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FLEXcon - 7/28/2014

FLEXcon Helps Converters Out Sparkle the Competition with Extension of SHIMMERcal Product Line

FLEXcon, an innovator in adhesive coating and laminating, today announced the expansion of its SHIMMERcal™ product line with the introduction 
of SHIMMERcal™ Mixed Disco, a glitter film. Ideal for sticker and decal, at-retail, point-of-purchase (P-O-P) displays, promotional, and event 
graphic applications, the new film adds to our broad range of brilliant color options available.

SHIMMERcal™ V 240 Mixed Disco is a 2.4 mil rigid clear vinyl with a permanent, aggressive pressure-sensitive acrylic adhesive filled with special effect 
metallic flakes that create a unique glitter appearance. The film is backed with a 90 lb. moisture stable polycoated layflat release liner that is ideal for 
sheet-form converting. The product is thermally diecuttable, provides good tack and excellent ultimate adhesion properties, and is printable via solvent 
and UV screen, and solvent and UV inkjet. 

“We are always looking for new ways to give our customers an edge over the competition by delivering products that not only stand out, but also align 
with their clients’ branding and design,” said Sam Covello, Product Manager, Product Branding Business Team. “The SHIMMERcal™ Mixed Disco color 
is thoughtfully designed to allow the glitter film to show through and become part of the design.” 

SHIMMERcal™ glitter films are available in 40" master web width in nine colors: mixed disco (new), black, blue, dark red, fuchsia, gold, green, red and 

FLEXcon - 12/18/2013

FLEXcon Takes Creativity to the Wall with Launch of WALLdeco Chalkboard

FLEXcon, an innovator in adhesive coating and laminating, today announced the expansion of its WALLdeco™ product line with the introduction of 
WALLdeco™ Chalkboard 6787BK, a multi-functional black vinyl solution that transforms walls into printable, chalk-receptive surfaces. Designed for indoor, 
short-term promotional and home décor, WALLdeco Chalkboard 6787BK is print-ready, allowing printers to immediately and cost-effectively offer a 
creative, unique solution to their clients for creative market opportunities in a variety of industries.

WALLdeco Chalkboard 6787BK can be easily and affordably mounted in three simple steps: removing the liner, applying and smoothing it out. If desired, it 
can be die-cut into shapes, and cleanly removed from surfaces for up to six months, which is an important consideration for seasonal branding and co-
branding campaigns, events and for businesses appealing to local audiences. Advertisements and designs can be adapted to mediums such as walls, 
P-O-P displays and menu boards, enhancing the creative possibilities for brands, agencies, retailers, arts and craft distributors, and do-it-yourself (DIY) 

“Localization is a growing trend among retailers looking to differentiate from standardized branding techniques to make a more personal connection with 
their customers. This requires material that can be customized and adapted on the fly,” said Dennis Brunnett, product manager at FLEXcon. 
“WALLdeco Chalkboard 6787BK expands functional and creative design possibilities while retaining an authentic, black chalkboard look and allows 
users to easily write, erase and re-write personalized messages for promotional purposes.”

WALLdeco Chalkboard 6787BK (VBS Better) is a 4 mil print-receptive/chalk-receptive black vinyl, coated with a high-tack removable adhesive (with 
initial repositionability) designed to adhere to smooth painted wall boards (non-vinyl) and a variety of low-surface energy plastics, and backed with a 
sheet-form release liner. In addition, it is printable via UV and solvent screen, UV inkjet, UV offset, and UV and solvent flexo. We recommend printing 
white before colors for improved graphic "pop", much like spot printing white on a clear film. WALLdeco Chalkboard 6787BK has exceptional durability 
and abrasion resistance as compared to other chalkboard options on the market.

The addition of WALLdeco Chalkboard 6787BK expands FLEXcon’s extensive WALLdeco product offerings of fabric, vinyl and non-vinyl films. 
Adhesive systems include low-tack and high-tack removable adhesives; microsphere, repositionable removable adhesive, and permanent adhesive.

FLEXcon - 3/28/2011

FLEXcon Acquires Arlon Engineered Coated Products and Arlon SignTech, Ltd.

