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Fujifilm - 10/17/2014

Fujifilm Introduces The the Inca Onset R40i

FUJIFILM North America Corporation, Graphic Systems Division, in collaboration with Inca Digital, will showcase the all-new Inca Onset R40i, with the 
Hostert full automation system, on the show floor at SGIA Expo 2014 in Las Vegas. 

The Onset R40i is the latest addition to the Onset family of high performance, UV flatbed presses. The R40i makes its North American debut at SGIA in 
Fujifilm booth # 2454, with live demonstrations throughout the show. 

Utilizing FUJIFILM Dimatix print heads, the R40i delivers a 14-picolitre drop size over a genuine 4,300 ft2/hr. This translates to 80 full bed sheets (5’ x 10’) 
of high quality, sellable output. Based on the Onset Scaleable Architecture platform, the new Onset is available with a variety of configurations (CMYK, Lm, 
Lc and white), with customers being able to configure their press as a 4, 6, or 8 channel press at time of order or upgrade in the field as their needs change 
over time. 

“Fujifilm is the exclusive global distribution partner of Inca Digital, and we are thrilled to feature the R40i on the show floor at SGIA 2014,” said Becky 
McConnell, associate product marketing manager, FUJIFILM North America Corporation, Graphic Systems Division. “Also, adding the Hostert full 
automation system allows print providers to see how they can significantly increase productivity and reduce costs.”  

Onset can print on media as large as 123.6” x 63” and up to 2” thick at the rate with near offset like print quality.  

Like all Onsets, the R40i is shipped with Inca Digital’s exclusive Print Run Controller (PRC) software. PRC helps customers manage larger and more 
complex printing projects which require many different pieces and quantities to be run in an automated fashion. 

The R40i maintains the same intelligent design features of the existing Onset series, including a 15-zoned vacuum table, a UV sensor system, and 
mechanical substrate detectors, which help maintain productivity, print quality, and reliability. 

Automation Options
The R40i is compatible with Inca Digital’s flexible automation system, allowing customers the choice to operate manually or with semi or 
three-quarter automation. On the show floor at SGIA, attendees will see the R40i running with the Hostert full automation system.  

The Hostert Automatic feeder is an efficient automatic substrate feeding and alignment solution. Integrated tightly with Inca Digital’s takeoff system, 
this combination allows for continuous printing onto a variety of substrates/sizes commonly utilized within the display, POP and sign markets.

Fujifilm - 10/14/2014

Fujifilm's All New Acuity Premieres in the US

FUJIFILM North America Corporation, Graphic Systems Division will debut on the show floor at SGIA Expo 2014 the Acuity F, an all-new dedicated UV 
flatbed designed specifically for the display and signage market. 

As the newest flatbed press to join the Acuity platform, show attendees visiting Fujifilm booth # 2454 will see the Acuity F produce exceptional print 
quality at speeds over 1,668 ft2 per hour.

The Acuity F, typically configured with six colors + white, maintains all the advantages of the popular and successful Acuity line-up, including near-
photographic image quality, versatility and ease of use; but also has been optimized for the efficient and high speed production of rigid media applications.  

NGS Printing, an Elgin, Illinois-based print provider is the first location in North America to purchase the Acuity F flatbed UV press. 

"The Acuity F is a great blend of ultra-high quality and speed.  We look forward to expanding our capabilities with this new press," said Erik Landrowski, 
COO, NGS Printing.  

Highlights of the Acuity F include the dual print zones, each with its own vacuum system which can be used independently to allow printing on substrates of 
up to 3.05m (120 inches) x 2.5m (98.5 inches), 50.8mm (2 inches) thick. Non-stop production is possible as one board can be staged while the other is 
being printed. 

The Acuity’s true flatbed architecture supports the broadest range of rigid media, including irregular shapes, heavy, smooth or pre-cut materials up to two 
inches thick. It also allows for the production of multi-layered applications, double-sided or large prints over multiple boards in perfect register, and edge-to-
edge printing. 

The print performance of the Acuity F is optimized by Fujifilm’s uniquely formulated Uvijet inks. Incorporating the proprietary ‘Micro-V’ dispersion 
technology consistently delivers wide adhesion, superb color vibrancy and excellent durability in every print.  

“The addition of registration pins on the all-new Acuity F allows for quick and easy positioning, plus the stronger vacuum helps with more difficult substrates 
like corrugated material. In addition, the Automatic Maintenance System (AMS) for the print heads helps automate maintenance, maximizing productivity,” 
said Heather Roden, associate product marketing manager, FUJIFILM North America Corporation, Graphic Systems Division. “With the Acuity F, we 
focused on achieving higher performance without sacrificing the print quality that customers expect from the Acuity.”

Fujifilm - 9/23/2014

Fujifilm Announces Workflow and Software Updates

FUJIFILM North America Corporation, Graphic Systems Division is focused on Graph Expo 2014, and will feature live presentations and interactive 
demonstrations of workflow and software within their “Now You Can” themed booth.   

Fujifilm understands that workflow is a crucial function that sits at the heart of every print operation, whether offset, digital or a combination of the two. 

Fujifilm’s XMF Workflow version 6.1 will premiere at Graph Expo. This newest version is one of the first systems to utilize Adobe’s scalability framework, 
known as ‘Mercury RIP Architecture,’ to increase speed and performance.  XMF Workflow is a powerful and flexible production hub that is built around 
PDF and JDF technologies, along with Adobe APPE technology, to offer a rich set of capabilities in pre-flighting, color management and automated 
imposition. XMF Workflow streamlines a print facility by automating the work for greater efficiency and productivity, and it’s CIP4 certified.

Fujifilm will also debut on the show floor XMF Remote version 10.1, which is now 100 percent HTML5.  XMF Remote is a powerful job submission/job 
approval tool, allowing XMF Workflow users the ability to offer their customers online job upload, pre-flighting, proofing, and approval abilities. XMF 
Remote enhances the efficiency for expediting the approval process, and streamlines production.

Fujifilm - 8/18/2014

Fujifilm Integrates Pressero with XMF Workflow and XMF Remote

FUJIFILM North America Corporation, Graphic Systems Division announces an agreement with Aleyant Systems, LLC, highlighting their flagship 
product Pressero with eDocBuilder, complimenting Fujifilm’s workflow strategy and portfolio of products. 

Pressero is a next-generation Web-to-print e-commerce system offering marketing-oriented websites, online print ordering, file transfer, proofing, 
order management, approval, order, and production status.

“Working with Fujifilm is very exciting for us because of the focus and success they have in so many different print segments including the wide 
format, commercial print, screen printing and packaging segments,” said Greg Salzman, president, Aleyant Systems, LLC. “We look forward to a 
long and mutually beneficial relationship with Fujifilm.”

Pressero customers are able to create multiple Business-to-Business (B2B) storefronts uniquely tailored for each of their customers. When logged in to 
their storefront, only their print products will be seen; offering an unlimited number of products, variable data templates, and user accounts. Pressero is 
also equipped with industry-leading, professional B2C sites for selling and promoting products to the general public. All sites have real-time price 
calculation as well as integration to all major US shippers.

Pressero software owners are able to customize the buying experience for their customers, including options for user interface, branding, pricing, shipping 
and payments.  Pressero also has the ability to create approval workflows, including multi-level permissions.  

Pressero’s retail storefronts, also known as B2C storefronts, are used to harness the sales and marketing potential of the Internet, enabling the sale of 
print services to anyone online, at any time of day. The Aleyant Pressero storefront system supports the creation of a customizable retail storefront. 

“This is a win-win situation for Fujifilm and Aleyant Systems, LLC,” said Jason Kammes, business development manager, FUJIFILM North America 
Corporation, Graphic Systems Division. “It’s a great solution with our portfolio of workflow solutions, including Fujifilm XMF and XMF Remote, and offers 
a low cost of entry web-to-print solution with unlimited B2B and B2C support. Pressero is simply a great solution for our wide range of customers.”   

Fujifilm and Aleyant Systems have worked closely together to fully integrate Pressero and Fujifilm XMF Workflow, providing users a seamless workflow that 
takes jobs all the way from the web through production. 

“We are very happy to work with Fujifilm; it has been great working with their team to offer our customer’s a great web-to-print/workflow solution with a 
retention rate of nearly 100%, Pressero is a great fit to so many users,” stated Greg Bane, Pressero channel manager, Aleyant Systems, LLC.

Fujifilm - 7/24/2014

Fujifilm’s Wide Format Solutions Engage Attendees at Technology Summit in Kansas City

FUJIFILM North America Corporation, Graphic Systems Division recently hosted another in its series of successful Technology Summits in Kansas City, 
sharing innovative wide format technology solutions with a record number of attendees. 

Invited guests gained in-depth knowledge of wide format applications, and opportunities to serve this growth market.  Presentations included insights 
into different substrates used to create wide format displays as well as software and finishing solutions. Attendees experienced hands on demonstrations 
of Fujifilm’s wide format solutions, including the Inca Onset S40i and Q40i; the Acuity Series of flatbeds; the Acuity LED 1600; the Uvistar Pro-8W; the 
Esko Kongsberg Cutting Table iXP24; and ColorGATE RIP software. In addition to interactive technology demonstrations and a lively and informative 
user panel Q&A session, other highlights included presentations by John Mills, CEO, Inca Digital; Steve Bennet, vice president, Esko, digital finishing 
business; and Tim Greene, director of wide format, Info Trends. 

Tim Greene provided a broad industry view on trends in the marketplace, and during his presentation, titled “Moving to Inkjet: Where, Why, When?” 
Greene shared numerous industry statistics, including data showing that wide format digital is a growth market with better profit margins than other print 
markets.  Specifically, shops that are in wide format reported 6.5% year-over-year revenue growth, compared to shops that are not in wide format 
reported 4.9% growth. Additionally, Greene says shops that are in wide format report a net income of nearly 20% higher than non-wide format shops. 

The customer user panel featured three Fujifilm customers sharing their real-life experiences with Fujifilm solutions. David Leavey was a panelist, and his 
Merriam, Kansas-based print company, Creative Printing, is a family-owned and certified woman-owned business. For the duration of their near 50 
year existence, they have continued to expand and invest in technologies at their 58,000 square foot facility.  Leavey shared his perspectives on 
printing all types of display graphics on a wide variety of materials as well as insights on his selection criteria for wide format equipment.   “Quality and 
versatility were two big factors for us, and Fujifilm’s Acuity offered us both.  “We currently have three Acuity flatbed presses, and our business has 
grown so much we now need more speed and capacity so we are considering adding an Onset,” said Leavey.  

Richard Burd, integrated solutions, RGI Results, a data-driven marketing company based in Marietta, Georgia attended the Tech Summit.  

“This was a fantastic knowledge-gathering trip for me,” said Burd. “Fujifilm’s technology is outstanding; they seem to have every facet of wide format 

Another highlight for Richard Burd during the tech summit was the individual speaker presentations.  “The speakers were very useful to me, I plan to 
share a lot of the presentation materials with my colleagues,” added Burd.

Solutions Graphical Inc., a Québec-based printer in business for over 25 years, also attended the Tech Summit and recently installed an Acuity LED 
1600.  New opportunities are ever-growing, and they are looking to expand their offerings.

“The LED is working amazingly for us, as we can do both roll and rigid, and the print quality is amazing,” said Jimmy Houle, director of Sales and 
Development at Solutions Graphical Inc. “It’s a really nice machine, and I’ve never seen this type of quality before.  The LED stands out over all 

“We do a lot of heat transfer printing, and screen printing, and we want to enhance our digital technology by moving into more of a wide format platform,” 
added Houle.  “We came to the Tech Summit to learn more about the wide format opportunity and take a closer look at the Acuity Select flatbed.  We 
were impressed by its speed, overall capability, and print quality.”

Upon conclusion of the Tech Summit, many of the attendees opted to prolong their stay at the Kansas City Tech Center for extended demonstrations to 
further learn of Fujifilm’s innovations. 

Future summits are planned later this year at Fujifilm’s Technology Center in Hanover Park, Illinois. The facility is undergoing a major expansion and is 
expected to be ready for customer events and demonstrations by September.

Fujifilm - 3/24/2014

Fujifilm Announces Expansion Of Chicago-Area Technology Center

With an ongoing commitment to develop new and innovative products and solutions, and the ability to showcase and demonstrate these 
technologies, FUJIFILM North America Corporation, Graphic Systems Division has begun a significant renovation at its Technology Center in 
Hanover Park, Illinois.

Construction is underway to more than double the size of the current Technology Center with the new space expanding to encompass over 20,000 
square feet to display everything from traditional offset printing to the latest technologies in flexography, wide format, and production inkjet solutions. 
The expanded Technology center will showcase Fujifilm Brillia HD plates and platesetter solutions, the complete range of award winning J Press sheet 
fed and roll fed inkjet solutions, and Xerox toner based production presses.  Also featured will be entry to mid-range roll to roll, flatbed and hybrid wide 
format presses including the production powerhouse Inca Onset series of UV flatbed presses, the versatile Uvistar and the popular Acuity Advance 
Select and Acuity LED.  The Graphium UV inkjet web press for labels, packaging and specialty print, plus the new Clarity flexo print for packaging will 
be on display. Fujifilm XMF workflow solutions including ColorPath color management software will also be demonstrated.
The current Technology Center in Hanover Park will continue to host customer demos and events throughout the entire renovation process.

“A key success factor in our future growth will be to showcase and demonstrate all of our innovative solutions at a centrally located Technology Center,” 
said Todd Zimmerman, vice president and general manager, FUJFILM North America Corporation, Graphic Systems Division. “The new world-class 
Technology Center will be an industry destination, and our Chicagoland location is convenient for customers to visit. This substantial renovation reinforces 
our dedication and commitment to inkjet leadership and innovations in print technology.  We look forward to hosting many more events in Hanover 
Park, including our highly successful Technology Summits.”

The renovations are expected to be fully completed later this summer.

Fujifilm - 1/20/2014

New Corporate Slogan from the Fujifilm Group

To celebrate the 80th anniversary of its original founding, FUJIFILM Holdings Corporation has created on a new corporate slogan, “Value from 
Innovation.” Beginning this month, the Fujifilm Group will adopt the slogan for its global operations.

In response to the dramatic decline in the demand for photographic film since year 2000, FUJIFILM Holdings Corporation has carried out a series of 
structural reforms. The company has moved away from its core business of photographic film and has been reborn as a company that is now involved 
in a diverse array of business operations. The Fujifilm Group is currently focused on and investing management resources in the following six business 
fields: Healthcare, including medical equipment, pharmaceuticals and cosmetics; Graphic Systems, developing a wide range of printing equipment; 
Highly Functional Materials, such as optical film for liquid crystal displays and components for touch panels; Optical Devices, including television lenses 
and components for satellite optical systems; Digital Imaging, with the development of digital cameras and Photo book albums; and Document 
Solutions, including Fuji Xerox’s extensive lineup of composite equipment and devices, and solution services. The new corporate slogan has been 
created to demonstrate the new direction Fujifilm is taking, and its future objectives. The slogan expresses Fujifilm’s commitment to deepening 
communications with its customers and all other stakeholders, and to further enhancing the value of the Fujifilm corporate brand.

The new corporate slogan is “Value from Innovation.” Along with expressing Fujifilm’s commitment to continuously creating innovative technologies, 
products and services that empower the potential and expand the horizons of tomorrow’s businesses and lifestyles, the slogan also encapsulates the 
company’s desire to combine our own original technology with human resources, expertise and technology from around the world both internally and 
externally to create innovation. A new brand statement has also been created to articulate these commitments more specifically, and the slogan 
encapsulates the main points of the brand statement.

The Fujifilm Group will use the slogan for its global operations and, under this slogan, will continue to utilize its cutting-edge, original technologies to 
create products and services that address the true needs of global customers and provide new values.

Fujifilm - 12/10/2013

Fujifilm Launches XMF Remote 9.5

Continuing its workflow successes, FUJIFILM North America Corporation, Graphic Systems Division, has introduced XMF Remote 9.5, the latest version of 
its online print job management system. 

Fujifilm understands that workflow is a crucial function that sits at the heart of every print operation, whether offset, digital or a combination of the two. The 
right workflow is an opportunity to streamline a print shop, to automate the work and to impact the bottom line. 

Part of Fujifilm’s XMF Workflow and Production Management Suite, XMF Remote allows both print companies and print buyers to directly and quickly submit 
and approve jobs for printing. Once approved in XMF Remote, jobs are sent to XMF Workflow for automatic print production.

“With XMF, Fujifilm has introduced a great product into the market. I can see the David and Goliath story coming to fruition in the marketplace of 
production workflows; and I wanted to be a part of it,” said Bill Kregel, prepress manager, Brown Industries, Inc., a Dalton, GA-based provider of printing, 
product samples, design, workflow integration, and tactical direction.  

A significant improvement within XMF Remote 9.5 is a new user interface based on the HTML5 Platform, which gives brand owners the opportunity to 
take advantage of a safe and fully functional tool. 

"Shifting the client-facing side of XMF Remote 9.5 to the HTML5 web interface provides users with a modern, feature rich alternative that doesn't suffer 
from security vulnerabilities. Java is still supported; however, thanks to HTML5, even companies with strict IT policies can now benefit from an easy 
to implement and open interface," said Jason Kammes, business development manager - Workflow, FUJIFILM North America Corporation, Graphic 
Systems Division. 

The brand-new HTML5 Platform allowed Fujifilm to redesign the user interface and create a cross-platform version which also incorporates new features 
based on ongoing feedback from customers. Whether end users are accessing the solution via a Mac, PC or an Apple iPad, it is fully compatible with 
mouse or finger based operations, allowing everyone to have the same consistent user experience for job review and approval. 

XMF Remote 9.5 also incorporates advanced features to facilitate production flow. Not only are print service providers able to upload multiple print 
jobs concurrently, but they can also review magazines and publications with a high pagination through a fast page scrolling mode. This allows a 
quicker and more efficient approval process, which is further enhanced thanks to the opportunity to sample colors from multiple areas of a job, all at 
once. Effectively, XMF Remote 9.5 now shows multiple color sample points simultaneously so that users can immediately check the make-up of colors 
used in a job and speed up the review process. 

"By taking advantage of the latest software solutions we are allowing users to improve their operational efficiency, speeding up job hand-off, review, 
correction, turnaround times which equal more jobs in and more jobs out,” continued Kammes. “We're extremely pleased to be able to integrate into XMF 
Remote 9.5 new functionalities and a new user interface based on the HTML5 Platform, which is already available across other products in Fujifilm's 
portfolio, including XMF Production Workflow and XMF ColorPath® Sync™."

Fujifilm - 10/31/2013

Fujifilm Announces Uvijet KA

Adding to its impressive range of inkjet technology and high performance UV inkjet ink systems, FUJIFILM North America Corporation today 
announced the launch of Uvijet KA, a new alternative four color CMYK ink technology specifically designed for the Acuity Series of printers. Uvijet 
KA provides excellent adhesion, scratch resistance and enhanced tolerance to marks caused by operator fingerprints or traces left by protective films.

“Uvijet KA offers a high functionality ink with excellent adhesion across a wide range of rigid plastic substrates. Uvijet KA is ideal for customers for 
whom adhesion is a priority,” said John Kaiser, product marketing manager, Inkjet Inks, FUJIFILM North America Corporation, Graphic Systems 

A pioneer of UV inkjet inks and leading provider of award winning Uvijet inks for wide format printing, Fujifilm has proactively responded to industry 
feedback suggesting a need for an ink with high adhesion across a broader spectrum of rigid plastic substrates. The adhesion range of Uvijet KA is 
much wider than other inks currently available, and allows operators to manage multiple substrates within a single ink. 

“Fujifilm is dedicated to being the inkjet leader. Our rigorous and thorough testing exhibited excellent adhesion to acrylic, aluminum composite materials, 
fluted polypropylene (Correx), foam core, PETG, and styrene,” continued Kaiser. “Uvijet KA is the third generation ink developed for the Acuity Series, 
and enters the market at the same price point as Uvijet KO and Uvijet KI.”

