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FiberMark - 3/17/2014

conVerd Merges with FiberMark

FiberMark (, a world-class fully integrated manufacturer and global distributor crafting its fiber based specialty materials in the U.S. 
and the U.K., announces that conVerd has agreed to a merger with FiberMark North America, Inc.

conVerd is recognized around the world for being the leader in providing sustainable paper based print media solutions to the wide and grand format 
print markets.  conVerd’s philosophy is to create and market products that exhibit superior print performance and fitness-for-use with an eco-friendly 
conscience.  The word conVerd is derived from the Catalan words “con” meaning with and “verd” meaning green.

conVerd will become a part of FiberMark’s wide and grand format ink jet business in which FiberMark’s wide format print product line will adopt the 
conVerd brand name. Paul Paulette, the current owner and President of conVerd, will join FiberMark as Vice President and General Manager of the 
new conVerd/FiberMark business unit. 

“This is a very exciting acquisition for FiberMark and it is a perfect fit with our existing wide format ink jet business” said Chris McInerney, FiberMark’s Senior 
Vice President of Sales. The conVerd product line and the FiberMark wide format ink jet product line are both US manufactured, PVC free and FSC® 
certified. The combined FiberMark-conVerd business will, unquestionably, be the leading provider of green, PVC alternative print media for the wide 
and grand format digital print markets.

“The conVerd-FiberMark combination will enable conVerd to dramatically accelerate our growth opportunity” said Paul Paulette, the President of 
conVerd. Adding conVerd’s unparalleled product line and marketing acumen to FiberMark’s superior customer service, manufacturing and logistics 
capability will enable conVerd to grow at a rate that will give a meaningful and immediate boost to FiberMark’s top line.”

The deal is expected to close in mid-April. The new conVerd division of FiberMark will exhibit at International Sign Association trade show in Orlando
April 24 through 26.

FiberMark - 8/19/2013

FiberMark Launches Folding Carton Product Portfolio

FiberMark (, a global leader in manufacturing innovative fiber-based covering materials for world-class brands, announces an 
innovative new portfolio of folding carton products specifically engineered to meet the rigorous design demands of the upscale spirits packaging market.

These dyed-through board materials offer deep color saturation that eliminates white edges in the finished product while FiberMark’s robust 
manufacturing process ensures color consistency from lot to lot…a must for high-end brands.  
FiberMark’s Premium Board Portfolio Includes:
• Grafton® – Premium board with an uncoated vellum finish;
• Dorset® – Premium board with a matte pigment-coated finish;
• Metal-X™ and Shimmer™ (K-Series) - Luxury board products with distinctive, decorative coatings.
These new packaging boards are available in a wide variety of custom colors, including custom color duplex solutions, a wide variety of embossed 
patterns and are all FSC® certified (FSC-C020981), made in the USA, and include recycled content.  Available in three calipers (12pt, 18pt and 26pt), 
these premium and luxury boards are strong and durable while providing a stylish, refined alternative to white SBS.
With superior scoring, folding and gluing properties and excellent resistance to cracking and scuffing, these performance boards are not only ideal for 
folding carton applications but are also well-suited for complimentary branding projects such as hang tags, special event invitations and other corporate 
collateral materials.  
“FiberMark is dedicated to providing designers with an extensive array of premium packaging and luxury covering materials that reflect and enhance the 
value of high-end brands,” said Dr. Robert Conforti, Senior Vice-President, New Business Development. “We are pleased to introduce this new portfolio 
of paperboard products that brings sophisticated visual appeal coupled with superior performance to luxury wine and spirits brands.”

FiberMark - 6/17/2013

Buy an HP Latex Printer from NuSign Supply and Get a Roll of FiberMark Print Media

FiberMark (, a manufacturer of specialty cellulose and synthetic fiber-based printing media, announces a special offer together with 
NuSign Supply.  FiberMark will provide a roll of Endura® Poster 225, 54"x150', at no cost to NuSign Supply customers who purchase any HP® Latex 
Wide Format Inkjet Printer.