FLEXcon, a leading manufacturer of pressure-sensitive films and adhesives, has acquired the business assets of Arlon Engineered Coated Products 
and Arlon SignTech, Ltd. of San Antonio, Texas forming FLEXcon Industrial, LLC. This strategic move expands FLEXcon’s manufacturing 
capabilities to produce engineered products. The new FLEXcon Industrial, LLC has hired all of the executives and employees.

For more than 50 years, Arlon Engineered Coated Products has manufactured a range of industrial products for numerous industries. The company coats 
and laminates a variety of films, foams, synthetic materials, and foils. Arlon SignTech, Ltd. produces flexible PVC substrates used in outdoor signage – 
they are a supplier to Arlon Graphics, LLC. The new FLEXcon Industrial, LLC will continue to manufacture and sell its full line of adhesive tapes and 

“FLEXcon is excited to announce the formation of FLEXcon Industrial, LLC,” said Neil McDonough, President and CEO, FLEXcon. “The specialty 
equipment, and skill set of the employees enhances our capabilities to produce adhesive tapes and laminates and positions us for further growth in 
the industrial sector.”

FLEXcon is a family-owned, privately-held business formed in 1956, with 1200 employees throughout North America and Europe. The company is 
recognized as an innovator in coating, laminating, and finishing of wide-web roll-to-roll polymeric materials, with expertise in graphics and label 
applications as well as bonding, barrier, optical, and electronics applications. The manufacturer offers industry-leading capabilities to produce 
one-of-a-kind custom film and adhesive products as well as the largest selection of standard off-the-shelf products.

FLEXcon - 3/24/2011

FLEXcon Announces Availability of Updated ICC Profiles

FLEXcon today announced the availability of International Color Consortium (ICC) profiles for FLEXcon’s Wide-Format Digital (WFD) products used 
for applications such as floor advertising, window, transit and billboard advertising. The updated profiles include 14 FLEXcon products for the HP 
Designjet L25500 Printer with HP Latex Inks as FLEXcon is now an HP Registered Latex Developer Participant.

HP Latex Printing Technologies give FLEXcon customers an alternative printing solution that reduces the impact of printing on the environment by 
utilizing solvent-free and water-based inks. The HP Designjet L25500 Printer offers odorless prints(1) with comparable print quality and durability to eco- 
and low-solvent inkjet output(2) for indoor and outdoor advertising applications. As the use of HP Latex Ink printers increases among environmentally-
conscious brands and retailers, FLEXcon is aiming to meet the demands of customers for these profiles on FLEXcon products.

Customers will benefit from the updated ICC profiles as it accounts for color reproduction, as well as the specific combination of the media response on 
a particular printer and ink combination when printed with specific software. The ICC profiles provide a technical solution that ensures the products 
perform properly for its intended application.

“FLEXcon is committed to providing its customers with up-to-date materials that enable the best possible results for the various printing platforms 
currently available in the marketplace,” said Donald Ryel, Vice President, Product Branding Business Team at FLEXcon. “The new and updated ICC 
profiles on the FLEXcon site are accessible in an easy-to-use format to ensure customers can effectively access the necessary information for their 
specific needs.”

FLEXcon - 12/15/2010

FLEXcon Unveils Eco-Friendly Alternatives for In-Store Window and Floor Products

FLEXcon, a leading manufacturer of pressure-sensitive film solutions, recently introduced  “greener” alternatives for at-retail applications for windows and 
counter mats WINDOWdeco™ and indoor floor advertising FLEXmark® floor art™.  These products provide retailers, brand marketers, creative agencies and 
printers with advertising materials that stand out to target consumers, while supporting a commitment and responsibility to the environment. 

FLEXcon’s newest products, FLEXmark® floor art™ 6673 (base film) sold as a system with approved overlaminate and FLEXmark® floor art™ OP6607 supports 
the same performance and applications as traditional vinyl options — FLEXmark® floor art™ 4652 (standard white vinyl) and FLEXmark® OV6602 (clear gloss 
overlaminate). These new “greener” products deliver comparable adhesive performance, opacity, printability and aesthetic appeal. The “greener” non-vinyl 
system is designed exclusively for small-format indoor floor advertising and meets the industry standard for slip resistance based on ASTM D 2047. 