Fujifilm - 10/21/2013

Fujifilm and Inca Digital Launch the Inca Onset S40i 6-Color Plus White

Fujifilm, Inca Digital's exclusive global distribution partner, is displaying the latest Inca Onset model, the new 6-color plus white Inca Onset S40i large 
format flatbed UV inkjet press, on the Fujifilm booth 2621 during SGIA Expo (October 23-25, Orlando, FL). Following the launch of the six-color Inca Onset 
S40i (CMYK + LtcLtm) last year, the new Inca Onset S40i now includes a double white ink capability by extending to eight ink channels. The new Inca 
Onset S40i with white is the ideal solution for businesses that produce high-value backlit/frontlit and double-sided day/night POS display graphics 
where the ability to print high-opacity white as a base, spot color or top layer, quickly and cost effectively, is important. 

"This is our first-ever 8-channel Inca Onset model. It stops Inca customers from having to make a choice between using the Inca Onset with only extra 
colors - light cyan and light magenta - or with only two extra channels of white. Now, they can have both," comments John Mills, Inca's CEO. 

The new press incorporates 224 Fujifilm Dimatix printheads on a full width print array. There are 56 new-generation printheads for white, which provide 
faster start-up times and greater reliability, especially with heavier pigmented inks such as white. This also assures excellent print speeds when printing 
white onto a wide variety of premium quality graphic substrates.

As a result, the printer produces superb POS-quality display graphics economically at throughput speeds of up to 6,000 sqft/hr (CMYK only) equivalent to 
112 full bed sheets/hr (123.6" x 63"), and onto substrates up to 2 inches thick. A choice of uni-directional, bi-directional and super high quality print modes 
can be selected depending on the specific job requirements. 

The Onset S40i with white uses the Fujifilm's Uvijet OZ ink system, which provides an excellent color gamut, adhesion and finishing properties, as laydown 
is typically higher than CMYK. To ensure coverage of backlit/frontlit graphics as well as colored substrates, the new model incorporates two white 
printhead channels to optimize throughput on this high volume machine. 

In addition, the Onset S40i with white offers many other features to streamline productivity and reduce downtime. These include support for Inca's variable 
data Print Run Controller (PRC) software module offering advanced job management software; ReporterPro software designed to provide customers 
with detailed information on the productivity of their Inca presses; a 15-zone vacuum table to reduce bed masking requirements and, consequently, set-up 
time for thin substrates; and a UV sensor system that accurately monitors the machine's condition and informs the operator when automatic cleaning is 
required. The press is compatible with Inca's flexible automation system, which offers customers a choice to operate manually or using semi or three-
quarter modes from the same configuration. 

"Today there are 18 different configurations available in the Inca Onset product line, offering a choice of productivity levels and ink options. This 
enables companies to pick the right press for their business," explains Mills. "We expect the Inca Onset S40i with white to be particularly popular in the 
US. White, of course, is used as a background layer for self-colored substrates - such as plexi and metal materials - and this is much more common in 
North America." 

The Inca Onset S40i with white is currently commercially available.

Fujifilm - 10/16/2013

Fujifilm Announces The the Uvistar Pro-8 With with White

FUJIFILM North America Corporation, Graphic Systems Division, is building on their wide format successes and will introduce at SGIA the Uvistar Pro-8 
with White, a grand format hybrid UV printer. The Pro-8W introduces white ink on this grand format press for the first time enabling the Uvistar to 
produce stunning backlit signs by printing white ink over or under the CYMK image.  In addition, the Uvistar uses light inks in order to produce the highest 
quality POP, and the innovative auto loader and unloader allows the operator to print up to ten sheets of rigid media edge to edge, without having to 
load or unload the media. The new block-out sensors allows two sided printing of opaque media with virtually no operator intervention and inline slitters 
allow media to be cut to size, drastically reducing the need for off-line finishing. 

“The Uvistar family continues to expand its capabilities every year. The Pro-8 with White is a feature our customers have been requesting, and we are 
pleased to be able to deliver then and reveal for the first time at SGIA 2013,” said Jeffrey Nelson, business development manager, inkjet solutions, Fujifilm 
North America Corporation, Graphic Systems Division. “With its automation of rigid media handling, two-sided printing, and in-line finishing, it’s an 
operator’s dream machine.”

The Pro-8W now offers white ink allows customers to use automatic print modes selected at the RIP to print a white layer under or over the CMYK 
content, White can also be used as a spot color as part of the image.  With two channels of white spread across eight dedicated print heads, the 
opacity and smoothness of the white ink is impressive. 

Uvistar Pro-8W Highlights
•	Produces a variety of work from high quality POP displays to billboard
•	White ink allows for layered printing over or under or as a spot
•	Patent-pending ‘Parallel Drop Size’ (PDS) technology for excellent POP print quality, without loss in speed
•	Average ink cost is less than five cents per square foot when printing in four channel mode
•	Prints rigid media up edge-to-edge with auto loader
•	Easiest and fastest material change of any UV roll printer
•	Two-sided printing is simple with backlit camera option 
•	Block-out sensors allow two sided printing of opaque media 

The new block-out sensor option allows precise registration of opaque media to ensure consistent results with accuracy of 5 mm (.2”) over 10 m (32”).  
These sensors help simplify the printing of two-sided banners, making it much easier for the less-experienced operator to achieve professional results. 

The Pro-8W includes both 3.5 and 5.0 meter printers that can handle a wide range of media, including rigid, flexible, backlit or block-out, lightweight or 
heavy substrates. The Pro-8W allows the operator to print roll-to-roll, free fall, and also roll-to-sheet. Uvistar printers are easy to operate, with quick 
changeovers to different media with little material waste.

Fujifilm - 9/4/2013

Fujifilm Introduces The Inca Onset Q40i

Bringing the first commercial production printer of its kind to PRINT’13 in Chicago, FUJIFILM North America Corporation’s Graphic Systems Division is 
pleased to introduce the Inca Onset Q40i UV inkjet press. 

The Inca Onset family of flatbed inkjet presses has expanded with the addition of the new Q40i, an ultra-high quality flatbed UV inkjet printer. Developed to 
meet the demands for a higher quality device that can also print at rapid speeds, the Onset Q40i is capable of producing crisp, fine lines, sharp text and 
smooth tonal gradations, all at 62 full-bed sheets per hour.

Featured highlights of the Inca Onset Q40i UV inkjet press include:

•	Prints with offset like quality on materials as large as 63" x 123" and up to 2" thick 
•	Up to 168 print heads with over 42,000 nozzles 
•	Variable finish allows for customizable matte, satin or glossy prints
•	Exceptionally wide color gamut

The Inca Onset Q40i high-speed digital press from Fujifilm prints images with a droplet size of nine picoliters, while the industry standard is more than three 
times as large for a press of this speed. It gives print professionals the ability to provide image detail and tonal range that are noticeably different when 
compared to prints from any other industrial printer currently available in the marketplace.

“This device is the perfect blend of speed and image quality, and quality is everything around here,” said Marc Lovci, vice president of business 
development for Duggal Visual Solutions, the first company in the world to install the Inca Onset Q40i. 

Based in New York City, Duggal sits at the center of creativity and high fashion and works with more than a third of Forbes Magazine’s “Top 100 
Brands,” meaning they have very demanding clientele. According to Lovci, the Q40i came out at the right time, has the right quality and can work 
at the speeds his shop needs. 

“Our clients really want the best, and more often than not, they need it yesterday. They know we’re going to bring them the very latest technologies and 
the very best service possible,” added Lovci.    

"This is the first time that Inca has introduced a new press outside Europe, but the energy and investment to place the Q40i in Duggal’s fast 
paced environment - serving the who's who of business, art and design - proved to be worth the effort,” said Todd Zimmerman, vice president and 
general manager, FUJIFILM North America Corporation, Graphic Systems Division.

"Because of our trend setting clientele who push creative boundaries, we are fortunate to know the demands of the industry better than anyone, and 
the machine is capable to satisfy and exceed those demands," explains Michael Duggal, CEO of Duggal Visual Solutions. "Without question, the 
Inca Onset Q40i – including the engineers behind it – is exceptional, and is breaking new ground."

The Inca Onset Q40i officially launched at FESPA 2013 in June and is available in both a four-color and six-color configuration. The Onset Q40i and the 
entire Inca Onset line of products are available exclusively from Fujifilm Graphic Systems Division.

Fujifilm - 9/3/2013

Fujifilm Announces Launch of Graphium

Adding to an impressive line-up of UV Inkjet presses, FUJIFILM North America Corporation, Graphic Systems Division, along with United Kingdom-
based FFEI Ltd., are pleased to announce the launch of Graphium, a new high speed UV inkjet press with a 16” print width targeted at converters and 
printers producing labels, packaging and specialty print applications.

Graphium is a modular UV inkjet press that provides the flexibility and productivity to print any number of complex projects requiring a wide gamut of colors 
on virtually any substrate. 

Utilizing greyscale print heads that produce a range of drop sizes from six to 42 picoliters, Graphium prints fine details, smooth tones and small font text 
resulting in unrivalled print quality at class leading, single-pass print speeds up to 164 ft./min. 

Graphium utilizes Fujifilm’s Uvijet inks in a color set including Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black together with a high opacity white.  Uvijet inks provide 
a wide color gamut, excellent adhesion and durability on a wide range of substrates including most grades of top-coated PE, top-coated PP, PVC, and 

“Proactively responding to dynamic product and industry changes is a necessity to remain competitive, especially in the labels and packaging market. The 
more adaptable the printer, the more opportunities they will have to expand their offerings and enhance their business,” said John Kaufman, product 
marketing manager for Graphium, FUJIFILM North America Corporation, Graphic Systems Division. “Graphium will change how printers operate. We are 
thrilled to premiere Graphium at PRINT’13, and honored to be recognized as a MUST SEE ‘EM award winner for the show.”

Supporting up to five digital modules, and six flexo stations, Graphium offers the unique capability of being able to integrate optional flexo and finishing 
stations in-line for conversion in a single pass. This capability significantly reduces production time and cost in comparison to traditional offline finishing. 

“We are on a mission to transform the digital labels, packaging, and specialty print market, and Graphium represents a major step towards achieving this 
goal, said Andy Cook, managing director, FFEI Ltd. “Graphium represents a new generation of digital inkjet press aimed at the narrow web market, low 
capital investment, high quality print, unparalleled productivity, and the most versatile range of applications.”  

Graphium combines a range of leading technologies, including Fujifilm’s innovative XMF Workflow, prepress and color management software, as well 
as inkjet head calibration technology, to ensure consistent quality and repeatable production. For printers, that means consistent proof-to-press match 
and alignment to color standards; yielding high-quality, vibrant printing.

Fujifilm - 7/9/2013

Fujifilm Announces The New Acuity Advance Select HS

Adding to its versatile line up of Acuity Advance Select Series printers, FUJIFILM North America Corporation, Graphic Systems Division is pleased to 
announce the latest addition – the Acuity Advance Select HS wide format UV printer.

The new Acuity Advance Select HS builds on all the advantages of the recently announced Acuity Advance Select, featuring the same ultra-high print 
quality and application versatility, but with the additional benefit of being able to run at higher speeds, up to a maximum 535 ft2/hr in Production Squared 

One of the key developments incorporated into the new Acuity Advance Select HS-6 and HS-6 X2 models is the inclusion of six independent ink channels. 
For printers that focus on retail signage or other standard graphics applications requiring the highest throughput, channels five and six can be configured 
to enhance print speed by adding extra cyan and magenta nozzle capacity. This innovation results in production prints with uniformity and 
smoothness comparable to those produced in quality mode. Users can take advantage of this improved print quality to realize higher net productivity, 
since more demanding print jobs can now be printed in faster print modes. 

The Acuity Advance Select HS-6 printers can alternatively be configured with white and clear ink channels.  These can be used in a number of ways:

Clear + White  
The addition of white and clear ink channels allows print service providers to print on a range of non-white substrates and add a spot or flood coat 
‘varnish’ effect in a single operation all on one printer.  This extends the application versatility of the Acuity Advance Select HS machine and improves 
the efficiency with which these types of added-value effects can be achieved.

White + White  
Alternatively, the Acuity Advance Select HS can be used with two white ink channels to improve the density of white in a single pass, which can be 
particularly useful for demanding backlit applications. 

The Acuity Advance Select HS printer incorporates other features designed to achieve maximum productivity while retaining quality and application 

These include:
•	Active pixel placement compensation for optimum image sharpness, density and uniformity over the entire print area.

•	Precise vacuum system, configured to match the majority of standard-sized graphic arts media. There are six vacuum zones on the Acuity Advance 
Select HS models and seven on the Acuity Advance Select HS X2 models. These zones are designed to reduce or eliminate manual masking, 
thereby decreasing operator intervention and increasing productivity.

•	Batch mode operation for streamlined, unattended production of complex, many-layered print jobs that require multiple prints on a single piece of 
media to achieve a specialized result. Batch mode can also be used to produce collated sets of prints (e.g. 50 sets of 24” x 36” backlit acrylic, 
36” x 48” poster, 80” x 15’ banner, etc.) for easy fulfilment.

As with other Acuity Advance models, the Select HS has an optional roll media kit for printing onto any number of flexible materials. This 
simple-to-use option is incredibly versatile, allowing an operator to prepare rigid material on the flat bed while the roll media option is printing.

The performance of Acuity Advance Select HS printers is optimized by Fujifilm’s uniquely formulated Uvijet inks. These incorporate the company’s 
proprietary Micro-V dispersion technology that consistently delivers wide adhesion, superb color vibrancy and excellent durability in every print.

Four HS models are available:

•	Acuity Advance Select HS-4:  Four ink channels (CMYK), standard table size (4’ x 8’ bed)
•	Acuity Advance Select HS-4 X2:  Four ink channels (CMYK), extra-large table size (8’ x 10’ bed)

•	Acuity Advance Select HS-6:  Six ink channels (CMYK + WW or Wcl or CM), multiple print configurations, standard table size (4’ x 8’ bed) 

•	Acuity Advance Select HS-6 X2:  Six ink channels (CMYK + WW or Wcl or CM), multiple print configurations, extra-large table size (8’ x 10’ bed) 

The introduction of the Acuity Advance Select HS perfectly complements the other models in the Acuity Advance Select range, as well as Fujifilm’s 
recently launched Acuity LED 1600 LED UV printer. These platforms represent one of the stongest line-ups of versatile, high performance inkjet 
printers on the market, with a clear migration path for printers looking to upgrade in the future.

Fujifilm - 4/2/2013

Fujifilm Demonstrates Latest Inkjet Solutions

Unveiling the latest in the Acuity® Advance Select line, FUJIFILM North America Corporation’s Graphic Systems Division will demonstrate the Acuity 
Advance Select 8 UV flatbed inkjet printer at the ISA International Sign Expo 2013, April 3-6, 2013, at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center in Las 
Vegas in booth #1512. The Acuity LED 1600 wide-format hybrid inkjet printer will also be on display as well as samples of wide format media that 
showcase unique applications and materials that can be produced on these platforms.

“We continue to make significant advances with our presses and supplies serving the sign industry. Our tireless commitment to innovation is evident in 
the Acuity line of wide format inkjet printers, and we look forward to demonstrating the unique projects these printers make possible,” said Todd 
Zimmerman, vice president and general manager, FUJIFILM North American Corporation, Graphic Systems Division.

Acuity Advance Select 8
The Acuity Advance Select 8 UV flatbed inkjet printer delivers all of the market leading image quality, performance and reliability benefits of the Acuity 
Advance series. In addition, the Select 8 offers increased flexibility with a wider selection of color options that can provide high productivity and value 
added versatility. Its eight channels offer extended color, white and clear ink options.

The Acuity Advance Select 8 UV flatbed inkjet printer will be running in the Fujifilm booth at ISA and printing a wide range of unique substrate samples 
including: poker chips, textured print, playing card tins, Visual Magnetics, wood signs, clear PETG, white Styrene, black Sintra, Innova framed art and 
Ultraflex poplin fabric.

Acuity LED 1600
Designed for creativity, the Acuity LED 1600 high-performance, wide-format inkjet printer creates high value-added graphic displays, signs and banners. 
With its proprietary design, it uses patent-pending UV-LED ink curing system to produce exceptional quality display graphics on roll or rigid substrates. 
The LED curing technology provides many benefits including lower energy consumption and longer lamp life when compared to traditional metal halide 
UV curing technology. Results include lower operating costs and reduced environmental impact, critical to staying competitive in today’s sign industry.

Reaching print speeds up to 215 sq ft/hr while providing outstanding quality output, the Acuity LED 1600 offers a standard 8-color ink set including 
CMYK plus light cyan, light magenta, white and clear, and allows printing white or clear ink in a single pass for even greater productivity. Spot clear ink 
adds special effects to create more value to graphic displays and signs.

The Acuity LED 1600 will be on display printing the following innovative media at ISA: Ultraflex Illumisol backlit signs, Sihl clear film, Catalina Graphic 
Films’ Mojave wall paper, Fujifilm poster paper, clear textured printing, packing printing with playing card cases, and decal/label printing.

Fujifilm - 12/13/2012

Fujifilm Expands its Acuity Advance Select Series of Wide Format UV Inkjet Printers

In an effort to meet the growing demand for expanding application and business needs, FUJIFILM North America Corporation, Graphic Systems Division 
today announced the introduction of four new models to its recently launched Acuity Advance Select series. The new Acuity Advance Select-4 (and 
Select-4 X2) and Select-6 (and Select-6 X2) represent the latest in a series of next-generation UV flatbed printers from Fujifilm, and feature exceptional 
quality, improved productivity, and greater versatility, allowing them to be used for a much wider range of applications.

The new models extend the versatility of the Acuity Advance Select platform by including four, six or eight independent ink channels in two different 
flatbed sizes, a standard 4’ x 8’ table or an X2 version with an 8’ x 10’ table, with an upgrade path on the 4 and 6 channel models to allow for 
application and business expansion.

The four-color Acuity Advance Select-4 includes CMYK channels only, for applications where clear or white ink printing is not required. The six color 
Select-6 model includes six independent ink channels with the first four configured for standard CMYK printing. Channels five and six can be 
configured with either clear + white or white+ white. The four-color Select-4 can be field upgraded to a six channel Select-6, and the six channel 
Select-6 can be upgraded to an eight channel Select-8. The Select-8 adds an extra channel of magenta and an extra channel of cyan along with 
new print modes to further boost productivity and versatility.

The six channel and eight channel Acuity Advance Select printers can configure clear ink and white ink in one of two ways depending on customer 

Clear + White 
The clear and white ink channels allow print service providers to print on a range of non-white substrates and add a spot or flood coat ‘varnish’ effect in a 
single operation all on one printer. This extends the application versatility of the Acuity Advance Select machine, and improves the efficiency with which 
these types of added-value effects can be achieved.

White + White 
Two white ink channels can improve the density of white in a single pass, which can be particularly useful for demanding backlit applications. These 
two channels can be used in whichever configuration best suits the application, with the ability to change from Clear + White to White + White (and vice 
versa) on demand.

All Acuity Advance Select models have an optional roll media kit for printing onto any number of flexible materials. This simple-to-use option is incredibly 
versatile, allowing an operator to prepare rigid material on the flat bed while the roll media option is printing.

The printer also features additional vacuum zones, further reducing manual masking, together with new job handling capabilities for more complex jobs 
or those requiring multiple sets of prints – advancements which help to improve overall production efficiencies.

The Acuity Advance Select’s print performance is optimized by Fujifilm’s uniquely formulated Uvijet inks. These incorporate the company’s 
proprietary ‘Micro-V’ dispersion technology that consistently delivers wide adhesion, superb color vibrancy and excellent durability in every print.

The introduction of these new models to the series extends the versatility of Fujifilm‘s Acuity Advance Select range, building on one of the strongest 
line ups of mid-range high performance UV inkjet printers on the market, with a clear migration path for printers looking to upgrade in the future.

Fujifilm - 10/17/2012

Fujifilm Launches the Highly Versatile Acuity Advance Select UV Inkjet Printer

FUJIFILM North America Corporation today announces the introduction of the latest addition to the Acuity wide format UV inkjet family of printers – the 
Acuity Advance Select. The new printer will be shown for the first time globally at SGIA 2012 at the Las Vegas Convention Center in Fujifilm’s booth 
#2015, October 18-20. 

