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GBC - 10/22/2013

Seal and GBC Join Forces

ACCO Brands Corporation (NYSE: ACCO), a world leader in branded office products, announced today that the two premier brands in print finishing 
solutions – SEAL® and GBC® -- have come together under the ACCO Brands umbrella.

SEAL is now a part of ACCO Brands’ Print Finishing Solutions (PFS) business, which is primarily focused on professional-level products sold to the 
graphics market, including print-for-pay operations and in-plants. SEAL-branded products will be marketed primarily to resellers, while GBC wide-format 
products will be the direct-to-customer brand.

“Bringing SEAL and GBC together creates an unmatched platform for meeting the needs of our print finishing solutions customers,” said Rick McCallion, 
vice president, Integrated OEM and PFS, ACCO Brands. “Print finishing customers will benefit from the combined expertise of our engineering, technical 
service and distribution operations, and we plan to continue to invest in product innovation under both brands.”

GBC - 3/27/2013

GBC to Unveil New Spire Line of Wide Format Laminators at ISA

GBC (ACCO Brands) announced today that the ISA show will be the launch of Spire, a brand new line of feature-rich wide format laminators 
debuting at breakthrough price-points. Eight new modular-designed units will be released throughout the year in Spire I, II, or III platforms at prices 
never before seen in the market.

Enhanced capabilities and durable all steel construction make Spire wide format laminators a tremendous value for any finishing provider. Available 
in both thermal and cold versions in widths from 44” to 64”, they promise a low cost, high productivity solution to meet the finishing needs of operators 
at any skill level.

The Spire Line offers the application versatility and labor saving benefits of more costly finishing equipment, without the high price tag. All models are 
equipped with the laminating and mounting features needed to create profitable trade show graphics, backlit and rigid displays and vehicle graphics. 
Spire operators will benefit from:
• Capability to mount to thicker substrates
• Fast finishing at variable speeds of up to 30 fpm
• Highest quality output without silvering or lines
• Intuitive, accessible control panel for easy adjustments
• Durable, all steel construction
• No hassle film loading
• Easy, custom configuration with optional add-ons

Bob Elliott, Product Manager for GBC Lamination Equipment says of the new line, “These laminators are going to redefine what operators can accomplish 
for a much lower investment. Print providers can get into wide format laminating and mounting at a fraction of former costs. And the sleek, refined design 
of the machine looks and feels like machines that demand a much higher premium in the market.”

GBC - 10/4/2012

GBC Introduces 640t-1 Top Heat Assist Laminator

GBC, the market leader in document finishing, is introducing an updated version of the already popular GBC 640t high production laminator. The new 
model, the GBC 640t-1, can now be used with standard household current (110-120 volts) with the same mid- to high-volume levels as the previous 
GBC 640t at 220 volts. This is an excellent opportunity for commercial printers, quick printers, in-plant printers and sign and banner shops to easily 
incorporate this laminator into their finishing solution process without having the extra cost of changing the power in their location.

Speed, improved productivity and high quality output are the basic customer requirements in today’s print finishing shops. The GBC 640t-1 features 
roll-to-roll lamination for increased productivity, top roller with heat assist to activate the adhesive for faster speeds, faster cure time and improved 
lamination quality. The laminator provides optimum operator safety and advancements for ease of use.

The GBC 640t-1, targeted for the entry to mid market level, laminates and mounts pressure sensitive films and adhesives up to 61” wide at speeds 
up to 16 feet per minute. Now, with the capability of operating on 110-120 volt power, more print/finishing shops will be able to utilize this production 
quality laminator to its fullest.

The GBC 640t-1 wide format laminator was designed to increase sales and profits for the sign and graphic print marketplace by creating a fast, high 
quality, easy to use wide format laminating solution. Whether the application is trade show graphics, vehicle graphics, POP displays, backlit displays, 
window signage, floor graphics, rigid displays, or any indoor/outdoor signage, the graphic print market can rely on GBC to have the right equipment 
and supplies to match all of your customer’s applications.