For removable window and counter mat applications, WINDOWdeco™ 6270 (white), 6274 (primed white), 6272 (clear) and 6276 (primed clear) polyolefins offer 
performance and printability similar to vinyl. These products are an environmentally-friendly option for low-tack window graphics and signage used to capture 
the attention of shoppers in outdoor locations, retail destinations, point of purchase, tradeshows and events. Both WINDOWdeco™ and FLEXmark® floor art™ 
non-vinyl “greener” products are phthalate free and are produced with less solvent providing a smaller carbon footprint. 

“We are seeing a growing need for our advertising materials that have less impact on the environment while offering the similar performance to vinyl,” said Jodi 
Sawyer, Product Branding Product Manager at FLEXcon. “By expanding these performance-leading product lines with “greener” alternatives, printers now have 
an expanded portfolio of solutions to offer clients. With the increasing use of “greener” methods like UV printing, this opens up the opportunity to provide a more 
environmentally friendly total solution for their clients.”

FLEXcon - 10/4/2010

FLEXcon to Participate in the Interactive PDAA Graphic Application Zone

FLEXcon, a leading manufacturer of self-adhesive films, will be exhibiting at the Specialty Graphic Imaging Association (SGIA) Expo at the Las Vegas 
Convention Center (October 13-15). The FLEXcon booth number is 3035.

For the second year running, FLEXcon will be a sponsor of the popular Professional Decal Application Alliance (PDAA) Zone at SGIA.  In the PDAA 
Zone, attendees will be able to watch in-person, demonstrations of graphic applications by PDAA Master Certified Installers and even take part in 
hands-on, instructional installation sessions. The zone is located at booth 3169 on the showroom floor.

The PDAA Graphic Application Zone is an extension of the alliance’s popular WrapQuest, an educational graphics installation experience in which 
FLEXcon has previously participated.   Bringing together the industry’s leading installers, printers and manufacturers, the PDAA Zone allows show attendees 
to see the latest in graphic application tools, techniques, materials, and new applications to grow their business.

“Last year we found that by participating in the Zone, we took away a better understanding of what was important to installers and printers who work with 
our self-adhesive products.  And in turn, we were able help educate them on the performance characteristics of our materials and with their application 
challenges.  It’s this sharing of knowledge that leads to a greater application success and new application ideas,” according to Jodi Sawyer, Product 
Branding Business Team Product Manager at FLEXcon.  “For this reason, we were eager to participate for the second year in a row.  We’ll be highlighting 
what it means to create a ‘branded zone’ and showing visitors the best ways to utilize a wide variety of our films, topcoats, adhesives, and liners.”

Jodi also expects “Attendees will be drawn into the zone with FLEXmark® floor art™, a full coverage indoor floor advertising system designed to 
completely change an environment. Products like our FLEXmark® floor art™ can create a branded zone within a retail environment that engages shoppers 
and boosts sales,” Sawyer says.

Along with FLEXmark® floor art™, featured FLEXcon products include FLEXcon’s new two-sided window system FLEXmark® 6180 with FLEXmount® 
SELECT™ DF462211 and new WINDOWdeco™ 6270, a polyolefin solution for creating a greener alternative for window applications.

FLEXcon - 7/8/2010

FLEXcon Unveils Non-Vinyl, Interior-Mounted, Two-Sided Window Advertising System

To meet the growing demand for interior-mounted, large format, two-sided window graphics, FLEXcon is pleased 
to introduce a new two-part system that includes a non-vinyl opaque banner film, FLEXmark® 6180, combined 
with a clear mounting film, FLEXmount® SELECT™ DF462211.   

The FLEXmark® 6180/FLEXmount® SELECT™ DF462211 window advertising system expands the use of 
block-out banner material and a clear mounting adhesive, increasing FLEXcon’s product offering for graphic 
at-retail solutions. FLEXmark® 6180 provides “bullet-proof,” consistent printing.  It is printable via UV and 
conventional offset, UV screen and UV inkjet with no worries about inks not bonding due to low-surface energy 
or shelf life of unprimed polypropylene.  

FLEXmount® SELECT™ DF462211 is a clear mounting film that is easy to convert because its blue polyester liner 
identifies which side is applied to the printed graphic. In addition, the combination of FLEXcon’s acrylic adhesives 
and polyester release liners allow for the wet-installation method, with no clouding of the adhesive, yielding 
optimal adhesive clarity.  