The new Acuity Advance Select builds on all the advantages of the highly successful and popular Acuity Advance platform, with the same ultra-high 
print quality, but adds a number of new features that improve production efficiencies and extend the versatility of this platform, allowing it to be used 
for a much wider range of applications.

One of the key developments incorporated into the new Acuity Advance Select is the inclusion of eight independent ink channels. In addition to the 
standard CMYK ink set, the Acuity Advance Select includes additional white and clear ink channels.  These can be configured in a number of ways:

Clear + White  

The addition of white and clear ink channels allows print service providers to print on a range of non-white substrates and add a spot or flood coat 
‘varnish’ effect in a single operation all on one printer.  This extends the application versatility of the Acuity Advance Select machine and improves 
the efficiency with which these types of added-value effects can be achieved.

White + White  

Alternatively, the Acuity Advance Select can be used with two white ink channels to improve the density of white in a single pass, which can be 
particularly useful for demanding backlit applications. 

The other two extra channels can be used for laying down additional cyan and magenta ink. This improves the quality that can be achieved in the 
higher speed, production printing mode allowing more demanding jobs to be printed up to 25% faster. The 8-channel Select also includes new print 
modes to further improve print speed. In either case, the Acuity Advance Select allows print service providers to print higher quality work faster. 

As with other Acuity Advance models, the Select has an optional roll media kit for printing on a number of flexible materials. This simple-to-use 
option is incredibly versatile, allowing an operator to prepare rigid material on the flat bed while the roll media option is printing.

Finally, the Acuity Advance Select features additional vacuum zones, further reducing manual masking, together with new job handling capabilities 
for more complex jobs or those requiring multiple sets of prints, advancements which help to improve overall production efficiencies.

The Acuity Advance Select’s print performance is optimized by Fujifilm’s uniquely formulated Uvijet inks. These incorporate the company’s proprietary 
‘Micro-V’ dispersion technology that consistently delivers wide adhesion, superb color vibrancy and excellent durability in every print.

“The Acuity Advance Select, with white and clear ink options, sets a new standard for creating wide format, photo-realistic, fine detail prints with more 
versatility than ever,” said Todd Zimmerman, vice president and GM, FUJIFILM North America Corporation, Graphic Systems Division. “The Acuity 
Advance Select delivers stunning quality while printing at high production speeds. It can produce both rigid and flexible point-of-purchase signage 
that hold up visually, even at the closest of viewings, and can be used on practically any substrate, allowing printers to expand their capabilities and 
create new sales opportunities.”

The introduction of the Acuity Advance Select perfectly complements Fujifilm’s recently launched Acuity LED1600 roll-fed LED UV printer, with both 
platforms now featuring eight ink channels and the versatility of printing clear ink ‘varnish’ type effects.  The combination of these two machines 
represents one of the stongest line ups of mid-range high performance inkjet printers on the market, with a clear migration path for printers looking 
to upgrade in the future.

Fujifilm - 8/21/2012

Fujifilm Graphic Systems Division Debuts Redesigned Chicago Technology Center

To better showcase its digital and inkjet printing innovations, FUJIFILM North America Corporation recently reopened its Graphic Systems 
Division’s demonstration center with a new look and a new name. Located in the company’s Hanover Park, Illinois facility, Fujifilm’s Chicago 
Technology Center has been redesigned to highlight the capabilities – and possibilities – for printers. Currently featuring the theme, “City of 
Chicago,” the Chicago Technology Center demonstrates and supports the company’s leadership role in digital and inkjet technology, and 
highlights examples of the high-end print products made possible with Fujifilm technology.

Visitors to the Chicago Technology Center can see and touch raised print output displayed in various capacities: back-lit displays, textured wall wraps, 
wall wrap collages, printing on six-panel doors, ceiling displays, 3-Dimensional creations which utilize wide format, and routing of thick board material. 
They are also able to view the revolutionary FUJIFILM Digital Inkjet J Press 720 and the Xerox digital color presses in action.

“The redesign of the Chicago Technology Center exemplifies the strategy built around Fujifilm Inkjet Technology and clearly indicates that we will 
continue to forge a path as a leader in printing technology for the graphic arts industry,” said Todd Zimmerman, vice president and general manager, 
FUJIFILM North America Corporation, Graphic Systems Division. “Since establishing the center, we have conducted more than 220 customer 
demonstrations. The center is a valuable resource for printers hungry for more information on printing technology and products, and provides us 
with valuable feedback.”

The Chicago Technology Center demonstrates the following hardware and software, and shows output examples from each of the following:

• Fujifilm Digital Inkjet J Press 720 – The first half-size, sheetfed inkjet press capable of producing offset quality.
• Acuity LED 1600 – High-performance wide-format inkjet printer featuring proprietary-design LED light source, high precision, high-speed, printheads, 
and optimized fast curing UV-LED ink.
• Acuity Advance HS – Inkjet printer offering stunning quality while printing at production speeds of 433 ft² per hour delivering over 100 beds in a single 
shift; and boasts new express mode that enables printing over 650 ft² per hour.
• Javelin 8600N-Z Platesetter – Part of the Javelin 8600 Series of state-of-the-art thermal CTP recorders, delivers versatility and productivity necessary 
to keep presses running.
• Xerox™ 770 Digital Color Press – First true production capable printer, making it easy to get started in digital production printing while delivering 
outstanding image quality, excellent performance, complete versatility, effortless productivity, reliability.
• iGEN4 – Uses patented innovative technology and the power of automation to deliver the world's most productive digital press with 25-35% 
productivity gains, higher monthly volumes, and high definition image quality to capture more pages and profit.
• Xerox™ Color 800 Press – Delivers sharp, rich, digitally mastered image quality, with optional clear dry ink station enabling creative effects that 
bring prints to life.
• Mutoh Valuejet 1614 – Printer providing fastest production speeds with superior print quality and features specifically designed for the sign market.
• Esko Kongsberg Table XP 24 HS – Superior digital cutting table for signs and POP.

The Chicago Technology Center integrates the full Fujifilm solution, including workflow products such as Cross Media Workflow XMF including 
XMF ColorPath™ color management solution, as well as the Rampage workflow system with Metrix that provides unrivaled flexibility for offset and 
digital devices. The center is fully capable of printing to all industry color standards including G7®, SWOP and GRACoL; and it is staffed by 
print technical experts in the areas of workflow, print production and color management.

“Printers need to continually invest in the most effective technologies to support their businesses from an operational and production standpoint,” 
Zimmerman said. “We see sweeping changes taking place in the types of investments required today, compared to prior years, and inkjet 
technology is at the forefront of this change. The Chicago Technology Center gives customers the opportunity to see firsthand how our unmatched 
technology can have a positive impact on their business. With the center, we are able to provide our customers and prospects with the vital 
information they need to make important purchasing decisions.”

Fujifilm - 5/3/2012

Fujifilm Launches Uvistar Pro8 at drupa 2012

FUJIFILM Corporation (President and CEO: Shigetaka Komori) today announces the launch of the latest development in its highly successful series 
of Uvistar super-wide format printers. Named the ‘Uvistar Pro8‘, this latest platform is particularly suited to producing super-wide format print for both 
display POP and outdoor advertising markets on flexible and rigid media, and can be seen in action on Fujifilm’s stand in Hall 8b at drupa 2012.

One of the major advancements of the Uvistar Pro8 platform is the inclusion of a complete set of light colours within the ink set which increase print 
quality without compromising on print speed. Together with its unique Parallel Drop Size (PDS) technology, this allows the Uvistar Pro8 to produce 
high definition Display POP graphics at speeds in excess of 300m2/hour.

Other improvements to the design include: an auto media handling system for rigid media; a fully automated backlit printing option; the ability to switch 
between 4 and 8 colour printing modes, and an intuitive new operator interface.

The existing Uvistar is ideal for outdoor applications where the vibrancy of the inks and the versatility of the associated materials, including polyethylene, 
work extremely well together. The new Uvistar Pro8 has been developed in combination with Fujifilm’s brand new Uvijet QN inks, to meet the growing 
demands of indoor applications, where viewing distances tend to be closer and rigid materials are more commonly used.

“We are delighted to be able to introduce the Uvistar Pro8 at drupa,” comments Tudor Morgan, group marketing manager, wide format at Fujifilm. 
“Since launching the Uvistar, it has been incredibly successful in a short space of time. Now we want to broaden the reach of the machine to 
indoor as well as outdoor applications. The Uvistar Pro8 certainly does this.”

The new platform will be commercially available from August 2012.

Fujifilm - 3/22/2012

Visual Magnetics Adds Fujifilm as a Direct Sales Channel

To further expand distribution of the revolutionary Visual Magnetics Graphic System™ that matches magnetic-receptive technologies with high-quality print 
media, FUJIFILM North America Corporation, Graphic Systems Division will team with Visual Magnetics® (@VisualMagnetics) as a direct sales and 
solutions provider in North America for its patented magnetic-receptive graphic system.  

The Visual Magnetics Graphic System is a unique large-scale graphics solution that enables the creation of in-store graphics that can be updated 
effortlessly. It can be tailored to meet a wide array of changeable graphic needs and is also engineered to be ultra-low profile, allowing for multi-
layering of the image while giving the seamless appearance of a single layer print.

“We are very pleased to add Fujifilm to our esteemed North American Sales Channels,” said Joe Deetz, President of Visual Magnetics. “In addition to 
being able to distribute our products for use with third-party hardware, the company is also uniquely poised to offer Visual Magnetics’ media profiled for 
optimum results with Fujifilm-brand printers. We think our customers will see very positive results from this distribution partnership.” 

“At Fujifilm, our goal is to maximize synergies with other members of the Fujifilm group and utilize our resources efficiently to achieve healthy growth,” 
said Terry Amerine, program manager, wide format media at Fujifilm North America Corporation, Graphic Systems Division.  “Visual Magnetics has a 
unique and exciting product, and we are looking forward to offering the Visual Magnetics Graphic System to our customers who are looking for the 
innovative display solution this system provides.” 

The Visual Magnetics system components include ActiveWall® Micro-Iron™ wall primer, MagnaMedia® Micro-Iron coated print media, and 
InvisiLock? custom engineered sheet magnet, which may be applied to virtually any surface, incorporated into frames and fixtures, or simply 
applied to wall surfaces. Once InvisiLock is applied, users can easily roll graphics printed on any MagnaMedia to achieve instant, high-quality 
signage and displays. Visual Magnetics’ MagnaMedia is so thin that when combined with the properties of the InvisiLock magnet, it is possible to 
create multi-layer graphics to update images instantly for specific promotions, without the use of frames, fasteners or adhesives. 

The Visual Magnetics Graphic System™ will be displayed at ISA 2012 this week in Visual Magnetics’ booth #2846. Fujifilm will also be displaying 
a Visual Magnetics-interactive wall in their booth (#2536), which will feature samples of popular MagnaMedia including VM-Canvas™ 22, an 
award-winning product from the MagnaMedia Digital Fabric Collection.

Fujifilm - 2/3/2012

COLOR+ Ink from Fujifilm Offers Higher Productivity, Better Color, and Less Maintenance

Want better color from your inkjet printer or need to make an older printer run more efficiently?  Fujifilm can help with its Color+ inkjet inks.  Color+ inks 
have been developed to provide optimal performance on a wide variety of inkjet printers from most of the leading suppliers.

By adapting the ink chemistry to precisely suit the characteristics of each inkjet device, Fujifilm’s Color + ink delivers stronger, more vibrant colors and 
reduces the need for print head purging and maintenance.

Much of the success of Color+ lies in Fujifilm’s proprietary MicroV fine pigment dispersion technology.  This technology greatly reduces print head 
clogging that is often related to large and inconsistent particulate found in some digital inks.  In Color+, the loading of pigment, as well as the 
selection of pigment, offers stronger, brighter colors.

When a customer is switched to Color+ inks, Fujifilm technicians do not simply perform an “ink swap,” but go through a comprehensive equipment audit, 
and a full ink train inspection.  At that point, custom profiles are created and, as a result, printers are “upgraded,” improving the quality of prints and the 
printer’s performance as well.

“Since we converted to the Color+ inks, we have gained almost a full hour of production per shift by the reduction in the need to purge the print heads.  
All of the colors are richer and more vibrant.  The black is much denser, which has allowed us to significantly dial it back on our profiles.  We were 
really impressed by the technicians who converted our equipment, their knowledge of the hardware, and the software was truly impressive,” said 
Donnie Green, Operations Manager, Creative Big Print.

Fujifilm - 10/14/2011

Fujifilm Launches Second Generation of Uvistar Printers

FUJIFILM North America Corporation, Graphic Systems Division today announced the launch of the second generation of its successful UVISTAR 
super wide format UV roll inkjet printers.  The new Uvistar2 series, available in 3.5 meter and 5 meter platforms, builds on the existing UVISTAR range, 
adding new imaging technologies that provide higher print quality and productivity than ever before.  In combination with FUJIFILM Uvijet QK inks, 
the Uvistar2 produces high quality super wide format print for both indoor and outdoor applications.

The UVISTAR series, launched in 2010 as the most flexible, cost efficient printer in its class, produces high quality output at throughput speeds in 
excess of 3,800 sq ft/hour, on substrates up to 5m wide. The first generation UVISTAR was ideal for outdoor billboard and banner applications where 
UV cured Uvijet QK inks provided an alternative to solvent roll printing and effectively printed on a wide range of substrates, including polyethylene.  
Uvistar2 handles the same breadth of media and has been developed to meet the growing demands of point-of-purchase applications, where viewing 
distances tend to be closer. 

“In just over a year, the UVISTAR series has filled a need for low cost production of billboards and banners,” said Mitch Bode, vice president, 
wide format and specialty ink systems, FUJIFILM North America Corporation, Graphic Systems Division. “In keeping with our promise to provide 
customers with the most innovative technologies available, Uvistar2 offers enhanced capabilities and functionality for cost effective production of 
high quality point-of-purchase displays.  It essentially does it all.”

Uvistar2 incorporates a number of new technologies and refinements to improve the user interface making operation simple, efficient, and more 

Parallel Drop Size Technology
One of the major new advancements with Uvistar2 is the use of a unique “Parallel Drop Size” (PDS) technology.  PDS technology allows an increase in 
print quality without compromising speed or ink coverage.  This innovative technology enables users to print both larger 40pl drops together with smaller 
20pl drops, thereby eliminating the need for “light” colors to achieve superior print quality.  Large drops provide greater coverage and density, while small 
drops enable fine details, all without a reduction in print speed.

Drop Placement Accuracy
A new Linear Encoder monitors printhead location for improved accuracy of drop placement, insuring better print quality and finer detail.

Improved Printhead Heating
Upgraded electronics offer greater control over printhead heating, providing more uniform ink density, improving print quality, especially at lower passes.

Front End Scale-Up Feature
Large files may be ripped to the Uvistar2 in smaller sizes and then scaled up on press, saving RIP time and disk storage space.

On-Press Color Correction
Software enhancements allow for ink adjustments on the press, aiding color match and control.

Multi-Roll Support
Multi-roll capability facilitates quick changeovers between different media types with little waste.  Uvistar2 allows users to work simultaneously on as 
many as three rolls up to 65 inches wide, with cores of varying weights, widths, and diameters.  An optional flatbed table allows for printing rigid 

Fujifilm - 9/7/2011

Fujifilm Showcases New Innovations at Graph Expo

FUJIFILM North America Corporation, Graphic Systems Division will present an outstanding array of innovative solutions at GRAPH EXPO 2011, 
September 11 – 14, 2011, at McCormick Place South in Chicago, Illinois at booth # 627. Exhibiting under the banner “expect INNOVATION™” 
Fujifilm will demonstrate the products and technology that printers are looking for to strengthen their businesses and expand their operating 

“Printers are looking for a partner to help guide their businesses into the future,” said Masahiro “Sam” Ota, division president, Graphic Systems Division, 
FUJIFILM North America Corporation.  “Digital and wide format printing have proven to be significant opportunities for commercial printers, and offer the 
means to grow and diversify.  Fujifilm is committed to its customers’ needs, and has developed an innovative and comprehensive portfolio of products, 
solutions and services designed to meet their needs.”

“Fujifilm continues to research and invest in innovations that will help print providers better serve their customers,” said Todd Zimmerman, vice president of 
sales and marketing, Graphic Systems Division, FUJIFILM North America Corporation.  “Visitors to the Fujifilm booth can expect to see new products 
and technologies designed to increase efficiencies and capabilities, helping them to expand their service offerings and grow their businesses.”

Fujifilm will showcase a full range of advanced solutions, from state-of-the-art inkjet technologies to the highest-quality wide format printers.

Graph Expo 2011 marks the U.S. debut of the Inca Onset S40 wide format UV flatbed inkjet printer, the newest addition to the industry-leading Inca 
Onset Series.  The Inca Onset S40, available exclusively from Fujifilm, prints at throughput speeds up to 5,059 sq ft/hr producing 94 full beds (63” x 
123.6”) per hour onto a wide variety of substrates up to 2” thick, including plastic, metal and board stock.  Available in either 4-color (CMYK) or 6-
color (CMYK + Lc + Lm), the Inca Onset S40 has been engineered to provide outstanding “best-in-class” levels of quality and performance at a low 
cost per print.  The quality of print uniquely positions the new Inca Onset S40 as the highest quality of all high-volume flatbed presses on the market 

Also being shown for the first time in the US will be the FUJIFILM Acuity® LED 1600 wide format inkjet LED-UV printer.  Incorporating a patent-pending 
LED-UV ink-curing system, the Acuity LED 1600 provides high-speed inkjet printing with exceptional quality.  Reaching print speeds up to 215 sq ft/hr, 
the Acuity LED 1600 provides 8 colors standard and uses specialized Fujifilm fast-curing UV inks.  The state-of-the-art LED lamp design allows printing 
white or clear ink in a single pass, further adding to productivity.  Designed for the printer who is new to wide format inkjet printing or for users who wish 
to reduce costs while increasing productivity and quality, the Acuity LED 1600 offers great value in an entry-level printer.

The Acuity® Advance HS UV flatbed printer offers photographic quality printing at speeds of 433 sq ft/hr – 85 percent faster than previous Acuity 
Advance printers.  An express mode allows speeds of more than 650 sq ft/hr giving printers unmatched performance for the price.  The Acuity Advance 
HS provides precise registration and edge-to-edge printing, which saves time, labor and material.  The roll media option makes it a cost-effective UV roll 
solution for printing onto flexible materials.  The Acuity Advance HS will be running live throughout the show, also demonstrating the versatility and high 
quality of Fujifilm wide format media.

Fujifilm - 6/15/2011

Fujifilm Invites Printers to Take the Onset Challenge

FUJIFILM North America Corporation, Graphic Systems Division today announced the “Onset Challenge,” a simple five-step process that demonstrates 
how the Onset family of wide format printers can help unlock new business and increase profitability.  Taking the Onset Challenge begins with a 
visit to

The Onset Challenge website provides visitors with an opportunity to answer a few simple questions about their business needs, and then returns the 
Onset options that best fit those needs.  The site also gives the user a custom Return-on-Investment calculator to demonstrate just how quickly the 
press can pay for itself. 

The Onset Challenge website provides a wealth of useful information about the Onset Series’ three models, the S70, S40, and S20.  Designed to 
deliver the high-volume production needs of graphic display print providers, the Onset Series of UV flatbed inkjet presses offers unrivalled print 
quality at high print speeds.  The combination of Inca Digital’s engineering and imaging expertise with Fujifilm’s experience in UV ink formulation 
delivers top-of-the-line ink and machine reliability.  Onset technology features full-bed print arrays and a choice of finishes, from low glare satin to 
high impact gloss.  The Onset Series’ three models can be optionally configured with automation for optimum throughput.