GBC - 9/11/2009

GBC to Introduce Two New Laminators that Save Time and Increase Productivity

GBC, the market leader in document and print finishing, will be introducing the newest generation of cold, 
pressure-sensitive laminators in the GBC booth # 213 at Print ‘09, held at McCormick Place in Chicago, IL on 
September 11–16, 2009. GBC is set to unveil later this month two new wide format roll laminators, the 640t and the 
2064Ct, for mid-to high-volume production at sign and banner shops, commercial printers, quick printers, and 
reprographic shops. Both laminators are designed to answer the increased production needs of the heat-sensitive 
wide format digital marketplace, and are ideal for solvent and eco solvent printed media and UV printed adhesive 
backed vinyl materials.

The 2064Ct is priced at $17,995 and the 640t is priced at $7,195.  Both laminators will be available to order in 
early to mid October.  The price includes free one-year onsite service.  Call 1-800-723-4000 or go onto or contact your local GBC sales representative.
Coupled with the release of the new line of roll laminators, GBC is also launching a new training program called 
Onsite Operator and Process Training, designed to maximize productivity of the operator, reduce waste and 
improve workflow. This training will be highlighted and demonstrated on the new 2064Ct wide format roll laminator 
at Print 09 in Booth # 213 in which there will be six 15 minute training demonstrations held daily.

Speed, improved productivity and higher quality output are the basic customer requirements in today’s 
production shops. The 640t and the 2064Ct both feature roll to roll lamination for increased productivity, top 
roller with heat assist to reduce curing time and improve lamination quality and production speeds. 

The 640t, targeted for the entry to mid market place, does the job others in this same class can’t. It laminates
 and mounts pressure-sensitive films and adhesives up to 61” wide at speeds up to 16 feet per minute to allow 
the user to finish prints quickly and easily.  The most unique feature of the 640t is that it offers roll to roll 
capabilities for increased productivity and profits.

The 2064Ct is a high production level machine designed to laminate and mount applications up to 64” wide 
and operate at speeds up to 30 feet per minute for maximum productivity, making the 2064Ct the fastest wide 
format roll to roll laminator on the market today. With safety and versatility in the forefront, the three-part 
advanced electrical safety system provides unsurpassed operator safety while allowing maximum control during 

The 640t and 2064Ct wide format roll laminators were designed to increase sales and profits for the sign and 
graphic print marketplace by creating a fast, high quality, easy to use wide format laminating solution. Whether 
the application is trade show graphics, vehicle graphics, POP displays, backlit displays, window signage, floor 
graphics, rigid displays, or any indoor/outdoor signage, the graphic print market can rely on GBC.

GBC - 6/2/2008

GBC Sets Guinness World Record with GBC 8500HS Cyclone Laminator at drupa

GBC Commercial Laminating Solutions Group, part of ACCO Brands Corporation and world market leader in print 
finishing equipment and consumables, successfully achieved a new Guinness World Record at drupa 2008 by 
setting the fastest time for laminating 102,2 square metres of paper,- size 70 x 100 cm in just 40,53 seconds. 
The new GBC 8500HS Cyclone laminating system and GBC High Bonding Strength (HBS) film - both debuted 
at drupa - were put to the test in this first-ever laminating challenge. The well-attended event took place on 
June 2nd at GBC's stand D05 in Hall 11. Gareth Deaves, an adjudicator from the Guinness Book of World 
Records, confirmed the time of the lamination run and presented an award to the jubilant GBC team. 

This extraordinary technical endeavour began with the “go” signal when the first sheet entered the laminator. 
Only the portion of the paper surface actually covered by the laminating film was measured. The clock was 
stopped when the last sheet to complete the 100 square meters exited the laminator. Witnesses and the 
adjudicator from the Guinness Book of World Records verified that the sheets were properly laminated, 
without creases or air pockets, and that the total laminated surface was at least 100 square metres. 

Ron Butterman, GBC Director of Marketing, comments: "We are extremely proud of Mark Elman, Glenn Koepke, 
Tony Mertlik and all the talented engineers on the team for their efforts to develop this world-class laminator. 
Thanks to their skills, we have attained this new Guinness Book of Records milestone - and also provided a 
convincing demonstration of how printers can finish their own output in record time."

The GBC 8500HS Cyclone is a commercial laminator designed for single-sided lamination of high-volume 
print runs. Running at speeds up to 150 m (500 ft) per minute, this system can cut production time by one-half 
or more without sacrificing accuracy, control, and quality. Its generous 112 cm (44 in) width offers versatility 
and also lets users run prints landscape-wise, further increasing productivity.

A high-precision MABEG feeder, known worldwide for its powerful and reliable accuracy, controls the feeding 
and transport of printed sheets. A unique suction cup configuration allows the MABEG to consistently feed 
up to 18,000 sheets per hour.