The two-part window advertising system consists of:

• FLEXmark® 6180, a 9-mil white opaque polypropylene that is primed on both sides, offering excellent block-out 
characteristics. It is printable on both sides via UV and conventional offset, UV screen and UV inkjet. 

• FLEXmount ® SELECT™ DF462211, double-faced, 1-mil clear polyester with a permanent/removable adhesive 
system. The permanent adhesive is on the clear polyester release liner side to provide a smooth wet out of 
adhesive against the printed graphic.  The removable/repositionable adhesive is on the blue polyester release 
liner side and is applied to the window. The printed FLEXmark® 6180 is laminated to the permanent adhesive 
side of the double-faced clear polyester.

Both films are available from FLEXcon’s Quick-Ship program for fast delivery. FLEXmark® 6180 and 
FLEXmount® SELECT™ DF462211 are also available in 60-inch master log rolls.

FLEXcon - 7/7/2010

FLEXcon Offers Wide-Format Digital Overlaminates, Any Quantity, Same-Day Shipping

Wide-format digital overlaminate products from FLEXcon, including BUSart™ OV5055 , a U.S.-made, CBS 
Outdoor-approved clear overlaminate for transit advertising, can now be purchased directly from FLEXcon in 
any quantity of 150-, 300- or 750-foot rolls for same-day shipping from distribution centers across the US and 

Two products, BUSart™ OV5055 and FLEXmark® floor art™ OV6604, are available exclusively through FLEXcon. 

BUSart OV5055 is a VBS Supreme product featuring a 2-mil, clear cast vinyl overlaminate with an optically clear 
adhesive that is engineered for promotional advertising on buses, trains and taxi cabs. FLEXmark floor art 
OV6604 is also a VBS Supreme product that features an anti-slip 25-mil, textured, flexible, clear safari overlaminate 
for outdoor walkway and carpet base films.

Other overlaminate products designed by FLEXcon for a variety of print technologies, like wide-format digital 
imaging, include:

• BUSart™, a CBS Outdoor-approved overlaminating film (available in a luster and clear finish for bus wraps, bus 
posters and perforated window film) and vinyl (available in a clear finish for overlaminating FLEXcon’s SEETHRU-
SIGN® products on buses and vehicle windows);
• JETbond® , a UV-absorbing, 4-mil overlaminating vinyl that resists scratching and harsh environment conditions, 
is available in clear-matte or frosty-clear finish with a permanent adhesive;
• FLEXmark® overlaminates for floors, carpets, outdoor walkways and counter mats; also meeting anti-slip ASTM 
standards and available for use with base films and direct applications in a variety of textures and clarity.

These options are just a few examples of how FLEXcon continues to evolve its product offering to meet evolving 
application and aesthetic requirements. The diverse assortment of overlaminate products features a variety of 
textures and clarity that can be used in a broad range of applications. FLEXcon has the manufacturing capabilities 
to customize these offerings with such enhancements as bold textures, micro-embossing, custom patterns, and 
adhesive additives. FLEXcon also continues to offer custom slitting to meet your specific length and width 

FLEXcon - 6/21/2010

FLEXcon and Reflexite Announce Alliance

FLEXcon, a leading manufacturer of pressure-sensitive film solutions, and Reflexite, a proven leader in 
retroreflective microprismatic technology, have teamed up to create pressure-sensitive retroreflective products 
for truck and trailer, school bus, and fleet safety graphics for police, fire and emergency service vehicles. 

Reflexite is a proven leader in the development of reflective solutions that help save lives by increasing visibility 
and recognition. By combining this with FLEXcon’s polymeric coating, lamination, glass-bead technology, as well 
as a desire to consistently provide solutions to meet customers’ application needs, both companies can provide 
customers with the widest range of options for retroreflective applications.

“Whether it’s an emergency vehicle, truck and trailer, or heavy equipment fleet graphics, many industries have 
come to rely on Reflexite and FLEXcon technologies,” says John Bennett, Vice President of FLEXcon’s Product
 Identification Business Team. “The pairing of our respective innovations will provide customers with the most 
comprehensive breadth of reflective film choices.”

The polyester construction of Reflexite’s microprismatic product line is flexible and its durability is proven in the 
industry. In addition, Reflexite films retain their photometric performance, even after being impacted, and meet 
all appropriate ASTM standards. Combined with FLEXcon’s unparalleled selection of adhesives and release 
liners, Reflexite and FLEXcon can offer customers the best retroreflective pressure-sensitive films on the market 
today. Furthermore, FLEXcon is offering quick turnaround of between two and five days on standard constructions.