“The Onset Challenge gives graphic display printers the information they need to make an informed purchasing decision, including a ‘payback 
calculator’,” said Todd Murphy, Business Development Manager, Wide Format Equipment, FUJIFILM North America Corporation, Graphic Systems 
Division.  “The Onset is the most successful platform in digital wide format printing, and Fujifilm is able to prove that making an investment in the 
most powerful flatbed family in the world can pay for itself in just six months.  We invite printers to take the Challenge and see for themselves.”

The Onset Challenge website also features several quotes from Onset owners.  Each owner describes how their Onset has made a positive impact 
on their business.

Visitors to the Onset Challenge site can also order printed samples, and enter a contest to win a FUJIFILM FinePix REAL 3D digital camera.  Please 
visit the Onset Challenge today at

Fujifilm - 4/28/2011

Fujifilm Adds Productivity Enhancements to Acuity Advance and Acuity Advance-X2 UV Inkjet Printers

FUJIFILM North America Corporation, Graphic Systems Division today announced the introduction of several new features on the Acuity® Advance and 
Acuity Advance-X2 wide format UV inkjet printers. These enhanced platforms replace the highly successful existing Acuity Advance and Acuity 
Advance-X2, which were launched in October 2008 and January 2009 respectively. Two of the most popular flatbed inkjet printers on the market 
today, these new versions of the Acuity Advance and Acuity Advance-X2 will join the Acuity Advance LT, Acuity Advance HS, and Advance HS 
X2 printers in Fujifilm’s printer line-up.

The new Acuity Advance platform maintains the near-photographic image quality and leading design features of the original Acuity Advance, while 
delivering significant functional improvements and enhanced value. 

•	A new Express Mode offers speeds of up to 377 sq ft per hour billboard-quality printing, complementing the existing POP production speed of 239 sq ft 
per hour and high-quality mode speed of 164 sq ft per hour. 

•	A new High Definition print mode supports a minimum text size of 2 points, for markets and applications where very fine feature detail is required.

•	An improved vacuum table enables superior handling of thin media. The zoned vacuum design promotes printing onto all types of media, including 
irregularly shaped or uneven surface materials and ensures accurate registration even on multiple passes.  

•	A redesigned energy-efficient UV curing system that makes more curing energy available while reducing the heat on the media surface by up to 
50% as compared to the current Acuity Advance printer.

As with all other Acuity models, the new Acuity Advance has an optional roll media kit for printing onto any number of flexible materials. This simple-to-use 
option offers added versatility, such as allowing an operator to prepare rigid material on the flatbed while the roll media is printing.

The new Acuity Advance-X2 includes all the improvements and enhanced value available in the new Acuity Advance, but has double the print area.  
Allowing for printing onto substrates up to 98” wide x 120” long, and as thick as 1.89”, this larger bed provides greater flexibility and capacity to the 
end user, facilitating printing of larger jobs.

The print performance of the Acuity Advance is optimized by Fujifilm’s uniquely formulated Uvijet inks. Uvijet’s Micro-V dispersion technology delivers 
wide adhesion, vibrancy and durability in every print.  With two unique ink sets available for the Acuity Advance and Acuity Advance-X2, customers 
can choose the right ink to suit their specific application requirements.

To learn more about the Acuity Advance and Acuity Advance-X2 wide format UV inkjet printers, sold exclusively through the Graphic Systems 
Division of FUJIFILM North America Corporation, please visit:

Fujifilm - 12/15/2010

Fujifilm Taskero Universe Colorpath Sync Version 1.1 Earns G7 Certification from IDEAlliance

FUJIFILM North America Corporation today announced that its FUJIFILM Taskero Universe ColorPath Sync color alignment and verification solution is one of 
the first software programs to pass G7 System Certification from IDEAlliance. The G7 System Certification Program is designed to evaluate the ability of a 
candidate system to calibrate a printing device to meet the G7 gray scale definition using four 1-D curves. 

“Fujifilm is honored that our new Taskero Universe ColorPath Sync solution has been recognized by IDEAlliance, a respected authority on G7 compliance,” said 
Donald Schroeder, director of solutions development, Graphic Systems Division, FUJIFILM North America Corporation. “Our unique web-based solution provides 
anytime/anywhere access so our print partners can rest assured that their color devices are easily aligned to G7 compliance.” 

“The Fujifilm Solution Development staff worked very closely with IDEAlliance to design, organize and establish the process for validating compliance of the 
software systems available on the market today,” said David Steinhardt, president and CEO, IDEAlliance. “Fujifilm has worked hard to create a resource 
specifically geared towards G7 compliance and their efforts are appreciated by the industry. We believe this new certification system will serve as a great value 
and offer peace of mind to printers nationwide in selecting tools that will help them achieve G7 compliance for their print buyers.” 

IDEAlliance’s news about its G7 System Certification follows Fujifilm’s announcement about recent upgrades to Taskero Universe ColorPath Sync Version 1.1 
which now gives users the ability to easily export plate curves into FUJIFILM Workflow XMF, Rampage Systems as well as other major workflow solutions. The 
web-based G7 curve creation solution supported by Fujifilm’s G7 expert consultants now provides an even greater time savings, helps minimize the potential for 
human error and results in more accurate curve creation. ColorPath Sync also boasts a new retargeting feature. This allows the end-user to reduce the number 
of runs needed to align multiple stocks with the G7 process because ColorPath Sync now learns from previous G7 alignments on the press. 

FUJIFILM Taskero Universe ColorPath Sync offers printers industry-leading results for greater color accuracy and gives them organized, centralized access 
anywhere an Internet connection is available. The G7 alignment tool also offers spectral-based density and tonal value increase (TVI) calculations for greater 
densitometric accuracy. Advanced charts and graphs offer more accurate qualification on input press sheet data. Using an application service provider (ASP) 
model, customers using ColorPath Sync are assured that they are always using the most current version of the software. 

ColorPath Sync’s intuitive interface offers user-friendly charts that enable on-the-fly color correction, while enabled iterative color correction increases accuracy 
and minimizes downtime. Data storage is cloud-based, which means it is offsite, secured and always backed-up.

Fujifilm - 12/7/2010

Fujifilm Announces Taskero Universe ColorPath Sync Version 1.1

FUJIFILM North America Corporation today announced its Graphic Systems Division has released FUJIFILM ColorPath Sync Version 1.1, the latest addition to 
its Taskero Universe™ ColorPath Verified® solution. The upgraded color alignment and verification software solution now gives users the ability to easily export 
plate curves into FUJIFILM Workflow XMF, Rampage Systems, as well as other major workflow solutions. The web-based G7® curve creation solution 
supported by Fujifilm’s G7 experts now provides an even greater time savings, helps minimize the potential for human error and results in more accurate curve

Furthermore, the enhanced version of ColorPath Sync is outfitted with a retargeting feature. This will allow the end-user to reduce the number of runs needed 
to align multiple stocks with the G7 process because ColorPath Sync now learns from previous G7 alignments on the press.

“Fujifilm’s newest version of ColorPath Sync provides unprecedented reliability and flexibility to help our print partners seamlessly align their color equipment to 
G7 compliance,” said Donald Schroeder, director of solutions development, Graphic Systems Division, FUJIFILM North America Corporation. “Aligning color 
output devices using G7 can often present challenges. Fujifilm’s color experts and the solutions we develop help minimize these challenges and simplify this 
process for our customers.”

FUJIFILM ColorPath Sync offers printers industry-leading results for greater color accuracy and gives them organized, centralized access anywhere an Internet 
connection is available. The G7 alignment tool also offers spectral-based density and tonal value increase (TVI) calculations for greater densitometric 
accuracy. Advanced charts and graphs offer more accurate qualification on input press sheet data. Using an application service provider (ASP) model, 
customers using ColorPath Sync are assured that they are always using the most current version of the software.

ColorPath Sync’s intuitive interface offers user-friendly charts that enable on-the-fly color correction, while enabled iterative color correction increases 
accuracy and minimizes downtime. Data storage is cloud-based, which means it is offsite, secured and always backed-up.

Fujifilm - 10/7/2010

Fujifilm to Demonstrate New Inca Onset S20 Automation at SGIA 2010

FUJIFILM North America Corporation today announced that its Graphic Systems Division will exhibit a full portfolio of solutions during the SGIA Expo 2010 at 
the Las Vegas Convention Center in Las Vegas, NV on October 13-15 at booth #2359. At Fujifilm’s booth, specialty graphics printers will be introduced to 
new faster print modes and the automated substrate handling system on the Inca Onset S20 flatbed printer as well as other demonstrations of Fujifilm’s 
Acuity Advance HS UV flatbed and Uvistar UV roll press, media and ink solutions - all designed to put printers ‘in control’.

“Every year we look forward to SGIA,” said Mitch Bode, general manager, Graphic Systems Division, Sericol Unit, FUJIFILM North America Corporation. “It’s 
a great opportunity for us to introduce our latest product innovations and present software solutions to help our customers meet the demanding needs of 
retail and national brand print buyers. We are particularly excited to showcase the new automation and increased speed of the Onset S20. We have been 
very successful with the Onset series of presses as our customers have invested in their ability to provide fast turnaround of high quality, short run POP 

With a full bed print array, the Inca Onset S20 now has faster speeds and can print up to 3,600 ft2/hr or as many as 68 full beds an hour when equipped 
with the new ¾ automated substrate handling system. In addition to CMYK configuration, the S20 offers a choice of white or light cyan and light magenta. 
The ability to vary the gloss level gives the user flexibility to set the desired gloss level on a per job basis directly from the operator console. These features 
make the Onset S20 the ideal press for production of high quality POP graphic displays and help printers meet the demand for fast turnaround print runs.

The Acuity Advance HS UV flatbed printer with roll media option will also be running live on the show floor. The 4-color with white Acuity Advance HS has 
an express mode, printing at speeds up to 657 ft2 per hour, and a production mode, printing at speeds of 430 ft2 per hour, and offers photographic print 
quality specifically designed for applications that require fine detail and high-resolution imaging. Demonstrations of the Acuity’s amazing precision will 
include printing on clear and black substrates, lenticulars, backlits and prestretched canvas.

The UVISTAR UV roll printer will also be featured on the SGIA show floor. The UVISTAR, available in 3.5 meter and 5 meter configurations, is designed to 
print both POP and billboard quality at impressive speeds of up to 3,800 ft2 per hour. Capable of producing work on up to three rolls at a time, the UVISTAR 
offers quick changeover of a wide range of flexible media and boasts the lowest ink cost per square foot of any press in the market today.

Fujifilm will also display the Epson Stylus Pro 9900 proofer for screen and digital imaging. For screen proofs, the Epson 9900 creates a halftone based proof 
made from the actual separated files used to make the film that generated the screens. This proof simulates the dot structure, halftone screening and color 
target for a multicolor inline screen press. For digital proofing, the proof simulates the output of a digital wide format press and takes the proofing burden from 
the production printer and places it on a more cost effective proofing device.

Fujifilm will showcase its expansive line-up of wide format UV and solvent roll media, which provides printers with optimal print quality and color performance 
while providing durability and ease of use for virtually any application. A variety of media will be on display including banner selections, premium papers, 
adhesive backed vinyl, backlit media, canvas, wall and floor graphic media and perforated window film. All of the media is designed for use on UV and 
solvent solutions and is the perfect complement to Fujifilm’s printer, ink and color management RIP solutions.

Fujifilm will demonstrate a series of software solutions at SGIA 2010 as well. First is the 2009 InterTech™ Technology Award recipient, Fujifilm’s Taskero 
UniverseTM ColorPath Verified®. Taskero Universe ColorPath Verified monitors the performance of all color equipment in the workflow and ensures 
printers achieve consistent color output from different devices. The solution’s monitoring functionality equips printers with real-time help, support and 
communication to quickly resolve issues, avert downtime and minimize waste. Backed by Fujifilm’s Print Performance Team, both customers and Fujifilm 
specialists are alerted when a device is operating below established standards.

To further help printers achieve improved process controls, Fujifilm will offer one-on-one presentations about G7® theory and color management 
principles specifically geared towards the digital and screen printing segments. In addition, Fujifilm will exhibit FUJIFILM Taskero Universe ColorPath Sync 
which has the ability to optimize color in the G7® process and enables the creation of G7 curves for printing to G7 conditions. A unique benefit of 
ColorPath Sync is that is resides in the “cloud,” allowing for easy access and historical tracking to G7 conditions. This is one more way that Fujifilm is 
putting its print partners ‘in control’ of the printing process.

Fujifilm’s complete portfolio of wide format printers will be running ColorGATE PRODUCTIONSERVER6 Software. With ColorGATE, printers are able to use 
one RIP and one color management system across all of the devices in their shop, allowing them to achieve predictable results and consistent color. 
ColorGATE also has a unique Quality Assurance Module and additional features to optimize file transfer. ColorGATE’s Ink Optimizer module is seamlessly 
integrated within the ProductionServer workflow and transforms data downstream just before printing. ColorGATE optimizes the files by applying a 
predetermined amount of GCR (Grey Component Replacement) to the data. GCR lowers the amount of C, M, Y inks and replaces with K. This 
significantly reduces the overall amount of ink used and can reduce ink costs by as much as 30%.

Fujifilm will also showcase Uvijet Digital UV inks which are designed for use on the Inca and Acuity series of wide format printers. The inks offer superb dot 
reproduction and bright vibrant colors for a variety of applications. Using unique Micro-V dispersion technology to maximize pigment loading, the Uvijet range 
of inks allow for extended print head life with reduced maintenance. The same technology is used in Color+ Digital Inks for most of the popular roll-to-roll 
and drum-fed printers. By adapting ink chemistry to precisely fit the characteristics of each inkjet printer, Fujifilm has succeeded in establishing the most 
successful range of digital inks for wide and super-wide format printers.

Fujifilm - 7/12/2010

Fujifilm's Polypropylene Removable Wall Graphic Film Offers Green Solution to Printers

FUJIFILM North America Corporation is continuing to put its customers ‘in control’ with a polypropylene wall 
graphic film that is part of a full selection of Fujifilm wide format UV and solvent roll media from the Graphic 
Systems Division’s comprehensive print solutions portfolio. Ideal for the production of retail graphics, the PVC-
free media provides printers with a recyclable backdrop that meets print buyers increasing demands for solutions 
that are less harmful to the environment.

Fujifilm’s polypropylene wall graphic film is proven to outperform PVC-based wall graphics because it doesn’t 
shrink, and offers easy installation and repositioning, using only a mild adhesive to eliminate surface damage 
when removed. The media was developed to provide optimal whiteness for excellent color and print quality, a 
characteristic of all the products in Fujifilm’s family of wide format media, and includes a heavier liner for 
improved handling during printing.

“PVC film inherently shrinks and, to overcome this issue, large amounts of aggressive adhesives are required,” 
said Terry Amerine, segment manager, Graphic Systems Division, FUJIFILM North America Corporation. “This 
makes installation very difficult and can result in damage to the underlying walls. By using polypropylene, 
shrinkage is no longer a concern and printers can offer their customers a recyclable solution eliminating the 
problems long associated with removable wall graphic films. As a result, we have seen a tremendous market 
response to this product.”

All of Fujifilm’s wide format media undergoes a series of rigorous tests to guarantee optimum performance on 
print quality, color development, maximum durability and ease-of-use. The media must demonstrate that it is easy 
to handle, and that it can stand up to the elements, resisting cracking and yellowing.

“Offering our customers wide format media that has met Fujifilm’s strict standards of excellence as part of our total 
solutions package is just one more way we are putting them ‘in control’,” continued Amerine. “We work diligently 
to insure that all of our digital components work together and provide proven robust solutions that make our 
customers more successful.”

In addition to its polypropylene wall graphic film, Fujifilm’s Graphic Systems Division offers a full line of branded 
wide format media, including banner material, paper products, canvas, wall graphics, backlit film, perforated 
adhesive and non-adhesive window film and floor graphic materials. Customers interested in receiving a sample 
kit from Fujifilm should visit

The Graphic Systems Division of FUJIFILM North America Corporation is a total solutions provider who delivers 
solutions for workflow, process control, remote monitoring, color standardization, pressroom products, CTP, 
proofing, digital printing, wide format and more. Fujifilm also manufactures and distributes Sericol inks and is a 
leader in the development of UV inks for the screen printing, narrow web, and large format digital printing industries.

Fujifilm - 6/22/2010

Fujifilm Announces the New Acuity Advance HS-X2 UV Flatbed Printer

FUJIFILM North America Corporation today announced the introduction of the new Acuity Advance HS-X2 wide 
format UV inkjet printer. The Acuity Advance HS-X2 is the next generation in the highly successful Acuity series, 
which have become the fastest selling flatbed UV inkjet printers in the market today. The Acuity Advance HS-X2 
will sit alongside the Acuity Advance and Acuity Advance HS printers in Fujifilm’s printer line-up and builds on 
many of the leading design features the Acuity series is known for, including near photographic print quality.

“The Acuity Advance HS-X2 has an impressive print area of 98” x 120”, which is more than double the size of the 
Acuity Advance HS,” said Jeffrey Nelson, Product Marketing Manager, Graphic Systems Division, FUJIFILM 
North America Corporation. “This is great for those customers who need to print on a 5’ x 10’ substrate or want 
to optimize their throughput with two 4’ x 8’ sheets. This is a cost effective solution not only for POP and graphic 
display printers but also for offset printers and commercial photo labs who are interested in expanding their product 
offerings through UV digital flatbed printing.”

The X2 employs a dual zoning system with independent vacuum control which allows the printing of an image in 
one zone while setting up another image in the second. This enables the press operator to load substrate on one 
side of the bed while the other side is still printing. This continual printing function dramatically increases throughput.

The Acuity Advance HS-X2 incorporates the same modified print head array as the recently launched Acuity 
Advance HS, with POP production speeds of up to 462 square feet per hour and a new Express mode over 700 
square feet per hour. This enables it to deliver more daily output than any other UV flatbed printer in its class and 
satisfies the high productivity requirements for the end user. In addition, X2 has an optional roll media kit for 
printing onto any number of flexible materials. The Advance HS-X2 is so versatile an operator can prepare rigid 
material on the flatbed while the roll media option is printing.

The Acuity Advance HS-X2’s print performance is optimized by Fujifilm’s uniquely formulated Uvijet inks. Uvijet’s 
Micro-V dispersion technology delivers wide adhesion, vibrancy and durability in every print. With two unique ink 
sets available for the Advance HS-X2, customers can choose the right ink to suit their specific application 
requirements. Like the Acuity Advance HS, X2 is typically configured with white ink which further expands the 
possible print applications.

The Acuity Advance HS-X2 will be unveiled at the FESPA tradeshow taking place in Munich, Germany June 
22nd – 26th at the Fujifilm booth. Fujifilm expects to begin shipment of the Acuity Advance HS-X2 in August. The 
Acuity Advance HS-X2 is sold exclusively throughout the United States by the Graphic Systems Division of 
FUJIFILM North America Corporation.

Fujifilm - 3/17/2010

Fujifilm Sericol U.S.A. to Join Graphic Systems Division of Fujifilm North America Corporation

FUJIFILM North America Corporation announced today that Fujifilm Sericol U.S.A., Inc. will join its Graphic 
Systems Division effective April 1, 2010. The integration of the Fujifilm Sericol U.S.A. business into the Graphic 
Systems Division will facilitate greater collaboration, enhance best practices, and further improve services to 
Fujifilm’s customers.

“We have many talented people with diverse technical and marketing skills working in each of our businesses at 
Fujifilm,” said Masahiro Ota, president of the Graphic Systems Division of FUJIFILM North America Corporation. 
“Our objective here is to strengthen our presence and to take full advantage of the synergies that will help us to 
continue serving customers effectively and efficiently.”

The integration adds the screen printing, wide format digital, and narrow web print expertise of Fujifilm Sericol to 
the already strong presence of Fujifilm in the commercial print market. “One of our greatest strengths now is the 
wide range of skills our people can bring to a broad range of customers.” said Mitch Bode, general manager, 
Graphic Systems Division – Sericol Unit. “We look forward to joining the broader Fujifilm organization and 
combining the strengths of both organizations to grow our future business.”

