seeking and recruiting new partners to improve 
the network's coverage even further."

Due to the increasing globalization of the working world, even digital hardcopy proofs today regularly have to be transported over long distances, e.g. by 
courier, if rapid customer approval is needed. That is an expensive procedure in terms of both money and time. GMG is catering to this situation by introducing 
its innovative Internet platform called The new development from GMG was recently even nominated for the "German Printing Industry Innovation 
Awards 2010", making it into the Top 10 in the "Prepress" category. "This clearly shows that we have come up with exactly what people need," says Paul 

The working principle is very simple: via an online portal at, interested users can order a color-accurate contract proof in GMG quality, and 
select a Proofr partner in their area for the job. This partner then produces the proof in the recipient's vicinity, sending it out within a matter of hours. The 
PayPal online payment system is used for payment.

In the opinion of Kristian Wells, Prepress Manager at Think Repro in the UK and Proofr network partner, it is, on the one hand, "no problem at all for a GMG 
user to become a Proofr partner, because preconfigured workflows can simply be downloaded from the Web site, enabling every partner to guarantee 
consistent proof quality. On the customer side, it's very easy to use the online portal, upload data, and select a partner. Since every partner uses the same 
GMG ColorProof proofing software and GMG ProofPaper semimatte 250, the customer can depend on every partner producing top-quality proofs."

Maxime Dumesnil from DLW, a prepress company in Paris, describes the business advantages from the point of view of a network partner: "Many of 
our customers have their printing done outside France. The Proofr community puts us in a position to select a trustworthy partner for our customers at the 
individual printing locations, and to deliver a color-accurate proof to the print provider on the same day. That results in direct economic and ecological 
benefits for our customers. Since transport is eliminated, the costs are lower and the carbon footprint improves." Angela Zoglowek from Oestreicher+Wagner 
in Munich adds: "Being a long-standing GMG customer, it was instantly clear that Oestreicher+Wagner would join the global platform. Proofr is a very good 
opportunity for offering our services in cooperation with international partners. We're pleased to see the network being launched, and look forward to lots of 
international jobs." networks service providers using GMG proofing software with customers around the globe. It creates a network of remote proofing locations that 
use identical technology and comparable equipment to produce identical proofs all over the world. combines GMG's technology for producing 
consistent, reproducible contract proofs with today's capabilities for networking, data communication and payment via the Internet.

The technological principle of Proofr is based on:
* GMG's calibration technology, which harmonizes the printing characteristics of different printers worldwide,
* GMG's ProofStandards, which enable perfect simulation of all important printing conditions on different printers,
* High-quality, globally available proofing media with very narrow production tolerances; an identical white point and identical ink acceptance make it possible 
to print identical proofs anywhere in the world in combination with GMG ColorProof proofing software.

"Since we already use GMG ColorProof ourselves at various company locations, we know for sure that proofs are output identically and reproducibly 
everywhere. That's why we're also convinced that the Proofr partners around the world will deliver proofs of the same, high quality," says Jim Kos from Edge 
Pre media in the Netherlands. "After all, GMG itself tested and certified the proof quality of the partners beforehand."

GMG users can apply to become proofing providers at Customers who would like to use the network in regions where there are not yet any 
Proofr partners, can send their inquiries to, since GMG can quickly expand the network in popular regions.

GMG - 10/1/2010

GMG to Present New Version 5.2 of GMG ColorProof

GMG, a leading developer and supplier of high-end color management software solutions, is showing version 5.2 of GMG ColorProof for the first time at Graph 
Expo in Chicago from October 3-6. Version 5.2 incorporates major innovations such as the integration of the new Adobe® PDF Print Engine 2.5 and support 
of the new Epson Stylus Pro 4900, 7890 and 9890 printers. The packaging market will benefit from a number of improvements to the SpotColor Editor.

GMG ColorProof 5.2 is compatible with the completely new GMG ProofControl Inline module, supporting the recently launched Epson 4900, 7890, 9890 proof 
printers as well as the 7900 and 9900 printers with an integrated measuring device. It provides time-saving, automated verification of contone proofs. 
Furthermore, the interaction of ProofControl Inline and the GMG AutoCalibrationWizard helps to keep these printers automatically calibrated.