“FLEXcon and Reflexite share many commonalities when it comes to developing reflective solutions,” says Steve 
Plomin, Reflexite’s Transportation Market Manager.  “We are dedicated to providing our customers with durable 
reflective solutions for their safety, visibility and conspicuity needs, and we are committed to our respective 
customers with combined inventories that will cover the gamut when it comes to reflective film technology; a 
one-stop shopping experience for all of their reflective film needs.”

FLEXcon - 3/23/2010

FLEXcon Creates More Application Choices with Expanded Wide-Format Digital Product Offering

Wide-format digital products from FLEXcon, including SEETHRU-SIGN® STSWBF7030, a U.S.-made, 
70/30 perforated-patterned window film, can now be purchased directly from FLEXcon in any quantity of 150-, 
300- or 750-foot rolls.

FLEXcon continues to evolve its product offering for solvent, eco-solvent, and UV- curable print technologies 
by turning custom constructions into standard off-the-shelf products for quick delivery. 

Along with STSWBF7030, unique alternative advertising products from FLEXcon include WALLdecoT 6770, 
an environmental-friendly, inkjet- printable, non-PVC, fabric for wall graphics; SEETHRU-SIGN® STSCF2, a 
UV inkjet-printable, clear, perforated film for popular interior-mounted signage; and RAILmarkT 5370RS, which 
was specifically designed for New York City subway posters approved by CBS Outdoor.

In addition, FLEXcon has responded to the needs of digital printing and imaging companies for cost-effective 
lines of readily available products geared for at-retail advertising campaigns for walls, windows and floors.  
These products include WINDOWdecoT 6501, 6541 and FLEXmark® floor artT 4652, which all meet window 
and floor application requirements at reduced costs.  

Whether one roll or multiple pallets is needed, FLEXcon is ready to ship standard roll sizes of 150-, 300- or 750-
foot rolls on the same day from distribution centers across the U.S. and Canada. FLEXcon also continues to offer 
custom slitting and sheeting to meet your specific requirements.

FLEXcon - 3/10/2010

FLEXcon Unveils New Fluoropolymer Film Choice for Graphic Overlaminate Applications

FLEXcon has introduced DURAproT OF 100 Clear V-22 42 White PP-8, another fluoropolymer film choice for 
graphic overlaminate applications and an alternative to FLEXcon's FLEXmark® OT 100 Clear, FLEXmount® 
DOT 100 Clear and FLEXmark® PT 100 Clear.

DURAproT OF 100 Clear V-22 42 White PP-8 is a 1-mil, clear overlaminating fluoropolymer film with a versatile, 
permanent clear acrylic adhesive, and backed with a 42-lb., one-sided polycoated white Kraft release liner. 
This VBS Supreme product offers excellent clarity, anti-graffiti and UV protection - a minimum of seven years. 
DURAproT OF 100 Clear offers excellent chemical resistance and protection from moisture, abrasion and dirt, 
and has a service temperature range of -40°F to 120°F.

DURAproT OF 100 Clear V-22 42 White PP-8 is available in Quick Ship for fast delivery.

FLEXcon - 12/15/2009

FLEXcon enhances

FLEXcon Co. Inc., an ISO 9001:2008 manufacturer of pressure-sensitive films and adhesives, continues to 
enhance its Web site,, with the latest improvements including a redesign, rich, updated product 
content, and the "My FLEXcon Info" section for registered customers.

"These enhancements speak to our traditional customer base of printers and converters, with dedicated 
sections on applications as well as products that are updated on a regular basis," says Yvonne Okerberg, 
Manager of Corporate Communications at FLEXcon. "We are also reaching out to OEMs, brand marketers, 
advertising agencies, and design firms to inform them on the capabilities and the versatility of FLEXcon's 
pressure-sensitive films and adhesives."

Registered users can log into "My FLEXcon Info" from any page within, eliminating the need to 
open a separate URL. This section also provides easier access to Sales, Technical and Customer Service 
representatives. Along with enhanced order tracking, users can also review the past three months of product 
purchases as well as payment history by date, invoice number, amount paid or check number.