Independently of any other promotional pricing or offers, FiberMark will supply one roll of Endura® Poster 225, 54"x150', delivered with your new 
printer purchase.  This media offer is intended to provide customers a positive installation and training experience with a product that provides 
exceptional color density and print fidelity when imaged with the new HP® Latex Wide Format Inkjet Printers.  
Simply place a Purchase Order for your new printer with NuSign Supply and they will handle the rest.  This offer is good on all HP® Latex wide-format 
inkjet printers purchased from NuSign Supply from June 17, 2013 through September 6, 2013.
"NuSign Supply, is the leading west coast distributor of HP® Latex Printers.  We teamed with FiberMark to provide our customers a positive 
installation experience using this as a benchmark solution for NUSIGN customers." said Tony Le, Vice-President of Sales and Marketing, NuSign 
"FiberMark's goal is to work with value-added distributors like NuSign Supply, who fully support customers printing efforts.  NuSign has the total 
solution, including printers, inks, and media that produce excellent results.  Endura®-Print Durable Papers bridge the gap between simple pulp paper 
and vinyl, for an environmentally responsible print media choice for durable wide format display graphics printed on HP® Latex Inkjet Printers," said 
David Sailer - Business Development Manager-Print Media, FiberMark.

FiberMark - 6/5/2013

FiberMark Launches Endura Stick-P 150

FiberMark (, a manufacturer of specialty cellulose and synthetic fiber-based printing media, announces the availability of 
Endura® Stick-P 150, the PVC free alternative to pressure sensitive vinyl.

Endura® Stick-P 150 is a bright white cellulose based, latex saturated digital graphics print media, manufactured with a permanent pressure sensitive 
adhesive.  This economical, environmentally responsible alternative to pressure sensitive vinyl is saturated for durable indoor and temporary outdoor 
use.  Endura® Stick-P 150 will not shrink when printed using solvent inkjet inks, allowing for full bleed printing.  Additionally, it is easy to apply when 
creating large graphics applied to rigid boards, for many types of display graphics applications.
Endura® Stick-P 150 Highlights:
Wide-Format Inkjet Compatible: Latex, Eco-Solvent, Solvent, UV Curable Printers 
Environmentally responsible: Made with sustainable materials 
Environmentally Safe:  Contains no phthalates, heavy metals, or harsh chemicals 
PVC Free: Long shelf life, no plasticizer migration, no vinyl shrinkage with solvent printing 
Made in the USA: From mill to market; for better continuity of supply chain, and quality 
Integrated manufacturing: Better quality control, lower cost 
Durable: Temporary Outdoor (6 months), Wet Strength 
Stocked: 54" and 60" x 100 foot rolls

FiberMark - 5/13/2013

FiberMark Opens 20th Annual Specifier Award Competition to Wide Format Inkjet Applications

FiberMark (, a manufacturer of specialty cellulose and synthetic fiber-based printing media, is now welcoming submissions for the 
Annual Specifier Awards to wide format inkjet applications.  The FiberMark Specifier Awards program was created to celebrate the best of color, texture, 
pattern and design.  It recognizes excellence in design innovation in a wide array of packaging, publishing, office products, graphic arts and 
industrial applications from around the world.  Since its introduction in 1992, the Awards program has earned an increasing reputation as one of the 
industry’s most prestigious competitions.

New this year are categories for wide format inkjet print media which include: Signs, Banners, Art/Décor, Displays, Wallcoverings, and Wall Murals.  
A miscellaneous – Other – category is also provided for projects that fall outside the list of application options.  

Any product produced during the previous calendar year is eligible for submission.  Entries are judged by a panel of experts who consider the best 
examples of the aforementioned color, texture, pattern and design, and their expression throughout a range of “naturally creative” materials and 
themes.  Importantly, the judges also weigh construction quality and the relationship of the covering material to the overall product.

Get your hard work recognized in a publication with a 20 year history! If you have printed, designed, specified, or purchased any of the above 
applications, you could be this year’s Best of Show winner. For more information, or to submit a design for consideration, please 
visit  For the wide format inkjet categories, if a sample cannot be provided, please send hi-resolution 
digital photography with completed submission form to  Deadline for submission is August 31, 2013, so don’t delay!