This news follows Fujifilm’s announcement in January that it would bring together five operating divisions: photo 
imaging products including digital photo processing equipment and services supplying commercial and consumer 
customers; graphic systems products and services supplying the printing industry; consumer digital cameras; 
motion picture films; and the Canada Division (operating as FUJIFILM Canada Inc.) which markets multiple 
Fujifilm products. Globally Fujifilm announced last year that during 2010, the company would align its organization 
by region in Europe, North America, China and Asia.

Fujifilm Sericol:

Fujifilm - 2/9/2010

Fujifilm Introduces New Acuity Advance HS

Fujifilm today introduced the new Acuity Advance HS (high speed) wide format UV flatbed printer. The Acuity 
Advance HS is the latest breakthrough in wide format UV digital imaging technology from Fujifilm and offers 
photographic quality printing at production speeds of 430 ft2 per hour, giving printers unmatched performance for
the price. The HS also boasts a new express mode that allows it to print over 700 ft2 per hour.

"The Acuity Advance HS builds on the success of the Acuity Series by increasing the print performance to 
compete directly with much more expensive printers, but with the superior print quality that our customers 
expect with an Acuity," said Jeffrey Nelson, Product Marketing Manager ­ Digital Equipment, FUJIFILM Sericol.  
"The Acuity Advance HS is a true flatbed printer providing precise registration and edge-to-edge printing
which saves time, labor and material. In addition, the roll media option makes it a cost effective UV roll solution 
for printing onto any number of flexible materials. This makes it ideal not only for graphic display POP printers who 
need higher productivity, but also for offset printers and commercial photo labs interested in a cost effective 
production press to expand their business to include high-quality flatbed printing."

The Acuity Advance HS's print performance is optimized by Fujifilm Sericol's uniquely formulated Uvijet inks.  
Uvijet's Micro-V dispersion technology delivers wide adhesion, vibrancy and durability in every print.  With two 
unique ink sets available for Acuity Advance HS, customers can choose the right ink to suit their specific 
application requirements.  

The Acuity Advance HS is available for customer demonstrations at the Fujifilm Demonstration Centers in Kansas 
City, Kan., and Hanover Park, Ill. Fujifilm expects to begin shipment of the Acuity Advance HS in March. The 
new press will also be showcased at the International Sign Association Sign Expo (ISA) in Orlando, Fla., this 
April. The Acuity Advance HS UV flatbed printer is sold exclusively throughout the United States by Fujifilm 
Sericol and Fujifilm Graphic Systems.

Fujifilm Sericol:

Fujifilm - 11/16/2009

Fujifilm Announces Creation of Fujifilm North America Corporation

Fujifilm today announced that effective January 1, 2010 it is creating a new organization, FUJIFILM North 
America Corporation, which will merge FUJIFILM U.S.A., Inc. and FUJIFILM Graphic Systems U.S.A. Inc. 
FUJIFILM Canada Inc. will become a subsidiary of the new company as of April 1, 2010. 

“The creation of this unified organization will enable us to build a stronger presence in the North American 
markets and realize greater collaboration between businesses,” said Ryutaro Hosoda, President FUJIFILM 
Holdings America Corporation. “Most important, it will allow us to serve our customers even more effectively 
and efficiently by taking full advantage of the skills and knowledge of our people.”

FUJIFILM North America will bring together five operating divisions: photo imaging products including digital photo 
processing equipment and services supplying commercial and consumer customers; graphic systems products 
and services supplying the printing industry; consumer digital cameras; motion picture films; and the Canada 
Division (operating as FUJIFILM Canada Inc.) which markets multiple Fujifilm products.

Fujifilm - 10/27/2009

Victory Screen Printing Preparing for Digital Future with Inca Onset S20 from FUJIFILM Sericol

FUJIFILM Sericol USA, Inc. announced today the sale of an Inca Onset S20 UV flatbed printer to Victory Screen 
Printing, located in Fullerton, Calif. Introduced earlier this year, the Inca Onset S20 delivers POP quality production 
at speeds up to 2,690 sq. ft. per hour on substrates up to 2² thick. The press will be installed later this month at 
Victory Screen Printing and is the first press to be installed on the West Coast.
"We're constantly looking toward the future and we see digital printing being the way the industry will move," 
explains Bob Bhagat, co-owner of the 46-year-old company that he and business partner Mike Savalia took 
over in 2000. "Digital quality is just amazing and it¹s hard to compare it to screenprinting, especially when you 
consider the speed of digital printing. We definitely see it as the future and that¹s why we¹ve added the Inca 
Onset S20."

Victory Screen Printing is a full-service, large-format screen and digital printing facility that works primarily for trade 
with other print shops, print brokers and advertising agencies. The company specializes in POP printing, 
including window clings, posters, merchandising displays, banners, floor graphics and a variety of other products 
and different substrates.

Savalia said they'd been looking at digital solutions for some time, but weren't satisfied with the speed of the 
devices until they saw the Onset S20. ³SpeedSthat¹s what was holding us back," he said. "But now, we've 
got speed and quality with the Onset S20. It's going to provide our customers a lot of flexibility with their projects a
nd we expect to increase the range of projects we¹re able to handle."

The company has grown steadily since Bhagat and Savalia took the helm, relying on a commitment to both 
service and quality. Victory Screen Printing and its 95 employees have also been committed to the latest 
technologies and, says Bhagat, is proud to now have the Onset S20.

In addition to the quality and capabilities of the device, Bhagat and Savalia also wanted to make sure they were 
comfortable with the company and manufacturer they were buying from. "Both Inca and FUJIFILM Sericol are 
well-known companies and they work well together. We're looking to form a long-term relationship with the 
companies we do business with, and both Inca and FUJIFILM Sericol are strong partners," explained Bhagat.

Fujifilm - 10/12/2009

Fujifilm Sericol Debuts UVISTAR Series of UV Roll Inkjet Printers at 2009 SGIA Expo

One of the most exciting new technologies to debut in the super-wide format recently ­ the UVISTAR Series 
of UV roll inkjet printers ­ was demonstrated live in the FUJIFILM Sericol booths (#1301 and #1415) during the 
2009 SGIA Expo, held at Ernest N. Morial Convention Center in New Orleans on Oct. 7-9, 2009. With amazing 
speeds of up to 3800 ft2/hour, the UVISTAR series of printers also offers flexibility, versatility and high print quality.

Developed out of a partnership between FUJIFILM Sericol and Matan Digital Printers, the original innovator of 
the super-wide format digital printing industry, the UVISTAR series is designed to produce both POP quality as 
well as billboard quality at exceptional speeds. UVISTAR printers are easy to operate, cost effective to run 
and environmentally friendly to use and, through its unique combination of features and benefits, the UVISTAR 
series enables printers to create new revenue streams through fast turnaround, high-quality printing and low 
operating costs. The series includes 3.5m and 5m printers that can handle a wide range of media, from flex 
and self-adhesive vinyl, mesh and blue-back paper to backlit material and Tyvek, including a full range of 
coated and uncoated media and a wide range of recyclable media.

"Matan is renowned for its manufacturing excellence and industry-leading technologies and FUJIFILM Sericol is 
proud of this new partnership," says Mitch Bode, senior vice president, FUJIFILM Sericol. "Working together, 
we're confident we can answer the demands of our customers and the industry."
The UVISTAR printers incorporate leading print-head technology, featuring 32 print heads with drop sizes 
starting at 30 picoliters for high-quality output. The extended color gamut and flexible FUJIFILM Sericol Uvijet inks 
enable the printers to handle a wide range of demanding applications. The low ink consumption, with coverage of 
up to 1940 ft2/liter, and the speed of the devices (up to 3800 ft2/hour), meet the requirements of even the most 
advanced print shops.

The UVISTAR 5032 5m printer is capable of printing on both flexible and rigid materials, either coated or 
uncoated. Its optional multi-roll feature enables the UVISTAR printers to easily print on up to three rolls 
simultaneously, making it a perfect solution for printing in demanding production environments. 

"We're constantly striving to meet the most demanding of customer requirements and continue to seek out 
opportunities to improve our products and their productivity and performance," says Hanan Yosefi, president 
and CEO of Matan. "The new UVISTAR series means customers don¹t have to compromise on throughput or 
quality and can get the latest UV technology for a reasonable price."

The UVISTAR series of printers are built to Fujifilm standards, have excellent build quality and offer the end user 
a reliable solution for all of their production requirements. The design of the printers offers an efficient platform 
with the fastest changeover between medias and the lowest media wastage for an UV roll printer on the market.

Fujifilm - 9/11/2009

FUJIFILM Unveils range of Wide Format Roll Media

FUJIFILM Graphic Systems U.S.A., Inc., a recognized leader in the graphics industry, introduced a comprehensive 
portfolio of roll media developed to provide optimal performance for the digital wide format segment today at 
PRINT 09, being held at Chicago’s McCormick Place Convention Center on Sept. 11-16, 2009. 

The addition of media complements Fujifilm’s existing wide format portfolio that includes roll and flatbed printers, 
UV and solvent digital ink, color management RIP software and a full range of technical support, service and 
“We developed this range of media in direct response to our customers’ demand for a fully integrated and proven 
solution,” explains Jason Kammes, Fujifilm’s product marketing manager for color and proofing products. 

“The focus for Fujifilm is putting our customers ‘In Control’ of all aspects of their printing operation: both analog 
and digital and from prepress to production. Adding media specifically designed to provide optimal performance 
in terms of print quality, color development and ease of use was logical and complements our range of wide 
format solutions for our customers,” adds Kammes.

The wide format media products being introduced at PRINT 09 by Fujifilm include:

- Banner Selections
- Premium Papers 
- Adhesive Backed Vinyl 
- Backlit Media
- Canvas 
- Wall Graphic Media
- Static Cling
- Perforated Window Film

Fujifilm - 9/11/2009

Inca Onset S20 Debuts in North America

The Inca Onset S20 appears publicly for the first time in North America at the FUJIFILM Corporation booth 6919 
during Print 09.  Inca Digital reports healthy orders for the new UV flatbed printer in Europe - along with a number 
of orders that were received for North America, even before the machine has its US debut.  In fact, the first 
machine in the U.S. has already been sold by FUJIFILM Sericol to Concept Imaging in Miamisburg, Ohio.  The 
press was delivered in August and will be in commercial production in September.

The Inca Onset S20 delivers POP quality production at speeds up to 2690 sq.ft/hr (250 sq.m/hr) or 50 full bed 
sheets/hr (123.6 inches x 63 inches / 3.14m x 1.6m) on substrates up to 2 inches (50mm) thick.  Aimed at 
companies with high-volume production needs, the high-speed printer produces superb quality display graphics 

“The roll-out of the Inca Onset S20 has gone very well with healthy initial sales and there has been a steady 
stream of demos.  We continue taking Inca Onset S20 orders and are adjusting our production schedule to 
meet the strong demand,” remarks Linda Bell, Inca Digital CEO.  “Along with its obvious speed, we have been 
very pleased with the Inca Onset S20‘s print quality, and the feedback from our customers says that quality 
has been exceptional.” 

The Inca Onset S20 features automation options, user replaceable printheads, expanded color gamut, white ink, 
and new gloss levels.  Inca-configured printheads on a full print width color bar deliver a 28-picolitre drop size, 
which, along with Inca’s high standard for delivery of precision ink drop placement, produce excellent print quality.  
Inca’s know-how and capability with printhead electronics controls pulse width and voltage to printheads to 
exceptional levels of accuracy. 

While the standard color set of the Inca Onset S20 is FUJIFILM Sericol’s Uvijet four-color process CMYK, the 
press can include lights, orange, violet or white Uvijet Ultratone inks.  Another standard feature of the Inca 
Onset S20 is the ability of the operator to choose satin, semi-gloss or gloss finishes providing enormous 
versatility in the range of graphics that can be printed, from display POP and exhibition graphics to backlit/
frontlit displays and outdoor sign printing. The choice of Wasatch or ColorGATE RIP offers the customer 
easy file set-up and in-depth color management control for a variety of applications. 

“Customers report that the combination of gloss modes along with the six-color option creates outstanding, 
vibrant prints. The Inca Onset S20 hits the mark for the high volume POP printers need for speed and 
outstanding, vibrant print quality,” comments Heather Kendle, Inca Digital Director of Marketing. “The machine’s 
versatility means they are also able to create special effects, such as spot varnish finishes, to increase impact. 
The combination of speed and unique print capabilities has attracted the interest of a good number of printers 
who are now able to offer a differentiated print product along with competitive, yet profitable, pricing.”

Inca Digital’s full line of UV inkjet printers is available exclusively in the U.S. and Canada through the FUJIFILM 

Fujifilm - 4/13/2009

Fujifilm Canada Becomes Exclusive Reseller of Inca Digital Flatbed Printers in Canada

Inca Digital Printers and Fujifilm Canada announce that, effective April 1, Fujifilm Canada (Graphic Systems 
Division) has become the exclusive reseller and service provider of Inca Digital flatbed printers, which includes 
the new Onset S20, in Canada.

For the past several years Fujifilm Sericol has sold Inca Digital printers to screen, sign, and wide format display 
printers, while Fujifilm Canada (Graphic Systems Division) has focused on selling Inca Digital Printers to 
commercial printers. However, as Fujifilm Sericol sales teams in Canada--particularly those that have sold 
Fujifilm Sericol inks--have merged with Fujifilm Canada, sales responsibilities for Inca Digital printers have 
also moved exclusively to Fujifilm Canada. Fujifilm has announced that the move will allow it to leverage 
cross-Canada local sales, technical service and warehouse facilities to market an expanded range of products.

As sales activities have now expanded across Canada, the technical service of Inca Digital printers will see a 
change in responsibility. Inca Digital printers in Canada previously sold by Fujifilm Sericol and serviced by Inca 
Digital will now be serviced directly by Fujifilm Canada. Customers of Fujifilm Sericol in Canada have already 
been notified of the change in responsibility.

"We believe that going forward Fujifilm Canada can provide an unmatched combination of product and service. 
While we need to deliver the powerful industrial-scale flatbed digital printers that Inca Digital is well known for, it 
is just as important to be able to provide focused sales and service," remarks Tony Karg, Senior Director of 
Marketing and Business Development, Fujifilm Canada Inc. (Graphic Systems). "Customers want a single point 
of local service to ensure equipment uptime for the fastest return on their investments."

"Inca Digital has had a very strong relationship with Fujifilm Canada as well as the people from Fujifilm Sericol in 
Canada--who, in fact, sold the first Onset printer in North America--so we expect very little change in the 
exceptional representation they have provided. With centralized sales efforts to all printers in Canada, Inca 
Digital will be able to work with Fujifilm Canada on a focused sales policy," explains Heather  Kendle, Inca 
Digital's Director of Marketing. "We respect the expertise of Fujifilm Canada's service team, and expect that 
all printers in Canada will continue to receive exceptional attention and service. With our combined, cooperative 
efforts, we look forward to delivering Canadian printers exceptional products and service."

Fujifilm - 2/10/2009

Fujilfilm Launches the New Acuity Advance X2 Inkjet Press

FUJIFILM & FUJIFILM SERICOL are pleased to announce the introduction of the new Acuity Advance X2.  
The Acuity Advance X2 doubles the size of the print bed from the current Acuity Advance which enables 
printing onto substrates as large as 120" x 98.4" and as thick as 1.88". The dual zoning system with independent 
vacuum control allows the printing of an image in one zone while setting up another image in the second zone,
thereby increasing throughput. 

The Acuity Advance X2 incorporates the same modified printhead array as the Acuity Advance. The X2 
produces outstanding quality at print speed of 237 ft2/hr.  In addition, the Acuity Advance X2 is available in a 
four color CMYK offering or CMYK plus white. Utilizing Fujifilm Sericol Uvijet UV inks, the Acuity Advance X2 
delivers unmatched flexibility, allowing users to print a very opaque white under, over or between print layers.   

Incorporating variable droplet printhead technology, the Acuity Advance X2 delivers near-photographic image 
quality, and includes a true flatbed platform to easily print onto a wide variety of rigid substrates.  Additionally, 
an optional roll-to-roll module is ideal for printing onto all types of flexible media up to 86.6" wide.

The Acuity Advance X2 will be unveiled at the Graf Italia show, (March 24th - March 28th 2009), on the Fujifilm 
stand. Its North American debut will be at Grafik' Art Tradeshow (April 23 th - 25 th 2009) at Place Bonaventure 
in Montreal, Quebec. Commercial shipments will commence worldwide in May.

Fujifilm - 7/9/2008

Fujifilm Sericol North America to Increase Ink and Consumables Pricing

Due to unrelenting increases in the cost of crude oil, and the resultant impact on raw material and 
transportation costs, Fujifilm Sericol will increase prices in North America effective August 1. The increases 
typically range between 5-10% by product group with a few exceptions up to 15%.  This will affect all product 
technologies including UV, water, and solvent based inks. 

"Unfortunately, over the past several months we, and the rest of the industry, have experienced unprecedented, 
non-negotiable price increases from virtually all of our key suppliers." said Mitch Bode, Sr. Vice President of 
Fujifilm Sericol Americas.  Mr. Bode added, "Most of our raw materials are petroleum based, and the price of 
a barrel of crude oil has risen from $53.39 to $140.21 since our last price increase in November of 2005.  Up 
until now, productivity improvements in manufacturing and optimization of freight efficiencies have helped 
offset some of the raw material and transportation cost increases.  However the size of these increases and 
the breadth of materials impacted can no longer be absorbed or offset by manufacturing or supply chain 

Terry Mitchell, Director of Marketing for Fujifilm Sericol North America further commented, "Our systems of 
managing inventory and consolidating freight shipments has helped us reduce shipment frequency while 
maintaining high service levels to our customers.  In these times of escalating raw material and transportation 
costs, we feel it is absolutely critical to reduce supply chain costs wherever possible to keep our customers 

Fujifilm - 3/7/2008

FujiFilm Dimatix Collaborates with Agilent

FujiFilm Dimatix Inc. has announced its collaboration with Agilent Technologies Inc. to supply Agilent with inkjet 
products based on the latest semiconductor manufacturing technologies for use in life sciences applications. 
Agilent uses the FujiFilm Dimatix inkjet technology to develop products that allow life scientists to more efficiently 
target and analyze sequences of genetic material. 

FujiFilm Dimatix worked with Agilent to incorporate custom versions of the Dimatix Materials Cartridge (DMC) 
into Agilent's life sciences applications. Specifically designed for R&D and feasibility testing, the unique 
cartridge-style printhead, based on FujiFilm Dimatix' patented Shaped Piezo Silicon MicroElectroMechanical 
Systems (MEMS) technology, enables FujiFilm Dimatix to develop printhead features and product families that 
are significantly smaller and more versatile than anything else on the market. 

"The shape of our MEMS-based printhead nozzles are extraordinarily precise, and their absolute position on 
the silicon die permits higher drop placement accuracy over greater throw distances," said John Higginson, 
vice president engineering, deposition products, FujiFilm Dimatix. "The robust silicon structure also lends itself 
to solid, reliable operation and long service life - all of which are desirable attributes for building new printer 
architectures that can improve inkjet's performance in traditional applications, and out of the box applications, 
such as Agilent's." 

Because of the extremely small but precise structural geometries it produces, the Shaped Piezo Silicon MEMS 
fabrication technique enables FujiFilm Dimatix to manufacture printheads capable of routinely jetting a broad 
range of fluids with droplet sizes ranging from the 10 picoliters (10 trillionths of a liter) used in precision graphics 
applications, to droplets containing the 1 pL-or less-that's required for precision materials deposition of specialty 

"When we are building systems for in-situ synthesis of molecules like DNA, we require a fluid deposition system 
with outstanding precision, throughput, reliability and control. FujiFilm Dimatix' advanced inkjet technologies 
allow our products to flexibly deliver the superior quality our customers expect from Agilent microarrays," said 
Bill Peck, senior engineer and writer technology project manager, Agilent. 

"That precision, plus FujiFilm Dimatix inkjet platform's flexibility, figured prominently in our decision to base 
Agilent's SurePrint inkjet technology on FujiFilm Dimatix inkjet technologies, and also to use their products as 
the basis for a major new product platform we plan to launch later this year. These actions speak volumes 
about the reliability of the FujiFilm Dimatix technology and the solid working relationship Agilent has with FujiFilm 
Dimatix in this development effort," said Peck. 