Without logging in, visitors can access product information and application sheets found in the Products & 
Solutions section. As one navigates to a FLEXcon product, they will also find tabbed sections for features and 
benefits, technical data, applications, and contact information. 

"Those application sheets are amazing - information, examples, pictures - all I could ever ask for," says Kirsten 
Ross-Pedersen, strategic planning manager, for Craft Originators, a Hamilton, Ontario, Canada-based maker of 
nameplates, graphic overlays, logos, emblems, insignias and badges. " is super user friendly, 
super detailed and technical. I found everything I needed with a click of my mouse." 

Visitors can navigate the Products & Solutions section by clicking on the "FLEXcon Brand," "Market/Industry," 
or "Attributes" links. The brand link allows visitors to research FLEXcon's standard VBS (Value, Better, Supreme) 
product line, which includes BUSmark(r), DPM(r), THERMLfilm(r), FLEXmark(r) floor art(TM), and more. You can 
also choose a particular market or industry. This will allow you to explore pressure-sensitive film and adhesive 
solutions that are pre-tested, proven, and meet the demands of a host of industries, including Appliance, 
Consumer Electronics, Outdoor Power Equipment, Outdoor/Signage Advertising, Pharmaceutical, Power Tools, 
Retail, Retail/POP/Tradeshow, and Transit - Bus/Taxi/Rail/Air. By using the "Attributes" filter, you can narrow 
your product choices by film type, color, adhesive, application surface, and more.

Other must-see sections on include:
*                 The Resources Center, a library of white papers, success stories, published articles, technical 
brochures, and literature;
*                 The "About Us" section where you can get more information on our brushing, dyeing, embossing, 
laminating, polymeric coating and topcoating capabilities. 

"We think first-time visitors and users will find an even more valuable resource with the newly enhanced," Okerberg says. "The Web site is the gateway to all things FLEXcon, and we are continually 
upgrading and improving it as another way we continually strive to meet the evolving needs and application 
challenges of our customer base."

FLEXcon - 10/22/2009

FLEXmark floor art 6600 Named a Product of the Year at the 2009 SGIA Expo

A team of digital imaging professionals at the recent 2009 SGIA Expo has selected FLEXcon's FLEXmark floor 
art 6600 underlaminate as a 2009 Product of the Year for the SGIA's Finishing Laminates, Adhesives, Films, 
and Coatings category.

The innovative use of a double-faced adhesive as an underlaminate, rather than a top overlaminate used in 
traditional floor graphics, transforms a floor surface into an experience that connects with shoppers and provides 
them with a memorable and brand-building shopping experience.  

Recently featured in the Professional Decal Application Alliance's (PDAA) Graphics Application Zone at the 
2009 SGIA Expo in New Orleans, the benefits of FLEXmark floor art 6600 underlaminate include:

*                 Excellent opacity for printed graphics, yielding more POP, depth and dimension; 
*                 Excellent adhesion (permanent) to the reverse printed, high gloss vinyl; 
*                 Encapsulates and protects graphics; 
*                 Exceptional bond to many indoor floor surfaces while being removable at the end of the campaign;
*                 Exceeds industry standards for non-slip performance (ASTM D 2047 and ASTM E 303) when used 
                  as an underlaminate with FLEXmark floor art 6605. 

"We are thrilled with winning a coveted 2009 SGIA Product of the Year for FLEXmark floor art," says Michael 
Chevalier, New Business Developer for FLEXcon's Product Branding Business Team. "This is testament of how 
FLEXcon can customize traditional products to meet the evolving demands in-store advertising industry. By 
activating a brand within an at-retail environment, brand owners and ad agencies alike see the value of in-store 
communications that connect with and provide an experience for the shopper."

FLEXmark floor art 6600 is a 1.0-mil double-faced white polyester with a permanent/removable adhesive 
system. The permanent adhesive is on the clear polyester release liner side to provide a smooth wet out of 
adhesive against the printed graphics. The removable adhesive is on the layflat, paper release liner side and is 
applied to the floor surface.  FLEXmark floor art 6600 is just one part of the FLEXmark(r) floor art(TM) system for 
indoor floors, a solution that has been used to create branded zones for Carhartt outdoor clothing and Scotts 
Miracle-Gro products. 