Version 5.2 will be available for purchase at the end of the year.

Integration of the Adobe® PDF Print Engine 2.5
The Adobe® PDF Print Engine 2.5 supports the latest PDF technologies and specifications providing, among others, exceptional reliability when proofing 
graphically complex effects created by any application. The most accurate compatibility with Adobe® Creative Suite 5 is guaranteed.

Improved SpotColor Editor
GMG ColorProof 5.2 incorporates new, advanced tools for expert handling of spot colors,  increasing efficiency by saving time and minimizing errors. It is 
now possible to create a spot color database with normalized paper tints. Based on GMG MX-profiles, an accurate paper tint can be applied during the 
process of proofing. A new feature is the ability to export a report showing spot colors, listing the spot color name, CMYK values, the target and current 
values, and even out of gamut colors according to current value estimates.

Support of the Epson Stylus Pro 4900, 7890 and 9890 printers
With the help of the GMG AutoCalibrationWizard and an internal measuring device, Epson Stylus Pro 4900 (17''), 7890 (24'') and 9890 (44'') printers can 
be calibrated automatically without requiring any user intervention. The 4900 printer features a super-wide color gamut for the simulation of saturated spot 
colors and is very suitable for color-accurate remote proofing applications. The unique combination of the GMG printer driver, AutoCalibrationWizard and 
the GMG ProofStandard technology deliver remote proofing with the highest possible reliability and efficiency.

Compared to previous-generation printers, Epson Stylus Pro 4900, 7890 and 9890 printers will certainly impress the proofing market with faster print speeds 
and, therefore, increased productivity.

GMG ProofControl Inline for fully automated proofing
GMG ProofControl Inline is an additonal module for GMG ColorProof 5.2, allowing fully automated proofing and fast, error-free verification of contone proofs 
on Epson Stylus Pro printers with an integrated measuring device.

GMG ProofControl Inline automates selection of the correct target values and manual printing of proof labels within the Epson printer, making this "seal of 
quality" forgery-proof. Verification results can be seen within ColorProof, while measurement results of several GMG ColorProof 5.2 installations can be stored 
in one central database. If proof verification fails, the printer is automatically re-calibrated.

GMG ProofControl Inline is initially available for Epson Stylus Pro 4900, 7900, 9900, 7890 or 9890 printers with an integrated measuring device. Because 
user intervention is limited, the proof system can be successfully installed at sites where people are less skilled or who have little knowledge of digital 
proofing -- for example, at advertising agencies, publishing offices or marketing departments.

GMG ProofControl, the company's well-known quality control software for digital proofs, is still the proof system of choice, consisting of GMG ColorProof 5.2 
and proof printers that do not have an integrated measuring device. In facilities with different types of proof printers, GMG ProofControl Inline can be used 
along with version 1.5 -- or more recent versions -- of GMG ProofControl.

According to Paul Willems, CEO of GMG GmbH & Co. KG, the implementation of the latest features in GMG ColorProof 5.2, "fits the users' growing needs 
for more automated proofing workflows, very easy use of any software, and continually higher demands on productivity -- as time and cost savings are more 
and more becoming crucial factors of company success. We are therefore convinced that our new version 5.2 represents a milestone in this direction 
while delivering GMG's renowned, highest possible contract proofing quality and production reliabilty according to our stringent quality standards."

GMG - 9/30/2010

GMG Color Management Software Ssupports the Mimaki UJF-706 Inkjet Printer

GMG, a leading developer and supplier of high-end color management software solutions, and Mimaki, a leading manufacturer of wide-format inkjet printers 
and cutting machines for the sign/graphics, textile/apparel and industrial markets today announced that the GMG ColorProof proofing solution will be 
available shortly for the Mimaki UJF-706 inkjet printer. This new joint solution from GMG and Mimaki, enabling high-quality contone and halftone proofing 
applications, is being demonstrated for the first time from October 5-8 on the booth of Mimaki 5i-21 at Tokyo Pack 2010.