"Our relationship with Agilent has helped us advance the state of the art in inkjet technology for applications 
extending far beyond its original roots in print production-to the outer reaches of materials deposition. Agilent's 
use of FujiFilm Dimatix Shaped Piezo Silicon MEMS technology demonstrates its ability to be applied as easily 
to life science research as to wide format graphics or printing on textiles. We couldn't be more pleased to be 
working with Agilent on this important and demanding application," said Martin Schoeppler, vice president 
marketing and sales, Fujifilm Dimatix.

Fujifilm - 1/10/2008

Fujifilm Sponsors Rainforest Alliance Photo Contest

Valhalla, NY - January 10, 2008 - Today, Fujifilm announced its sponsorship of the Rainforest Alliance’s first 
annual ‘Picture Sustainability Photo Contest’ to raise awareness around issues of sustainability and conservation. 
US residents are invited to submit photos illustrating sustainable agriculture, forestry and tourism. The Rainforest 
Alliance is an international nonprofit conservation organization.

To qualify, photos must be submitted to by March 15, 2008. The winners will be 
announced on the Rainforest Alliance’s Web site ( on April 18, 2008.

Winners will be chosen from the following categories:

- Wildlife on farms, forests or other natural habitats
- Landscapes (forests, waterways, flowers and plants, beaches, wetlands)
- Eco-tourism in Latin America (bird watching, hiking, surfing, scuba diving, kayaking and other nature activities)
- Macro (insects, flowers and plants, leafy vegetation, birds, reptiles and amphibians, mammals, textures)
- Conservation in action (people working to protect natural resources, including water, flora and fauna)

"Images connect the general public to conservation," said Tensie Whelan, executive director of the Rainforest 
Alliance. "We hope this contest will engage people in sustainability, take them out of their back yards and foster 
emotional connections with some of the world’s most sensitive ecosystems."

"Fujifilm believes that sustainable development is the most important issue for our planet, the human race, and 
all business entities in the 21st century," said Bert Aerts, president of Fujifilm Hunt Chemicals USA, and a 
member of the Rainforest Alliance’s board of directors.  "Fujifilm’s global Green Policy aims to stay at the forefront 
of efforts to attain this goal in terms of our company’s impact on the environment -- and we are proud to partner 
with the Rainforest Alliance in this unique effort."

One grand-prize winner and a guest will receive a seven-day trip to the Galapagos Islands, including airfare, 
four nights on a cruise ship and two nights in Guayaquil. Additionally, in May 2008 they will be flown to New 
York City to attend the Rainforest Alliance annual gala as a guest of Fujifilm, to sit at their table and receive a 
Fujifilm FinePix SLR-style digital camera. This professional model digital camera is worth approximately $800 
and is set to be announced by Fujifilm at the 2008 Photo Marketer’s Association Show in February 2008. 
Round-trip airfare will be provided for two from any major city in the US to New York City. A tour of the city, 
lodging at an eco-friendly hotel for three nights and dinner for two nights will also be included.

Five first prize winners, one from each category, will receive the same Fujifilm FinePix digital camera as well as 
a book of photographs by award-winning wildlife and nature photographer, Art Wolfe. In addition, up to seven 
exceptional photos will be awarded honorable mentions and will receive a book of photographs by Art Wolfe. 
The grand prize and first prize winners’ photos will be framed and auctioned off at the Rainforest Alliance’s 
annual gala in May 2008 with proceeds directly benefiting the organization. All winners will also receive an 
honorary one-year membership to the Rainforest Alliance. 

Rainforest Alliance staff members will select up to six finalists in each category. Art Wolfe will select the winning 
photos based on overall composition, creativity, artistic merit and relevance to the Rainforest Alliance mission.

Other sponsors of the photo contest include Ecuador-based tour operator Via Natura, Green Spot travel agency, 
Guayaquil-based Hotel Oro Verde, Ecuadorian airline AeroGal, Vermont-based energy company Native Energy 
and Art Wolfe.

Fujifilm - 1/8/2008

Xaar Extends Range of Approved Fujifilm Sericol UV inks for Use With its High-Resolution Printheads

Xaar has extended its successful partnership with Fujifilm Sericol with the approval of more of the company's 
innovative UV-curable inks for use with Xaar's world leading piezoelectric drop-on-demand inkjet technology.

The combination of Fujifilm Sericol's high-performance Uvijet inks and Xaar's inkjet  printheads offers a reliable, 
consistent and flexible inkjet solution for display and speciality graphics printers. Xaar's range of versatile 
printheads are used in a variety of inkjet printers producing products for the wide-format indoor/outdoor graphics, 
banners, POS and coding & marking industries.

In addition to existing approval for the Uvijet Versa UV-curable general purpose ink for use with Xaar's 126 and 
500 high-performance printheads, Xaar has now confirmed 'Approved' status for several more Fujifilm Sericol 
Uvijet ink ranges. Today, Fujifilm Sericol offers the widest range of Xaar approved inks for the following 
- Xaar 126: Uvijet Versa, Uvijet Boost, Uvijet Enhance
- Xaar 318: Uvijet Rapide and Uvijet Ident White
- Xaar 500: Uvijet Versa, Uvijet Boost and Uvijet Indent White

Designed with maximum colour brilliance, light fastness and durability Uvijet inks are ideal for both internal and 
external applications including: internal and external graphics, POS, vehicle and exhibition graphics, plus backlit 
graphics and window displays.

"These latest approvals by Xaar are part of an ongoing programme and a further step forward in our joint efforts 
to offer a range of quality products to the market," says Keith Nixon, Business Development Manager - Graphic 
OEM. "The popularity of the Xaar printheads makes these additional approvals particularly important."

Close collaboration with ink partners around the world gives Xaar printhead integrators and users of Xaar-
enabled printers the confidence and flexibility to choose from a wide range of inkjet inks depending on printhead, 
application, cost and geography.

Xaar Ink Product Manager Dr. Jill Woods said:  "This latest development further strengthens our portfolio of 
approved inks and supports our strategy to offer global customers choice. Working with partners such as Fujifilm 
Sericol enables us to provide the industry with fully optimised inkjet solutions and inks to maintain excellent print 
performance and jetting reliability."

Fujifilm - 11/28/2007

The Sign Center: Fujifilm's UV Flatbed Printer Helps Sign Company Boost Productivity, Decrease Costs

Valhalla, N.Y. (November 28, 2007) - The Sign Center in Brentwood, Tenn., has been producing custom signs 
and banners for exactly 20 years now, yet today's workflow is much more efficient, thanks to a new Fujifilm 
Acuity HD 2504 UV flatbed printer. With UV cured inks that provide fast turnaround times, the company has 
boosted productivity while saving hundreds of dollars a month on materials. "The flatbed allows us to print direct 
to substrate, which saves us enormous amounts of time and money," enthuses owner Dave Gruenke.

The Sign Center, an eight-employee company with under $1 million dollars in annual sales, caters primarily to 
real estate clients such as builders and developers, and other clients such as churches and furniture companies. 
In 1987, when the company started, it cut vinyl, which was very labor intensive. Then it took a big leap in 
productivity four years ago when it purchased a wide-format solvent printer. However, as technology continues 
to advance, customers' expectations increase as well and Gruenke recognized the need for another change.

"We had reached a point where we were so busy just mounting prints that we'd printed," he explains. "That 
printer uses solvent inks, which take a day to dry. You can't just print it and then be done. You have to let it set 
for a day for the inks to cure up before you can laminate it and do anything else with it. So we'd have rolls of 
vinyl just curing all over the shop and then from there we'd have to trim it, mount it and laminate it. There were 
a lot of steps to get to the finished sign."

Staying abreast of the latest technology, Gruenke researched UV flatbed printers with UV inks that cure 
instantly. "The UV curability is a big deal: when it's printed, it's done," he says. "When I saw samples from the 
Fujifilm Acuity HD 2504, I was just blown away. We sent our own files to the Hanover Park demo center to 
have Fujifilm print them, and we were so impressed. We even flew to Chicago to watch the machine print. 
Once I saw the machine, I thought 'that's what I have to have.' I've never seen the UV inks with the vibrancy 
of those inks. I never dreamed I'd be paying that kind of money for a printer when I started the business 20 
years ago, but for the quality of the print and the speed, and how much more productive we are, I'm just so 
excited about it."

In September, The Sign Center installed the Acuity HD 2504, which provides photographic-quality printing at 
speeds to 174 sq. ft. per hour on flexible or rigid media up to 1.9 inches thick. A zoned vacuum table—
that holds media including materials that are irregularly shaped or have uneven surfaces—ensures 
accurate registration on one or more passes.

"With the flatbed, there's just a huge gain in productivity," states Gruenke "We have one job that we do 
periodically for a customer. It involves about ten double-sided 4x4 signs. It normally takes two guys two days to 
do that job. With the new printer, it took one guy 3 hours and he spent some of that time working 
on other jobs. By being able to lay two 4x4 panels on the bed, turn it on and have it printed in just 12 minutes is 
absolutely incredible."

Another benefit of printing directly to substrate is that the company doesn't have to print on to vinyl first and 
then transfer the image onto a substrate. As a result of not having to buy as much vinyl, The Sign Center saves 
$600 to $800 a month.

Producing sharp images
The Sign Center has also improved its print quality with the Acuity. By taking advantage of variable dot 
technology, the printer produces sharp four-color images to resolutions of 1,200 dpi. The printer achieves 
smooth skin tones, fine line definition and spans of dense solid colors.

"It's great to have the ability to print the smooth skin tones, the very delicate colors, and 
get those just right. At the same time on another part of the sign, we can print just a solid black or a solid red. It's
normally very difficult to do that," states Gruenke.

"Translucents are also difficult," he continues, "because the color has to be so intense and deep so that 
when you put the light behind the image, the colors don't get washed out. We just did a menu board with a lot 
of photographs of food onto translucent material and it looks outstanding. This is such a precise printer that you 
print the image once, and it looks fine, but if it's going to be backlit, you have to print it again. It prints every drop 
in the same drop it did before. It puts that much color down. So it looks dark when you're looking at it without any 
light. But when you put light behind it, it just pops."

After only a short period of time, The Sign Center is keeping the Acuity busy most of the day and still uses their 
previous machine for jobs such as banners and decals. Gruenke intends to begin marketing the new printer and 
increase the printing of point-of-purchase signs and trade show displays. "We're now gearing up to go out and 
build new customers in new markets that we couldn't be competitive in before," concludes Gruenke. "I'm very 
optimistic that it will be a very quick return on our investment."

Fujifilm - 11/19/2007

Fujifilm Helps Colorado Printer Maintain a Reputation of Innovation, Quality

Valhalla, N.Y.- November 19, 2007 - Nestled in the Roaring Fork Valley, in the Rocky Mountain town of 
Glenwood Springs, Colo., Gran Farnum Printing is an award-winning commercial printer with dedicated 
employees, loyal customers across the country and a spectacular view from the office window. 

Owners Gran and Glenda Farnum have been growing and improving their business for the past 28 years, since 
its inception in 1979, and have recently moved from their original location to a beautiful new facility within the
impressive landscape of the Rockies. 

Gran Farnum Printing recently upgraded its prepress department with the purchase and installation of a Dart 
4300 platesetter and Fujifilm LH-PJ plates. "The Fujifilm technical team really went the extra mile in getting us 
set up quickly and correctly," said Gran Farnum. "We now enjoy a much more efficient printing process thanks 
to the new equipment and plates."

According to T.J. Lawrence, graphic artist and pre-press specialist for Gran Farnum, "The consistency of the 
platesetter has really made life easier. We've not had to remake any plates due to plate quality since Fujifilm 
installed and set up our new system."

Along with the Dart CTP device, Gran Farnum also installed a new processor, the FLH-85-Z processor from 
Fujifilm, which has helped the company maintain consistent plate quality.  "With the new system, we've gone 
from cleaning our processor every two weeks to having to clean it and change chemistry every eight weeks," 
says Lawrence. "The speed and accuracy of the Dart are amazing - night and day over our previous system. 
Countless time and money were spent on test plates and recalibration with our previous system, but since the 
Dart was installed, we only run a test plate every two weeks to confirm that nothing has changed. We have 
not had to recalibrate once since installing it and we've have had zero change in our dot size since the install."

This new solution has also had a significant impact on the company's environmental efforts, as they're using 
much less chemistry. "Environmentally speaking, we couldn't be happier. Our previous system took nearly four 
hours every two weeks to clean. The waste developer was not environmentally friendly and required special 
procedure because of its hazardous nature," adds Lawrence. "Now we only have to change chemistry every 
eight weeks and the cost of chemistry has been drastically cut."

"For years our company has been very "green" as far as paper, ink and pressroom chemistry are concerned. It 
is great to be able to add plate making to our efforts as more and more of our customers are environmentally 
aware and appreciate our efforts," says Gran. 

In addition to seeing benefits in the prepress department, Gran Farnum is also realizing benefits in the pressroom, 
thanks to the Fujifilm LH-PJ plates. "We're using much less water on press with these new plates, and the 
stability of the Fujifilm plate allows us to hold the 98 percent dot uniformly throughout the press run," explains 
Greg James, pressroom manager. "Controlling the plate and coming up to color is much easier and much faster 
than it was before."

Gran Farnum keeps their Dart CTP device on track with help from FUJIFILM Graphic Systems U.S.A., Inc. and 
the company's Taskero Universe Hardware monitoring software, which automatically alerts the proper people 
when the system needs attention. 

Taskero Universe is able to perform a number of tasks remotely, including failure alerts, firmware upgrades, 
diagnosis of problems and predicting potential problems, real-time monitoring of performance and error history. 

"With Taskero Universe we have the confidence that our system is always in top operating order," reports Gran. 
"We have had absolutely no problems, but it is comforting to know that if we ever do, there is a good chance 
that it can be fixed with minimal or no down time. This is very important, as our schedules are always tight."

Gran says he's proud of the company's progress as he walks through the new facility that boasts a 5000-degree 
Kelvin lighting system and Munsell Gray walls to provide the best color-viewing environment. With the interior 
design, Gran Farnum Printing has gone well beyond the industry standard in terms of viewing conditions. "We 
wanted to ensure that viewing color would be reliable throughout our entire facility, not just in one booth or one
room," explains Gran. "This helps eliminate mistakes in color correction and our customers don't have to crowd 
around a viewing booth to review a proof or a press sheet. Our entire facility is a viewing booth."

Gran Farnum Printing is a high-quality commercial printing facility that typically runs 225 – 250 line screen 
on a coated stock. They boast an internal staff with the color knowledge and experience to keep the color 
aligned in the shop and to assure that proofs always match the printed piece. 

From modest beginnings, Gran and Glenda have been able to keep up with exciting and innovative trends in 
the printing industry and still maintain a close and personal small shop atmosphere. They take pride in 
establishing long-term relationships with their customers and are dedicated to understanding their customer's 
needs and continuing to meet their project deadlines. 

"The consistency that we get from the Dart platesetter imaging Fujifilm's plates is the key to making our 
production easier," says Gran Farnum General Manager Doug DiDonato. "We now enjoy a newfound 
confidence that we'll match color from job-to-job and from month-to-month without going through the extra 
calibration steps we did previously."

Fujifilm - 11/12/2007

ADPRINT Company Partners with Fujifilm for Advice, Installation

Valhalla, NY - November 12, 2007 -  As digital printing becomes a viable option for an increasing number of 
print jobs, many printers are looking to add digital printing to their roster of capabilities. But, for printers who 
pioneered the digital printing trend, it's time to expand their capabilities. That's what Portland, Oregon based 
ADPRINT Company is doing. 

In response to the growing demand for digital printing, ADPRINT Company upgraded its equipment, replacing a 
Xerox DocuColor 6060 with the larger and more versatile DocuColor 8000AP. For owner John Trachtenberg, 
added flexibility and versatility were key. 

"We're very heavy into digital print, are very experienced at variable data printing and are known for our short-
run, highly personalized work," he says "The DocuColor 8000AP gives us the ability to produce an even higher 
quality product."

The DocuColor 8000AP is capable of printing up to 80 color pages per minute; all at 2400 x 2400 dpi ; to give 
users razor-sharp color. In addition to the 2400 dpi resolution, the DocuColor 8000AP features digital halftone 
screens to provide excellent image quality. 

"The DocuColor 8000AP has made a big difference already," says Trachtenberg, whose company installed 
the new device in September. "The overall print quality has improved and it's been great from a production 
standpoint." Important factors for Trachtenberg, who notes that digital printing has been the growth part of the 
company's business. 

"We saw the digital print trend emerging four years ago and we had to decide if we were just going to be 
another printer in the herd or if we were going to do something to stand out. And we definitely wanted to stand 
out," he says. "We made a planned and thoughtful decision to provide digital print services to our marketplace." 

In hindsight, he says, a very smart move.  "After 45+ years in the printing business a person is entitled to one 
smart move."

With the addition of the DocuColor 8000AP, purchased through FUJIFILM Graphic Systems U.S.A., Inc., 
ADPRINT Company is producing higher quality products at an even faster pace. "We're finding that more and 
more of the our customers' jobs are well-suited for being printed digitally and there's no longer much of a stigma 
attached to digital print. With the DocuColor 8000AP, we're now able to turn jobs around more quickly; often 
the same day ; and that's proven beneficial for our customers as well as for our own business."

Operating since 1962, ADPRINT Company has continued to grow and to evolve because of the company's 
reputation for fine printing and highly personalized service. "This new device allows us to continue to do that, 
while still meeting our customers' needs for tight deadlines. 

At the same time ADPRINT Company added the 8000AP it installed the Xerox Freeflow Web Services.  
Responding to customer requests for a web to print solution it allows for the creation of secure customer specific 
websites off which customers can order reprints of archived jobs, submit new jobs, view proofs and in general 
manage their relationship with ADPRINT online.  It also provides a seamless online method for customers to 
manage their inventory of printed materials as well as fast, easy implementation of marketing programs.

Fujifilm - 10/24/2007

Inca Introduces New 6 Color Columbia Turbo Plus Flatbed Printer at SGIA '07

October 24, 2007 - At SGIA' 07, Inca Digital has reinforced their commitment to development and flexibility by 
launching the Columbia Turbo Plus printer. The new model incorporates two additional print modules that 
increase the total number of print heads to 96 compared to 64 on a four color Columbia Turbo. The extra 
printheads enable the Columbia Turbo Plus to incorporate white or two additional colors which can be selected 
from light cyan and light magenta as well as green, orange or violet.

The Columbia Turbo Plus is on display at SGIA '07 (October 24-27 in Orlando, FL), and demonstrated by 
distributor Fujifilm Sericol on booth 0246.

The Columbia Turbo, first launched in 2004, set an exceptional standard in performance with display print firms 
worldwide. The new Columbia Turbo Plus offers the same benefits, printing on rigid or flexible substrates up to 
1.57" thick at speeds of up to 1325 sqft/hr (123 sqm/hr). With a maximum sheet size of 126" x 63" (3.2 x 1.6m), 
it will consistently produce at a throughput of up to 24 full bed sheets per hour (allowing for handling time). The 
new Columbia Turbo Plus is available for immediate delivery.

"The Columbia Turbo Plus provides the same diversity of printing as the Spyder, but with faster productivity for 
those printers who typically work with larger print runs. Customers have been asking for a Turbo that can print 
white and now Inca can deliver this," says Heather Kendle, Inca's director of marketing.

The Inca Spyder 320-8 Series is also be on display at the show. Its eight ink modules allow printers to widen the 
color gamut of the CMYK ink set adding combinations of light magenta, light cyan, white, green, orange and 
violet-allowing a wide range of colors to be reproduced.  The white option enables white to be printed (overprint, 
underprint, or spot color layers) using one printing press. This ensures maximum flexibility and print speed, while 
delivering accurate registration between the white spot color and a CYMK image. Sharp image resolution and 
crisp text is printed using a 28 picolitre drop on a 126" x 63" (3.2 x 1.6m) static vacuum bed with highly accurate 
pin registration-at up to 860 sqft/hr (80 sqm/hr). Fujifilm Sericol Uvijet inks provide an excellent color gamut with 
print longevity. The new Spyder 320 Q with its 10-picolitre drop provides an additional option for 
those customers printing high quality graphics and smaller text.