Along with FLEXmark floor art 6600, the indoor floor system consists of FLEXmark floor art 6605, the printable 
2.8-mil, high-gloss, clear vinyl that is protected with a removable, clear, polyester pre-mask. The vinyl is 
subsurface, reverse-printed on the adhesive side via a wide range of ink systems including UV and solvent 
screen and UV inkjet. 

SGIA's annual Product of the Year competition recognizes technologies that have the most impact on the 
imaging community. To earn this prestigious honor, SGIA member companies that manufacture media, laminates, 
consumables and devices submit products or samples from devices that have just recently come to the market. 
These entries are judged on-site at SGIA Expos.

FLEXcon - 9/18/2008

FLEXcon Offers a Smooth Solution for Bubble-Free Label Graphics

FLEXcon has unveiled DPM(r) Aply(TM) 1000, the newest addition to its DPM product line. Designed for 
bubble-free brand identification labels and safety/hazard/instructional labels required for outdoor power 
equipment and other durable goods applications. 

Label aesthetics are major concerns for OEMs in these markets, trapped air under the label caused by 
either poor application or outgassing can lead to label deterioration and subsequent failure. 

With an outdoor durability of up to five years, DPM Aply 1000 is a VBS (Value-Better-Supreme) Supreme 
product that makes use of a rigid film and premium adhesive to facilitate bubble-free label graphics for 
narrow-web label applications. 

DPM Aply 1000 has a rigidity that makes application fast and easy, a surface smoothness for optimum label 
graphics, and a greater ability to rework the label when compared with other commonly used product offerings. 
With pending recognition from UL and CUL, DPM Aply 1000 is conformable for both flat and 
semi-compound-curved surfaces. 

Additionally, the premium, durable adhesive bonds well to challenging surfaces, including low- and 
high- surface energy plastics, painted metal, powder-coated paint, polycarbonate, and fiberglass. For 
optimal converting, this product is backed with a lay-flat, moisture-stable release liner ideal for roll-to-sheet 
and sheet-form converting.

FLEXcon - 7/7/2008

FLEXcon Introduces DPM CVE Overlaminate

Spencer, MA - July 7, 2008 - FLEXcon is pleased to introduce DPM(r) CVE, the newest addition to their DPM 
line. This product is a UV-resistant velvet embossed polyolefin film overlaminate for outdoor durable labels.  It 
offers the velvet textured finish and performance of traditional polycarbonate overlaminates, at lower cost. DPM 
CVE is a Better product in FLEXcon's Value-Better-Supreme (VBS) product offering.

DPM CVE is coated with a permanent acrylic adhesive that, like the film itself, offers excellent UV resistance. 
The product is backed with a 71lb clay coated release liner for increased smoothness and flow-out of adhesive.

This overlaminate product is designed to increase the life of nameplate/brand identification and warning/
instruction labels in a number of markets including Hand Tools, Power Tools, Heavy Equipment, Industrial 
Caution & Warning, Outdoor Power Equipment, Sporting Goods, and Automotive Exteriors.

DPM CVE overlaminate provides two-year outdoor durability. The embossed film also helps to eliminate glare 
while increasing readability of durable caution/warning labels.

FLEXcon - 12/5/2007

FLEXcon Sponsors WrapQuest Training, Committed to PDAA Master Certification

December 5, 2007 - FLEXcon, a leading manufacturer of self-adhesive vinyl materials for outdoor advertising, 
demonstrated its commitment to industry education by recently sponsoring WrapQuest '07, a two-day training 
seminar hosted by the Professional Decal Application Association (PDAA). 
The event, held in Pompano Beach, Florida, October 21-22, gave vinyl installers an opportunity to demonstrate 
and strengthen their skills on applications such as vehicle and building wraps on rough-textured surfaces. They 
were able to demonstrate their experience in a series of competitions which utilized products from many 
companies including FLEXcon. WrapQuest also provided installers an opportunity to become more familiar 
with the rigorous requirements for PDAA Master Certification, which is the prerequisite to earning "FLEXcon-
Certified Installer" status.    