FiberMark - 11/6/2012

FiberMark Launches DigiScape

FiberMark (, a manufacturer of specialty cellulose and synthetic fiber-based printing media, announces the availability of 
DigiScapeTM PVC Free Digitally Printable wall covering.  DigiScapeTM is an environmentally responsible alternative to PVC wall covering products.

DigiScapeTM is a 17 mil thick, 350 gsm, latex saturated, wet strength, commercial wall covering product. DigiScapeTM is manufactured with a 
combination of 30% post consumer waste cellulose fibers, virgin fibers, and synthetic fibers, making it strong and durable.  

DigiScapeTM is available in three textures:

·         DigiScapeTM Smooth Matte
·         DigiScapeTM Canvas, with a textile like texture
·         DigiScapeTM Weave, with a sail cloth like texture

DigiScapeTM Highlights:

·         Wide-Format Inkjet Compatible: Latex, Eco-Solvent, Solvent, UV Curable Printers
·         Environmentally responsible: Made with sustainable/recycled materials
·         Environmentally Safe:  Contains no phthalates, heavy metals, or harsh chemicals
·         PVC Free: Long shelf life, no plasticizer migration
·         ASTM E84: Class A Fire Rating
·         Made in the USA: From mill to market; keeps more US citizens employed 
·         Integrated manufacturing: Better quality control, lower cost
·         Contributes to LEED credits in new manufacturing
·         Permeable: Allows water to flow though reducing mold, mildew, and the chance of bubbling after installation
·         Dimensionally Stable: No shrinkage during printing, which ensures professional installation

FiberMark - 9/19/2012

FiberMark Partners with PrintLAT

FiberMark (, a manufacturer of specialty cellulose and synthetic fiber-based printing media, announces an exclusive 
manufacturer's representative agreement with PrintLAT to increase sales and support to Latin America.

"We are excited to have PrintLAT onboard to expand growth and provide exceptional support to Latin America for FiberMark wide-format inkjet products," 
said Dr. Robert Conforti, Sr. Vice-President of Business Development, for FiberMark.

"FiberMark brings new and exciting products to the PrintLAT portfolio, offering increased value to our distributors," Said David Pachon, President of 

FiberMark - 8/14/2012

FiberMark Launches Wide Format Inkjet Print Media Portfolio

FiberMark (, a manufacturer of specialty cellulose and synthetic fiber-based printing media announces a portfolio of FiberMark 
branded products for wide format inkjet printers. FiberMark capabilities include; paper manufacturing, saturating, performance coating, calendaring, 
laminating, embossing, sheet and roll converting. With six U.S. locations and one in Europe, FiberMark has been manufacturing saturated papers 
and nonwovens for specialty applications for more than 100 years. Core businesses include: Luxury Packaging, Decorative Covering Materials, 
Performance Boards, Digital Print Media, and Technical Specialties.

"Leveraging FiberMark’s core technologies and manufacturing capabilities, and developing new product lines created specifically for inkjet printers 
that use today’s durable Latex, Solvent (all), and UV-Curable inkjet inks, FiberMark has created a portfolio of wide format inkjet print media that is 
PVC-free, environmentally responsible, economical, durable, and application specific"; said Dr. Robert Conforti, Senior Vice-President, New 
Business Development.

FiberMark’s Portfolio Includes:

Endura®-Print - Latex saturated, wet strength papers and non-wovens that are both durable and environmentally responsible.  Endura®-Print products 
range from 7 to 17 mils thick, and are compatible with Latex, Eco-Solvent, Solvent, and UV Curable wide format inkjet printers.  

FlexartTM - 12 mil textured, latex-saturated, reinforced, nonwoven print media. FlexartTM is a durable canvas-like nonwoven that can be used in a wide 
variety of commercial décor applications. 

DuoboardTM - Is a 30 mils thick dense press board that has an identical print surface on both sides.

"FiberMark's goal as a manufacturer is to provide significant value to its customers and be a leader in industries serviced. FiberMark has added to and 
re-aligned its current resources to support this new market segment for FiberMark, including product development scientists and other support 
personnel to provide exceptional service to FiberMark’s distribution partners and print service provider customers" said Anthony MacLaurin, President 
and Chief Executive Officer.

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