Built for speed
The key to the GBC 8500HS Cyclone’s high-speed, high-quality output is innovative new technology that 
improves adhesion at ultra-high speeds, and then separates each sheet accurately without tearing or slowing 
the process.

With precise controls and strong adhesion at extremely high speeds, the GBC 8500HS Cyclone also delivers 
maximum efficiency. Operator friendly, it is easy to quickly configure job settings from feeding through stacking, 
including paper movement, sheet overlap, speed, film tension and separation. Job parameters can also be 
retained in memory for recurring jobs. A touch-screen control monitor reports productivity by shift, day and job, 
including film used and time remaining on the job.

Consistent adhesion
During the Guinness World Record event, the GBC 8500HS Cyclone impressed the visitors with its innovative 
new technology that ensures consistent adhesion when running at ultra-high speeds. An efficient closed-loop 
water heating system enables the laminator to maintain a stable operating temperature, even on long runs. After 
leaving the laminator, an electronically controlled, motorized decurling bar removes excess curl in the laminated 
sheets for consistently flat output.

At the system’s separator, a track-mounted snapping assembly remains stationary while running and maintaining 
its grip over the entire sheet. The result is clean, accurate separation and optimal reliability. 

Laminated sheets produced on the 8500HS Cyclone during the world record attempt were distributed to the 
visitors during the world record attempt.

GBC - 5/29/2008

GBC Introduces 8500HS Cyclone for Ultra High-speed Lamination at drupa 2008

Addison, IL, May 29, 2008 - GBC, an ACCO Brands (NYSE: ABD) business and market leader in the 
manufacturing and distribution laminating equipment and supplies, is unveiling their fastest and most advanced 
commercial laminating system at drupa 2008 in Dusseldorf, May 29 - June 11. Running at speeds up to 500 ft. 
(150 m) per minute, the GBC 8500HS Cyclone offers greater productivity than any other system in this market. 

Besides its astounding speed, the 8500HS Cyclone can accommodate sheet widths up to 44 in. (112 cm). 
Three models are available for sheet lengths of 31 in. (79 cm), 44 in. (112 cm), and 56 in. (142 cm). At drupa 
2008, GBC will be running the 56 in. model. 

The technologically advanced 8500HS Cyclone includes an integrated high-speed MABEG® feeder that can 
run up to 18,000 sheets per hour. MABEG feeders are known worldwide for their reliability and accuracy. 

State-of-the-art engineering developed GBC’s new Advanced Adhesion Mechanism that will be seen for the 
first time at drupa 2008. Located in the lamination unit of the 8500HS Cyclone, this mechanism is designed to 
improve bonding at all speeds. 

After prints are laminated, they are separated with the aid of a track-mounted snapping assembly that remains 
stationary while running and maintaining its grip over the entire sheet. The result is clean and accurate 
separation of prints before they enter the stacker.

A single operator can easily control all critical functions of the 8500HS Cyclone from one of the two touch-screen 
monitors that have been strategically placed on the system. At the main screen, the operator can quickly 
configure job settings including sheet length, speed ratios, film tension and separation. Job parameters can be 
stored in memory for recurring jobs.

At drupa 2008, the GBC 8500HS Cyclone will be running GBC’s new High Bonding Strength (HBS) Film. This 
single-sided commercial laminating film is designed for superior adhesion while running at extremely high speeds.

GBC - 8/2/2006

GBC Adds to its SignMaker Series

GBC Professional has added the Falcon 3064WF, the 2080WFt as well as the SignMaker 44, part of the 
SignMaker series of versatile laminators for flexible signage to its product line.

"Significantly, we recognize the real need in the wide-format sector for innovative lamination systems and films 
to complement increased standards of high quality wide-format print," commented Giel Klinkers, European 
Marketing Manager at GBC Professional. "The print market today is demanding something extra, something 
special. Our systems are designed to provide a finishing solution for both litho and digital print at a very high 
standard using a choice of innovative films and surfaces for customers looking for added-value affordable solutions. 
GBC Professional is committed to providing the printer and enduser with new and creative options for high quality 
finishing of signs, displays, posters, banners, graphics, pop-ups & roll-ups."