The strategic partnership of both companies provides highly innovative solutions for high value packaging applications. The latest combination of the Mimaki 
UV UJF-706 inkjet printers, supported by the GMG ColorProof contone and GMG FlexoProof/DotProof halftone proofing solutions, allow for best quality 
packaging proofing on original substrates, creation of color-accurate mockups and label prototypes as well as personalized short run production. White and 
varnish are also supported. The costs per proof or mockup produced digitally in this way are much lower than produced with analogue proofing systems.

Due to the unrivaled GMG color management technology, GMG ColorProof, FlexoProof and DotProof are able to achieve perfect color match, optimum spot 
and process color reproduction as well as the highest repeatability and consistency. GMG FlexoProof is highly suitable for the digital production of mockups 
where the visualization of final print characteristics such as substrate structures or register fluctuation is required. GMG FlexoProof and DotProof process not 
only industry standard data formats, but also the original 1-bit data of the imagesetter RIP. These data are color-profiled, retaining the original screen 
information, and output on inkjet printers in contract-proof quality.

The Mimaki UJF-706, designed for industrial digital printing applications, prints directly on flexible and rigid substrates up to 15cm thickness such as metal, 
tin, acrylics, glass, styrene, PET, polycarbonate, shrink film and PLA, as well as coated and uncoated papers. With the roll-to-roll option on UJF-706, it is 
possible to print on thin packaging film (minimum 0.025 mm) with the highest precision currently in the market.

"The close integration between the Mimaki UJF-706 printer and GMG color management technology represents a great leap forward with regard to our 
partnership and joint customers," says Paul Willems, CEO of GMG GmbH & Co. KG. "The new solution will enable users to implement highly demanding 
packaging applications for high-end proof and mockup production based on any original substrate. The further strengthening of our technological 
collaboration helps both companies to meet the steadily growing challenges in packaging printing such as very short product life cycles and therefore great 
pressure in time during design and approval processes."

Mikio Noguchi, Executive Vice President of Mimaki Engineering Co., Ltd. adds: "Compared to very expensive and time consuming press proofs or analogue 
proofing, we are very pleased to offer the offset, gravure and flexo packaging industry a new time and cost saving complete solution for digital proofing and 
short run production. Due to the advanced GMG color management we are able to guarantee maximum color accuracy, repeatability and reliability in daily 

GMG - 8/23/2010

Roland UV-LED VersaUV LEC-330 Now Supported by GMG Color Management

GMG, a leading developer and supplier of high-end color management software solutions, and Roland DG Corporation, a leading worldwide provider of 
wide-format inkjet printers and printer/cutters, have announced that the GMG printer driver for the UV-LED inkjet printer&cutter VersaUV LEC-330, which 
allows the fast creation of perfect mockups, is now available.

Working together, the Roland VersaUV LEC-330 and GMG color management offer players in the packaging and labeling market - including printers, 
design agencies, advertising agencies, repro houses, and brand owners - ground-breaking solutions for prototyping, mockup and small lot production 
of packaging and labeling.

The VersaUV LEC-330 supports a wide variety of substrates including paper, paper compounds, transparent films, aluminum foils, PE and PET foils, 
plastic, polycarbonate and other rigid substrates which are used for offset, flexography, roto-gravure and screen print production. High-opacity ECO-UV 
White ink is ideal for transparent media, allowing users to print brilliant colors on dark and transparent substrates. With the ECO-UV Clear ink, users can 
simulate gloss and matte finishes, embossed effects, and spot varnishing.

GMG color management, providing unrivaled quality and repeatability, enables the VersaUV LEC-330 to achieve a visual match, locally and at remote 
locations, with the main print processes such as flexography, offset and gravure printing - even for spot colors. It ensures the highest repeatability by 
calibrating target printers within tight tolerances. Furthermore, the simulation of cardboard, paper structure and register variations is supported to achieve 
color-accurate mockups with the VersaUV LEC-330.