"Our introduction of Spyder printers with six or more ink units demonstrates that companies are very willing to 
invest in systems that allow them to do noteworthy work, such as matching special colors, or printing two sided 
signs on plexi displays-requiring white underprinting," comments Heather Kendle.

At SGIA, the Inca Onset is also shown, in high-speed action on a large video screen on the Fujifilm Sericol booth, 
supported by a range of samples to demonstrate the quality of the Onset's printed output. The Onset is Inca's 
latest-generation digital flatbed inkjet printer and is the fastest digital flatbed available. Building on the core 
technology of the Inca Columbia Turbo and Inca Spyder presses, the Inca Onset offers unequalled print quality 
and speed with matt or gloss output. Automated feeding and stacking is optional but preferable to match the 
Onset's capability of up to 5382 sqft/hr (500 sqm/hr), equating to more than 100 full, 5 x 10 foot sheets.

Fujifilm - 6/27/2007

Fujifilm Reduces Its Greenhouse Gas Emissions With Methane Reclamation Program

Valhalla, NY, June 27, 2007; FUJIFILM today announced that its primary US manufacturing complex, 
located in Greenwood, S.C., will begin using methane gas from a local community landfill to power approximately 
40 percent of the facility's operations.  

Through an arrangement with Greenwood County and Methane Credit, LLC, methane gas will be extracted from 
the landfill and piped into the Fujifilm complex, where it will then be used in two of the facility's four boilers.  The 
facility will use approximately 197 billion BTUs of methane-generated energy from the landfill per year – 
the equivalent of the amount of energy used to heat more than 5,000 homes each year.   

"This is a situation where we have come up with a solution that is both good for our business, good for the 
community, and very good for the environment -- and that is something that's always been inherent in Fujifilm's 
culture globally," said Johnny Udo, director of Environmental, Health & Safety for Fujifilm in South Carolina.  
"This landfill gas-to-energy project will help us reduce our greenhouse gas emissions by 10%, will significantly 
reduce our energy costs, and will reduce our dependence on fossil fuels. " 

By using the methane as energy Fujifilm is preventing methane emissions, which are more than twenty times 
more damaging to the ozone than carbon dioxide, from being released into the atmosphere from the landfill.  
The amount of carbon dioxide-equivalent emissions avoided by this Fujifilm effort would be similar to that 
generated by 208,000 barrels of oil each year, or the equivalent of the emissions from more than 17,000 vehicles 
each year. 

"We are extremely happy this project worked out," said Robbie Templeton, Chairman of the Greenwood 
County Council.  The County was facing a deadline imposed by the Environmental Protection Agency to reduce 
or eliminate methane emissions from the Landfill.  In the absence of a partner like Fujifilm, the County's other
option was to flare, or burn-off, the gas at the landfill.   "Once again FUJIFILM proves itself to be one of our 
best corporate citizens," Templeton continued.  

Globally, Fujifilm is implementing a range of measures with the objective of contributing to sustainable 
development by designing products that take the environment into account, reducing packaging materials, 
and reducing greenhouse gas emissions.  In addition to this project Fujifilm has committed itself to eco-
sustainability measures, such as habitat and species preservation for the Giant Panda through its longstanding 
collaboration with the Smithsonian National Zoo, and the active pursuit of new energy fuels that will prevent 
global warming.  By 2010, Fujifilm intends to reduce global energy consumption at its large manufacturing facilities 
by 10% from its 1999 numbers, and reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 20% from its 1990 numbers.

Fujifilm - 4/24/2007

NEXPO 2007: FujiFilm Providing Technology, Solutions, Support for Newspaper Publishers

Valhalla, N.Y. (April 21, 2007) – From prepress to the pressroom ; and every step in between ; FUJIFILM 
Graphic Systems U.S.A., Inc. provides publishers with technology, solutions and support designed specifically 
for the newspaper environment. FUJIFILM will display a number of these solutions during NEXPO 2007, taking 
place on April 21-24 at Orlando's Orange County Convention Center. 

"We're continuously working to create better and more efficient solutions, as well as provide in-depth expertise 
and support, for our newspaper customers," says Lane Palmer, FUJIFILM's vice president for newspaper sales. 
"They rely on us to help them streamline their workflows and manage their costs all while ensuring optimum quality. 
We take that job very seriously."

FUJIFILM has partnered with a number of manufacturers to create turnkey solutions for newspapers of all sizes. 
During this year's NEXPO, FUJIFILM will demonstrate the Krause LS-Jet 300 platesetter, capable of output 
speeds up to 300 plates per hour. Aimed at newspaper publishers requiring a high volume of throughput, the LS
-Jet 300 is part of a family of CTP devices, all upgradeable for enhanced productivity. The Krause LS-Jet 300 
also features a smaller footprint and left or right operation, making it an easy addition in any prepress environment. 

For small to mid-size publishers, FUJIFILM will also demonstrate the NEWSmatic platesetter from ECRM. The 
NEWSmatic also appeals to larger newspapers, where multiple plate lines are commonly used to achieve higher 
productivity or to serve as a back-up device. It provides a very fast change between imaging formats, from a 
single tabloid page to a double broadsheet, which can be important in environments with more than one press. 

Unlike other manufacturers who supply commercial printing plates to newspaper, FUJIFILM has designed its 
plates to produce the best possible performance on newspaper presses. Printing newspapers puts heavy 
demands on plates and FUJIFILM's research and development team has created a range of plates; 
including violet, green and conventional plates – to fit our customer's needs. FUJIFILM will preview its 
full line of plates (Brillia LP-NNV, LP-NN2 and FNE) during the show. 

Also on display will be FUJIFILM's C-Fit, an image and color optimization tool that automatically enhances both 
the quality and the color of digital images. With the increased use of digital photos in the newspaper industry, 
publishers will benefit from C-Fit's ability to make them more manageable and easier to print.

Fujifilm - 4/9/2007

FUJIFILM Announces Comprehensive Wide Format Digital Printing Initiative

Valhalla, N.Y. (April 9, 2007) – FUJIFILM Corporation (President and  CEO: Shigetaka Komori, hereinafter 
FUJIFILM) announced today a comprehensive new initiative aimed at providing its customers with the means to 
produce high quality wide format digital graphics for a variety of applications.

FUJIFILM is already one of the world's largest suppliers to the digital printing industry. This new initiative 
combines the company's proven expertise and experience to deliver a family of wide format digital products 
and business solutions designed to meet virtually any wide format printing need.

"FUJIFILM has a long history as a leading supplier within both the graphics arts and digital imaging industries," 
said Nobuaki Inoue, corporate vice president, general manager, FUJIFILM Graphic Systems Business Division. 
"Our commitment to developing high quality products and solutions for the wide format digital graphics printing 
sector mirrors the direction our industry and our customers are headed."

Demand for digital is growing among all segments of the printing industry. The retail value of wide format digital 
graphic revenues, including ink, media and hardware, are projected to reach $9.4 billion by 2008. "FUJIFILM 
intends to become a market leader by offering fully integrated wide format digital printing solutions," said Inoue.
 "We will provide our customers with the right digital printing products to meet market demands and our  
customers' specific needs."

FUJIFILM'S wide format digital product offerings will encompass a line-up of branded wide format digital printers, 
related consumables and services. Printers will be sourced through trusted OEM partners and developed to 
FUJIFILM specifications. The digital inks will be formulated and manufactured by FUJIFILM Sericol, a subsidiary 
of FUJIFILM acquired in 2005. FUJIFILM'S graphic arts subsidiaries in the U.S. and Canada will provide sales, 
distribution and technical support.

The backbone of FUJIFILM'S strategy is a unique, integrated wide format digital printing solutions approach. 
This includes printers, inks and other consumables as well as service and technical support. The wide format 
digital printer offerings range from value-based solvent roll-to-roll and high resolution, mid-range UV flatbed printers, 
to the world's fastest and most productive UV flatbed presses. Solvent and UV inks have been  specifically 
formulated for each printer platform to provide optimal reproducibility, adhesion, color vibrancy and durability 
on a wide range of  substrates. FUJIFILM will support these products with a dedicated team of technical service, 
applications support, color management and training specialists. FUJIFILM also has one of the industry's largest 
distribution and logistics networks. This comprehensive support package will be combined with innovative 
business partnering programs, all designed to improve customers' efficiency and profitability.

A media campaign in numerous industry publications will publicize the program. The advertising campaign will 
feature the slogan, "Digitally Driven," which conveys FUJIFILM's complete commitment to the wide format digital 
printing market. The launch of this initiative is being supported in the U.S. and Canada through the joint resources 
of FUJIFILM Graphics Systems U.S.A., Inc., FUJIFILM Canada and FUJIFILM Sericol USA.

Fujifilm - 3/22/2007

Fujifilm Helps Industry Executives

Valhalla, N.Y. (March 22, 2007) -  Each year, nearly 300 graphic communications professionals gather for the 
annual NAPL Top Management Conference to learn how to tackle the latest issues and trends facing their 
industry. While they all come from a variety of backgrounds and from all over the country, they all have the same 
goal: remain competitive and stay on top. 

An important part of the conference is the opportunity for executives and senior managers to meet and network 
with their peers. But, after the conference is over, how do they keep their new network "working"? 

NAPL enlisted FUJIFILM Graphic Systems U.S.A., Inc. and Xerox to create a conference directory in an effort to 
help attendees maintain their new business relationships. The directory includes each attendee's photo and 
contact information, as well as candid photos from the sessions, seminars and other events during the five-day 

"Our partnership with Fujifilm has afforded NAPL the opportunity to provide our meeting attendees with an 
excellent networking tool in the form of a conference directory," says Joan Kasper, vice president, Association 
Partnership & Board Relations, NAPL. "This directory has proven to be such a useful tool that our attendees 
now look forward to it each year."

This is the fifth year that Fujifilm and Xerox have produced the directory for NAPL's Top Management Conference, 
held last week in Santa Barbara, Calif. 

Tracey Pezen, associate manager of marketing communications with Fujifilm, takes digital photos throughout 
the conference and then designs the book and prepares the files for printing. Xerox arranges for the directories 
to be printed digitally nearby and then they're delivered to attendees before at mid-conference. 

Fujifilm and Xerox also sponsored the PIA/GATF Photo Directory for their attendees at their 2007 Presidents 
Conference, held March 4-8 in Arizona, for the second time. "Working with Fujifilm and Xerox to sponsor the 
photo directory is an added bonus for this program," says Mary L. Garnett, PIA/GATF executive vice president. 
"We were so pleased that Tracey was again able to capture the excitement and enthusiasm of the participants. 
The directory serves as a great networking tool and helps continue the spirit of the conference long afterwards."

"We're pleased to be able to help provide the directories for attendees at these NAPL and PIA/GATF 
conferences," says Larry Warter, Fujifilm's director of new business development. "Each of these events 
encourages attendees to look to their peers for advice and to share their experiences and we are pleased to 
help strengthen those relationships."

Fujifilm - 2/22/2007

Fujifilm's Color Experts Demonstrate Technology, Solutions, Support at Graphics of the Americas

Valhalla, N.Y.  - FUJIFILM Graphic Systems U.S.A., Inc. will  showcase the industry's hottest technologies when 
Graphics of the Americas  kicks off on March 2-4, 2007 in Miami.

Marrying the company's color expertise and reliability with best-in-class products, Fujifilm provides solutions for 
every part of a printer's operation. During this year's Graphics of the Americas, Fujifilm will demonstrate wide 
format printing solutions, ink blending capabilities for the pressroom as well as digital printing applications.

Wide Format Printing
Headlining Fujifilm's wide format offerings is the Mutoh ValueJet 1604, a 64" high-resolution inkjet printer, capable 
of both outdoor and indoor applications. Capable of high-quality outdoor commercial-grade printing, the Mutoh 
ValueJet 1604 is easy to install, operate and maintain and offers printers a tremendous opportunity for additional 
revenue. The ValueJet's print speeds are made possible through a combination of Mutoh's revolutionary X-Rail 
design and piezo print head technology. The ValueJet series features the patented 12 technology to greatly 
reduce banding as well as 1,440 nozzles and variable dot technology to produce durable outdoor, photo quality 
images at resolutions of 360, 540, 720 and 1,440 dpi.

In conjunction with the ValueJet 1604, Fujifilm will show the Ultima 1400 Contour Cutter Plotter. The series is 
designed for ease-of-use and provides fast, easy, affordable contour cutting of images with the added benefit of 
being able to cut standard vinyl signs while images are still printing. As a standalone cutting plotter, the Ultima 
devices can cut, plot designs onto paper or perform punching as required.

"We're seeing more and more printers expand their capabilities to include wide format printing and, as a result, 
we're expanding our offerings in that area," said Steve Bennett, vice president of sales and marketing for Fujifilm's 
wide format group. "Unlike other manufacturers and distributors, we're also able to offer Fujifilm's color expertise 
as well as an extensive service and distribution network to get our customers what they need and ensure they're 
operating effectively."

A CD-14 carousel ink dispenser from Vale Tech will be operational in the Fujifilm booth during the show. 
Designed to dispense PMS blending bases from 4.5 or 8 lb cartridges, the CD-14 dispenser is available in both 
automated and semi-automated models. The CD-14 will dispense from 10 grams to 10 kilos (22 lbs) - allowing the 
end user to make exactly the volume of ink needed on press; eliminating waste ink. Toyo Inks will be used 
during the demonstrations and the finished blends will be mixed on a VM 1000 Rotation blender from Hue Color 
Systems. Ted Schaffer, pressroom products business manager with Fujifilm, says, "The ink blending system 
showcased in our booth will allow printers to blend their own PMS inks efficiently, accurately and cost effectively 
- in house. It is a technology that is finding wide acceptance nationwide by printers that want to control costs 
and quality."

Digital Printing
Graphics of the Americas' "On Demand Book Making Factory" in booth #198 will feature the Xerox DocuColor 
240 copier/printer and its capabilities for book printing as well as other general commercial and specialized 
printing applications. The DocuColor 240 printer/copier produces the first color page in as fast as 8 seconds 
and fresh toner cartridges can be loaded even while printing, ensuring continued productivity. A large, full-color 
touch screen is easy to use and simple to program, and allows users to customize the keypad with the features 
used most often. Printing at a true 2400x2400 dpi and utilizing a 32-beam laser for imaging the 240 produces 
prints with incredible detail and color.

Image Enhancement
Fujifilm will also demonstrate C-Fit, a color and image optimizing tool that enhances both the color and the 
quality of digital images, making them more manageable and easier to print. C-Fit takes advantage of Fujifilm's 
patented Image IntelligenceT and Color Appearance Mapping technologies. This new technology provides a 
method for controlling and standardizing color images and automates the process of improving digital images, 
reducing much of the need for slow and costly manual editing methods. As a result, C-Fit provides improved 
quality control as well as significant cost savings.

Fujifilm - 2/21/2007

Fujifilm Javelin 8300 CTP Keeps Curry Printing Up and Running

Valhalla, N.Y. (February 20, 2007) - Very few things are more daunting to printers than downtime in their prepress 
department or pressroom. Business moves so quickly that minutes are important and hours can be crucial. Cody 
Curry, owner of Curry Printing in Texas, knows that all too well. 

A general commercial printer, Curry Printing serves a number of companies in a variety of industries from Dallas to 
Ft. Worth. "We do a little bit of everything," says Curry. "From business cards to annual reports and everything in 

So when the company's CTP device went down, Curry knew it was time to make a change. "Our CTP device 
went down on us one morning and we couldn't figure it out. We got it fixed the next day, but we were incredibly 
backed up," he says. That's when Curry decided to add the Javelin 8300E CTP device from Fujifilm. 

"We were so dependent on that one machine that we decided that we had to have some redundancy," explained 
Curry. "Machines will go down. It's not a question of 'if,' it's 'when.' And we just couldn't take that chance. We do 
a lot of time sensitive work and we have to make sure things run smoothly. We'd lose clients if we weren't able 
to deliver their jobs on time."

In addition to redundancy, the new Javelin 8300E also allows Curry Printing to add a 40" format to its prepress 
mix and allows for more flexibility to supply the company's five presses. 

Fujifilm's Javelin 8300E is an 8-up thermal platesetter that produces eight plates per hour at 2,400 dpi. Fujifilm's 
thermal CTP device offers a number of advantages, including sharp dots, superior run lengths and easy daylight 

"The Javelin makes an incredibly sharp dot and our clients often comment on how sharp their images are," 
Curry says. "We're extremely happy with the images that the device puts out."

The Javelin supports plates ranging from 12" x 14-9/16" to the oversized 37" x 45-21/32", including Fujifilm's 
Brillia HD processless thermal plates. The Javelin series also features an advanced, automated, lightweight 
clamping and vacuum system, which keeps plates fully secure even as the drum spins at up to 900 rpm. This 
series of CTP devices also features a large 8-up format and is able to image plates up to 37" x 45-21/32". 

Six resolution levels, ranging from 1,200 dpi to 4,000 dpi, enable users to accommodate a wide variety of jobs 
and the unique two-tray system for semi-automatic plate loading and unloading makes switching between plate 
sizes even easier. 

The Javelin series of platesetters is also compatible with Fujifilm's screening options, including both Co-Res 
Screening and Taffeta FM Screening. 

"We've been very happy with the Javelin," says Curry, "and so have our customers."

Curry Printing purchased the Javelin 8300E at the end of last year, working closely with the Fujifilm sales and 
technical teams to get the device installed, up and running. "It was a smooth process," says Curry. "In fact, it 
was a non-event, which is a VERY good thing."

A longtime Fujifilm customer, Curry Printing nominated Fujifilm as the company's vendor of the year for 2006. 
"During the holidays, we had clients sending us cards and thanking us for our hard work and that made us think 
that the situation should really be the other way around," he says. 

Curry says he and his colleagues starting discussing who they would thank and honor and, he says, "the only 
supplier we could come up with was Fujifilm."

"They just bend over backwards for us. They solve our problems, they're always here and they're always willing 
to do whatever we need. They were a unanimous decision for us."

Fujifilm - 2/21/2007

FujiFilm Dimatix Announces Hexion Specialty Chemicals Participation in its Ink Partnership Program

Lebanon, New Hampshire; February 16, 2007 - FUJIFILM Dimatix, Inc. today announced that Hexion Specialty 
Chemicals has joined the FUJIFILM Dimatix Ink Partnership Program. The global leader in thermoset resins, 
Hexion also offers an expanding portfolio of UV curable formulations to include inkjet inks for a variety of end-
uses. The addition of Hexion brings to 13 the number of companies participating in the rigorous partnership 
program, which fosters the strong relationships with ink developers that FUJIFILM Dimatix requires to ensure 
that the specific ink capabilities and formulations recommended for use with SpectraT82;-branded printheads 
consistently meet the company's high standards of performance and reliability. 

Hexion was accepted in the Ink Partnership Program based on its expanding base of UV products and 
technologies, technical resources, worldwide presence and expertise in color and pigments, said Martin Schoeppler, 
vice president, marketing and sales, FUJIFILM Dimatix. "The strength of these core attributes make Hexion 
Specialty Chemicals an excellent candidate for our Ink Partnership Program by suggesting that specific Hexion 
ink formulations and the technologies on which they are based will pass our rigorous testing procedures and allow 
Hexion to become a valuable contributor to the program," Schoeppler added.

Commented Paul Lindquist, Business Development Manager, Hexion Specialty Chemicals, "FUJIFILM Dimatix is 
a leading supplier of piezoelectric printheads for high-speed printing applications, and we are pleased to 
participate in this important and beneficial program. We look forward to working closely with FUJIFILM Dimatix 
officials to ensure that Hexion UV ink formulations will meet the highly selective criteria FUJIFILM Dimatix has 

Under the Ink Partnership Program, FUJIFILM Dimatix rigorously and extensively tests inks in the lab and in the 
field to ensure optimal printing performance and maximum printhead life. Certified Inks meet a comprehensive 
suite of test requirements defined by FUJIFILM Dimatix. These include material set compatibility and sustainability 
testing to make certain that inks do not damage printheads and perform well when used and maintained in the 
prescribed manner.