The Falcon 3064WF professional hot laminator is designed to laminate and mount graphics up to 1.6m wide for 
trade show graphics and POP displays in a production-environment. This system can run both thermal and cold 
finishing jobs consecutively for maximum productivity based on its bi-directional capabilities. Safety and versatility 
are the hallmark of the GBC 3064WF installed with GBC’s new, three-part Advanced Electrical Safety System 
providing optimum operator safety whilst allowing maximum control during lamination. The 3064WF works with 
GBC’s new Octiva textured satin and Octiva lo-melt Light Barrier. 

Another new wide format solution is the 2080WFt - a versatile cold cost-effective professional laminator with a 
top-heated roller up to 150C and a variety of features not common to other laminators in its price range. 
Designed to laminate film up to 2.0m width for both rigid and flexible displays, the 2080WFt has a unique 
Dynamic Braking System incorporating an electronic eye on a nip roller along with advanced programming to 
trigger an immediate roller stop. GBC Arctic Pressure sensitive and Arctic Mounting films work beautifully on this 
system developed to manipulate extra wide graphics. The 2080WFt is the choice of laminating system for increased 
capability and profit.

The extra width of the Signmaker 44, part of the Signmaker series, enables the production of store signage, 
window graphics and vinyl banners for short-term outdoor use. Laminating with a choice of film including GBC’s 
AccuShield patented, dry-transfer process, the Signmaker 44 offers durable protection without the process 
inconvenience of liquid coatings. The solution is very user-friendly and allows for fast and efficient production. 
The Signmaker 44 can also be used as a cost-effective top-heated cold laminator up to a maximum-width of 
1.09m at a max speed of 2m/minute.

Ideal films to be used with wide-format lamination systems include GBC’s new Octiva textured satin film - a 
scratch resistant, non-glare thermal film for professional display graphics. Designed to add depth and cut glare 
and reflections in brightly lit spaces, the Octiva comes in two thicknesses 75 and 250 micron, increasing the 
variety of applications to include back wall graphics for trade shows as well as rolled display banners and flexible 
stands. The Octiva lo-melt Canvas is supremely compatible with Inkjet and Digitally Photo-Imaged Prints for 
professional quality graphics. This film also simulates the surface of canvas and provides UV protection. The 
Octiva lo-melt Canvas is therefore ideal for portraits and art reproductions and can add artistic flair to retail signage 
and photographs.

GBC - 2/13/2006

GBC® And Canon Partner To Enhance Canon's Award-Winning Line Of Multifunction Devices

Northbrook, IL, February, 2006-- GBC, an ACCO Brands company (NYC: ABD) and market leader in the 
manufacturing and distribution of laminating and binding products, and Canon U.S.A., Inc., the nation's market 
share brand leader in black-and-white and color copier solutions*, have announced the launch of Canon’s 
Professional Puncher-A1, a new in-line punching solution that is compatible with Canon’s new imageRUNNER® 
7105, 7095, 7095 Printer, and 7086 Digital Imaging Systems.  Developed in partnership with GBC, the Canon 
Professional Puncher-A1 is a fully-integrated punching solution with interchangeable die sets for six popular 
binding styles: CombBind®, ColorCoil, WireBind, three-ring, VeloBind®, and ProClick®.

Designed to streamline the document production process, the Canon Professional Puncher-A1 produces 
perfectly punched output at the rated system speed of the printer. The selected printers run at speeds of 
105ppm, 95ppm, and 86ppm (based on letter-sized paper).  A key feature of the Professional Puncher-A1 is 
easy job setup for in-line punching in both walk-up environments from the product’s graphical user interface 
and networked computers through Canon’s intuitively-designed print drivers. "In this market segment, this is 
the only in-line punching solution that can keep pace with the system and produce ready-to-bind documents 
without manual activation," says Gideon Schlessinger, Vice President of Marketing/Product Technology and 
Development, for GBC. "This solution creates substantial value by making the entire process much more 
efficient, allowing one operator to manage a much faster and automated system from printing to creation of 
bind-ready document sets."

"As Canon continues to build its presence in the mid-to-higher-end digital production space, advanced in-line 
finishing capabilities will be critical to our success," said Sam Yoshida, director and general manager, Corporate 
Systems Division, Canon U.S.A.  "Through our partnership with GBC, we feel that users will be able to better 
leverage Canon’s new imageRUNNER devices in true digital production environments."

This product is available through authorized Canon dealers. Visit for more information.

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