Compared with traditional systems for mockup creation in the packaging and label market, the Roland/GMG solution produces highly color-accurate 
mockups at a fraction of current costs.

GMG - 9/11/2009

GMG offers ColorServer Wide Format at Print 09

GMG, supplier of high-end color management and proofing solutions, is demonstrating a new solution for wide 
format applications at its booth (7159) and in the Mimaki booth (4869) during Print 09, in Chicago from September 
11-16. GMG ColorServer Wide Format includes the new GMG SmartProfiler to create printer profiles, and the 
Barbieri Spectro LFP RT spectrophotometer.

With GMG ColorServer Wide Format color management software users easily achieve uniform results across 
different manufacturers and models of printers, along with unrivalled print quality. In addition, GMG ColorServer 
Wide Format also automates color space conversions, normalizing different incoming RGB or CMYK files of 
different standards into a single uniform working color space. Both industry standards and in-house standards 
in a variety of files format are supported.

Resolving a color challenge
As print buyers of wide format signs and displays have become more sophisticated, color management has 
become a more important requirement. Wide-format print buyers are increasingly expecting exceptional color 
accuracy, repeatability, and colors that match those produced by traditional printing processes such as offset or 
gravure printing. Many digital printing and large format systems operate in hybrid environments; for example, 
along with digital and offset presses. There is a clear demand that the prints must look identical, no matter where 
they are printed. Unfortunately, too many printers rely on their image editing skills to output consistent color, 
rather than on the science of a color management tool.

Science replaces skill: GMG ColorServer Wide Format
When printing with different inks (UV, solvent, aqueous, etc.), and different substrates on different machines, 
with different RIPs, centralized color management is the only way to achieve reliable and consistent color results. 
With centrally controlled color management, companies can greatly increase productivity, production reliability, 
and the color quality of printed materials. 

With GMG ColorServer, when an incoming file is received, the file is transferred (or normalized) to one consistent, 
controlled working color space. This easy to edit file is rendered in a broad color space and, thus, available 
for repurposing across different color standards upon output. The files are sent to any calibrated printer, with 
color management turned off in the RIP, to avoid any alteration of color.

Due to the identical color of printed output, flexibility in hybrid production environments is enhanced, because 
the decision of where to send a job for printing can be made at the last minute, with no visible difference in results. 
Ultimately, after the system is up and running, all a user needs is a spectrophotometer and a measuring process 
that virtually any operator can follow. 

New: GMG SmartProfiler makes profiles easily
GMG SmartProfiler is new user-friendly wizard included with ColorServer Wide Format that allows customers to 
easily calibrate and profile different output devices without requiring expert knowledge of color management. 
With GMG SmartProfiler, the creation of individual profiles and printer calibrations is greatly simplified. Sources 
of error are minimized, since the user is guided step-by-step to create a profile, calibrate a printer, and update 
calibrations and linearize printers as necessary.

Measuring color with the BARBIERI Spectro LFP RT spectrophotometer
The final piece of GMG ColorServer Wide Format is compatibility with a spectrophotometer designed to measure 
large printed samples. The Spectrophotometer Spectro LFP RT is an automatic measuring instrument for most 
large format, flatbed, and UV printed materials, both transmissive and reflective. The BARBIERI Spectro LFP RT 
spectrophotometer can easily measure papers, vinyl, textiles, cardboards, plastic plates, gypsum plates, wood, 
glass, stone, ceramics plates and many more materials. It is connected seamlessly into GMG ColorServer Wide 

"In recent years, GMG has earned itself a first-class reputation with its trendsetting color management solutions 
for the graphic arts industry, especially for the traditional proofing business. However, large format printing is a 
growing market segment, which will benefit extremely from GMG's outstanding color management expertise. The 
potential uses for GMG SmartProfiler together with GMG ColorServer are as manifold as are digital and large 
format printing applications. We have no doubt that our new solution will set important quality standards in these
 environments," says Paul Willems, CEO of GMG GmbH & Co. KG.”

GMG ColorServer Wide Format begins shipping in October 2009.