Ink Partners work in close collaboration with FUJIFILM Dimatix to develop solutions and provide customer-
focused problem solving. Strict program criteria ensures that Ink Program Partners are not only technically 
competent, but also employ excellent analytical capabilities and tools, proven manufacturing capabilities and 
formal quality control systems. In addition, Ink Partners are subject to ongoing review and audit by FUJIFILM 

"R20;The choice of Certified Ink is always the preferred solution when identifying an ink formulation or ink 
provider, as we cannot ensure that other inks will perform in a consistent and reliable manner," said Martin 
Schoeppler. "It is impossible to predict what long-term effects noncertified ink formulations will have on printhead 
reliability and overall jetting performance. Through our intensive collaborative efforts with our Ink Partners, users 
can be confident in their choice of inks and that any technical issues that might arise will be acknowledged and 
resolved through our mutual efforts."

Fujifilm - 2/2/2007

FUJIFILM Dimatix Introduces Breakthrough Variable Drop Jetting Technology

Orlando, FL - February 2, 2007 - FUJIFILM Dimatix, Inc. today introduced a breakthrough in ink jet imaging for 
print production with its announcement of an advanced, variable-drop jetting technology here at the IMI 16th 
Annual Ink Jet Printing Conference. The company's patented new VersaDropT jetting technology takes 
advantage of the inherent high frequency response developed by FUJIFILM Dimatix that enables each of 
several hundred nozzles in one or more piezoelectric printhead arrays to deliver a desired amount of fluid in each 
drop of ink. Available later this year in FUJIFILM Dimatix's SpectraT M-Class printheads and jet modules, the
new variable jetting capability can be exploited by systems builders to offer end users unprecedented flexibility 
in printhead operation and product design.

By varying the size of the drop fired, rather than the number of drops fired or the number of passes by the 
printhead to create each pixel, VersaDrop technology makes it possible for ink jet systems to satisfy a wide 
range of commercial print requirements, including applications demanding fine tonal gradations and crisp 4-point 
text printed within the same job.

In addition, the ability to precisely modulate the size and shape of individual ink drops, and accurately place 
them, gives the new VersaDrop jetting technology the ability to produce smooth tonal variations and extremely 
fine features. It also offers a more robust solution compared to competitive grayscale methods for modulating 
drop size by producing a single drop at high speed rather than a burst of drops at significantly slower speeds. 

"The development of VersaDrop jetting technology and its application to our SpectraT M-Class printheads and 
jet modules adds a new dimension to the significant gains in ink jet performance and reliability FUJIFILM Dimatix 
has already achieved in accelerating the use of ink jetting across a broad range of markets and applications," 
said John Batterton, president and CEO, FUJIFILM Dimatix, Inc.

"By taking full advantage of our proprietary silicon-based MEMS printhead to deliver precision variable-drop 
jetting without affecting device throughput or productivity, VersaDrop technology provides unparalleled versatility 
to systems builders in designing and producing printing products without having to make tradeoffs between 
production speed and print quality. Now they can achieve products that offer both," Batterton explained.

Integration in Spectra M-Class Printheads and Jet Modules

FUJIFILM Dimatix is initially integrating the new VersaDrop technology into printheads in its Spectra M-Class 
product family, each of which is manufactured using the company's proprietary Shaped Piezo SiliconT technology. 
Shaped Piezo Silicon combines the features and precision of silicon MEMS with drop-on-demand piezoelectric 
micro-fluidic pumping in a single monolithic structure with sub-micron accuracy. More precise control over nozzle 
shape and absolute position permits the high drop placement accuracy. The silicon construction also lends itself 
to reliable operation and long service life. M-Class printheads and jet modules support multiple fluid types including 
UV-curable, organic solvent and aqueous ink formulations. 

M-300/10 Jet Module features 304 nozzles spaced in a single row of jets at 180 nozzles per inch with a nominal 
10-picoliter native drop size. Jetting velocity is approximately 8 meters per second with 10-centipoise inks, using 
a drive voltage of less than 30 volts.

Highly Versatile Technology 

VersaDrop technology takes advantage of the inherent high frequency response of FUJIFILM Dimatix MEMS-
based ink jet designs to offer flexible and versatile printhead operation. The defining characteristic of VersaDrop 
is the non-resonant excitation of the piezoelectric element using multiple waveform segments with variable 
amplitude to pump metered amounts of ink into a single drop before the ligament detaches from the nozzle. This 
capability can be exploited to produce variable size drops and accommodate a broader range of jetted fluid 
properties with no compromise in jetting productivity. 

"A remarkable aspect of VersaDrop technology is the flexibility that can be achieved when applied to the 
silicon-based MEMS design of the M Class jet module," remarked Andreas Bibl, CTO, FUJIFILM Dimatix, Inc. 
"The precision of the MEMS design allows each channel to be addressed individually and each ink drop to be 
tuned independently. This means that one or any number of channels can be programmed to behave quite 
differently, and on every firing cycle if necessary. For example, one channel might be called upon to fire a 10-
picoliter droplet, while one adjacent channel fires a 30-picoliter drop and the other produces none at all," Bibl 

Grayscale Through Variable Drop Sizes At High Speed

In the simplest implementation of VersaDrop technology, all the nozzles of an M-Class printhead or jet module 
could be programmed to fire the same size drop on every cycle, to handle a wide range of generic printing 
applications. (However even in this instance, the machine designer has latitude in selecting whether the constant 
drop size will be 10 picoliters, 30 picoliters or some amount in between.)

Beyond adjustable binary jetting modes, the new technology is capable of supporting grayscale applications. 
For example, any number of channels can be programmed to fire different size drops under program control, to 
print specific components on particular pages requiring more tonal expression or higher resolution - while 
operating at the machine's rated speed.

In addition, products using the new variable-drop jetting technology can be designed with single M-300/10 jet 
module or entire printhead arrays.

Fujifilm - 2/1/2007

Fujifilm Announces Departure Of Stan Freimuth

Valhalla, NY, February 1, 2007 - FUJIFILM U.S.A., Inc., today announced that Stanley E. Freimuth, Senior 
Executive Vice President and Chief Administrative Officer, is leaving the company.  

"During the years that Stan has been a part of Fujifilm we have benefited from his leadership, sound judgment 
and business acumen," said Taizo Mori, CEO, FUJIFILM U.S.A., Inc. "Now, he has decided to identify a new 
career opportunity that can more fully tap his leadership and general management capabilities.  On behalf of 
everyone at Fujifilm I would like to thank Stan for the significant contributions he has made to our company, 
and to wish him well in his future endeavors."  

Mr. Freimuth joined Fujifilm in 1983 and over the next years held positions of increasing responsibility in the 
company's graphic arts operations. Under his leadership, the company experienced a period of dramatic sales 
growth, and introduced new management processes to improve organizational and individual performance. He 
was named to the Board of Directors of Fuji Photo Film U.S.A. in 1998, and two years later was promoted to the 
position of Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer, and relocated to corporate headquarters in 
Valhalla, NY, in 2000. 

Mr. Freimuth is active in numerous community and non-profit organizations, including serving as Chairman of 
the Westchester County Association, and sitting on the board of the Children's Hospital Foundation at Westchester 
Medical Center. Nationally, he serves on the National Zoological Park Advisory Board in Washington, D.C.

Fujifilm - 1/16/2007

FUJIFILM Dimatix Introduces New Corporate Brand Identity and Logo

Santa Clara, Calif., January 16, 2007 - FUJIFILM Dimatix, Inc. today introduced its new corporate brand
identity and logo. The FUJIFILM brand has been incorporated into the Dimatix brand and logo following the
acquisition of Dimatix, Inc. by FUJIFILM Corporation in 2006. FUJIFILM Dimatix combines FUJIFILM's materials 
science and printing know-how with Dimatix's distinguished heritage of developing and manufacturing
innovative ink jet printing solutions. 

"FUJIFILM Dimatix is accelerating the use of ink jetting across a broad range of markets and 
applications," said John Batterton, CEO of FUJIFILM Dimatix. "We are continuing our more than 20-year 
tradition of providing the industry's most reliable and robust ink jet printing solutions. Now we have FUJIFILM's 
endorsement and solid foundation to help take our technology and products to the next level. We will continue 
to address the printing and imaging markets through our SpectraT printhead products, and the electronics, 
electronic displays, RFID, bioscience, and other markets through our Dimatix materials deposition micropump

On May 16, 2005, Spectra, Inc., changed its corporate name to Dimatix, Inc. and introduced its corporate 
brand. The Spectra name is well-respected worldwide for its industrial piezoelectric ink jet printheads, 
assemblies, components and systems used in a variety of industrial and commercial printing and imaging 
applications. Its name change, after 20 years of operation, reflected the significant expansion of Spectra's 
business into ink jet solutions for high-performance precision deposition of traditional and nanoparticle fluids for 
emerging applications. Spectra remains as the brand name of ink jet printheads and components for industrial 
printing applications from FUJIFILM Dimatix. 

The FUJIFILM Dimatix brand name and logo were carefully chosen to reflect ideas, themes and colors to 
depict various aspects of the company and its business. The name Dimatix is a compilation of several words 
used to describe both imaging and materials aspects of the Dimatix business. The name Dimatix is specifically 
derived from: Direct Imaging Transfer (Printing) or Direct Materials Transfer (Deposition).

Fujifilm - 10/15/2006

Fujifilm Seminar Showing Printers How to Achieve Color Excellence

Valhalla, N.Y. (Oct. 15, 2006) - While the graphic communications industry continues to change and evolve, 
one thing remains constant: color is crucial. And, maintaining good color is one of the most challenging aspects 
to any print shop. FUJIFILM Graphic Systems USA, Inc. will share information on useful techniques and new 
technologies that can help printers achieve color excellence.

The free session, which will be held on Tuesday, Oct. 17th from 12:30 p.m. - 1:30 p.m. in Room S405ab, 
South Hall, Level 4, will be presented by Matt Condon, solutions development manager for Fujifilm. He will 
share specific techniques and introduce new technologies to help attendees get their color on track and their 
processes under control.

The session will address the various tools and services including a remote diagnostic and verification system as 
well as specialized programs that can be employed to help increase productivity, enhance quality and deliver 
additional services to end users.

Additionally, Fujifilm will demonstrate methods to identify potential process control issues in both prepress and 
press area and address them before they become a problem.

Fujifilm - 10/15/2006

At Graph Expo 2006, Fujifilm Delivering ‘Technology, Solutions, Support’

Valhalla, N.Y. (Oct. 15, 2006) - FUJIFILM Graphic Systems USA, Inc. will showcase its entire product portfolio  
including proofing and CTP, digital printing and wide format during this year’s Graph Expo, held Oct. 15-18, 
2006 at Chicago’s McCormick Place Convention Center. Thanks to the company’s own manufacturing and its 
industry partnerships, Fujifilm is able to deliver the technology, solutions, and support that today’s graphic arts 
professional are demanding.

Fujifilm will debut the company’s C-Fit image enhancement software, which is designed to help minimize the 
amount of time and effort required to optimize photos, convert them to CMYK and ready them for print. "The 
prevalence of digital photography has created a number of challenges for the printing industry, especially the 
difficulty of coverting RGB images to the CMYK world of printing," explains Eric Neumann, Fujifilm’s product 
manager for color proofing. "C-Fit makes that transition easier and smoother by quickly and simply optimizing 
every image that comes into a shop in a matter of seconds."

Fujifilm is helping streamline the prepress process in the CTP department as well and will showcase its Brillia HD
processless thermal plates at this year’s show. The manufacturer announced the new technology at Print ’05, 
has completed beta testing and is delivering the plates to printers here in the United States. The Brillia HD 
processless thermal plate is the only true processless thermal plate, and there is no effluent to dispose of and 
no consumables required.  

These new plates are also decreasing prepress costs and allowing small to midsize printers to compete with 
larger companies. "We’re now able to get the plates done for much less and can bid much lower in terms of 
prepress costs," reports John Harris, vice president of Target Information Management in Michigan, whose 
company has been running the Brillia HD processless thermal plates for several months. "Now we’re able to 
compete for and win jobs that we wouldn’t have been able to previously."

Fujifilm also promises to highlight solutions and support at this year’s show and will debut a unique tool designed 
to help printers achieve printing excellence. Taskero Universe is a suite of quality diagnostic tools that gives 
printers ultimate control, from the prepress stage through to the pressroom.

"End users demand absolute color perfection and printers must meet this demand," says Don Schroeder, group 
manager, solutions development and support, with FUJIFILM Graphic Systems USA, Inc. "Taskero Universe is 
a unique tool in today’s marketplace in that it offers a method for monitoring, controlling and maintaining consistent 
quality throughout all phases of the printing plant."

Fujifilm - 9/26/2006

Fujifilm Brings Together Products, People To Create Custom Solutions

Valhalla, N.Y. (Sept. 26, 2006) - With Fujifilm and its industry partners, customers are able to go wide, go 
anywhere when it comes to wide format printing. Fujifilm has assembled a team of best-in-class manufacturers 
to create custom solutions for both indoor and outdoor applications. The team which includes Mutoh America,
Seal Graphics, Fujifilm Sericol and a variety of media manufacturers will highlight its full range of solutions 
during SGIA ’06 on Sept. 26-29, 2006 at the Las Vegas Convention Center.

"We’re providing customers with an impressive roster of manufacturers, designed to help printers implement 
new capabilities and add to their revenue stream," said Steve Bennett, vice president of sales and marketing 
for Fujifilm’s wide format group. "In addition, we’re adding our extensive service and distribution network to these 
solutions, ensuring that equipment and supplies are reliably delivered and that our customers can get the 
technical assistance and support they need, when they need it."

On display during the show will be a number of solutions from Mutoh, including the ValueJet 1604 eco-solvent 
inkjet printer and the PJ-1946 1.9 M six-color solvent printer, both of which will make their debut on the SGIA 
show floor. Mutoh’s ValueJet 1604 is a new 64" version of ValueJet’s 1204 eco-solvent printer and is capable 
of speeds up to 140 square feet per hour with brilliant color and printing on a variety of solvent substrates, 
including banner, adhesive backed vinyl and fabric. The PJ-1946 1.9M six-color production solvent printer, 
also from Mutoh, runs at speeds of up to 850 square feet per hour, giving users best-in-class print speeds and 
outstanding image quality for large production runs of outdoor printing applications. The PJ-1946 will be running 
live, using Fujifilm’s Sericol’s new Color + MJ solvent ink, demonstrating the bright and vivid color this device 
can produce.

Fujifilm will also show Mutoh’s Toucan LT 64 industrial outdoor printer as well as the company’s Ultima SCD-
1400 vinyl cutter.

Fujifilm will be utilizing and demonstrating a variety of media, made for both indoor and outdoor use, from industry 
partners 3M, Avery-Dennison, UltraFlex and Intelicoat.

In addition to the Mutoh products and the corresponding media, Fujifilm will spotlight devices from Seal Graphics,
 including the 54 Base laminator, as well as custom CaptivAir air purification systems from PAT Technology.

"Whether printers are looking for an entry level device that will help them break into wide format or need a true 
production-oriented solution, Fujifilm is poised to help them do that," Bennett added. "We have the equipment 
and supplies they want and the technical support and staff they need all backed by the reliability and stability 
of Fujifilm."

Fujifilm - 9/26/2006

Fujifilm Adds Inca UV Printers To Wide Format Mix

Valhalla, N.Y. (Sept. 26, 2006) - Fujifilm is helping printers Go Wide, Go Anywhere by continuing to add best-in-
class products to its wide format mix. The company announced today, in conjunction with Fujifilm Sericol, that 
it is now distributing the full line of Inca products to the graphic arts market. 

"Inca manufactures the most productive and prestigious line of UV printers and we’re pleased to add them to 
our list of product offerings," said Steve Bennett, vice president of sales and marketing for Fujifilm’s wide format 
group. "We know that our customers will benefit tremendously from this technology and these devices and we’re 
ready to help with implementation and with showing them how to sell it to their customers."

Inca’s line of products includes the Columbia Turbo and Spyder 320 production UV digital presses, both of which 
will be on display during SGIA ’06 on Sept. 26- 29 in the Fujifilm Sericol booth (#1146). At 860 sq. ft. per hour, 
the Inca Spyder 320 provides the right combination of versatility and performance. Its flatbed design allows for 
easy loading and unloading of rigid materials and it boasts the fastest print speeds in its class, with market-leading 
print quality and high definition detail.

As with all Inca products, the Spyder 320 is manufactured with the highest standards of design and build quality. 

"Our customers require excellent products with superior support," said Bennett. "Inca Digital products fit these 
criteria, and offer the best return-on-investment of any UV printer in its class."

The Uvijet UV ink system from Fujifilm Sericol provides superior adhesion and flexibility with a satin finish and 
gives users maximum color brilliance, light-fastness and durability. Fujifilm Sericol’s Uvijet inks dry instantly when 
activated by UV radiation, causing them to remain stable in the print head. This ensures excellent reproduction, 
while drying fast enough to keep up with the speed of the Spyder 320 press. The full family of Inca Spyder 
presses is available from Fujifilm and includes:
- Spyder 320-e 8-Head
- Spyder 320-e 8-Head Bidirectional
- Spyder 320 16-Head
- Spyder 320-S 16-Head Six Color (C, M, Y, K, Lc, Lm)
- Spyder 320-W 16-Head (C, M, Y, K, White)

Fujifilm - 9/26/2006

Fujifilm and Mutoh Come Together To Create Affordable Outdoor Solutions

Valhalla, N.Y. (Sept. 26, 2006) - During this year’s SGIA Technology Expo, Fujifilm comes together with Mutoh’s 
line of PJ industrial printers to create affordable solutions for high volume producers of outdoor printing. These 
economical new solutions will be on display during the show, which runs from Sept. 26-29, 2006 at the Las 
Vegas Convention Center, at the Fujifilm booth.

"We’re confident these industrial strength printers will satisfy the demands of our volume producers of wide 
format display graphics," explains Steve Bennett, vice president of sales and marketing for the company’s wide 
format group. "Using the engineering strength of Mutoh to design a fast, economical printer, and the expertise 
of Fujifilm Sericol to produce a rugged outdoor solvent ink, results in an unbeatable value for the consumer."

Mutoh’s line of PJ industrial printers gives users best-in-class print speed and top rank image quality for large 
production runs of outdoor printing applications. The full line includes:
- PJ-1946 1.9 M six-color solvent printer
- PJ-2646 2.6 M six-color solvent printer
- PJ-3346 3.3 M six-color solvent printer
- PJ-3344 3.3 M four-color solvent printer

The printers will be shown running live using Fujifilm Sericol’s new Color + MJ solvent inks, demonstrating bright, 
vivid colors, unmatched ink mileage and great outdoor durability.

All of these printers feature a heavy-duty media feed and take-up system that accommodates media rolls of up 
to 308 pounds as well as six 2-liter, fill-on-the-fly bulk ink reservoirs for unattended printing. The printers 
incorporate six 256 nozzle Fujifilm Dimatix Spectra® print heads specifically developed for the true solvent-based 
ink applications. The printers use high-speed solvent based double density inks (C, M, Y, K, Lc, Lm), making it 
possible to print directly onto a wide variety of standard uncoated materials including PVC and banner materials. 
These printers are capable of print speeds of up to 967 sf/h in billboard mode and 483 sf/h in production mode. 
The devices also feature a high quality print mode, with speeds up to 242 sf/h at 360x720 dpi.

"At speeds which are two to three times that of today’s eco-solvent printers, the Mutoh PJ Series production 
printers offer a viable upgrade path for our customers producing lots of outdoor banner vinyl," adds Bennett. 
"At a lower printer cost than older designs, and a vastly lower ink cost than eco-solvent, these printers allow 
our customers to remain competitive."

The printers also feature a digitally controlled heater and dryer system, with two heating elements one for media 
acclimatization before printing and the other for drying.

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