PDAA is a leading organization for companies that install vinyl decals and graphics on signs, stores, windows, 
walls, malls, boats, buses, trailers, planes, cars and trucks - just about any place vinyl will adhere. PDAA has 
three levels of certification: General, Basic Certified, and Master Certified. FLEXcon certifies members who 
have achieved Master Certification.  FLEXcon supports and participates in the training that is required by PDAA 
for a member to be awarded Master Certification. Master Certification requires that a company has been in 
business a minimum of three years and that they employ at least one full-time installer who has passed the PDAA 
vinyl Installation Proficiency Master Certification - a rigorous comprehensive written and hands-on test that requires 
extensive knowledge and installation expertise. Master Certification also requires that the installer carry General 
Liability and Workers Compensation Insurance.

FLEXcon - 1/15/2007

FLEXcon Announces New optiFLEXÒ Product

January 15, 2007 - FLEXcon announces an exciting new lower-cost option for front and back beverage labels 
that require no-label-look graphics for beer, juice, soda, wine, spirits and water:  FLEXcon’s optiFLEX PP 200 H 
Clear TC-332Ò A-208 TRACrite 100. 

This new product rounds out FLEXcon’s optiFLEX line, and is a Value product in FLEXcon’s Value-Better-Supreme-
Custom (VBSC) product offering. It is designed for price-sensitive beverage labeling applications, and features 
the new A-208 permanent pressure-sensitive acrylic adhesive that provides water-clear wet out on glass and 
polyester containers and that resists hazing during pasteurization and ice chest.  A-208 possesses excellent 
adhesion properties, tack, and clarity.  

optiFLEX PP 200 H Clear TC-332 A-208 TRACrite 100 is a 2 mil topcoated hard clear polypropylene film backed 
with a TRACrite 100 ultra smooth polyester release liner.  The TRACrite 100 release liner provides superior on-
press performance for tight-registration graphics, offering reduced waste and higher line speeds. The liner’s 
strength provides a good diecutting base and allows for high-speed dispensing applications.

This new optiFLEX product is topcoated for consistent ink adhesion, and is compatible with a wide range of print 
methods including solvent, water and UV flexo; letterpress: UV offset; hot stamping; and UV screen. It is available 
in Quick-Ship in 78" master rolls for fast delivery.

FLEXcon - 2/8/2006

FLEXcon Introduces optiFLEX Polypropylene Product

An Economical Addition to the optiFLEX Line Designed for Price-Sensitive Labeling of Semi-Rigid and Rigid 
Containers for Health and Beauty, Household and Chemical, and Food Applications

Spencer, MA (February 8, 2006) – FLEXcon introduces the latest addition to their optiFLEX line of products – 
optiFLEX PP 260 H White TC-237 V-81 TRACrite® 120.  This new economical product is designed for price-
sensitive labeling of semi-rigid and rigid containers for health and beauty, household and chemical, and food 

optiFLEX PP 260 is a 2.6 mil topcoated hard white cavitated polypropylene film coated with a permanent 
acrylic pressure-sensitive adhesive and backed with TRACrite 120 ultra smooth polyester release liner.  The 
topcoat offers consistent ink adhesion, and is compatible with a wide range of print methods including solvent, 
water, and UV flexo, letterpress, UV offset, hot stamping and UV screen.  

V-81 adhesive possesses excellent adhesion properties, tack, clarity and wet-out characteristics to HDPE, 
Styrene, PVC, PET, and PETG.  TRACrite 120 provides superior on-press performance for tight registration 
graphics, leading to reduced waste and cost.  The liner’s strength provides a good diecutting base and allows 
for high-speed dispensing applications.  

optiFLEX PP 260 is available in Quick-Ship in 76” master rolls for fast delivery.

For additional information, contact FLEXcon Company, Inc., 1 FLEXcon Industrial Park, Spencer, MA 01562; 
telephone (508) 885-8370; fax (508) 885-8399;

FLEXcon is a worldwide manufacturer of pressure-sensitive film products for applications that include indoor
and outdoor advertising, product identification and safety/hazard labels, bar coded labels, primary labels, and 
membrane switches.  The company supplies an almost limitless variety of film, adhesive, topcoat and liner 
combinations for customized applications.  FLEXcon’s mission is to provide its customers the highest quality 
products with exceptional service.  The corporate headquarters is located in Massachusetts with sales offices 
throughout the United States, manufacturing and/or distribution centers in California, Minnesota and Nebraska, 
and operations in Canada and Europe with distributors worldwide.

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