GMG - 8/26/2009

GMG Brings New Color Management Solutions for Proofing, Digital, and Offset Print

GMG brings new color management Solutions for Proofing, Digital, and Offset Print, along with new 
partnerships, to Print 09.

From September 11-16, at Print 09 (myPrint), on booth 7159, GMG, developer and supplier of high-end color 
management and proofing solutions, will feature a first-time public demonstration of GMG ColorProof 
o5 in North America as well as the introduction of a host of other new color management applications. 
Two new versions of GMG ColorServer--one for wide format printing and the other for digital printing--will be 
introduced. Additionally, GMG PrintControl supporting North American standards will be introduced.

GMG ColorProof o5: A new, easier to use proofing system
GMG ColorProof o5 is a major new version of the company's color management software providing the most 
accurate way of calibrating digital inkjet printers to produce digital contract color proofs, precisely matched 
to the printing process, with the shortest ROI. GMG ColorProof o5 builds on industry standards - along with a 
completely new, redesigned user interface - to make proofing easier and accurate for novice and experienced 
users. Using the new interface, 75% of the typical tasks - such as selection of the proofing job, the Proof 
Standard and calibrations - can be handled when files are selected for proofing, without referencing 
submenus. The completely new user interface and software architecture provide immediate visibility and 
access to all important tasks and settings, greatly reducing operator overhead and errors.

GMG Proof Standard technology combines all printer, calibration, substrate, and color setting into a single, 
preset selection. Any deviation from the standard produces a clear error message. Installation and operation 
are so simple that users with no color background can create proofs to tolerance-measured industry 
standards in literally minutes.

ColorProof o5 also includes new capabilities for power users. Calibration sets are easily exported and shared 
with other systems, greatly simplifying multiple or remote systems deployment and maintenance. Load 
balancing distributes jobs among different printers, eliminating workflow logjams while improving printer 
utilization. The Adobe PDF print engine ensures compatibility with Adobe-based RIPs. New hotfolder 
capabilities allow grouping multiple workflow processing steps into a single folder (e.g., RGB data can be 
separated according to a specific separation profile).

Color management for wide format inkjet and digital presses
As digital printing becomes more sophisticated, so has the print buyer--customers are aware of the benefits 
of receiving consistent, accurate color. While digital printers are delivering quality rivaling many offset presses, 
maintaining consistent color quality and matching color to a standard is difficult if not impossible for many 
digital print providers. At Print 09, with the assistance of a new, easy to use, profiling system to calibrate a 
wide range of print devices, GMG will introduce two new versions of GMG ColorServer, one for wide format 
printers and the other for digital press users, to help them achieve accurate and consistent color.

Standardization made easy
With PrintControl, GMG offers printers an inexpensive and very user-friendly solution for effectively setting up, 
controlling, and achieving maximum production reliability through printing process standardization. The highly 
intuitive software allows simple standardization of printing presses and predictable printing results. The user is 
guided, step by step, through the procedures for specifying optimum, repeatable printing conditions, providing 
exceptional grey balance. At Print 09, GMG will introduce a new version of PrintControl supporting American 
printing standards.

Save ink while producing consistent color
GMG InkOptimizer uses sophisticated color reduction algorithms to replace CMY primary colors with black, 
maintaining sharpness, reducing ink volumes and improving print quality - allowing ink savings of up to 25 % 
on the press. Even though images remain identical - both to the eye and spectrophotometers, the amount of 
color ink used is significantly reduced. GMG will introduce a new version of GMG InkOptimizer at Print 09 
further improving workflow integration

Extended gamut halftone proofs
With the proliferation of extended gamut printing and the availability of inkjet printers with extended ink sets, 
GMG will introduce a GMG DotProof option for GMG ColorProof and GMG FlexoProof, supporting its 
reknowned quality of halftoning on extended gamut inkjet printers. With it, users will be able to see how 
spot colors and extended gamut printing will appear on press.

Connecting GMG color management to workflows
Increasing networking and automation of the production environment is leading to growing demand for a 
networked, centrally controllable color management solution in which all process progress can be 
monitored at all times. GMG can permit access to its proofing and color management installations at 
different locations via an intranet or the Internet. GMG color management can be synchronized across 
all locations in order to guarantee company-wide quality standards. The GMG color management and 
proofing functions can be integrated in existing workflows, and during Print 09, the GMG booth will 
demonstrate one such connection.

"GMG's new product introductions and updates to our existing product portfolio clearly demonstrate how 
GMG delivers professional color management throughout the graphic arts process--from creative and 
premedia to all printing processes. Just about any visitor, from conventional, digital and wide format printers 
and converters, to publishers, ad agencies, photographers and brand managers will find the integrated suite 
of products compelling," explains Jim Summers, GMG Americas President. "While GMG has always been 
known for its exceptional accuracy, these new products show how easy to use and affordable color 
management can be. We're bringing manageable color to users at all skill levels."

GMG - 3/26/2007

GMG ColorProof Receives IDEAlliance SWOP(r) and GRACoL(r) Certification

Hingham, MA, USA (March 26, 2007) - GMG, supplier of high-end color management and proofing solutions, 
announces that it has been granted IDEAlliance SWOP(r) (Specifications for Web Offset Publications) and 
GRACoL(r) (General Requirements and Applications for Commercial Offset Lithography) certifications for its 
ColorProof digital proofing solution driving the new HP Z2100 inkjet printer with an internal spectrophotometer-
and Epson series 800 (4800, 7800 and 9800) printers-for all 3 paper types: SWOP # 5 publication, SWOP #3 
high end publication, and GRAcOL #1 commercial. GMG is the first company to receive certification on the HP
 Z2100 printer and was the first company to receive certification for all three possible characterization data sets. 
GMG was the second company to receive certification based on the new SWOP data set requirements.

Until a review this year, all SWOP tests were based upon one paper type and were visually evaluated. There 
were very large tolerances, and almost all applications were approved. These and other factors demanded that 
SWOP re-evaluate and update the certification program. As part of IDEAlliance's commitment to support the 
update of SWOP specifications, the Print Properties Committee initiated a series of research and development 
efforts to provide a scientific basis for modernizing SWOP and GRACoL. SWOP's adoption of the G7(tm) 
methodology strengthened the association's ability to determine the closeness of a visual match numerically. 
Following the G7 methods using spectrophotometry and CTP, the outcome was a new visual-appearance-
based SWOP specification designed to enable printers quickly and accurately to replicate the visual 
appearance of imagery from proof to press. Proofing systems must now conform to these new specifications.

Although GMG ColorProof SWOP certification for Epson printers was still valid, the company wanted to assure 
its customers that the proofing solution was certified to the most recent specifications.  Along with renewing its 
SWOP certification utilizing Epson series 800 printers to SWOP,  certification of GMG ColorProof along with the 
HP Z2100 is a noteworthy accomplishment. The HP Z2100 is the first inkjet printer to feature an integrated 
measuring instrument. Together with GMG ColorProof, the first  proofing software to support the new printer-
and now SWOP certified-the GMG ColorProof/HP Z2100 offers the user significant advantages. Automatic 
GMG ColorProof calibration, monitoring and recalibration of the HP Z2100 ensures that every proof leaving 
the printer meets new, more demanding, SWOP 2007 specifications. This proof can be repeated at any time, 
even on a different HP Z2100 at any other location - prerequisites for increasingly important remote proofing 

"IDEAlliance SWOP, along with GRACoL, continues to be one of the industry's forerunners overseeing industry 
specifications, helping those in the graphic arts supply chain to achieve consistency and maintain quality. Many 
printers rely on SWOP-certified proofing devices," says Robert Weihing, GMG's CEO. "We continue our 
ongoing support of Epson printers, ensuring that our customers guaranteed of meeting SWOP specifications. 
And now, proofing to SWOP is extremely simple with GMG ColorProof and the HP Z2100-with its built-in 
spectrophotometer, even by users with little color management knowledge. With IDEAlliance SWOP and 
GRACoL certification, this system delivers a very attractive option for printers searching for easy-to-use remote 
proofing solutions."

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